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    I don't watch NXT. Michael Cole is the most annoying mf out there in wrestling right now. "The Miz is the Bill Parcells of coaching!" Oh really Cole? If he's so good, how come his coaching record is something like 4-13. Pretty sure Bill Parcells didn't have a record like that. \

    I would like to see Kaval or Henning (I refuse to call him Milgillicutty) win or perhaps Alex Riley but then I'd have to suffer through Michael Cole.
    I forgot to mention Cole in my post. But you pretty muck took the words right out of my mouth. NXT imo is a great concept and I enjoy watching.. but there are times when almost have to change the channel because of some of the rediculiousness that comes out of Coles mouth. Its one thing to praise someone.. but Cole takes it to a completely new level.

    As you may have noticed.. I too don't call Joe Hennig by that complete garbage of a name they've stuck him with. "It pays homage to his moms side of the family." Really? They would actually rather give him that crap name with that crap excuse instead of letting him use his real name? Is Vince that seriously up-tight about guys going to other promotions and using the same name they did in his company? Rediculous


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