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    20th Episode of Warfare!!!

    Welcome JBW fans to the 20TH Episode of Warfare!!! This is going to be an awesome night and the Warfare talent will give you an AWESOME show!!! We are live in Seattle, Washington and this is the largest crowd Warfare has ever had!!! These fans are going crazy tonight and they have a right to be!!! Right now, we have a special performance for you, the JBW fans! Its none other then the infamous Rammstein performing in front of the JBW crowd!!! Enjoy folks!!!

    Great, great performance by Rammstein and nice to have them here on Warfare!!! Now moving on ladies and gentlemen, we are going to show you the card set up for this big night event:

    Matches set for Warfare tonight

    HolyJose vs Markus Beerstein for the Warfare TV title in a NQ match.

    TJ Rage debuts in action tonight

    rko619's open challenge tonight

    thejman93 & ??? vs RanJam and Ice Cream Man

    The Sleeper looks to comete in action

    VKM vs The Prophecy in a last man standing match

    Zeus Apollo, igetwild, and Trips88 vs The Alpha Dog, Stinger187, and Avidico

    Fernandez Romero debuts in action as well

    Snair vs TheDevilsAdovcate in a tables match

    We have many more planned tonight!!! We will from the Five Star Attraction's leader Manabu and Tad Locust will also reveal to us who was the man behind the attacks of IPITB that caused hi to sit on the side-lines. Big things happen tonight but we kick off with our first match, HolyJose vs Markus Beerstein for the Warfare TV title!!! Now these men has a lot of hate for each other, mostly because Markus Beerstein is an FSA guy and HolyJose is a SuperNova guy. They also have been fighting each other for the Warfare TV title. HolyJose faced Markus Beerstein for the TV title on Warfare episode 14 but didn't capture the title due to an FSA interference but tonight is where he has another chance to capture the Warfare TV title, that is, if he can get through the badass Markus Beerstein.

    Match 1: HolyJose vs Markus Beerstein for the Warfare TV title

    Theme song: Asylum
    HolyJose makes his way to the ring with a chance to capture the Warfare TV title! HolyJose has been on the Warfare brand since debuting on Warfare episode 10 and has made an impact on Warfare by joining SuperNova to take down the Five Star Attraction and also has competed in great matches on Warfare. We are really glad to have him aboard with JBW Warfare! HolyJose with a microphone gets into the ring and speaks,

    "WARFARE!!!!!!! Tonight is the night! I finally become The Warfare TV Champion. Being here on Warfare for all you amazing fans is the highlight of my career. The TV title is one step closer for the ultimate prize which is the Warfare World Title. Warfare means the world to me. being here is more prestigious than having held the AAA World Heavyweight Title, The CMLL World Title or any other World Championship I have accomplished in my career. Warfare is my life I eat, breath and train Warfare. So Beerstein I hope you're ready to give these fans their monies worth. We'll make this Match of the Year! So get ready because this will be a No DQ Match! Let's get this rolling!"

    Markus Beerstein
    Theme Song: I love beer
    FSA member Markus Beerstein arrives tonight with beer in his hands! Boy is he in the drinking spirit here tonight on the special Warfare! Ever since Beerstein debuted on Warfare since Warfare episode 6 , he has been arrogant, cocky, and outlandish, making himself the most hated wrestler in JBW. Beerstein joined the Five Star Attraction to join a new era, a new revolution in wrestling which he is making history. Beerstein also won the Warfare TV title which brought gold into the FSA and has carried the TV title with many challengers coming his way. Although hes hated by most people, there is no denying that he is one of the toughest wrestlers ever to grace the JBW ring! Tonight, Beerstein defends his TV title against HolyJose and he looks to retain his title but thats easier said then done when your in the ring with HolyJose. Markus Beerstein gets into the ring and speaks,

    Jurgen appears and has a mic on his hands

    "excuse me losers", the most amazing German superstar of all time is here to drop you a few words before his title defense"

    Markus Beerstein comes in to get a ton of heat and handles a beer to Jurgen, Now he gets the mic

    "Ladies and gentleman, It was exactly on the 6th episode of Warfare when I debuted here in JBW, I came after a lengthy and succesful carrer in my country Germany, I was 5 time GCW tag team champion, 2 time GCW International champion, 1NJPW champion , the best european wrestler award winner 3 years in a row (that 3 years runner up was ST George BTW), and nevertheless many guys backstage thought this guy aint gonna make it here, hahaha, (pause to drink beer) only one month after I conquered my Warfare TV title, I shut the fuck up all that idiots hahaha, you see that wasn't everything, one day Manabu came to me all tell me he was forming a group with the best wrestlers on the industry, the day the Five Star Atracction(crowd boos), Wild, Zeus, Snair , Mnanbu and me became the dominant force on JBW, we beat that shitty group Supernova so many fuckin times and his leader quit, and here we are, 3 months in which I became the most badass, meanest, ass kicker, beer drinker, the real deal superstar, Markus Beerstein, the longest reigning TV champion in the history of JBW,

    Tonight on the 20th episode celebration I going to defend my TV title against this annoying border crosser insect Holyjose, a guy who tried to interfere in my path to the greatness, we had our moments, each of us has giving ass kick to the other that never will be forgot, and even so, I hasn't be able to win MY TV title. So this is the final day, its your chance buddy, you fail is over, no more shots meanwhile I'm champion,

    Holyjose my victory tonight wiil fit this celebration, the celebration that I won't have to see your face in a long time, celebration I will reatin my championship, the celebration that the FSA will continue destroying everyone in our way,

    Just like my beers, Im gonna down you!
    Markus Beerstein is always in good SPIRITS!
    You pintsized punk!
    Just like my beers, I'm cool, have a good body and a great head!

    Just with my beers tonight, I'll celebrate emilinate you Holyjose once and for all, "

    Markus Beerstein drops the mic and this match gets rolling!

    HolyJose finally did it!!! HE CAPTURED THE WARFARE TV TITLE!!!! This is great to see!!! He beat Markus Beerstein and put gold into the SuperNova stable!!! Markus Beerstein punished HolyJose throughout the match but with HoluJose's technical skills, he was able to counter Markus Beerstein's moves and go for the Final Judgement Spine Buster which ended the match! FSA has to be irate over the TV title changing hands! What a way to kick off Warfare as HolyJose is our NEW Warfare TV Champ!!! Congrats Holy!
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    ~We are backstage and we see President Brown One on the phone~

    Brown One: Hey man, hows it going? Are you doing okay?

    Unknown caller: Nothing man, trying to get back on my feet, trying my hardest to heal from the pain and the nagging injuries. My goal is to get my World title back! That is my #1 goal at the ery moment.

    Brown One: I know how important the World title means to you but you need to work on bettering yourself first, work on your health before rushing into accomplishing your goal. Your health comes first man.

    Unknown caller: Thanks for the advice Brown One. Really appreciate the advice man. I have to go, see ya.

    ~After Brown One gets off the phone, Tad Locust appears~

    Tad Locust: Who was that on the phone Brown One?

    Brown One: Ummm, excuse me?

    Tad Locust: I said, who was that on the phone? Didn't sound like a JBW wrestler to me, more like a certain individual from another company. I smell something shady going on her "boss".

    Brown One: What? Are you really trying to accuse me of doing something shady? I would never do any funny business around here. I take my job very seriously.

    Tad Locust: So you shouldn't get all defensive about me questioning your shadiness unless you are really feeling guilty. So now, i'm going to ask again, who was that on the phone?

    Brown One: Alright, listen up, I don't have to tell you a damn thing okay?! Who I call is none of your business. I'm not going to tell you who I called because it has nothing to do with you. I think you should leave if you know whats good for you.

    Tad Locust: Fair enough, but before I go, I have something to say. You see, I care about JBW, I really do. Thats why it upsets me that the JBW lawsuits are taking place. Why do you think i've been helping out IPITB with finding out who tried to end his career? Because I am a caring man despite what "he" thinks of IPITB. Tonight, i'm going to reveal to the JBW fans who tried to end IPITB's career and from our conversation, I think I might know who it could be.

    Brown One: Thats it, leave right now! Your really starting to piss me off Tad Locust! If you don't leave, i'm going to have you suspended!

    ~Tad Locust leaves with an evil grin~

    Match 2: Tom George vs TJ Rage

    Tom George
    Tom George makes his way to the ring and speaks,

    "I'm a JBW Warfare original so you people already know that i'm happy about Warfare making it to 20 episodes. However, i'm pissed that my good friend and tag team partner SevenCagedTigers is injured and couldn't make it to the special celebration. Nevertheless, I will hold my own and go up against some new kid named TJ Rage. This TJ Rage kid should be lucky hes going up against a JBW original like me! I'm sick of these newbies here o Warfare who thinks that they are destined for greatness here! Well, until you step in the ring with me and actually beat me, you mean shit here! Bring TJ Rage out here so that I can break him into two pieces!"

    TJ Rage
    Theme Song: A Warrior's Call
    JBW's newest star, billing from Copenhagen, Denmark, TJ Rage makes his way to the ring, as this is his first time ever on JBW! TJ Rage wrestled from all over the world, in many indy wrestling organizations, and has also done street fight brawls and cage matches for a living. This guy is the real deal! We look to see how he would match up against a veteran like Tom George!

    TJ Rage wins this hard-fought battle!!! Tom George and TJ Rage gave each other competition but once TJ Rage locked on that Rear Naked Choke, the match was over!!! Impressive debut and victory by TJ Rage!

    ~Backstage, we see Stinger187 and HolyJose celebrating on HolyJose capturing the Warfare TV title~

    Stinger187: You did it man! You finally got gold around your waist! Congrats!

    HolyJose: Thanks man! I am freaking happy to be Warfare TV Champion! I busted my ass to get where i'm at on Warfare!

    Stinger187: You certainly did man! SuperNova has gold in the group! Maybe you can give me a shot at the TV title one day! Hahaha!

    HolyJose: I'll give you a shot at my Warfare TV title! Friendly competition won't hurt at all! By the way man, where is TheDevilsAdvocate to celebrate me winning the TV title? He will be so proud!

    Stinger187: He said that he will be arriving later tonight due to traveling difficulties but he will be here tonight. Hey man, I have a big six-man tag team match to compete in, see you around alright?

    HolyJose: See ya stinger187! Kick some ass man!
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    Over the weekend, the Warfare talent headed to a Baseball game to see the Seattle Mariners take on the Los Angeles Angels. Even though the Mariners lost, it was still a good game and the Warfare crew really enjoyed themselves. After the game, the Warfare crew did an autograph signing for the fans and even promoted the Warfare 20th episode along with JBW's next PPV Monarchy of Aggression which is being held on July 24th. Warfare weekends like these are a fun experience!

    ~Backstage is Todd Stevenson as he interviews The Prophecy~

    Todd: Hey ladies and gentlemen! This has been a great night so far. Standing by with me at this time is none other then The Prophecy. *Crowd boos* Now Prophecy, you have a Last Man Standing match against your former tag team partner and friend VKM later tonight. What are your thoughts going into such a brutal match?

    The Prophecy: Hey Toddy, why the long face, tonight is a special night here in JBW. Its the 20th episode of Warfare, ha and they said it would only last 2 weeks. Screw the haters huh Todd. Oh and before I continue I got you a party hat, put it on, go on put it on. Seriously put it on or else Im going to ram it so far down your throat youre going to have sequins hanging out your ass cheeks, there ya go good monkey. Right business face now, tonight on this special episode I go one on one with VKM in a last man standing match. Now we are so very close to the PPV and putting me in a last man standing match with one of my opponents is a bit risky for us both, especially when you consider all of our history. Now Todd let me just give you a quick history lesson here, because lets face it you wouldnt know history if it cam up to you licked your nippeles and tickled your under-carriage. Now all the way back on episode 1, The Ego Trips made their debut, in match number 2 of the card. Not surprised but we beat TomGeorge and SevenCagedTigers. However over the next few weeks we attempted to become the tag team champs, but of course that never happened, and then The Ego Trips went the way of a cheap pair of pants on a fat chick, and split. For almost 2 months I put up with being the Teller to VKM's Penn. I would not be allowed to cut a promo, or even speak my mind. Now Im not gonna say thats managements fault, but the fact is it wasnt until I destroyed VKM in episode 7 of Warfare, that I finally got to even hold a microphone. On that show I threw a way a shot at the tag titles against the Aristo-prats, but that didnt matter, the Prophecy had been born. And that Todd leads us to tonight, VKM vs The Prophecy one more time, in a last man standing match. This will be brutal, this will not be for the weak of heart. Destiny is almost here, the day of reckoning, the day I become Warfare World champ is drawing ever so closer, tonight VKM will not stop me, nothing will stop me. VKM if you want to make it to Monarchy of Aggression I suggest you bring it all tonight, the US Army, the X-Men, The Galactic Empire, the cast of Jersey Shore and Chuck freakin Norris. Because tonight playtime is over my friend, tonight I WILL be the

    Todd: Okay then. Monarchy of Aggression is almost arriving and you along with two others, have the chance to compete for Snair's Warfare World Heavyweight title. I want to ask you a serious question, what does the Warfare World Heavyweight title mean to you?

    The Prophecy: So Todd you want to know what the Warfare World Title means to me, well let me counter that, and ask you what does The Prophecy mean to the Warfare World Title? I will tell you as I can see the confused look in your already dimwitted eyes. For far too long the Warfare World Title has been held by paper champions, the current champion is a joke who hides behind his boyband the Five Star Jobsquad. And the least said about the previous champion the better, you know what I mean, the fact that he had never even heard of JBW etc. But now dear friends and simple Todd, the title will finally have someone deserving. I proclaimed that I was the best in the business, and I am right, holding the title will prove it. Another question for you Toddsworth, does a title make a man, or does the man make the title? Whats the point in holding a belt if it means nothing *cough TNA Television/Global/Legends belt cough*. For a World Title to mean something, it needs to be held by one of greatness, and after looking around the locker room like the Silver Bros looking for a glory hole, I have deduced that I am the best man, hell the only man. So there Todd, in order for me to care about the title I first need to hold the title, just so I can know how great it really is.

    Todd: Powerful words from The Prophecy as he faces VKM in a Last Man Standing match later tonight.

    Match 3: rko619's open challenge

    Rko619's music hits!!!
    The beast rko619 makes his way to the ring with a mic in his hands. rko619 debuted on Warfare episode 6 as Snair's back-up in which he and Snar took on IPITB and TheDevilsAdvocate in a tag team match. Ever since his debut, rko619 has been intimidating and also joined the FSA but got kicked out due to communication problems. Now, rko619's destiny is in his own hands as he looks to crush through the competition here on Warfare. rko619 gets into the ring and speaks,

    rko619: You know, I cannot believe that i'm in a shitty place called Seattle! *Crowd boos* You all know its true! Its fucking raining outside when its suppose to be Warfare's biggest night and I went to an Angels/Mariners game last Saturday and by the way, what a shitty team! The only good thing to come out of Seattle was StarBucks, the reason for fat slobs being produced in Seattle! *Crowd boos even more* You guys are all getting so defensive because i'm trashing your hometown but I can give a rat's ass! I'm here to speak my mind and nobody, and I mean NOBODY will stop me from speaking my mind, just go ask that midget wrestler Malcolm Cage! Cage is lucky I didn't end his freaking career! I'm in a pissed-off mood that i'm making an open challenge to anyone in the audience who dares to face me! You know what, I chose the fat man in the front row right there! *The big man is escorted into the ring by security which rko619 gets into his face* Whats you name?

    Pete: My name is Peter Wright.

    rko619: How about I just call you fat boy, is that alright with you?

    Pete: Whatever man.

    rko619: Your such a brave man getting into the ring with me. Do you know what your up for?

    Pete: Yup, I do. I'm a former amateur wrestler and boxed in my high school days. I think I can fair against you.

    rko619: Hmmm, so you say, okay, looks like you have a match against me. I'll warn you that i'm going to destroy you in front of you're family right now, are you sure you want to go through with this?

    Pete: Yes! Yes I do want this match!!! Can you shut the hell up for once and let me accept the damn challenge already?!?

    rko619: You're a tough guy aren't you!? YOUR ON!!! I'm going to end you right now, refs, ring the damn bell!

    rko619 wins the match by DQ. rko619 was just trying to hurt Pete which almost took things a little too far by trying to hit Pete with a steel chair but Malcolm Cage makes the save, just attacking rko619, hitting him with weapons and even jumped on rko619 through a table!!! That was an extreme moment right there!!!

    After the attack, Cage grabs a mic and speaks,

    MC: Rko619? rko619, are you okay?

    *rko619 is laying out on the mat*

    MC: Seems like our friend here had a rough night. It is such a shame that you aren’t just a little bit nicer. Because then I might have gone a little softer on you. But instead you decided to continue your onslaught of making my life a living hell. Well now you are getting just what you deserve, a taste of your own medicine. *Crowd Cheers*

    You see, I have been waiting for this opportunity to finally get you back for all the destruction you have done of the past several weeks. And tonight, I have taken my frustrations out on you. I don’t like having to do this, but when I see someone preying on the weak I just can nott stand by and let it happen, especially when the prey is me. Because rko619, i’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again, you are a BULLY! And now it’s time to put the bully back in his CAGE! *Crowd Cheers*

    *Malcolm Cage hits rko619 with a Remix. He stands over rko619 and the crowd cheers as he leaves the ring.*
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    ~I'm getting word that a lowrider has just pulled up to the arena we have no word on who is in the car yet but we have sent a camera and an interviewer to see who it is.~

    Todd: I'm out here and it seems who ever pulled up in the car is still inside of it. It appears to be a 1959 Chevrolet Impala with darkly tinted windows so we can't see inside. And it seems that whoever is in the car is listening to the radio. He must like the song and want to finish it before he gets out.

    Todd: Finaly the song has stopped and it looks like whoever is in the car will be getting out. The passanger door has just opened and a cloud of what smells to be marijuana smoke has came rushing out. Someone just stepped there foot out of the car and now he just stepped out of the car himself. It's Helmsley !!?? So that would mean that The Sleeper also has to be in the car. And yes he has just stepped out of the driver seat.

    **Sleeper gets out of the car and grabs his Mayhem T.V. title out of the back seat and drapes it across his shoulder, the crowed goes wild when they see him on the Titantron**

    Todd: Sleeper what are you and Helmsley doing here you two are not scheduled to be here tonight ?

    Sleep: It will all be explained in a minute Tim, now could you put my baby some where safe ?

    **He tosses the keys to his car to Todd**

    Todd: Well...I don't...I'm a int.....

    Sleep: Gracias amigo...Arrato wey !!

    **Sleeper walks thru the back of the arena mean muggin' all the heels and giving high fives to all the faces he passes finaly he walks past HolyJose's looks at his Warfare T.V. title, laughs and keeps walking to the ring**

    ~Backstage, we see The Alpha Dog, Stinger187, and Masked Warrior Avidico backstage and they give there thoughts on the 6 man tag team match coming up tonight~

    "Tonight, on the 20th episode of Warfare, The Alpha Dog finds himself in another tag team match teaming up with you(points at Stinger187) and you(points at Avidico). Now The Alpha Dog does not mind teaming up with you two,in fact, teaming up with you two has pretty much GUARANTEED THAT THIS MATCH HAS ALREADY BEEN WON!! But lets be honest, three on three is a little irrelevant. Hell it could be a handicap match, The Alpha Dog vs Trips88, igetboring, and Zeus all by himself, and THE ALPHA DOG WOULD STILL DOMINATE THE MATCH!! Trips88, a.k.a Zeus' bitch, would run out of SHEER FEAR FROM WHAT THE ALPHA DOG DID TO HIM THE FIRST TIME THEY MET!!! igetboring,a.k.a the N.W.L champion, a.k.a CHIHUAHUA,a.k.a...(looks to the side and screams)SHUT UP!!!(waits a moment)THEY DONT CARE WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY!!!(shakes his head and continues), doesn't even register to The Alpha Dog. And Zeus Apollo...(smiles to himself and looks into the camera), Zeus Apollo would just be balled up in the corner crying (mimics crying) 'I have to go up against The Alpha Dog at Monarchy of Aggression! (mimics crying) They are forcing me to. (mimics crying) Now I'm going to get my ass kicked because WWTNA MARK AND THE BROWN ONE KNOW A AMAZING MATCH WHEN THEY SEE IT!!' (puts hand up to his eyes and mimics wiping a tear.) Not a very god-like attitude Zeus. (looks back at Stinger187 and Avidico)Now The Alpha Dog doesn't care what you two do with Trips88 and igetboring and Stinger187,(looks at Stinger187 with an intimidating stare)whatever your business is with Zeus Apollo, it's going to have to wait. Because tonight The Alpha Dog plans to show Zeus just a fraction of what he has been underestimating."

    "(looks into the camera)But Zeus, you and The Alpha Dog have one thing in common. The Alpha Dog too is TIRED OF THESE TAG TEAM MATCHES!! THE ALPHA DOG IS TIRED OF SEEING YOU HIDE BEHIND YOUR TAG TEAM PARTNERS SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO GO FACE TO FACE WITH THE ALPHA DOG AND THE ALPHA DOG IS TIRED OF NOT BEING ABLE TO GET HIS HANDS ON YOU!! The thing is Zeus, you want these tag team matches to continue, you want to have a partner to sacrifice to The Alpha Dog, AND YOU FOR DAMN SURE DON'T WANT TO STAND ALONE IN THE ALPHA DOGS YARD BECAUSE ON JULY 24TH, MONARCHY OF AGGRESSION, YOU WILL STAND ALONE(he looks deep into the camera and says with a low menacing voice)and no is one going to be able to stop The...Alpha...Dog(laughs low menacing laugh)FROM MAKING A GOD SCREAM!!!!(walks away laughing hysterically)
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    thejman93's music hits!!!
    thejman93 makes his way to the ring with a microphone in his hands, with a big grin on his face. thejman93 looks excited for tonight and he should be. He was one of the original JBW wrestlers who witnessed JBW group and also was there since Warfare episode 1. We are happy to have thejman93 with us on Warfare, thats for sure. thejman93 gets into the ring and speaks,

    Jman: 'What’s up JBW?!'

    *mixed reaction from the crowd.*

    'Listen, you guys have every right to boo me; I let this tag title run get give me a big ego and I turned my back on what matters most….the fans.'

    *some cheers of approval are heard, but scepticism remains.*

    'Since I’ve found out that thedag may never return to the ring I’ve had a real tough time figuring out what my future is in this company and in this business. *a sympathetic boo is heard from the crowd* I was so used to being a part of a team, and a dominant one at that, that I felt like I lost part of my identity as a professional wrestler and because of that I’ve been considering a few different options.
    First I put a call in to IrkenInvader thinking I could get a fresh start in EWNCW, *the crowd lets their disapproval be known* yeah, I know I suck…. Then I thought about quitting the business altogether, but then, after Warfare last week I did the smartest thing I’ve done in a long time. I put a call in…..Well, I put a call in to this man….'

    IT'S MA$$DINERO!!!!!!!

    Ma$$Dinero's theme hits!!! What a loud pop for Ma$$!!!
    *Ma$$Dinero makes his way down to the familiar chords of Plan B's "She Said, and the Warfare fans instantly go wild for one of Mayhems finest. Mass' Masses are definitely in the house tonight!*

    Ma$$Dinero: 'Can I get an amen, BRUVA!!!!'

    *Mass' Masses respond with an "AMEN, BRUVA!!!!" Jman can also be seen mouthing those two words.*

    MD: 'Amen indeed, my Masses.. Amen indeed. For my buddy has finally seen the error of his ways, and has taken my advice. Being an arsehole might be good for guy's like Manabu and K-Jammin, but for a guy who has literally baby-sat his tag partner, who I'll get to in a minute... Where was I? Oh yeah... This guy right here has literally baby-sat thedag for their entire EPIC! title run, and for him to be classed as an arsehole is not cucking on! I know you didn't mind carrying him, Jman; he was your buddy, and thats what friends do. Plus SilverLace told SilverDust who told SilverCena who told me, that he used to throw thedag all over the show during their more "happier" times...'

    *Everybody in the arena shudders in unision*

    '... So I know he wasn't heavy. But, he wern't your brother, either, man.... And... Man, Jman.... I can't believe you can't see this for what it is. THIS my friend is YOUR oppurtunity to show the world who the true future of JBW is. This is YOUR TIME to show those that choose to boo you, what you're made of... Now, I know that it's not a nice thing to say, but thedag being taken out of the game is prolly the best possible thing that could have happened to you, Jayster! What was a disturbing and unfortunate event, for Nancy, can be turned into a positive for YOU, Jman... For you.'

    *Mass points at Jman, and a small round of jeers from the audience can be heard, but it's clear that their hero Ma$$Dinero's words are sinking in.*

    '... Let them know you are worthy of their support, as it was you who supported a dude who wasn't worthy for all that time, and you did it for them.'

    *Turns to the Masses*

    'Come on people... Don't tell me you all wasn't Aristocrats marks! Don't tell me that! Don't tell me that deep down, whether you want to admit it or not, THIS GUY *point's to Jman*.. This guy, right here, and his insignificant other *smirks to himself* wasn't WORTHY of your respect, if nothing else.'

    *Turns to Jman*

    'You need to let these people know that without that walking lawsuit holding you down, that you will regain that respect. That you ain't thinking of chipping out on us, like keV and Silverado. You need to let these good people know there is only one thing on your mind and that's.... Gold.

    'Now, for those of you in the audience, and at home, that only speak KASHANESE, let me say it like this

    Once upon a time there was the Jman and thedag
    Warfare Tag Champs, the win was in the bag...
    But thedag got hooked on skag and thedag went mad,
    life was a drag with thedag when thedag lost the drag,
    then thedag nearly ended up in a body-bag,
    sorry, dag, but they should have finished you with a 44-mag!
    That might sound heartless, but I'm sorry, I couldn't stand him,
    All this means is Jman's the last Aristocrat standing!
    So when you see the Jman, don't turn away, man.
    He's been hand-picked by WWTNA to lead the way, man
    *Turns to Jman, puts his hand on his shoulder*

    '.... Mass needs Mass' Masses to believe in what he says, man...
    In Ma$$Dinero and V3's book....... TheJman's O.K, man.'
    *One of the more vocal members of the audience, who had earlier been cursing Jmans name, stands up, and begins a chant..... Jman #clap.clap.clap#... Jman #Clap.Clap.Clap#... Jman #CLAP!.CLAP!.CLAP!#... The entire audience began shouting... JMAN.... But the claps became stomps... JMAN #STOMP.STOMP.STOMP#.. JMAN #STOMP.STOMP.STOMP#.... JMA.... TheJman takes in the cheers, and gets up on to the second turnbuckle, and the chants get louder.... Mass takes this time to leave the ring, but he still has the mic*

    MD: 'Yeah, while I'm here, I just wanna send out a quick few shout outs... Firstly, shout out to WWTNA for having me here on Warfare, man it feels good to come back home!!! Shouts to Siaki, George, Theo, Melissa, Chaz & Dave... Shout out to thedag, you know I love ya' bro... Just not like that, hahaha... Sorry *stiffles a laugh*... BIG shout out to my boys Snair, and TDA... Man, I wish they would just put there differences aside and try to get along... But to tell the truth, Snair, you have been acting like a Five Star Arsehole these days, and those poomps that you've been hanging around with look like they haven't seen poomps since poomps had them *takes breath*... Big shout out all my Masses here tonight, and lastly, but never leastly... BIG SHOUT OUT TO THE JAY MAN!!!!.. You know I've got your back, BRUVA!!.... Peace out people, catch me on Mayhem... PEACE!'


    *Jman takes the mic again* 'Give it up for Ma$$ one more time! *crowd goes nuts* Okay, I know I've gone over my alloted time here, hell, the poor camera guy has been giving me the "wrap it the fuck up" signal for 5 minutes now, but there's a few more things I wanna say. I haven't done what I've done here tonight to join the FSA, SuperNova, The Eye, or even my boys in V-3. The reason I'm out here is to let you guys know I'm commited to JBW, I'm commited to becoming Warfare World Champion, I'm commited to you....the JBW fans, and you'll be who I'm fighting for from now on!' *big pop as Jman leaves the ring*

    What a minute, RamJam & Ice Cream 's music hits!!!
    RanJam and Ice Cream Man come out from out of nowhere.... But wait, it's RamJam and Ice cream man! Their attacking Jman!! Wait a minute, Mass comes back and makes the save!!! This is turning into a big brawl!!!

    *JBW Preisdent Brown One appears on the titantron* Hey, hey, hey, since you all want to fight, then we are going to have a torando tag team, thejman93 & Ma$$Dinero vs RanJam & Ice Cream Man!!! *Crowd cheers* Now lets start that match!!!

    Match 4: thejman93 & Ma$$Dinero vs RamJam & Ice Cream Man

    thejman93 & Ma$$Dinero wins!!! This was a great match with both teams beating the hell out of each other but thejman93 & Ma$$ were able to work as a team and pull up a win here tonight!!!
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    We go backstage to The Five Star Attractions five star locker room, where we see a flabergasted Manabu staring at a flat screen plasma, his mouth agape. The rest of The FSA are all looking at Snair, who has a slightly defiant look on his face. The champ may be no mind reader, but he can smell what they're cooking, and his defences are up.

    Marcus Beerstein: Who in the hell is this asshole thinking he is talking about? FSA? Nein, mein freund. We run Warfare, Warfare belong to FSA! Bring me this MassDinero, I smash his head with beer bottle like I did his boyfriend Dave, hehehe!!!

    igetwild: You don't mind, do you Snair?

    Snair: Shut up, midget boy... Remember you're talking to the real champ!

    Manabu: SILENCE!!!! What did I tell you last week, my brothers? We're doing what we set out to do when we originally conceived the blueprint for the Five Star Attraction. We, the Five Star Attraction own this place, and the very mention of our name sends every disease known to mankind running in each and every direction! Say it with me, my brothers.. Who are we?


    Manabu: Yes, my brothers in arms.. Yes we are, and if Mayhems disease of all disease's thinks he can stroll out into our ring, spout whatever the hell he wants, and act like the dog he is-

    Zeus: Just like Xander (Looks at Manabu with a slight grin).

    Manabu: Yes... But worse. That dog needs to be put down, and he needs to be put down tonight.

    Snair: I'll go out there and talk to him. He's my friend and-

    Manabu: HE'S A DISEASE! Your friendship with that dead man walking means nothing to The Five Star Attraction! No, no, our champion of champions, it will be me that cures the JBW of this parasite, you are far too valuble to risk. Right now you need to focus on VKM, TDA and The Prophecy, Snair. Fear not for me, brother, for that cesspool of a friend of yours has just started something contagious that we have to put an end to before it becomes a pandemic. Now, I am going to eat this miserable creature alive, and I trust you ALL have MY back, should the situation get a little... Unpalatable.

    *The FSA all nod their agreement, and Manabu leaves the Five Star Attraction's five star locker room carrying a bag.*

    The camera flips backstage where Zeus Apollo is speaking with fellow FSA member, igetwild about the upcoming match tonight...

    "The last few weeks, I've been let down by my teammates... Two weeks ago it was Trips88, and last week it was Markus. Now you get the opportunity to team with me for the first time, and I can feel the anticipation building within you. Standing next to me will give you this higher sense of power. You will walk taller, and Avidico will fear you. You're a part of the Five Star Attraction, and no one outside of us, can be beat us. We've made a few mistakes as a group the past few weeks, and I think we need..."

    Before Zeus could finish, Trips88 walked into the picture behind him. Zeus sensed his presence and turned around to face him.

    "... To grow stronger. That's where you come in... We need you at your full strength tonight, because we MUST beat Stinger, Avidico and The Alpha Clog... This 20th Episode of Warfare, and we can't lose this one... We need to be feared, and not allow our enemies to gain a psychological edge on us... The descendant of Gods cannot lose to mere useless mortals."

    Zeus turns back to igetwild, and stares him dead in the eyes.

    "We all have our parts to do, and I want you to go and get ready for this match... Let everyone know you're not going to let the title go away so easily..."

    igetwild nods without saying a word, and walks off... Zeus turns back towards Trips88, assuming his leadership role for the moment.

    "I've talked with Manabu and Snair, and we've agreed to extend an invitation to you... Trips, we want you to join the Five Star Attraction. We know that when you're at your peak, you fit right in with us... You're better than anyone from SuperNova, and they held you back. With us, you can be an equal, and have your share of the pie. How's that sound?"

    *Trips88 speaks*

    "Well, alright. I guess I can work as an FSA member for now. I never thought i'd join FSA but hanging with you guys, you guys are pretty good people despite what the fans and the boys in the lockerrooms think of you."

    *Zeus speaks*

    "Good... But hear this, if we don't win tonight... Someone is leaving the Five Star Attraction..."

    Zeus and Trips share a nod, and Trips88 walks off. Zeus looks up towards the ceiling, as the camera zooms towards his face.

    TheDevilsAdvocate has just arrived to the building!!! TheDevilsAdvocate gets out of his BMW Beemer, getting his bags out of his trunk, then proceeds to talk to friends while carrying his bags to his lockerroom. TDA has a match in the main event against Snair in a tables match so he has to be fully-focused on his main event-match tonight.

    Mayhem TV Champ The Sleeper's music hits!!!
    **Sleeper and Helmsley come out and the crowed erupts even louder than when the saw him get out of the car. Sleeper runs down the sides of the aisle on his way to the ring giving all the kids wearing his mask high fives as he does almost every week on Mayhem**

    Sleep: Thank all of you in the JBW nation for that, you sure know how to make a visiter feel welcome.

    **Someone in the crowed yells "you suck" and the whole arena boos him**

    Sleep: I think everybody disagrees with you. Now let me get down to buisness, the reason I'm here tonight is because I want to help Warfare celebrate on this special night.

    **The person in the crowed yells again "RomanFlare is going to destroy you at Monarchy of Aggression" and is once again booed. Sleeper scans the crowed looking for the person, but doesn't find where the screams are coming from**

    Sleep: Anyways, like I was saying tonight I will be putting my undefeated streak on the line here for the Warfare fans to anyone on the Warfare roster.

    **The crowed erupts lowd enough to blow the roof off the arena**

    Music hits but we don't know who it can be!!!
    A mystery man comes down to the ring with a mic in his hands. Wearing a sleveless shirt, and shorts, he looks like one bad dude. This unknown man gets into the ring and goes right in The Sleeper's face.

    Sleep: Well that didn't take long, here we go.

    Unknown man: Before we start this match, I will like to introduce myself. My name is Justice and i'm a hardcore wrestling junkie! I live, breath, and sleep hardcore! As a matter of fact, Sleeper, I want our match to be an extreme rules match! Are you up for it?

    *Sleeper accepts to the extreme rules match as the match gets started*

    HOLY S#@t!!! That was an awesome extreme rules match!!! Both men putting their bodies on the line and taking high-risk moves which made this match even more brutal!!! Although this match ends up in a draw with no one winning the match, both men are winners here tonight for putting on such an extreme match!!!
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    ~Backstage, JBW President Brown One and Markus Beerstein are backstage, interacting with one another~

    Markus Beerstein: Look Brown One, the ref screwed me out of retaining my Warfare TV title against HolyJose!!! You seen how fast he counted for the pin right!? Which means that I deserve to keep my title!!!

    Brown One: Well you did ask the ref to count faster, didn't you?

    Markus Beerstein: Well yeah but thats besides the point, the ref should have been officiating better!!!

    Brown One: Ugh, look, you asked the ref to count faster and he did just that. The ref's call is final man, you lost the TV title. I tell you what, if it makes you feel any better, i'll give you another opportunity to regain your Warfare TV title against HolyJose at Monarchy of Aggression. Sound good?

    Markus Beerstein: Not really what I was hoping for but it will do. I will capture my title from HolyJose and represent the title it should be represented which is being in the FSA!!!

    Warfare Move of the Week
    Presented by AutoZone, get in the zone!
    This is the effective Cloverleaf submission which Sincara has been using in his recent matches on Warfare. Sincara has a personal story of why he uses this submission and thats to pay homage to the late, great Eddie Guerrero. Sincara has won two matches with this submission and if he keeps locking on that submission, it can lead him to big things on Warfare!

    Match 6: The Prophecy vs VKM in a Last Man Standing match

    The Prophecy
    Theme song: Resident Evil
    The Prophecy makes his way to the ring for his brutal last man standing match tonight. The Prophecy has been with JBW since Warfare episode 1, teaming up with his friend but now foe VKM, where he turned on him for a singles career here on Warfare. The Prophecy carries himself as the chosen one in JBW. The Prophecy has been a magnificent competitor in the main event scene, with his gifted technical skills and arrogant ways, possibly a future World Champion here in JBW. The Prophecy slides into the ring and awaits VKM.

    Theme song: Coming Home
    The Holy Trinity VKM, walks down to the ring, with his game face on tonight as he knows what type of match hes getting into. VKM was a JBW original, competing here on Warfare ever since Warfare episode 1, where as you know, he tag teamed with his former partner The Prophecy as The Ego Trips but the group ended due to The Prophecy turning his back on VKM which left VKM to fight on his own. VKM has the confidence, the wrestling skills, and the passion to become a World Champion in JBW. The sky is the limit for VKM on Warfare. VKM gets into the ring and the match gets started!!!

    No winner here as both men were beaten down so bad, they could not get up for the 10 count. This match was brutal. Both men, beaten down to a bloody pulp, neither can stand from that match. This match shows that both men hate each other and this feud will continue for a long time. Awesome Last Man Standing match.
    "Bring a knife to a fist fight, a gun to a knife fight, and a M134 to anything else."

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    We are getting technical difficulties but Nick Riot appears, in a dark room where we still cannot detect his location. We don't even know how he can connect with us from this location but all we know is that everytime he appears on Warfare, we go through technical difficulties. *Nick Riot speaks*

    "So tonight is Warfare's big night, where they celebrate 20 episodes and the success of Warfare. I couldn't physically make an appearance here tonight but I don't need to, because when I do, all hell will break lose. Cause you see, there are things in life you have to have patience for and i'm waiting for the right time to make an impact on Warfare. Let the wrestlers celebrate, let them feel like they accomplished something, they'll just have to wait and see what Nick Riot will do when he arrives on Warfare!"

    We are back from commercial break and these Warfare dancers for the night are really "entertaining" the crowd tonight!!! Hot women and wrestling, isn't this great or what!?

    What the..?! Oh god, It's K-Jammin!

    KJ: " At last, The K-Jam has come to Warfare! *crowd boo's* and what a load of shit this is, i mean it's meant to be a huge occasion, the 20th episode of Warfare and we have a bunch of ugly sluts to celebrate with. I mean look at this girl for example * gets right in the face of one of the strippers* she has a face like a bulldog chewing a stinging nettle. I mean seriously, are these the best sluts you could book for tonight?"

    * He walks up to a stripper who looks really REALLY angry *

    KJ:" You got something to say?"

    Stripper:" Yeah I have something to fucking say I..."

    KJ:" Brush your teeth you whore"

    * Walks up to another stripper *

    KJ:" Now how does someone with such small tits become a stripper? and you hardly have an ass either"

    *Now walks up to the best looking stripper*

    KJ:" Whoaaa, now you are fucking hot! Let me ask you summin' sweetheart, have you ever had a threesome before? Because im engaged to a gorgeous girl and i would LOVE to see you to get it on until i come and inject you both with my love stick, you up for it? I'l happily pay..."

    *Stripper slaps KJ!*

    KJ:" Haha, im joking anyway you filthy slut! * We see two security guards walking down the ramp * What the.. who the fuck sent you guys out here?! It's not like these bitches have feelings, there 90% plastic anyway just look at there tits! Well apart from that one."

    * Security guards are now in the ring and talking to K-Jam *

    KJ:" Okay okay, I'l leave"

    *Gives the HeadJam to one of the guards and kicks the other between the legs*

    KJ: " Right now where was we? Oh yeah . . . Oh for shit!"

    * About 20 guards are now walking down the ramp, KJ jumps out the ring lightning fast and escapes through the crowd! *

    What a douche bag K-Jammin is!!! He makes a first appearance on Warfare and just belittles the hot, Warfare dancers on here tonight! I feel sorry for whoever has to put up with his shitty attitude backstage, in the lockerrooms!!! Moving on to our next match which starts right now!!!

    Match 7: Fernandez Romero vs KJ PUNK

    Fernandez Romero
    Theme song: Let us dance tonight
    JBW's newest Mexican star Fernandez Romero makes his way to the ring to compete in his first match in JBW. We heard a lot of great things from Romero, being a sensation in CMLL and one of the most excellent high flyers and technical wrestlers in JBW. He was born into a rich family, where he gotten everything he wanted and has an arrogant attitude. We look to see his wrestling style right now as he takes on KJ PUNK!!!

    Theme song: Any means
    KJ PUNK makes his way to the ring, ready to take on the newcomer here tonight!!!

    Fernandez Romero wins the match! Fernandez is pretty talented and had an impressive victory tonight. This kid can be JBW's future if he keeps this impressive showing!!!

    ''Bienvenido idiotas y tontos ignorantes ... Bienvenidos a mi show. Mi nombre es Fernández Romero, y para aquellos que no lo sabía, yo soy de una familia real de lucha hasta el final de Argentinia. No sólo soy eso, pero yo soy el salvador para cualquier persona que está mirando JBW. ¿Cómo podrían ustedes incluso ver este programa de lucha estúpida sin ningún talento ni a mí estar en ella, los tontos lavado el cerebro? No te preocupes, me vino a salvar a todos de sus mentes un lavado de cerebro, como he dicho antes. Así que le gusta comer comida chatarra, mientras que la estás viendo esto, o lo que sea, porque eso es probablemente lo que todos los americanos, porque voy a escribir hoy la historia.. In other words, tonight a legend will be born in this ring, and it's name is Fernandez Romero..'' *smiles - crowd booing*

    Romero drops the mic and leaves the ring, showing his arrogant attitude and confidence tonight!
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    ~Todd is backstage with Snair as he interviews him~

    Todd: ladies & gentlemen we have warfare world champ with us here on this spevial occasion

    Snair: Stupid why do you feel the need to introduce me??? when I'm already the face of jbw

    Todd: I'm sorry but can speak of your actions last week against Prophecy?

    Snair: Jelly feet had it coming,its just that he wasn't smart enough to see it.Last week he ran his mouth,trashtalked me and even dared the unstoppable Fsa,like we were supposed to take that lying down.So prophecy while you are watching Cartoonnetwork at home/hospital I've a special advice for ya be careful to what you ask for you just might get it in this age of sinnocence.

    Todd:Tonight is a special occasion,twentieth episode of Warfare.Will you share your memorable moments like your debut on Warfare with the fans.

    Snair: Memorable moments???All I have agony and frustrations to share about jbw.When I first walked through the doors of jbw I told wwtna mark that I wanted to do that noone has ever done before,do the unthinkable entertain the fans with my wresling and noded in agreement.....

    Todd: So why the hate now?

    Snair: dumbass what did i told you about interrupting me*stares at todd*As I was saying boss agreed but then what he does,he puts me in a light wt. championship match. Is that the way to please & motivate your top talent??Although I threw that piece of trash in its rightful place,somehow people were pissed off, they started to boo me out of the arena around that time the good fun loving wrestler in me sinked into my rage of sin which I tried to control all my life but not anymore because I realised holding back anger is just like breedind pioson inside so I decided to let it go & results are there for everyone to see.

    Todd:Now that we know your thoughts about jbw, lets talk about your match with tda tonight

    Snair:*mokes todd in todd's*Lets talk about your match...Who are ordering todd?Lisen todd when I'm good I'm cool but when I'm mad I'm even better so now that Prophecy has gotten my attention I feel TDA's feeling a bit lost & lonely but dont worry the Champ will fulfill his promise of getting your goofy ass paralysed with the most feared move in jbw "Breaking piont".I could've done that at PA but somewhere deepinside I respected you but now as I'm standing here all out of mercy & respect, the reason for your retirement will be 3 things I,ME & MYSELF.

    Match 8: Zeus Apollo, igetwild, and Trips88 vs The Alpha Dog, Stinger187, and Avidico

    The Five Star Attraction
    Theme Song: Five Star Domination
    Representing the FSA, Zeus Apollo, igetwild, and FSA's new member Trips88 walks down to the ring like an army, joining side by side to win their 6 man tag team match tonight.

    The Alpha Dog, Stinger187, and Avidico
    The Alpha Dog's theme!!!
    The Alpha Dog, Stinger187, and Avidico makes there way to the ring, as they look to defeat the FSA in this tag team match tonight!!!

    Zeus Apollo, igetwild, and Trips88 wins the match!!! This was a great 6 man tag team match but the FSA were victorious tonight!!!

    A white limo pulls up......... and its none other then the JBW CEO WWTNA!!! What will he say to our JBW fans, you will have to find out next!!!
    "Bring a knife to a fist fight, a gun to a knife fight, and a M134 to anything else."

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    WWTNA is here!!! What a surprise to see him!!!
    The CEO of JBW, WWTNA, wearing a Taylor Made suit, styling and profiling tonight! He wants down to the ring with a mic in his hands, which means he will address the JBW fans right here tonight. WWTNA gets into the ring and starts to speak,

    WWTNA: Hey JBW fans, are you having a great time or what?! *Crowd cheers* Haha Thanks what I like to hear! Now, I have to say that it feels great to be on the 20th episode of Warfare! I remember like it was yesterday, where people used to shoot this company down, saying that this company wouldn't last too long and that this was a horrible company. 5 months later, JBW has gotten bigger and bigger and we became #1 on the market! *Croud cheers* I know you all already know this but JBW is being sued for submarginal messages. *Crowd boos* I know, it stinks but JBW will not let this lawsuit take us down! We will fight this lawsuit and go back to being the #1 federation we are!!! *Crowd cheers* Thank you for your time and enjoy the rest of Warfare!!!

    Tad Locust's music hits, what is this about!?!
    Tad Locust gets inside the ring and speaks to WWTNA,

    Tad Locust: Hey boss, if I can have a minute of your time, that would be great.

    WWTNA: Sure. What do you need?

    Tad Locust: I just have some very major news that concerns JBW. Here it goes. Over the past few weeks I have been gathering every clue possible to find out who attacked IPITB at Global Uprising.When I said the person who did this was a JBW employee all of you people laughed it off being the naive marks you always have been and always will.So,Without futher ado,The person who attacked IPITB at GU is................The Brown One! You see,ever since JBW was founded,The Brown One has disguised himself as WWTNA's 1# yesman. However, this whole time hes been trying to sabotoge JBW while working with EWNCW. By commiting this assault, he was trying to make IPITB never want to step into a JBW ring again.Therefore causing yet another defection to EWNCW. In fact I saw him talking on the phone to one of EWNCWs biggest stars in the back.He is also the one who ratted out JBW and caused this company to get sued in yet another attempt to sabotoge us. Its really obvious Brown One still associates with our enemy which is EWNCW and he is trying to kill JBW and I won't allow it! *Crowd in shock as well as WWTNA*

    WWTNA: Wait just a second, so you are telling me that Brown One was the person behind the subliminal messages, behind the attacks on IPITB, and is working undercover for JBW? Well, this doesn't sound right and we are going to get to the bottom of it. Brown One, would you please come out here?

    Brown One walks to the ring with a mic in his hands and speaks,

    Brown One: WWTNA, don't listen to him, hes lying! I have 100% loyalty for JBW! I will never do anything shady!

    Tad Locust: Well then, explain why I found you talking with an EWNCW star?

    Brown One: What? I wasn't...

    Tad Locust: I have proof right here. I taped the whole conversation Brown One had with an EWNCW star. Listen to it JBW fans,
    Brown One: Hey man, hows it going? Are you doing okay?

    Unknown caller: Nothing man, trying to get back on my feet, trying my hardest to heal from the pain and the nagging injuries. My goal is to get my World title back! That is my #1 goal at the ery moment.

    Brown One: I know how important the World title means to you but you need to work on bettering yourself first, work on your health before rushing into accomplishing your goal. Your health comes first man.

    Unknown caller: Thanks for the advice Brown One. Really appreciate the advice man. I have to go, see ya.
    Tad Locust: You see JBW, our defecter Brown One here was talking to an EWNCW star which his name is, I don't know, SHURIKEN!!! *Crowd looks disappointed as well as WWTNA*

    Brown One: You cannot be serious, right??? Tad Locust, you have lost your damn mind!

    Tad Locust: Don't try to turn the tables on me Brown One. My evidence are far too strong for you to even make a statement for yourself. I guess the Mayhem subliminal message lawsuit and IPITB's attacks wasn't your fault seeing as though you ARE the JBW President, right? Just fess up to your mistakes Brown One. We all know that you are trying to play dirty tatics around here to make JBW look bad.

    Brown One: I don't need to fess up for something i'm innocent in! You are insane and you need to go to the back because you are already making things worse for you!

    WWTNA: THAT IS ENOUGH!!! I'm ending this right now! Brown One, I want you in my office and Tad Locust, I want you to go to your lockerroom! We are going to settle this in private matters and not in front of the JBW fans!!!

    Tad Locust leaves to the back as WWTNA and Brown One head's to WWTNA's office. I surely don't like the looks of this.
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