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    Michael Cole needs to be FIRED!

    Cole is so annoying. His constant praise of the Miz is going way overboard. It seems like they are in a passionate gay love affair.This needs to stop. It ruins matches. Now it also seems like he has an interest in "Dashing" Cody Rohdes. Please someone needs to make this end. Or just run a program with Cole as the Miz's manager/love interest ,at least we won't have to listen to that jackoff all show long

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    Since your new you get a break... But come man, we have many threads already ike this.. Please use the search box and talk with other members who hate cole as much as you.

    anyways welcome.

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    This is nothing new - heel commentators have ALWAYS done this. Jerry "The King" Lawler did it on a regular basis to Angle (admittedly, it is Angle), Edge and many more while they've been heel.

    Cole's eben doing it too Cody, too
    If I can be serious for a minute..

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    I can appreciate a heel announcer that does it good. Cole just flat out sucks. Lawler was perfect with JR,Cole just drags everything down. They need to bring Joey Styles back, best play by play man ever!


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