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    Does Big Show deserve a World Title run??

    For me the answer is yes!

    I definetely want to see another run of Big Show as World Champ!

    Last night at Smackdown I saw that this guy can entertain a lot plus he received well response from the crowd.
    His last single title, if I remember correctly, was the ECW Championship.

    I think he is World Heavyweight material... I like this guy, I like his promos, I like when he gets mad and starts destrying things... If I was a part of the WWE creative I would do this:

    At the next PPV the WWE Championship goes to Del Rio and then starts a feud Del Rio vs Big Show with the title on the line.

    What do you guys think of Big Show?
    Does he deserve another major title run or he is fine where he is now (mid-card and putting other people over)?

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    Nooo... his other reigns were worthless and so would the next one, it just throw the main event off balance.

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    I would say no. His in ring work isnt great although he was good during his initial years in WWE. He would be effective in putting over promising newcomers like Del rio

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    I like Show but I dont really want to see him as champ. And I CANT STAND the fact that he is allowed to use a closed fist as a finishing move when everyone else is told not to use closed fist strikes. WWE has a real knack for selective rule enforcement anymore

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    I would say yes. He can still look convicing and can dominate with the world title around his waist. But more towards the end of the year though. It would be nice to see Show defend the title at Royal Rumble.

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    Big Show is one of the most respect wrestlers today. That goes without saying. Sadly, I have to say no. His time has passed as world champion. His main role right now is to help put over the young and upcoming talents.
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    i would say definatly not due to the fact he no sells nearly everyting (but he is huge to be fair ) and imo does not keep me entertained

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    Heel yes. Big, goofy comedy guy, no. I hate face show.

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    heel id give him a go might be good to have a vetern like big show carry a world a face i dont think he would pull it off...what i do see happening in wwe is him being the mid carder putting people over


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