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    If You Could Change TNA

    If you got the chance to change TNA.
    I'm going to put down questions. with three answers to them, give me one answer for each and feel free to say why

    Hogan ask's for a pay rise or he walks.

    1.) give him the rise causing you to need to release some contracts
    2.) tell him where to stick his rise
    3.) lower some pays on the jobber's and raise Hogan's

    You decide it's time for a second show.

    1.) put it on at the same time as a WWE show
    2.) put it on a day where no WWE events are on.
    3.) put it on the same day as a WWE event but different time

    Someone that you have been making "job" on screen asks for a miniature push to get the fans back behind him/her

    1.) tell him/her that they will remain a jobber.
    2.) give them a test push. to see if they can get the fans going.
    3.) send them away to fix their skills and tell them in a few months/weeks. they will be used right.

    VKM tries to purchase TNA

    1.) sell out.
    2.) try and get more money from the billion dollar cheapskate.
    3.) tell him no and continue as normal


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