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    *Before the Showdown logo and intro is shown, we get a video played from after last week’s show.. Broc and Sullivan are shown in Sullivan's locker room. They are both wearing jeans and Steeler t-shirts based off Superbowl 43, but Sullivan's has the sleeves cut off. Once again, the two boys are arguing about something*

    DS: No, how many times do I have to say it...we are tied Broc!

    BF: It doesn't matter, I'm still the best one to come out of Pittsburgh,

    DS: But we're tied!

    BF: Yeah, but I still won way more competitions then you.

    DS: Once again...we're tied. And what do you even mean, nearly each of the competitions you won, it was with some dirty, cheating way.

    BF: I don't need to take this...

    DS: No... We're finishing this! I'm going to T1GC's office right now, and we're going to end this once and for all.

    *Sullivan storms out of the locker room*

    BF: Hey, wait!

    *Sullivan is shown walking in the hallway near T1GC's office, with Broc closely behind him. He knocks on the manager's door...shortly after we hear a voice*

    Voice: give me a minute, alright?

    BF: Sir, we need to talk to you about something.

    Voice: Yeah...just hold on, I just nee-

    *A loud crash is heard*

    Voice: Shit!

    *Broc and Sully stare at each other...until the door finally opens sometime later. Although the figure who opened the door, is wearing a very mysterious black robe, with a divers mask on, and a pair of Cowboy boots on his feet. The man is reveled to be the manager himself, That One Creepy Guy*

    T1GC: What was it you boys wanted?

    *When the door opens, they two guys finally get a look inside the GM's office. On the walls, are portraits of all the previous and current managers from JBW, but in every photo along the walls, the eyes are suspiciously cut out of each photo.

    Near one side of the office, there are a few cages. Two of the cages contain various reptiles, with one cage contained snakes, and the other cage containing another snake...but this snake was cut in half, and apparently not alive. The third cage along the wall, had an even startling creature in it. The creature had a face that looked very similar to a human, but a body of a rodent like creature. Just by looking in it's hideous eyes, you could tell that it just wanted to scream out "Kill me...kill me please".

    On our GM's desk, we're several empty bottles of what appears to be vodka...and next to them, is a large duffle bag...what is inside the duffle bag is unknown.*

    T1CG: Are you boys OK?

    BF: Uh...oh yeah.

    T1CG: What was it you wanted to ask me?

    DS: We...

    BF: We um...

    *The two are obviously startled by the environment*

    T1CG: Yes?

    DS: Uh...Oh yes, we're sick of these competitions. We want a match against each other once and for we can finally find out, who is really the best person to come out of Pittsburgh.

    BF: Right, and we want it to be a steel cage match!

    DS: Yeah...and the match has to be in Pittsburgh too!

    T1CG: Ah I see, I figured you guys would be asking me about that sooner or later. So here's the deal, we don't have any shows scheduled to be in Pittsburgh for awhile. But if you guys can find an arena to fight in, we'll be able to air it from Pittsburgh...and show it on the jumbotron from the arena.

    DS: Awesome...I know a guy who works at the-

    *While Sullivan is talking, That One Creepy Guy's desk begins to violently shake...Broc and Dave stare at the desk, but T1CG hasn't given it any attention at all. Finally, the desk stops.*

    DS: We uh...right, so I know a guy who works at the Console Energy Center, so I can probably pull some strings.

    T1CG: Awesome. So if you two don't mind, I have I mean something to take care of.

    *Just then, a meat cleaver falls out of the manager's pocket...while T1CG begins to panic*

    T1CG: Bye, bye now.

    *The GM pushes the two out of his office, closing the door behind them.*

    BF: That was...well...creepy.

    DS: Maybe we should just...get out of here.

    *Before the two leave, they hear an odd scream...scaring the two boys. Sullivan and Broc look at each other...but instead of investigating anything further, the make the right decision...which was getting the hell out of there. And now the show begins*

    *Showdown Theme: Tech N9ne – The Industry is Punks*

    Sly: We’re coming live from the sold out Showdown Arena in Los Angeles, California!! IT’S FRIDAY NIGHT SHOWDOWN!! JBW’s special brand of uncut extremity!! I’m Sly Sylvesterstein!!

    Larry: Of course, you all know, that I am the living legend, Larry Zbysko.. And yes ladies, I just got rid of the Gonorrhea, HAHA!! I’m fucking all night long and I’m shooting blanks ladies!! *fist pump* Yeah!!..

    Sly: *looks at Zbysko with a hateful gleam and then turns back to the camera* As T1CG’s era over Showdown has been settling in, we have been seeing a lot of changes on this brand.. As T1CG stated at a press conference earlier this week, this brand will be pushing in its own direction.. We will be building our own stars and this will no longer be developmental.. Every week we will provide a constant show of pulse racing action..

    Larry: That’s right my mud fuck of a partner, we don’t push shows back like Gayhem or Whorefare!! Big news for all you Eskimo whale eating mukluks out there in TV land.. We will be here each and every week delivering the JBW product!!

    Sly: That’s Mayhem and Warfare, Zbysko.. And this is JBW, not a battle amongst brands..

    Larry: You really don’t know shit, do you?? All my years in the motherfucking business, and you’re telling me that I can’t smell a mutiny.. I can smell a mutiny like I can smell ass and wet dog hair, everytime you speak in my direction..

    Sly: Well you say po-tay-to and I’ll say po-tah-to!!

    Larry: No I’ll just say fuck you, moon face, we got our new talent initiative contract match that’s about to happen.. You know the matches where they give some punk kids, that haven’t earned shit, that don’t know shit, and who could never be shit, a job in MY BUSINESS of all businesses!!

    Sly: Well you are correct Larry, the New Talent Initiative Contract match is about to begin!! A 3 way dance, where whoever gets pinned gets no contract, while the other two move on to continue proving themselves on this brand..

    *The lights turn an eerie purple, as Bahamut’s theme plays in the arena*

    Larry: All the angels and the sinners are mixed up on Showdown, and now it looks like the Devil is here!!

    Sly: We literally have nothing on this Bahamut guy.. No history, no anything..

    Larry: It’s the fucking devil, Sly!!! *slaps the shit out of Sly* Look at his fucking face, you moron!!

    Sly: Yeah, he’s one scary individual indeed, and we can see the crowd is scared of him too..

    Larry: I like how he makes the children cry..

    Sly: You’re sounding like T1CG, Zbysko..

    Larry: What can I say, haha!! Takes one to know one, right?? *Slaps Sly hard in the back*

    *Two pyro shots hit the sky as Greg “The Hammer” Valentine walks on-stage as his theme begins*
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    Larry: Now, this is talent right here!! I’ve known Valentine for years!! He’s definitely one of the greatest all time!!

    Sly: A multi champion, Valentine, has competed in some of the greatest matches in wrestling history.. I must agree with you,
    Larry.. He is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time!!

    Larry: Wrestlers?? Yeah he’s alright in the ring, he’s no Larry Zbysko.. But I meant he was the greatest at the Figure Four Kidney Lock!!

    Sly: What in the bloody hell is a Figure Four Kidney Lock?!?

    Larry: It starts off with crystal meth, pain pills, and whiskey; then it’s a blur for about 6 hours, and then it all ends with spousal abuse and balloon full of coke up your keister.. I must say it really brings a psychology and reality to a match, whether you’re in ring or at home..

    *Cold Daddy Calhoun’s music plays in the arena for a bit until he heads out to the ring*

    Sly: Cold Daddy Calhoun is from the mean streets of New Orleans.. When people were out pushing drugs and murdering each other, in his neighborhood.. He choose to represent his hood through professional wrestling.. Though no other hoods had professional wrestlers in their midst, he ended up getting arrested for wrestling random homeless vagrants and putting it on youtube..

    Larry: Wait a second!! I wrestled that guy about 3 or 4 weeks ago!!

    Sly: Remember, you didn’t work here around that time, Zbysko.. So were you a homeless vagrant??

    Larry: *Slaps the shit out of Larry* I’m the living legend, you pig clitoris!! I was never homeless!! Around that time I had a nice two story refrigerator box, conveniently located between the drugs and the whores.. Plus New Jack, Sandman, and Perry Saturn, were all my roommates.. We had it made in the shade, well unless it was a real sunny day, you know, convertible top house and all..

    Sly: Sounds like you were living the dream, Zbysko..

    Larry: Not really, my dream was always to bully, a nerdy kid’s dad.. It’s like a full circle, the kid gets picked on and the dad gets picked on.. That’s how you bring families together..

    Sly: That’s all fine and dandy, Mr. Family Values, but let’s see who’s dreams will be crushed after this match..

    Larry: Bahamut pins both of his opponents, after back to back chokeslams to both, The Hammer and Cold Daddy.. You see, you can’t play with the devil, Sly.. He’s gonna poke you in the ass everytime, and im not talking about a pitchfork..

    Sly: Nothing is known about this enigma, but we can see right now, that he is more than ready to take Showdown by storm.. I mean, wow, he pinned both opponents.. Now both guys receive no contract of employment..

    Larry: Like I said, you don’t fuck with the devil, Sly!!

    *T1CG’s music plays with his creepy video package, as he makes his way down the ring with Morrisson Martel*

    T1CG: Hello everyone!! Look at all the suffering you endure each week when you come to my personal hell hole, the Showdown Arena!! Yet you all return week by week, I think you all like the pain.. Yes, I really think you do!! But before I go under your seats and start poking anuses and vaginas for personal finger smelling purposes.. Let me call out my Iron Man, Daniel May!! Today is his first chance at regaining glory..

    *Daniel May’s theme hits as he walks onto the stage*

    T1CG: Hello Mr. May, you look quite oily and tan today… Just hearing your theme music tickles my butthole but I digress.. As you know, today is your first Iron man trial..

    May: Cut the theatrics, you shit!! Tell me who I’m facing and I will prove to you, on why I am the greatest champion to ever grace the JBW..

    T1CG: Quite the surly character you are, when it comes to me running my show.. You want to know who you’re facing?? You’re facing Alexi “The Android” Asminov, Johnny Phantom, and my perfect specimen, Mr. Morrisson Martel!! Oh yes, and Martel will make sure he will lick every drop of sweat off your Iron body.. Now remember, if you win this gauntlet, next week on Showdown, you will face RedRuM for the TV championship.. So are you all that they say you are??

    May: I’m more than that.. You’re talking to the greatest of ah..

    *Kevin Matthews Music plays as he walks in with his Showdown title over his shoulder*

    Matthews: Heh, I don't have to stand here all night and listen to you brag that you are the best wrestler on Showdown right now.. Cut The Crap dot com, because everyone knows that I am the most talented superstar to ever touch a ring period.. Hell I don't even need to prove it anymore, I got this championship title, oh and it does all the talking for me.. It proves that I am the best, so I deserve the best.. Yeah people bitch that I am the champion. but guess what I deserved it!! You guys should stop bitching about me and embrace me as your savior. I am the one who saved this show from immortal failure, not guys like Daniel May who doesn't have what it takes anymore!! I need to be getting the opportunities of glory.. So what’s the deal you creepy fuck!!

    T1CG: Oh twin brother, I knew you were gonna come and try to slide yourself inside my personal time with the Iron Man, Daniel May.. Don’t be jealous of my love for Mr. May.. Because we both know your penis is too miniscule for me to enjoy on a plate with toast and eggs.. But since you want some man-action so bad, how about we put your title up tonight against the Archangel Kayden James!!

    Matthews: Oh that’s fine with me, asshole!! I gotta get ready to put the Archbishop to sleep tonight!! Because the fans, already know that I'm gonna be sending his ass to dream land, because I'm the Instant Classic, Kevin Matthews, and I'm still better than you!

    T1CG: Yeah, go ahead and head to the back, my doppelganger.. I will be there to watch you use the restroom in no time.. But Mr. May, your gauntlet begins now..

    *Daniel May heads to the ring as he waits for his gauntlet to begin, he walks passed T1CG and T1CG winks at him and mouths “I love your peepee”*

    Sly: Well there we have it, Kevin Matthews vs Kayden James for the world title tonight!! But before we get to that explosive main event, Daniel May, has to win a gauntlet for a chance at the Showdown TV championship..

    Larry: You mean the Showdown Championship of TV Dinners.. Until I get my hands on that title, it will never be a true championship.. It’s funny like when you give a burger king crown to a kid, they start to feel like royalty.. Look at RedRuM for instance, he has the TV title and he thinks he is a champion!! The only thing he champions is a microwave for his Hungry Man meal..

    Sly: Well you feel that way then, Larry.. I just want to see how the action unfolds..

    Larry: *shakes head* You are such a faggot, Sky..

    Sly: It’s Sly

    Larry: Sly’s a man’s name, Sky is a name for faggots, like you with your fairy dust.. Calling yourself tinkerballs, while they’re tucked up your butt cheeks.. Oh wait, Tinkerballs was Adrian Adonis, back in 88.. But back to my point, you’re a fucking faggot Sly…

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    *Sly thinks to respond but decides not to.. Little did he know, that it didn’t matter, because Zbysko slaps the living shit out of Sly.. And then the match begins..*

    Sly: Daniel May did it!! He did the unthinkable as he wins the gauntlet this week!! May is going to get a shot at the TV Championship on the next Showdown!!

    Larry: Yeah he beat everyone but that Morrisson Martel.. Morrisson stepped out the ring to be counted out.. He has been on stage since then, doing stripper moves and poses as the match went on.. I swear it went hand in hand with everything you’re about, Sky..

    Sly: Oh WTF!!!

    *Morrisson Martel then rushes the ring and starts to beat down the Gauntlet winner.. Martel picks up May, as he prepares for the finisher, and then the lights cut off.. We hear a large thud and the lights go on, and G-Scorp is in the ring while Martel is laid on the outside of the ring.. The crowd goes wild and then the lights cut off then on again, and we have Sin in the ring.. Both of these men are going at it, with flurries of punches, elbows, kicks, and knees.. Daniel May gets up and is about to attack Sin, when all of a sudden the lights go off and on, with both Sin and G-Scorp nowhere in sight*

    Larry: It’s a magic show going on right now.. We got Seigfried and Roy in the ring over here.. This is that bullshit mumbo jumbo that takes the reality out of old school wrestling..

    Sly: Let’s not even get to how unrealistic old school wresling gimmicks were.. Let’s just move on to our first commercial of the day..

    Larry: We’re back here at Friday Night Showdown!! I am the greatest thing to ever be broadcasted on TV, Larry Zbysko..

    Sly: And this is Sly Sylvesterstein, we’re going to head straight into a tag team match between the former champs, Loki & Aeriel vs Caesar and Danny Tatum..

    *Caesar’s theme is played as he and Tatum make their way down the aisles*

    Sly: Oh and here he comes, the man himself, Caesar..

    Larry: And his punk kid of a partner, Danny Tatum..

    Sly: We get it, Larry.. We understand.. You don’t like the roster..

    Larry: I love the roster, just not these fake champions.. When a real champion comes a long, I’ll let you know when I see him.. *looks at his own reflection off the monitor* Oh look there’s one right here.. *Points at his reflection*

    *Loki & Aeriel’s theme plays in the arena*

    Larry: I know they’ve been under a bad streak of losses.. But let that Aeriel chick come here and sit on my lap.. I can turn her whole day around..

    Sly: Aeriel has a penis, Larry..

    Larry: Not if I rip it off, which isn’t hard.. I ripped off the Brooklyn Brawler’s before.. It snapped right back, no problem.. Mobile vagina tip for the traveling wrestler..

    Sly: Good grief *rolls eyes*, thanks for the tip, Zbysko..

    Larry: I set things in place, you jheri curled, tap dancing, gorilla in a hat..

    Sly: Well first things first, im not wearing a hat and secondly, the only thing that’s going to be in place is this match since its about to begin..

    Sly: Once again, Tatum pulls out the knucklebuster and uses it to gain a victory in his match.. Loki & Aeriel, are not taking this well as they are working their way up the ramp with their heads down..

    Larry: Don’t worry Aeriel baby, I put my pubes on your coffee cup, so you know that ill always be with you.. Clarence Thomas style..

    *Caesar heads out the ring as Tatum picks up a mic to address the crowd as boos fill the arena*

    Danny: Shuttup while I speak, no need for me to estbalish those facts when I walk into this damn arena it should be an obligation to you that when I speak you are quiet. Ya see when I speak I dont just light up the arena, I light up the entire world. And when I debuted last week and picked up the win it was only the beginning for me, I will soon be an established superstar and I will soon be catching titles but for now I'm gonna lay low and build myself to being the best superstar JBW has ever seen. I think I already proved it but since you incompetent people that we call fans in this day and age heckle me. I guess I have to shut you guys up, and thats gonna happen tonight!

    *Tatum drops the mic, as the boos fill the arena.. Danny salutes the crowd, and laughs like a maniac on his way backstage.. We then fade in to a shot of JBW Backstage reporter, Montgomery Madsen, also known as "B.A.N" (Bitch Ass Nigga) sitting at a picnic table outside eating his lunch. His lounge jacket is off and on the table over to the side of his food. He's got a radio playing and he looks like he's enjoying his food. While he's sitting there we get a frontal shot of him eating, all the while RedRuM is walking up from the distance behind him. He's throwing people and breaking stuff in his path. As he walks up on Madsen, he grabs him up and the B.A.N. drops his hoagie. RedRuM SLAMS him up against the wall.*

    RedRuM: "You see what the fuck happened on that fuckin' SUPERSHOW this week? HUH!?!?!? Nigga, get yo' fuckin' camera on! I got some shit to say!"

    *RedRuM tosses him down and Madsen’s camera guy shuffles to get his equipment on quickly. After he's set, he gives RedRuM the cue to start.*

    RedRuM: "I've told you time and again Apha Mutt... don't fuck wit' me nigga! I've busted your ass, now you've busted mine. I'm man enough to admit when I got beat... but, you a blindsiding muthafucka' for whatchu' did, bitch! I'ma get mines, trust me. You done fucked up!"

    *RedRuM sees the hoagie sitting on the table and picks it up and starts eating it.*

    Madsen: "C'mon man... that was my lunch..."

    *RedRuM gets angered.*


    *He slams the hoagie down and starts stomping it.*

    RedRuM: "That's what I think of yo' lunch nigga... don't ever talk stupid shit like that to me again bitch. I'll yolk you up faster than a prostitute who owes a pimp money! We understood?"

    Madsen: "Yes... we... are."

    RedRuM: "That's what I thought B.A.N. Now, back to this shit. Alpha Mutt... I'ma fuck you up. Simple as that. Watch yo' back bitch! And speaking of backs... Caesar, you little fuckin' prick... you try to sneak up on me again and yo' life'll be over motherfucka'. I dominated the shit out of you at New Horizions. And if these motherfucka's wanna continue our shit... we can do it. I'll just continue to fuck you up!

    Now, one more matter at hand... I hear the shit you've been saying Larry. I watch the show back. Not many of us do, right bitch? You didn't think me of all would watch it right? Think I don't got cable or some shit, right nigga? MAN FUCK YOU!!! I'ma fuck you up tonight... You hear me nigga? Straight up fuck you up! I ain't doing none of that gay shit you like either. I'm just gonna' punch your fuckin' lights out and then kick your fuckin' skull in!!!

    *RedRuM walks away the same way he came up. While the B.A.N. can be overheard mumbling about his hoagie.*

    Sly: Did you hear that, Larry???

    Larry: I sure the fuck did, you piss pants son of a bitch!! Why are you cheerleading, Sly?? And just to let it be known, RedRuM, is now speaking my language.. Im ready for your greasy fried gizzard ass!! Wait im not ready yet *sticks his nose inside of a ziplock bag full of white powder and then vacuums it all through one nostril* Ok, im ready now!! Whew!! SHOWDOWN!!
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    Sly: Well we’re gonna see how ready you are tonight.. But right now we’re going to go to the city of Pittsburgh, PA!!! Where our tag champs Broc & Dave Sullivan will settle everything in a no disqualifications Pittsburgh Street Fight in the boiler room of the Console Energy Center ..

    Larry: I hope a fucking bomb blows up on those two.. Pittsburgh fucking sucks!!

    Sly: Let’s see how Pittsburgh feels about that, the next time you’re out that way..

    *We are backstage at the Console Energy Center, where both Broc and Sully are waiting for the official to start the bout*

    *Dave Sullivan gets the three count after a mean powerbomb on some equipment.. Sullivan helps Broc up but then the lights go off in the room.. An alarm begins to shriek and then the lights come back on, G-Scorp and Sin, all of sudden appeared in the boiler room as they continue trading blows in the factory.. Sin kicks G-Scorp with the Sinner’s Delight and G-Scorp drops, the lights flash on and off repeatedly , Sin disappears as Broc & Sully help G-Scorp up*

    Sly: Now what the hell was that?!?! G-Scorp & Sin did some trans-dimensional travel tonight!!

    Larry: Un-fucking-believable!! From the west coast to the east within a flash of a light!! It’s like my 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s all over again.. What a blur that was..

    Sly: Oh we have to congratulate Dave Sullivan for winning the best out of Pittsburgh match.. Our tag team champions, really put it all on the line with that match.. A lot of fire burning in those two..

    Larry: Yeah the fire is probably for a tire burning.. Cause that’s how much those two stink..

    Sly: One of these days, Larry, its all gonna crash down on you..

    Larry: *chuckles* It already has, you blubbering twit.. Ten-fold.. There is nothing life can throw me, that I cant handle..

    Sly: Oh really??

    Larry: Yes, really you noodle eating rice paper maker..

    *All of a sudden a guitar smashes to pieces on the head of Zbysko from the crowd.. RedRuM drops the guitar and then taunts
    Zbysko as he is face down on the announcer’s table. RedRuM then bullies his way back through the crowd*

    Sly: Yes!!! Yes!!! OMG Yes!!! Ding Dong the witch is dead!!! It’s funny how things turn around huh, you poor excuse of a man..

    *Larry is out on the table but still manages to deck Sly in the mouth*

    Sly: *Rubbing mouth* And this will lead us to our final commercial.. Up next the Friday Night Showdown, main event, Kevin
    Matthews vs Kayden James!!

    *We return from the commercial break with a shot of Loki & Aeriel in the locker room.*

    Loki: We have been falling, Aeriel.. We have been falling from grace..

    Aeriel: Maybe it is because we are unforgiven for our past actions..

    Loki: Maybe God doesn’t love those that have walked the wicked path..

    Aeriel: I truly feel that he doesn’t..

    *The door opens and Shining Light walks into the room. He stands between Loki & Aeriel, looks them both in the eyes and takes a deep breath*

    Shining Light: I have heard your cries for help gentlemen, and you should be happy to know that God has also heard them. You see, the Lord forgives, but only to those who ask for forgiveness. As Psalm 84:11 says... For the Lord God is our sun and our shield. He gives us grace and glory. The Lord will withhold no good thing from those who do what is right. You two are the chosen ones, the people who can lead the sinners back to God's good grace... But I am afraid that it will not be that easy for them! For in order to truly gain God's forgiveness, they must make a full commitment to destroy the Devil... And the Devil is Kayden James... Why focus on worshiping golden idols such as the Tag Team titles, when you can have an eternity of peace and happiness in Heaven as your reward for defeating Kayden James! Only God has the power to truly make you happy, so it would only be wise to swear your allegiance to him... I promise you that it will be the best decision you ever make...

    Loki: Well, what should we do?!?

    Aeriel: There is nothing we want more than to be forgiven!!

    Loki: Also to rid us of this sadness.. This eternal sadness..

    Shining Light: Follow me. Follow God. Join the crusade against the Devil and enjoy the peace that his defeat brings afterwards... We are at the cornerstone of a new beginning, of a new World... A World that doesn't have any wars... A World where disaster never strikes... A World where everyone lives together in peace, harmony and joy! Follow me. Follow God. Help us to achieve that everlasting peace that we have longed for since the beginning of time!

    Sly: It looks like Shining Light, might have the answer for both Loki & Aeriel..

    Larry: Shut the fuck up you putz!! You and RedRuM, are both dead.. You want to cheerlead?? Watch what I do to the both of you!!

    *Larry grabs Sly by the head and then slams it into the announcers table, Larry then gets up and heads to search for RedRuM*

    Larry: Up next, my foot in a low class talentless wrestler’s ass.. Im gonna shove a TV dinner tray down his throat..

    Sly: *picks head up with aching look on his face* Ok well we’re going to pretend that never happened and head on to our final match!!

    *Kayden James theme plays as he stands on the stage with his arms like a cross.. The crowd screams wildly* [/I]

    Sly: The Archangel’s time is now!! Everyone on the roster wants Matthews to lose the title.. Will the Archangel prevail??

    *Kevin Matthews’ theme music plays as the stage and ramp area become engulfed in smoke. The lights flash on and off as the silhouette of Matthews is shown while the smoke clears. He lifts one hand in the air and then BOOM!! A large explosion as Matthews heads down to the ring with his belt over his shoulder*

    Sly: And here is our champ!! Matthews has a look of determination on his face!! He wants to prove to the world that this title truly belongs to him.. It looks like the ref has the title in his hands and this match is about to set off!!

    *Kevin Matthews has the upper hand.. He throws James into the ropes as he connects a stiff sideslam onto the mat.. Matthews starts to stomp the Archangel repeatedly.. Kayden grabs the leg and turns it into a dragon screw.. Kayden follows up by picking up Matthews, and cracks him with a short arm clothesline.. Kayden moves to the top rope but Matthews gets up and pulls the ropes as Kayden hits the floor.. Matthews runs the ropes as Morrison Martel comes out from under the ring.. Martel hits Kevin Matthews with the double dong dildo and the ref sees it.. This match is over, Kevin Matthews wins by disqualification.. Kayden James, does not like the sound of that, as he picks up Kevin and hits him with the Angels Among Us and grabs a mic*

    Kayden: JUDAS! I told you I wasn't going to wait on you to attack me again. I told you I was going to come back there and find you! I told you that you and your cronies will suffer, and I am a man of my word. I AM NOT AFRAID OF YOU SHINING LIGHT! *goes to get out of the ring*

    *The lights go down in the arena. When they come back up again, Shining can be seen on the JabeTron*

    Shining Light: Kayden James... your time is here! Today, Friday 25th of November 2011... The "Holy War" has begun! I hereby declare war on you the Devil and all of your unholy subjects! And I warn you... this is not a war that you will emerge victorious from! From now on, I will be known as "The Vatican Assassin" Shining Light... and this...

    *The camera widens to reveal Loki & Aeriel standing on either side of him*

    Shining Light: Is my Assassin's Creed! Prepare for a war like no other, that will bring destruction to this World! But for those of you who are elite followers of the Lord... do not worry... For he will soon come down to this World and take you all up to Heaven! And as for the rest of you...

    *The lights go down, a small explosion followed by a loud crack can be heard throughout the arena and several screams begin to echo. When the lights come back up, one section of the crowd has collapsed and a group of people are struggling to escape from underneath it. Shining's voice then echos throughout the arena*

    Shining Light: You WILL ALL DIE...

    *The JBW logo appears and the show fades after that terrorist like attack*
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    Once again another great SHOWDOWN!

    You guys are really coming into your own.
    Ma$$Dinero... We're shootin' now, bruv!

    Quote Originally Posted by Wade Barrett 1979 View Post
    Kash; calling it 4 years before Robbie.


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    Kevin Mathews still sucks, though.
    Ma$$Dinero... We're shootin' now, bruv!

    Quote Originally Posted by Wade Barrett 1979 View Post
    Kash; calling it 4 years before Robbie.


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    Like, big time.

    Whoever made him champ needs their head tested.
    Ma$$Dinero... We're shootin' now, bruv!

    Quote Originally Posted by Wade Barrett 1979 View Post
    Kash; calling it 4 years before Robbie.


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    Obviously I'm just posting fillers here, but I'm telling all you guys the truth... Kevin Mathews is an AWF jobber at best.
    Ma$$Dinero... We're shootin' now, bruv!

    Quote Originally Posted by Wade Barrett 1979 View Post
    Kash; calling it 4 years before Robbie.


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    SHOWDOWN! = The JBW Developmental ward.
    Ma$$Dinero... We're shootin' now, bruv!

    Quote Originally Posted by Wade Barrett 1979 View Post
    Kash; calling it 4 years before Robbie.


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    OK, it's time for the big boys to come out and play.

    It's time for... SUPERSHOW II!!!!
    Ma$$Dinero... We're shootin' now, bruv!

    Quote Originally Posted by Wade Barrett 1979 View Post
    Kash; calling it 4 years before Robbie.


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