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    *We begin Showdown with a video from after last week’s Showdown. G-Scorp is shown doing what no one else on the roster has done so far and storms the offices of T1CG without worrying about the crap around the office like the large penis made out of blue whale blubber, the large fat men in panda bear costumes, and the Venus Fly trap with a vagina mouth being penetrated by an Eskimo*

    G-Scorp: I know you dont like me and I hate your fucking guts!! But you are going to do me a favor whether you like it or not and that is to hand me the match I want, the dream match everyone wants to see... G-Scorp vs Sin at the Mouth of Madness!!

    T1CG: You got me wrong G-String I love you lots but I can’t just go around giving away matches to everyone that demands it my darling.. I’ll tell you a few things I can do though?

    G:Scorp: I dont need to hear about how you get off, or what makes you blow, or how you spend your weekends.. I could even care less about what you can’t do.. But im gonna tell you what I can do, and thats kick your arse creepshow!! I’ve done it once and ill do it again!! So hand me Sin one on one in the ring at the PPV!!

    T1CG: Tell you what sugarpie... I will make the match G-Scorp vs Sin at the PPV this Friday, but you act like this wasn’t underway already.. You are definitely one of the biggest stars on my show *looks at Scorp from the feet up and licks his lips*, oh and im not talking about wrestling.. Also let Daniel May know that I have added my Iron Man to the RedRuM vs Caesar match.. Since I know you both speak Australian, the horrid language that it is, English is a much better language for you people to speak.. Please send him a boomerang, a baby eating dingo message, or whatever it is you do to communicate in the land down under.. But yes, you have your match with Sin, my dream love..

    G-Scorp: That’s what im talking about you shitty assfuck!! But there’s one more thing that could make this a sweeter deal and way worth my while..

    T1CG: And what is that??

    *G-Scorp grabs T1CG and slams his head against the desk*

    G-Scorp: Not as satisfying as I thought it would be..

    *T1CG starts licking the blood thats leaking from his head*

    T1CG: Hmmm a bit salty, but not like Lion sperm..

    *G-Scorp superkicks T1CG in the face and he goes down.. G-Scorp smiles at the camera then walks to the light switch, flicks it off, then on, and he has vanished once again, now our show is about to begin*

    JBW Presents IN THE MOUTH OF MADNESS theme:
    Faith No More & Boo Yaa Tribe – Another Body Murdered

    Sly: Hello everyone, we are coming live from the Showdown Arena in Los Angeles, CA!! This is Showdown’s very first PPV, In The Mouth Of Madness!! We are over capacitated here at the Arena, its sold out plus some!! I’m Sly Sylvesterstein..

    Larry: And I am the living legend, Larry Zbysko.. What a party this has turned out to be.. I got a pygmy dwarf elephant giving me a snout job under my desk, courtesy of our amazing GM T1CG.. Also he gave me some Rhinoceros Tranquilizers to counteract this Crystal Meth.. The Synergy tonight tells me its gonna be one facefuck of a show tonight..

    Sly: I gotta admit it, Zbysko.. The energy in the air tonight reeks of something epic.. Now let’s take a look at tonight’s card..


    1. Showdown Battle Royale: Texas Taylor, Lee Gun Kim, Danny Tatum, Alexi “The Android” Asminov, Wes Goldman, Loki, Aeriel, Tortuga, and the Devil Bahamut..

    2. Showdown Tag Team Championship: ©Broc and Sully vs The Hallucinogenics

    3. Showdown TV Championship: ©RedRuM vs Caesar vs Daniel May

    4. G-Scorp vs Sin

    5. Kevin Matthews vs Morrison Martel

    6. Showdown Heavyweight Championship: ©Shining Light vs Kayden James

    Sly: The card has been shown, and we’re about to get this show on the road..

    Larry: Just shut the fuck up Sly, you and your on the road schtick, goddamn it.. We only perform at the Showdown Arena, so there is no road to go down, you fucking putz!!

    *Texas Taylor, Lee Gun Kim, Danny Tatum, The Android, Wes Goldman, Tortuga, Loki, Aeriel, & the Devil Bahamut come down to the ring, to the JBW Showdown theme song*

    Sly: Well im beginning to see the talent heading to the ring.. We’re gonna set things off with a Showdown Battle Royal so we can showcase the talent on our show..

    Larry: Pssh, the only talent on this show is Larry Zbysko and Caesar.. The rest of you guys couldn’t hold a needle to the heroine filled veins in my arms.. But im not one to just talk, we’ll show you guys tonight..

    Sly: Larry, all you do is talk.. You’re a bully.. Not a legend..

    *Larry puts his knuckle imprint into Sly’s forehead*

    Larry: Legendary bully, you fucking shit, now where’s my coke at??

    Sly: The elephant snorted it..

    Larry: That’s what im talking about..

    Sly: And I’m talking about this Battle Royal.. Everyone is in the ring, and lets get to the MADNESS!!

    *It’s now down to 4 people, Lee Gun Kim, Danny Tatum, Tortuga, and the Devil Bahamut. Lee Gun Kim hits Tortuga with multiple kicks to the shins, the thighs, the chest and then ending with a strong kick to the face. Tatum rushes towards Bahamut with a shoulder tackle but it does not move the 6’11 monster. Bahamut goes for a strong clothesline but Tatum ducks. Tatum reaches in his trunks to grab the knucklebuster, he hits Bahamut in the face but the big man does not go down and his devil-like face looks angry.. He grabs Tatum by the neck and then tosses him over the top rope, but Bahamut is not finished, he climbs over the top rope to go after Tatum, eliminating himself. Bahamut does not care as he chokeslams Tatum onto the railing. Its now down to Kim and Tortuga, Kim is still kicking at the downed Tortuga.. Another kick from Kim and Tortuga grabs the foot, and counters it into a dragon screw.. Kim rolls over to the mat, but kips up and then hits Tortuga with the Boma Ye. Tortuga goes down and Kim goes for the top rope. He stands on top and lands the 720 splash.. 1-2-3 and Kim wins the Battle Royal*

    Sly: A big win for the Korean Slaughterhouse Lee Gun Kim.. He beat the odds, and showed the world he still has it in him..

    Larry: Fuck the Korean BBQ house, all they eat are dogs and cats anyway.. Keep your pets away when Lee Gun Kim is in the building because they will be on the menu..

    Sly: That was horribly racist, Zbysko..

    Larry: *Shrugs* What’s new?

    Sly: Your right, this should be expected from an old drug addict like yourself.. But we have to applaud Lee Gun Kim for opening the show by winning this Battle Royal..

    Larry: I don’t have to applaud shit, you sneaky Spaniard bastard.. I know all about your Inquisitions.. I wrestled back then too, beat Hogan’s great great great grandfather with a burned at the stake match.. He was delicious..
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    Sly: I don’t know what’s worse, you or T1CG.. But let’s get to Broc and Sully, who’s in the back preparing for their next upcoming title defense..

    *Broc and Sully are in Sully’s locker room preparing for their title match tonight against the Hallucinogenics*

    Broc: Ya know I'm kinda nervous..

    DS: About what??

    Broc: Well this match, I mean what if we lose? Where do we go from there??

    DS: Well if we lose it will be your fault.. So where we go from there, will be me kicking your ass..

    Broc: Oh shut the fuck up, we all know if we lose, it will be due to you.. But we won't lose to begin with so no need to worry..

    DS: No the fuck it won't who won our match, huh?

    Broc: Okay come on you know my shoe was untied..

    DS: Come on, that didn't affect anything..

    Broc: Oh come on, we all know I'm the best thing from Pittsburgh so there's no need to be jealous..

    DS: I don't have to take this.... I'm leaving

    *Broc looks relatively angry as he knows what's about to happen*

    DS: Wait get the fuck..

    Broc: I FUCKING KNOW!!

    *Broc exits the locker room, and goes to his own locker room to prepare for the match. The camera man then peeks around the corner backstage to see Kayden James on his knees praying*

    Kayden: God grant me the strength to defeat the enemy before me. This Devil is unlike most I have encountered. He is blinded by the wiles of beezlebub and refuses to see the pureness of the message I have been trying to teach. I have done your will, I have tried to preach to the unsavable vermon in the Showdown arena because it is what you commanded me.

    *The Archangel stops and takes a deep breath before proceeding*

    Kayden: But why God? Why has this been so difficult for me? Have I not done your will? I have fought daily to do as you have told me and he just walks up out of nowhere and gets two mindless followers and the Showdown Heavyweight Championship. I have not and will not ask anyone for help. Until you tell me otherwise I will do as I've been told.

    *Kayden takes another deep breath and a single tear falls to the floor*

    Kayden: I understand....I know you have a plan for me. It's times like this where a man's faith is tested. I will not fail you. *gets back to his feet* I will unleash heaven's fury on Shining Light and his mindless cronies. In your name I pray, Amen.

    *The Camera ducks back quickly as to not be seen*

    Sly: Powerful words from the Archangel, that definitely brought a tear to my face..

    Larry: It’s because you’re a pussy, you West Iranian carpet flyer.. So what about his prayer, I pray every day for just another hit.. And they always get answered, usually from Tommy Two Pockets or Manuelito at the Bodega..

    Sly: *straight faced* Well on another note, we seen our tag champions, once again colliding with each other and I begin to wonder how far this rivalry between family can go..

    Larry: Its weird to see a tag team with their own separate locker rooms.. What kind of prima donna shit is that?? Back in the early 80s, we all shared the same locker room, and we shared wives and partners too.. Jimmy Hart had the best reach around in the nation, its from holding that megaphone..

    Sly: Yeah another gross memory from the Living Legend.. But let’s move on to our Showdown Tag Team Championship match!!

    *The Hallucinogenics theme plays, Contraband comes through alone while the lights flash like an underground rave.. The big biker strokes his beard and then points toward the ring. Narcotic then follows out the back like a rabid dog with red bloodshot eyes. They make their way down the ring, where Contraband stands in the middle of the ring and flicks off his shades, while Narcotic walks around the ring, pacing non-stop*

    Larry: You know I hate this fucking young music!! Its nothing but noise but this shit tonight *eyes and nostrils get wide* has my rhino tranquilizers on fucking focus mode!! Whoa!!!

    Sly: These two look focused for the tonight’s title match!!

    Larry: Contraband looks focused, but Narcotic looks higher than Pterodactyl nuts.. Im tryna get up there with you, Narcotic.. After the show you gotta put me on some new high..

    Sly: We’ll see if they can take this match to a new high..

    *Broc and Sully’s theme plays, they come out from the back and two cannons fire black and yellow confetti out to the crowd.. They walk down the ring with the titles in hand, both shoving each other slightly while showing love to the fans down the aisle.. They both slide in the ring, and then bounce off the ropes.. They run towards each other and jump to bump chests with each other as a firework shoots off alongside the collision*

    Larry: *sighs* Here goes the Shitsburgh Cop-A-Feelers, Broc and Dave Sullivan..

    Sly: That’s Pittsburgh, and the team is called the Steelers..

    Larry: No Pittsburgh is Shitsburgh, have you ever been there??

    Sly: Yes I have and I love..

    Larry: Shut the fuck up, Sly.. You’re a fucking liar, we all know Pittsburgh is a fucking hell hole.. Don’t lie on a PPV broadcast like that ever again.. I swear to fucking god, ill choke you with my heroin arm tie..

    Sly: Point taken, Larry.. We shall see who will be retaining or obtaining the Showdown Tag Championship right now!!

    *Larry then pulls out a water baloon filled with cocaine, he pulls it down then slingshots the powder into his nostril, as his eyes roll like a slot machine*

    *Narcotic has Sullivan in the corner as he lays shoulder after shoulder block into the sternum of Sully. He then grabs Sullivan as he positions them both on the top rope and tags in Contraband.. They set up the for the Acid Trip spike piledriver. It connects and Sully is out, Contra goes for the pin.. 1….. 2…… And Broc slides back in from outside the ring and stomps Contraband off his cousin.. Narcotic bounces off the rope and tries to hit Broc with the mafia kick, Broc sidesteps it and turns it into a figure four leglock in the middle of the ring.. Narcotic flails wildly but doesn’t show any pain.. Contraband gets up but Sully comes from behind with a low blow, it hit so hard that Contra had to roll out the ring. Broc still holds the figure four while Sully goes to the top rope.. Sully leaps into the sky and connects the legdrop. Narcotic is out as Broc releases the hold, Sully goes for the pin, 1….. 2….. and Broc pulls Sully off of Narcotic, Broc then places his foot on Narcotic’s chest and poses for the 1….2…. Now Sully pulls Broc off Narcotic, they stare each other down for a second and then they both place a foot on Narcotic, 1….. 2…… 3….. The Tag Champs retain*

    Sly: What an amazing match of back and forth offense from both teams.. Broc and Sully, all differences aside, have proven to be the best tag team in Showdown..

    Larry: What the fuck ever, if I tagged up with my boy Caesar.. We’d be holding the gold.. Ides of March + Larryland = Not fair for these no talent having scumbag worthless indy trash.. Those fucking Pittsburgh idiots fucked up my chances at partying with the Hallucinogenics.. Fuck them!!


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    Sly: You and Caesar, you and Caesar!! What is up with you two, Ive never seen you so into another wrestler besides yourself..

    Larry: He reminds me of myself, well minus the drugs, but we’ll fix that soon enough..

    Sly: Speaking of Caesar, lets head to Montgomery Madsen with one of Caesar’s opponents tonight, the Showdown Television Champ, RedRuM!!

    Larry: How many fucking times do I have to say this, you Bangkok peanut sauce eating muay thai elephant herder!! It’s the Showdown Championship of TV Dinners!!

    Sly: *Shakes head* I refuse to call it that..

    *RedRuM is at the craft table getting his plate full with various items from the menu and talking to various people going by. For him, he's actually in a pretty decent mood. For him. Out of nowhere, Montgomery Madsen, runs up from the right side and grabs 'Rum by the arm. RedRuM loses his plate and before he even knows who knocked it out of his hand, he punches the person with his left hand.*


    *RedRuM walks over to Madsen. and holds his hand out. The B.A.N hesitates and takes it. RedRuM helps him up and then kicks him in the leg.*

    RedRuM: "You a real fuckin' asshole muthafucka! Now that you made a damn mess with my food and shit, all over the fuckin' place, got me covered in fuckin' BBQ sauce... SHIT'S FUCKIN' NASTY! What the fuck you want any damn way?"

    Madsen: *Hesitant* Umm Well... I really don't know how to say this but umm...."

    RedRuM: "If you don't spit that shit tha' fuck out in like 2 seconds, I'ma fuck you up."

    *Montgomery is confused at how calm 'RuM sounded right there and double checks to see if he's talking to the right guy.*

    RedRuM: "WELL NIGGA??!?!?! SPIT YO' SHIT!"

    Madsen: "Well... T1CG gave Daniel May another shot at your Championship. And we.. Well we would like t-t-t-to know how you feel about that"

    RedRuM: "And? So the fuck what? I whooped that pussies ass once, I'll do it again and shit. I'ma go through Caesar again tonight, get my fuck on and then fuck up May again on SHOWDOWN!, what the fuckin' problem with that?"

    *RedRuM goes to walk away when he hears the B.A.N. whisper lowly: "It's a Threeway Dance...", 'RuM looks infuriated... He turns back to Madsen and grabs him by his shirt collar and lifts him up face to face.*

    RedRum: "Say that shit one mo' 'gain, nigga? Just... on mo' 'gain..."

    Madsen: *While struggling to breathe.* "Triple Threat match... you... Caesar... and now May...."

    *The B.A.N's eyes roll into the back of his head and he passes out from lack of oxygen. 'RuM tosses him down and paces back and forth. He sits down and starts talking to a passed out Madsen.*

    RedRuM: "You see what the fuck done happened to yo' ass? Huh? See that? That's 'gon happen to them muthafucka's... I'ma fuck 'em both up... and then I'm gonna' go pay a visit to T1CG... that nigga' owes me some damn explanations and shit."

    *'Rum reaches into the B.A.N's pocket and pulls out a wallet. He looks inside and pulls out a wad of money and a coupe credit cards. He puts the wallet back into the pocket, gets up and walks back to the craft table. He gets his food again and steps on Madsen's body to get over him. We cut back to the ring, the lights are dim and then a golden sparkler goes off as Daniel May runs through the backstage area as his theme plays*

    Sly: The former Showdown Heavyweight World Champion, Daniel May.. He is an incredible worker in the ring, but has been falling short at title matches ever since he lost the Showdown World Title..

    Larry: He’s a scum sucking loser, Sly.. Have you ever seen Crocodile Dundee?? Did you see his knife?? Fuck that, all of them wank stains are the same.. Koala bears and Kangaroos.

    *Sly calls Larry an idiot under his breath*

    Larry: Did you say something??

    Sly: Nope, just excited about this 3 way dance, this is gonna be mixed up of three different styles, we have the technician, the psychologist, and the hardcore enthusiast champion..

    *Caesar’s theme plays as he gets carried by chariot to the ring*

    Larry: Now this is how you get into a match.. Pure class, plus the horse ate some special K.. You know where my money’s at..

    Sly: On Caesar..

    Larry: No my money goes to my drug habit, but I am confident that tonight is Caesar’s night..

    Sly: Not if May or the champion, RedRuM have a say in that..

    Larry: Trust me, I have a say in it.. Tonight Caesar goes over, point blank..

    *RedRuM’s theme plays loudly through the arena, the crowd goes wild as our Television Champion comes down with a cart full of hardcore weaponry*

    Larry: Fuck you RedRuM.. Fuck your greasy lips, and your musky scent when you walk by.. Buy some fucking deodorant you Television Dinner Champ!!

    Sly: Hater alert!!

    Larry: Damn right I hate the fucking talentless shitbag named RedRuM.. He’s the only guy who gets paid with Welfare checks to work here and he doesn’t have to work at all to get Welfare.. Hahahaha I couldn’t make this shit up if I wanted to..

    Sly: Actually I think you did make that up.. RedRuM gets the Television champ’s salary.. Believe me I know, my cousin Seth Sylvesterstein is the accountant..

    Larry: Yeah you, walk like an Egyptian, Beetle collecting, hand tutting, Cleopatra cross dressers all stick together now don’t ya??

    Sly: Im gonna refuse to answer that too, you pompous ass!!

    *Larry slaps the shit out of Sly*

    *RedRuM and May are hitting each other back and forth with chairs, but neither of these guys will drop to a knee.. They are both bleeding from the face and the fatigue is beginning to set in.. Caesar sets up a chair in the ring bounces off the ropes and then vaults off the chair over the ropes. Smashing his body onto both RuM and May. Caesar covers May on the outside. 1…. 2… Kick out by the former champ, Caesar picks May up and then begins to whip him towards the steel steps. May reverses and Caesar collides into the steel steps. May rushes forward with baseball sliding kick to the face of Caesar. But here goes RedRuM with the aluminum bat as he hits a homerun on the head of May. RuM goes for the cover,1….. 2…… 3….. RuM rolls into the ring with blood dripping down his brow, he gets his belt and raises it in the air.. Zbysko takes his headset off and rushes into the ring.. RuM notices Zbysko heading toward him and counters with a drop toe hold onto a trash can.. Caesar grabs RuM’s leg and drags him away from Zbysko. RuM kicks Caesar off but Zbysko hits RuM with a clothesline to the back of the head. Security rushes down to the ring to split things up. RuM heads to the back, while Zbysko smiles and waves bye to the TV champ.. He gives Caesar a quick pep talk and they pat each other on the back. Zbysko heads back to the announcing table*

    Larry: You see that Sly, I told you it was going to be Caesar’s night..

    Sly: Caesar lost Larry..

    Larry: The battle not the war, you gotta know how to get into these kids’ heads.. They all think they’re the fucking bees knees.. It’s a game of strategy, Sly..

    Sly: I’m impressed, Larry.. But still RedRuM wasn’t taken out on any stretcher.. He walked to the back, and you might have to watch your back..

    Larry: Not the way he’s busted open, the doc is gonna need to stitch that up, stat. Everything is falling into place, just like how this pygmy elephant knows to grab my junk with her trunk when I sit down at this very table.. I mean she even gets the zipper.. Im telling you, this night is only gonna get better..

    Sly: Oh this is sickening, but right now we have Adrian Roberts backstage with G-Scorp who is getting ready to face the evil sadistic Sin..

    *We see Showdown’s main reporter, Adrian Roberts, standing in the interview area with G-Scorp*
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    Roberts: Adrian Roberts with JBW Showdown Backstage!! G-Scorp if we can have your thoughts on tonights fight with Sin?

    G-Scorp: I dont have any thoughts

    Roberts: You must have some feelings towards this match??

    G-Scorp: No, No feelings at all towards this match

    Roberts: You’re making my job harder then it needs to be Scorp..

    *G-Scorp just stares unimpressed at the interviewers demeanor*

    Roberts: OK ladies and gentleman, I’ll be taking bets on whether or not i can get an answer out of G-Scorp or not? Look Scorps, buddy, we just...

    G-Scorp: You just what? want my reactions, my thoughts on the match... while you try and get a cheap laugh at my expense, I still am going through the nightmare of what Sin and his faggety mates did to me in that tent, i still cant sleep at night, i cant think properly, i dont even think im the same person anymore so this is the deal, tonight i am taking the personal matters out of this match as i believe that cost me my european champion against avidico, instead i am determined to win this match and when i do i am going to rip that mask of Sins face and show the world the true face of evil... and to the rest of the erotic circus.... to interfere in my match is to tick the final item of your bucket list, so tonight after i defeat Sin and reveal his true face then the erotic circus will finally get what they wanted... to be screwed by the G-Scorp.

    *We then get a video recap of what happened at the Showdown Press Conference. We get the scene where EWNCW’s Primus Khan, comes to invade and then his beheading by Lee Gun Kim. The next excerpt from the recap is of Sin eating the head of Primus Khan. We then see static and then another final scene with Sin regurgitating the skinless skull of Primus Khan back to the floor*

    Sly: Larry, you’re one gross old bastard.. Our beloved GM, one gross and creepy bastard.. But Sin, he’s pure evil…

    Larry: Not for the faint of heart, that’s for sure.. But neither is Lanny Poffo when he regurgitates heads, and I don’t mean the one with a brain inside.. He could do it all, even to himself.. Yeah the 80s were the greatest, I know you’re all jealous..

    Sly: Im more jealous of whoever banged Molly Ringwald in the 80s..

    Larry: How old were you in 83??

    Sly: I was 25..

    Larry: What a fucking pedo-bear, I guess it takes one to know one huh, Sly?? *winks at Sly*

    Sly: Not really, Larry..

    Larry: *Slaps Sly hard in the back, so hard that when he hits him, Sly coughs* Stop the shit, Sly.. Molly Ringwald was like 14 then.. Hahahaha, you act all high and mighty, but come on this if fucking Showdown..

    Sly: You got a point there, this is JBW’s Extreme Extremity.. Nothings falls short of Bizarre and Action packed around here..

    *Sin’s Music plays as the arena goes dark with yellow lights and green mist beginning to fill the arena*

    Sly: This guy literally scares the shit out of me Larry..

    Larry: I can tell by the way your grasping onto my arm, you fucking fun boy!!

    Sly: Oh excuse me, im sorry.. I didn’t mean to, Larry..

    Larry: Yeah whatever I knew you were a cock smoker..

    *G-Scorp’s theme plays as a light blue waterfall of sparks pours down over the entrance. G-Scorp walks through as the crowd goes wild.. He stands as the sparks fall upon him, he then points at the ring and then rushes it*

    Sly: Here goes the former European champion, G-Scorp.. We’ve seen a new side to him, he’s been fierce and phenomenal in his battle against the Erotic Circus..

    Larry: Yeah he’s done a lot of amazing shit, but its not as amazing as let’s say ecstacy and acetone being shot into the main artery in your neck.. Now that right there cannot be toppled..

    Sly: Im just gonna have to take your word for it, Zbysko.. What I do know is that G-Scorp told us tonight he is going to unmask this nimble monster known as Sin..

    Larry: Good luck with that, Sin would literally eat the hand that touches that mask.. We’ve seen it on live television..

    Sly: It was truly disturbing.. Our sorrows go out to the family of Primus Khan.. Now we are heading to a battle, a man vs a monster, who will stand triumphant?? I don’t know, but this match is about to be underway..

    *Sin has G-Scorp in an Eastern Stretch, but G-Scorp refuses to tap out. Sin begins to stretch Scorp even further as his foot gets loose and he launches Sin off.. Scorp then follows up with a dragon sleeper and begins to choke out G-Scorp. Sin begins to claw at Scorp’s arms as they begin to bleed while he locks the Dragon Sleeper even tighter.. The lights go off and then on, and now Sin is out of the lock and onto the top rope. Sin leaps off but Scorp springboards off the rope with a Shining Wizard to the face of Sin.. Sin is down, and Scorp goes for the cover, 1….. 2….. 3…… G-Scorp wins the match. He then grabs Sin by the bottom of his mask begins to lift it up revealing that reptilian grey skin and sharp fanged teeth, but Sin grabs the mask also to cover his grotesque face. Sin flings himself back tearing the bottom of the mask, he then rolls out the ring and then the lights go off, cut back on and Sin is gone again. G-Scorp waves the ripped mask around and celebrates his win*

    Sly: What a match that was, it’s too bad that Scorp didn’t get to reveal the hideous face of Sin..

    Larry: I told you that Scorp wouldn’t be able to remove the mask.. Ive been right all night, this PPV should really be called
    Zbysko’s I Told You So Extravaganza!!

    Sly: You never said that Scorp wouldn’t be able to remove Sin’s mask.. You said Sin would eat his hand..

    Larry: Same shit, you fucking puss dripping cunt!! Read between the lines, goddamnit..

    Sly: Well whatever it is, I must say that this was one exciting match, and I don’t think this feud is over yet between these two..

    *Kevin Matthews theme plays as the stage and ramp area become engulfed in smoke. The lights flash on and off as the silhouette of Matthews is shown while the smoke clears. He lifts one hand in the air and then BOOM!! A large explosion as Matthews heads down to the ring with a mic in hand*

    Matthews: I admit it, the other night, I lost the World Heavyweight Championship. But for anybody who thinks this is the beginning of a new era, YOU ARE WRONG, if you think this is the start of The Shining Light Era, you are wrong! Because Shining Light was great one night, ONE night, in this ring this past week on Showdown, Shining Light was AWESOME! I will admit it, he was on the ball but it was ONE NIGHT! I am great EVERY NIGHT! And that championship belt that Shining Light is wearing around his waist, it gravitates towards greatness, and you know what that means? That means it will come back to me! It will find its way home because I OWN it! Shining Light was good once. I own the world Heavyweight Championship on Showdown, and the rematch clause is rock solid, there is no way out, but I never said when I can use it!! I made a deal with that sick fucking ugly bastard T1CG, where I can use this clause anytime there is a Showdown event going on.. The greatest rematch in the history of this industry, Shining Light/Kevin Matthews II will happen!! And when it is over, I will stand in this ring as a four time World Heavyweight Champion! And I can promise you this (exits the ring) I can promise you this, when I do, I will come back here and I will jam that championship belt *faces a front row fan yelling at me* DOWN EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOUR THROATS! *drops the mic as he gets ready for his revenge on Morrison Martel*
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    *Morrison Martel’s theme plays as he walks down the ring with a beautiful woman, Martel is holding a dog leash that is connected to a leather clad masked man walking on all fours and a spiked collar*

    Larry: Why is their fucking dogs in the building, im allergic..

    Sly: You’re allergic to dogs??

    Larry: Just the gay ones, like that one with the leash on..

    Sly: That’s a man..

    Larry: Shut that up, Sly.. You can’t fool me, I know a Shitzu when I see one..

    Sly: He’s the size of a small gorilla..

    Larry: Or a large Shitzu..

    Sly: Whatever, the ref just laid out the ground rules for tonight’s match and they will clash right now!!

    *Morrison Martel hits Matthews with a strong DDT, leaving his victim face down in the mat. He then stands over Matthews and does a hip swivel and then flicks his sweat onto Matthews.. The woman steps onto the apron as the ref sends his attention to her. The ref tells her to get off the apron but she kisses the ref. The masked man with the collar then pulls out the 24 inch double dong dildo and tosses it in the ring.. Martel stomps at Matthews then grabs the Dildo.. He grabs Matthews by the legs as Kevin lays down on his back, he opens the legs like he’s gonna drop a headbutt to the groin, but uses the dildo and tries to shove it up Matthews’ ass. Matthews scoots up and out the way immediately, protecting his manhood, and hits Morrison with the facebuster.. The ref turns around as Matthews goes for the cover, 1….. 2… Foot on the ropes.. Matthews is furious as he begins to drop knees on Martel’s face.. He then picks Morrisson up again and hits him with a roaring elbow.. Morrison is down, Kev goes for the pin again, 1…. 2.. Shoulder up… Kev then picks up Morrison and drops him with a Screwdriver, here comes the pin, 1…. 2… 3…. Matthews wins the match, but the masked man slides into the ring and hits Matthews with a running bulldog from behind.. He then places his foot onto the neck of Matthews, and begins to choke the former world champ. The woman gets Martel up and then Martel grabs Matthews by the legs and drops the headbutt to the groin. The masked man and Martel, begin to beat on the winner of this match. Matthews is out cold, and the woman then seductively sits above Kevin’s groin area and she begins a slow grinding lapdance. Matthews is still out cold, the woman then gets handed the dildo and she stuffs it in Kev’s mouth. Morrison yells to Matthews “Next time its your asshole, sugar lumps”*

    *Shining Light’s music plays, a row of lit candles is set along the ramp as he walks from under the busted Jabetron with a hooded shroud over his head covering his eyes but not his mouth and the Showdown World Championship around his waist. As he walks passed each set of candles, their light goes out until he makes it to the ring with Loki and Aeriel. The Vatican Assassin tells his henchmen to get rid of the filth in the ring as they begin kick Matthews out of the ring and onto the pavement. Shining Light paces around for a few minutes, stands in the ring and takes a deep breath*

    Shining Light: Well it would seem that I have had a busy week... But first I would like to take a few moments of your time to explain the events that occurred on Showdown last Friday night. As all of you will know by now... at the end of the show, a section of the crowd's seating area collapsed, leaving several fans trapped underneath the debris and crying for help. I can assure you that those people are fine and only suffered moderate bruising. However, during the walk back to my locker room after the show had ended, I was surprised to see people pointing at me and shouting "Why did you do it Shining? They've done nothing to you!" . The events that took place on Showdown were tragic, however they were not linked to me in any way... As any Court Of Law will tell you, the fact that the incident occurred whilst I was on the JabeTron is merely a coincidence. In fact, it could be put down to a violation of "Health and Safety" regulations, as the seating arrangements must not have met the standards that are set. You people have no right to accuse me of something I have not done, and rest assured that those of you who immediately pointed the finger at me will be forced to apologize to me.

    But let's not focus on the gloom and doom when we finally have something to celebrate in these dark times. As all of you will know by now, I am the new Showdown Heavyweight Champion. I am aware of the fact that some of you vapid hypocrites will class my victory as a “fluke”, but it doesn’t matter. For a win is still a win, and in this case, it is a very big win. I would like to remind everyone that we are currently in the midst of a “Holy War” and I hope that none of you are thinking that my victory will persuade me to call an end to it. The Lord has given me a mission and nothing can distract me from it. For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

    Myself and my Assassin's Creed are on a mission to bring peace and salvation to this world, as instructed by our Lord and Savior. I urge all of you to repent for your sins and ask for forgiveness, as it is only a matter of time before the "New World" is upon us. The Lord has blessed us with incredible strength and wisdom, and needless to say... I am the best here on Showdown! I don't need titles to prove my strength, all I need is the love of my Lord, for I will know that despite whatever happens... he will always be with me. Loki and Aeriel have made a wise choice in choosing to join my Assassin's Creed and Heaven is still rejoicing at the news.

    And now... I speak directly to you Kayden James. You have put yourself in a terrible situation, that just asking for forgiveness will not save you from the pain that our Lord will put you through. You must admit that you are the Devil, and you must surrender to God. The Crusade that I am on has been attempted by many since the beginning of time, but it is me who has come so far... so close. Tonight, we meet in this ring... Good against Bad... Light against Darkness... Angel against The Devil. You will not beat me Kayden James, so you might as well come out here later tonight waving a white flag. The "New World" is so close to fruition people... repent and change your ways. I am the "Vatican Assassin" Shining Light... and I am the Savior of the World!

    *Shining Light raises the title into the air, laughing manically and Loki and Aeriel raise their fists into the air, grinning from ear to ear, the lights cut off and then we see Kayden James standing backwards with his arms out like a crucifix. His theme plays as he walks his way down the aisles, James gets the biggest pop of the night*

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    Sly: Now this is the match, we’ve all been waiting for.. The Holy War of JBW, our main event for the Showdown Heavyweight title, Shining Light vs The Archangel Kayden James..

    Larry: So we’re gonna watch one bible beater beat another bible beater with a bible??

    Sly: No that’s not what we’re going to see.. We’re going to see one of the biggest feuds in JBW history, go down tonight and that’s for the biggest achievement you could get on this brand..

    Larry: The biggest achievement anyone can do here is either have me mentor them or steal me some of the drugs that T1CG puts Narcotic on.. Besides that everything else is secondary..

    Sly: Yeah that’s in your own shitty world, Zbysko.. Im all for the light and salvation.. And I cant wait to see the outcome of this match..

    Larry: Sly, you’re a fucking goose necked moron.. Stop with the church, and on with the main event..

    Sly: Well you said it, so let’s get to it..

    *Kayden James hits Shining Light with the "Angels Among Us" sitout bodyslam and goes for the pin. Loki gets up on the apron and catches the referee's attention before the count can commence. Kayden get's off Shining and goes over to Loki and hits him with a vicious right hand, knocking him off the apron. While this happens, Aeriel revives Shining Light and slides him the Showdown Heavyweight belt. As Kayden turns Shining nails him with the belt*




    *Kayden had his foot under the ropes but Shining Light gets the pinfall and slides out of the ring as Loki and Aerial begin their assault on Kayden. Kayden hits Loki with the Angels Among Us and begins to go after Aerial when Shining slides back in the ring and hits James from behind again with the title belt. Loki and Aerial tie James up into the ropes and begin to take turns beating him over and over. Shining hits Kayden in the face and stomach again and again*

    *Shining Light backs away from Kayden and raises his hands up towards the ceiling and the lights begin to flicker. As Shining moves his hands forward it appears as if two lightning bolts descend from the ceiling and hit Kayden in the chest. Kayden convulses violently and blood begins to trickle from his mouth as the power goes out in the Showdown Arena. The power comes back on and we see EWNCW’s Solla Mafoai, Damien Bloodstone, Gillz, Mark Dimension, TBOZ and Will Carlin. They begin to march down to the ring, as Shining Light, Loki, & Aeriel get into a more strategic position. TBOZ has the mic in hand as he addresses the Showdown Arena*

    TBOZ: Did you really think we would let you guys slide after what happened to our EWNCW brethren, Primus Khan?!?!? Over here at EWNCW, we believe its eye for an eye, and we’re gonna tear this arena down!!

    *Texas Taylor, Broc, Sully, Johnny Phantom, and a stitched up RedRuM come out from behind the EWNCW guys.. Solla Mafoai pulls out a machete and Will Carlin brandishes a hunting knife. The EWNCW guys get rushed from both sides as The Assassins Creed comes from the front, and the Showdown brigade comes from the rear. TBOZ dodges a lunging fist from Phantom and then counters it into an arm drag off the ramp and to the aisles. Broc and Sully begin to double team Damien Bloodstone and do a 3-D type maneuver onto Bloodstone as he goes down.. RedRuM begins to trade blows with Gillz, as they hit each other stiffly, Gills goes for an Enziguri, but RedRuM backs away.. Little does RuM know that he backs near Carlin and that knife as Will begins to thrust at RedRuM. RedRuM dodges a stab to the stomach area but in his choice of direction, the knife goes into his leg.. Carlin pulls the knife out of the leg and then swings it passed RuM’s face, once again RuM dodges the swipe, and slaps the knife out of Will’s hand.. But he gets hit with a Swiss Uppercut from Gillz as Carlin and Gillz begin to beat on the Television champion.. Mark Dimension goes for both Broc and Sully with a rolling wheel kick from behind, it connects and the tag champs drop.. Gillz and Carlin begin to start stomping out Broc and Sully alongside Dimension.. Loki & Aeriel come with the save but then they get side swiped by with a leaping elbow strike from TBOZ to Aeriel and a spear from Bloodstone to Loki.. Texas Taylor is alone against Solla Mafoai and the Machete.. Texas tried to rush Solla, but then gets his stomach sliced open by Solla’s machete.. Texas Taylor is down, and he looks like he’s dying. Solla then finishes Texas with a machete hack to the neck of Texas. Shining Light is alone against TBOZ and the EWNCW, here comes The Archangel Kayden James. Kayden James and Shining Light begin to bring the fight back to the EWNCW. Here comes Kevin Matthews with a sledgehammer!! The EWNCW guys now jump into the audience and work their way out the arena. They did what they came here to do, and that was to get revenge for the death of Primus Khan.. The Showdown roster has shown some unity.. Kayden James with a burned chest looks at Shining Light and then hits him with the Angels Are Among Us.. Matthews then tries to get some offense in on Shining Light too, as he prepares for his finisher, but Kayden hits Matthews with the Angels Are Among Us, and we get a shot of The Archangel, burned and bruised, standing triumphantly over the champion, the former champion, and the rest of the Showdown roster who were in the battle. We fade away with that very shot of James and the JBW logo is shown to close the show*
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    Yeah... Get ready for something special.
    Ma$$Dinero... We're shootin' now, bruv!

    Quote Originally Posted by Wade Barrett 1979 View Post
    Kash; calling it 4 years before Robbie.
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    Bodom is our John Cena.
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    I hate you.
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    Nerds are awesome though!
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    Are you going for some kind of sig quote world record?



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    It's coming.... Like, sorry for the delay, but this show is gonna be HUGE!
    get ya' reading glasses out!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wade Barrett 1979 View Post
    Kash; calling it 4 years before Robbie.
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    Bodom is our John Cena.
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    I hate you.
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    Nerds are awesome though!
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    Are you going for some kind of sig quote world record?



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    My laptop is running, slooooow!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wade Barrett 1979 View Post
    Kash; calling it 4 years before Robbie.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dennis View Post
    Bodom is our John Cena.
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    I hate you.
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    Nerds are awesome though!
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    Are you going for some kind of sig quote world record?



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    Last filler until greatness.

    Thanks for your patience
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wade Barrett 1979 View Post
    Kash; calling it 4 years before Robbie.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dennis View Post
    Bodom is our John Cena.
    Quote Originally Posted by A Dismal Jester View Post
    I hate you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheDevilsAdvocate View Post
    Nerds are awesome though!
    Quote Originally Posted by Wade Barrett 1979 View Post
    Are you going for some kind of sig quote world record?



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