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    JBW OCTANE: Flight of the Superflys 1.1

    Stanley: Welcome everybody to the very first episode of JBW: Octane! We are live in Miami International Airport in Hanger 13 that houses Shaquille O’Neil’s private jet. That’s right an aircraft hanger where over 5000 crazy fans are packed here for the debut of JBW:Octane.

    The low lights are dimmed the crowd is chanting “JBW JBW JBW JBW JBW JBW JBW JBW” the Octatron hanging high made from an old inflight movie screen.

    Stanley: As you can see JBW: Octane has taken flight to a whole new level!

    Ricky: Yeah looks like Ka$h decided to hire us back and have us call the new division show!

    Stanley: Yes he has but this is different then calling WARFare and we got our jobs back better then running my donkey show promotion down in Mexico.

    Ricky: Yeah….I regret calling every single one of those “matches” ever since we got fired.

    Stanley: Never again Ricky.

    Ricky: Why the hell is Jman coming out wearing the AWF Adrenaline Championship?

    Stan: Well remember AWF went under and has now become a part of Octane so we do have a dilemma when it comes to the champion in Octane.

    Ricky: Still Jman? Didn't he already represent WARFare?

    Stan: Yes he does but Jman can represent Octane well! He is the AWF Adrenaline Champion he has as much right than anyone else.

    Jman, with the AWF Adrenaline Championship draped over his shoulder, walks through the curtain. The former AWF star runs down the ramp, slides into the ring and calls for a mic.

    Jman: In the not too distant past, I became the first ever AWF Adrenaline Champion.

    Crowd pop

    The thing is, AWF is dead…That, it would seem, makes any AWF Championship about as useful as RomanFlare’s penis…

    Crowd pop and start up a “use-less pe-nis” chant.

    …Gotta love a Jabe crowd…but, as I was about to say, things aren’t always as they seem. See that “JBW Octane logo on the Octatron?

    Crowd chant “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

    That logo might as well be an AWF logo. Hell, this whole thing is just AWF on JBW ‘roids. That includes all of AWF’s former championships as well. See, this Adrenaline title is actuality very important because of what else it could lead me to. Tonight,I prove to you why I'm the better champion over , AWF Superfly Champion The Prophecy, AWF World Champion Axxel, and JBW Superfly Champion Advico. In AWF, I was known as the Ironman but, after tonight, and moving forward I'll simply be known as the best Octane has to offer.

    The crowd pop as Jman leaves the ring but, just as he does……

    Stan: The original Superfly champion The Prophecy coming down to answer Jman. These two made Superfly what it is and Prophecy put it on the map!

    Prophecy: Jman with all due respect I disagree! If anyone should represent Octane it should be me! I am the originial SuperFly Champion. Without my there would be no SuperFly division. Jman the Adrenaline Championship was handed to you because HJ felt bad for you after I beat you not once not twice but three times! Each time with my victory I brought glory to the AWF SuperFly Championship. I should represent Octane because I am the original SuperFly Champion and I am the only one who can bring glory to Octane. It was my first championship and it's my role to bring Octane to a whole new level!

    Ricky: Oh hey Mr. Goody Goody Marine coming out now what’s his reason?

    Stan: Well from what I saw at AWF Speed of Sound Axxel became the last AWF World Champion and in my honest opinion has the biggest reason to be the top champion here in Octane he is THE world champion and beat the JBW Superfly Champion Avidico for it.

    Axxel listens to the other speak before getting a mic

    AS: Ya know, I have heard a lot of talking from the two of you, and I'm sure I'll here plenty from Avidico, but honestly nobody is more deserving of being a champion than myself, nobody gave what I gave to get here. I am the final AWF World Champion, and I am the man that will put Octane on the map and make it a force to be reckoned with!

    The crowd cheers as Semper-Fi chants start

    AS: Who better to lead Octane to battle than a former Marine? Well?

    Looks at the others

    AS: That's what I thought! HOORAH!

    Ricky: You say Axxel has the biggest reason to be the top champion? Well in my opinion it’s Avidico this is JBW, even though they have wronged us, and he is the JBW Superfly Champion so Avidico should be top dog.

    Avidico: Guys guys guys all this arguing over who is the top champion on Octane its pathetic
    Everyone knows that the top champ is me.

    Jman, Dude Your a legend, you were the Warfare World champion and the adrenaline champion, but lets be honest,the Adrenaline champion was always just a filler title.

    Proph, you're the original Superfly champion, an to original AWF, but thats all history, the AWF Superfly title was the second tier title, and again, pretty much worthless.

    Axxel, Your win over me on AWF Speed of Sound, it was a fluke, You are nothing compared to me
    You are completely green in the ring, your promos suck, Hell you dont even deserve to be in the same ring as any of us. Guys you're all great additions to Octane, but your just not in the same league as me. I live and breath superfly I brought superfly to JBW. I am the JBW WORLD SUPERFLY CHAMPION

    All four men look as if they are about ready to brawl when

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    Ricky: Who is this?

    Stanly: I don't know but she has a mic in loos like we are about to find out.

    A rather large, ugly women with a toad looking face wearing a bright pink dress with a flower over the right breast and her hair up in a bun and wearing 6” stiletto heels walks out to the top of the ramp

    Olivia: Hello everybody. My name is Olivia Gollaway and I am the General Manager for JBW: Octane. You see management went out to me because men can’t handle this kind of job. Men are the scum of the Earth who can’t run a show so I will be the one to run this show MY way a way that no man can run it. So you four pathetic excuse for men argue over who the top champion is that will be settled at a later time.

    The four men look at her with a puzzled face

    Olivia: Tonight though in the main event we will see the AWF SuperFly Champion and the AWF World Champion The Prophecy and Axxel Sonn team up to take on the AWF Adrenaline Champion and the JBW SuperFly Champion Jman and Avidico.

    The four champions look at their respective partners and then their opponents and then leave the ring arguing still on who the true champion in Octane is.

    Stanely: I can't believe it four champions and all four having a reason to be the top champion on Octane now they separate into teams and face each other in a tag team match!

    Ricky: Also what a lovely women our General Manager is! And I agree Men are scum! That's why I'm not gay you know!

    Stanley: Yeah....of course you're not gay anyways let's go to the back where Linda Vargas is set to do her first interview on JBW: Octane

    Ricky: I love interviews! I hope it turns violent!

    Linda: "Hello, I'm Linda Vargas LIVE on the first edition of JBW's NEW show, OCTANE!! I have my first guests with me tonight, a brand new tag-team who were supposed to make their debut in AWF but, their contract was bought out and now they're here! So please welcome Jason Todd Kent, and Ben Reilly Kent... together they are, ICONOGRAPHY!"

    As she motions to either side of her both of the brothers come into frame. They're both smiling and wearing what appears to be superhero costumes. Linda is smiling still as they look on nervously.

    Linda: "Good to see you guys here! Tell us, what do you two bring to the table here in JBW that's different? That's special? Unique?"

    Jason: "Umm... well Ms. Vargas, I'll say something that makes us different is that were perfection in the ring... don't, don't take that as cocky, please! We've just trained all around the world with the best athletes from different genres of sports and entertainment!"

    Ben: "Yeah, Jason's right. Trust me when I say that were the good guys! He flashes a toothy smile. I mean, our lives have been privleliged, yes. But that doesn't mean anything to us. We need to entertain you. We NEED to be the best. We'll prove it to you out in that ring every night if we have to. We'll do our best for you every time!"

    Jason: "And you can scratch that "sibling rivalry" stuff too. I guess that's another thing that makes us different. Neither of us will be superkicking each other through a barber shop window or anything like that. Were family through and through. Everywhere we went in our lives, all we had was each other and there's nothing that will take that away from us!"

    Linda: "Wow! You guys are definitely energetic! I will say this, these guys are definitely in a zone, will they do what they say? How will Iconography stack up to the competition? Stay tuned and we'll find out! Thank you Jason and Ben!"

    Jason: "Thanks Linda, good luck to all of us tonight!"

    Ben: "That's something I definitely can agree with! Everyone, including us needs to be safe! Have fun but, make sure all of us can go back to our loved ones in the end!"

    They wave goodbye and begin talking about this weeks comic book releases. Linda smiles and kind of shrugs her shoulders.

    Linda: "Back to you... guys!"

    Ricky: I don't like them.

    Stanley: Of course you don't! They seem like a good addition to the Octane roster though.

    Ricky: Point taken still don't like them they're too....innocent. JBW isn't about innocence it's about raw hardcore action!

    Stanley: As much as I agree it's a breath of fresh air. Well one more team participating is also in the back let's go to them!

    Harry Richards is in his lockeroom playing some game on his DS when Jamie the Eagle Evans walks u pbehind him and slaps him on the shoulder

    Jamie: Yo Harry, what's happenin my brutha?

    Harry: Bear with… Bear with… Bear with… snaps the DS shut Sorry mate, just got Charzard up to level 64

    Jamie raises an eyebrow

    Harry: Pokemon man, get with it. I’m going oldschool, Fire Red. Anyways, you were saying?

    Jamie: Shakes his head Listen man, I know we got a tough match tonight, but I also know that you're a great partner to have. Black and Hardy won't know what hit 'em, Iconography neither. Trust me, with both The Eagle and yourself, we'll be running straight to the top of the pile.

    Harry: Oh, no doubt about it, we’re gonna boss this shit. We’re up against who? DJ Black, what the fuck has he done?

    Jamie: Well-

    Harry: Cutting him off Exactly, nothing, and who is his partner? A Hardy! Aka, Mr. Intoxicate and/or drugged up for his matches. So nothing to worry about there. So that’s one team crossed off, next we’re facing Iconography. Now these guys are some circus rejects, they’re not wrestlers. So they’re not going to be a problem either. Trust me, we’ve got this one in the bag

    Jamie claps Harry on the shoulder

    Jamie: You feel that Harry, that feeling of excitement and energy running through you veins? That's called adrenaline my friend. It keeps you going when your body can't, it wakes you up, it reminds you your alive. I live for that rush of chemicals which keeps my brain jacked up. It's why I do what I do. So you ready for a rush my friend, cuz we're gonna get one tonight. Hell Yeah!

    With that Jamie walks off, leaving Harry alone again

    Harry: smirking Adrenaline rush? This is going to be a walk in the park, we’re not going to get no rush from that. sighs Anyway, where was I? Snaps open his DS Elite four here I come

    Ricky: I fucking love Absol! Favorite Pokemon of all time!

    Stanley: I have no idea what you just said. Let's get to the opening match of Octane. A triple threat tag team match!
    Iconography vs. Harrie Richards vs. DJ Black and Damien Hardy

    DJ Black walks down with a mic in hand

    DJ Black: Hold the fuck up! How in the HolyHell do you begin Octane and not have your former AWF World Champion be involved! I should be representing Octane not the so called "champions" I put AWF on the map and now I'm stuck being a curtin puller? Bullshit! This is a travesty!

    Passes mic to Damien

    Damien Hardy: I am the Golden Brother! The best Hardy to step foot in a wrestling ring. Originals to AWF and we barley get on the card? This is a horrible and in a shitty hanger? No I sell out arenas of tens of thousands of people not 5000. I hate this DJ Black and I deserve better and we will get better than this!

    Linda Vargas: This contest is scheduled for one fall already in the ring the team of DJ Black and Damien Hardy! Introducing next their opponents Iconography!

    LV: Introducing next from Battle Creek, MI. Jaime "The Eagle" Evans!

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    Jaime rolls his eyes at the theme song

    LV: Introducing his tag team partner from the Kanto Region Harry Richards!

    (ignore after 4:00)

    Harry Richards has Damien Hardy locked up in a side headlock. DJ Black attempts to interfere and Jaime Evans gets in but the referee stops him allowing DJ Black to go in and break up the headlock. They irishwhip Harry into the turnbuckle allowing Jason Todd to tag himself in. DJ Black gets out of the ring while Jason hits a flying clothesline on Damien. Jaime Evans is on the outside and attacks DJ Black and both men begin brawling outside. Harry climbs an outside turnbuckle and does a big shooting star press onto DJ Black. Jaime then climbs the barricade and due to the low lying roof of the aircraft hanger climbs the scaffolding and and hits an Eagle Dive on DJ Black. All three men are lying on the floor.

    Both Commentators: OH MY GOD!

    Stanley: These three men just killed each other! And now look in the ring.

    Back inside the ring Damien Hardy has Jason Todd on the turnbuckle and begins to punch Jason











    Damien gets off and Jason is struggling to stay up and Damien hits a Side Effect!


    Damien goes for the pin



    Thre...KICK OUT!

    Damien gets up and is setting something up. Jason staggers up. Damien kicks in the midsection and hits a Twist of Fate!



    Thre...Ben Rielly breaks it up!

    The referee gets Ben out of the ring and DJ Black gets back in the ring and goes to hit a shinning wizard on Jason Todd but Jason ducks and hits a big Shinning Wizard on his partner Damien. Jason then throws DJ Black out of the ring right back onto Harry and Jaime. Jason slowly backs the tag to Ben Reilly comes in and begins to beat down the already down Damien. Ben picks up him and hits him with The Flight! A tossed up Cradle DDT. Ben goes for the pin.




    LV: Here are your winners ICONOGRAPHY!

    Stanley: What a way to start off Octane! All six men went through hell. Iconography in the end picking up the win. Great showing from all six men though.

    Ricky: BULLSHIT! DJ Black and Damien Hardy got screwed over. Iconography cheated. Also you might as well call Jaime Evans Chris Benoit. He's a suicidal murderer!

    Stanley: Too soon Ricky..Too soon. Anyways we have a situation out back let's see what's happening.

    Backstage 3 different cameras show 3 young up and coming Octane stars: Jack Phoenix, Artemis Eclipse and Erick Alexander until they meet up in a designated spot backstage. When they encounter one another they each remain silent but soon remember to talk strategy for their upcoming match later tonight. Phoenix speaks first

    Jack Phoenix: Ok guys we have a chance to put these mexicans in there place tonight? I mean how hard can it be? You have 3 of the greatest highflyers in this industry today and they're on the same team, its gonna take more than those 3 dudes to get past us.

    So its simple, tonight we go out there kick all of those guys around the ring and finally propel ourselves to the very top of the ladder and make sure theres nothing that can be done it about it.

    Artemis scoffs at the idea of this and speaks:

    Artemis Eclipse: Simply put, I don't need either of you. I'm being forced not this tag-team crap and you guys will do nothing but hold me down. Were not three of the best highflyers. Were a team of the BEST highflyer and two other guys. I can't stress how important a win is though. I know neither of you are capable of it so, stay out of my way.

    Artemis tries to leave but is stopped by the hand of Erick Alexander. Eclipse now looks at both men staring holes into their very souls and shakes off Alexander's grip before Alexander speaks:

    Erick Alexander: Unfortunately tonight you do needs us and we need you, so try pulling your head out of ass and just watch our backs as we will yours when go out to the ring later tonight.

    This is our chance to show we are the best highflyers in the world and in our success prove that we are the future of this business. I came here to help my cousin Jason and that I did since Alexander name has never been at a higher pedestal than it has since we came to JBW and while he's not Octane another Alexander is......ME.

    I'm here to forge my own legacy with the Alexander name and it starts with us winning tonight. So I'll see you both later tonight and hope we are in good terms, especially you Eclipse.

    Looks directly at Eclipse with no fear in his eyes

    Artemis Eclipse: Oh I'm good. I definitely good. In fact, I'm great. The greatest this team has is me.

    Walks up to Erick Alexander.

    But, if you touch me one more fucking time, I will show you your spleen. Are we clear?

    Erick and Artemis stare each other down and trade insults while Jack tries to get in the middle to pull them apart. Erick and Artemis shrug him off and all three stare down before they decide to walk away as the camera fades.

    Stanley: You can cut the tension between them with a knife!

    Ricky: How dare that Mexican get in Artemis' way? He just can't tell Artemis what to do. I think he should go back to mowing lawns and cleaning pools and fucking lonely housewives than in a wrestling ring.

    Stanley: It's 2012 and racism is still alive folks. Talk about Progress!

    Linda Vargas: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and introducing first from the slums of New Mexico, The Flaming Warrior INFERNIO!!!

    Ricky: Speaking of a damn Mexican.

    Stanley: Again. Progress. Anyways Infernio is considered a veteran for JBW's high flyers having had some great matches over on WARFare.

    Ricky: Well yeah and I guess I'm expecting him to pull out some of that experience against his opponent still doesn't mean I like him

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    Linda Vargas: And his opponent, from New York City, The Parkour Prince, Dyyyllllaaaannnn CROSS!!

    Ricky: The new boy on the block, Dylan will be looking to pull on over on the Flaming Warrior tonight

    Stanley: Ive seen some of his matches in the independent scene and I tell you, his boy has talent.

    As Dylan is preforming his leap from the barrier to the ropes. Infernio runs over and kicks the rope
    and the ref rings the bell and this match is underway

    (stop at 11min 2sec)

    Ricky: Infernio and Dylan are fighting on the top rope

    Stanley: Dylan has infernio set up for a hurricarana off the top rope but infernio holds on

    Infernio manages to break Dylans hold as Dylan goes crashing to the mat
    Infernio sets up for the Unlit Flame (360 splash)

    Ricky & Stanley: IT CONNECTS

    Stanley: infernio covers




    Linda Vargas: The Winner Of This Match By Pinfall
    The Flaming Warrior InnnnFeerrrnnniiioooo

    Ricky: What a Match

    Stanley: MOTN in my opinion. Let's move on to the next match. As we saw earlier Erick Alexander, Jack Pheonix and Artemis Eclipse had some heated words for each other. Can they come and work together as they face La Mafia Mejicana?

    Ricky: More Mexicans?!?! Didn't we get enough down in Mexico? No amount of confessions and alcohol will make me forget that.

    Stanley: I know Ricky...I know

    Linda Vargas: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is a six man tag team match. Introducing first from Chicago, IL. Jack Pheonix!

    Stanley: He competes on JBW's sister promotion EWA and I hear is related to Gillz!

    Ricky: EWWhat?and Gillzwho? All I know is this kid is probably shit and couldn't even survive the fast paced action here tonight hence why he is in a tag team match!

    Linda Vargas: And Introducing his partner from the island of Puerto Rico! Erick Alexander!

    Stanley: The cousin of Jason "The Puerto Rican Nightmare" Alexander is looking to forge his own legacy here on Octane. In a way similar to his cousin who forged his legacy in AWF Erick is starting on Octane!

    Ricky: He is going to fail more than Chavo Guerrero did in the WWE. He can't hold a candle to his cousin. I hate all these families and thinking their name means anything.

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    Linda Vargas: And lastly, Introducing their partner from Boston, Massachuesettes he is Artemis Eclipse!

    Stanley: Talk about an ego manic. If anyone has a huge ego around here it's Artemis.

    Ricky: Just like that lovely blonde down in Mexico you still can't see true talent when it smack you right in the face with her huge tits. Artemis is pure class and pure talent. He is the only reason this team stands a chance at winning!

    Vaquero: Mire todos! One and All. Listen up Miami you filthy cuban infested city.

    crowd boos
    Vaquero: My partner, Mr. Santiago and I are La Mafia Mejicana. For some reason we are forced to be in this cramped office space.

    Mr. Santiago: Listen up esses we don't work that way. We work in whatever manner we want and we are down a partner so Vaquero care to introduce our newest member?

    Vaquero: Certainly. Pendejos miren el neuveo miembro de La Mafia Mejicana. AGUILA NEGRA!

    Aguila Negra: All my life I have been in a life of crime. Joing La Mafia Mejicana is of no change to me. They are a familia to me. Growing up poor I have always looked for a better life. Look at me JBW I am better than everyone here. This 5000 seat audience is of no use to me they are nothing but scum beneath my feet. With me joing La Mafia Mejicana we shall be the most dominante force in all of JBW:Octane!

    Vaquero has Erick Alexander in crushing bear hug. Erick lets out a scream of agony Vaquero moves Erick closer to his team while Artemis, looking infuriated, and Jack Pheonix reach out to tag Erick. Vaquero moves Erick closer and then quickly does an overhead belly to belly suplex lauging at Erick and his team. Vaqeruo moves over and tags in Mr. Santiago. Santiago is slapping Erick's head and picks up and hits a roatating neck breaker on Erick. Santiago picks up Erick and Erick begins punching back but Santiago knees Erick in the mid section. Santiago goes over to the other side and taunts Artemis and Pheonix. Erick is using the ropes to pull himself up. Santiago rushes Erick and Erick ducks under pulling the rope and Santiago goes crashing down to the side barricade. Erick rolls over and tags in Artemis who runs the ropes and goes flying over onto Santiago. Artemis throws Santiago back into the ring and as Artemis is climbing into the ring Vaquero hits Artemis from behind and tosses him into the ring. This allows Santiago to tag in Aguila Negra who beings to stomp on Artemis. Artemis gets up and begins to fight back against Aguila and then gets the upper hand. Artemis irish whips Aguila to the turnbuckle and then hits him with a running boot. Artemis goes for the pin.



    Thre....Aguila gets his foot on the rope.

    Artemis is furious right now and begins to argue with the ref. While Artemis is arguing with the ref Vaguero and Santiago go to the other side and go to attack Erick and Jack but both men jump onto the ropes and hit two perfectly placed moonsaults casuing Santiago and Vaquero to topple over. Jack and Erick look to be in a fighting mood. Erick looks at Vaquero and hits him with a perfectly placed enziguri kick. Jack who has climbed the barricade and hits a DeHumanise shooting star press on Vaquero and has now locked him into a cross arm breaker. Erick Alexander is beating down Santiago on the entrance ramp. Santiago goes to hit back but Erick ducks and hits a cruicifix head scissors and both go flying off the ramp. Vaquero has gotten out of the corss arm breaker and has now hit Jack Pheonix with a powerful powerbomb on the outside. Back in the ring Aguila and Artimes are exchanging blows.










    Artemis has gotten the upper hand and hits a kravat suplex on Aguila. Artemis then hits a standing corkscrew shooting star press and goes for the pin.



    Thre...NO Vaquero broke up the three count. Artemis is furious he clotheslines Vaquero out of the ring and beings arguing with the ref and yelling at him for allowing such a thing to happen. Aguila still groggy rolls up Artemis and the ref counts




    Linda Vargas: Here are your winners La Mafia Mejicana!!!!

    La Mafia Mejicana are celebrating and flipping off the crowd going towards the back. Vaquero helps up Santiago and is holding Aguila on his shoulders.

    Stanley: I may not like Artemis but he was robbed! Vaquero got involved when it wasn't necessary.

    Ricky: Are you kidding me?!?!! That was genius! I mean sure La Mafia will have hell to pay from Artemis but hell that was fucking fantastic.

    Artemis is fuming at the loss he walks by Jack and Erick who both look in shock and go to shake Artemis' hand. Artemis sunffs them and walks away in anger.

    -commerical break-
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    The show comes back from commercial with the camera man running down a hall. He stops just in time to see a chair fly out of a door. He mutters "jesus" to himself and proceeds with caution through the door. Artemis Eclipse is pacing back and forth. He kicks his mini refrigerator and knocks all of the Sam Adams out of it. That makes him madder as he picks up the refrigerator and throws it into his bathroom. He turns around and notices the camera man standing there.

    The camera man mutters "fuck" quietly as Artemis makes a b-line for him. Artemis grabs the camera man by the collar of his shirt and begins yelling words that no one can understand. The camera man begins crying and Artemis drops him.

    Artemis Eclipse: "FUCKING USELESS PIECES OF SHIT!!! You... you fucking MORONS!!! Neither of you are worth the fucking sperm your parents wasted to create you pathetic fucking imbeciles!! I... I don't even know where the fuck to begin with how retarded and uncoordinated the two of you are but, to lose to even more pathetic losers other than yourselves is a fucking disgrace!!

    I cannot stand this fucking team concept as it is but, you fucking pair me with Tweedle Asshole and Tweedle Fuck Face? GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK!! This shit is pathetic, they suck, I want a different team! I'm Artemis Eclipse, son of a prominent former professional wrestler, I was BORN to be greatness and I will fucking surround myself with greatness too! You bastards better get me a different fucking team if you know what's good for you!! DO YOU FUCKING HEAR ME!!?!?!?!?!?!??"

    Artemis pushes the camera man out of the room and slams the door as the camera man hits the wall and falls down.

    Stanley: Can you believe him? His ego is what made him lose not his team. If he is going to survive and strive here on Octane he needs to let that ego and learn to work as a team.

    Ricky: You're kidding right? Artemis has the full right to be mad. Where were his team mates when Vaquero got involved? No where that's where they were. His team let him down simples as that.

    Stanley: Well we oppose in these views but lets go on to our next match two AWF originals going one on one here tonight.

    Linda Vargas: This next match is scheduled for one fall and introducing first from the darkest parts of his black heart The Executioner!

    The Executioner comes out looking menacing and opposing the crowd. He gets in the ring and prepares himself for the match. The air feels dark and depressing.

    Linda Vargas: And introducing next from Kyoto, Japan Inzagi!

    The lights dim and the music plays. Inzagi walks out with electric blue hair and Gucci Sunglasses on dancing his way down to the ring. The crowd is loving it. He jumps into the ring and looks at Exectuioner and laughs.

    (Ignore after 6:58)

    Inzagi hits a devestaing missle drop kick on Exectuioner who stumbles back and falls in the middle of the ring and Inzagi climbs the top rope yet again and hits a corkscrew moonsault the ref



    Thre..KICKOUT from Executioner.

    Inzagi lifts Executioner up and Excecutioner beings to hit Inzagi with stiff rights and both Inzagi and Executioner, tired of their match, still stands in the middle of the ring while Seth comes from behind and attacks them with his weapons. Seth hits Inzagi with a lighttube on his head and hits Executioner with a separate lighttube. While Inzagi and Executioner lie on the floor, Seth brings more lighttubes in the ring. He bites one and smiles and jams a shard on Inzagi's forehead. Seth grabs another lighttube, places it on Executioner's face and punches it. Seth then gets two lighttubes and bites one and spits it on Inzagi and bites the other and spits it on Executioner.

    Seth then grabs the mic...


    crowd boos loud while Seth gets another lighttube, bites and spits it at the crowd


    walks over to Inzagi's and Executioner's knocked out bodies

    Seth: Sleep well bitches....and remember....IT'S NOTHING PERSONAL! YOU JUST HAPPEN TO TAKE AWAY MY SPOTLIGHT TIME!

    Seth pipebombs the mic and leaves the ring.

    Stanley: What? Who was that? That was absolutly sick and disgusting. Both Inzagi and Exectuioner were having quite the match and Seth Thireteen ruins it!

    Ricky: Seth scares the piss out of me but man did he make both Inzagi and Executioner his bitches. What a display of aggession from Seth.

    Stanley: Well he did impress us all but Seth is just another egomanic running around JBW.

    Ricky: UGG. Stanley will you not get it? Having an ego is a good thing it's what gets you noticed. That's why everyone loves me and hates you simple as that!

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    Brandon Smithson is talking backstage with his doobie buddies, Jay and Silent Bob.

    Brandon: Okay guys so I gathered you here today because I have a very serious problem, it's something that has been bothering me for nearly 14 years...but together I am sure we will get this problem sorted.

    Jay: Woah man, are you okay? 14 years? Damn me and Bob will help you anyway we can...right Bob.

    Bob shakes his head in agreement.

    Brandon: Okay okay...

    Brandon clears his throat

    Brandon: So you remember in like Pokemon when you try to cross a path but that big bastard thing blocks your way?

    Jay: I believe it was a Snorlax, today used as a meme for fat chicks.

    Brandon: Thats the guy. Well why did you have to play the flute to wake him up? Surely you should have thrown a pokeball at him to catch him instead of waking him, sending him back to sleep then catching him then...right?

    Jay and Silent Bob look at each other then back at Brandon

    Jay: That is fucking stupid. That has been bothering you for 14 fucking years and now you gather us here to...oh...I actually see your point that does make some sense.

    Brandon: Exactly man, pfft and people say there is no good reason to get high, getting high or being on the toilet is where man does his best thinking! Well man and woman, but I tend not to think of women on the toilet as it makes it harder to stick it up there...

    The camera cuts backstage to another part of the hanger, where an agitated looking Moloch is seen pacing with haste through a corridor. He is on his phone, and we catch his last few words.

    Moloch: ... Yes, yes, I am fully aware that the debt has now been paid in full...

    ???: .... ... .... ...

    Moloch: Yes, young man, I am on my way now to release your longtime friend and companion. Within the hour he shall be returned to you, you have the word of Moloch as your bond.

    ???: ... .... ...

    Moloch: Yes, yes, he shall be exactly as he was before he was made one with the spirit of the demon of Kryotak.

    Moloch hangs up the phone and walks a few more paces before reaching a door. He takes a quick look around before cautiously entering. As he does a wild howling can be heard before the door is slammed shut and the unnatural and bestial scream is silenced.

    The camera cuts to what is a poorly lit room where we are afforded a view of the back of Moloch. The manager of the Mayhem brands group known as HATE is rocking back and forth and he can be heard chanting in a low tone that is almost being drowned out by the same bestial scream that was heard earlier in the evening.

    The camera begins to rotate to the left, and we can see that Moloch is standing in front of a highly agitated and disturbed looking Negro Fuerte, who is chained to the wall by his wrists so that both of his arms are outstretched. Bucking wildly, the man who has been under the influence of the evil Moloch appears to be feeling a great deal of raw pain from the words being chanted.

    Moloch: UmDigi Vashanir Sombre Do.. Vashna Rika Splenkalos.. Umshlanga Bos Ados.. Venisha Moretti.. Epilar Do Vashna Do Edor.. VASHNA DO EDOR!!!

    At the last words, Moloch raises his right hand and places it on Negros head, before repeating those same last ancient words.


    With that, Negro stops struggling and goes limp for a few seconds before suddenly, and violently, throwing his head backwards and letting out another bloodcurdling scream. As he does so, a strange dark smoke like substance begins to rise off of the unfortunate soul, and gathers into a cloud that remains hovering over his head.

    Moloch then reaches down to the floor and picks up an old looking wooden box with a golden lock. Reaching into the pocket, the twisted and maniacal Moloch pulls out a golden key, unlocks the box, and opens it, before motioning to the dark cloud with a swift hand gesture. The cloud glows for a second or two, then darts towards the box and the wooden container is filled with the murky looking smoke.

    A content look on his face, Moloch looks at the box and speaks to it.

    Moloch: It is OK, Negro.. We are going home. The need for requirement of your precious self to illuminate this rotten carcass of an utterly pathetic excuse for a human, no longer exists. We shall find you another host. One that is far more palatable to your exquisite tastes than this sour creation chained here before me.

    The box begins to slightly rock in Molochs arms, as if pleased by the dark and twisted Moloch who allows a sinister grin to creep across his face as he draws his focus from the box to the man who the world had always known as Negro Fuerte.

    Moloch: Your debt has been paid... Your sentence has passed... You shall once again rise and be forever known as... LUCIFER DIABLO.

    At the mention of his true name, life once again returns to the man who for reasons unknown has been possessed, by the evil spirit known as Negro Fuerte that is now residing within the box in Molochs arms, for the last few months. He begins to stir, and the black ink that has been covering him since the day of his possession begins to crack, and flake off, floating to the floor until every last square inch of it has fallen off of him. He is now hanging in the chains wearing the same white mask that covers his entire face, and the white trousers and boots to match, that he was wearing on the day that he was thrown into the black ink that he was drowned in.

    Moloch utters a few alien sounding words and the chains suddenly release Lucifer, but rather than fall on his face, his whole weakened looking demeanour changes to one of strength and pride. He then rips the mask off, revealing a tough looking face of black and white descent, that bears a huge scar that runs from his forehead to his cheek going straight through his left eye, leaving it a cloudy shade of greyish white. He let's out a deep laugh of relief and stretches his arms out before jumping up and down on the spot to limber himself up.

    He then stretches out a bit and then speaks under the power of his own voice for the first time in months.

    Lucifer Diablo: Yeah, man!!! Oh my lord have mercy, it feels good to be me again!! I can't believe I've been possessed by that nasty lickle bloodclart demon anymore.

    The box begins shaking violently in Molochs arms at Lucifers words.

    Moloch: I suggest that you choose your words carefully, young master Diablo.

    Lucifer: Heh! Tell that damn ting to cool and relax, man..

    Moloch: This "damn ting" has a name, and it is Negro Fuerte "The Demon of Kryotak", and it will possess you again in an instant if I feel that you deserve it. You would do well to remember that.

    Lucifer: All I know is, now that I am once again me, there are a lot of folk around here who are gonna face my wrath. I have a lot of "demons" of my own that I need to feed, and I will personally make sure that these pussyclart wankers around here know about the badman that is Lucifer Diablo from West London.

    Lucifer looks down at the white trousers he is wearing.

    Lucifer: And what the fuck am I wearing?? Moloch, why the fuck am I wearing these rasclart tighty whities?!? Man looks like some kinda fucking angel or suttin!

    Moloch: Ahh, yes, well I, ahh, had you dressed like that for effect for when you was possessed.

    Lucifer: Well, man is in no fucking way shape or form going to the ring dressed like this! I shall see what I can find to wear for my match tonight.

    Lucifer looks at the camera and rolls his eyes into the back of his head and begins to utter over and over again..

    "Skare Dem Krew

    Skare Dem Krew

    Skare Dem Krew..."

    The screen fades to black as Lucifer Diablo is seen walking out of the door.

    The camera goes to the front where Stanley and Ricky are looking horrified at what just happened.

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    Stanley: Well folks up next we have a very interesting match up between two very talented individuals

    Brandon Smithson with Jay and Silent Bob vs the now known Lucifer Diablo

    Ricky: Oh great this joke, did you hear the crap this joker was spouting earlier? Pokemon? Fucking Pokemon you have got to be kidding me, if he doesn't end up getting his ass handed to him tonight I will be pissed.

    Stanley: You love Pokemon though?

    Ricky: Yeah but not when this guy talks about it.

    Jay and Silent Bob come out after Brandon to the cheers of the fans

    Stanley: And Brandon isn't coming alone...

    Ricky: Oh great the doobie brothers, give me a break.

    The lights in the venue dip, and smoke begins to fill up the stage area until it is completely engulfed. A few seconds pass, when suddenly Lucifer Diablo slowly walks through the cloud, and casually bolls down the ramp. He is now dressed in a black pair of Moschino jeans, and is wearing a beige pair of Timberlands. He is bare chested, and we can see all of his tattoos in all of their glory. The art on his skin suggests that he is a man of the darkside, as many of them are of skulls, and scripture wrote in an unknown language. He is carrying a wooden staff with a skull on the end of it. Down one side of his face he has a streak of white face paint that has been roughly smeared on. This has highlighted the ugly scar on the other side of his face. The camera pans up close to him as he walks down the ramp, and he stares deep into the lens before letting out an evil chuckle and baring his teeth, which are now covered with a platinum and diamond grill. He continues chuckling to himself as a makes his way towards the ring.

    (ignore title)

    Lucifer and Brandon are hammering each other in the ring with vicious left and rights, Lucifer goes for a clothesline, but Brandon ducks and hits a backstabber. Lucifer rolls out of the way holding his back in pain, Brandon tries to roll into a cover, but Lucifer boots him in the face. Brandon gets to his feet, the crowds are cheering him on as he points to the turnbuckle, he jumps over Lucifer and hits a split legged moonsault...


    Two... he kicks out...

    Ricky: Now that is some great ability by Negro there

    Stanley: This has been a pretty even match so far it could go either way

    Brandon gets back to his feet, a look of exasperation on his eyes, he heads back to the top turnbuckle, slower this time. Lucifer is back to his feet to and shoves the referee into the ropes causing Brandon to slip, Lucifer rushes to the top and hammers him in the face with 5 huge punches, before lifting him all the way back to the top. Lucifer lifts Brandon, ready to hit him with a superplex, but Brandon with bites Lucifer on the nose, causing Lucifer to shout out in pain and lose his footing and with one last burst of energy Brandon pushes him of the turnbuckle and onto the mat.

    Stanley: This is it folks, what is Brandon about to do now?

    Ricky: Hopefully fall and snap his drug induced neck, what a joke.

    Stanley: What is your problem Ricky?

    Ricky: Really? We go from calling matches between the likes of HolyJose, Jman and TDA on Warfare to stoners and a satainist!

    Brandon climbs to his feet on top of the turnbuckle and looks to the ceiling ready to finish the match. Suddenly an unknown man attacks Silent Bob on the outside of the ring and sends him flying towards the steel steps with an almighty thud. Jay takes a swing at him, but the man ducks and kicks Jay in the chest, winding him, he then grabs him and throws him towards the ring post, busting him open in the process.

    Stanley: Who the hell is this guy and what is he doing to Jay and Silent Bob?

    Ricky: He is taking those jerkoffs out of the game thats what hes doing, good for him, you kick their pathetic stoner asses.

    Brandon jumps of the apron ready to go outside the ring and attack the assailant, but the ref holds him back. The unknown man is standing on the outside mocking Brandon, as the ref struggles to keep the furious Brandon in the ring. Meanwhile Lucifer seizes the opportunity and rolls up Brandon, grabbing the tights in the process...





    Stanley: What the hell just happened? Does Lucifer know this guy?

    Ricky: Well he seems to be celebrating with yeah...

    Lucifer and the mystery assailant stand on the outside of the ring, celebrating and looking at the beaten bodies, of Jay and Silent Bob, as Brandon stands in the ring with a mixture of anger and confusion on his face.

    Stanley: What have we just seen?

    Ricky: i don't know, but I like it.

    The unknown man is stalking Brandon and Jay and Silent Bob. He has a sadistic look on his fact and pulls out a knife. He licks his tongue on the knife and stalks Jay and just as he is about to strike the referees run down and stop him and subdue the unknown man.

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    Stanley: Welcome back everybody and what a strange and bizarre turn of events here with Lucifer Diablo and Brandon Smithson.

    Ricky: Strange and bizarre? That was attempted murder?!? That's too crazy I didn't expect from here on Octane

    Stanley: Neither did I but let's move on to normalcy, or as normal as it will be on Octane we have two AWF stars going one on one tonight. Gillz vs. Depri$e!

    Linda Vargas: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first.......Depri$e

    Stanley: Depri$e is the former AWF Superfly and he has a mic in hand so we will all be blessed with some Depri$e rapping.

    Ricky: Isn't he the Ma$$ wannabe? Here we go.

    Allow me to RE-INTRODUce myself my Name is DePri$e...
    ....Depri$e is Right! .....

    Look who has stepped foot back in the buildin
    Ladies ,Gents, Boys,Girls,And Children

    I was patiently waiting for a show to Explode On!
    So When Word Was Going Around In All of Proffesional eWrestling...I Put It Out There, That I'm Unsigned and Then So Quickly I Got Called to Sellout OcTane in a Day... And This is Where We Stand Today!

    *Crowd Noise*

    I Been Training Like a Mayweather
    This Bout to Get Hot , This Only Warm Now ..
    Like Mays Weather
    But Together, a Brute Scorcher is Going Down Easy....Please Believe Me!

    **Face of Confidence and a Smile**

    This is as Real As it Gets
    So When I Was Walking Out Here They told me in the back, hey Talk About Your Opponent and Mr.Depri$e Talk about Being Here ,by the way he told me this with a Geek look across his Face. So I Said, No Problem...Who is My Opponent?
    He Responded. (slight pause) Gillz.
    Gillian, Gillagain ... He Will Be Here Also?????
    Great . If Memory Serves me Correct I am better Then Gillz and even he knows this.

    Here on Octane I Will Give you Memories that Will Carry On Forever. Gillz Will Hold on to These Memories ,as they Carry his Stupid ass Out on a Stretcher ( LMfao ) ...
    Out Like The Piece of Garbage that he is, See I get rid of garbage with No Remorse and Gillz is Trash in Everything. He isn't a Good Wrestler he's trash, he isn't good on the mic he is trash. He Can't even run the ropes right ,he's trash.

    So Let's Not make Sumthin outta Nuthin
    If You Bet against Me, your Bluffin
    Be more like me ,Follow my Footprints..You Can't Fail
    .. No Further Detail.

    ***The Crowd is Eratic, Estatic, Crowd is going nutzzz***

    Like They Say You Don't Have to be The Fastest One, .....Just Faster Then The Slowest ...
    And You Sir,Are Not Even a Rising Star.

    No Gillz is Not.

    Meanwhile , I Am The Top! Not At it! ..I Am The Very Top...Depri$e is Right and Now you All Know It ...*ahem, ahem* and Just For The Good AWF Days ....JUUUUUU HHHHEEEEAAAARRRRDDD!!!

    *****Throws The Mic The Farthest into The Audience*****

    (Mouths off) Who better than me. .

    Linda Vargas: His opponent from Scotland, Gillz!

    Ricky: GILLZ GILLZ GILLZ! I fucking love this guy! Finally in a place where he can really shine and not be lost in the shuffle!

    Stanley: A great acquisiton for Octane. He had great feuds in AWF with Jman over the Adrenaline Championship and former world champion in his own right. It's going to be a great match indeed.

    Ricky: What a match so far, Octane has delivered action like no other show can.

    Stanley: What a clothesline from Gillz, my god. He nearly took Depri$se's head off.

    Gillz picks up Depri$e after that decapitating clothesline and call for the end but Depri$e is ready and pushes Gillz to the ropes and tries to clothesline him only to get tossed over the ropes but he lands on the apron as Gillz celebrates too early and as Gillz turns around Depri$e springboards off the ropes and hits a big 720 DDT. The fans cant believe Depri$e pulled off such a move and are stunned as Depri$e covers.......1..............2...........Gillz kicks out at the last second and Depri$e is in awe. The fans cheer!!!

    Depri$e wastes no time and brings Gillz to his feet before telling him: "Here comes the money shot" and rebounds off the ropes looking to land a big enziguri on Gillz but Gillz ducks under and hits an enziguri of his own and covers Depri$e....1......2........Depri$e kicks out.

    Depri$e and Gillz both reach their exhausted but neither man look end this night a loser and begins to exchange shots in the center of the ring as the crowd goes wild for both men as finally Gillz gets the advantage and decks Depri$e with a huge right hand that lays him out near the ropes; Gillz quickly climbs the top rope and hits The Dead Memories (Double Rotation Moonsault)! Everyone in the stadium erupting in excitement.

    Ricky: This is it.

    Gillz covers.........1.......2..............3!!!!!!

    Linda Vargas: Here is your winner, GILLZ!!!!!

    Ricky: GILLZ WINS! Yes! I love this guy what a great match. He's going far!

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    Stanley: In Octane the sky's the limit. Let's move on to our very first main event where Jman and Avidico team up to take on Prophecy and Axxel Sonn!

    Linda Vargas: The following contest is your main event of the evening. Introducing first he is the AWF World Champion Axxel Sonn

    Stanley: Yes here we go all four champions who have a rightful claim to the glory go at it in a tag team match. Out first is the LAST AWF World Champion who beat JBW's very own Superfly Champion Avidico at AWF's farewell PPV Speed of Sound.

    Ricky: Axxel proved that he is world champion material but I don't feel it. He doesn't seem to be the TOP dog of Octane.

    Linda Vargas: Introducing his tag team partner he is the ONLY two time AWF SuperFly Champion The Prophecy

    Ricky: Now HERE is the man I know deserves the top spot. He is the first Superfly Champion having pioneered the division in AWF no one else can compare.

    Stanley: While I agree The Prophecy did pioneer the division with his feuds with Jman and Depri$e I don't feel like he should be the one to do so.

    Linda Vargas: Now introducing their opponents first from Philidelphia, PA he is the AWF Adrenaline Champion Jman!

    Stanley: Adrenaline that's what was needed to win and retain this championship. Whoever gets the most wins in Ironman matches and has the guts to continue going when it gets rough and only one man can say they showed they had what it took and that's Jman who proved it time and time again.

    Ricky: Maria Gonzalez sure showed Adrenaline in her last donkey show. Man she just kept going.

    Stanley: Ladies and gentlemen that is my broadcast partner and yes I remember that. The nightmares are vivid to say the least.

    Ricky: Vivid? Oh yeah they're releasing that show on DVD and Blue-Ray with our commentary!

    Stanley: .....


    Linda Vargas: And introducing his partner the only man to simulatiously hold the AWF World Championship and the JBW SuperFly Championship he is JBW Superfly Champion Avidico!

    Stanley: Now here is the man I believe should be the top star. He is a JBW originator back during it's NWL days and never relenting in getting the championship and a well known high flyer. Avidico is the face of Octane.

    Ricky: Prophecy that's it. Though Avidico is a good second.

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