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    Dudley: Oh boy, these guys are totally in trouble. Its former Mayhem World Heavyweight Champion, Chainsaw!!

    The Alpha Dog drives RedruM through the SHOWDOWN! announce desk to a crazy pop from the JBW faithful. Both men are taken out from the impact of the second JBW announce desk being broken tonight, and are writhing in pain, as the six foot nine inch Chainsaw stomps down the ramp and steps up onto the apron. He steps over the top rope and instantly makes his way towards Kiddson and Jason and stop them from beating on Samson. The two dark side powerhouses then begin to unleash their fury on the two heat magnets. The crowd roar their approval, as Shining Light and Zeus Apollo trade blows.

    Zeus gets the better of Shining, and casually throws him over the top rope.

    The former SHOWDOWN! Heavyweight Champion avoids near elimination by grasping the middle rope and pulling himself back into the ring.

    Broc and Sully begin to overwhelm The Sandman on the outside of the ring. Broc grabs him by the waist and runs him backwards into the ring post. Sully immediately runs in after them and nails the big man with a jumping clothesline causing the back of his head to hit the cold hard steel of the post. A few of the wrestlers in the ring wince as the post reverberates from the sickening impact. The cousins then throw the apparently semiconscious body of The Sandman into the ring.

    Broc and Sully follow him in, but as soon as they enter the ring, The Sandman nips up in an incredible show of endurance, not to mention agility for a man of his size. Sully pushes Broc into The Sandmans path, but, again, Broc ducks his oncoming fist, and Sully is struck in the face by the Mayhem World TV Champions gloved fist.

    Peter: Bam, right in the kisser!

    Broc turns and looks down at his cousin and laughs at his cousin's second failed attempt at sacrificing him to The Sandman.

    The second Broc turns around he is struck with the same gloved fist of the Mayhem World TV champion.

    Peter: Bam, right in the kis-

    Pat: Folks, I don't believe it. I'm being told we have to cut backstage!

    The camera shifts outside,Where in the lit up night ,Ano Doom begins approaching the building.

    Doom walks in all black,staring deeply,with an unwavering gaze from behind the hockey mask. His disfigured eyes shine in the night as he walks with an unstoppable intent,moving at a pace that makes it look like things could get violent soon.

    The chains on his pants rattle,the only sound being heard other than his footsteps beating the pavement every time he moves.

    He gets closer and closer to the door of the arena when several security guards rush out and swarm in front of him,evidently trying to block the way and hold him back(This could get ugly.)

    Doom continues his path until hes right in front of them and then he practically stares flames through all of them.

    Guard 1:Um,uh-uh,sorry Ano Doom,but I'm not going to be able to let you or anyone else like you in here tonight. It is simply not allowed by the head men in charge of things. Now please leave back the way you came from.

    The guard crosses his arms,and Doom looks them all over one by one.

    Doom:You're going to let me,I dont give a shit what anyone says,Tonight I make the rules,And I say Im coming in through that door,by choice or by force.

    Doom snaps his neck back into place like he just died and was reborn again,twisting his head sideways, and cold air can be seen coming from behind his mask as the guards try to flex their chests out to be near his size level.

    Guard 2:Absolutely not. Under no means shape of form are you getting in.

    Doom's red and white eyes are fixed on the guards,as he stares with the look of someone whose about to take severe physical action.

    Doom:Well listen here,last night at midnight I snapped my neck back the right way,so lets say this is your final warning or I'm going to have snap SOMEONE else's bones this time.Let me in that door immediately.

    Guard 3:No.

    Doom instantly grabs a guard by the front of the shirt when another swings at him,he catches his fist and spins him around and grabs his throat and lifts him in a military press and tosses him forward out of the way like some kind of stuffed animal. A second is now rushing him and Doom merely grabs him by the hair and uses it for leverage as he yanks him forward right into an incapacitating headbutt. From the left side a third guard grabs his arm,but Doom merely lifts him right off the ground using his out of this world strength and then swings at him with the power of hell,knocking him flat out with his other hand as he had him suspended in mid-air. A fourth and final security guard coming running straight toward him as he turns a little and Doom sees him out of the side of his eye and he hoists him right off the ground as his momentum works against him,effortlessly planting him into the concrete with "The Killer" (World's Strongest Slam).

    Doom looks over the wreckage of men laying around him,holdling various body parts and one unconscious,and then snaps his neck again and moves on towards the building.

    Even Zap Alderman now shows up, as he begins coming outside to stop Doom from entering as he goes to head him off.

    Doom never breaks stride as he swings with a hard right elbow that drops him violently and Doom continues on.

    He gets to the door, looks for a few seconds, and then enters as he heads for the ramp and begins going towards the ring like a man that's after blood.*

    Peter: Holy crap! My god! He's really coming out here?!?!?! And he just freaking hit Zap Alderman!

    Ano Doom walks down the ramp with a cold look in his eye, and murderous intent with his step. The referees and the security team stand in his path, imploring him to stop.

    The fans begin to chant.

    "LET HIM IN!!

    LET HIM IN!!

    LET HIM IN!!

    Ano pauses for a second, and is just about to put a hurting on the entire troupe of wannabe cops when Kash walks out onto the stage, with a mic in his hand.

    Kash: Just let him in for fucksake! Its not like you could stop him, ya bunch of morons!

    The group of referees and security members let out a collective sigh and part, gladly allowing Ano Doom entry to the ring.

    Ano jumps up onto the apron, steps over the ropes, and makes his way over to Samson and Chainsaw. He spins Samson around and hits him with a devastating big boot to the face, knocking him to the mat. Chainsaw stops beating on Kiddson and turns around to face the fearsome Ano Doom. Ano swings a fist, but Chainsaw blocks it, and fires back with one of his own, connecting with Ano's forehead.

    Ano laughs and responds with a sick looking knee to the ribs causing Chainsaw to double over in pain.

    Samson rises to his feet and hits Ano in the back of the head with a deadly looking elbow. Ano stumbled forward, and Samson continues his assault. After a flurry of punches, Samson whips Ano into the ropes, and when he rebounds off of the ropes, hits him with a Blackhole Slam into his knee, almost bending Ano in half.

    Pat: Purification Back Breaker!! Ano is finished already!!

    Chainsaw walks over the fallen giant, and reaches down to pick him up, but Ano suddenly, and forcefully, grabs him by the throat. Ano keeps his grip around Chainsaws throat tight as he rises to his feet, and catches Samson in the same predicament after he attempted to free his Devils Rejects tag team partner.

    With both men struggling to get free from his iron grip, Ano Doom pushes them both backwards into the ropes, and, in a shocking event, muscles Chainsaw and Samson over the top rope to a shocked gasp from the fans in attendance.

    Dudley: Now that has to be one for the highlight reel! I can't believe that Ano just treated the Devils Rejects like they were nothing!

    Peter: I can't believe Ano Doom is in JBW!!




    Sly: And they just keep on coming!


    RedruM and The Alpha Dog begin to stir.


    Zeus pushes TDA off of The Prophecy, and two of JBW's Titans™ begin brawling.



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    Larry: Its none other than everyone except myself's favourite religious nut! Its "The Archangel" Kayden James! How he can get in the ring knowing that Shining Light is in there ready to kick his ass I don't know.

    Contrary to Larry's words, Kayden shows no fear as he enters the ring and heads straight for Shining Light. He unloads with lefts and rights, but Shining cuts him of by raking his face, momentarily stopping Kayden in his tracks.

    Seizing the opportunity, Shining boots him in the gut, and attempts a DDT, but Kayden holds onto the ropes, and Shining hits the mat on his own. He snaps back up, but Kayden hits him with a T-Bone suplex that folds him up like an accordion.

    Sly: Now that's how you make an impression!

    Larry slaps Sly.

    Zeus Apollo hits TDA with a Death Valley Driver..

    The Sandman locks eyes with Ano Doom--the hatred born in this moment is instant and eternal..

    ..The Prophecy begins to put the boots to TDA..

    ..The Sandman and Ano Doom advance on one another..

    ..The ever noble Zeus Apollo stops The Prophecy from putting the boots to the downed TDA, and Proph takes a step backwards. He then attempts to hit Zeus with "Lights Out", but Zeus catches his foot, and then lays him out with a deadly lariat, he then lifts up TDA takes hold of his arm, and jumps up and grabs him in a flying triangle hold.

    The Sandman and Ano Doom clash in the middle of the ring like to bulls on the Serengeti and everyone takes a step backwards for a second, marveling at the intensity behind the punches being thrown.

    Pat: Oh boy, these two are holding nothing back here.

    Dudley: Ano Doom is showing the world right now that he's a force and a half to be reckoned with! Get him, Ano, get that freakazoid!

    Pat: Why don't you try a little professionalism here, Dudley?

    Dudley: I hate this guy. He's haunted me ever since he got here, but now there's a bigger and badder version of him and he's putting a hurting on him right now. Good!

    Broc and Sully once again stand united, and again they clash with Kiddson and Jason Alexander.

    Broc hits Kiddson with a knee to the gut, and follows up immediately with a swinging neck breaker.

    Pat: Reality Check!!

    Sully swings at Jason, but Jason ducks it and grabs Sully by the left arm and traps him in a fujiwar armbar. Broc breaks up the submission hold by stomping on Jason's head. He then lifts him to his feet by the hair, and hoists him into the air, bringing him down fast and hard onto his knee with a back breaking backbreaker.

    Pat: Broc is showing he has all the tools to make it here in JBW. That was a mean looking move that I wouldn't wish on my own worst enemy.

    Kayden James attempts to hit Shining with a powerbomb, but Shining flips him over the top rope, and Kayden floats over, landing safely on his feet. He swings at Shining, but Shining ducks and strikes him with a back elbow, causing him to hit the apron hard. Kayden only narrowly avoids elimination by gripping the bottom rope with his left hand and hooking it with his foot. The crowd applaud him as he pulls himself back into the ring, where Shining Light puts the boots to him.


    Peter: Oh this is my favourite part of this thing. The anticipation damn near kills me, but I still love it anyway.



    RedruM and The Alpha Dog get back into the ring, striking each other as they do.


    The Sandman reels back after taking two particularly nasty punches from Ano Doom.


    TDA sinks to the floor as Zeus sinks the triangle hold in deeper.


    Joe: Its Snair! This guy is the longest reigning WARFare World Heavyweight Champion, and rest assured folks, he's got as good a chance as anybody at winning this thing.

    Snair runs to the ring and slides under the top rope. He jumps to his feet, and ducks a punch from Shining Light. He ducks another wild swing, and hits the religious fanatic with a hard haymaker, spinning him around where Shining is met by Kayden James who boots him in the midsection, and powerbombs him. Not content with just one, Kayden holds onto Shinings legs, and lifts him up high into the air, and again, brings him down again, this time even harder, with more of a snap.

    Sly: Well there's the Alpha--are we going to see the Omega to complete the triple power bomb?

    Kayden does indeed go for the trifecta, and lifts Shining up again for a third powerbomb, but instead of hitting him with his usual sitout powerbomb, he suddenly spins around and powerbombs him over the top rope and to the unforgiving mats on the outside.



    HOLY SHIT!!"

    Sly: Man alive!! I think he just tried to murder a man!

    Larry: Kayden has taken things too far as usual. No way a man of the church should be acting that way. No way at all.

    As medics rush to check on Shining Lights well being, Shinings followers, Loki and Aeriel, jump over the ringside barrier and storm the ring. Grabbing Kayden James, they aggressively muscle him up, and slam him down with a psychotic double spinebuster. Loki then deadlifts Kayden to his feet, and powerbombs him into Aeriels bent knee. Kaydens spine bends in a way it wasn't meant to. After a pair of stomps each, to Kaydens chest, Aeriel and Loki leave the ring, and push aside the medics tending to their master. Loki lifts Shining up and cradles him with rever as he carries him up the ramp and through the curtain.

    Snair looks down at the near unconscious Kayden. Without hesitation, Snair reaches down and scoops him off of the floor, and powers him over the top rope.

    For the second time this night, Kayden James narrowly sidesteps eliminations jaws, and holds on to the bottom rope, his foot almost skimming the floor in his efforts to survive.


    TDA begins to stir, and in an inhuman show of strength, he lifts Zeus Apollo up, and shakily walks towards the ropes, where he dumps him over.


    Zeus Apollo holds on with all of his strength, and TDA has no choice than to bring him back in the ring. However, far from allowing this setback to go unpunished, TDA brings Zeus Apollo down hard with a vicious powerbomb onto a downed Prophecy.


    Joe: What brutality by TDA!!


    Peter: I'm telling ya', folks, The Prophecy has taken a lot of punishment here tonight, surely he can't last much longer.



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    Pat: Its Brick "The Bastard" Godslayer!!!!

    Brick walks out on the stage wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with "FUCK HWA "

    He tears it off, Hogan style, and then pulls out a bottle of Absinthe. Biting the top of the bottle off with a crunch, he then washes the bottle cap and shards of glass down his gullet as he drinks the entire contents of the hallucinogenic beverage. He then stares directly at the camera and smiles as he holds onto his neck and back of his head before twisting his head, signifying that contrary to what has happened here tonight -and elsewhere- he is good to go.

    Dudley: This man is sick. Firstly, I can't believe he is still walking, and, secondly, who wants to bet that he will go straight after Zeus Apollo?

    Zeus is indeed "The Bastards" intended target, and he lifts him off of the floor, and powerslams him with a vengeance.

    Zeus isn't the only one on the receiving end of a power move--Ano Doom chokeslams The Sandman in a shocking display of strength.

    Ano lifts Sandman off of the mat, which is a feat of strength in itself due to the fact that for the first time in this match, The Sandman is in trouble.

    Jason Alexander battles with a much fresher Snair, but is overcome with a barrage of punches from the former World Heavyweight Champion.

    RedruM has a psychotic look in his eye as he has his hands around The Alpha Dogs neck. Alphas eyes are bulging and his face is going red.

    The Prophecy wearily gets to his knees.

    The Sandman surprises Ano Doom by grabbing him around the waist and pushing through the crowd of wrestlers and up against the ropes. He then grabs his leg, and lifts with all of his might. Ano holds on firmly to the ropes, and The Sandmans progress is halted.

    Brick patiently waits for Zeus to rise to his, and when he does, he nails him with a rib shattering spear, taking the god down hard to the mat.

    Peter: I hate to say it, guys, but Zeus may have met his match in Brick "The Bastard" Godslayer. That spear nearly cut my hero in half there with that spear, and now look at what he's about to do. The mans just relentless!

    Brick lifts Zeus up for a vertical suplex, but twists at the last moment and turns it into a vicious powerslam.

    Pat: Misery of the Gods!!


    Broc hits a teeth rattling jawbreaker on Kiddson, and Sully follows up with a flying knee to the face.



    Ano Doom elbows his way out of his predicament, and survives elimination at the hands of The Sandman.


    The Alpha Dog sticks his finger in RedruMs eye, and the thuggish monster releases his choke. The Alpha Dog thrusts upwards and headbutts RedruM, and then again. RedruM reels back. The Alpha Dog rears back his head and again smacks RedruM in the face with his forehead.




    Joe: Its the WARFare World TV Champion Malcolm Cage! This guys off the hook awesome, and has just become a strong favourite to win this thing.

    Malcolm takes off his title and holds it high in the air for all to see. Then makes his way down the ramp while still holding it high in the air. After handing it to a stage hand, he leaps up onto the apron, and springboards into to ring and hits a dazed RedruM with a missile dropkick.

    Kayden James grabs Cage in a Sleeper hold, but the champ slips out of it, and turns it into a dragon suplex-no bridge, all impact.

    As Malcolm gets to his feet, Sully runs towards him, but Malcolm uses the Steelers fans momentum against him and hits him with a lightning fast Samoan Drop.. Malcolm nip up, but is immediately met by Broc who nails him with his finishing move, the deadly Spear.

    Larry: Man, that was a spear to write home about!

    Ano Doom lifts The Sandman up for a running powerslam, but Sandman wriggles free and traps the monster in a Dragon Sleeper.

    Pat: Oh boy, Ano Dooms debut may end badly if he can't escape from this hold. I've seen this move win Sandman many a match.

    Ano Doom suddenly twists his body, and astonishingly escapes, he then lifts The Sandman up onto his shoulder, and runs with him towards the corner. Elimination would have occurred if not for Sandman catching his leg in the rope at the last minute.

    Ano Doom continues to pile on the pressure.

    Over in the opposite corner, Brick has Zeus precariously close to elimination.

    Suddenly, The Prophecy sneaks up behind Brick, and in another shocker, he eliminates both God and Godslayer in one fell swoop.

    Peter: You have got to be kidding me?!?! The Prophecy may have just done everybody in that the ring the biggest favour he pos- are you kidding me again?!?

    In another shocking move, TDA grabs Ano Doom by the legs, and amazingly dumps both Ano and Sandman over the top rope and onto the floor.

    Sly: Oh my, that was four heavy hitters eliminated right there, folks!

    The eliminated men continue brawling amongst themselves and security once again are drawn into this contest. Rather than try to separate them, the members of security try to usher them up the ramp and away from the ring.

    Pat: The combined actions of The Prophecy and TDA just changed the complexion of this whole match, people. Those were four of the favourites to win this thing. Its anyones to win now.


    The Prophecy and TDA stare down one another, and once again they begin to advance on one another. Both men with a look in their eye that says they're up for a fight.


    Kiddson jumps Proph and runs him shoulder first into to ring post.


    Jason Alexander grabs TDA and manoeuvres him into a DDT with Jason jumping extra high for extra impact.





    Sly: Its time to represent, its G-Scorp!!

    G-Scorp runs out onto the stage, and continues straight down the ramp. He jumps onto the apron and steps through the ring ropes where Kayden James is waiting to greet him with his fists.

    Kayden swings--G-Scorp ducks. Kaydens momentum swings himself round, and G-Scorp jumps and puts his knees into Kaydens back, before falling on his own back. The impact of the move causes Kayden to momentarily black out.

    When Kayden awakens, he finds himself being stomped on by Sully.

    G-Scorp takes a run at RedruM and gives him a running lariat to the back of the head, knocking the big man to the floor. Then, together with The Alpha Dog, he begins putting the boots to him. Suddenly G-Scorp turns on Alpha, and attempts to throw him over the top rope. Alpha hooks the middle rope with his leg, and is in no real danger of being eliminated until RedruM groggily gets to his feet, notices The Alpha Dogs predicament, and grabs G-Scorps legs and attempts to eliminate both men.

    Broc attempts a second spear on Malcolm Cage, but the WARFare World TV Champion evades it this time, and Broc hits an unaware Sully, who was too busy putting a hurting on Kayden James to notice. Broc is sincerely upset by this, and drops to one knee in an effort to revive his cousin. Seeing that Sully is going to be no use to anyone for a while, Broc stands back up.

    Malcolm Cage makes a dash for Broc and as soon as he stands up, Malcolm hits him with a flipping neckbreaker.

    Kiddson Jumps high into the air and lands a hard elbow drop onto the small of The Prophecys back.

    Snair grabs Jason Alexander by the back of the head and runs him into the turnbuckles, before trying to eliminate the JBW newcomer.



    Pat: Well, by my count there's only two more guys left in this thing.


    Dudley: Isn't this the twenty first entrant in this twenty man Gold Rush Rumble?


    Pat: Yes. Yes it is.


    Dudley: Oh, good, I thought I was losing my mind for a second there.


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    Peter: Its former WARFare World Heavyweight Tag Team Champion Manabu! He and Snair are gonna take charge of this bad boy now!

    Manabu runs down the ramp and as soon as he is in the ring he runs over to Snair, and tries to help his tag team partner to eliminate Jason.

    Kiddson comes to Jason's aid, and he immediately pays the price as Manabu snaps in his direction and traps him in a standing chicken wing choke hold. Snair let's go of Jason and turns to Kiddson and backhands him across the face. Manabu then suplexes while still holding him in the chicken wing choke hold.

    Sly: Chicken Wing Suplex!!! God lord that had to have hurt!

    Manabu then traps Kiddson in a crossface armbar, and Kiddson begins tapping. Jason Alexander quickly breaks the hold up by kicking Manabu in the back, but Snair, in turn, then saves Manabu, and hits Jason with a high angle back suplex causing Jasons head to hit the ring mat hard.

    The Alpha Dog punches RedruM in the forehead, but RedruM continues his attempt to eliminate both 'Dog and 'Scorp. Both men then begin punching him and RedruM is forced to back off. G-Scorps gets down off of the ropes first, but instead of going for RedruM, he spins around and pushes The Alpha Dog hard. Alpha goes over the top rope, but somehow manages to hold onto the ring post and swing around to the apron. He swiftly slips between the ropes, and begins throwing punches with G-Scorp.

    RedruM is about to join the two when he is tackled from the side by TDA, who grabs him around the waist and lays him out with a Saito suplex.

    Pat: Now that was unexpected. Guys, this done is separating the men from the boys. TDA has been battling in this thing from the beginning. So has that rat Jason Alexander. I don't know how he's done it bit he's still hanging in there

    Snair drops a short knee drop onto Jason, and lifts him up, only for Manabu to almost tear his head off with a running yakuza kick.


    Joe: Well alright people, its time for our very last entrant in the 2012 Gold Rush Rumble, and I think its safe to say that we all know its gonna be Shu-


    Peter: No no, wait! Don't spoil it for me.


    Joe: It can only be Shur-


    Peter: No, Joe, I said don't spoil it for me!



    Peter: Oh my god, its Ryusuke "Shuriken Blade" Serra!!! Well now that he's the final participant, I'm pretty sure that the rest of the guys in that ring have got no chance. I mean, most of these guys are the walking dead right now, and JBW's answer to Bruce freaking Lee is the most well rested ninja in the world right now. Sorry, folks, but there is your winner right there.

    Shuriken looks to the people as he makes his way down the ramp. They can tell he is in a terrible mood and he isn't here to mess around.

    Sly: You can just see that this guy is still rattled from his earlier skirmish with Siaki.

    Larry: I wonder if he realises that it was Ma$$ that was to blame for it all. I doubt it, but its OK to wonder, right?

    Peter: Right! Hes not the sharpest tool in the box, but he's got some of the sharpest kicks known to mankind. He's still gonna win this thing, anyway. I don't care how rattled you guys say he is.

    Joe: I don't care what you say, after what happened to his locker room, he has to be rattled.

    Shuriken steps through the ropes, and the significance of the last man to enter the ring for the Gold Rush Rumble hits the last men standing, and they all take a second out to compose themselves.

    Pat: OK, folks, this thing has boiled down to no more entrants and fourteen men remaining.

    Shuriken makes a dash towards TDA, and the two long time acquaintances clash in the centre of the ring. TDA is weak from his time spent in the ring, but he has enough juice left in the tank to go blow for blow with Shuriken.

    Shuriken swings a high kick towards TDA's head, but TDA is ring savy enough to duck and grab Shuri's other leg, bringing him down to the floor. Shuriken is swift in his counter, and rolls his hip to the left and brings his leg over TDA's head, he then grabs his wrist and brings his leg back down, trapping his head.

    Sly: Now that is one sick looking armbar!

    Manabu and Snair break up the hold by stomping on both men. Manabu picks up Shuriken by the hair, but with blink and you'll miss it speed, Shuriken traps Manabu in another armbar, bringing The Japanese Avenger to the mat in pain.

    Sully comes to his senses to see his cousin Broc on the verge of elimination. Malcolm Cage has him teetering on the point of no return, and Sully is within distance to save his younger cousin. Remembering the spear that he just received, he feels no urge to help the family member of his who he holds the SHOWDOWN! Heavyweight Tag Team Titles with.

    Malcolm almost has Broc eliminated, and when RedruM runs over to lend a helping hand, Broc stands no chance and is eliminated. His cousin Sully not lifting a finger to help him.

    Broc hits the mat on the outside hard, but is quickly back to his feet, and begins pointing at his cousin screaming..

    "It was an accident, you idiot!"

    Sully seems to neither hear, or care, and turns around to find himself face to face with The Prophecy, who lifts Sully up into a firemans carry position, before pushing him up into the air, and catching him in the face with his knee as he falls.

    Peter: Now that was sick! Sully's gonna be sleeping after that one.

    Somehow Sully remains on his feet, and although he can barely even acknowledge what's going on, he refuses to fall. The Prophecy hits him with "Lights Out", and his boot connects with enough force to send the dazed Sully over the top rope and to the floor.

    Joe: Ha! I bet he's regretting not saving Broc now!

    Quagmire: You're not wrong, Joe. Friends to the end is what has brought Kiddson and Jason this far, and Team BS should have stuck to their game plan.

    Kiddson laughs and points at the eliminated Broc and Sully, who have begun arguing and pushing each other.

    Taking advantage of the distracted state of the man who he has paired up with throughout this whole thing, Jason Alexander sneaks up behind Kiddson, and unceremoniously dumps him over the top rope and onto the floor.

    Quagmire: Well, so much for unity! I guess Jason saw no further use for Kiddson and kicked him to the kerb.

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    Peter: We're down to six!
    Joe: Peter, its eleven.

    Peter: Then why did you say six?

    Joe: I'm not getting into this.

    Kayden James turns Malcolm Cage around and hits him with a nasty impaler DDT. He nips up only to be hit by a Jason Alexander superkick that knocks him back down to the mat, side by side with Malcolm. Jason then jumps as high as he can and comes down hard on both men with a back senton splash.

    Manabu is saved from probable permanent damage when Snair breaks up Shurikens armbar. Snair continues to stomp on Shuriken for a while before spinning around and ducking a TDA clothesline. TDA carries on running, hits the ropes and runs back into a huge back drop from a rising Manabu.

    Manabu and Snair see this moment as the perfect opportunity to turn eleven into nine, and after dragging Shuriken and TDA respectively to their feet, they grab them by the backs of their heads, and run them towards the ropes.

    TDA and Shuriken feel themselves being moved towards the ropes, and at the very last split second, both men use a little bit of ring awareness and plenty of skill to drop down, causing both Manabu and Snair to go careening over the top rope and onto the cold hard floor.

    Snair and Manabu rise off of the floor, but Snair doesn't even acknowledge Manabu as he walks back up the ramp with a face like thunder.

    Shuriken turns around and catches TDA's eye. The pair acknowledge the double elimination, and begin brawling again with one another. They end up very close to the ropes, and RedruM catches sight of their positioning. He goes running in with intentions of swinging a deadly clothesline.

    He swings.

    TDA has it caught out of the corner of his eye, and ducks down leaving Shuriken to take the full brunt of RedruMs massive arm connecting with his head.

    Ryusuke "Shuriken Blade" Serra goes tumbling over the ropes, and onto the floor in a shocking elimination.

    RedruM pauses for a second to take in the sight of the eliminated former WARFare World Heavyweight Champion...

    Big mistake.

    The Alpha Dog grabs the man, who he has fought with tooth and nail with for the full duration of his time in the Gold Rush Rumble, by the back of the mask and jeans, and sends him flying over the top rope.

    RedruM is furious and goes into a rage on the outside of the ring.

    Either not thinking straight, or overcome with hatred, The Alpha Dog climbs to the top rope and dives onto RedruM with a wild looking cross body block.

    Joe: Good grief! This man is out of his mind! He may have just taken out RedruM, but he's also just eliminated himself, guys!

    Joe's words are correct, but due to the wild brawl that The Alpha Dog now finds himself in he has no time to be worrying about eliminations.

    More security than ever try their damndest to stop the insane fight between the two eliminated powerhouses.

    The action in the ring continues, and as a completely exhausted Prophecy somehow finds the will to battle with G-Scorp, TDA is taking a beating from Jason Alexander.

    Kayden James slowly gets to his feet and is met by a boot to the head by an angry looking Malcolm Cage.

    Peter: Now there's six.

    Joe: Yes, Peter, now there's six.

    Pat: Wow, security are still having a problem with Alpha and RedruM, I hope they separate these two soon; they're liable to seriously hurt one another.

    As even more members of security run out to the ramp area, where the brawl has now taken itself, The Prophecy, through some kind of divine intervention, avoids elimination one last time as he holds onto the bottom ropes. As Proph pulls himself under the ropes, G-Scorp reaches down to pick him up, but Jason Alexander takes advantage of the situation and sneaks up on G-Scorp. Taking him unawares, and lifting him up and over the ropes. G-Scorp lands on his feet on the apron, but Malcolm Cage runs in and nails him with a boot to the chest, sending him to the floor

    Sly: Wow! I had G-Scorp down as a favourite to win this thing, what with how late he came into it.

    Larry: Guess you was wrong.

    Sly: Guess I was.

    Peter: Now we're down to.... Fo- I mean five.

    TDA pulls his battered body off of the floor.

    The Prophecy does the same.

    Peter: I can't believe that these two are still going. Where they're finding the will to carry on is beyond me.

    Dudley: I think you'll find that Jason Alexander was the first guy out here and he is still going strong.

    As he says that, Jason Alexander is finally eliminated by Malcolm Cage
    with another big boot to the chest that sends him flying backwards over the top rope.

    Dudley: Noo! Ahh, screw Malcolm cage!

    Jason gets to his feet and is livid. So livid he gets back into the ring and hits Malcolm with "The Darkest Nightmare" knocking him on his back. He then climbs the top rope and hits an astonishing twisting three sixty degree splash on the WARFare World TV Champion.

    Pat: He just hit him with "Your Worst Nightmare". This is uncalled for!

    The Puerto Rican Nightmare gets to his feet, and spits on the champion. He then leaves the ring, and makes his way through the crowd, rather than up the ramp as the RedruM-Alpha Dog brawl is still going on, although they are now on the stage, and are completely surrounded by about thirty members of security.

    Kayden James doesn't hesitate to take advantage of Malcolm Cages poor state of health, he picks him up off of the floor, and dumps him over the top rope, where Malcolm hits the apron hard before hitting the floor even harder.

    Sly: And then there were three...

    The Prophecy, Kayden James, and TheDevilsAdvocate begin circling one another, hesitant to throw the first blow, or make the first mistake.

    Kayden is the loser of the patience game, and he swings a punch in The Prophecys direction.

    Although woozy, The Prophecy still has his wits about him enough to dodge the weary looking blow.

    TDA springs into action and nails Kayden with a swift boot to the jaw, followed up by a stiff roaring elbow that knocks him to the mat.

    The Prophecy weakly swings his foot in an attempt to hit TDA with Lights Out, but TDA ducks the slow kick and hits The Prophecy with a nasty belly to belly suplex into the corner of the ring, leaving him twisted in the turnbuckles.

    TDA gets to his feet, and then runs towards the upside Prophecy and hits him with a rolling cannonball.

    TDA rises to his feet again, but is caught unawares by Kayden James who nails him with a double axe handle to the back.

    Kayden then throws him into the ropes, and follows directly behind him, hitting him with a clothesline, sending him over the top rope and onto the apron.

    As TDA rises, Kayden takes a swing at him, but TDA ducks, and catches his arm, trapping it under his armpit. He then repositions his arm and suddenly hiptosses James clean over the top rope and onto the floor.

    TDA steps back through the ropes where he is met by the sight of a beaten up, but not beaten, looking Prophecy.

    Peter: Its down to two guys who have never wore world heavyweight gold.

    Joe: Two guys that should have been champs a long time ago.

    The Prophecy lunges at TDA and puts him in a headlock.

    TDA pushes him off into the ropes with ease, and then swings a clothesline when The Prophecy rebounds off the ropes.

    The Prophecy ducks, hits the opposite ropes, and rebounds with a wild looking flying knee that catches TDA square in the face. Sensing the tide turning in his favour, The Prophecy quickly scrambles to get TDA back to his feet, and then hoists him up into a fireman's carry. He then pushes him in the air with all of his might, but instead of TDA's face connecting with The Prophecys knee, TDA catches The Prophecy around the neck in a front facelock and drives him down face first into the mat with a DDT.

    Both men lay on the mat for a while.

    The crowd begin chanting..





    The two men become spurned on and once more get to their feet, to the sounds of deafening roars of approval from the fans.

    Proph swings a punch.

    TDA takes it, then fires one back of his own with even more intensity.

    The Prophecy takes a step back.

    TDA swings again, this time connecting with even more power, and The Prophecy goes down, but snaps right back up again. TDA strikes him again, and again, and The Prophecy is backed up into the corner. TDA starts unloading with lefts and rights to the body and face of the last man standing in his way to becoming the number one contender. TDA Irish whips him into the opposing turnbuckle and follows him in with a massive splash. He Irish whips him again, and, again, follows him in and hits him with a devastating splash.

    The Prophecy stumbles out into the ring completely unaware of where he is.

    TDA unleashes the deathblow and wipes The Prophecy out with a neck jarring clothesline from hell that knocks him out.

    Larry: Good night, Irene! This one is over!!!

    The crowd are willing TDA as he dead lifts the unconscious form of The Prophecy. He uses all of his might, and lifts him up onto his shoulders, and walks him towards the ropes, where he allows The Prophecy to slide off and fall to the floor.

    The bell rings.

    The crowd burst with happiness.

    TDA falls to the mat with exhaustion.

    Pat: TDA wins! I don't believe it, Dudley, the old man has still got it!!

    Dudley: I hate to admit it, but you're not wrong, Pat. TDA just fought against nineteen other guys, and came out on top. Even I won't argue with that fact.

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    Pat: Don't you mean twenty one?

    Dudley: Shut up, Pat!

    As TDA celebrates in the ring, Kashdinero walks out and makes his way down the ramp. He walks up the ring steps and gets in the ring, where he calls for a microphone.

    TDA rises to his feet for the final time tonight, and Kashdinero holds him by the shoulder to help stabilize him, then quietly congratulates him as he hands him the mic.
    TDA: Tonight I stand before you all as the Winner of the Gold Rush match. The dawn of a new Era is coming, and surely all of you will be awakened to what really matters in this industry. I have sat within the shadows for far too long. This victory is a step in the right direction, and I promise you all that when my match against Jman happens it will be me standing over his seemingly lifeless body. I am not going to go into that match holding ANYTHING back! Nothing less, and nothing more than 200 percent.
    I have always respected you Jman. We have never fought each other before. This is known by everyone here in the arena tonight, and all over the world by the people watching this at home. It will be a once in a life-time event. A spectacular occasion! One that I will not allow to slip through my fingers in a losing effort. I have trained for half a year for this moment; You know this, Jman. We are both veterans... You know what it feels like to always come close to reaching something, but never getting it.
    Then when you have it you never plan on giving it up. That is what I will do when I beat you.. 1....2....3.... In the center of this ring. Now I have looked at the possibility of you beating me and if that ever happens I will shake your hand with my head held high. The thing with chances is that they are endless while you can still go inside of this ring. If I do not get you on the night we meet then I will hunt your ass down later. I am not the kind of man who gives up on his dream so quickly. Be prepared, Jman. Watch your back.
    KashDinero watches with respect as a battered, bruised and tired looking TDA leaves the ring. He waits patiently as the new number one contender to the WAEFare World Heavyweight Championship makes his way up the ramp to a huge ovation from fans in attendance. Once he has stepped through the curtain Kash speaks.

    Kash: OK, people, let's give it up for TDA!! How was that win, eh? Some would say, about time TDA was moving in the right direction, right, DUBS?.. heh heh.

    The crowd let the appreciation for the returning JBW legend be known.

    OK, OK, settle down, peeps, he hasn't actually won the title yet, so let's save ourselves a little for whe- I mean, IF he does.

    Anyway, like, I dunno if any of youse have heard or not, but, apparently, JBW is holding its first ever draft, and, even more apparently, its gonna happen... Right fookin NOW!!!

    #%*CROWD POP!*%#

    So, its gonna go down like this... Back stage guys, do that thing with the JabeTron like we discussed before the show went on air.

    Suddenly the JabeTron goes from broadcasting a wide shot of the crowd, to the screen being quartered, with three of the four quarters showing the SHOWDOWN!, WARFare, and Mayhem rosters, sitting in their respective locker rooms, with the fourth quarter of the screen staying blacked out.

    The crowd pop at the sight of the entire JBW roster all on the screen at the same time.

    OK, so there you have them, peeps, its the JBW roster as you now know it, and in a few short moments, Uncle Kash is gonna sort out this whole draft thing, but first, I've got something very important to tell you about.

    Now, I'm pretty sure that most -if not all- of you are wondering what, or who, is behind that blacked out quarter of the JabeTron. Well, allow me to reveal to you....

    The JBW: Octane Roster!!!!

    The crowd pop huge for some of the more popular names of the brand new roster.

    Thats right, peeps, soak it in, because that group of talented bastards are going to be entertaining you week in week out, with their amazing moves and skill... Trust me when I say that you've not witnessed wrestling like the type that these guys will be putting on for you.

    There is however, something that I need to at least address for you all here tonight... The AWF connection.

    I don't know how many of you know this, but I recently purchased AWF from HolyJose because, a) that place was going downhill fast due to the lack of a proper amount of staff needed to run a wrestling promotion, and someone needed to step in and sort them out; and, b) I had plans to make a new SuperFly related show, and where on the planet are you going to find the best SuperFlys on the planet? That's right, the AWF. Sooo, after more than a few tedious meetings, Jose and myself crossed the T's and dotted the I's, and found ourselves merging the AWF roster, and JBW's very own SuperFly division, to create what has now become known as JBW: Octane...


    There are a few problems that need to be ironed out, but the main one is the title situation. You may have noticed that we have taken the AWF World Heavyweight Tag Team Championships and merged them with our own, and Two Of A Kind..

    #%*CROWD BOO*%#

    .. Are now the new JBW Triple Crown World Heavyweight Tag Team Champions...


    .. Hey, easy, people! TOAK might be a pair of two bob bits, but they are the most talented pair of wrestlers that I have seen in a long time, and you may not like their methods, but there's no mistaking just how good those two really are..


    The tag team titles might be sorted out, but we've still got three more AWF championships,and champions, to sort out, plus, not to mention the JBW World SuperFly Championship..

    An "A-Vid-Co" chant breaks out.

    Heh, yeah, Avidco IS the JBW World SuperFly Champion, but we still have three more belts to contend with. Firstly, we've got the AWF Adrenaline Champion, who happens to be our very own WARFare World Heavyweight Champion JMan, then we've got the AWF SuperFly Champion, who just so happens to be our very own Prophecy! Now, lastly is the AWF World Heavyweight Champion, a man who has never stepped foot in a JBW ring. His name is Axxel Sonn!!

    So, we've got ourselves four champions, and each of them feels that their belt is gonna be the number one championship on Octane, and, well, I don't have an argument against that.. BUT, come time for Octane, we here at JBW will have found the perfect solution to this tricky problem. Tune in to find out just what will be happening with that shit.

    Before we move on, let's see that roster in full.

    Axxel Sonn
    The Prophecy
    Felix Guerrero
    Artemis Eclipse
    Seth Thirteen
    Dylan Cross
    Jack Phoenix
    Eric Alexander
    Negro Fuerte
    "Mr Amazing" Brandon Smithston
    El Scorpio
    The Executioner
    And, Lenny Lightning

    And, the tag teams....

    Icongraphy (Ben Riley Kent & Jason Todd Kent)
    Damien Hardy and DJ Black
    Jamie Evans and Harry Richards
    La Mafia Mejicana (Mr Javier Santiago, Aguila Negra, and Vaquero


    Heh, that's what I thought...

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    OK, here's how we're gonna do this..

    I'm not gonna come out here and have a bunch of random faces, belonging to the Jabe roster, whizzing past on the JabeTron stopping at a "random" face, to determine who goes where. No. I'm not gonna insult your intelligence with all that nonsense, I'm gonna just straight up tell you right here, right now!!


    Going to Mayhem...

    Pat: Oh. My. GOD!! This guy took himself to the next level tonight, and he's going to go even further on Mayhem.

    Dudley: Well, we'll just have to see where his heads at before I comment. He sure has made some poor decisions recently in terms to the company I've seen him hanging out with.

    From WARFare: Azrael.

    Pat: Wow! This guy beat his brother to stay on WARFare tonight, and he still gets drafted.

    Dudley: Well, it looks like we've got both brothers on Mayhem. Their loss is definitely our gain.

    From WARFare: Bill Bastion and Nick Riot; The Nasty Crew.

    Pat: Two big nasty boys right there.

    Dudley: Yup.

    From WARFare: Zeus Apollo.

    Pat: Are you kidding me, Ka$h!! This guy is going to put a hurting on a lot of guys on Mayhem.. All bad guys beware, for Zeus Apollo is coming to smite thee down.

    Dudley: Oh, God.

    Pat: Exactly!

    And, lastly.. From WARFare: The Alpha Dog.

    Pat: Well, folks, I've just died and gone to heaven! As long as he stays away from the 'shrooms, he's going to OWN on Mayhem.

    Dudley: That episode of Mayhem was sooo Alpha and Ma$$' finest moment. Still, I hate this weirdo, and we've been lumbered with another skitzo. Maybe the most skitzo of them all.

    Well, peeps.. How does that sound?


    Yup, that's my Jabe fans!!

    Pat: I guess we're not getting anyone from SHOWDOWN!

    Dudley: Good. Shuck FOWDOWN!

    Larry: HEY!!

    I guess its time to move on and tell you who's going to be drafted to WARFare, sooo.. Here we go..

    Drafted to WARFare.

    From Mayhem: Rob Rage.

    Peter: Even though this is our last show, I'm still gonna react to this like it wasn't... Well, this was a given since Rob and Conner Chaos have just formed a tag team. On the plus side, Conner could have gone to Mayhem.

    Quagmire: Pure win for WARFare.

    Joe: Robs the future of this business. Mark my words.

    From Mayhem: RomanFlare.

    Joe: Oh wow! Are you kidding me?!?! This is the biggest acquisition WARFare could possibly ask for.

    Peter: I am totally not rooting for this guy in his title match tonight, but I am totally marking for this moment right now.

    From Mayhem: JBW Southern Heavyweight Champion, The Sleeper.

    Peter: Another masked JBW legend!! This guys my favourite masked wrestler by far. Did you know he has his own line of Sneakers? Win for WARFare.

    Joe: Agreed, Peter, and its a good thing for him that he is, as he needs to get that Southern Heavyweight belt back from that thief Lenny Ray!

    Quagmire: Chicks dig The Sleeper.. Its a mask thing.
    From Mayhem: The Jackasses.
    Peter: Oh boy, I love Red Ryder and El Gabo! These guys are gonna bring their own brand of wackiness to WARFare. Someones getting pranked on the next WARFare or I come back and kick someones ass!

    From Mayhem: Well, this last draft pick has kinda been made redundant, what with St George slipping off into the night somewhere, and Ma$$Dinero walking out on Psycho Siaki, but, yeah.... V3.

    Peter: Oh my God this would have been a wet dream last year, but V3 as a team are finished.

    Joe: Well at least WARFare will get to see Siaki kick Ma$$' ass!

    Quagmire: Ma$$ called me earlier, he said that won't happen.. Assured me. Never told me why, but never sleep on a Ma$$ assurance.

    So... Peeps.. How's that sound for a draft?


    Oh, I forgot, Kiddson is totally going to, ugh, SHOWDOWN! and Jason Alexander is going to WARFare, along with the newly returned Beerstiens... And, obviously, Ano Doom is joining HATE, and their weird manager Moloch, are going to be on Mayhem, where they will strive to help make the Horrorcore Division nastier than ever.

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    Haha! I'm getting there, ya impatient bastards! Right, NOW, let me introduce you to the JBW xBOMBxSHELLx's.

    JBW xBOMBxSHELLx Champion PandaMassacre, Belladonna, Al Qaeda Rashida, Katie, Sasha, Tracy, Ayako, and Selina walk out onto the stage to a chorus of catcalls and wolf whistles.

    Now, if you can take your eyes off of the xBOMBxSHELLx's for just one minute, I'll whip up the new Brand Rosters on the JabeTron.

    Ryusuke "Shuriken Blade" Serra


    Psycho Siaki
    St George
    Jason Alexander
    Malcolm Cage

    The Sleeper

    Apocalypse UK

    The Panzer Division

    The JackAsses

    The Silver Bros

    Cap'n Edu

    Manabu and Snair

    Lenny Ray Beauregard.



    GodOfWar and PrimusSucks

    The Two Steves

    Tom George

    The Sandman
    The Prophecy
    Zeus Apollo
    The Alpha Dog
    The Nasty Crew
    Angry Samoan
    Nico Van Orangie Nassau
    Anomander Rake
    Brick "The Bastard" Godslayer and Damien Icarus
    Ano Doom
    Tad Locust, The Ice Cream Man, RamJam, and Black Tear: HATE
    Pauley Cadilacs and Marie
    Daniel Truth
    Broc and Sully
    Kayden James
    Shining Light
    Narcotic and Contraband
    Wes Goldman
    Danny Tatum
    Chris Parker
    Morrison Martel
    Lee Gun Kim
    Loki and Ariel
    KJ Punk and LM Punker
    Stinger 187
    Dingo Mac
    "Red Hot" Istvan Gretzky

    OK, peeps, I think that just about wraps things u- hold on a minute.

    Ka$hes phone rings and, slightly embarrassed, he gets it out of his pocket. After looking at the callers ID, his face turns angry. He quickly answers it.

    What the fuck you calling me while I'm on air you little mug?!


    Oh, really? This again.


    Hmm, OK, you wanna play this game? You want more money? Are you kidding me, fam? MORE FUCKING MONEY?!?

    ..... ..

    Alright, I'll give you more money, its a minor pitance to me (its Ka$hDinero not BrassDinero).. I'm also gonna show you that two can play at being an arsehole, bruv.. You're fucking with the wrong brother right now.. Check this out.

    Ka$h hangs up the phone.

    OK, that was K-Jammin, and I just want to say that, if he loses tonight, then he's being drafted to SHOWDOWN!.. Laters, people.

    Ka$h throws the mic into the crowd. And runs up the ramp in an attempt to catch up to the xBOMBxSHELLSx as they exit the stage.

    Sly: Wait, what?! Larry, I think that SHOWDOWN! just got %$&$%#
    # shafted!!

    Larry: I'm agreeing with you because its true. Not because I like you.

    Sly: You mean to tell me that our guys have grown and improved beyond anyone's expectations, and yet they still get &%%# over in this massive draft that everyone's talking about? %&#% THAT!

    Peter: Hey, way to stay professional there, Mr Sylvesterstien! Better luck next year, eh?

    Sly: Ahem.. *through gritted teeth* You're right... Let's just move on to the main event, and hope that Caesar can bring some prestige back to SHOWDOWN!

    Peter: Ha! Like they had any to begin with.

    The JabeTron shows the members of the WARFare and Mayhem locker room's saying goodbye to their departing comrades.

    The mood in the locker room in the SHOWDOWN! locker room is one of shock and anger. Broc picks up a chair and launches it at the camera man causing the feed to black out.

    Sly: My thoughts exactly..

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    Pat: OK, take it easy, Sly.. Its time for our main event. Its time for RomanFlare to put up, or shut up.

    Dudley: K-Jam is so gonna make him shut up.

    Pat: If Romes wins this thing, he's going to unify the titles. I cannot stress how important this is. Being an old school traditionalist, I'm not too sure how I feel about that. I mean, no one wants to see Rome win, but a unified champion is totally appealing.

    Dudley: Never. Only if K-Jam is allowed to do it.

    RomanFlare vs JMan (WARFare World Heavyweight Champion) vs K-Jammin (Mayhem World Heavyweight Champion) vs Caesar (SHOWDOWN! Heavyweight Champion)


    Dudley: Here he comes, the backstabbing asshole!

    Pat: Please try to stay prof- ahh, forget it... All I know is Rome will certainly find himself at the mercy of these champions. No one likes to be forced to defend their titles under four way rules.

    Dudley: Doesn't stop him from being a backstabbing asshole.

    Rome walks down the stage to an extremely mixed reaction. He pays no mind to anyone as he walks to the ring with intent--his strides confident and sure.

    Mayhem World Heavyweight Champion K-Jammin.

    K-Jam walks out on stage with Lucy in tow, and his title dragging behind him. He begins to walk down the ramp to a mixed reaction similar to Romes, only a little more heated, as half way down he begins humping his title.

    Dudley: Now this guy is the model of perfection. A role model. No, a role models role model. He epitomises everything good about JBW, and I for one can admit that I'm not worthy, Pat. Can you?

    Pat: Please, this guys a disgrace. He makes up in talent what he lacks in class, but, he's a low class ass more times than not.

    WARFare World Heavyweight Champion JMan

    JMan runs out onto the stage like a rocket of energy, and the crowd go batshit crazy for him. He walks towards the ring holding his title high above his head.

    Pat: Now THIS guy is all about class, and is the clear favourite in this thing. The fans know it, I know it, and somewhere deep under all of that K-Love, you know it too, Dudley.

    Dudley: Never talk to me again, you unworthy miscreant.

    SHOWDOWN! Heavyweight Champion Caesar

    Pat: Now this guy is the biggest asshole nobodies heard o- wait, what's that stage hand doing running down the aisle?

    The stage hand climbs into the ring, and hands a piece of paper to ring announcer Gregory Samuels, who reads it, and with a slightly confused look on his face, he moves on with his announcing duties.

    Gregory Samuels: Laaaadies and Gentlemen, it is now time for our main event of the evening. First and foremost, I must announce, that due to the apparent poor treatment of SHOWDOWN! during the draft, Caesar is refusing to wrestle tonight, and has apparently left the building with a man named Poot-Hair.

    The two champions in the ring fail to hide their fury. Rome acts like his whole world just fell apart.

    Samuels: Now, may I introduce the first participant in this Triple Threat match.

    From Philadelphia, Pensilvania.. Weighing in at two hundred and twenty eight pounds.. Standing in at six feet and one inch, ladies and gentlemen, I give you.. The WARFare.. HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WOOOORRLLLLD'a! JaaaayyMaaaaan!!!!
    JMan raises his his title in the air and the crowd pop louder than they have all night.

    Gregory Samuels: And the next participant, he is from Southampton, England, he stands in at six feet tall, and he weighs two hundred and twenty pounds, ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the Mayhem Heavyweight Champion chaaaammpion of the wooooooorrllld'a!! KaaaayyyJeeeaaaaaaaammmiiiiinnn'aaa!!!!

    K-Jammin disrespects his opponents by talking to his uncle who is in the front row.

    The boos overcome the cheers and someone in the audience throws a drink at his head. The drink splashes all over his face, and he is fuming.

    He jumps out of the ring and launches himself at the portly looking fan who, overcome by the moment, lost control of his senses and threw his beverage at the world champion.

    K-Jam pulls him over the ringside barrier and kicks him hard in the ribs twice, he then drags him to his feet, before slapping him to the floor.

    Security are on the scene before he can do any further damage.

    Pat: Good, lord, Dudley, you call this man a role model? The mans an utter hooligan!

    Dudley: No comment.

    Pat: Well I'll comment... K-Jam just cost Ka$h a lot of money. Law to the suit, my friend...

    K-Jam gets back in the ring and acts like nothing happened. The fan is carted off on a stretcher as Rome is introduced.

    Gregory Samuels: And now, the challenger, introduced last as per stipulations of his championship match contract... He hails from Cincinnati, Ohio, he stands six. Feet. Tall. He weighs two. Hundred. And twennnntyy fiiivvveee poooundss... Ladies and gentlemen, I give you... RRRRRRRROOOOOMAAAANNN FFFFLLLLLLAAAAARRREEE!!!!

    The crowd pop and a small "let's go Ro-Man" chant starts.
    Pat: And there’s the bell! This triple threat is under way!
    Ma$$Dinero... We're shootin' now, bruv!

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    Pat: And there’s the bell! This triple threat is under way!

    The two champions stare down Rome, the odd man out. Rome sulks down into the corner, sliding out from under the bottom rope as Jman and K-Jammin stare at him. Rome crotches down, staring at them over the apron. K-Jammin gets the jump on Jman and grabs him in a side headlock. An elbow to the gut later, Jman wraps behind the Mayhem World Champion and applies a hammerlock. Jman gets a thumb to the eye and we’re back at default.

    Pat: A short little display of the basics there.

    Dudley: K-Jammin is just warming up! Give the man a minute—he’ll be all over Jman!

    Pat: The Wildcard here is Rome who hasn’t even parti—oh, speak of the masked devil.

    Rome leaps up onto the top rope and launches himself into the ring. He spreads his arms and legs out, but the champions see him coming and step out of the way. Rome bounces off the mat, clutching his gut. The Js start pounding on him with fist and foot. Jammin drops back into the ropes, bounds off, leaps, and drops a knee on the back of Rome’s head. Jman rolls Rome over and stomps hard onto his chest. He turns around and leaps—a standing moonsault on the prone masked crusader. Jman pulls Rome up to his feet and throws him back out of the ring.

    Pat: And the Champions are firmly in control of this match!

    Dudley: Rome was always a non-factor here—there’s a reason he isn’t wearing gold! And my buddy K-Jammin is part of that reason!

    Jman and K-Jammin get nose-to-nose, exchanging words. Jman pushes K-Jam, he pushes back. They come to blows—right, right, right, right, a chop by K-Jammin then a European uppercut by Jman ends that exchange. A stomp on the gut and Jam sits up—a kick to the face and he’s back on the mat. Jman pounds away at Jammin’s head before lifting to his feet by that same appendage. He tosses the Mayhem star into the corner, climbs onto the second rope, and starts pounding away at his head again. Rome climbs up onto the apron as K-Jammin slips out from under Jman, turns and hits a heavy forearm to Jman’s back. Rome scampers onto the top rope and flips over Jman, using the momentum to bomb the champion into the mat.
    Pat: Sunset-flip powerbomb! He holds for the pin—but K-Jammin boots Rome’s face before the ref can even hit the mat.

    Dudley: K-Jammin is too aware to let a pin happen that easily!

    K-Jammin pulls Jman out into the center of the ring and turns back to Rome whose is sitting in the corner still. A short run and a dropkick to Rome’s face, and K-Jammin turns his attention to Jman. He hooks the head and arm—snap suplex. K-Jammin walks back over to Rome, grabs him by the arm, pulls him up and out.

    Dudley: CLOTHESLINE! K-Jammin has this match in the palm of his hand. Look at the way he’s dominating two men at once!

    K-Jammin turns and grabs Jman as he tries to get to his feet. He hooks the head and arm again and lifts the warfare champion into the air. He holds Jman for a second before dropping onto his ass, hitting a modified neckbreaker. Jman jerks around, holding the back of his head as K-Jammin smiles and dusts off his hands. He jumps to his feet and hits the center of the ring. Rome starts pulling himself to his feet as Jammin stands behind him, taunting him. Rome turns and K-Jammin step-kicks at his head, Rome just ducking through the ropes in time.

    Pat: So close!

    Dudley: Hohoho! RomanFlare just barely avoided death there!

    Pat: Not many people could get up from a HeadJam!

    K-Jammin leans over the top rope and starts yelling at Rome, who flips the bird as he walks around ring side. Jammin turns around and Jman hits him with a belly-to-belly suplex!

    Pat: There’s a pin!

    The ref hits the mat and starts counting. Rome goes for the ref and has him by the ankle when K-Jammin kicks out at one and a half. Rome quickly lets go and wanders back around ringside.

    Pat: Only 1 and a half! This triple threat will continue!

    Jman lifts K-Jammin and scoop slams him back onto the mat. Rome is up on the apron, but a swing by Jman has him back on the floor. Jman stares him down for a second before turning back to the mayhem champion. A stomp the face and a second, Jman bounces off the bottom rope and hits a leg drop on K-Jammin. He goes for the pin again, but Rome is in the ring to break it up. Rome throws a punch, but Jman hooks the arm, ducks under it, and plants Rome with a DDT. He rolls the masked man over and hooks the leg for a pin.

    Pat: 1! And a kick out—Rome’s easily the freshest man in the match right now.

    Dudley: K-Jammin still has this one in the bag. He’s just resting!

    Jman pulls Rome to his feet, pushes him into the ropes, and hits him with a Sidewalk Slam on the rebound. K-Jammin is on his knees reaching for the rope, but Jman puts leather to the side of his head and ends that hope. Using the rope as leverage, Jman pushes the mayhem champion out of the ring and onto the matted floor. Jman turns to a running Rome and gives him a hip toss, applying the sleeper after he hits the ground. Rome pushes them to their feet and drives an elbow into Jman’s gut, but the champion yanks him by his mask and drives him backwards onto the mat.

    Pat: And the Warfare Champion is dominating the Mayhem superstars! Still no sign of comradery from K-Flare—do you really think it’s over?

    Dudley: Of course! And this is why—K-Jammin doesn’t need Rome! Rome can’t even handle himself!

    Jman chops Rome in the corner, the crowding wooing. Another chop, the crowd responds louder. Jman grabs Rome and blasts him with a headbutt and the crowd explodes. K-Jammin is on the apron but a forearm from Jman sends him back down. Jman whips Rome across the ring, but Rome reverses it. Jman flies into the opposite turnbuckle, jumps onto the second rope and launches backwards into Rome—right into a dropkick. Rome grabs Jman by the hair but gets rolled into a small package. The ref hits the mat—one, two, KICKOUT!

    Pat: Jman almost took the match right there!

    Dudley: Damn it, Rome!

    Jman gets to his feet first and pops Rome with a left and a right. He backs Rome into the corner and bashes his face with an elbow. He turns to see K-Jammin running, ducks, and Jam splashes into Rome into the corner. Jman steams ahead and catches K-Jammin with a clothesline, doubling up the mayhem stars in the corner. He runs to the opposite corner, measures his opponents up and sprints ahead. He swings a clothesline, but the Mayhem champion ducks and the masked Rome eats all of the assault. Jman thrusts an elbow backwards, catching an advancing Jammin. He grabs the ropes, jumps, plants his feet on K-Jammin’s shoulders, then swings and hurricanranas the champion in to the middle of the ring.
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