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    Hogan ask's for a pay rise or he walks.

    Tell him where to stick it. If he doesn't like what he's getting, too bad. Though, I may try and negotiate with him. Hulk, despite his rep, is probably a good person to have around. They just need to have him promote more and whatnot.

    You decide it's time for a second show.

    Put it on a day where no WWE events are on. Like.. Tuesday, which is really the only available day.

    Someone that you have been making "job" on screen asks for a miniature push to get the fans back behind him/her

    Give them a test push, see where it goes. If they don't get any reaction, or much, give the push to someone else - immediately move initial person to 3.

    VKM tries to purchase TNA

    Sell out, but have him agree not to say anything yet. Then let it leak that I turned down Vinnie Mac, just so I can watch the internet rip itself in half with. "THAT'S RIGHT TNA" and "TNA YOU ARE IDIOTS" Then, right after BFG, have Vinnie Mac walk out to open the show and go, "Lol. You people are so gulliable"
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    Hogan ask's for a pay rise or he walks.

    2.) tell him it isn't possible at this time - the contract negotiated is the contract we will stay with; if he can't see that what's best for TNA is investing money else where, he will have to wait his contract out

    You decide it's time for a second show.

    3.) put it on the same day as a WWE event but different time - Saturday afternoon around 6pm est.

    Someone that you have been making "job" on screen asks for a miniature push to get the fans back behind him/her

    2.) give them a test push. to see if they can get the fans going - depending on the performer, but everyone deserves a chance to find out just how much they can get the crowd invested.

    VKM tries to purchase TNA

    3.) tell him no and continue as normal - had you given me a figure I might have considered it, but since it was too small for you to include, I will assume it isn't worth my time.

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    OK. 1st. Tell Hogan to go suck a lemon.

    Second Show goes onto same day as WWE programming, but Same time as SmackDown!
    To truly give the fans an alternative to change between shows while putting up with SD! BS.

    Give Talent Test Push
    . and if he doesn't show me he can work harder with that push, not too hard that it drains them, but that they are happy where they are. If they can run with the ball, then they can have their push, and if the fans accept them.

    Tell VKM Not for sale......yet.


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