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    Quote Originally Posted by THE_CRIPPLER View Post
    naa im just too ugly to be on the board.... dont wanna embaress myself haha
    And your excuse for not having an avatar?

    I'm no peach, but I bet I'm better looking than at least 80% of the people on here.

    Quote Originally Posted by IPOOPINTHEBATH View Post
    Everyone pees in the shower, it takes guts to poop in the bath.
    Quote Originally Posted by IPOOPINTHEBATH View Post
    I call it the Poopsi Plunge.
    Quote Originally Posted by SLEEPY LOCO1 View Post
    I would allow nudity in sig pics, avatar pics, and other pics. No video though there is alot of sickos here that would turn this into a porn site.
    Quote Originally Posted by SilverGhost View Post
    I'm physically strong but I am not right.

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