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    Sly: Can you believe that?? Asimov and Sasquatch trade blows in the ring until Tatum gets up and slides on the knucklebuster.. He hit Sasquatch in the back of the head as the giant fell forward and knocked Asimov out the ring.. Danny Tatum rolled the big man over, gets the pin and now Sasquatch is not welcome here on the Showdown roster!!

    Larry: Somebody wheel that barefoot country bastard out of my arena!!His father was a watery shit and he is the son of a watery shit, Watery Shit Jr!!

    Sly: Oh and the crowd begins again with the chants “ Nananana, Nananana, Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye”, as Sasquatch makes his way up the ramp!!

    *Asimov rushes after the country giant as he makes it to the stage, and hits him with a double knee to the head. The Android then stands above his opponent, puts a thumb down in the air and slices the thumb across his throat*

    Larry: I told you there was a killer in that man!!

    Sly: Oh yes, he definitely made sure he finished what was started between those two in the ring..

    Larry: He’s a closer..

    Sly: Definitely is, and it looked like it was his match.. His only obstacle was the big man at that moment, but Danny Tatum is a true opportunist and made it his win..

    Larry: I wonder if Tatum will take the opportunity to sniff some coke off my legendary tricep.. Every legend has done it, I am the gateway to legendary status..

    Sly: I guess so, Zbysko.. Well let’s get to the back with JBW Backstage’s secondary reporter, Montgomery Madsen, with Showdown Television Champion, RedRuM..

    *RedRuM is seen from the back. He's lifting his weights. He's got his mask and bandana on, no shirt.*

    Madsen: Excuse me... umm... RedRuM... I’m Montgomery Madsen with Showdown Backstage, can I have a moment?

    *RedRuM grunts loudly as he puts the weights down and turns around with the speed of a cat. He pulls out a large knife from his pocket and points it at Montgomery’s face.*


    *RedRuM keeps shouting as he puts the knife down and takes out his earbuds.*

    RedRuM: Now what the fuck you want?

    Madsen: I... I asked if I could have a word with you...

    RedRuM: Let me ask you a question first.

    Madsen: Uhhh... oh... ok.

    RedRuM: Why the fuck they send yo' dumb ass? I mean, can't they send one of them bitches 'dey got to interview me sometime? Everytime they want something from me, they send your broke ass! Tell me nigga... do you even got a name?

    Madsen: Yes, I have already told you actually, it’s Montgomery Madsen..

    *RedRuM lowers his brow.*

    RedRuM: You get smart with me, bitch? HUH?

    *RedRuM lunges at Madsen and stops in front of his face and begins to laugh.*

    RedRuM: You jumped back like ten feet! Ahahahahahaha!!! You a little bitch! HAHA! Bitch ass nigga!... Fuck yo' real name... I'm callin' you B.A.N. from now on! You my little B.A.N!!! Ahahahaha!!!

    *RedRuM stops laughing.*

    RedRuM: Now B.A.N... What the fuck did you inquire of me?

    B.A.N: Er... well RedRuM... everyone wants to know... What are your feelings on Caesar attacking you from behind last week?

    *RedRuM paces a bit and turns his back to the camera. He grabs a water bottle and takes a drink. He turns back around after fixing his bandana and grabs a weight again. This time he starts bicep reps.*

    RedRuM: That nigga's gonna get his. See, I gotta wait for a couple more weeks before I tear him the fuck up in the ring! He'll get his fuckin' receipt. He got one time. That was it. That baseball bat was the best that pussy boy got? Shit. Nigga betta' get a Eagle and a half to take me down next time. See... on the streets, he'd a already been dead for that shit... I got a fuckin' contract to uphold and shit.

    *He puts the weight down and jumps up shaking his arms out.*

    RedRuM: Tonight though... I know you're listening you Creepy bastard... That1CreepyGuy.. I ain't askin'... I'm tellin' you... I want to defend the SHOWDOWN! Television Championship tonight against someone... anyone. In my head, that nigga'll be Caesar. That bitch ain't gonna know what hit 'im.

    *He stops jumping and turns around to get water again.*

    B.A.N: Umm.. who's not gonna know what "hit 'em"?? Caesar... or your opponent for tonight?

    *He turns back to face Montgomery.*

    RedRuM: Neither, nigga! Now, let me finish my fuckin' workout an' shit.

    *RedRuM gets his earbuds back in. Madsen walks out while RedRuM starts working out again. *

    Madsen: Ok... Remember people, the name is Montgomery Madsen, not B.A.N. and this was Showdown Backstage..

    *Shining Light is shown sitting in the locker room reading his Bible*

    Kayden James: Stand up Judas, I want to look the Devil in the eyes when I talk to him.

    *Shining Light puts his Bible down, stands up, and faces Kayden.. Kayden James grabs Shining Light, pushes him up against the lockers, and places his forearm under his chin*

    Kayden James: Now you listen to me boy and you listen closely to every word I say *pushes a little harder with his forearm*. Last week you put your hands on me, that was your first mistake. You repeatedly blaspheme the name of my God and that Judas, that is your second and final mistake. Your false prophesy and wicked ways has secured your spot in Hell.....and secured you a problem with me. Now tonight I have my match with Johnny Phantom, and after that match I dare you, DARE YOU! to come out to that ring and take the beating I'm going to give you. Are you a man, or are you another one of the Devil's cowardly dogs? I'm guessing the second.....

    *Security rushes into the locker room and tries to come between the two.. Kayden James looks at security, smiles, and releases Shining*

    Kayden James: It's okay guys, I just wanted to have a little word with my friend here. I'm going now. *turns around and starts to head back out*

    Shining Light: That's right! Leave! I don't want filth like you touching me... not until the Lord cleanses you of all your sins! The "Devil" in my eyes is merely a reflection of you Kayden James... And I will listen to you, when you're lying on the floor screaming in pain! I will hurt you Kayden James... I will hurt you so bad that you will never be able to walk again!

    Kayden James (looking over his shoulder): John 8:44 says "You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father's desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, and has nothing to do with the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks out of his own character, for he is a liar and the father of lies." I will have my day with you Judas, and when I do, prepare to be beaten with every fiber of my being.
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    Sly: We’re seeing more action backstage than out here in the arena..

    Larry: There’s more action at this table than there is backstage.. Look I’m all out of speedballs and I think this prostitute overdosed under this table..

    Sly: Yeah I guess you are and she’s going to need poison control.. But until we can find help for this poor lady, let’s get to a word from our sponsors..

    *We return to the show with the lights in the arena dimmed red.. Lee Gun Kim’s theme hits and flames arise from the stage. He steps through the inferno with a seven bladed sword holstered behind his back. He pulls out the sword and performs a kata on stage, putting his martial arts abilities on display.. He then poses into a war stance, staring towards the ring with fire in his eyes.. Another large wall of flames burst up from behind Lee Gun Kim and he then rushes to the ring*

    Sly: The Korean Slaughterhouse, Lee Gun Kim!! A former NWL champion, he has earned his chance to win gold once again with the Showdown TV championship.. He has been a force to be reckoned with since he debuted, as his main focus is to prove how the North Korean race is superior..

    Larry: They sure are superior at stir fry..

    Sly: He meant in physical terms..

    Larry: Well when I said stir fry, I meant opium.. But if he’s talking physical terms, I’ll put him in a rear naked choke and he can become an official citizen of Larryland.. Lawler said it best, show me an oriental with a title and I’ll show you a thief..
    Muta I’m talking to you too, you want to take it to the ring, let’s do this.. *Takes off shirt to show an old flabby body*

    Sly: C’mon Larry, I don’t think he wants to live at Larryland..

    Larry: That’s because only the real men can say that, all you other fucks are fudge packing butt pluggers..

    Sly: *Looks sarcastically into the camera* Words from the Living Legend everyone..

    *RedRuM’s music plays and he’s coming down to the ring in a beastly-like fashion, championship belt in hand*

    Sly: We heard from him earlier, he was working out back, our Showdown Television Champion!!

    Larry: More like the Showdown Champion of Television Dinners..

    Sly: I would like to hear what he thinks about you saying that..

    *Punch to the face of Sly*

    Larry: Anything I say here, I would say in that person’s face!!. I am the living legend you curry eating son of a dried out cunt!!
    Never forget that!!

    Sly: *Rubbing eye* Understood, and it looks from my eye that isn’t hurting right now, that this match is under way..

    Larry: And the Showdown Champion of Television Dinners, prevails!!

    Sly: The big man took it to the top of the rafters and destroyed Lee Gun Kim..

    Larry: Oh shit!! Look who’s coming!!

    *Caesar tries to sneak attack RedRuM with the aluminum bat.. Not this time, RedRuM grabs the bat and begins to beat Caesar senselessly with it.. RedRuM walks away, looks back at Caesar , and does a body splash onto him with the bat spread across his chest.. POW!! And Caesar is leaking.. RedRuM walks to the back as officials come out to check on Caesar.*

    Sly: What goes around comes around Caesar..

    Larry: I gotta give it up to the champ.. He sure knows how to champion those TV Dinners..

    Sly: What the fuck is your problem Zbysko??

    Larry: I’m the real TV Champ, that’s why.. I’m on TV!! I’m a legend!! He’s not!! He’s the kool aid man with a hardcore edge.. One Boston Crab is all I need and the lesson would be learned, Boston baked ham beats fried chicken every 10 out of 10 times..

    Sly: Yeah we’ll see when you two finally butt heads.. But it looks like we’re about to receive a special announcement from our GM of Showdown, T1CG!!

    *T1CG’s music hits as he walks through the boos of the crowd, he is followed by SinCara, an unknown biker looking guy, the masked man from the Matthews/Mays match, and Trips88 with a full beard and bald head*

    T1CG: Hello my darlings!! I love how you all hate the fact that I rule your world!! I mean this is only the second week of the new Shodown and I already see the same faces in the crowd.. I guess the regulars are into watching a well-known sexual predator running a show full of angry sweaty half naked men.. Just look at all the chaos, I created this!! Yes I did!! Now speaking of my creations, and no im not talking about the dead skin toddler babies I twist, tie, and shape from carvings I get from my female night attack victims.. The creation I am talking about, is this circus of freaks right behind me.. Oh yes I love them all, they are all special in their own ways.. Let me introduce you to them all one by one, this big burly biker of man with his braided beard and red bandana, oh yes this guy right here’s name is Contraband.. He has sold drugs throughout the highways of America, he’s buried people alive in the desert, plus he has access to anything I need, from drugs, weapons, to human slavery, all he answers is to my mighty dollar, he also loves to witness me torture my victims.. But he is not of one, but two, like a Siamese twin connected at the head.. I created his connected brother from an older member of JBW, you all may know him as Trips88.. Well for all who have read his book, he had a major problem with drugs and he has been sober for 8 years straight!! *the crowd applauds the man* How the fuck could that be ok!?!? I had to get him back on drugs immediately, and not just one, I put ALL of the drugs in him at once..

    Larry: I HAVE TO BECOME A MEMBER!! THAT’S MY KIND OF PARTY SLY!! *drops trousers to show yellow stained butt huggers*

    T1CG: Oh his mind was so easy to mold, thanks to the help of my friend Contraband.. We tortured Trips88, we drugged him, tortured him again, drugged him, drugged him, and then rewired his mind.. He is no longer Trips88, he is now known as Narcotic.. He and Contra together are the Hallucinogenic Trip!! Oh but let us not forget my dear demon, my devil under a mask *kisses the mask*, Sin!! Oh he is so evil, I love it!! Everytime I think of you Sin, I get goosebumps, you remind me so much of Reptile from Mortal Kombat, such a carnivorous romantic living in a pit of filth, feces, and rotted flesh!! But let me not forget the cherry to my Hot Fudge aborted fetus Sundae, the muse to my Erotic Circus, the masked man from last weeks match, the AMBIGUOUS!!! The SENSATIONAL AND BEAUTIFUL, MORRISSON MARTEL!! *the masked man removes his mask and shows the face of a model, women whistle and the guys boo as Martel does a Rick Rude hip swivel while flexing* Oh he is my greatest asset in this establishment, as he is as deviant and evil as myself, and I’m just talking about when we’re in the bedroom..

    *the crowd boos loudly and then Kevin Matthews Theme plays*

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    Matthews: What the hell has this show turned into? Seriously? An erotic circus? You've got to be kidding me! You know what, tonight I'm calling the shots I'm going to put my title on the line against Daniel May in a rematch from last week in a steel cage match. Daniel May didn't get what he deserved last week because you went on a grope fest and ruined the match for everyone! And since you think we're twins and usually twins think alike, think about this: GET THE HELL OUTTA MY RING!!

    T1CG: See that’s where you’re wrong dear brother!! I run this show!! I rule your world!! The reason why you hold that title is because I say so!! You will not give any rematch to Daniel May!! I have other plans for that sex kitten of a boy.. But for you dear brother, you will have to face Mr. Morrisson Martel.. You see he does not like the fact that there are two of me here in JBW, you and me of course.. Everytime he looks at you he wants to penetrate you for that title you hold and I want to watch while masturbating upstairs in my office..

    Matthews: I will kick your ass, his ass, his ass, his ass, his ass, your ass again, the crowds ass, and anybody’s ass in that locker room.. You forget that I am the greatest that ever lived, the Instant Class..

    *Daniel May’s theme interrupts Matthews as he joins Matthews above the ramp*

    May: Hold on a minute, Matthews!! I believe after the bullshit you and your twin brother have been doing around here, that not only do i deserve a rematch against you for the title but you and T1CG deserve to be fired... *the crowd cheers loudly* Everyone in this building knows that I do what all Australians do best and that’s to kick the piss out of somebody.. T1CG you’re that somebody mate, but I need to know one thing you creepy shit!! Why me?!? Why have you been interfering in my matches?!?! I swear if you don't tell me, I will comedown to that ring and bash the fuck out of everyone in your gay house club group.

    T1CG: You don’t understand how much we would love for you to come to our gay house club group, but we would be doing the bashing, and that would be to your anus cavity, young Hercules!! Yes I know you are one of the best here on my roster!! But do you deserve this title?? No!! You need to prove to me that you are the iron man, that I think you are..

    May: I don’t have to prove shit, wank stain!! The world already knows what’s up when it comes to Daniel May..

    T1CG: Well you are no longer the number 1 contender, Mr. May!! You want title shots?? You want your glory back?? Prove your worth as a champion then!! Show me you have the heart of a warrior bisexual like the ancient Greek hero, Alexander, who is also a former lover of Zeus Apollo in a past life.. Well I was too, but I digress.. The catch to it all is that everytime you pass one of my Iron Man trials, I will give you a shot to a title.. Not only Showdown titles, but for all brands in JBW.. This is your chance!!

    May: I can handle anything you throw towards at me..

    Matthews: What about my Iron Man trials you creepy fuck!! I need some title shots on the other brands myself, I am waaaaay better than this Daniel May asshole!!

    *The lights cut off in the Showdown Arena, we hear the sounds of slams, oomphs and the moans of pain.. The lights come back on and we see G-Scorp standing tall over the Erotic Circus. He poses both hands in the air and crosses his wrists. The lights cut off as the crowd cheers loudly and turn back on with G-Scorp nowhere in sight*

    Sly: G-Scorp dismantled the debut of T1CG’s Erotic Circus.. He disappeared but he didn’t get his mind twisted like Trips88 now known as Narcotic.. No words from G-Scorp, just the action to return the favor to Sin and the rest.. To put it all in a nutshell, its looking like Matthews vs Martel and Daniel May is T1CG’s Iron Man..

    Larry: I really want to join the circus Sly..

    Sly: I understand that, you told us earlier..

    Larry: No, I want the same thing they did to Trips or should I say Narcotic..

    Sly: You already do that without the T1CG treatment..

    Larry: I do don’t I??

    Sly: Yes Larry you do, but let’s take a look backstage, at our JBW Tag Team Champions, Broc and Dave Sullivan!!

    *Broc and Sullivan are shown backstage, in Sully's locker room. They're both dressed in jeans, and Steeler jerseys. Dave Sullivan is sporting his Big Ben Jersey, while Broc is wearing a James Harrison jersey. *

    DS: Woo! It feels great to have these belts back around or waists...

    BF: But you have yours on your shoulder...

    DS: Our shoulder, our waists. It doesn't matter man, we're the champions again. We...did it!

    BF: And to think we were arguing at each other before the match...

    DS: Yeah, maybe we should do that more often?

    BF: I know something we can do more often, win!

    DS: Speaking of winning, it's a shame that we won't get to see the Steelers do that this Sunday.

    BF: Speaking of Steelers, I got a text from Mike Tomlin. He wanted to congratulate us on the victory.

    DS: Awesome, tell Mike I said Hi...wait...why'd he text you anyways? Why didn't he text me?!?!?!

    BF: Maybe he doesn't like you.

    DS: He likes me! He even had me flex my muscles last week before the match.

    BF: I think he was mocking you.

    DS: No! Mike loves me man...I am the best thing to come out of Pittsburgh after all.

    BF: Oh not this shit again. I think we've already decided that I'm the best thing to come out of Pittsburgh. I am the tag team champion after all.

    DS: We're both tag team champions!

    BF: Well...I'm winning the competition right now.

    DS: We'll just have to change that then. I'll tell you what, whoever gets the pin tonight, get's another point in the competition.

    BF: Deal, but if I get it...this shit is over, and I'm the winner.

    DS: You won't get it.

    BF: I swear, if you cost us the match, just because you want the pin....I'll...I'll...I'll slap your shit!

    DS: I don't have to take this, I'm out of here.

    *Broc rolls his eyes, knowing what is about to happen, when Dave walks back in...right on cue.*

    DS: This is m-

    BF: I know, I know.

    *Broc leaves, while Dave looks at his phone*

    DS: Oh hey...I did get a text from Mike Tomlin.

    *As we pan to the ring, Loki & Aeriel’s theme plays in the arena*

    Larry: They invoked their rematch clause, as they lost their titles last week..

    Sly: That is correct, Zbysko.. I spoke with Loki earlier this week and he said that they are going to snatch those titles right back this week..

    Larry: You should have asked him if that Aeriel chick was single..

    Sly: How many times do I have to tell you, Larry?!?!? Aeriel is not a chick!!

    Larry: I’d fuck her..

    *Sly shakes his head as the tag champions, Broc & Dave Sullivan’s music plays loudly*

    Sly: Now these two have put a wager in this match.. Another one for their competition to see who is the best from Pittsburgh..

    Larry: Pittsburgh sucks, all it is, is a bunch of factories and people that like eye patched penguin pirates that mine for steel..
    What a fucking shit hole!! Finding out who the best to come from Pittsburgh is like winning first place in a shit eating contest,
    you’re still eating shit Sly!!

    Sly: Well I beg to differ, these guys are legendary in their city like the teams that hail there in all sports.. I truly believe they will hold on to these titles again..

    Larry: Here we fuckin go again with the Mr. Know It All Shit!! What the fuck is this?!?! The I wish I was Matt Striker Show?? Eat a fuckin dick you mark!!

    Sly: Anger Management, Zbysko!! That’s what you need… (plus rehab and a whole reconstruction of your life).. It looks like they are about to ring that bell, and this match is on its way..

    Sly: Dave Sullivan gets the pin and they retain the titles!!

    Larry: That had to be one of the greatest spears I have ever seen..

    Sly: So well put Zbysko, it was a textbook spear from Sullivan to Loki as he scores the pin..

    Larry: I was actually talking about my cock you maple leaf loving canuck!! I have another prostitute under the table to replace the last one that died earlier in the show.. Well the new prostitute just put some coke on my pecker.. Its one of the greatest spears I have ever seen..


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    Sly: And that will be my cue to interrupt and bring us to a commercial..

    *Slap to the face of Sly*

    *We come back from commercial break with Showdown Backstage reporter, Adrian Roberts, who is about to start his interview with G-Scorp.*

    Adrian: This is Adrian Roberts for Showdown Backstage and I actually have the chance to talk to G-Scorp.. You really put your point across today in the ring when you went ballistic on the Erotic Circus.. We remember when you disappeared at New Horizons, what had happened??

    G-Scorp: Well I’m glad you remember Adrian, because I have no idea what the hell happened.. One minute im pinned by Avidico, then the next im being dragged to a car, and then I’m waking up in some sort of freakish circus like tent. People getting tortured for kicks, being operated on, and doing sexual favours for the Erotic Circus.. I cant even begin to explain what I went through… Torture racks, drills in my legs, do you see these scars on my arms and legs!?!?! That sick fuck, Sin or Sin Cara, whatever the fuck his name is.. He bit the shit out of me, chewing chunks of my arm.. It’s fucking wrong, Adrian!! It’s just wrong!! Then Sin, the real Sin, not this pyjama wearing masked freak that appears to you in the ring.. The real Sin, beat the shit out of me until I was left unconscious... Well at least he thought I was left unconscious.. Then i saw his face… His real face, Adrian.. It is hideous, and despite all of the torture and hell i went through, nothing and I mean NOTHING, could prepare me for that face… It is the face of hell and despair.. Anyways as Trips88 or Narcotic, was being wheeled away, and I’m sorry I couldn’t help you man, but I needed to get out of that hell-hole.. I went past security guards with lacey uniform, two headed dogs, men being skinned alive, oh it was horrible.. Moving on please, Adrian..

    Adrian: *Looks in amazement* I can't believe you made it through all of that?? T1CG really does live up to his reputation.. We seen what he did to Trips88, I mean Narcotic..

    G-Scorp: Adrian... You sound a little skeptical, this aint no joke, it aint no story and it is certainly beyond conspiracy.. This is ridiculous and it is going to stop!! What I did to T1CG is nothing, compared to the rampage and venom that I’m bringing back to Showdown!! The Erotic Circus must be stopped at all costs and G-Scorp is going to make sure that happens.. After what you’ve done to me Sin, I guarantee payback.. You fail to realize that every time I get beat down, I give back far worse and today was just an example.. So now that I have your attention, you hideously disgusting piece of crap better known a Sin, I’m going to hurt you!! I’m going to hurt you badly!! And when you’re laying down in a pool of your own blood, I’m going to rip that mask right off of your face!! I will reveal the true face of the Erotic Circus demon!! This interview is over, Adrian!! I got some plans to set into place..

    Adrian: This was truly insightful to the world of the Erotic Circus, and we see the fire burning inside of G-Scorp.. It’s like he has become a new man.. Well this is Adrian Roberts closing out for Showdown Backstage..

    Sly: G-Scorp shows that he could pull the carpet from under T1CG’s feet.. He is determined and I agree with Adrian.. G-Scorp has become a new man..

    Larry: G-Scorp is a party pooper.. The Erotic Circus is about sex, pain, and drugs, G-Scorp wasn’t man enough for that kind of party.. Captain Lou Albano partied like that 24 hours a day.. He was the walking main event when it came to those three things..

    Sly: I’m glad you brought up the main event, because our main event is about to begin, The Archangel Kayden James vs Johnny Phantom!!

    *Johnny Phantom’s music plays in the arena*

    Sly: Here comes Showdown’s loud mouth, Johnny Phantom!! We haven’t seen him since the new era of Showdown began.. But he has made it to this week’s main event, as he gets ready to face this man, The Archangel Kayden James!!

    *Kayden James music hits*

    Larry: I feel like making a prediction Sly, since im tired of hearing your bullshit guesses..

    Sly: Im pretty accurate when I make my predicitions, Larry.. But what do you predict??

    Larry: I predict that the bible beater is going to win by beating Phantom with a bible..

    Sly: Well we’re going to have to find out if your right, as this match begins now!!

    Sly: Kayden James scores the three count with the "Angels Among Us" sitout bodyslam and stands in the middle of the ring
    looking around at all the fans in SHOWDOWN! arena.

    Larry: Kayden is one ugly son of a bitch, I tell you!! All those Buddhists are..

    * Shining Light comes through the crowd and hits James with his back turned laying him out. Shining Light is unmerciful in his attack, and slides outside to grab a steel chair and hits him again and again while screaming "This is the beginning of the end Kayden, This is THE BEGINNING OF THE END!". As security rushes into the ring, Shining bails out and heads up the ramp with a smirk on his face. The camera fades as Sly Sylvesterstein closes the show while the JBW Showdown logo ends the show*


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    ^Thank you, Sauzer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wade Barrett 1979 View Post
    Kash; calling it 4 years before Robbie.


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    Kevin Mathews<T1CG
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wade Barrett 1979 View Post
    Kash; calling it 4 years before Robbie.


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    Kayden James = The Future.
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    Kash; calling it 4 years before Robbie.


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    G-Scorp FTW.
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    Kash; calling it 4 years before Robbie.


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    So... It's just about time to post the SUPERSHOW (all caps. Fuck knows why.)

    Kinda hoping that you enjoy it.
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    Kash; calling it 4 years before Robbie.


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    Last filler.... Promise.
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    Kash; calling it 4 years before Robbie.


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