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    The crowd is shown going completely insane at the top of the show.

    “JBW! JBW! JBW! JBW! JBW!”

    Chants begin to loudly emerge along with,


    The camera pans the crowd and we see a bunch of signs in the audience:




    “HATE <3’S YOU”







    “R(ob) W(ill) O(win)”









    Pat and Dudley can be seen going to the announcers booth and the show begins!

    (Lulz for being a Friday and not Monday. Heh.)

    Pyro goes off all over the place as the crowd completely erupts chanting whatever they feel like at this point. The camera focuses on Pat and Dudley who are both smiling.

    Pat: WOW! Do you guys hear this reaction at home? ONLY in JBW will you get this type of reaction from a crowd! This is complete insanity!! We are LIVE in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at the Wells Fargo Center and you can tell this crowd is ready for an EXCITING night!!

    The camera pans the crowd again and goes back to Pat and Dudley.

    Pat: If you don’t know by now, and how shameful if you don’t… my name is Pat and this odd looking fellow sitting next to me is Dudley or as we call him, Duds!!

    Dudley: Thanks for that introduction Pat. I sure am glad to be back on television! It felt like an absurdly long amount of time to be away, and especially on our own show! We’ve been involved with Supershows, cross federation PPV and unfortunately a hiatus while everything went wonky!

    Pat: Yes we did, and our return show was the JBW Draft that happened earlier this week and man what effects this could have on our show! We’ve gotten a lot of new blood around here… HolyJose, Alpha Dog, The Prophecy and Zeus Apollo just to name a few! I’m sure we’ll hear from everyone tonight about their move to the show and everything in between.

    Dudley: And I hope these new guys can hang with the now EXCLUSIVE Horrorcore Division here on Mayhem… I’m completely horrified that these guys are now just on our show! You have no idea the nightmares I have when one of these creepy weirdos come out… why can’t my K-Jammin still be on this show? I miss him already. It’s not fair that amazing and godly talent like that gets to leave here and I have to stay!

    Pat: I guess some things will never change. HA! Well, speaking of never change, I’m being told we have to go to the back because of some sort of development going on. Take it away guys!

    As the cameras make their way to the backstage area we see The Sandman and Chainsaw being pulled apart by security. Samson is hanging back watching the events unfold. Melissa Mendez walks up to him in a hurry to Samson and tries to get a question out. Samson grows angered and tries to calm down instantly.

    Samson: Look, before you say anything at all I just want you to know that this can be handled by us. There was no need to include this… “security”. Sandman just happened to be going in the wrong direction at the wrong time.

    Melissa Mendez: And that direction involved Chainsaw and yourself?

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    Samson: Actually as can be witnessed, it really was just Chainsaw that couldn’t hold back. You have to admit that The Sandman has made him look quite foolish in their brief encounters.

    As Samson finishes his sentence Chainsaw breaks free and runs over to The Sandman and knocks him on the ground. He picks up a chair and begins beating him with it. Samson motions for Melissa to walk away and begins walking towards Chainsaw.

    Samson: ENOUGH!

    Chainsaw is still hitting The Sandman with the chair.

    Samson: I SAID ENOUGH!!

    Samson grabs the chair out of Chainsaw’s hands. He gets angrier and turns around to swing but notices its Samson. He drops his fists and puts his head down. Samson gets a small smirk on his face and crouches to The Sandman’s level. He looks up at Chainsaw.

    Samson: You can go back to our room now.

    Chainsaw looks on and nods in displeasure. Samson looks down at The Sandman and begins to speak.

    Samson: Hmm… looks like you’re in no shape to compete tonight. I wonder, how exactly will you defend your Championship in this state?

    The Sandman begins to stir and tries to get up.

    Samson: I hope someone told you you’re going to be going against me tonight. Don’t expect pity, don’t expect me to paint a pretty picture. Expect me to full boar annihilate you. What Chainsaw did to you with the chair shots wasn’t ANYTHING compare to what were going to do tonight. Also, I’d like to inform you that out match is No DQ, falls count anywhere. Have fun dreaming right now…

    Samson kicks The Sandman down and keeps his foot on his head for a moment. He smiles a sinister smile and slowly walks away as we go to commercial break.


    When we get back we see Nightwolf coming down the corridor to go to the ring. Roland Butters is coming up behind him.

    Roland Butters: Excuse me!! Nightwolf! Is… is there any way I can get an interview??

    Nightwolf stops and slowly turns around. He looks Roland up and down, laughs a bit and continues walking.

    Roland Butters: All I wanted to do was ask you if you knew who your opponent was yet…

    Roland walks off dejected as the camera goes back to Nightwolf who’s smiling a bit as he continues on his path to the ring. The cameras go back to ringside as we see Pat and Dudley.

    Pat: WOW! What an explosive beginning to the show! Our main event for the evening is The Sandman VS Samson for the Mayhem Television Championship! That is currently the biggest Championship Mayhem has since the Draft and we have our Champion in The Sandman defending it in… less than stellar conditions tonight.

    Dudley: None of that affects me. What DOES affect me however is the fact that I’m still out here with all the loonies! After the Draft I was hoping they’d all be split up!

    Pat: But nope! Ka$h wanted them ALL on one show! We have wrestlers, and Horrorcore individuals here ladies and gentlemen!

    Dudley: I’m going to be sick in all honesty… this is bad for me. Real bad. I’m nowhere near a fan of these guys and I want it to end…

    Pat: It’s not going anywhere Duds. I’m actually anticipating this whole show and I think were about to be graced with our first match of the evening so lets see…

    As Pat was getting ready to say a name, he’s cut off by static. The arena goes pitch black and on the JABETron a video appears. Images of woods, a graveyard and a hand coming out can be seen. The music picks up as a head slowly rises out of the grave. Big words written in blood red splash across the screen: TONIGHT!!

    The lights come back up and the music for Azrael hits the arena.

    He makes his way to the ring in a hurry. He looks around the audience to make sure no one touches him. He stands in the ring awaiting his match. Almost as if he’s awaiting direction of some sort. Nightwolf’s music comes on and the crowd pops for the JBW Horrorcore Champion!


    Nightwolf makes his way to the ring and gets in Azrael’s face. He holds the Championship up to him and laughs. The referee rings the bell and this one is on…

    <b style="mso-bidi-font-weight:normal">

    Nightwolf throws Azrael into the steel steps and walks over to him. He picks him up and hits a modified German suplex, holds it, flips Azrael into a spine buster and keeps the hold into a Jackknife Powerbomb. He lets it go and goes under the ring. He grabs a steel chair and picks Azrael up and places him on it.

    Nightwolf gets into the ring and backs up to the ropes. He gets a running start and dives through the middle rope and hits a spear on Azrael. Both men slam into the announcer’s booth while the crowd chants “JBW! JBW! JBW! JBW!” Nightwolf crawls over to Azrael and places his hand on his chest.

    One, two, THREE! Nightwolf takes the win and lays there as the referee puts the Horrorcore Championship on his chest.

    Pat: Well if that wasn’t a great welcome back match I don’t know what was! The Horrorcore Champion Nightwolf maintained and is still bringing the pain with the best of them, who knows how long he’ll be able to keep it while going like this. Azrael DEFINITELY put up a good fight here, I can see big things for him if he continues like this.

    Dudley: I’m going to say, it was a good match but, they’re still freaks. Always was, always will be. I don’t care if you put lipstick on a pig… it’s still a pig.

    Pat: Words don’t even begin to express you sometimes Duds. Not in the least. I fear the worst for you in your life sometimes…

    Dudley looks at Pat and Pat starts shaking his head.

    Pat: With that said, lets take it to Melissa Mendez in the back, she’s with Silva and Katie.

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    Melissa: Thanks Pat! As it was already said, I’m here with Silva and Katie. Two people who have been bonded at the hip it seems like.

    Katie and Silva smile at Melissa. Silva starts smacking his head and screaming. Melissa backs up and looks concerned.

    Katie: That’s… just an issue we’ve been trying to work on. My… my goal with Silva is to help him get away from his “mother” issues and all of his so called “problems”. He’s a wonderful man and everyone is scared of him but the fact is, he’s changed me and I’m hoping to change him too.
    Melissa: That’s actually really nice Katie. We know a couple months ago The Sleeper was trying to pull you away from Silva, did that help your relationship? Katie: To be truthful, it made us realize were all we have for each other. Nothing will separate us. Nothing.

    Katie begins petting Silva’s head and he nuzzles under her neck. She smiles and goes to walk away but Silva turns back around and takes the mic from Melissa in a pleasant manner.

    Silva: Nico, you have me in a match tonight. I look forward to playing with your spleen.

    Silva gives the mic back to Melissa and smiles at her. He comes real close to her, sniffs her and walks away with Katie.

    Melissa: (Visibly creeped out) Well… I’m mortified now. That was creepster status. Thanks for that. Eww….

    We make our way back to the ringside area and the theme song for Silva begins playing.

    Katie comes out holding his hand and trying to get him to the ring in a fast attempt. Silva is looking onward to the crowd and squints his eyes as he sees some cheers coming from the crowd. He normally doesn’t get it so, he smiles. The crowd becomes visibly shaken by that so he gets saddened. Katie and Silva get into the ring and Katie gives him a kiss before going by the announcer’s booth.
    All of a sudden,

    The music of the brash and rich Dutchman makes its way through the crowd. Women cheer the loudest for him as the men boo him coming to the stage. He flashes his winning smile and pearly white teeth that are so bright one man’s hair catches on fire. He makes his way to the ring and takes off his coat. He looks at Katie, smooches his lips and tosses it towards her. Silva sees it and becomes enraged.

    He runs and connects with a high knee right into NVON’s back to make him collapse. Silva picks him up by the back of his hair and tries to make him submit in a crab maneuver.
    NVON makes his way through, they both stand, the ref asks if NVON can proceed, he agrees and rings the bell for the match to begin.



    Pat: 1, 2, and 3... what a BRUTAL match! NVON takes the win here but NOT without Silva putting up one helluva fight! It’s been a while since The Devils Reject’s have disbanned and Silva seems to be finally recuperating from that with Katie by his side.

    Dudley: He’s a freak, with a freaky not worthy girlfriend. I don’t know to this day what a pretty thing like that sees in him.

    Pat: It’s about companionship Duds. Something you lack mentally.

    Dudley’s mouth drops open as we see Silva being caressed by Katie in the ring after the loss. We go to commercial Break…

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    We return for commercial break to see Melissa Mendez standing with Azrael in the back.

    Melissa Mendez: Hello everybody I'm Melissa Mendez and I'm standing here with "The Angel of Death" Azrael!

    Camera pans in to see Azrael drenched in sweat and blood.

    Melissa Mendez: Now Azrael you just went through a hellacious match against Nightwolf for the Horrorcore Championship. Can I get your thoughts on the match?

    Azrael: I lost. Simple as that. Nightwolf was obviously the better man tonight but I sure as hell took him to his limits.

    Melissa Mendez: Thank you and this is your first night on Mayhem and you got a title shot right away what was going through your head?

    Azrael: Huh, well then Melissa it's simple I have gold on my mind. I'm what the Horrorcore division needs! And its obvious Management sees that. Now all this blood and sweat that I shed it won't be in vain. I have a goal in mind and I won't stop until it is achieved. The Angel of Death will bring the reign of hell on Earth and it will start with me becoming the Horrorcore champion.

    Melissa Mendez: Wow, ok then thanks Azrael. Back to you guys!

    Pat: I’m being told one of Mayhem’s newest Horrorcore acquisitions wishes to have some time to talk before we get to his match.

    Back in a dark corridor, a bulb can be seen flashing. The cameraman inches towards the flashing and creeps up slowly. Startled, Macabre turns around and flashes the cameraman.

    Macabre: I could have gutted you like a fish, you weirdo. You want to see what I’m doing do you?

    Macabre grabs the cameraman and forces him to where the pictures were taken. He slams the cameraman down and breaks his head open on the concrete. The cameraman begins convulsing to the shock of his body turning against him. With the camera rolling on the ground, all you see is the cameraman’s blood leaking from his head and Macabre’s feet.

    You see and hear the flashes of light happening as he takes picture after picture. He throws one on the ground and begins to talk.

    Macabre: Life is beautiful when its dwindling. Life as lifeless is happiness. Life as death is anger.

    Macabre’s footsteps can be heard walking away from the scene as the EMT’s show up to check on the fallen cameraman. The last words heard are “Thank god he’s still breathing!”

    Dudley: What a disgusting display of UNHUMANITY there. That was just friggin’ sick… this is why Horrorcore people in one spot is just a bad idea. Nothing, NOTHING good can come of this at all.

    Pat: Typically I try to stay out of it and keep quiet. I like the changes in format. I like when things get shaken up but that? That was unacceptable right there. No excuse for it.

    Dudley: Look who woke up and smelled the bacon. This is crap and everyone knows it.

    Dudley throws his arms into the air while the theme music for Tad Locust blasts throughout the arena.

    MATCH. 03 –

    Dudley: Just what we need, more HorrorCore freaks.

    Pat: Oh, relax! It’s not like they’re after you. Besides, Tad Locust has been with the company longer than almost anybody in the HorrorCore division; he shouldn’t scare you anymore.

    Dudley: Well, I’m sorry, but he does. They all do.

    Tad Locust makes his way to the ring in a slow unforgiving manner. When he gets in the ring he stands silent and on guard.

    Macabre makes his way on stage and has a camera around his neck. He punches a small child and laughs. He takes a picture as the mother tries to go over the barricade after him. JBW officials pull her back and begin to talk to her as he takes pictures and walks to the ring.

    Dudley: This guy is sick beyond sick. Anybody who enjoys taking pictures of dead bodies shouldn’t be allowed out in public. And after what he just did and what he did earlier, he shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the JBW promotion.

    Pat: Macabre is an artist, Duds. He’s a visionary. But I definitely agree that what he did to the poor cameraman was taking it way too far. He can enjoy what he likes but to kill people for his art is beyond me.

    Dudley: I’m grossed out by these guys. The JBW brass is ridiculous. There’s no law, no order, they’re all over the place.

    Pat: Hey, it might not be our kind of thing, but who are we to tell somebody else what to like? Hell, you loved K-Jammin and I never judged you for it.

    Dudley: Very funny. How ‘bout calling the match?

    <b style="mso-bidi-font-weight:normal">

    Pat: Macabre has dominated this one, folks, but Locust seems to have gotten things rolling.

    Tad runs hard off the ropes, sends Macabre to the mat with a vicious clothesline, picks him up, and sets him up for a powerbomb.

    Pat: The end may be near for Macabr-No! Macabre reversed it into a wicked looking half Boston Crab! Tad has nowhere to go, he taps, and this one is over.

    Dudley: I wish this whole division was over. That was a bloody one for sure… I’m surprised I’m doing this but, we’re going to take a commercial break so JBW can get paid from advertisements. Not only are they ratings hungry, they’re money hungry as well! Roll the crap…


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    The camera shows Helmsley standing in the ring as we come back from commercial break.

    Pat: And were back from commercial break and what a night this has been so far ladies and gentlemen. As you can see, Helmsley is standing in the ring already awaiting his match with the new Mayhem star, The Alpha Dog! I can’t wait to call this next match. It’s looking to be a good one!

    Dudley: I don’t know about that Pat, at least not for Helmsley anyway. He’s stepping into the ring with a psychopath. I still question why the higher ups wanted The Alpha Dog on May… Damn it!

    Pat: What’s wrong Dudley?

    Dudley: I forgot to renew my health insurance.

    Pat: You came back to Mayhem, without health insurance? We have Alpha Dog and the Horrorcore guys now… Are you an idiot?

    Dudley: Not an idiot, forgetful.

    Pat: Well, you better not forget to make eye contact with the man whose about to come out.

    The Alpha Dog comes out on stage and the fans blow up with cheers! He’s wearing his usual ring apparel, has a new haircut, and is just as excited to be there as the fans are. He runs to each end of the stage yelling,


    He then gets down on one knee in the middle of the stage, looks to his sides smiling, makes a cup over his mouth and then yells,


    He starts walking down the ramp before turning around and pointing, with both thumbs, at the tattoo across the top of his back that says, in big bold letters,


    Pat: The fans are on their feet, cheering for Mayhems newest competitor. I can’t wait to see what he has to bring.

    Dudley: Pat, we have seen this guy plenty enough to know what he’s capable of and I hope the fans realize who they are cheering for.

    Pat: And who would that be Dudley?

    Dudley: Well, let’s see. Just off the top of my head, he’s crazy. He moonlights as a male escort. He abuses drugs and alcohol. He traumatized and nearly killed Fernandez Romero, who is calling himself The Black Tear now, and if I remember correctly from our Horrorcore Icons tournament, he murdered his own psychiatrist, after having sex with her, and the camera man who filmed it. Does that about sum it up Pat?

    Pat: And this is new to us because? Chainsaw has done way worse and I think Alpha is going to be a great addition to Mayhem and an exciting wrestler to watch in the ring.

    Alpha gets on one of the turnbuckles closest to the ramp and yells,


    And the fans yell,

    “THE ALPHA DOG!!!”

    Alpha jumps into the ring and stares at Helmsley while the fans chant,

    “LET’S GO ALPHA!!! clap clap clapclapclap LET’S GO ALPHA!!! clap clap clapclapclap.”

    The referee calls for the bell and Alpha walks around the ring clapping along with the fans. Helmsley and him get into an arm and elbow tie up as the match begins.

    Pat: And Alpha has won it! What an impressive submission victory!

    Dudley: That was practically torture for Helmsley. Did Alpha really have to let it go for that long? He could have taken Helmsley out at any time but he just wanted to hurt him.

    Alpha is celebrating in the ring before…

    Alpha suddenly gets really serious and looks towards the stage.

    Pat: I recognize that music.

    Dudley: Of course you do. That’s Metallica you idiot!

    Pat: I know that Dudley. I mean, we have heard that music in JBW before. It was at our last pay per view during the Mayhem Tag Team title match. It was the distraction that led to Samson and Chainsaw losing the Tag Team titles to Siaki and Ma$$Dinero.

    Dudley: Oh… I remember now.

    A man walks out wearing a suit with brown spiked up hair and is about medium built. Alpha has rage in his face and yells,


    Suddenly two huge, muscular men, bald and wearing suits, jump the barricade and run in the ring. They both jump The Alpha Dog from behind, punching him and kicking him.

    The man with hair walks down to the ring as the two other men pick up Alpha, put his arms behind their heads, put their hands on his chest, grab each side of his tights, lifts him up high in the air, and slams him down with a vicious double spine buster. Alpha screams out in pain as he reaches for his back. After this the camera gets a better look at the two mens faces…

    Pat: Whose are those gu…Wait a minute. Is that Nick Riot and Bill Bastion? The Nasty Crew?

    Dudley: Can’t really tell with the shaved heads. If it is, then they have really done a one eighty in the looks compartment.

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    The other man is searching under the ring before pulling out a table. He slides it in and can be heard yelling at Nick and Bill “USE THE TABLE!!!” Nick grabs the table and sets it up as Bill picks up Alpha. After the table is set up, they both lift up Alpha and deliver the same vicious double spinebuster to Alpha through the table

    Pat: Damn! Right through the table!

    Nick and Bill climb out of the ring and walk with the other man towards the back. All three men’s faces are completely emotionless as EMT’s run down to the ring and check on Alpha as the screen fades to black…


    EMT’s are still checking on Alpha who seems to be ignoring medical attention. They tell him to relax and let them do their jobs before he pushes two of them out of the way and punches one. He screams and slides out of the ring. He walks staggeringly but with a purpose towards the back. At this time Melissa Mendez is shown backstage running after Nick Riot, Bill Bastion, and the man they are following.

    Melissa Mendez: Excuse me! Can I ask you guys a few questions?

    The man with hair turns around and Nick and Bill do the same. The man with hair looks at the interviewer with cold dead eyes.

    Man with Hair: Ask your questions.

    Melissa Mendez: Well first of all, can you introduce yourself please?

    Man with Hair: Names are meaningless but if you feel a need to call me something, I guess you can call me The Voice for that is part of my purpose for being here.

    Melissa Mendez: What is your purpose?

    The Voice: My purpose is all that matters. That purpose is to serve as my master’s voice here in JBW. And to coordinate the breaking of The Alpha Dog. The breaking…of my master’s pet.

    Melissa Mendez: I’m sorry…your master?

    The Voice: Yes. The man who trained the men standing to my sides right now and myself, the man who our loyalty and obedience belong to. The man we serve.

    Melissa Mendez: Nick? Bill?

    Nick and Bill continue to stand with their hands behind their back…completely motionless.

    The Voice: I will speak for Nick and Bill. Surely you were going to ask them of the obvious change in their lives. Well, my master is what brought about this change. You see before, these two men were nothing more than hoodlums who wore jeans and leather jackets, riding around on motorcycles, drinking and cursing without a single purpose in their life, but they had potential.

    Potential that was being wasted due to no discipline. Now…they are the prime example of what our master is capable of. He has given them discipline and he has given them purpose. That purpose is to act as the muscle to break The Alpha Dog.

    Melissa Mendez: Why The Alpha Dog?

    The Voice: Because The Alpha Dog is my master’s property and he is looking to collect. He sent The Alpha Dog here for one reason, to dominate JBW. My master has given The Alpha Dog many gifts and trained him for this very purpose and how has The Alpha Dog repaid our masters gratitude…drinking, drugs, chasing flesh. It makes me sick just thinking about it.

    Looks into the camera.

    Alpha, your master wants you back to re-educate you. Nick, Bill, and I are here to make sure that happens so you have two choices. One, surrender yourself and no more harm will come to you or two, we force you and don’t think that what we just did to you out in that ring is the best we can do because every time we have to apply force, it will get worse and worse and the scars we end up giving you will be a reminder of your masters disappointment and your stupid choices in life. I hope you make the right deci…

    A loud scream is suddenly heard. As they turn, The Alpha Dog is shown grabbing Nick and throws him against a wall. Alpha starts punching Nick as hard as he can. Bill tries pulling Alpha off of Nick, but to no avail. Alpha then turns around and tackles Bill, lifts him up on to his shoulder, and slams him through a set up table.

    Alpha gets up, picks up a nearby chair, walks over to Nick who is now sitting against the wall, and slams the chair against Nick face. Nick just falls over, motionless. Alpha then looks at The Voice. He starts walking towards him, lifts the chair over his head, and starts running towards The Voice. He suddenly stops right before he gets to him. The Voice is holding a phone out towards Alpha with a smile on his face.

    The Voice: Your master would like to talk to you Alpha.

    Alpha is hesitant at first, but he drops the chair and snatches the phone from The Voice.

    Alpha: If you want The Alpha Dog, you are going to have to do a lot better than this. Listens for a moment THE ALPHA DOG IS NOT YOUR PROPERTY ANY MORE!!! THE ALPHA DOG IS FREE OF YOU!!! Now unless you want four less students instead of just one, The Alpha Dog suggests you tell them to back off.

    Alpha throws the phone against a wall and walks away. The Voice, left standing alone, looks down at the carnage left by Alpha.

    The Voice: Nick…Bill…I guess we got our answer.

    The camera goes back to Pat and Dudley sitting at the announcer booth.

    Pat: Well, I’ve certainly seen a lot here in JBW and I have to say, that was something definitely very interesting. I can’t help but wonder why The Alpha Dog never made a mention of this? I for one am awaiting some answers!

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    Dudley: It doesn’t matter realistically. All I know is he’s a freak and a lunatic! Guys like that don’t belong in places like this. I really wish they never would have made this show the ONLY place for those Horrorcore psychos.

    Pat: But, he’s NOT one of them. He’s just a psycho.

    Dudley: They’re ALL psychos!

    Pat: Whatever Duds… were going to be heading to the back now because someone is requesting some time. Apparently this person is someone we all know but, have changed themselves? I don’t know… here he is…

    The camera cuts to a room out the back of the Wells Fargo Center. A single light is flickering and the outline of a single man is seen sitting against a wall. The camera Pans in closer to the man, and as we get a close up of this mystery man he begins to talk.

    After I lost, nothing in my life went right. I had no one to talk to, my life was over. All my so called FRIENDS turned their back on me, no one returned any of my calls. Until One day HE reached out to me. HE showed me that there was a way to take away the pain. HE said that cutting will make the pain stop.
    HE was right.

    When I feel that razor along my wrist and the blood dripping down my hand… I finally feel free. Free from the disappointment of losing my title, free from the hurt."

    The mystery man comes out of the shadows to reveal… Daniel Truth. He pulls out a razor.

    Daniel Truth: From now on…

    Daniel rolls up his sleeves.

    Daniel Truth: I will no longer be referred to as the disappointing let down known as Daniel Truth. He has gone along with all the pain and suffering he had with him. I will now be referred to as… Daniel Sorrow.

    Sorrow puts the razor to his wrist and drags it along as scarlet blood can be seen rushing down Sorrow's hand as he lets out a sigh of relief.

    Daniel Sorrow: And although I have HolyJose to go through tonight, Nightwolf, I’m coming for your Horrorcore Championship.

    The camera goes back to Pat and Dudley at ringside who are both just staring at us.

    Pat: I don’t… I don’t really know what we just saw right there. I know Daniel Truth is now Daniel Sorrow but, what the hell was that actually?

    Dudley: That… THAT right there is what I’m talking about!!! FREAKS!!! ALL OF THEM!!! This place is a damned loony bin right now! I’m sorry but, WHAT WAS KA$H THINKING??


    Pat: Well Duds, even I have to admit that this next match might be one of the least interesting matches in JBW history.

    Dudley: You got that right. It’s a bad sign when neither guy gets an entrance.

    Pat: Ha! Yep. NBA and The ShockMaster are already in the ring and this one is about to get underway.

    Pat: Looks like ShockMaster is calling for his finisher, Duds.

    Dudley: Wha-AH!

    We hear the sound of Dudley scurrying under the announce table as the lights go out in the arena. After a few seconds of total darkness, the low, menacing voice of ______ comes over the arena loudspeakers.

    _______: Soon JBW... Soon, you will know my power……Soon, you will know my pain….Soon, you…..will…..all…..know…..

    Just as quickly as they went off, the lights come back on.

    Pat: Are we-Yes, I’m being told we’re still on the air. ShockMaster and NBA are both down in the center of the ring and my broadcast partner might well have had a heart attack. You okay, Duds?

    The referee is up to a five count as Dudley finds his way back to his seat.

    Dudley: This is getting ridiculous! We can’t enjoy a peaceful show around here anymore! I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but I miss V3.

    Pat: 10! Neither man can answer the 10 count and this one ends in a dra-Did you just say you miss V3?

    Dudley: Shut up! I’m not proud of that.

    Pat: Hahaha! NBA and ShockMaster might agree with you there, partner. Both men have managed to get to their feet now, but, when the lights came back on, they were both incapacitated. Ano Doom seems to have made his presence known again tonight.

    Dudley: I don’t know about you, Pat, but I’d feel a whole lot better if we never heard from him, or any of these HorrorCore freaks ever again.

    Pat: I’ve been a big fan of the division since its inception, but you’re right, things are getting out of control. On that note we’re going to take a commercial break while Duds here gets his melvins out of a knot. Be back soon ladies and gentlemen…

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    We come back from commercial break and see The Butcher walking down the corridor to go on the stage for his match. Roland Butters stops him and tries to get an interview.

    Roland Butters: Butcher, Butcher… can I get a word with you?

    The Butcher stops dead in his tracks and slowly turns to face Roland. He looks down to Roland’s level and begins to speak.

    The Butcher: You see how fat, and insignificant you are? Someone like you would go for $4.50 a pound at my old butcher shop. I’d chop you up and make nice center cut chops, steaks, beef cubes for stew… everything. You’d sell quickly too. And what I didn’t sell of you, I’d take choice cuts and eat them myself.

    Roland is visibly scared and the camera pans out to see a wet stain on his pants.

    See little man. Fear makes it taste better. Makes your meat more tender. In this state I’d sell you as an exotic meat… hike the price point up. Keep more for myself.

    The Butcher leans down and licks the side of Roland’s face ever so slowly.


    Roland full on pisses himself as The Butcher laughs and walks away from him. Roland is crying as we go back to Pat and Dudley.

    Pat: as the night goes on, I feel more and more angered at Ka$h for putting these guys here. There’s nothing we can do though. We just soldier on.

    Dudley: That’s bullshit Pat!

    Pat: Dudley, were still on the air!!

    Dudley: I don’t care anymore! This is getting ridiculous now… it’s a wreck!!

    Pat: It’s only as bad as you think it is Duds…. Always remember that.


    With that the lights go down and turn blood red. The JABETron shows blood flowing down on the screen and the music begins.

    It starts raining blood at the top of the stage. The Butcher walks out and stands under it with his head down and arms to his sides. He raises his arms and lifts his head up. He stands there and basks in it. He moves forward and walks to the ring. As he gets in he’s dripping in the ring. He puts his head down again and raises his arms. He spits the blood out of his mouth and begins pacing the ring.

    Chainsaw’s music hits and he furiously makes his way down the ramp. He picks up the steel steps and throws them to the barricade. He gets in the ring and walks right up to The Butcher. They stare each other down and the ref rings the bell.

    Chainsaw begins throwing haymakers and screaming at The Butcher. The Butcher blocks them and swings back. The crowd is cheering as both big men go fist for fist and pound for pound in the middle of the ring. Neither of them are budging from their spots while throwing the fists.

    The crowd is eating it up as The Butcher grabs Chainsaw and throws him into the ropes. Butcher runs in and kicks Chainsaw in the head as the crowd winces at the impact. The Butcher throws his arms up and lets out a primal scream.

    Chainsaw groggily grabs The Butcher by his pant leg and uppercuts him in the crotch. The Butcher goes down and kicks Chainsaw in his head while doing so. Chainsaw and The Butcher are crawling towards each other. They reach and when connected, they throw haymakers back and forth while laying down.

    Finally The Butcher stands up and grabs Chainsaw to lift him up too. The Butcher pushes Chainsaw back and they go after one another again.

    Chainsaw lays The Butcher out with his finisher [Roba’s pet peeve.] and we get one, two…

    The Butcher kicks out. Chainsaw gets furious and begins screaming again. He picks The Butcher up again and hits it a second time. The Butcher goes down. One, two, THREE! Chainsaw gets up and puts his arms in the air. He gets out and grabs a mic and begins to talk by Pat and Dudley… who is hiding under the announce booth.

    Chainsaw: I’m tired. Sick. And TIRED!!!! This place forgets who I am. They forget what I’ve DONE!!! I will make you remember. I WILL MAKE YOU SEE!!! The bad man is back… I am the thing of your nightmares. I am the things that will make you piss the bed at a mere thought of me. I am your DEMISE!!

    Chainsaw throws the mic down and makes his way to the back.


    Pat: I know we JUST got back but, I’m being told we have to go backstage, bare with us folks…

    When we get to the back, Sandman is pounding on Chainsaw in the guerilla position. He picks him up and tosses him off the steps and onto the landing.

    The Sandman: How do you like this one? Your fate has been determined already Chainsaw. You’re nothing. You’re old news… that frightens you. Doesn’t it? You may have beaten your opponent tonight but, what did it prove?

    The Sandman walks down the steps and picks him up. He rams him against the wall and begins to choke Chainsaw. He pushes up and takes Chainsaw off his feet. The Sandman laughs a bit.

    The Sandman: Do you like this? DO YOU??!?! How do you like feeling helpless? How do you like being the one in pain? All of the horrendous acts you’ve committed… you will pay for in time. I promise you.

    The Sandman lets him go and Chainsaw drops to the floor in a heap. JBW Security and the on-hand Police officers come rushing in. The make Sandman back up and walk away from Chainsaw. The Sandman laughs while he calmly walks away…
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    As that ends we see another part of the arena as a camera man peers around the corner just in time to catch Pauley communicating with his two partners in crime. Their voices were heard in the form of high pitched whispers as they appeared to be planning something; What they were saying exactly was unable to be deciphered.

    This carried on for only a few more moments before Anomander Rake came by and bumped shoulders with Pauley. A joyous laugh fell from the lips of Rake as he was barely even an inch away from Pauley's breathing zone. Pauley retaliated by grasping Anomander Rake's hand in order to turn him around to get his attention before speaking.

    Pauley: You have no respect for the 're di il anello!'. No worries amico.. I will teach you a firm lesson tonight inside of that ring, and when I get you in a submission move or break you down with an impacting power move then you will be balling your eyes out like a little bambino! Imparare posto, weakli-

    Anomander: NO! You will teach me absolutely nothing, because I will make a message out of you to all the guys back here in the locker room, including the guys on the other shows. Anomander Rake is not somebody to be handled lightly, especially when the person who wants to test me is an Italian prick like you!

    Pauley: Cosi divertente! Calm down uomo... You might bust a veign in your forehead with how you rage so easily. With your lack of footing you should be a breeze to defeat. Learn your place, and bow down to the new high mighty of this show! Mi volonta essere il futuro! Lets go! I do not want to be tainted with the stinch of the less fortunate.. For I am eccellente!

    Before Anomander could even prepare his rebuttal, Pauley and his team of goons busted through Rake with a series of shoulder taps. Even Marie got herself a little bit of shoulder action as they all walked away to another part of the building to prepare for their match. Anomander looked on with a face of fury as he just could not believe what he was just apart of.


    The atmosphere was dense as the Italian known by many as Pauley Cadillacs made his way to the ring. Walking beside him within a close distance was his bodyguard, Johnny Bumbatzz, who perfectly sandwiched Pauley's lady friend, Marie, in-between them both. All three of them made their way to the ring. Johnny climbed into the ring first and held down the ropes for Pauley as he climbed into the ring as well. Marie stayed at ring side and watched on with deeply amused eyes.

    Pat: I get a sense that Pauley and his crew aren’t thinking much of Anomander. I can understand why because of how he’s been lately but, that backstage moment made Anomander become a bit furious. We know that Anomander can go hard but, can Pauley get the best of him here?

    Dudley: Another friggin’ Horrorcore freak going after someone who’s potentially the future of this company! Pauley Cadillacs is the man to watch out for on Mayhem. And even though he just quit, he reminds me of someone I’m not worthy of, K-Jammin… I’ll miss you oh holy one..

    Dudley begins to cry as Anomander’s music hits the arena.

    Next up is Anomander Rake and he makes his way to the ring. The expression on his face is rather serious as it seems as though Rake had plans that were the opposite of Pauley's in this approaching match-up. The camera pans in on Rake before resuming and then repeating the same motion on Pauley who is seen smiling widely, ear-to-ear.

    Both men battled fiercely before Anomander finally had enough of it. Rake kicked Pauley in the lower gut and Pauley seemed to fall down to the mat without a fight and with no sense of balance due to the gut kick. Pauley then ordered his bodyguard to stand in the way of Anomander Rake just so he could catch a breather and reduce the pain that was inflicted upon his gut.

    Not wanting to deal with this.. Rake, who was almost foaming at the mouth, delivered a swift clothesline to Bumbattz who timbered down rather quickly to the mat. Pauley was still on the mat as Anomander slowly began to approach in what many could say mirrored a horror movie in a sense. Rake then grabbed Pauley by his scalp, but Pauley broke the hold by throwing a series of punches which caused Rake to stumble backwards.

    Rake retaliated by elbowing Pauley in the face followed by a violent chest slap that caused a shock and awe reaction from the crowd. Pauley then fell to his knees, but Anomander continued to hold on to the fabric of his shirt. Pauley used this opportunity and delivered a low blow between Anomander’s legs.

    Rake fell down on to one knee and Pauley raced to the ropes and prepared to jump off. When he did finally jump Anomander suddenly rose up and caught Pauley in mid air and transitioned it into a violent power bomb. Anomander then lifted up Pauley's leg but no count was made for a good long minute before a JBW official ran down to the ring and made the count.




    The Ref did the full count and rose to his feet while throwing around the "victory" hand gesture. Marie is on the outside upset with Pauley's loss as Anomander looks at her with a satisfying smile. Rake teasingly suggests that he will kidnap her just so they could celebrate in the back, but Pauley over-hears such a statement and rolls out of the ring while his mind and body was only half there.

    He shielded Marie as they rose up the ramp. When they are at the top of the ramp Anomander Rake in an impressive display of strength picks up Bumbattz and delivers three power bombs, back-to-back. It was a clear message to the Italian Prodigy, Pauley Cadillacs.

    Pat: I CANNOT BELIEVE ANOMANDER RAKE WON THAT WAY!! It seems Pauley’s plans fell through and Anomander took advantage of it! I am very impressed with what I saw here tonight by both men in that ring! That was a very unexpected good match! Wow!

    Dudley: Yeah, they did good but you have one of those creepy and weird Horrorcore guys involved, anything will go I guess. These have been very good displays of power tonight and I really can’t wait to see more but realistically I can wait at the same time. I know that in a few matches The Sandman and Samson will be out here. One can only wonder what horrors that will produce.

    Pat: The physicality of that match will be off the charts I’d say and should definitely take down the house. Even though were anticipating the main event tonight folks we have a lot more to come. Specifically, the next match in Angry Samoan and Demonic.

    Both of these men have had a lot of bad weeks recently and you know they want to break it up. Only one of them will get the win here and the other will continue on their path, something has to give. Something has to change for these men and hopefully tonight will see that turning point.

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    Angry Samoan is the first one out of the back. He gets to the stage and does a Samoan war cry. The crowd pops for the recognition of his homeland. He stomps his way to the ring. He jumps onto the ring apron and wipes his feet on the mat. When he steps under the ropes he centers himself in the middle of the ring and performs a traditional Samoan war dance.

    Demonic interrupts the dance as he gets on stage. He looks around the arena and begins to sniff the air like a wild animal hunting his prey. He sees Angry Samoan in the middle of the ring and makes a bee-line towards him. When he gets to the ring and slides under the bottom rope, he’s met with a fury of hammering fists onto his back. Samoan grabs Demonic by the back and gets him into position and hits not one, not two but THREE German suplexes.

    He releases on the last one. He screams something in Samoan, grabs Demonic and throws him into the corner of the ring. Angry Samoan runs and jumps, hits a flying knee. Demonic goes to tumble but Angry Samoan grabs him and throws him into the other corner. Angry Samoan runs and hits another flying knee. This time Demonic falls into Samoans arms. He pushes him against the ring rope tells the crowd to be quiet and hits a VICIOUS sounding chop that echoed around the arena. Another, and another, and another.

    Each time it’s met with a chorus of “WHOO! WHOO! WHOO!” The crowd is firmly behind Angry Samoan who has NOT let Demonic even out of the gate. Angry Samoan goes to the top rope, signals to the sky and dives off of the top and hits a flying headbutt. He stands up, does a throat slice taunt and dives down with his head, smacking Demonic with a fury of headbutts. He hits a spike into Demonic’s throat and covers him. 1, 2, 3!!!!

    Dudley: HOLY SHIT!!!

    Pat: Oh… my… god….

    Both announcers sit in silence as they try to understand what they just witnessed.

    Pat: Well folks, it looks like that time off really go into Samoan’s head. That guy just annihilated Demonic. He’s usually a tough guy too… wow.

    Dudley: I think wow is right Pat. I’m really not sure how to fathom this match.

    Pat: I think right now would be a fantastic time for a commercial break. We’ll be right back ladies and gentlemen.


    We come back from commercial break as Black Tear is making his way to the ring rather sluggishly. Once he is inside of the ring he is handed a microphone from an official then hangs his head down very lowly before speaking into it.

    Black Tear: The day was one filled with the screams of agony like a man trapped inside of a mahogany coffin due to a false death. He scrapes a finger nail with each individual finger in hopes of escaping. It was hell and I am the awakening. The man trapped inside of the coffin is me. I am here in Mayhem to divide the sea that is the roster. Lady Fate made a mistake by blessing me with life. This would surely cost her. Life this, life that. I will no longer lower myself to the same level of a simple cowardly alley Cat.

    You all came here to watch a match which will see me catch a break. Everything that goes down in this place will be a race to prove my worth. The grumbles from an undesired dragons belly will be unleashed tonight... I hope that deep down inside that you are prepared for this fight.

    Black tear took a breather before he continued but before he could BodomInvader's theme song hit.

    BodomInvader left his Grizzly bear at the ramp and then traveled to the ring with the bears grumbling roars feeling the arena in an instant. BodomInvader then stepped inside of the ring and pried the microphone from the very hands of Black Tear.

    BodomInvader: Blah! Blah! Blah! Nobody cares about your gelatinous exterior shell. They all came here to watch ME perform. You are simply a spec of dust on the edge of my shoe! I am the best thing going here in JBW and I am very insulted that they would even place me inside of a match with a low life hipster like you. RING THE DAMN BELL!!! THIS WILL BE OVER FAST!!!!

    Within a manner of minutes, BodomInvader wins this one and it doesn’t even phase him. He sicks Ted on Black Tear and they both run to the back while BodomInvader is standing in the ring laughing.

    Pat: And Black Tear didn’t even try on that one. I guess that’s something we should expect by now? I don’t know anymore from some of these guys. You give them the best platform in the world to ply their craft… and what do they do? Nothing but mope.

    Dudley: Yeah, and these guys aren’t Horrorcore at all! Well, BodomInvader isn’t. I think we can classify Black Tear as one though. Looney.

    Dudley shakes his head as we cut to the back. Melissa Mendez sees Holy Jose walking down a corridor heading to the ring.

    Melissa Mendez: Can I get your opinion on what’s going on with Daniel Tru… Sorrow?

    Holy Jose stops in his tracks and begins to ponder.

    Holy Jose: What the fuck am I witnessing? Daniel Truth former Mayhem TV Champion, a fucking emo piece of shit??? What, did you like the feel of the barbed wire cutting your flesh when The Sandman kidnapped you and forced you into a match to get your TV championship? Tell me, are you going to start crying because "Life isn't fair"??


    I'm forced to be on Mayhem because someone interfered and cost me my match and quite frankly your bitching isn't helping. Don't you tell me what's fair and what's not. Honestly I'm fucking pissed right now I'm going to kick your ass but you'll probably get some sick high or try and commit suicide after I'm done with you. Remember it's down the road not across the street. Do us all the favor!

    Holy Jose leaves Melissa Mendez standing there looking at the camera.

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