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    *The show opens in absolute silence with Sly staring at Larry with hate in his eyes*

    Larry: What the fuck are you looking at assgrape?

    *Sly's stare is unwaivering and full of rage*

    Larry: What? No "Welcome to Showdown, JBW's home of uncut extremity?"

    *Still stares*

    Larry: No "Hi I'm Asschaps Mcbuttflaps and this is the greatest man to ever live, The Living Legend Larry Zybsco?"


    Larry: FUCKING SAY SOMETHING!! What the cheap buttfuck is the matter with you?!?

    Sly: What's wrong with me?! WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME?! First of all you stick me in the neck with a needle you had been shoving in your cock all night, drugging me out of my head and giving me staph infection and boils on my neck. Then I do GOD KNOWS WHAT with that nasty fucking yetti you have, giving me a fecal disease on my dick. Then I wake up in a fucking ditch with the Iron Sheik "making me humble" and you have the BALLS to ask me what's wrong with me?!

    Larry: pussy I do this shit all the time. OH MY FUCKING GOD, LOOK AT THAT!!

    Sly: What?

    Larry: That nasty ass boil on your neck just pulsated and squirted juice at me! FUCKING NASTY!


    (obviously they Sly and Larry aren't women but still funny nontheless)

    *A slap echos across the Showdown! arena*

    Larry: Don't you ever, FUCKING EVER do that shit to me again you little sissy slapping homo. Now are you done bitching, whining, and moaning so we can get this show started? My boy Caesar, I mean Romes wants to address his legions of loyal fans.

    Sly: In the name of professionalism, yes dickhead I mean Larry I'm done. Here comes our Champion, RomanFlare.
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    *Rome struts his way through the curtain and onto the stage, to a chorus of boos.*

    Sly: The Unified Champion is here on Showdown!

    *Rome stands on top of the ramp, looking out over the crowd. He turns to a camera, winks, and starts down the ramp, holding the Warfare and Mayhem world titles high above him, the Showdown title bouncing around on his waist.*

    Larry: All hail the Champion!

    *Rome slides under the bottom rope. With a quick burst step, he leaps onto the second turnbuckle, throwing the titles high into the air for everyone to see. He yells the words ‘All Hail Rome!’ before jumping down and repeating the process on the opposite turnbuckle.*

    Sly: And what does the newly crowned champion have in store for us?

    *Rome takes a chair from a ringside assistant and unfolds it right in the center of the ring. He then lays down the titles, propped up by their belt and facing the camera in all their shiny glory. He demands a microphone and receives one before taking his seat. As he holds the device to his lips, the lights dim and a spotlight illuminates the champion.*

    Rome: We are in the dawn of a new era, a new generation. An era that will go down in history as the one that changed it all. First there was Hulk Hogan. Then there was Stone Cold Steve Austin. And now… now there is just one name: Rome. I am the first and ONLY JBW unified champion! I am the only man in JBW history to hold all three world titles in my grasp! In the course of one night, I created more history than any man in this business could’ve DREAMED of!

    But it wasn’t just an over-night process! It was a long one—one I’m quite proud of. Not a single peasant in that locker room, not a single inbred moron sitting in this audience—NO ONE could foresee what I did. On Mayhem and Showdown, I ran dominate. Not only was RomanFlare, the masked warrior, tearing through the competition on Mayhem, but Caesar the Elite was taking his crown upon Showdown. But it was all ME! I worked double the duty, night-in and night-out, all for the glory of Rome!

    But this isn’t just about how I fooled every damn person, nor is it only about the start of the Empire of Rome—the monopoly of Rome on the Unified Title for years to come. No, this is also about the start of the people around me. An Emperor cannot rule without an Empire, a King not without a Kingdom. I am going to build this brand, this show, Showdown, into my empire. From this day forward, I am the Emperor of Showdown. For this day forward, Showdown will rise above the other two brands and prove that it is the best in the company.

    Mayhem, Warfare, and the talent with rests upon it. Watch closely. Tonight is the start of your demise. Tonight is the last night where Showdown will sit idly by. So watch closely the pure talent on the roster. Because after tonight, Showdown, Mayhem, Warfare—we’re going to WAR! Showdown will declare war on Warfare and Mayhem! And all will bow before Showdown, and ALL WILL HAIL ROME!

    *Rome leans forward, a toothy smirk creeping on his face.*

    *Rome, and everyone else in SHOWDOWN! Arena, turn their attention to the ramp as T1CG’s music hits.*

    Sly: We hear his music, but our general manager is nowhere to be found.

    T1CG: Up here, my sugar blossoms.

    *With that, T1CG pops up on the JabeTron. The SHOWDOWN! GM is sitting at his desk with a massive portrait of Kevin Matthews covering the wall behind him.*

    T1CG: Roman, my beautiful new play toy, there will be no war. Take a look around this office, sweetheart…

    *The camera pans around T1CG’s office to show fishtanks filled with dead raccoons, pictures of people being tortured lining the walls, and coats of human and animal flesh hanging from the ceiling.*

    …why would I mess with this? If you can’t handle my decision, my masked lover, then I guess I’ll have to just take those shiny belts off of your pretty little waist. In fact, yes….yes…Tonight you will face Morrison Martell for the SHOWDOWN! World Heavyweight Championship. See you later!

    *T1CG blows a kiss to Rome as we fade to commercial.*

    Sly: Oh my God, OH MY GOD! SHOWDOWN! is now at war with Warfare AND Mayhem! Well it is if RomanFlare has anything to say about it. That1CreepyGuy is against it but I don’t know if that’s going to be enough to keep this from happening. What do you think Larry?

    Larry: Huh? What the hell are you going on about wetback? Go back to cutting my grass for 12 pesos a day you greasy haired fucktard

    Sly: Why do you ALWAYS use a racial stereotype against me you wrinkled old fuck? Every week it seems like it’s something different. It’s never ending really and I’m sick of it. I’m about to report you to Ka$h and put an end to this.

    Larry: *hangs up his cell phone and looks at Sly*

    Slaps the shit out of Sly, looks at him again, and the camera cuts away as a HUGE slap echos throughout the arena. The camera cuts back to see Sly rubbing his eye and Larry looking at him again*

    Sly: …….and now for our first match of the evening. We haven’t saw this man in recent weeks. He’s a giant of a man known as the Devil Bahamut. (the four video limit sucks here so this one is the odd ball to get left out.)

    Sly: And here is his opponent, The Assassin Creed’s Ariel.

    Larry: That Aeriel chick is looking better and better every week. Just look at how she shakes her ass as she comes down the ring

    Sly: For the love of God Larry, how many times do I have to tell you Aeriel’s a man?

    Larry: And how many times do I have to tell you…..if it wears eyeliner, I can go off balls deep in it?

    Sly: Ugh…fuck me let’s get this match started already.

    *ignore the ending*

    Bahamut is unrelenting in his attack against Aeriel, and despite Aeriel’s best attempts to get in offense, he is unable to. Bahamut hits a nasty brainbuster ddt to score the pinfall.*

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    Sly: OOOOH! That was a one sided bout all the way. That Bahamut guy really gives me the creeps.

    Larry: Looks kinda like King Kong Bundy…

    Sly: He looks nothing like Bundy! If anything he looks more like Kane’s half retarded cousin mixed with a white Boogeyman.

    *Larry slaps the shit out of Sly*

    Larry: Not that overgrown sloth assed motherfucker, I’m talking about this new genital wart that came up last night. It has hair and a slump shoulder, and I think it could very well bite off a turnbuckle

    Sly: *dry heaves* That’s disturbing in more than one way Larry. Showdown’s own Montgomery Madsen is backstage with our T.V. Champion RedRuM. Let’s see what he’s got to say.

    *As the cameras focus on the back, we see RedRuM wandering the halls with what appears to be his trademark ribs, macaroni and cheese and deviled eggs plate. B.A.N rolls up next to him.*

    Montgomery Madsen(a.k.a "Bitch Ass Nigga"): I got that salad you wanted ‘RuM.

    RedRuM: WITH the good croutons, nigga? And the real bacon bits an’ shit? I fuckin’ HATE that imitation shit nigga. I’ma fuck you up if it ain’t right an’ shit…

    *‘RuM opens the container and sees everything is right and pats B.A.N on the head as they walk down the hall. As they turn a corridor ‘RuM bumps into G-Scorp who’s putting his mask on, ‘RuM drops his plate and gets it on his kick pads, and Scorp’s Mask. He looks at G-Scorp who’s adjusting his food covered mask.*

    G-Scorp: Sorry man, had my mask sideways.

    RedRuM: Sorry? Nigga, that don’t replace my kick fuckin’ pads that cost almost $3,000.00 an’ shit!! You repaying me for that shit, bitch?

    G-Scorp: Bitch? BITCH? Who the hell do you think you are motherfucker? I know who I am, I’m G-Scorp and I don’t take likely to you talking to me like that. Its some damn kick pads, you make "so much money" doing this and side shit, why does it matter to you? Just get some new shit.

    RedRuM: Why does it matter? It’s the principle nigga! You ruined my shit an’ wanna fuckin’ give ME lip about it? Aw, HELL NO!!

    *B.A.N goes to get in the middle of the two and ‘RuM palms his head into the wall. B.A.N falls slowly as G-Scorp walks towards ‘RuM.*

    G-Scorp: So, obviously you want to make something out of this big man. I’m not backing down from some street thug pussy.

    RedRuM: You’ll see a street thug pussy when your sister’s turning tricks down on Sunset Blvd, NIGGA!

    *G-Scorp gets into ‘RuM’s face and vice-versa. JBW security comes and separates them before any confrontation can happen.*

    RedRuM: I’ma get you… tonight nigga. Be on the fuckin’ lookout… I’MA FUCK YO’ BITCH ASS UP!!!

    *With that, JBW security makes sure neither of them are near each other as we go to commercial break.*

    Sly: And we’re back after what was an extremely tense situation between G-Scorp and RedRuM

    Larry: Those two wanna be "gangsta" ass pussies belong with one another. They need to shank each other in the eyeball and get it over with. And another thing, when is that black gangsta pussy ever going to defend that title? I was right when I said he was a T.V. dinner champion

    Sly: Uhh…Larry…you do realize ‘RuM is standing right behind you right?

    *Larry jumps violently as he’s turning around to see no one is really there

    Sly: HAHAHAHAHA! I got you! I got you, you wrinkly old fuck. How’d that feel asshole?

    *The camera cuts away as 8-10 slaps ring out throughout the arena. The camera cuts back to show Sly with his head up, pinching his nose to stop the bleeding and Larry staring at Sly with an evil look on his face.*

    *The man known as Poot-Hair is shown knocking on T1CG’s office door. A moaning sound is heard coming from within along with chickens clucking.*

    T1CG: *answers the door in nothing but a washcloth stapled onto his legs covering his genitals* Ahhh if it isn’t my favorite delicious Southern Marine man. Please come in, what can I do for such a sexy specimen today?

    Poot: Listen Creepy I wanted to talk to you tonight about possibly reconsidering your stance on leading SHOWDOWN! into war against Warfare and Mayhem. I think this would be a great opportunity for us to really show everyone who we really are as a brand.

    T1CG: Listen gorgeous, as much as I like you and believe me when I say I REALLY like you *looks Poot up and down while licking his lips* the answer is just plain no sugarpie. I like things just the way they are here and I’m not changing them for anyone. Now how about you join me? I was just about to take my afternoon bath of goat semen and sheep’s blood.

    Poot: I was afraid you’d say that. I learned in the Marines that a man who is unwilling to fight alongside his soldiers is unfit to lead. It looks to me like I’m going to have to be the man that takes you out.

    T1CG: I don’t think so my sexy little redneck. *snaps his fingers and Morrison Martell and Sin from the Erotic Circus come up behind him* Please show Mr. Poot out for me.

    Poot: *Looks at the three men standing in front of him and cracks his knuckles*. Three of you huh? Looks to me like it’s an even fight now.

    *Poot takes his wifebeater off revealing several large scars up his left side from shrapnel damage. He also also has the Marine motto "Semper Fidelis" tattooed on his chest starting at his heart and wrapping around his left shoulder to his back. He pulls his hair into a quick ponytail.

    He swings quickly and connects with a stiff left to Sin’s face and follows with an immediate right elbow to Martell’s nose. He then knees T1CG in the gut and follows up with a double ax-handle to the Creep’s back that sends him to his knees. As Poot turns around he is met with a hard right from Sin, busting his lip open and sending him into Martell who grabs and holds his arms behind him. Sin hits Poot with two hard rights to the gut.

    Poot headbutts Martell behind him and spits blood in Sin’s eyes. T1CG, who is just beginning to get back to his feet, is met with a kick to the face driving him down to the floor on his face unconscious. Poot kicks Sin in the back of the leg, driving him down to one knee, then plants his fully mechanized rebuilt left knee into Sin’s face, knocking him out instantly. He then turns around and executes a diving kick to Martell’s knee, hyper-extending it and breaking it. Martell falls to the ground writhing in pain and incapacitated.*


    *Poot grabs T1CG by the hair and drags him out the door. He then grabs Sin and does the same. He then walks over to Morrison Martell, who is still writhing in pain on the floor*

    Poot: You tell your boss when he wakes up from that ass whooping he just took that he is no longer needed as General Manager of SHOWDOWN! I’m the new chief to this indian tribe.

    *Poot stomps Martell in the face, knocking him out and drags him out the door.*

    Poot: Hmmm….I think I’m going to like it here…just need to get all the kid porn and animal fucking outta here though…

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    *The camera cuts back to Sly and Larry. Sly has stuffed toilet paper wads up his nose in an attempt to get it to stop bleeding*


    Larry: *as he’s looking down at his penis* King Kong this is Willy. Willy this is King Kong. You two are going to be spending a lot of time together so play nice. And if you two fuck, play nice and wear a rubber so there ain’t any more little Bundy’s running around down there.

    Sly: Larry!

    Larry: Huh? What the hell do you want ballsucker, can’t you see I’m busy?

    Sly: Did you not just see what happened back there?!? Poot-Hair just took out three men by himself and took over as GM of SHOWDOWN!

    Larry: I don't give a damn what that inbred fucktard did or does, T1CG is still the boss in my book. *Reaches into his pants and pulls out a brown tar looking substance* Now hand me that spoon beside you so I can rig this downjuice into King Kong.

    Sly:'s our second match of the night. RedRuM vs. Johnny Phantom. When Phantom first came to JBW he had high expectations of him. Since his debut however he's not done much of anything but lose

    Larry: Phantom was a asslicker before he came to JBW and he's done nothing but lick assholes since he came here. I don't know what the*dozes off from the heroin*

    *The camera cuts to show Johnny Phantom already getting loose in the ring*

    Larry:*Jumps and wakes up violently* Wait....who’s this cocksucker?

    Sly: Jesus fuck Larry, we just talked about this. Read your fucking notes

    *Larry gives Sly a series of quick, but still very hard, slaps to the face.*

    Larry: Listen you little shitstain, I’m high as a godamn kite right now; I can’t feel my fucking fingers, let alone read some Hispanic intern’s notes! WHO IS THE LITTLE FUCKER IN THE RING?

    Sly: Johnny..fucking...Phantom

    Larry: Jesus, you’re worse than working with Schiavone.

    Sly:*under his breath*Hypocrite

    *Another slap reverberates through SHOWDOWN! Arena when…*

    *… A furious looking RedRuM comes bounding down the ramp, slides into the ring, runs at Phantom, hits him with a devastating spear, covers him, gets the three count, and stomps back up the ramp and through the curtain*

    Larry: OOOHHHH!

    Sly: I know Larry, I think G-Scorp finally pushed RedRuM over the edge.

    Larry: I don’t give a shit about that, you cheesydicked motherfucker, I was talking about the big ass needle I just shoved in my ballsack. Best. High. Ever.

    Sly: Fuck me...Producers, guet us to a commercial break, please.

    *We come back from commercial break to show Kayden James walking around the backstage area. When he rounds the corner, he is met by Shining Light along with Loki and Aerial. The two men stand eye to eye staring at each other for almost a minute before the silence is broken.*

    Kayden: Judas....I knew I'd run into sooner or later

    *Shining looks around at Loki and Aerial, who is still sweating from his match earlier, and motions for them to leave*

    Shining: Look Kayden... I'm not in the mood for your pathetic little games. I've lost everything so go ahead and laugh. You've won... it's over.

    Kayden: Over? Over?!? As much as I despise you, and I openly admit it right here to your face, it's far from over Judas. No, no, no....I'm far from done with you. Right now however, there's bigger fish to fry and you know it. A man by the name of RomanFlare is currently in my cross-hairs.

    Shining: As he is with me. He took away my Showdown Heavyweight Championship and I plan on seeking revenge. Whether or not you are willing to assist me in this matter is up to you, but I suggest that we put our differences aside in order to beat him. After he is gone and I have reclaimed my title, you can go back to despising me and I can go back to being the Lord's most trustful servant. So... are you with me?

    Kayden: I will never be "with you" and you will never be my God's trusted anything. As long as there is a breath in my body, you'll never again see that title. It will find it's rightful place around the waist of the Archangel. I will however say this; for the time being I am willing to have a temporary Armistice in order to achieve the higher goal of the destruction of Rome. After that.....I will remove you off the face of my God's green Earth. EGO mos reperio vos. EGO mos terminus vos

    *Kayden looks at Shining, and smiles. He then turns around and begins to walk off*

    Kayden: *as he's looking over his shoulder* Want to know why I REALLY helped you instead of him at the PPV? You'll have to wait like everyone else....

    *Shining watches Kayden leave, a confused expression on his face. When Kayden is out of sight, he turns around*

    Shining: I'm assuming that you were both heard what just went on?

    *Loki and Aerial slowly emerge from around the corner. They look at Shining apologetically*

    Loki: Yes Master... We are terribly sorry

    Aerial: We will never do it again

    Shining: I'll hold you to that... But I'm actually glad that you were eaves-dropping, because I want you to leave Kayden alone for the time being. He is our partner as long as RomanFlare continues to walk this Earth.

    *Loki and Aerial look shocked annd turn to each other. Loki goes to speak but Shining cuts him off*

    Don't you dare question me! Just do as I say and you will soon see what my plans for the future are. Now leave... I have some business to attend to.

    Larry: FUCK!!

    Sly: I know Larry, it’s crazy that these two bitter enemies are seemingly joining forces to take Rome down

    *Larry picks his crust filled, toe jam dripping foot off the ground and slaps Sly with it*

    Larry: I COULDN’T CARE LESS ABOUT WHAT THOSE TWO BIBLE BEATING GOD WHACKOS ARE DOING! They could be buttfucking each other with prayer beads and I wouldn’t give a flying fuck. I just popped a blister on my asshole when I tried to rig this coke just now

    Sly: Ewwww why the FUCK did you just slap me with your disgusting ass feet?!?

    Larry: Because…I’ve slapped you so much tonight my hands are sore. Jesus you must really be a dumbshit if I’ve had to hit you that many times. I’ve beat you more tonight than I beat my penis while staring at the McDonald’s playpen on a Sunday

    Sly: *under his breath*Sick old pedophilic perverted, drug addicted asshole.

    Larry: What did you just say, you little jewfuck?

    Sly: I said..uhh…now for our next match of the evening. This man faced off against RedRuM earlier and isn’t in the best of moods. Here is G-Scorp
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    *G-Scorp storms down the ramp, mask and all, with a pissed off look on his face, not even taking time to take in the ENORMOUS cheers of the crowd*

    Scorp: You know what? I have had a tough time of it lately.... first I lost my European title to Avidico before he retires my title.... then i get kidnapped into the Erotic Circus only to be able to escape with my life, if not my dignity then I was into a huge war with Sin.

    This war included me being tortured, electrocuted and brutalized but I finished on top with my head held high but im still suffering mental trauma and the scars on my face, which i cover with this mask, may never recover.

    So as you saw backstage earlier I was hanging out with whom I thought was a good mate RedRuM just chilling like two mates do when all of a sudden he drops his food on my mask which i get a little testy about and he flips the skids and wants to trade blows......well at least i thought he did until i was informed that I gotta take on his piece of shit, punk ass cousin RedBuM.

    *Crowd starts chanting G-Scorp's back and G-Scorp soaks this in for about 15 seconds*

    You’re Goddamn fucking right I’m back, G-Scorp, the G, That G-thing whatever the hell you want to call me is back and as the face of Showdown I am going to put this mic down in about 17.6 seconds, allow RedBuM to get beat down like the retard he is and then im going to stake my claim as the Number 1 contender for RedRuM's TV title and then and only then can RedRuM be stung like only G-Scorp can because this is 2012: The Year Of The Scorp

    *’BuM makes his way to the ring, scratching his ass and making random people in the audience smell his fingers. Everone who is unfortunate enough to catch a whiff immediately pukes. He then digs deep in his asshole and smears doodoo on a small child’s face before getting in the ring.

    As ‘BuM is getting in the ring, Scorp kicks the middle rope and drives it between ‘BuM’s legs. ‘BuM is heard saying something along the lines of "Muh asshole Nigga!" but before he can get Nigga out, Scorp DDT’s him hard on the mat and scores the 3 count. He then stands over ‘BuM’s prone body and points to the back to signify "’RuM you’re next".*

    Larry: Fucking pussy to beat up a retard like that.

    Sly: RedBuM knew good and well what to expect yet he still took the match. It’s what he gets paid to do.

    Larry: Paid?! T1CG just offered the retard a cookie and a chicken wing and he accepted.

    Sly: Anyways….onto our next match of the night. Y’know what fuck it, you really are a sick asshole. Can we get a commercial please? I need to get away from this fuck. The smell of urine and cooking heroin is getting to me.

    *As we come back from commercial, we hear the unmistakable sound of Sly getting slapped*

    Sly: What the hell was that for?

    Larry: I don’t need a reason, titface.

    Sly: Whatever. Any thoughts on Danny Tatum as he gets ready for Lee Gun Kim here?

    Larry: I don’t know, any thought on what would happen if a pig and a beaver fucked? Didn’t think so.

    Larry: Now this slant-eyed motherfucker is somebody I can get behind!

    Sly: So, so racist…

    Larry: What? I’m giving the chink some credit!

    Sly: Is that what you call it?

    *Larry slaps Sly again as the bell rings.*

    HYPERLINK "" \t "_blank"
    (ignore US title)

    Sly: Lee Gun Kim wins in dominating fash….What the...

    Larry: It’s the other Asian!

    *Just as Kim picks up the win, a shot of Shuriken appears on the JabeTron. As soon as he sees this, Kim grabs his sword and runs to the back.*

    *Shuriken is seen in the back, with his silver flame sword. He is talking to some of the JBW personnel until he is ambushed by men in suits. Shuriken fights the lowly thugs until more come by and fight him. Shuriken is throwing punches and kicks, all directed at the thugs' head to knock them out. He gets one thug and breaks his arm to show the others that he is serious. They continue to rush Shuriken, hoping to catch him while the warrior fights them off. Astonished on how many men rushed him, he gets captured and tied up.*


    Shuriken: This will end alright....this will end by your death!

    LGK: You aren't in a position to make such claims, worm!

    Shuriken: It is not a will end by me ending your life. I have grown tired of you ambushing me. If you can't get the job done then you will fall! Speaking of you forgot to unarm me FOOL!

    *After a blistering series of shots, Shuriken has Kim on his ass and leaning against the wall. Serra has Kim lined up for the Boma Ye but, just as the former WARfare World Champion is about to connect with his patented running knee, Kim manages to roll out of the way. As his arch rival runs off, all Shuriken can do is rub out his now aching knee.*

    Larry: Boy those two chink asses really hate each other. I wonder if they…*starts rubbing his crotch* …make out with each other….*rubbing harder* …then fuck…OH GOD YES! *violently twitches*

    Sly: OH MY GOD! Did you seriously just orgasm thinking about Shuriken and Lee Gun Kim making out?!
    Larry: Right now I’m so twisted on Ecstacy I could orgasm thinking about a Llama fucking Bin Laden.

    *Larry digs his hand in his pants and then slaps the shit out of Sly*

    Sly: Oh…Oh God, THAT’S SO NASTY!! *throws up in the floor* Oh….it burns!! Your semen got in my neck boil!! HELP ME!!

    Larry: hehehehehe Pussy

    Sly: *throws up some more* Please for the love of Christ let’s go to another commercial

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    *We come back from commercial to see Larry with one leg propped up on the announce table, with his balls hanging out of the bottom of his yellow stained boxer shorts*

    Sly: Larry....psst Larry!

    Larry: Why the FUCK do you keep bothering me tonight!?! ARE YOU JUST TRYING TO GET ME TO SLAP YOU AGAIN!?!

    Sly: *barely above a whisper* We’re back from commercial....

    *As Larry leans in to slap Sly, his testicles get dangerously close to Sly. He slaps him then grabs a mirror from the announce table*

    Larry: Fuck you and your goddamned commercial! Fuck you and your whispering! Fuck you and your....wait why THE FUCK ARE YOU WHISPERING?!

    Sly: Your....your testicles are hanging out Larry

    *Larry looks down, smiles, then humps the air towards Sly*

    Larry: Yeah...get you a good smell of that bitch-ass. That’s how a real man smells.

    Sly: Oh a man is supposed to smell like a half whiped ass and ball sweat?

    *Larry rubs his testicles, and goes to slap Sly but Sly jumps up and runs away*

    Sly: Fuck...that! Fuck that Larry! You are not touching me with you rotten ass nutsack again! My neck STILL burns from the last time. I’m doing the rest of the show from over nasty ass....Now is time for our main event of the evening. First up is our Champion RomanFlare.

    *Rome struts down to the ring with the SD! Heavyweight Championship around his waist and the Mayhem and Warfare titles on each shoulder. He gets in the ring while smirking at the crowd and awaits his challenger when...

    *Poot-Hair walks out onto the top of the entrance, with a mic in his hand, and stares out at the crowd in the SHOWDOWN! Arena*

    Poot: Mr. RomanFlare I’ve heard so much about you. Loud, brash, cocky but you have obvious skill. Let me say this man to man; I don’t like you. I don’t like the fact that you’ve done nothing but cheat and try to call it hard work. You know nothing of what it means to truly work hard. Now let me say this, I do respect you. I respect you for the simple fact that you want to go to war with the other two brands. You see Mr. RomanFlare, I know a thing or two about war, and like the mighty Marines I fought with, I never lose.

    I fully intend on leading my newly acquired SHOWDOWN! Into this war with Mayhem and Warfare with or without you.....preferably without you.

    Speaking of without you, you’re out here ready to compete tonight huh? Well I regret to inform you that Mr. Martell will be unable to compete due to a small case of ass whooping I gave him earlier tonight *smirks*. Now now don’t get your panties twisted little girl because I’ve found you a suitable replacement. You may remember him because he is a former SD! Champ like yourself. By the end of the night, I fully intend on him being champ once again. Enjoy..*smiles and heads to the back*

    *The lights go completely dark in the SHOWDOWN! Arena for a good 30 seconds. People in the crowd are flashing their camera’s trying to get enough light to see the person at the top of the ramp when...

    *A spotlight shines down in the middle of the stage and Daniel May appears. The crowd instantly go nuts chanting DANIEL MAY! DANIEL MAY!*


    Larry: Who???????

    Sly: Daniel May! Former champion that lost the belt to Shining Light and then was thrown into an evil batch of circumstances at the hands of our former GM T1CG.

    Larry: WHO???? You’re fucking lucky I have a mirror in my hand and a needle in the other trying to hit my butthole or I’d slap the fuck out of you

    Sly: Ugh...forget it, let’s hear what he has to say

    DM: I'M BACK!!!!!!! *huge pop from the crowd as Daniel May stares around the arena*

    DM: It's been five months since JBW staff and fans have seen me, and to be honest I never thought I’d return....*fans start to chant "welcome back"*

    BUT you see I've grown angry at JBW...and that is somebody else has MY TITLE...and that really doesn't sit well with me...AND of course with the do i put sided T1CG OUT as GM, I wont be hassled and I will be on even terms.....needless to say I’m back HOME...right here in JBW.

    *The crowd start to erupt with more chants and Daniel May looks right at Rome in the ring*

    DM: Let’s just say it’s a fresh start..and believe me I will get back what belongs to me..The Showdown heavyweight championship....IS MINE

    *Daniel May drops the mic, and heads to the ring with purpose. Rome has a puzzled look on his face, unknowing what to expect

    Sly: Wow Daniel May is really back! Let’s get this one started

    *After a long grueling match, it appears Rome has worn down May enough to put him in his patented finisher, the Texas Cloverleaf. May is down on his back, and Rome grabs him by the legs, and begins to tuck one leg under to initiate the move. May digs down deep, and pushes Rome off. He then gets up quickly and hits Rome with his finisher, the Leghook Brainbuster DDT and goes for the cover




    *Rome kicks out at the last moment, leaving May with a pissed off look on his face. He jaws with the referee about the quickness of the count

    Sly: HE KICKED OUT!! He kicked out!! How did he do it?!? How did Rome have enough in him to kick out of that nasty brainbuster May delivered?

    *May turns away from the ref and looks at Rome who is laying motionless in the middle of the ring still. A smile crosses May’s face as he goes to pick Rome up for another leg hook brainbuster to finish him off. May hooks Rome by the leg and goes to pick him up when Rome blocks the attempt. Rome hits May in the gut, and drops down to one knee and delivers a nasty low on May. May winces in incredible pain and falls down to his knees then eventually on his side as the ref calls for the disqualification. Rome goes over to May and applies the Cloverleaf, applying all of his weight on May’s back and knees.

    The show fades to black with a close up of security running to the ring to seperate the two, and Rome saying THIS IS MY FUCKING BELT. MY FUCKING BELT!! Get ready! Mayhem, Warfare. GET READY!!

    Last edited by Poot-Hair; 04-29-2012 at 03:16 AM.

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    Its that time ladies and gentlemen. Mayhem will be going LIVE soon enough!!

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    Regardless of what you may think about your writing Poot... SHOWDOWN! was great and it's sad to see you leave creative. Best of luck digging yourself out from being buried so deep that Holy Jose won't find you in his closet! ZING!! (I kid, I kid... maybe.)

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    Only two more fillers left. Hmmm... what to put, what to put? Okay.. I will say definite exciting times for JBW are at hand! Definitely check in often at the main discussion page for updates and different things that will be going on!

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    Okay. Here we go everyone. Hope you all like it. I put a lot of work into it and I personally want to thank JMan for all of the match videos, themes and writing two matches. TDA for writing two matches and a couple segments and Ka$h for writing a match and a couple segments.

    And of course to the promo givers and whatnot. I hope you're genuinely excited for this show... I know I am!!

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