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    WARFare. November the fifth.

    WARFare intro theme: Headstrong by Trapt

    *Ron Burgundy is in the ring and he is ready to once again grace us with the sound of his voice.*

    Ron Burgundy: Hello you fine people here beautiful Chi-Town, Chi-

    And here comes TDA interrupting Ron Burgundy. How rude

    ~TDA walks by Ron without even a glance and makes his way to the ring to mixed reactions yet again. He is wearing his classic tailored suit that he had grown accustomed to for the past month or so. A paper could be seen inside of his hand but he kept it turned away from the camera. TDA walked around the ring and grabbed a microphone before finally rolling beneath the ropes and into the squared jungle.~

    "I have a very exciting announcement for everyone in attendance! The following match is going to leave everyone on the edge of their seats, hands tightly gripping their legs, and their teeth tattering away like a little boy watching a scary movie while he is home alone. But don't be thrilled yet! ....Drum roll please. *A sound effect of drums gets played in the arena* Ryusuke and Jman!! Why did I randomly blurt out their names you may ask? Well it is simple! They are going to be tag team partners. Both of these men will take on God's Grace for the Tag Team Championships. I can assure you however that this match will be phenomenal. So don't go thinkin' about getting a refund just yet!"

    ~TDA takes a moment of silence while his ears filled with the melodic tune of the roaring fans who displayed a heavy likeness for the match TDA had just booked for WarFare. A mixture of chants for Jman and Ryusuke were provided by the fans as they even began to stomp their feet on the floor similar to how the people stomped in Queen's "we will rock you" song.~

    "Thank you, thank you! I enjoy your support of the show and I will do my best to keep giving you such. Your money will never be wasted here. In fact many more surprises await you guys just around the corner. We are gearing up toward some impressive things so peeled eyes are necessary if you are a fan of JBW. Now I will do my best to restore order around here. That means taking out each and every one of those radicals! You know who and what I am speaking of! They walk around here acting like they can change things better than I ever could. I think not!"

    ~The crowd starts to get hyped up and boo's TDA. This enrages TDA and he rips his suit apart an slams it on to the mat. After doing so he kicked it repeatedly for about a minute before glaring at the crowd on every angle possible. He hovers momentarily before bringing the microphone back to his mouth to speak~

    "Each and every one of you are false beings. You cheer one second, and then you boo the next. You are all confused about what you truly like and I will be here until' the end of time. I actually plan on fighting this battle. This is where this paper I am holding comes into play. See I plan on ending all of your supposed -dreams-. They aren't really dreams... They are simply nightmares in disguise and I will save you from these nightmares soon enough!"

    ~TDA shoves the microphone into his side pocket and rolls out of the ring. He then walked half-way up the ramp before discovering a kid who was holding a "TDA sucks" sign. TDA then laughed diabolically before stealing the kids sign and shredding it up. He then dropped the remaining pieces of the sign over the boys head as it was reminiscent of snow.~

    "I Compare to a kiss from a rose on the grave" I know it's supposed to be grey but grave is what I could of sworn I heard

    Quagmire: Well, look who it is. The guy who almost got people harmed last week.

    Joe: You shouldn't be mad at him Quagmire just because you shit your pants. It wasn't his fault.

    (Zap comes out to a pretty decent level of applause and stands on the stage absorbing it. He is never going to be able to get used to coming out here. He's wearing a pretty decent suit. It's tailor made but nothing too expensive.)

    Peter: Awesome song. He is treading on dangerous grounds. Let's find out what he has to say.

    Zap: How is it going TDA? So, you know that only copy of the show schedule that you gave to me to read?

    TDA: (Pulls the mic out of his pocket) Yes...

    Zap: Well, I read it and I liked it. It was a really good schedule. Great job!

    TDA: That's nice Zap, but as you can see I'm busy...

    Zap: The problem is TDA is that. I was getting up from reading it, laughing, and then I tripped and it fell into a shredder. So we need to come up with some new matches and fast. Now most of it is fine to me but I would like to add or change a few things if you don't mind. Like this last match between Snair and Manabu. That one is just fine and I can't wait for that one, but I would like to add The Alpha Dog vs Anomander Rake.

    TDA: That sounds fine to me.

    Zap: But on this one, The Rejects are banned from ringside right?

    TDA: I didn't say...

    Zap: GREAT! I'll just write it down here

    TDA: Well, how about you write this one down...The Nasty Crew vs Two of a Kind. No disqualification match.

    Zap: Even better. Ok now how about Sasha teams up with PrimusSucks and God of War to take on Ayako who has teamed up with Steve Austin and Fernandez Romero? Awesome match right there.

    TDA: Great. Just make sure that Manabu vs Snair and Ryusuke and Jman teaming up to take on God's Grace for the Tag Titles you know, the matches that I made, are on there ok.

    Zap: (Gets done writing) Sounds good. We'll get it started. Wait a minute, one more match. Since The Rejects are here tonight, taking up valuable TV time for the wrestlers in the back. They can also wrestle, so how about Lenny Ray(fans start cheering) teaming with Connor Chaos (the fans continue cheering) to take on Nightwolf (boos start) and Silva ? Oh this is going to be fun. See what we can get done working together. See you later buddy. (skips to the backstage area)

    Peter:That was a great way to open the show, and... Well from what I'm hearing, Kelly Chambers is backstage with Fernandez Romero. Kelly?

    *Kelly is shown backstage, smiling with a mic in her hand*

    Kelly: I would like to introduce my guest at this time Fernandez Romero and Fernandez something seems to be wrong. Are you ok?

    *Fernandez is shown leaning against a wall holding a bottle in a paper bag with a longing look in his eyes. It is also noticed that Tracey isn't with him*

    Fernandez: You wouldn't understand the pain I feel right now Kelly.

    Kelly: Well, why don't you try me? I am a licensed shrink after all.

    Fernandez: Ok, well Tracey left me.

    Kelly: Oh, Fernandez I'm so sorry.

    Fernandez: Yeah, but she didn't do it until after she stole all the money in my safe.

    Kelly: Oh my god! Did you call the cops and how did she know your combination?

    Fernandez: She is long gone by now. There was enough money in their to disappear and I told her the combination one night after we made love.

    Kelly: This is terrible Fernandez. I can't imagine...

    Fernandez: No you can't. During those three weeks, I thought we were really getting back on track. It was just a lie though. it turns out she just wanted to get my money and run away with my pool boy Tito. But now I have this hole in me that can't be filled and I don't even care about her taking the money. You can say during those three weeks, I fell in love with her. Now she's gone and no matter (holds up the bottle) how much I drink, how many women I bed, and how many luxurious things I buy, I can't feel anything. Nothing! *Suddenly purpose is shown in his eyes* Maybe there is one thing that I can do though.

    Kelly: Well, whatever it is, I hope it makes you happy.

    Fernandez: Yes, happy. Thank you Kelly. *walks away*

    Kelly: Thank you Fernandez. Back to you guys.

    Quagmire: Oh my god, that guy needs to lighten the fuck up.

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    Joe: OK, people, we're back from the break, and we're about to see one of the matches that was set up before the commercial. I'm absoloutely stoked for this one.. Six peson tag team action! Where else but WARFare!

    Peter: Nowhere, thats where, Joe. It's like Lois' father always says, the only good immigrant is a working immigrant!

    Joe: Just... What... THE HELL DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING, PETER?!?! Answer me.

    Peter: I, um, I dunno. Quagmire, do you have anything to say about this six person tag team match?

    Quagmire: Gig-

    Joe: Apart from gigitty.

    Quagmire: No.

    Ayako, Fernandez Romero and Steve Austin vs Sasha, God of War and Pimus Sucks

    Greggory Samuels: Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for our first contest, and it is a six man contest scheduled for one fall. Making their way to the ring, Ayako, Steeeve Auuustiiin aaand Feeeerrrnnnaanndezzz Rrrrooooommeeerrrooo!

    Quagmire: Man, Fernandez gets all of the chicks! Why, if I wasn't here right now I'd be in the back sniffing her panties that I stole earlier. Gigafuckingdee!!!

    Peter: Oh, man, you got her pan- I mean, Quuaaagmire! You know what the boss said. No pervert stuff.

    Joe: He might as well not say anything. He's a complete and utter liability. Speaking of liabilties, Fernandez Romero hasn't been acting too sane these days. His rough treatment at the hands of The Alpha Dog took a big physical strain on him, and the heartbreak he felt over Tracey has done a job on his senses. I'm worried about this guy.

    Greggory Samuels: Aaaannd their opponents, God of War, PrimusSucks aaannnndddd Saaashhhaaaa!!!

    Joe: Well, this is bound to be a fantastic match, but I'm gonna give it to these guys. God of War and PrimusSucks, and Sasha. Sasha may have lost to Ayako last week, but she's had her number so far in this feud, and I think she's gonna pick up the win for this team. Coupled with the fact that Primus and God of War have been teaming together recently I'd say that this is the better team.

    Peter: I am totally gonna go the other way just to be rebelious! He may be an idiot, but I'm saying Fern gets the pin for his team.

    Quagmire: Lets find out

    *Fernadez pins Primus Sucks with a spinning slam. Sasha then attacks Fernandez. Fernadez just stands there while Sasha lays into him with some vicious slaps. She is stopped by Ayako who spears her and begins laying into her with even more agression as Sasha had when she was attacking Fernandez. Ayako is really putting a hurting on Sasha when more refferees hit the ring and seperate the warring females.*

    Quagmire: Now thats what I call a pair of battling babes. I know she never got the pin, but Ayako has got to consider this a big win here. And how about Fernandez, eh? He showed he's still got some energy left in the tank, there. Although he did kinda spaz out abit a the end there.

    Joe: He's weird. I've got my eye on him. Lets have a word with our host, Ron Burgundy. Ron, over to you.

    Ron Burgundy: Why thank you, thank you indeed, Mr Swanson. *takes a sip of scotch.* Now, as I've been sitting here in my sky box, looking down the thousnds of fans here in attendance, I've been beside myself. I just can't get over the fact that our GM interupted me without so much as an apology thrown in my direction. I am begining to reconsider things here in JBW, and if this positively bullying behavior, then Ron Burgundy and Justifiably Badass Wrestling will be a, thing of the past. Ron Burgundy is nobody's patsy. No, sir! But, enough of my woes and stryfe. Anyway, I firstly need to announce that on top of defending his TV title, Jose and Azrael will be putting their tag team titles on the line in a tag team gauntlet. Talk about a fighting champion in Jose, eh? But now, Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my honour and pleasure to present to you a special sit down interview with The WARFare World Heavyweight Champion Ryusuke "The Shuriken" Serra. Conducting this interview is none other than the man who signed our champion.. Kashdinero. Enjoy, everybody.. I know I will.

    *We can now see JBW COO Kashdinero sitting in what appears to be an office in a dojo of somekind. Screams, and the sound of bodies hitting mats can be heard outside of the office, and the scene is set.*

    Ka$h: So, champ, how's life in JBW been treating ya? Its gotta be better than being told what to do by eboy and the gang.

    Serra: I have been enjoying myself here in JBW! I worked well with the people in Warfare and had fun. Did some interesting matches. Bumps here and there but still....very fun!

    Ka$h: Tell me, when I asked you to join, what did was going through your mind?

    Serra: It was an ingenious scheme! JBW wanted me to make some sort of impact and I had to deliver. A new name. A new face. Same attitude. JBW wanted the same man they saw from my past and I had to tweak a bit of something but you see the results of this great plan!

    Ka$h: For your first match, you were lined up to face a jobber of some kind, but things never quite turned out that way, did it?

    Serra: No.

    Ka$h: That's right, because Snair was feeling on top of the world, he thought he'd pick on the new guy, and he ended up challenging you to a match for his title there and then... That never turned out to be one of his smarter decisions, as without your legendary mask, no one had any idea who you was. Please, tell me what it was like to hear the shocked reaction from the thousands of fans in attendance when you pulled out the Shuriken Blade mask and they all realised who you was?

    Serra: It was a wonderful feeling, and I could just feel the shock of that moment cut through me like a Kenta Kobashi knife edge chop.

    Ka$h: After you defeated Snair, there were mixed emotions, and certain idiot's were screaming out conspiracy, and basically hating on ya'... That can't have felt good.

    Serra: I didn't matter to me. Dirtsheets like to make up some batshit story but you know me....I don't like made up stories. I come out with the truth. The truth is that JBW scouted for me and wanted me here. They want impacts. They want history written and I am the man for the job. For all the critics and complainers, I am just doing my part. Every thing I do has a reason.

    Ka$h: Either way, I think you have handled the situation with respect and honour, which as everybody knows, is what Ryusuke Serra is all about, but, recently you have shown a darker side to your personality. Was this a concious decision, or has this dark side always been with you?

    Serra: I've had always a dark side to me, though I like to hang around between "good" and "evil". I may do things that people will respect and other things that people would hate me for but they should realize that I am me. My darkness has been growing ever since being here but I have ZERO plans of decreasing it. I know how to control it.

    Ka$h: Personally I like this new dark side, and as the WARFare World Heavyweight champion I think you have risen to the occasion, and have become a cornerstone of JBW, but now you have a huge mountain to climb by the name of JMan. Give me your honest opinion of JMan, and your upcoming match with JBW's hottest star right now.

    Serra: Jman....Jman is the future. Nothing less. The man works hard. The man earned his place among JBW's finest. As for me....I still have a lot more to prove. I know for a fact that our match will show which one of us is the better man of the night and the better man will wear this belt....with pride and honor for a long time.

    Ka$h: Win, lose, or draw, I know you're going to tear the house down at New Horizons. Now, is there anything want to say to the roster? I know they have had plenty to say about you, so this is your chance to tell them what you think of them.

    Serra: Guys is the back....listen up. I am here to stay. I am here to make JBW a better place. A place where everyone can enjoy our matches. A place where we can make a name for ourselves in the annals of JBW history! A place for legends. I will make my mark and nothing will stand in my way!

    Ka$h: Lastly, have you got anything to say to your fans?

    Serra: To all my fans....thank you so much for your support! I work hard for you guys. You keep pushing me to this point and I will keep delivering great moments! Keep watching more of JBW! Enjoy the show and enjoy my matches!

    Ka$h: Ryusuke, it's been a pleasure talking with you as always... See you at New Horizons. Good luck in your match... You're gonna need it.

    Serra: Thank you Kash! I will give it my all!
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    Peter: Wow, that was a great insight into the mind of the WARFare World Heavyweight Champion. Now, it's time for our second match of the evening. I can't wait to see how The Alpha Dog fares off against one of The Devil's Rejects.


    Greggory Samuels: From Parts Unknown, weighing in at an even twoo hundred and eighty five pounds, he stands six feet and five inches. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you... Anooommmaaanndeerrr.. Raaaaaake[/COLOR]

    Peter: So what do you guys think? Think old Anomander here has a chance against Alpha tonight?

    Joe: Yeah, as much of a chance as Quagmire here has to get with Louis.

    *Joe and Peter laugh*

    Quagmire: Shut up! I told you two that thinking I was going to die.You both can screw yourselves.

    Greggory Samuels: And his opponent. Standing at six foot two and weighing in at two hundred and fourty pounds. He represents The Resistance....THEEEEE AAALLLPHHHAAA DOOOOGGG!!!

    Peter: Oh yeah, here comes The Alpha Dog and he is ready to go.

    Joe: Alpha is quite the competitor but I just don't really see what's so special about him. He's always talking about dominating but let's be honest his win/loss ratio is about the same.

    Quagmire: Well, let's see if he can change that as he is in the ring and the match is starting.

    (Ignore past 4:41)

    (Anomander runs and bounces off the ropes, jumps at Alpha, and Alpha catches Anomander in his arms in a fall away slam position. Alpha then swings around and does a standing powerslam to Anomander. Alpha instantly jumps up, holds his arms out, and yells, "WHAT'S HIS MOTHERFUCKING NAME?!!!" The audience then yells, "THE ALPHA DOG!!!" and lets out a loud pop. The Alpha Dog is amped up as he is looking down at Anomander who is struggling to stand up. Alpha starts waving his arms to get the crowd cheering as Anomander gets to one knee. Alpha is behind Anomander when he gets on his feet and Alpha applies the The Alpha Grip on him. Alpha falls back, while still applying the hold, with Anomander and Anomander taps out)

    Peter: Awesome just awesome. Now do you see what he is talking about Joe?


    Quagmire: Dominating win by The Alpha...wait a minute. What is he doing out here?

    Peter: I don't know but he has a chair and I don't think he's planning on sitting down.

    (Fernandez Romero came from out of the audience with a chair and runs in the ring behind The Alpha Dog. He then swings full force and hits The Alpha Dog in the back with it. Alpha falls to his hands and knees and Fernandez stops the attack. Alpha is shown lifting his head and his face is beat red and he's shaking with anger. Alpha slowly stands up as he looks at the man who attacked him. As Alpha stares at Fernandez, Fernandez does nothing but throw the chair to the side, lifts his arms up to the sides, and smiles.)

    Joe: What the hell is wrong with this guy? If he's going to attack The Alpha Dog, he needs to continue. He just threw a great equalizer to the side and he's smiling too. It's like he's telling him to attack.

    Peter: Oh, this is not going to be pretty.

    (The Alpha Dog has a short moment where confusion is shown in his face but rage quickly takes over and Alpha lets out a loud scream as he jets towards Fernandez, tackling him right into a turnbuckle. Alpha just lets loose with wild punches right to the face of Fernandez. The ref tries to get Alpha off of Fernandez but Alpha grabs the ref and throws him across the ring. Alpha goes and continues the attack on Fernandez. He then grabs Fernandez by the throat with both hands and throws him across the ring. Fernandez is shown bleeding but also laughing at the same time. Alpha gets on top of Fernandez and puts his hands around Fernandez throat again, still shaking with Rage, but Alpha hesitates. Fernandez can then be heard yelling, "WELL WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR ALPHA MUTT?!!!! DO IT!!!!!!" Alpha then pulls his head back as he lets out a wild scream and smashes it into Fernandezs face.)

    Peter: Oh my god.

    (And Alpha does it again)

    Quagmire: This is vicious. It's hard to watch.

    (And again, and again, and again)

    Joe: This is too much. Can somebody please get The Alpha Dog off of Fernandez?

    (The Alpha Dog continues to smash his head into Fernandezs face until a group of security guards get into the ring and grabs Alpha, trying to pull him off of Fernandez. They finally get Alpha off as Medical staff run in to the ring to check on Fernandez. One of the medical staff goes to the side of the ring and throws up after seeing Fernandezs face. A camera tries to get a closer look on Fernandez but one of the medical guys puts his hand up in front of the camera and tells the camera man to get back and not to show this. They put a towel on Fernandezs face as the gurney comes running down the ring. They are setting Fernandez up while the camera shows The Alpha Dog with his hands over his face sitting at the turnbuckle across from Fernandez with security surrounding him keeping him where he is at. He can be heard saying, "I can't believe he did this. Is Fernandez ok?! I fucking hate you Alpha!")

    Joe: That was brutality at it's worst. How many times did The Alpha Dog just headbut Fernandez? And what was Fernandez thinking just standing there.

    Peter: You're not wrong, Joe, that was a beating like we haven't seen in a long time. Fernandez Romero - whackjob! Let's hear from Two Of A Kind. I'm really getting into these guys. Everybody needs to look at the JabeTron right about now.

    Postcards from australia are shown as pictures fade into video as commentary and video can be scene of Paul Conrads highlights up to date

    Terry lapel: Oh My God this guy is a bonafide monster.

    Jamie stipler: Did you see that clothes line Mad Dog broke his Freaking neck.

    Leeze zalla: Hes done it paul conrad is a four time world AWC champion.

    Then we see Kid wonder in a Suit.

    "JBW tag teams you have been put on notice, i am the most athletically gifted and wealthy stars ever and with the setvices of Mad Dog Paul Conrad the warfare tag team titles are as good as our"

    *Picture fades out with a menacing lpoking conrad with a cunning smile*

    commercials. I fasted forwarded them for you.
    *Malcolm Cage’s music hits and the crowd goes CRAZY!*

    Malcolm Cage: What is up JBW! I know you guys were hoping that I would come out and talk about what happened last week. But I’m not here to talk about what we did or what we plan on doing here in JBW. For I am only one man of many in The Resistance, and WE are all tired of what is happening here on OUR show.

    But instead I am here to talk about what is happening for Malcolm Cage. It is almost that time you guys. Your boy has finally gotten his chance to shine. After all that I have done in this company, after the constant ridicule and over look, after all the jobbing and constant dropping. I can’t stand it anymore. It’s now my opportunity, my chance, my moment to take what I have been searching for since I joined this company. It’s my time for gold. It’s my time for recognition. It’s my time to run the show.

    I take this job seriously and I don’t know If I have ever wanted anything this bad. This TV Title will final give me some pull with the locker room. All I have wanted was to be seen as the top dog. I want to be the wrestler in your dream match. I want to be the guy everyone is talking about back stage and in the locker room and on TV and on the internet. And the best way to do that is to be wearing gold.

    HolyJose, has been in this company just as long as I have. I have been on the same line as he has since being in this company, yet I can’t help but realized the obvious difference between me and HolyJose. He has two championships, and I have failed to accumulate one. I have worked just as hard as HolyJose and have sacrificed way more than he has, and I still have failed to gain anything in this business. I will not stand for it anymore.

    HolyJose, I am taking your precious title at New Horizons. I am taking what has seemed to be plaguing me for so long. And it seems to have been plaguing you too. It seems like all that gold has gone to your head. Because you have started acting like a real BITCH lately. You seemed to have placed yourself on this crazy high pedestal that you sit upon. You feel that since you became the first ever two title champion you are entitled to something from us. But you aren’t! You used to be such a great guy, but now you are just and ASS! And when I step in to the ring at New Horizon, you better be ready for the fall. Cause I am taking your precious TV Title and I will give you the reality check you so graciously deserve. Hope you are ready Jose, cause the higher you are the farther the fall and you aren’t going to like it when you come back down to earth. After our match a new Champion will arise, and it will be MALCOLM CAGE! Don’t Resist HolyJose, Cause I Won’t BE STOPPED!

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    Quagmire: Well, that was our number one contender to the WARFare World TV Champion. I personally have great faith in him. The guy smells of platinum these days.

    Peter: Lets move on to the next match. I'm telling ya', I'm loving the matches that TDA and Zap Alderman have booked for tonight. Maybe they'll be able to work together after all.

    Joe: Yeah, right.


    Greggory Samuels: This tag team is scheduled for one fall and will contested with no disqualifications. Introducing first at a combined weight of five hundred and ten pounds… TWOO OF A KKKINNNDDD!!!

    Joe: Word around the locker room is these two are pissed at The Nasty Crew for interfering in their match. They felt they could win their match on their own.

    Peter: Well, The Nasty Crew did that just to screw over The Rejects.I doubt The Nasty Crew holds any disrespect towards Two of a Kind in any way but they're not going to back down from a fight either.

    Quagmire: The same could be said for Two of a Kind. These two have been impressive since they debuted in JBW.

    Greggory Samuels And there opponents, at a combined weight of five hundred and eighty pounds. They represent The Resistance... NICK RIOT AND BILL BASTION...THEEEEE NASSTTYYYYY CRRRREEEWW!!

    Peter: Oh yeah this match is going to be an epic one. Both sides are big and can take alot of punishment. This could be a long one folks and who knows whose going to win!

    (Ignore past 9:57)

    Joe: THIS HAS BEEN AN AWESOME SO FAR AND...oh great here comes The Rejects.

    *Anomander Rake, Demonic, RamJam, and Ice Cream Man run out to the ring and attack both tag teams, causing a double disqualification. The tides change when both teams start to attack back and TOAK and The Nasty Crew clear the ring of The Rejects. The audience is cheering for the four men in the ring as The Nasty Crew puts a hand out to TOAK, but TOAK just walk out of the ring instead, refusing the gesture.*

    Peter: Well, that was kind of rude.

    Joe: What do you expect Peter? Another match ruined because of The Rejects and The Nasty Crew. Yeah The Nasties didn't mean for it to happen but it was because of them that The Rejects came out. It was a great match until that ending. OK, right now we're going to go to a prerecorded message from a returning member of the WARFare roster. None other than... Cap'n Edu... It's OK if you don't remember him. None of us do.

    *We are now viewing a beach. The camera is trained on the horizon. It begins to travel about the beach, which, save for somebody running along the shoreline, it is deserted. The man who is running suddenly veers towards the camera and makes a sudden sprint in it's direction. Once he comes close he stops, and we get a good look at him. He is a wiry fellow with a scraggly looking greying beard, with hair to match. His eyes bear a wild almost crazed look, that rest above a pair of huge dark bags, and they are soul piercing as the look into the camera -- daring you to look. After a pause of a few seconds, he speaks in a croaky voice.*

    Cap'n Edu: Hello everybody, and please... Allow me to tell you my tale.

    A very long time ago, I was an up and coming hot young prospect in a promotion named JBW. I hadn't the best won-lost record, but I was learning my craft, and had built up a strong EWN following as a hard worker who excited them with inovative moves, and my FaceBook and Twitter account friends list grew at an astounding rate! I was fairly new to the Internet, and once my FaceBook and Twitter was up and running, I began "surfing the web" as it's known. What I found out was it is a bottomless pit of information about the real history of the world, and it wasn't too long before I became hooked on finding out new conspiracies, and strange facts. During this period, I came across a spellbinding interview with a unique man by the name of Aaron McCullon. He spoke of many wild and wonderful things, one of which was a stargate located somewhere near the Gulf of Aden. Now, by this time, I had built up a few contacts, and through a mutual friend, we got together, and he and I discussed this stargate in-depth. I was fascinated by this thing, so I made my mind up... I was going to The Gulf of Aden, and I was going to find this stargate.

    My wife and I put all of our money into a buying a boat, and set off on a journey that would change our lives... Forever.

    As we sailed closer to the nautical point where this stargate supposedly lies, we were set upon by Somalian Pirates. I must have been struck from behind, because the next time I knew anything my wife and I were strung up in chains. We were left for days on end with no food, then they would come and leave us some bread and water, which would have to last for another few days. This went on for a few months, and I watched my wife waste away, and she watched me do the same...

    Finally one of the pirates came into our cell.. He told us that he had set a ransom on our heads, and had been in contact with the American Embassy, and had demanded a quarter of a million US dollars to release us. The AE obviously refused to play ball, so the pirates came up with a new plan. They told me I had to raise the money myself -- they released me later that day.

    The look in my wife's eyes was one of fear and anger. She couldn't understand that I could leave her there, but there was no other choice. I HAD TO RAISE THE MONEY! So far I have raised $124,089 but I needed a faster way to make some big money - fast! So I contacted my old friend TDA, who told me he was now the GM of WARFare, and I was elated when he said he could have signed me to a contract in JBW. I knew he he also had the power to do an old friend a favour, so I asked him for a sub on my wages. It was a big sub that inasked for, but it was me asking him as a friend...

    I had no clue that TDA had become such an asshole... He laughed in my face. He told me that for every match I win, he'll pay me ten thousand dollars... And du.NOTHING if I lose!! My wife now has to wait at least another thirteen weeks before I can save her from the clutches of those evil bastards!

    But I must still try!

    Next week JBW fans... Next week I re-enter the world of wrestling, and try to earn the money to free my wife from those... Those.. savages!

    Joe: That's just an awful tale from the returning Cap'n Edu. Truly a heart wrenching story. I really hope he raises the money to free his beloved wife.

    Peter: This guy reeks of weird. Reeks of it! Guys, it's now time for my favourite talk show on the planet...

    And it’s time to Kick It In The Sticks with Leonard Ray Beauregard and the Redneck Rampage.

    *Lenny Ray makes his way to the ring grinning with a mouth full of Copenhagen stuff and a beer in his hand. The ring is set up with an old sofa that has cigarette burns and duct tape over holes as well as the trademark lawn chairs. The washtub is filled with a lot more beer than usual and there is an old TV sitting on a milk crate that has aluminum foil on the rabbit ears. Leonard grabs the mic.*

    LRB: Ya know somethin’ folks, my great great grandpappy fought in the Civil War for the side of the Confederacy.

    *Lenny points to the rebel flag hanging in the corner*

    LRB: My great grandpappy was one of the first Americans over fighting in Dubya Dubya One. Papaw faught in Dubya Dubya Two. Y’all might be sayin’ to y’allself “Iight Lenny Ray, what’s this got to do with anything”. The point is this, no matter if it was the popular opinion or not my family always fought for what they believed to be right and true. Last week I made a decision, as we all did, to put aside differences I may have with my new associates and I joined The Resistance because yeller sumbitches like TDA, Chainsaw, and Tad Locust wanna try and hold folks down or take folks out who don’t fit their agenda.

    *Lenny spits his dip into a bottle, takes a swig of beer and swishes it in his mouth to rinse the rest of the dip out and spits it in the bottle and throws it aside.*

    LRB: All y’all know I’m a man who ain’t got no problem gettin’ into a scuffle with nobody. But sometimes it’s good to have a little backup when you’re fightin’ guys who like to make a fight 3 on 1, 4 on 1, 5 on 1, and so on. That’s why tonight I invited my new partners onto my show. So lemme introduce The Alpha Dog, Malcolm Cage, Connor Chaos, and The Nasty Crew. Together known as The Resistance

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    The Uprising blares throughout the arena as the 5 men come out to the ring to a huge pop.

    ( The group gets in and The Alpha Dog gets in and grabs a mic from a stage hand.)

    Alpha: First of all Lenny Ray, thanks for allowing The Resistance to be on Redneck Rampage. It's an awesome show and The Alpha Dog is sure that all the fans here agree with that. (Loud pop from the audience) Now on to business. These pricks known as "The Devil's Rejects", these guys have really been trying to push their weight around Warfare at the expense of the guys in the back for the past month. The Rejects interrupt matches, they come out in groups and attack for no other reason than to show that they have some kind of power, and they're doing this because they want to take control of Warfare. And who is leading the group? TWO EMO, HARRY POTTER LOVING FUCKERS FROM MAYHEM!!! And who is allowing this to happen? Warfares previously solo GM TDA! And why is he allowing this? The Alpha Dog doesn't know and to be honest...THE ALPHA DOG DOESN'T CARE!!! TDA has done the damage already and if it were to be left uncheck, The Rejects would tear this brand apart. Now The Alpha Dog, along with these gents in the ring right now, saw this happening and individually stood against The Rejects. Well, you all saw how that went. All of the men in this ring right now took a beating from The Rejects. (Points at Malcolm) They even tried to take away Malcolms career and the ability to do his job and that was the last straw. THE ALPHA DOG WILL BE DAMNED IF ANYBODY TRIES TO TAKE HIM AWAY FROM PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING JUST BECAUSE THEY FEEL THEY NEED MORE POWER AND THE ALPHA DOG KNOWS HIS BROTHERS IN ARMS FEEL THE SAME!!! And Tad Locust, you're stepping into The Alpha Dogs yard come Sunday. You better get yourself ready. BECAUSE YOU WILL BE STEPPING INTO THE YARD OF SOMETHING THAT WANTS YOU TO FEEL PAIN ALL OVER YOUR BODY!!! SO PREPARE YOURSELF...(looks into the camera) because The Alpha Dog isn't holding back!

    (Alpha hands the mic to Connor Chaos)

    Connor: Thanks Lenny, good to be here. Now out of all the people here in The Resistance, most people are looking to me as the odd man out here. I bet a few people tonight here are dying to ask, “Connor how do you fit into all this? We thought you hated teaming, that all you needed was Chaos on your side, and that you’d break someone’s hand as soon as shake it.” To be honest I’ve questioned my actions over the week as well. Now I know for a fact that I’ve always been a loner, I never needed anyone to help fight my battles. But after what I went through at the hand of the Rejects, as well seeing what the others were going through, well I just had enough. So I met with Zap, Lenny and Alpha Dog and we discussed what we knew we needed to do. I put apart my feeling about teaming up because I knew it was for the good of the company and the entire JBW Universe. We roped in the Crew and Cage, and Boom! The Resistance was in existence.

    *Large cheer form the crowd*

    Connor: Of course we couldn’t just pop up as soon as that, we had to plan. So we waited, we bided our time, until we could strike at the opportune moment. That time came last week, and we wouldn’t have had it any other way. We sent a message loud and clear to Chainsaw, Samson, and the rest of the rejects that we are here to stay, and we will be victorious!

    *Another cheer*

    Connor: Now we look forward, to the Next Pay-Per-View, New Horizons. I myself have been scheduled to face the current HorrorCore Champion and Reject, Nightwolf. *Boo, from crowd*. Now I’m not sure whether this will be for the title or not, but with TDA and Zap being our Co-GM’s it’s definitely still up for debate. However, title or not, if I know one thing about NightWolf, It’s that he will bring everything he has, plus a couple of extra surprises. So I know I’m gonna have to bring everything from my A-Game to my Q-Game to take him on. But I’m not worried. Because with the power of Chaos multiplied by 7, I know we can take down the Rejects, and we shall stand at the top of the JBW ladder!

    (Connor hands the mic to Malcolm who attempts to speak but...)

    Hell doesn't want them! Hell doesn't need them!

    (The Devil's Rejects, being led by Nightwolf and he's being followed by Silva, RamJam, Ice Cream Man, Tad Locust, and Anomander Rake. Lenny lifts up his arms and starts yelling, "You want to do this now?!! That can happen!!" The Resistance starts clearing stuff out of the ring.)

    Peter: It looks like they are ready to get this started now.

    (Once they are done, The Resistance start taunting TDR to get in the ring and as they taunt a ref is seen coming down to the ring. Nightwolf and Silva enter the ring and Alpha, Malcolm, and The Nasty Crew leave the ring, but the ref tells everybody to leave the ring side area.)

    Quagmire: Smart ref. Maybe this match can on for awhile now.

    The Resistance and The Devils Rejects all argue as they all leave and this match is underway.)

    (Ignore past 3:35)

    Joe: Great match...and here they come.

    (The Devils Rejects start pouring out of the back stage area and start attacking Lenny Ray and Connor. The Alpha Dog, Malcolm Cage, and The Nasty Crew follow suite and a big brawl starts taking place between both groups. Malcolm Cage is taking on Anomander Rake, Lenny Ray is punching Silva, The Nasty Crew is beating on Ice Cream Man and RamJam, The Alpha Dog is trading blows with Tad Locust and Connor Chaos is fighting with NightWolf.)

    Peter: Wow, control has been lost. These two teams are ready to rip each others heads off. We should go to commercial until all this is sorted out.

    *HolyJose and Azrael are seen walking out of TDA's office*

    HJ: Shuriken last week you got lucky, I know I can beat you so tonight I personally asked TDA to put Azrael and myself vs. you, Serra, and your partner Jman! Let's see how well you work together this close to your match with him. Tonight you see why I am the first dual champion in JBW and trust me Serra you won't beat me this time. I took you to the limit last week this week I break you.

    Azrael: Since day one this has been my mission to accomplish. To bring out this side of HolyJose that I know and unleash it onto the world. Jman and Shuriken prepare to put to the test we will defend our titles and guess what we will win because you two are not worthy of being near us and these titles. See you two in the ring where I will personally escort you to hell.

    Peter: Oh boy oh boy oh boy, I can't wait for that match! Jose and Azrael have been a team forever! No way they're gonna be beat by a pair of guys who haven't ever teamed together. Especially two guys who are gonna be expected to beat the shit out of each other tomorrow at New Horizons.

    Manabu vs Snair: Horrocore Rules.

    GS: And his opponent from Mumbai India stands at six foot two and weights two hundred and fourty pounds…SSSSNAAAAIIIRRR!!!

    Peter: You know, there's something going on here.. Joe, when was the last time you heard either of these guys on the mic? If I was a paranoid kinda guy, I'd say someone somewhere was holding these two down.

    Joe: That's a wild accusation there, Peter, but all I know is the ex-champ really needs a win here tonight. I think he'll get it too!

    Greggory Samuels: Our first bout is scheduled and introducing first from Sapporo Japan. He stands at five feet and eleven inches tall and weights two hundred and eight pounds… MAAANNNAAAABBBBUUUU!!!!

    Quagmire: I'm with you, Peter. These are two of JBW's icons, and they haven't been given any air time recently. I wouldn't put it past that TDA to be holding them down.

    Joe: Well whatever the case, these two are about to put on a fantastic match again.

    Joe: Snair just won a sick match, guys! He's brought this series back two to two in devastating fashion

    Peter: Would you look at that, Manabu is rising to his feet! How tough is he?!?! Wait a minute.. Whats this? Sn-Snair just offered Manabu his hand, an-and Manabu just accepted it! Oh my god, what repect these two just showed each other. Now you tell me that tyhese two aren't on the same page. They both know theiy're being held down

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    Joe: Good point but for now Kelly is in the back where she located The Alpha Dog who gave that horrible beating to Fernandez earlier. Let's see what he has to say, Kelly?

    (Kelly is shown in the back standing with what appears a very distraught Alpha Dog)

    Kelly: Thanks Joe. I'm standing here with The Alpha...

    Alpha: DO NOT CALL ME THAT NAME!!! I'm sorry Kelly, just please call me Gabriel.

    Kelly: I'm sorry...Gabriel. We all saw what happened out there. Can you possibly explain...

    Gabriel: Fernandez antagonist The Alpha Dog. You can't do that. I tried to hold him back but I wasn't strong enough and he bows only to his master. Dammit! God, I hope he's ok. I have to...I have to go to that hospital and check on him.

    Kelly: I really don't think that is such a great idea Gabriel. Look you obviously weren't yourself...

    Gabriel: What? That wasn't me who did that. That was The Alpha Dog. One thing you have to understand about him is that if you make him angry he is uncontrollable. I have no control over him when he's in that state. The only one who can is his master and you don'...

    (Tad Locust suddenly runs into frame and hits Gabriel in the back of the head. Tad stomps on him a few times before picking Gabriel up and throwing him back first into a wall. Tad then gets on one knee beside Gabriel and starts punching him the face multiple times. He stops and stands up, smirking at the beaten man in front of him before he starts laughing.)

    Tad: (stops laughing) Oh, "Alpha Dog". (laughs some more) This is too much. You're always talking about how great you are but look at you now. Nothing more than (stomps on Gabriels chest) A DEFENSELESS (does it again) PUPPY!

    (Gabriel is on the ground moaning in pain as Tad bends down and grabs him by the hair and sits Gabriel against the wall, still holding his hair while bending down to one knee in front of Gabriel. Tad then grabs Gabriels face trying to make Gabriel look at him. Gabriel is struggling but too weak to get out of Tads grasp)

    Tad: Look at me, Gabriel. (Gabriel is still struggling before Tad pushes his head against the wall.) LOOK AT ME!!! (Gabriel stops struggling) You have upset my brother quite a bit, you and your little rag tag group of "freedom fighters". So come New Horizons...I'm going to make you pay for all the humiliation and anger you have caused him and since I can only go up against you, I'm going to make you feel the pain of all your little friends as well. So on Sunday you might want to bring The Alpha Dog because you won't survive if you don't. Until then...

    (Tad brings Gabriels head forward and slams it against the wall. Gabriel falls over knocked out.)

    Tad:...have a nice nap, Alpha Pup.

    Back in the arena... The lights inside the arena go dark...


    After a few moments of the song playing, Zeus Apollo appears on stage, kneeling in the direction of the ring. He looks up with bright blue lighted eyes, and the lights in the arena come back on. He stands and walks to the ring, absorbing the responsiveness of the audience... He gets into the ring, where a microphone was waiting for him. He let the rest of the song play out, and turned his head, glancing into the crowd at every direction. He holds the microphone up, just a few inches away from his mouth.

    "Last week I let my focus slip, and no offense to JMan, but he should never have beaten me. I have three losses on my record now, and each of them have really irritated me, these last two more than the first... I know I was better than each of them, including The Alpha Dog, but I slipped, and cost myself the wins. With all that being said, I will make sure of it that I do not slip again. No one is going to take a win from me, and I will not LOSE AGAIN!"

    This prompted a positive response from the crowd. They supported guys like JMan, but a lot of them were quickly becoming Zeus Apollo marks.

    "Also last week, I watched The Prophecy and his Steroid Guinea Pig trash a staged Mount Olympus just to make a point. Well you've made a very valid point, and I can see clearly. Prophecy, you are afraid... You brought in a freakishly large guy named Ragged Rolling Rock, or whatever, to try and reverse the course of that fear. You thought that you'd scare me, and anger me by causing the destruction of Mount Olympus. How are you feeling now, knowing that none of this is working the way you hoped? All you've done is annoy me with your childish stupidity. That only gives me more incentive to choke the light out of you, leaving you in a stage of darkness, living with Hades."

    Zeus takes a short pause to let it all sink in to The Prophecy... Letting the crowd absorb the words as well, creating positive response for Zeus and negative heat for Prophecy.

    "Tonight I have accepted the challenge of facing Ragnarok, knowing very well that the odds are against me with Prophecy roaming around the side of the ring. It doesn't matter, because everyone knows that I never back away from a challenge. Not a single ounce of fear flows through my body, yet there's an endless supply of will and determination. I don't care how much larger you are than me; size doesn't make you faster, it doesn't make you smarter, and it sure doesn't make you better! The clock is ticking on this Prophecy, and I'm the one who will drain the last sands of time. Then we begin... The Era of the Immortal Warrior!"

    Zeus drops the microphone, done talking... It was time for action.

    The Prophecy walks to the ring with the 'Destroyer of Souls' Ragnarok following, and also a mysterious sexy woman, looking a mix of Poison Ivy and Christina Von Eerie. The Proph starts to talk...

    "Zeusy boy, now come on youre complaining about your 3 losses? Look at me Ive lost so many matches over my career here and it hasnt hurt me. Ive even main evented a PPV, have you...oh thats right you havent, its been upto me to elevate you from a nobody to, well a nobody who will lose to me at New Horizons haha"

    The crowd boos Prophecy, who seems to enjoy it...

    "Now as far as the clock ticking, I agree, but it is counting down to your end of days. You really think I brought Ragnarok here because I cant beat you and that Im afraid? No this is just the first stop on MY path of domination. You see dark days are coming to WARFare, and no its not because Kevin Matthews is jumping to this show, its because I will be leading my legion to complete dominance here. As you can see, to my left I have added a new member to my ever expanding stable, she is 'the poisoned lipped enchantress' BellaDonna."

    The crowd is a mixture of booing, and horny men wolf-whistling...

    "I know Zeus, shes a stone cold fox, but tonight I would be concerning yourself with Ragnarok tearing you limb from limb, let me concern myself with BellaDonna's curves"

    Ragnarok enters the ring, and removes his skull helmet ready for his first ever match in JBW...

    BellaDonna uses her 'assets' to distract the referee as The Prophecy runs into the ring to attack Zeus with a steel chair from behind, and knocks him to the mat. Suddenly music plays...

    Holy shit its VKM, making his return to WARFare after that brutal attack by The Prophecy and Ragnarok a few weeks ago. He picks up a microphone as Ragnarok and Proph exit the ring...

    "Not so brave now the odds arent in your favour are you, my former lets make it interesting, you and your Ragnarok against me and Zeus, right here right NOW!!"

    Proph looks worried but BellaDonna whispers something in his ear. He gets on the mic...

    "Ring the bell Zeus Apollo, ding ding"

    So Zeus and VKM win by DQ after Ragnarok goes crazy and starts attacking the referees. Zeus and VKM celebrate outside the ring...when suddenly VKM grabs Zeus and throws him back into the ring. Zeus turns round looking shocked as VKM grins a maniacal grin. Zeus turns round into a huge clothesline from Ragnarok. VKM pulls a giant sledgehammer from under the ring and passes it to Proph as Ragnarok continues to beat down Zeus. VKM joins the attack and brings a table into the ring as Ragnarok delivers a devastating jackknife powerbomb to Zeus, slamming him hard through the table. BellaDonna passes the Proph a mic...

    "I told you Zeus, the clock is ticking for your end of days. I have nothing to fear, I am the fear, the fear running up your spine, try to hide it but you New Horizons you will be mine....and you will say I QUIT"

    The Proph holds the hammer above his head

    "This, remember this Zeus, Mjolnir haha, now you will bow to me."

    Ragnarok lifts up Zeus as Prophecy slams the hammer hard into the gut of Zeus, who begins bleeding from the mouth. The Prophecy's music starts to play as he stands in the middle of the ring, one foot on Zeus' body, with Ragnarok, VKM and BellaDonna applauding him.

    Peter: HolyJose! That was a brutal swing of that hammer! The Prophecy has really done a number in WARFare's resident god! And now he has Ragnarok, this new hot chick Belladonna, and now VKM at his side, I don't see how my hero Zeus has a chance at New Horizons. Speaking of New Horizons, lets hear what HolyJose has to say about his match at New Horizons against the man we heard from earlier, Malcolm Cage.
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    *The camera goes to the back where HolyJose is sitting on a throne with the JBW WARFare World Television Championship around his waist and a cape made fit for a king on and a staff in his right hand*

    Isn't this fitting? My throne inside this cathedral. I'm right at home, at home in my kingdom! This championship is now a symbol of royalty, royalty that comes straight from God himself. Of course many shall come to dethrone the king but they have fallen. Malcolm Cage you are no different *HolyJose picks up a grail filled with the best Italian Red Wine and takes a sip* Malcolm you dare challenge a king, a direct decendent of God? By all means go right ahead but know this *at this point Azrael comes in bringing a "slave" with a bag over his head* I. Cannot. Be. Stopped. *HolyJose picks up the slave and hits him with the staff and then hits the Final Judgment* In the end I make the final judgment, I will call the end of you Malcolm. If you think what the Devil's Rejects did to you was bad then you're in for an eternity of torture when I am done with you. Oh and I have a small present for you Malcolm to show you that I am a good guy after all. Here is your new cage I hope you enjoy your last few days.

    *The screen goes black and all that is heard is an ominous laugh*

    Peter: Oh boy, Malcolm Cage has got an uphill battle against him at New Horizons, Joe.

    Joe: I'm not too sure, Peter. Jose is just about to face a pair of world class competitors, and there he is talking about Malcolm Cage. I hope he's focused here tonight, or things could turn ugly.

    God's Grace (c) vs Ryusuke "The Shuriken" Serra and JMan. WARFare World Tag Team Championship match.

    It's the WARFare World Heavyweight Champion

    *Shuriken walks through the curtain and down the ramp to a huge pop; he gets in the ring, grabs a mic, and begins to speak*

    Ryusuke: So....I face HolyJose yet again. This time in a tag team match. His tag team partner is Azrael. And tag team partner is none other than Jman himself.

    *crowd cheers*

    To me....I'm happy that Jman is my partner. We may be opponents in a few days but I still trust him as a friend of mine. I know together we can beat HolyJose and Azrael.

    *looks at the camera* Hey Jose! Remember my knee? Its going to say hello to you once again!

    *crowd cheers loud*

    As for Jman....we are now ready for the battle ahead! All I ask from you is to give it your best. I know I won't hold back. I went far in my career and I plan to keep going forward!

    Everyone in JBW....enjoy our match at New Horizons!

    *Shuriken has one foot on the apron when….*

    It's AC/DC's Back in Black.... That can only mean one thing!! Yep! It's the number one contender to the WARFare World Heavyweight Championship.

    *Jman stands at the top of the ramp with mic in hand as the crowd goes nuts*

    Jman: I don’t know if you’re getting this impression Shuri’, but to me it seems like your old buddy TDA has lost his mind completely. What kind of general manager puts the two guys who’ll be main eventing for his brand 2 days from now on PPV in a tag match against two religious wackjobs? *crowd pop* Whatever. If he’s trying to screw with us, he needs to try harder. *big pop*

    Then there’s, by far the biggest show of my career, New Horizons….*pop* I’ve wrestled in every high school gym, every shithole convention center…all those hellholes that every single one of us, even the almighty Serra, have had to work…but on Sunday I go back where it all began, back home. *big pop* Not only that, but I also get to face the best wrestler in the world today for the biggest championship in our sport. *huge pop* Shuriken, you’re a helluva competitor but even you won’t be able to get in my way come Sunday.

    *To a huge pop, Jman drops the mic and heads down the ramp. The shot cuts back to the ring where we see Shuriken with a slight smile on his face*

    Peter: Oh boy oh boy oh boy!! It's really gonna happen!

    Greggory Samuels: And their opponents, weighing in at a combined weight of six hundred pounds. They are the WARFare World Heavyweight Tag Team Champioooons.. HolyJose, Azrael.. Goooooodsss Graaaacccceee

    Quagmire: And here they come, it's the tag champs! I'm telling ya', guy's. God's Grace have looked fantastic as a unit ever since they won those belts. They are walking with pure confidence to that ring.

    Joe: Well, as much as I hate to say it, Quagmire, you're right. I may think that Jose has his head up his ass these days, and he's overlooking the champ and the number one contender.

    Peter: Well, we'll see how they can work together. All I know is if I was going to be facing you at New Horizons, Joe, then there's no way I'd be able to team with you in that ring.

    Peter: This has been one hell of a match. Gods Grace didn't expect this. JMan and Shuri' have worked well together in this one for sure, and OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!! JMan just nailed HolyJose with "Great match, lets go eat."!!! Serra has got Azrael held up in the corner... One..

    Quagmire: Two!....

    Joe: THREE!!! Yes!! Yes!! Yes!! Guy's, JMan and Shuri' did it! They're the new world tag team champions!! What a great victory!!

    Peter: Oh my god! Serra just became the first man to ever hold The WARFare World Heavyweight Championship, AND The WARFare World Heavyweight Tag Team Championship! This is a historic night, and, Joe! Whats gonna happen now with the Tag Team Gauntlet at New Horizons!

    Joe: We're out of time here on WARFare! We just have time for the last word from our host, Ron Burgundy... Congratulations JMan and Shuri'!!!!

    Ron Burgundy: Yes.. Yes, quite the victory for JMan and Ryusuke Serra, but now they must defend those belts at New Horizons in a Tag Team Gauntlet. Should they draw the short straw in that one, they're gonna be in for a long night if they wanna hold onto those things. The World Heavyweight Champion is now going to be facing his partner and number one contender, JMan. NightWolf is going to be defending the JBW Horrorcore title against none other than Connor Chaos, Tad Locust is going one on one with The Alpha Dog, Zeus is going to be facining his arch nemisis The Prophecy in an I Quit match, and so much more... Ladies and gentlemen, we're out of time... Don't forget, New Horizons is gonnna be a great piece of busi- JBW
    Ma$$Dinero... We're shootin' now, bruv!

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    Kash; calling it 4 years before Robbie.
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    Bodom is our John Cena.
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    WWE resigned Punk, and everything I've said has come true on these things, so WWE, keep Punk a badass face. He will become a legend if you do.

    JBW is so good, even the most cynical member of the IWC couldn't complain about it. Check out or most recent shows here!

    And join in on the discussion here. We will welcome you with open arms. Please join now by PMing me or WWTNA Mark!

    Horror movie tournament final: The Shining vs. Silence of the Lambs vs. Halloween...coming very soon.

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    WWE resigned Punk, and everything I've said has come true on these things, so WWE, keep Punk a badass face. He will become a legend if you do.

    JBW is so good, even the most cynical member of the IWC couldn't complain about it. Check out or most recent shows here!

    And join in on the discussion here. We will welcome you with open arms. Please join now by PMing me or WWTNA Mark!

    Horror movie tournament final: The Shining vs. Silence of the Lambs vs. Halloween...coming very soon.

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    WWE resigned Punk, and everything I've said has come true on these things, so WWE, keep Punk a badass face. He will become a legend if you do.

    JBW is so good, even the most cynical member of the IWC couldn't complain about it. Check out or most recent shows here!

    And join in on the discussion here. We will welcome you with open arms. Please join now by PMing me or WWTNA Mark!

    Horror movie tournament final: The Shining vs. Silence of the Lambs vs. Halloween...coming very soon.

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