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    UFC looking to buy 60% of the G4 Network.

    Heres the main article:

    We all know WWE has been thinking about getting their own network, is this the start of UFC trying to get their own network or just trying to get more programming on television (modeling it after Spike TV)? G4's Attack of the Show is known for having segments like MMA Chokehold, where they analyze and predict UFC PPVs. However they have always had WWE superstars appear on their show, just in the past months Triple H and Chris Jericho have been on the show, Jericho even doing a Thor skit throughout one episode. One product G4 was auctioning off to help raise money for the Japan Tsunami fund, was a WWE Fan Package (John Cena clothing, a WWE Championship replica belt and tickets to any PPV of their choice). I personally am a huge fan of Attack of the Show and G4, I was reading through the forums about this same topic, people on there feel that if this deal goes through it will be disastrous for G4's current shows such as Attack, X-Play and all of their convention coverage like E3 and Comic-Con. When asked for his opinion on this on Twitter, Attack of the Show co-host Kevin Pereira said "All I can say is that I'm working on my ground game. #UFCG4". Currently G4 is owned by Comcast, according to the article UFC is asking for 60% of the network, giving them controlling interest.

    What are your thoughts? And again ill ask...
    - Is UFC trying to get their own network before WWE can?
    - Are they just trying to get more programming on tv?
    - Or are they just trying to remove WWE from G4?

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    i think i'll go for more programming


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