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    Expect The Unexpected

    The arena lights go out and the people pop like crazy. A spotlight shines into the ring and the host of JBW, Ron Burgundy blesses the fans with the sound of his voice.

    Ron Burgundy: Goddammit!! I told you at the last PPV, NO FUCKING SPOTLIGHTS!!! This part of the show is ALL about the people in attendance here tonight!!

    The arena lights go on, and the crowd pop again!

    There, that's much better! Look at all of these beautiful people in attendance here tonight. Man, this is something to witness in person...

    looks around in awe, and mouths "wow" as he stares upon the crowd. They have come dressed for the occasion and are decked out in their favourite JBW apparell, such as the latest K-Jammin/Scarface t-shirt, and the Sponge Bob Sandy Pants hoodie.

    Many also have signs.

    HolyJose got gangbanged by Take That
    Lol -- wheres Romez??
    K-Shits FTW
    Fuck SHOWDOWN!
    Kevin Mathews molested me
    St George bought me a pint
    I swatted a superfly
    JUST bitehisfuckingheadoff BRICK!
    Marry Me Icarus!
    Put the mask BACK on Shuri'
    I'll go eat, but you're paying
    Zeus lost his mind years ago
    RAGNAROK is hung like a superfly
    Ma$$ banged my mom
    Send Siaki Back 2 Jail
    I must be in Heaven, because right now I'm surrounded by a congregation of angels. Being the all round devilishly good person that I am, I'm feeling in the mood to confess some sins!! People of Mississippi, I have sinned. I have told a lie tonight already. I called you all beautiful, but the fact of the matter is, even I haven't the brain capacity to describe the sheer beautification of this building now that all twenty thousand of you have entered it. This place has become a cornucopia of bountiful excitement and anticipation, and every single person here has been told to "expect the unexpected", and.. Wait, who in tarnation is that running through the crowd?

    Is-Is that.. Yes it is, I'm out of here... It's Brick and Icarus!!

    Brick "The Bastard" Godslayer, and Damian Icarus storm the ring and Brick screams


    Pat: "What a way to open this PPV! Brick and Icarus are in the building and heavan help the rest!!!

    Dudley: "You're so cheesy sometimes, you know that? I mean... it's crazy. You call me pathetic... I think you're a loser... that last line just made it so... Thats my announce partner, Pat, people, and I'm Dudley Ramirez -- your Mayhem announce team."

    Pat: "Shut up Dudley... now, the next match has three teams who've been back and forth as of late. The Jackasses have been in the faces of the former Tag-Team Champions, Brick and Icarus have been in all of their faces, it's just been one big huge mess so, in Teddy Long fashion, a mammoth Tag-Team match was made... I'm sure it'll degenerate into something far beyond what were capable of calling though."

    Dudley: "The Silver Bros. have been embarrassed, made into jokes and just demeaned into crap. It's not right, it's not fair and lets hope they can get back on top!"

    Pat: "Well, why don't we both just shut up and let the match speak for itself?"

    Dudley: "Well then, all I can say to that is: Whatever."

    If you're gonna be dumb then you gotta be tough

    The crowd is going crazy as the pair come out with firework guns. The blast them off and the crowd loves every second of it. They get into the ring and do their poses while the crowd claps insanely.

    Only one of them is gay.

    The former top heels in the Tag-Team division make their way triumphantly to the ring. They're pointing at both teams in the ring and mouthing off. SilverLace is rubbing baby oil on himself. The crowd is booing and wondering what's going on.


    *The bell rings and this one is under way.*

    Pat: "And it's like they never stood a chance! Brick and Icarius eliminated The Jackasses pretty early on damn near breaking them in half and then they just completely annihilated what was left of the legacy of The Silver Brothers... I don't know Duds... this seems like a team to be on the look out for... big time too... Their volitile nature is just... out there..."

    Dudley: "I don't normally agree with you Pat but, these guys are an interesting addition to the JBW roster and we get creepier and creepier by every show in my opinion... sheesh...
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    Peter: OK, people, it's time for WARFare to take over the show, and what better way to do so than to have SIX freaking SuperFlys and throw them together in a scramble match?

    Quagmire: I couldn't think of one. This is gonna be so fucking great!

    Joe: Hello everybody, I'm Joe Swanson, and my partners Glen Quagmire and Peter Griffen and I are not exagerating when we say this one is going to be awesome beyond words. Lets get these guys out here!



    Joe: Well, this kid came in with a lot of fanfare, and his gums were flapping upon his arrival. Lets see if he talks like he walks.

    Peter: You talk like you don't walk... You're voice just rolls along without any appreciation for us normal guys.

    Joe: Each week it gets worse with you, Peter, but I'm just going to focus on how Amazing Andy is.

    Peter: Yeah, he's pretty amazing, ain't he? For a new comer he's really taken JBW by storm.

    AR-to the-TEMIS E-with the-CLIPSE

    Peter: Now, this guy gives not only Boston a bad name, but also the whole of JBW. Him just being here brings the class down a notch.

    Quagmire: Ahh, I dunno about that, Peter, I hit the bars with Artemis after the press conference, and let me tell ya this, chicks dig masks. He said I should wear one too, so I wore an Avidco mask. I had to take it off after five minutes because I got spat on twice and some guy tried to hit me over the head with a beer bottle. If it wasn't for Artemis, I'd have been a goner for sure.


    Joe: This guys a little young for this, isnt he, Peter?

    Peter: Yeah, he's a student of that nut job Rob Rage, and he's baby shit green, but, nut job or not, Rob Rage has apparently taught him everything he knows, plus a little more he didn't know and had to look up on the internet.


    Peter: Ahh, its this shmuck! Y'know, I was never a fan of wannabe's, and this guy is the biggest wannabe of all.

    Joe: He's a talented young man, but his priorities are all wrong. If he just focused on the wrestling, or actually finding his own identity, then maybe he might stand out a little more. Did you know, Peter, that Infernio merchandise sales are even lower than The "Free Cap'n Edu's Wife" t-shirt that Edu begged Ka$h to release, but no one gave a shit about?

    Peter: No, Joe. No, I did not.


    Peter: I like Dylan Cross!! Man, this guy is like freaking spider man in that ring. Or JoMo.

    Quagmire: I like the way he walks along the ringside barrier, but you just know that some day, a crazy fan is gonna grab his foot and he'll break his leg.

    Peter: He would not break his leg! This guys got double joints all over his freaking body. Plus, he's a pretty freaking tough guy. Not like JoMo.


    Peter: Oh boy, this match is gonna *bleeping* rock! Felix Guerrero may be THE guy to watch on WF. The way he just shoots on Ka$h all the time is great! I think that Felix has gotta be the odds on favourite to win this thing.

    (match starts at 5:10)

    Peter: YES!! Felix wins!! That was an amazing match up, wow, Harry Richards showed me a lot, and Andy, Artemis, Dylan and Infernio are absoloutely fantastic in that ring... But... I freaking told you that Felix Guerrero is THE man to watch in this division! Bring on Avidco!!

    Quagmire: Or Negro.

    Peter: Ha! That jobberbot hasn't got a snow cones chance in my back pocket of winning that belt tonight... Wait a minute, there is a snow cone in my back pocket! Ahh, man, Quagmire you better take it from here.

    Quagmire: Alright... Perfect timing. Guys, here come the girls.

    Selena and Ayako vs Tracey and Sasha

    Selena and Ayako

    Quagmire: Oh I love these matches. And whose coming out first. My new favorite female wrestler Selena and Ayako.

    Joe: This match was made because of the brawl that happened at the recent Supershow.

    Peter: That's right! Selena won an impressive victory over Sasha. While Selena was celebrating, Tracey returned to JBW and attacked Selena.

    Joe: Yeah, and while Tracey and Sasha were beating on Selena, Ayako came out and helped Selena fend off the two attackers.

    *Selena walks over to the commentary desk and kisses Quagmire on the cheek. Quagmire melts into the chair*

    Quagmire: Giggity Giggity! This is going to be a great match.

    She's got the goodies apparently along with Sasha

    Joe: Now this harlet has a lot of guts coming back around here. Especially with The Black Tear lurking around.

    Quagmire: Personally I'm glad she's back. She did this one thing...

    Joe: I don't really care to know Quagmire. I judge people by their actions and that woman caused a lot of pain to Fernandez.

    Peter: Both teams are in the ring so lets get this match started.

    Joe: Selena and Ayako win it with Selena scoring the pin fall after a vicious kick to the head. What a match! These ladies truly are among the best in any EFed... Now, up next is a match that had been brewing before either man had entered a JBW ring, and came to an explosive head on the last SUPERSHOW.
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    Uliose Pamich vs Roberto Pamich

    Uliose -- the older one.

    Peter: I can't believe these two are on a PPV? And facing each other no less. Man, these two must have secretly had it in for each other, because all it took was one little loss in front of millions of viewers (or, like, ten readers), and they were at each others throats in seconds.

    Roberto -- the younger one.

    Quagmire: Well, I like this guy this guys chances.. Out of the two, he's the younger, more athletic of the siblings, and in my estimation, the eventual winner of this contest. His brother is absolutely right though, he has been carrying him for the past fifteen years

    Joe: Now, he's not that old, Glen.

    Peter: I don't care for all that, I just wanna see them fight!

    Uliose stomps on the chest of Roberto.


    And Again, before climbing the top rope.

    Peter: Hey, I think the old mans gonna do his younger brothers move! Wait, yes, he sails through the air.. Oh no! Haha! Roberto got his knees up at the last minute!

    Roberto takes a second to catch his breath, then he takes a look at his older brother rolling in pain on the floor.

    Taking this as his cue, he jumps up to the top rope in one fluid motion and soars through the air, far more gracefully than his brother.

    But, like Roberto, Uliose manages to get his knees up.

    He locks on the the Austro TAP-OUT!!

    Joe: He has that locked in tight! The way his legs are wrapped around his waist while he's pulling back on his neck looks excruciating! And, Roberto's tapping out!!

    Quagmire: Well, I never called it, but I wasn't expecting to see such a focused Uliose tonight. Man, am I impressed.

    Dudley: Me too, Quagmire... Me too.

    Brandon Smithston, Jay & Silent Bob vs Pauley Cadillacs, Marie Piscatelli, and Vinnie Bumbatz.

    Pat: "Well everyone, I can certainly say this has been an amazing Pay-Per-View so far and I'm really hoping you guys are enjoying it on your end as much as we're enjoying it on ours!"

    Dudley: "Will you just stop it with these fans? They're as annoying as Brandon Smithson, Jay and Silent Bob... a bunch of idiots nowhere even in the league of these Italian Gods that are getting ready to come out!"

    Pat: "I don't know how many more times In my career I'm going to have to call you pathetic Duds but, this has got to be a record now for someone to be called pathetic THAT many times."

    Dudley: "Will you be quiet! Three perfect people are getting ready to come out... hear it?

    It's those mafia type goodfella's (and a gal)

    The crowd is booing really hard at these guys. They don't seem to care though, they're flipping them off Italian style and smiling the whole time.

    Dudley: "I really can't believe they're putting that delicate flower, Marie in there with a bunch of stoner, over sexed loser freaks! She's too beautiful to be around their kind!"

    Pat: "You want me to call Pauley over here so he can hear what you have to say? Why don't you just sit there and be quiet? Can you do that much for me?

    Dudley: "I will never, never give you that satisfaction Pat. Never."

    The crowd cheers as the pyro goes off and they see Jay and Silent Bob dressed up as their alter-ego's, BLUNTMAN AND CHRONIC!! They have a new Hero with them as well, Brandon Smithson is as MR. AMAZING and the crowd is visibly going crazy. While The trio make their way into the ring they give high fives and talk to people... after 10 minutes of them talking the Referee gets out of the ring to get them. They're clearly high as a kite but, that won't stop them from competing.

    The Italians are looking very irritated due to them standing in the ring for so long. The trio of heroes walks up to the trio of Italians and pose like real heroes do. And with that, The Italians kick them in unison and this one is underway!

    Pat: "And from out of nowhere, Brandon Smithson, Jay and Silent Bob win this one! WOW! That was literally a squeaker for those three! I honestly don't believe it! Considering Marie had Bob and Jay standing still while looking at her boobs, you'd think they had no shot at winning
    but, Smithson hit his move and they won it! They won it!"

    Dudley: "I know something on my end moved.... *ahem*... either way, Pauley, Vinnie and Marie should have won that match!"

    Just as Brandon, Jay and Silent Bob leave the ring, Pauley, Vinnie and Marie jump them from behind and beat them down bad. They flip them off and walk up the ramp to a loud chous of boos.

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    Dudley: Hey, what a great show of class shown by Pauley there.

    Pat: He beat them up after he sneak attacked them! How was there any class shown there?

    Dudley: There not dead are they?

    Nico Van Oranje-Nassau VS Rob Rage


    *Nico limps slowly to the ring. He's obviously still feeling the pain of the attack by Rob Rage.*

    Dudley: I can't believe Zap is making this man do this. Nico is obviously still hurt but Zap doesn't care.

    Pat: That's a scratch compared to what I think this man deserve. After what he did to Polly, he deserves everything he gets that has to do with pain.

    Rob Rage!

    Pat: Rob can be quite the stand up guy if you stay on his good side. It's when you piss him off that you have to watch out.

    Dudley: Did you see the same thing I saw? That man is a menace and dangerous. He shouldn't be out in public let alone in a JBW ring. What he did to Nico was uncalled for.

    Pat: Uncalled for? Did you see what Nico did to Polly? If you did, you wouldn't be so quick to defend Nico.

    Dudley: Of course I did Pat. I was sitting right here beside you and yes what he did was bad but more violence doesn't solve anything.

    Pat: Wow, you would give Cole a run for his money. Well, both competitors are in the ring and we are ready to go.

    *Ignore Past 7:53*

    Pat: And Nico sneaks a victory! Oh my, that was a cheap win!

    Dudley: He never pulled the tights!

    Pat: I never said anything about him pulling the tights!

    Dudley: Oh, shut u.. look! Rob is attacking Nico after the match is over. I can't believe this!

    Rob is punching Nico after the match is over. He gets up, goes to the outside of the ring and picks up a steel chair. Nico sees this and gets out of the ring as fast as he can as Rob gets in the ring. Rob is pissed as Nico runs up the ramp to safety.

    Pat: Well, it's time to turn over to the family guys.

    Joe: Thank you, Pat... Ladies and Gentlemen... It's time for some JBW anarchy.

    TLC: Two Of A Kind vs The Nasty Crew vs La Mafia Mejicana

    They're like a Mexican version of Pinky and The Brain.

    Quagmire: Guys, I am totally marking for these guys right now. Vaquero is apparently hung like the real Pinky.

    Peter: Oh my god! No wonder he's so quiet. I bet he's got a really high pitched voice or something.

    Joe: Wouldn't want to get in his way, though.

    Peter: Yeah, he would totally eat you and your wheel chair in one gulp!

    The favourites?

    Joe: You know, theres fans out there who are warming towards these guys, but if they really knew just how much of a pair of assholes they are, then they might change their tune.

    Quagmire: I think they're fucking awesome! Kid Winder and "Mad Dogg" would be top competitors in any Efed! We're lucky to have them here in JBW, and more importantly to us, as a part of the WARFare roster.

    The Nastiest Crew. Ever.

    Peter: Now these are my guys. I was drinking with Bill and Nick in The Clam after the press conference, and trust me, they're a blast! They even brought a ladder with them and had a brawl with these fat guys and they put them through all of the tables in the bar, and began beating their unconscious bodies with bar stools. These two are the out and out favourites in this one by a long shot.

    Joe: Why am I only hearing about it now?

    Peter: Because you would have arrested them and they wouldn't have been able to compete here tonight! What do you think I am, anyway? A snitch?
    Man, being buddies with a cop is hard work sometimes.

    A contract for a WARFare Tag Team Title match is suspended above the ring. Around the ring there are ladders, chairs and tables set up.

    The bell rings.

    Bill Bastion and Mr Satiago are both writhing on the floor in pain.

    Nick Riot and Vaquero are at the top of the ladder, when Nick throws a wild looking elbow that catches Vaquero in the forehead and sends him crashing down to the mat.

    Peter: Yes! That's it, Nick! Grab the contracts -- win the match!! You can do it, man!!

    Nicks fingers brush the briefcase containing the contracts, but he isn't high enough.

    He ascends another rung.

    He has the briefcase in his grasp.

    He is unclasping it, when Kid Wonder and "Mad Dogg" Paul Conrad rush the ring, and both grab a side of the ladder. They tip it over, and Nick Riot goes hurtling over the top rope and through two tables Two Of A Kind have just set up.

    The ladder is repositioned, and Wonder and Conrad both climb the ladder briskly.

    Kid Wonder unclasps the briefcase, and "Mad Dogg" unhooks it.

    Quagmire: They did it!! Whoop Whoop! There is no stopping these two here tonight, or any other night! It's only a matter of defeating "The Peoples Champions" Manabu and Snair, and the gold will finally be in these guy possession.

    Joe: Gosh, that was a hell of a bump that Nick took.

    Peter: Boy, you're not wrong. I hope he's OK after that.

    Joe: I hope they're all going to be OK. I mean, all you have to do is look at a guy like Jeff Hardy to see what that type of match can do to you.

    Peter: Don't you mention that meth heads name on this show again, Joe. He doesn't deserve to be mentioned alongside Lenny Lightning, let alone after an awesome match like the one we just witnessed. And, now, it's time to witness another potentially awesome match up.

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    Wait... Here comes Nikki...and she doesn't look too happy.

    Pat: Here comes the former V3 member Nikki Belzova and looks like she's all business. I wonder why she's coming out here?

    Dudley: Does it matter? Who cares what she has to say?

    Pat: I do. I care about what she has to say and so do these fans.

    Nikki grabs a mic

    Nikki: You know what Al Qaeda Rashida, I saw what happened to Polly. Now I'm not going to stand here and talk about it, your going to come out here right now and get your ass kicked. Come on Al Qaeda Rashida, you don't want me to come find you.

    Al Qaeda Rashida walks out onstage and heads toward the ring. She's in and the match is underway.

    Pat: AQR didn't stand a chance. Nikki beat her something fierce. Maybe she'll realise that when you go around hurting people, there's going to be repercuscions... Now it's time for the JBW SuperFly Championship match.. Take it away guys

    JBW SuperFly Championship match: Avidco (c) vs Negro Fuerte

    Its Negro: RUUUUUUUUUNNN!!!

    The music hits, and the same two hooded men that drowned Negro during his debut skit wheel out what appears to be a huge box, but as it is covered with a large blanket, it is hard to tell.

    Negro Fuerte's manager -Moloch- walks out onto the stage and removes the blanket with a flair few non wrestlers could muster.

    With the blanket removed a cage is revealed, and the arena lets out a collective gasp.

    Inside the cage is the man covered from head to toe in black ink is throwing himself around in the cage wildly. There are half eaten carcasses of roadkill littering the floor of the cage, such as Deer and Badgers.

    The cage -along with Negro- is splattered with blood, and the fans reel back as he is pushed past them.

    He is wheeled over to the announce desk, but is not released... Yet.

    Peter: Holy crap! That thing better not come near me! Sheesh! Would ya' look at the flies hovering around him, and *gags* the smell, I think I'm going to hurl.

    Its the champion!!

    Peter: *Still gagging*

    Joe: You, ahh, take it easy there, Peter, we've got, ahh man what the fuck, Peter!!

    Peter: *Hurls over the barrier behind the announce booth onto an extremely unfortunate fan.*

    Quagmire: Oh boy, we're gonna get sued for that one... Avidco. This guy couldn't get laid in a room full of fat chicks with chocolate sauce on his dick. I know, I wore his mask out and the women looked at me like I had the plague! I couldn't even get served a drink while I was wearing it for crying out loud.

    Joe: I think it was because they were fans of his and were sick of you mocking him! Ever though about that? This is Avidco we're talking about here! He's been in JBW for a hell of a long time, and is one of our most beloved superstars of all time. I know I shouldn't say this but, come on, Avidco! You can take this psychopath down tonight! You have to! We know nothing of this Moloch, or his intentions. We only know that his attention to Negro is worrying, and there were rumors that Moloch was the man who ordered the drowning by these two hooded men here tonight. Their presence just confirmed his guiltiness of that crime.. Great another time I -an officer of the law- have to turn a blind eye, but, guys... Where's Avidco? He hasn't come out here yet.

    Just as Joe says that, a huge cannon is wheeled out by several indy talent in attendance looking for work.

    It is pointed at a forty five degree angle and is directed towards the ring.

    Local indy talent, Paul Pharaoh lights the fuse and holds onto his ears.


    Avidco is launched into the air and soars towards the ring.

    **The door to Negro Fuerte's cage is open, and he crashes through it and slides in the ring.**

    Avidco flies over the top rope like Superman!

    Just before impact, he tucks his head rolls through onto his feet.

    He is instantly met by Negro and this match is on.

    Avidco wins a hard contest after a lightning fast dragonranna.

    Joe: I knew you wouldn't be dropping the belt tonight, Avidco! Not to this guy. No way.

    Avidco leaves the ring, as Moloch and the two men in black hoods get in.

    Negro is going wild, and is apparently upset over the loss.

    Moloch pulls out a tazer and shocks Negro.

    The men in black hoods then drag Negro out of the ring, and up the ramp.

    Moloch looks furious.

    Peter: Right, I am much better, and am sooo sorry to that women who I just puked on's husband. That's one man who won't be getting any tonight.

    Quagmire: No giggitty!
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    The camera focuses on Pat and Dudley.

    Pat: "Well Dudley, here we are. The culmination of a feud that's gone on for many months. Daniel Truth has been put through the ringers and I honestly don't know how he's still got hit wits about him. Many have claimed though that they've heard him openly weeping in the back recently but, no one has been wanting to ask... it's clear the games have had a psychological effect on the young man but, at least in front of the fans he's not showing it."

    Dudley: "He's apparently a better man than me... I hate that freak, I hate everything about him, I'm scared to death of him... it's just not right, HE'S not right. That whole... "Peering into the soul" shit is creepy as hell too! I'm just glad he's never wanted to do that to me..."

    Pat: "With that... whatever that was being said... I think the fans are ready and I think Sandman and Truth are ready... this will be a monumental match. Lets see if The Sandman can hold Truth back yet again and retain or if Truth can rise up and take down his tormentor!"

    THE SANDMAN (c) vs. DANIEL TRUTH (Mayhem Heavyweight Television Championship -- Submission Match)

    As Daniel Truth makes his way to the ring, the announcer goes over the rules of the match stating that the only way to win is by making your opponent submit. Everything else is legal.


    The crowd is responsive to Truth. He's throwing his arms up getting the crowd behind him and as they begin to cheer louder, he gets a smile on his face. He runs through the ropes and poses in the ring. The crowd's cheers get louder now as he jumps onto the turnbuckles to get them behind him more. As he stands in the corner, he jumps up and down loosening up and awaiting The Sandman's entrance.


    The familiar backwards tones can be heard. The crowd knows what's coming next. The lights go grey, fog engulfs the entrance ramp, it gets cold.. lightning begins to crackle and BAM! The Sandman makes his grand entrance as usual. The cell phones begin to light up along with the lighters. The Sandman has the Mayhem Heavyweight Television Championship around his waist. As he slowly gets into the ring, the fog dissipates but obviously the lights stay greyed.

    The Sandman takes the Championship off and hoists it high above his head and the crowd loses their minds. He points at Daniel Truth and tilts his head to the side. As the ref takes the Championship from Sandman, he shows it to Truth who looks at the Heavyweight Television Championship lovingly. He touches it and looks at The Sandman with rage in his eyes. The referee holds it high and then rings the bell to get it started. The Sandman and Daniel Truth are standing opposite of each other listening to the crowd come unglued.

    Pat: "WOW! Can you hear that? The crowd is literally losing their mind for these two individuals. This place has lost its lid and all were doing now is waiting for these two to go at it!"

    At that moment, The Sandman walks towards Daniel Truth, and Truth responds by walking towards him. They meet in the middle of the ring. As The Sandman looks down on Truth, Truth begins spouting off at the mouth. The Sandman mushes his face and sends him flying into the corner. The Sandman tilts his head and walks over to Truth. Truth kicks him in the stomach and Sandman staggers back.
    Truth stands up and runs towards The Sandman. He jumps in the air to do a kick and The Sandman grabs his leg and holds Truth high above his head and SLAMS him onto the mat.

    Truth gets onto his knees feeling wobbly. The Sandman drives an elbow into Truth's back. The Sandman gets up and puts his boot on Truth's head. As The Sandman goes to grab Truth by the back of his head to pick him up, Truth counters into a chin breaker on The Sandman. As Sandman tumbles into the ropes, Truth runs up and starts hitting The Sandman in the head. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, as he goes for 6 The Sandman positions him and hits a monstrous Jacknife Powerbomb.

    The crowd is losing it as The Sandman walks over to Truth, he kicks him in the stomach and goes outside of the ring. He stops and looks at Dudley who is visibly scared. While The Sandman had his attention turned to Dudley, he didn't notice behind him that Daniel Truth was in the middle of a springboard out of the ring. The Sandman catches him and tosses him into Dudley. The announcers shuffle around as The Sandman grabs Truth and tosses him to the other side of the table.

    The Sandman looks at Dudley and points to him. It appears that Dudley has wet himself and he runs off. As The Sandman turns around, Daniel Truth meets him with a chair to the head. And another shot, The Sandman falls down to one knee. Daniel Truth grabs some cable from the ground and ties it around The Sandman's neck. Sandman is struggling here and the ref goes over to ask if he wants to submit. The Sandman grabs the ref by the throat and throws him aside as he stands with Truth on his back. The Sandman gets onto the announce table and throws his weight down onto his back and slams Truth through the table with him landing on top.

    The crowd is chanting "JBW, JBW, JBW, JBW!" as both men are laying on the ground. The Sandman is the first to his feet. He grabs a bloody Truth and takes him to the other announce table. He lays him down onto it while all of the announcers are scrambling now, Joe gets caught on wires, so Pat moves the wheelchair out of the way. The Sandman goes to the top turnbuckle and DIVES off, Daniel Truth moves and The Sandman hits nothing but the table. As it collapses, Truth gets to his knees and begins to crawl back to the ring. He's covered in blood now, The Sandman slowly gets up and walks over to the ring, he's bloodied as well.

    The Sandman grabs Truth to throw him into the ring post but, Truth reverses it. The Sandman staggers back as Truth gets into the ring. In the background, ring crew has brought out more tables and they're getting them together as quickly as possible. The Sandman gets into the ring now and...

    (Just pay attention to the win.)


    The Sandman stands up while the ref hands him the Television Championship. He celebrates in the ring and then looks over at Truth. He squats down and tilts his head. As he stands, he reaches into his pocket and pulls out an envelope. He tosses it onto Truth's chest and holds the Mayhem Heavyweight Championship up high again.

    Pat: "This match, and this feud are thankfully over now. These two laid it all on the line here tonight. Ten minutes of craziness just happened and it all ended with The Sandman tossing an envelope onto the chest of Daniel Truth... one can only wonder what the contents are inside.... Wow...what a match and what a night so far... I've also got word that Dudley will be back out here sometime during the next match. Roll the video package..."

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    Pat: "Wow, that sounds seriously intruiging. Whatever it’s about, we have to move on.. Now, tell everyone, this is where you put the children to bed. This match will NOT be for the weak at heart. The rules of the Horrorcore Invitational have been put forth to us and they read like this:

    "There will be no pinning, submission or knockout. No interference calls, this match is 100% HARDCORE! The only way to win is to be the first person to escape Jackson Junkyard, the venue as to which this match will be held."

    Well ladies and gentlemen, there you have it. We've also been told that tonight we'll have the introduction of the newest Horrorcore Icons to the roster... without further adieu, we present the video for The Butcher:

    The Butcher

    A camera turns on and we see adjusting going on, screams in the background. A hand goes over the camera.

    The Butcher: "I fucking said shut up! SHUT UP! Heh."

    The camera gets into position finally and we see a woman bound and gagged with an apple in her mouth. She's over a fire spit and crying, she spits the apple out of her mouth and The Butcher gets a mean look through his mask... he runs over and kicks her in the face.

    The Butcher: "I fucking told you to STOP, BITCH!!! Arrhhhhhh!!!"

    The Butcher freaks out and takes a huge knife from his pocket and stabs her in the head repeatedly. As she dies you can hear her gurgling and see the blood pouring down her body. The Butcher begins to pace around the small room. He sits down Indian style on the concrete floor.

    The Butcher: "See, I have this camera here because JBW officials... Heh... they didn't feel "safe" having me around them or anyone else involved with the company apparently.. Haha... See, I'm here for my first match tonight. I'm debuting alongside another new comer in Macabre... I'm... I'm anticipating this match for sure. He's not going to know what to do for sure... None of them are... They may never wrestle again when I'm finished with him. We're apparently considered... "Horrorcore Core"... they say it like its a bad thing...."

    He gets out the knife he used to kill the woman and licks the blood off. He stands and tilts his head to the side.

    The Butcher: "Toodles."

    He begins to laugh maniacally as the camera is cut off.

    Dudley: "You know how I feel about this... I'm SO happy none of these freaks are anywhere near me tonight. That guy, The Butcher is probably one of the most disturbing individuals we have here. I'm scared to see this video for Macabre... But, I'm told we have to air it:


    Macabre is seen sitting in a room with a singular light moving back and forth. It briefly shows what appears to be a corpse lying on the ground. With the moving light you see Macabre looking solemnly at the body. He pulls out a camera and begins taking pictures. He squats down and gets a close up shot. One more, as he stands he takes a glance at the room around him and begins to speak softly.

    Macabre: "Life is all about art. Whether it imitates it or makes an original piece. Fluid motion in time, reveling in the existence of being an existential being. Wrap your mind around the trip of a trip within a painting done by Salvadore Dali. Life flickers and changes effortlessly. Always."

    Macabre walks closer to the camera and through his burlap sack covering his head, he laughs.

    Macabre: "I'm going to be against a masochistic, fierce thing that's supposed to be human. A beast who has no compass. Just something unbound and unchained. This thing, this... Butcher. He considers himself to be an unstoppable force within those paintings mimicking life. I create original pieces. I will make artwork out of The Butcher, and NightWolf, and the rest tonight. He'll see something he's never seen before. As I stand here you don't see much. You see a man who's covered from head to toe. Nothing showing but hands, eyes and hair. My body is covered with things... you'll never see.

    I relish in the oncoming match. I will make them suffer, to suffer is to create art. To live is to suffer but to survive Well... that's to find meaning in the suffering."

    Macabre walks off and leaves the room. As the camera pans out more, you can see three more corpses lying in varying positions, a film slate is on the chair and another camera is still rolling in the background.

    Pat: "Wow... these two both have large mental issues, I'm pretty positive they'll fit in fine here. This is a match as said earlier... if you have small children, pregnant women, or anything of that nature, please keep them away from the Television at this time. Thank you.

    We make our way to the junkyard where the cameras are set up all over. None of the competitors know where one another are. They were all dropped off at different points.
    .. Silva, Anomander Rake, Justice, Demonic, Angry Samoan, Cap'n Edu, VKM, God of War, Primus Sucks, Lenny Lightning, Terrible Ted, The Butcher, Macabre and most importantly the Horrorcore Icons Champion, Night Wolf... they're all looking for each other...

    When Anomander Rake is found first by Silva... they look at each other and Demonic hits Silva from behind knocking him down. Anomander and Demonic kick Silva in the head multiple times until he's bloodied. They pick him up and drag him to a car stuck in a pile of garbage waiting to be recycled. They open the trunk and toss him in. After they slam it shut, Anomander gets into a crane and starts it up. While Demonic is showing him where to slam the wrecking ball at, Night Wolf comes from the left side and kicks Demonic in the head. Anomander goes to get up from the crane which causes the ball to go wild. It smacks the pile of garbage and cars, making them wobble. Anomander, Demonic and Night Wolf are all fighting while the stack is leaning closer to them.

    It finally tips over and Night Wolf gets out of the way instantly. Night Wolf rolls over and he's on his knees looking to see if anyone comes out of the wreckage. He crawls over to an open area and runs into Justice and the Angry Samoan battling it out. At that point God Of War, Lenny Lightning and Terrible Ted all come tumbling down from a stack. Terrible Ted bites into Primus Sucks who's wandered into the wrong place at the wrong time. Lenny Lightning hops onto a small stack of junk and leaps off giving a diving elbow to Primus Sucks who's trapped in Terrible Ted's jaws. As Lenny Lightning gets attacked by Angry Samoan, Terrible Ted begins to violently shake Primus Sucks and throws him about 15 feet. Primus Sucks us laying on the ground convulsing.

    Just as the camera begins to pan back, a tall ominous person comes out from the side and slams a railroad spike into the already gaping wound of Primus Sucks. The Butcher picks him up by the spike and licks the blood coming out. He tosses Primus down while a flashbulb goes off in the distance. Macabre is making his way up the scene while taking pictures of the massacre left behind. At that moment, all of the competitors standing see each other and begin to brawl for all they're worth...

    Pat: "And NIGHTWOLF is still your HORRORCORE ICON Champion! I don't even want to speak on what we just saw in this Junkyard tonight... but the fact is, Night Wolf just made it out of there by the skin of his teeth. Literally. It looks like The Butcher will be a viable force for Night Wolf to contend with sooner rather than later... Macabre is very confusing but hopefully we'll see more of him in the future... and far away from us of course... wow... wow is all. Duds... what'd you think?"

    Pat looks over and Dudley is knocked out from all of the violence he just witnessed. Pat shakes his head.

    Pat: Take it away, Joe.

    Joe: Thank you, Pat... Now, at the last SUPERSHOW, there was an altercation between the WARFare World Heavyweight Champions and HolyJose which led to Jose speaking with his new friend The Prophecy.

    WARFare World Heavyweight Tag Team Championship: Manabu & Snair (c) vs HolyJose & RAGNAROK

    Its Jose and his GREAT BIG BUDDY

    RAGNAROK walks out onto the stage with HolyJose on his shoulders and the crowd begin booing, although, there are a few hardcore fans in the front row cheering his name.

    Jose motions for RAGNAROK to walk over to them, and The Holy One spits at them.

    One of the braver ones tries to jump over the barrier.

    Stupid move.

    RAGNAROCK brings his fist down on the top of his head and the mark is knocked out clean.

    As medics rush to the marks aid, Jose stands up on RAGNAROCK's shoulders and launches his three hundred pound frame in the rest of the group of "smart marks" who had the "audacity" to cheer his name when he's trying to get himself over as a heel.

    Joe: Wow, what an asshole.

    Manabu and Snair run down the ramp and begin brawling with the challengers, and this one is on.

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    After a miss-timed haymaker from RAGNAROK accidentally strikes Jose, Snair and Mana hit the big guy with a double drop kick, sending him backwards over the top rope and down onto the floor, smacking his his head hard on the ring barrier as he does.

    Snair looks down at the unconscious Jose, and walks over to his shoulders.

    He pulls his shoulder pad off and throws it into the crowd.

    Quagmire: Oh no, he's gonna hit him with the peoples elbow!

    Immediately after impact, Manabu grabs Jose in a Cross Face and Jose taps quickly to avoid any further pain.

    Peter: Wow, people, that was one hell of a battle, but the champions of WARFare will be defending those shiny bad boys at a PPV coming to you soon. But, up until the end, Jose was on fire in that match! Like, without that nasty looking punch taking him out of the game, I can't see how either Manabu or Snair could have stopped Jose tonight!

    Quagmire: Better luck next time, Jose! I know you'll be wearing gold before too long so don't let it get you down.

    Joe: OK, up next we have the eight man tag team match… This should be a doozy.

    The Team Formerly Known As The Resistance(Connor Chaos, The Alpha Dog, Malcolm Cage, and Lenny Ray Beauregard) vs HATE(Tad Locust, RamJam, The Ice Cream Man, and Black Tear)


    Peter: You kind of have to feel bad for these guys. They had a family, but got violently forced out of it.

    Quagmire: Yeah, they were forced out because they were the weakest of the group. Maybe under this new manager Moloch, they can actually succeed in something.\

    Joe: I don't like the look of this guy. He looks shifty.

    One more time!

    (Cheers erupt throughout the entire arena)

    Quagmire: They even decided to use the group music.

    Joe: What an awesome team these guys are. They never back down from a fight and each member are extremely talented in every way.

    Peter: This one is go ladies and gentlemen!

    *Before the match can start though...*

    Some want to kiss some want to kick him

    *Zap Alderman walks out to the stage with a mic*

    Zap: You know guys...regular tag matches can be so boring. Especially when there are so many people involved in them. I want something with a little more...uncertainty. So this match is now...a elimination tag match!

    Joe: Zap changing up the rules. This is going to get interesting!

    (Ignore past 10:07)

    *Since Lenny Ray and The Black Tear were fighting in the crowd past the refs ten count, they were both eliminated from the match. Now...)

    Quagmire: The Alpha Dog is in a two on one situation now with Tad Locust and The Ice Cream Man. Things aren't looking good for Alpha.

    (Alpha gets into the ring, just staring at both Tad and Ice Cream. Alpha suddenly gets amped up and yells, "COME ON!" Tad looks over at Ice Cream and says, "Go get him!" Ice Cream steps into the ring and runs at Alpha. Alpha runs at the same time at full speed and hits Ice Cream with a vicious Spear. Alpha places both of his hands on Ice Creams chest, doing a push up per pin count while looking at Tad Locust with intensity in his eyes 1...2...3)

    Joe: And The Ice Cream Man is eliminated making it even. Now it's just The Alpha Dog and Tad Locust.

    (Tad Locust steps into the ring. He's hesitant until he runs at Alpha with a clothesline. Alpha ducks under and begins trading punches with Tad. Alpha gets the last one, runs Tad to the ropes, irish whip, tad goes to reverse it with a clothesline again. Alpha ducks again but counters by wrapping his arms around Tads waist. Alpha does a german suplex to Tad but...)

    Peter: Alpha is holding the grip.

    (Tad is trying to get out of Alphas grip but Alpha stops him and hits a second German Suplex. )

    Quagmire: That is one strong grip. He's still holding on to Tad.

    (Alpha, while still having Tad by the waist, then runs to a turnbuckle, slamming Tad into it, and hits the hat trick Chaos Theory style. Alpha immediately gets back up, spreads out his arms, and yells, "WHAT'S HIS MOTHERFUCKING NAME?!!!!" The crowd yells, "THE ALPHA DOG!!" and the fans go crazy.)

    Joe: What a crazy move by Alpha. Now it looks like he's going to try to end it.

    (Alpha looks down at Tad with a crazed look in his eyes. He's signaling for Tad to get up and yelling, " COME ON!!!" Suddenly Moloch gets on the apron trying to distract the referee as Tad gets up and stumbles towards Alpha who grabs Tad by the arm, slams Tad down face first, puts Tads arm between his legs, locks his hands in front of Tads face, and applies pressure.)

    Joe: That's the crossface. Alpha has the crossface on Tad and Tad is tapping, but the ref is distracted.

    (Tad Locust is tapping furiously while The Alpha Dog continues to apply the crossface on him. Alpha notices the bell hasn't rang and releases the hold. He goes and pushes Moloch off the apron as...)


    (Alpha turns around while the ref is distracted and gets a face full of steel. Alpha is staggered by Holys chairshot but doesn't fall down. Holy then lifts the chair up again and slams it on top of Alphas head. Alpha falls out after this one. HolyJose runs out of the ring as Tad pins Alpha. The ref turns around and starts the pin count...)

    Joe: THIS...


    Joe: IS...


    Joe: BULLSHIT!!!


    Quagmire: And Tad Locust has won it for HATE.

    Joe: The Alpha Dog would of had that won if it wasn't for Moloch and HolyJose. The Alpha Dog is going to be pissed about this.

    (Tad and Moloch are celebrating outside of the ring when Alpha suddenly sits up. The camera focuses on Alphas appears on his face. He stands up and, as if nothing happened to him at all, walks straight towards the back. That is not before pushing Tad off the stage area where he was celebrating and throwing Moloch into the construction around the stage)
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    Peter: Oh, boy.. I know we really shouldn't but there is no way I am missing out on this one! Come on, boys, we're sitting in on this thing too.

    Dudley: Great.

    Mayhem Tag Team Title Match
    Ma$$Dinero and Psycho Siaki vs (c)Samson and Chainsaw

    and Ma$$' Masses rejoiced!!

    Pat: Now it's time for the Mayhem Tag Team Title defense and boy oh boy is Samson and Chainsaws first challenge a big one. Ma$$Dinero and Psych Siaki are practically brothers. I'm going for them two in this one.

    Dudley: As much as The Devil's Rejects frighten me, these former V3 guys annoy me even more. I really hope they don't win it.

    Peter: Geez Dudley. I got to give you credit. You enjoy going against the flood no matter how much it drowns you.

    *Ma$$ is standing on the ramp waiting for his tag team partner.*

    Siaki's going to kill you!

    Joe: It's great to see Siaki back. I was a big fan of his before he was sent to prison.

    Dudley: Well, you didn't see what he did to get sent there did you? If you saw what he did, as a police officer, you wouldn't be so accepting of him.

    Quagmire: I actually agree with you Dudley. That man is unstable and it makes for unsafe working conditions when he's around.

    Peter: So The Devil's Rejects are more safe to be around Quagmire? Do I have to remind you of that one night on Warfare? I can still smell the piss from that night.

    Pat: (Laughs out loud)

    Quagmire: Shut up!

    The Mayhem Tag Team Champions!

    Joe: The Devil's Rejects have actually been having quite a few problems. They forcefully removed the Warfare side of their group who are now known as HATE and Nightwolf decided to leave them.

    Pat: Serves them right. After all the horrible things they have done, some justice was in need.

    Peter: Both teams are in the ring and this one is underway.

    *Ignore past 5:15*

    Joe: This match has been epic but it looks like SamSaw has the advantage right now.

    Chainsaw and Siaki are fighting on the outside while Samson is looking to go for The Killing Curse on Ma$$ until...

    All the men in and around the ring are watching the entrance ramp. Once the singing begins a man walks out onto the stage wearing a black hooded robe. The man keeps his head down before he points at Samson. Samson is distracted by this before Ma$$ turns him around and hits the "MFWTLAAIGBWTBTS" which spins Samson around towards Siaki who hits Samson with a Uranagi Bomb.

    Siaki pins Samson.




    Pat: We have new Mayhem Tag Team Champions!!!

    Dudley: They were distracted! Who the hell was that?

    *The man walks backstage while Siaki and Ma$$ celebrate in the ring*

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    Dudley: Well, now it's time for an innovative match around here... Now its time for BodomInvader to finally stop that pain in the ass The Sleeper

    Flying Tables Match: The Sleeper vs BodomInvader

    The Sleeper

    The pyro explodes with a bright and thunderous BOOM!! When the fire and smoke clears The Sleeper is standing at the top of the ramp holding his arms up throwing up a L and a V with his hands. Sleeps is wearing a orange prison jumpsuit that has "NEVADA D.O.C." on the back and prison inmate number "573394". Sleeps is also wearing a blood stained skull mask with a rip across the top of the head and a rip from the mouth opening up the side of his cheek. The Sleeper walks down the walk way and stops in front of the 13 foot ladder and 2 tables set up in front of the ring, there are also tables set up surrounding the ring. Sleep makes his way to the top of the ladder sits down on top of it and pulls a mic out from his jumpsuit. Sleeps starts talking in a monotone voice never raising it or showing excitement.

    Sleep: Tonight BI and I will be putting our bodies, our careers, and most importantly our lives on the line in order to end this war we are in. At first this all started out as fun and games for me, but after BI tried to castrate me in the middle of the ring it all got damn real for me. I may have beat him at New Horizons but that win never brought me any satisfaction. I knew this match was the only way I would find closure on this matter. So win lose or draw this will be the end of our feud, and I will ask for no more matches with BI. Now some of you are possibly wondering why I'm wearing this blood stained and ripped up mask. The reason I am wearing this mask is it reminds me of when I first debuted this match. The circumstances may be different this time around but the feelings are just about the same. When I first introduced this match when I was wrestling in Mexico City, It was because my best friend, someone who has been like a brother to me in my wrestling career, stabbed me in the back. We both knew one of us had to go, so we set it as a loser walks away from the company match. I may have won the match but at the time I lost my best friend. After the match he was so mad that after the match he tried to rip my mask off and also end my wrestling career, but luckily security came and stopped him before he got the mask off. Since then me and this guy have made our amends and I even got this guy a job here in JBW. The guy I speak of is my best friend and closest brother in my wrestling family, Helmsley. This match probaly took years off of our lives, but it was well worth it. Helmsley, I know we haven't spoke much since my return, but I promise you very soon we will be back as Dos Vatos and be getting those tag titles we always promised ourselves we would have by now. I love you bro, and it's Dos Vatos 4 Lyfe.

    Sleep stands up and throws his hands in the air once again throwing up a L and a V. Sleep then jumps off the top of the ladder, over the ropes and rolls into the ring.

    Pat: Are you kidding me, Duds? Man, Sleeps is ready for this match like he never been ready fopr a match before! Ol' B-I's in trouble!!


    BodomInvader comes out riding Ted with a trainer on each side of him holding chains that are wrapped around Ted's neck like a choke collar. BI stops Ted just before the ladder and tables and jumps off of his back. The trainers lead Ted back up the ramp and into the back. BI walks slowly by the ladder and tables lightly sweeping his fingers across the top of one of the tables while looking back and forth at the ladder and at Sleeps in the ring with an evil grin on his face.

    Dudley: This man is a sick individual... And thats why I like him. He's goona tenderize Sleepers insides. Sleeps is a fool for getting into the ring with this guy again.

    ***xStraightxEdgexSaviorx comes up on the Jabetron and restarts the match***

    xSxExSx: BI what the hell was that, these people came to watch a great fight. These fine people spent their hard earned money to be here and I won't let that quick 5 minute exhibition stand as the outcome for this ppv hardcore flying tables match. Now obviously you and the ref didn't understand the rules to this match, so let me explain them to the 2 of you. The rules are you must "THROW" your opponent off the top rope or a ladder through a table or you yourself must jump off the top rope or ladder and drive your opponent through the table. So that weak little push off the top rope onto the table isn't going to cut it. Ref ring that fucking bell and restart this match

    Dudley: Now what the hell is that all about?!? BodomInvader had this match won! Just what does Straights think he's doing coming out here and making up shit as he goes along!

    The ref signals for the bell and the match resumes. BI gets out of the ring, picks up The Sleeper and throws him back into the ring. BI picks up Sleeps and throws him into the corner turnbuckle and then runs at him and hits him with a jumping splash, (Stinger splash). And then starts unloading on him with some elbows to the head until Sleep falls to the ground in the corner. BI picks him back up and stands him up against the turnbuckle and goes to the far corner and goes to hit another jumping splash on him. But Sleeps ducks out of the way and BI slams his chest onto the top turnbuckle. Out of desperation Sleep follows up with a running knee to the middle of BI's back and then some elbows of his own to the back of BI's head. Sleep grabs BI in a head lock, steps up onto the 2nd turnbuckle spinning BI around and then pushes off the ropes and hits BI with a bulldog. Sleep is unable to get up first and capitalize on the downed BI. After about 30 seconds BI gets up first and starts laying in with some boots to Sleeps ribs as he is in the mat.


    Pat: It's The Sleeper's former Dos Vatos tag team partner Helmsley... What does he want out here?!?

    The beast known as Helmsley comes out and rushes into the ring. BI looks scared and backs himself into the corner as Helmsley stares him down like a rabid dog. Helmsley helps the Sleeper up and makes sure he is ok. Helmsley the grabs Sleep by one arm and goes to throw him into BI standing in the corner looking scared enough to piss himself right there. Instead of throwing Sleep to the corner at BI, Helmsley redirects and whips him into the ropes and hits him with a devastating scoop powerslam on the rebound. Helmsley picks up Sleep and bounces himself off the ropes and hits him with a big boot that sends Sleeps out to the apron. Sleep pulls himself up using the ropes and BI, who is no longer scared of Helmsley being in the same ring, hits him with a spear sending him flying into the ring barrier. BI and Helmsley both get out of the ring and Helmsley picks up Sleeps and holds his former Dos Vatos partner so that BI can attack him. BI mocks Sleep's LV tuant by raising his arms and instead of throwing up a L and a V, he throws up a B and an I. BI then hits Sleep with his signature superkick.

    As Sleeps is down, BI and Helmley run and grab the ladder and a table and set it up by where Sleep is laying. BI climbs up the ladder and when he has reached the top Helmsley picks up Sleeps and goes to hand him up to BI for a powerbomb off the ladder. Helmsley pushes Sleep up to BI and BI has Sleeps legs over his shoulders ready to deliver a super powerbomb, but Sleep hits Helmsley a couple of times with some sharp elbows to Helmsley's head which makes him let go and and take a few steps back. Sleep pulls himself all the way up so that he is sitting on BI's shoulders. Sleep hits him with a few rapid punches to the head. Sleep then falls back and pulls BI off the ladder with a superrana. Helmsley kicks the table out from underneath them and BI crashes down to the floor. By nothing more than luck Sleep lands on his feet, looks down at BI who missed the table, and then at Helmsley with fire in his eyes for making sure this match will go on.

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