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    Quote Originally Posted by TheMadThinker View Post
    love it

    I am really not the guy to speak on TNA since I really have not watched it for the past year, but I can speak in general from what I have seen.

    Regarding PPV less is always more in my opinion. WWE PPV's would be much more meaningful if they were cut in half. It gives more time to build up rivalries and then you can finally have a dramatic conclusion.

    Live TV is a must for wrestling, although if things are overproduced like RAW it kind of looses it impact. TNA would do well to keep some spontaneity if they continue with a live product.

    When I watched TNA I hated that it was always in the same place. Worse than that I tended to focus on the same people that were always in the audience. Going on the road is a step in the right direction for them.

    Next Topic: Disney owning Star Wars
    I'm a big star wars fan and I'm not really sure what my answer is until I've seen the first Disney make. I hope I can say love it. But ill go for a very tepid hate it.

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