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    Mayhem 11-5-11

    Pat: Hello and welcome everyone to another fantastic edition of Mayhem! We’re live in Chicago, Illinois and these fans are pumped to see this show. Firstly, a recap of last week, and Dudley, how can we go any further without mentioning the biggest match in Mayhem history, the epic battle that was MassDinero vs. Iron Ape?

    Dudley: I can go on forever without mentioning it. The most heart-wrenching moment of my professional career. The best president in the history of this company, Iron Ape, gone all because of that awful, terrible Massdinero. I wish he would get hit by a bus.

    Pat: Woah. That’s harsh Dudley. One thing we forgot to mention last week is that with Iron Ape finally gone from the presidency, as per his agreement with Mass, Mass can now compete for ANY singles title here in JBW. Now that, is important. I believe he was number 2 in the rankings this month am I correct?

    Dudley: *sigh* yeah…

    Pat: Well I would think that would mean Mass should be the NEW number one contender for the title wouldn’t you?

    Dudley: I wouldn’t jump the gun that quickly.

    Pat: Bullshit. I know he deserves to be number one contender, especially after all those times he was number one and couldn’t compete for the gold due to his and Ape’s agreement. Almost as big a question now is what happens to The Eye? Do they remain a unit, or was Iron Ape the one common bond that kept them all together?

    Dudley: That’s a good question. I really don’t know how to answer that. I do know that Ape and Mass wasn’t the only thing that happened on the last show. We had The Devil’s Rejects, who are honestly just as much to blame as Mass for Iron Ape’s firing, who got arrested and *gulp* broke out of jail in a horrific scene. Are we still not allowed to talk about that?

    Pat: I honestly have no idea what you’re talking about Duds. I do know if something like that did happen, that our sponsors wouldn’t exactly enjoy us bringing it up all the damn time. But yeah Dudley, I have no idea what you’re on about with that one. Let’s move on to tonight. First of all we have the much anticipated in-ring debut of Nico van Oranje-Nassau tonight, Marie Piscettelli and Nikki Belzova’s contract signing, and an update on Daniel’s Truth’s medical condition after his brutal trilogy of fights he had with the Sandman. And of course our main event of the evening, Samson vs. Pauley Cadillics.

    Dudley: Yeah I’ve heard that Pauley Cadillacs is pretty pissed at The Devil’s Rejects right now, especially Samson, who he felt stole his thunder last week before getting himself arrested. He also feels like the Devil’s Rejects are responsible for getting rid of Iron Ape, who Pauley had developed a relationship with over the last few weeks. I hope Pauley can get it done tonight.

    Pat: Well with Vinnie Bumbatz reffing the match, it’s a strong possibility for sure. We have all of that and much much more, as we bring you Mayhem!

    Match 1: Nico Van Oranje-Nassau vs. Yes_I_Am

    Dudley: Ahh, and we’re gonna kick things off with the much anticipated in-ring debut of Mr. Oranje-Nassau is about to be under way! Oh boy I can’t wait!


    *Nico van Ornaje-Nassau makes his way out to ringside with crisp 100 dollar bills falling from the rafters just like last week. This time he has two henchman behind him with brooms sweeping up the money quickly just so that any of the fans don’t sneak past him and grab a bill*

    Pat: See, this is why all these fans already hate this guy. Him having all that money drop and not letting a single bill reach a fan’s grasp is telling everyone that “hey look, I’m rich as shit, but you’re never getting a dime. Haha.” It’s just that type of attitude that get’s you in the fan’s doghouse.

    Dudley: Fuck that, it’s just the type of attitude he needs to shoot straight to the top! He doesn’t give a rats ass what the fans think, and while other people spend all their time pandering to these idiots this guy is focused on bringing home the gold and restoring his country back to prominence. This guy is gonna be huge. I can just feel it.

    Pat: Well first he has to win a match and he’s facing the very physical and very technical Yes_I_Am tonight. We’ll see if he can get it done in the ring.


    Pat: And here comes his opponent, the very tough veteran Yes_I_Am. This tag team specialist, alongside his partner The_Crippler took WARfare’s number one contender Jman and thedag to their limits back in the day.

    Dudley: Who cares?? That was like, FOREVER ago. What has he done for me lately, besides bore the crap outta me?

    Pat: I’m just saying he’s no slouch in the ring. NVON is gonna have his hands full.

    Pat: NVON totally did not have his hands full in this one. Pure domination by the young gun as he picks up the win in his debut tonight. Hate to say it but Oranje-Nassau was impressive.

    Dudley: A star was born tonight Pat. This guy’s gonna go straight to the moon and quick if he keeps this up. Everything about this guy screams “superstar.”

    Pat: Yeah yeah, you said that last week too. He still has to prove it in my eyes.

    Dudley: Give him a chance to and he will I’m sure. The sky is the limit for Nico van Oranje-Nassau.

    Pat: We’ll see. Well guys we’re gonna take you now to the car park, where I hear someone has just arrived and Roland Butter is there to greet him.

    **A camera catches The Sleeper pulling up to the arena, and this week he is back to driving his black 1959 Chevy Impala. Sleep gets out of his car and is followed into the arena by the camera man. As Sleep is walking to his dressing room he is met by Roland Butters**

    RB: Sleeper that sure was some match you put on last week against 3 competitors, they didn't even get one hit on you. How did you beat 3 of the top stars here on the Mayhem roster in such a dominating fashion?

    Sleep: The reason I beat them pussies in such a dominating way last week is because I'm the baddest mutha fucka on this show. Hahaha I'm just kiding with you Butters, the reason I beat them 3 losers so bad last week is because while everybody was partying the last couple of weeks due to the techical difficulties we have been having here on Mayhem I have been training harder than I ever have trained before. When BI laid me out with the chair and attempted to cut my balls off, it made me realize that this will be the most dangerous opponent I have ever met.

    RB: Why do you say BodomInvader will be your most dangerous opponent you have ever met?

    Sleep: Mostly his unpredictability is what makes him such a danger to me. Before I called him out he had everyone fooled with his simple man gimmick. No one here actually knows what this man is capable of or how derranged he can get. And I just kept throwing gas on that fire with everything I did to get under his skin. And eventually just like a pyro who gets burned after playing with fire, I have licked my wounds and still want to play some more.

    RB: If I can get back to how you spent your time off, what was with the suspension due to a qestionable drug test?

    Sleep: Haha, that was nothing. It just shows what upper management thinks of me. Due to me working out so much this last couple of weeks to shape up and make myself atleast a step quicker, I guess I haden't smoked any weed for them two weeks and drank alot of fluids which cleaned my body out. Then out of nowhere I get a random drug test and actually passed it, which shocked the hell out of me. I guess some dick in upper management thought I was doing roids and trying to cover them up and instead of calling me first and getting things straight they suspended me. Anyways thats over and done with, obviously I passed the blood test and never missed a show.

    RB: Thanks Sleeper, guys back to you.

    Sleep: Hold up, I want to give a shout out to my boys from the FSW in Las Vegas, where I trained for the last couple of weeks to get myself in the best shape I have ever been in. Kenny King, Vintage Dragon and Funnybone, What's Good, Folk!!!

    RB: Alrighty then, now back to you Pat and Dudley.[/i]

    Dudley: We need o fire that pothead right now. He just admitted to using an illegal substance!

    Pat: Of all the illegal shit that goes on around here, you’re gonna complain about that?

    Dudley: Well, yeah.

    Pat: Don’t worry Sleeper, you’re not getting fired any time soon. As for what he had to say about BI, I have to agree with him. That’s the exact reason why BI is such a tough competitor: his unpredictability. I couldn’t have said it better myself, and in fact, I didn’t, I just repeated what Sleeps said lol.

    Dudley: Yeah yeah yeah, well if we aren’t gonna fire Sleeper, than I at least hope BI can humiliate him at the PPV.
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    WWE resigned Punk, and everything I've said has come true on these things, so WWE, keep Punk a badass face. He will become a legend if you do.

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    *back at ringside now*

    Brandon Smithson’s music plays!

    *the crowd goes nuts as Brandon Smithson’s music plays through the speaker systems, but no Brandon Smithson. It’s been playing for about a minute now and the crowd is starting to get restless. The JABEtron then cuts backstage where Pauley Cadillacs is shown standing in a room with a few thugs behind him. The crowd let’s their obvious displeasure with this be heard.*

    Pauley: Oh you were expecting someone else then huh? Well sorry to disappoint you, but it’s just little old me and my *ahem* associates here. Oh yeah, and this guy. *motions for the thugs to move aside, and it’s revealed that an obviously beat-up Brandon Smithson is in the room with them, tied to a chair* We’re you people looking for him? Haha. Well here he is! “Mr. Amazing” Brandon Smithson. You don’t look so amazin’ now do ya Brandon?

    *Brandon mumbles inaudibly*

    Pauley: Well lookie here you big rat fuck, I’m not done with you by a long shot. Oh no, you gonna snitch on me? Pauley motherfuckin Ciccero? The Don of JBW? If you were to just come down to the ring and cost me my matches personally like a man we wouldn’t have this problem, but no, you greasy dirty motherfucker you, you had to go and snitch on me to SES like some *spits on the ground* filthy diseased rat! Hey, audio guy! You gotta turn this hippie shit off now. It’s given me a headache. How can you honestly listen to this shit Brandon, much less come out to it? Just no class at all. You still listening audio guy? Play the track I told you to now. Go on. Start playing it. I’m gonna teach you a little something about class Brandon. Here, let me just make you a little more comfortable here *unties Brandon from the chair, and Brandon plops down to the floor*

    This music begins to play throughout the arena (please click link and play along)

    Pauley: Yeah, there you go. Now that is music. *Pauley starts to sing along with the music and begins to dance around the room*

    How lucky can one guy be?
    I kissed her and she kissed me *looks directly into Brandon Smithson’s eyes*
    Like a fella once said *rears back his leg*
    Aint that a kick in the head *kicks Brandon Smithson in the head*
    The room was completely black
    I hugged her and she hugged back
    Like the sailor said quote *starts punching Smithson in the forehead, opening a gash*
    Aint that a hole in the boat

    My head keeps spinnin’ *twists Smithson’s head around back and forth*
    I go to sleep and keep *smiles big* grinnin’
    If this is just the beginnin’
    My life is gonna be beautiful

    I've sunshine enough to spread,
    It's just like the fella said.
    Tell me quick, *rears back his leg again*
    ain't that a kick in the head *kicks Smithson in the head again*

    Like a fella once said
    Aint that a— *stops singing*

    Hold on a minute here. Audio guy, you can stop playing the track now. I think he’s unconscious. *squats down next to Smithson* Hey buddy, you awake? *no response from Smithson* Alright he’s out. Well you guys get the picture anyway. *turns to his two thugs* Peter, Tony, get rid of him. He’s had enough for now.

    Thug # 1: You mean *makes a gun with his finger* get rid of him?

    Pauley: Yeah asshole, shoot him on live TV. What a fuckin dick this guy is. I’m beatin this guy half to death for snitchin on me and he wants to snitch on himself. I mean get him outta my damn lockerroom idiot. Geez. Go, do it now.

    *the two thugs pick up Smithson’s lifeless body and toss him out of the room*

    Pauley: Alright now that we got that outta the way, it’s time to start talkin about the main event. Finally, an Italian gets to main event a JBW show. Took you long enough didn’t it? Oh and Nikki Belzova, you still don’t fuckin count. You may be Italian by blood, but not by heart. Anyways, where was I?

    Thug # 2: You was on about the main event boss.

    Pauley: I was talkin to myself thanks. Alright so, the main event, Pauley Cadillacs vs. whatever the fuck his name is. Samson, that’s right. Now listen, I’ve just got done dealin with that hippie freak a few minutes ago, and now I gotta deal with this guy. The dude who thinks it’s Halloween 24-7. Well look here punk, I aint afraid of you. You wanna steal my thunder last week by running in after my match? You and your little friends wanna set up the match that gets my personal friend and associate fired from this company? Well that’s fine. That’ll just make it that much sweeter when I got you down on the canvas with Vinnie Bumbatz counting the 1 2 3. Maybe then I’ll finally get some respect around here, and be treated like the main eventer I really am. See you in the main event punk. Be sure to bring you’re A-game cuz your gonna need it. *smirks as the camera cuts back to ringside*

    Pat: Pauley Cadillacs is a menace. Did you see what he just did to Brandon Smithson?? This is terrible. Now we know where Smithson has been all this time but geez I wish we hadn’t found out.

    Dudley: Well Smithson pretty much had it coming. If he didn’t want to feel Pauley’s wrath then he shouldn’t have snitched on him. Simple as that.

    Pat: Yeah well, that doesn’t excuse him from his actions in the least. And I’ll tell you another thing, if he doesn’t stop underestimating Samson, then he’s gonna get killed tonight. Maybe literally.

    *The lights go out, and the entire arena is plunged into darkness. The lighters begin to spark up, and the buzz of excitement is unmistakable. Something monumental is about to happen.*

    Pat: Oh my, what is going on? Is this The Devils Rejects doing? With how they have been behaving recently, I wouldn't be surprised if it was.

    Dudley: Man, I hope it's K-Jammin, or maybe RomanFlare.. God, I miss that guy so fricking muc-

    *The lights come back on again just as swift as they went off. The crowd pop big time. Standing in the middle of the ring is none other than Veni Vidi Vici members Ma$$Dinero, The Sleeper, and PandaMassacre AKA Nikki Belzova. They are smiling, but it is clear that there is something on their minds. Ma$$Dinero is holding a microphone, and the last original V3 member sighs, and then speaks.*

    Ma$$Dinero: Well... I guess that V3's mission to take down Ape is complete. The Aluminium Arsehole has been dethroned, and The Eye are about as powerful as a cool breeze on a hot summers day. No more will the members of the JBW roster have to suffer the indignity of being pushed around by a toupee wearing, cocaine sniffing, arsehole licking, penny pinching, louse of a failed megalomanic, with about as much of a clue as Mr Bean. No more will my friends be fired for being a threat to the corrupted system that has been poisoned from within since day one here on Mayhem. See, I, along with my shoot friends Nikki and Benny, have finally removed the tumor that was causing Mayhem's very inner system to fail. With that guy sitting in the top chair in the JabeHouse, death for this great company was imminent. But no more is that the case...

    *Ma$$ looks at Nikki, and then Sleeps. His face then adopts a somewhat sad look, and he continues.*

    We are Veni Vidi Vici, and our name means we came, we saw, we conquered... Well after months of battling against the odds; after all the sacrifice and loss... I'm here to tell each and every one of you people here, and all the families watching at home... We have finally conquered, and our job here as a unit is done..



    I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Without you this would never have been possible...

    *Ma$$ looks directly into the hard camera.*

    Georgie Boy...


    We did it, my bruva's.

    *Ma$$ drops the mic, and the remaining members of V3 share a group hug as the screen fades to black, bringing to an end an era in JBW that will never be repeated.*

    Pat: Wait a minute? Are they saying that…that V-3 is done?? Like done forever??

    Dudley: Hold it, wait a minute, this is no joke Pat! They’re really done!! Hahahahahaha. WOOOOO. Finally V3 is no more!

    Pat: Shut your mouth Dudley, this is serious. This is the end of an era. V-3 have been the faces of Mayhem forever. I just can’t believe they’re gone. I’m really depressed now.

    Dudley: Oh shut it Pat. You act like you were a member or something.

    Pat: Well, I was a fan, and I gotta tell ya, this hurts. I mean, Mass, Sleeper, and Nikki are all still here, but we’ve seen the last of them as a unit. I guess their mission was accomplished. Iron Ape is out of power, The Eye looks to be no more, and all is pretty much right with the world I suppose. Well V-3, it was quite a ride, and now we can only hope it’s gonna be an even bigger one once your respective single’s careers go off. Cheers V-3. Well it’s incredibly hard to move on but we musy, because we have a great match scheduled up next. The veteran, AngrySamoan vs. the young gun, Matt Haze AKA MPH. These two evenly matched competitors can put on a show, so let’s give them a chance to and stop all the chit-chat.

    Match 2: Matt Haze vs. AngrySamoan


    Pat: Here comes MPH, and I’m sure these fans haven’t forgiven him for what he did to Melissa Mendez a couple weeks ago, as he’s getting booed like crazy right now.

    Dudley: Yeah that wasn’t MPH’s brightest hour for sure, but it’s all Rob Rage’s fault honestly.

    Pat: How…in the bloody blue world…can you possibly blame that on Rob Rage?
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    WWE resigned Punk, and everything I've said has come true on these things, so WWE, keep Punk a badass face. He will become a legend if you do.

    JBW is so good, even the most cynical member of the IWC couldn't complain about it. Check out or most recent shows here!

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    Dudley: MPH was punch drunk when it happened, that’s how. Rage took things way too far.

    Pat: Well, you’re wrong, but lord knows I can’t convince you otherwise. I will say this though, Rob Rage and Matt Haze have developed a big time rivalry with one another.


    Pat: Speaking of rivalries, the one between AngrySamoan and Silva is well documented.

    Dudley: Well documented? Pat these guys have been after each other’s throats for months now. There doesn’t seem to be any end in sight either, at least not until their match at New Horizons.

    Pat: Well we all better hope it ends cleanly, and not *gulp* well, let’s just hope it ends cleanly. Both guys are in the ring now and this one is under way!

    Pat: MPH with the advantage now, he hits a high knee to AngrySamoan’s face. AS is staggered, and Haze is calling for his signature move, 100 MPH. He hits the ropes and…

    Rob Rage’s music suddenly plays throughout the arena

    Dudley: What the hell is this?? Rob Rage has no business out here!

    Pat: The distraction has stopped MPH in his tracks, and MPH is now looking all over the place for a sight of Rob Rage. Wait a minute, AngrySamoan from behind, he goes for the schoolboy 1,2,3 he did it! AngrySamoan wins the match!

    Dudley: Cheater! Angrysamoan is a cheater! Haze was distracted by Rage’s music playing.

    *Rob Rage slowly walks out to the stage, tips his head to a fuming Matt Haze, and then confidently strides away, just like the pimp that he is.*

    Dudley: Rage is gonna pay for that one big time. He just cost Haze that match!

    Pat: Turnabout is fair play Duds. Haze has been a dick since he’s been here, so it’s about time bad things start happening to him. Good for Rob Rage to get a small measure of revenge.

    Dudley: This sucks, let’s just move on.

    Pat: As you wish, up next we’re gonna cut backstage with Mass and Dave. This should be good.

    *Ma$$Dinero is seen backstage sharing a joke with his buddy Dave.*

    Ma$$:, anyway, I told them - she didn't eat the poisonous mushrooms!

    Dave: Ahhahahaha!! Oh, shit, that was funny!

    Ma$$: Of course it was funny, Dave. I'll leave the shit jokes to K-Ja-

    *Ma$$Dinero is interrupted by none other than Chainsaw, who walks up to the former V3 member. Ma$$ is shocked, and looks over Chainsaws shoulder. After seeing that Chainsaw is alone, Ma$$ is even more shocked. His face then shows his confusion, followed by his anger and he squares up to the larger man.*

    Chainsaw: Go slowly Ma$$Dinero.. I'm not here to f-

    Ma$$: Listen here, you big letter-writing walking-man-boob! I actually don't a monkeys' about what you have to say. If you wanna help me in getting Ape fired, then that's fine, but that has-been Ape has been fired now. Gone. For good. So I see no reason whatsoever why you should be up in my face like we got somethin' in common, son. See, I don't give a shit about what you and The Devils Rentboys do as long as you dun know that the moment I feel threatened by any of you, then someone's getting knocked out... Come on, Dave, let's chip. The air just turned a bit too sour for my liking.

    *Ma$$ walks off screen and Dave follows him. The camera then pans onto Chainsaw. He is sporting an evil grin, but there is also a glimmer in his eye that shows deep down he is thankful that Ma$$ won last week. He may not like him, but he was a major part in his plan to remove Ape from power. In Chainsaws mind, Ma$$ was the perfect pawn, and played his part to perfection.

    Suddenly Ma$$ storms back on to the screen and -BOOYA- nails Chainsaw with "MFWTLAAIGWTBTS" -- knocking the huge man down and out. Ma$$ looks down and says to a man who can no longer hear him.

    "That's for tryin' ta' use man like some kind of fucking pawn!"

    He walks off - blows on his fist - and says

    "Dave, where are ya? It's time for me to send a little poomps a message, and make 'im know that he may be the champ, and he thinks he's runnin tingz around here, but I run shit - shit na' run me, and someone else is gonna get knocked out tonight!"

    Pat: Mass just knocked out Chainsaw with one blow!! Holy shit how did hat happen?

    Dudley: I can’t believe it. Jeez that right hook is wicked. Chainsaw can get hit by a semi and he’d laugh it off, but he gets floored by one punch from Mass?

    Pat: I’m telling you Duds, I know a certain “Savior” that could be in trouble, and I’m not talking about SES. Mass looks as ready as ever.Well up next the Jackasses have requested some TV time to address what happened last week here on Mayhem, and we’re gonna give it to them. So here we go, The Jackasses.

    Jackasses music hits!

    *the Jackasses come out to a good pop from the crowd. They’re bandaged up from the assault last week, but they still look to be in good spirits. They walk into the ring and Red Ryda grabs a mic from a stagehand*

    RR: Hello Chicago! *crowd pops* It feels good to be here ladies and gentleman, because if we can be serious for a minute here, our careers damn near could’ve been over last week.

    El Gabo: Yeah guys. That assault by the Apostles was brutal, and we’re honestly lucky we’re here at all. With that being said though, as it is we ARE here, and the time for fun and games is over. Anomander Rake, Demonic, we’ve put you in a net and treated you like a piñata, we’ve made fun of your bosses on numerous occasions, and we’ve jumped off the top of the JABEtron just to try and take you guys out.

    RR: Well, all that is over now. Now is the time we officially lay down the challenge to The Apostles. A straight up tag-team match between you and us. No fun and games, no tricks, no gimmicks, just you vs. us at New Horizons.

    And here come The Apostles

    *Anomander Rake and Demonic stand at the top of the ramp. Anomander has a mic in his hand and speaks*

    [i]Rake: So, you two simply will not learn your lesson, huh? Maybe when slammed the baseball bats over your head last week we hit you a tad too hard. Maybe we knocked some screws looses and caused some irreparable damage. Or maybe, just maybe you two have always been too stupid for your own good. Whatever the case, you’ve just sealed your fate. You’ve successfully drove the final nail in the coffin that is, or should I say, was, your careers. We accept your challenge Jackasses, but just know that this time we will be ready for you, and you will have to deal with us without tricks or games, just you vs. us. So the question you have to ask yourself is, do I honestly believe I can beat The Apostles without shenanigans? Well, do you?

    Red Ryda: *sarcastically* Gee Rake, you really did convince me. We know we can’t beat you without tricking you. I guess the match is canceled. NOT!! We know we can beat you two, and we’ll prove it this Sunday at New Horizons.

    Rake: *chuckles* Good. *belly laugh before exiting with Demonic*

    Pat: Add another one to the card! The Jackasses vs. The Apostles this Sunday. I’m glad these two teams are finally gonna go at it. Tension has been building for this one for a while now.

    Dudley: The Jackasses must be nuts. The Apostles are bigger, meaner, stronger, more physical. It’s gonna be a massacre! If you’re gonna be that dumb you deserve the beatdown I say.

    Pat: All of that may be true, but The Jackasses are smarter and quicker, and they’ve proven they can handle all sorts of pain. We’ll see this Sunday.

    Dudley: Yes we will. Hey Pat, you know what we’re gonna see right now?

    Pat: What Duds?

    Dudley: JBW’s resident douchebag, Roland Butter, attempting another interview with a guy who doesn’t even speak English, Helmsley. Oh joy!

    Pat: Ahh, but this time we have an interpreter with Roland. Hopefully we can get some answers.

    Roland: Thanks Pat. Helmsley, you've been attacking guys week after week here on Mayhem. Some say your actions are out of line, but some say they've given a jump start to your career. What do you think?

    Spanish interpreter: Helmsley, que ha estado atacando a los chicos semana tras semana aquí en Mayhem. Algunosdicen que sus acciones están fuera de línea, pero algunos dicen que han dado un empujón a sucarrera. ¿Qué te parece?

    Helmsley: *takes a look at the Spanish interpreter, and to Roland, and then back to the interpreter. He then grabs the interpreter by his shirt collar and throws him across the room. Helmsley takes one more look at Roland before walking away*

    Roland: Umm, yeah. Helmsley aint giving us an interview any time soon guys. Please don’t ask me to do that again.

    Pat: Dually noted. Is that guy alright Roland? You know what, he looked fine, let’s head to commercial. Now’s as good a time as any. After the break we have Nikki Belzova’s and Marie’s contract signing which will be absolutely must see!

    *commercial break*
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    WWE resigned Punk, and everything I've said has come true on these things, so WWE, keep Punk a badass face. He will become a legend if you do.

    JBW is so good, even the most cynical member of the IWC couldn't complain about it. Check out or most recent shows here!

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    Horror movie tournament final: The Shining vs. Silence of the Lambs vs. Halloween...coming very soon.

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    Pat: We’re back from commercial now, and Nikki Belzova is already in the ring, which has been set up in normal contract signing fashion. Now all that’s left is for Marie to get to the ring and…

    Speak of the Devil

    Pat: Well her she comes, contract in hand walking down the aisle to a big negative reaction from the crowd.

    Dudley: It makes me sick that these are the type of trailer trash fans JBW attracts. People who willingly cheer for people like Nikki Belzova, but will boo a fine, sophisticated young woman like Marie Piscatelli.

    Pat: You never cease to amaze Duds.

    Dudley: Thank you.

    Pat: Well alright guys, everyone appears to be ready, and we can pretty much guarantee that sparks will fly in this one.

    Marie: Here it is *flips the contract down on the table* the contract for our match.

    *Nikki enthusiastically puts the pen down to the paper, but is cut off by Marie before she could sign*

    Marie: Now before you sign Nikki, I just want to make sure you know what you’re in for here. If you sign that contract, it’s no longer me vs. you and Polly Pablo, or you vs. me in some ridiculous gimmick match that’s obviously more suited in your favor. It’s just me vs. you one on one.

    Nikki: *forces a smile and begins to sign again*

    Marie: *cuts Nikki off again* Now hold on a minute doll face, I aint done talkin. Before you sign that contract and finalize this deal, I just wanted to let you know exactly how much pressure is on you in this match. You’re obviously the head honcho around here. You’re the highest paid women’s athlete we’ve got. You get promoted, you get the TV time, you get the endorsements, but if you lose to me at New Horizons, all of that will be gone. I will be the new head honcho. I will be promoted and enodorsed, and you will be pushed to the back of the line.

    Nikki: *sighs, grits her teeth and begins to sign again*

    Marie: More importantly though. *stands up* Once I beat you at New Horizons, I will prove once and for all that I am right, and that you are not a true Italian like me. And do you want to know why Nikki? *walks over to Nikki* Because true Italians are winners Nikki, and you are a loser. *bitch slaps Nikki in the face and then tries to run away while Nikki is being restrained*

    *Obviously pleased with herself, Marie starts to walk back up he ramp, but Nikki breaks free of the officials and runs up to the ropes and springboards herself off of them to he outside and hits a mean dropkick to the back of Marie’s head. Nikki then picks up Marie by her hair and throws her back in the ring. Nikki flings Marie square into the corner, and then picks her up and sits her on top of the turnbuckle. Nikki sets up the table for the contract negotiations just where she wants it, hops up on the turnbuckle and hits her signature move, the Pandacanranna through the table as the crowd pops hard. Nikki then picks up the contract that’s laying on the floor, signs it quickly, and throws it on Marie’s unconscious body before leaving the ring to a big pop*

    Pat: I told you guys sparks would fly! What a sensational series of moves by Nikki Belzova! And let’s face it, Marie deserved it big time. She wouldn’t let Nikki get a word in edge wise, and what she was saying was both inaccurate and insulting. Good for Nikki that she wasn’t gonna sit there and take it. Now as stagehands are in the ring picking up the scraps, let’s…cut now to the back where we have Melissa Mendez standing by with a man who was victorious in one of our main events last week, Damian Icarus. Melissa?

    MM: I’m here Pat, and as you said I’m standing by with Damian Icarus, now Damian the question on everyone’s minds is after a strong showing on the last show vs. a tough veteran opponent like Kiddson, is what are the future plans with Damian Icarus with JBW, and with HWA for that matter.

    Icarus: Well the plans are as same as they’ve always been. Actually I don’t know why people are surprised to see me here the last two weeks. I mean, I signed here with JBW months ago. It was actually the same day Pauley Cadilliacs and G-scorp were signed. I don’t know why they were called up before me, but one thing is for sure, I’m here now, and I’m here for good. My relationship with HWA will stay the same as well though. I just got drafted to the Legacy brand and it just so happens that apparently someone from my past has crept up again, so I’ll be busy for sure.

    MM: Well that’s all well and good, but we’re here to talk about Mayhem and JBW.

    Icarus: Right my bad. Go ahead.

    MM: Well like I said you obviously were victorious in your match last week against Kiddson, something that he hasn’t exactly taken well. Would you care to talk about that?

    Icarus: Sure thing. Well, first of all, my man SES and I had a very long conversation over the phone about me coming up, and it turns out me and him share a very similar past, with both of us struggling with our demons and both of us finally getting healthy and completely *makes an “X” with his forearms* straight edged. This was a big help in me getting the nod over some of the other guys I think, and he thought with my personal story I would be a good match-up for Kiddson. Speaking of dude, I heard he’s acting like a little bitch and is boycotting the show until he gets rematch with me. Anytime, anyplace my man. Just be sure to come up and challenge me like a man to my face, and not behind closed doors. I’ll be ready for ya.

    MM: Well that was my next question actually, I wanted to get your impressions on Kiddson and for that matter the rest of the Mayhem roster since you will be calling this place home now. Obviously you’re not a fan of Kiddson.

    Icarus: Well no I’m not a fan. I don’t think anyone’s a fan of Kiddson and how could they be honestly? I mean, this guy is the definition of a bitch. I know if he tried to pull any of the shit he’s pulling on the streets he’d get tore up, and I know that’s what I would bring to him if our paths ever crossed again: street warfare. As for the rest of the roster, hell yeah there’s a bunch of talented guys here. I mean, K-Jammin, MassDinero, Sleeper, Nikki Belzova, Chainsaw, the list goes on and on. And actually even a guy like Rob Rage is someone t keep an eye on. I know him from back in that other company I’m apparently not allowed to talk about. All those guys are great, but trust me when I say I know I’m tougher than all of them, and that’s not just some punk kid running his mouth about shit he don’t know about, that’s just me telling the truth. I’m ready for anybody JBW puts in front of me, and you can bet your ass that whatever segment I’m involved in is gonna be a show stealer. That’s not cockiness, that’s confidence. Back to Kiddson though, you noticed how I left him off of that list. Well, it’s because he aint a part of it like he thinks he is. The guy is all talk and no game. I know that, SES knows that, and SES knows that I know that, and ultimately I think that’s why I was booked for the match last week.

    MM: Interesting stuff Damian. Thanks for the interview.

    Icarus: No problem Mel.

    MM: *nods* Back to you Pat and Dudley.

    Dudley: Worst. Signing. Ever. I mean seriously, the guy wins one match and says he’s tougher than anyone on the roster. What a punk. Go back to the indies kid. You aint ready for the big time.

    Pat: I beg to differ Dudley. I don’t know about him being tougher than everyone here on Mayhem, but if you don’t have that attitude how are you supposed to make it here? I’ve seen this guy’s film and he can definitely bring it, both on the mic and in the ring.

    Dudley: You can throw all the shit he’s done in the indies away, because now he’s up with the big boys and he hasn’t proven shit to anyone. I guarantee once Kiddson gets his hands on him he’ll be knocked down a peg.

    Pat: Kiddson just lost to him last week though Duds. What did you just forget that happened?

    Dudley: No. It was a fluke and Kiddson wasn’t prepared for him. Just watch what happens once Kiddson gets a rematch.

    Pat: We’ll find out for sure soon enough. Up next we have our third match of the evening, Rob Rage vs. BI.
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    WWE resigned Punk, and everything I've said has come true on these things, so WWE, keep Punk a badass face. He will become a legend if you do.

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    Match 3: Rob Rage vs. BodomInvader


    Pat: And here comes this asshole. BodomInvader thought he was big shit making Sleeper perform in a 3 on 1 handicap match last week. Well, Sleep was ready for that it last week and performed his heart out, and now he’s stuck facing Sleeps at New Horizons. Plus without Iron Ape’s power backing up BI, now he has to do it without shenanigans.

    Dudley: It doesn’t matter, BI will be ready even without Ape’s help. BI is one of the craftiest guys we have here, so you’ll know he’ll have a plan. Although I do have to admit, Sleeper is coming in to this match very hot.

    Pat: Since Sleeper’s return he’s been on fire no doubt, but BI has to worry about tonight more than anything right now. He’s facing a very tough competitor in Rob Rage tonight.

    Rob Rage

    Dudley: This guy I can’t stand. His holier than thou schtick is getting annoying, and he showed his true colors earlier tonight when he cost Matt Haze his match. I’ve lost all respect I had for that guy, and I’ll be honest, I didn’t have much respect to begin with.

    Pat: Note to management, Dudley doesn’t like Rob Rage, PUSH HIM HARD!!! Dudley hasn’t been right yet!!

    Dudley: Hey!

    Pat: Haha. You know I’m only fooling Duds, but not really. This match is underway!

    Pat: Rage runs into the boot from BI, and now BI springboards off the rope. He goes for the flash kick but Rage ducks it, and BI lands right on his side and rolls out of the ring.

    Dudley: Good move BI, take a breather.

    Pat: I don’t think he meant to roll outside, it just kinda happened. BI better keep his composer, because he’s looking frustrated right now. He’s coming over here to the timekeepers station and what the hell? Why is he trying to grab that steel chair? Do your job referee! Go out there and stop him! There you go, it looks like the ref is doing just that.

    Dudley: BI doesn’t isn’t giving up that chair without a fight though.

    Pat: He better watch he doesn’t get himself disqualified.

    *crowd pops as Matt Haze comes running down the aisle, obviously trying to warn Rage of his presence, but Rage is focused on BI. Haze get’s in the ring and hits a wicked clothesline to the back of the head, a move he calls 100 MPH*

    Pat: No!! What the hell? The ref didn’t see it.

    Dudley: Yes!! What did you say before when Rage cost MPH his match? Oh yeah that’s right, “turn about is fair play.” Haha.

    *BI drops the chair and looks to take advantage now. He slips back in the ring as does the confused ref, and BI hits a 450 splash on Rage, and he gets the easy 1,2,3*

    Pat: Dammit. BI stole this one. I have to wonder now if he and Haze didn’t have this planned all along.

    Dudley: Oh I bet they did. See what I mean Pat? BI is crafty, and he’ll do whatever it takes to pick up the win. Great win by BI tonight.

    Pat: Oh cmon! That was a tainted win at best. I’m telling you I think Rage was gonna win that one if MPH didn’t come out.

    Dudley: There you go with your biased commentary again. Are you completely forgetting what happened earlier tonight with Rage and MPH?

    Pat: No, but MPH deserved it, and Rage doesn’t.

    Dudley: And you call me illogical.

    Pat: Well go ahead and ask these fans their opinion on it. I’m sure they’ll agree with me.

    Dudley: Like I care what they think.

    Pat: Well that’s true, but you should. It is your job after all. Oh well, we have to move on with the show now, and…*sigh* okay fellas, we were lucky enough to not have to deal with him last week, but not this week. Now might be a good time to tuck the children in bed early, and if you have heart problems, flip the channel right now, as the always unpredictable Silva has gotten himself some TV time.

    Silva’s theme hits to a big reaction, and not a good one.

    *Silva comes through the curtain looking even more crazy than usual, at every fan who is jeering him in the front row, which is pretty much all of them, Silva gets up face to face with them and almost attacks them before restraining himself and shutting his ears to block out the “voices.” He zig-zags his way down to the ring, grabs a mic and speaks*

    Silva: Humiliated. Duked. Betrayed. These were the things I felt when I saw what happened last week when I was locked up. For the second time in my life I’m locked away in a filthy pit with bars surrounding it and just like last time, AngrySamoan *twitches* fucks me over!! Just…watch.

    *Security footage from last week is shown on the JABEtron. We see Katie walking down a corridor when AngrySamoan catches up to her from behind. The audio is hard to hear, but there are subtitles underneath.

    AngrySamoan: Hey, I just wanted to thank you for last week when you dragged Silva off of me. You might have saved my life.

    Katie: *smiles* Yeah well…look I’ve honestly been meaning to talk to you and now that they’re gone I finally have a chance to. I had no idea what I was getting into when I joined The Devil’s Rejects. I just want to get out now, but…you know what they’ll do to me if I do. I just need someone to help me and, well, you’re the only one I can really turn to. I realized you were right all along, and I really just need someone sane who is on my side. Can you please help me?

    AngrySamoan: I will do whatever it takes Katie. And like I said before, I’m a happily married man here, so there’s no need to worry about that.

    Katie: I know. Thank you so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you. *gives AngrySamoan a big hug and walks away*
    *camera cuts back to Silva who is fuming*

    Silva: Katie, you’re dead. I hope you realize that. You broke my heart, and after all we’ve done for you. You’re absolutely DEAD. You were right mommy. You were right all along. I knew you were the only person I could really trust. You’re the only person that truly loves me. You were right mommy, you are always right. *sniff sniff* AngrySamoan, you are worse than dead. I’m gonna rip you apart this Sunday at New Horizons. There will be nothing left of you after I get my hands on you. You will regret ever crossing paths with me AngrySamoan. It will be your worst, and your last mistake you have ever made. *throws the mic down, grunts, and storms out of the ringside area*[/i]

    Pat: That is just sick. What I want to know is who showed Silva the footage to start with?! Whoever did it is gonna be responsible for what happens at New Horizons, because you’ve just set a wild animal loose on two human beings. I hope you’re ashamed of yourself, because you damn well should be.

    Dudley: Pat the problem is not the guy who showed Silva the footage, it’s Silva himself. It’s all of The Devil’s Rejects. They’re ruining this show and putting everyone’s lives in danger. It’s sickening really.

    Pat: Yeah but man, Silva was at least manageable before this. Not anymore. Not now. You had a guy who was, yes, emotionally disturbed and who had a serious grudge on AngrySamoan, but he had Katie to put a leash on him. Now he’s got his heart broken and is even MORE emotionally disturbed. He’s listening to that voice in his head exclusively now. Not good at all.

    Dudley: Cheer up Pat. I know I am because I know what’s up next. I am so happy this is now a weekly thing, it's now time for Jammin with K-Jammin!! We're not worthy ... we're not worthy ...
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    WWE resigned Punk, and everything I've said has come true on these things, so WWE, keep Punk a badass face. He will become a legend if you do.

    JBW is so good, even the most cynical member of the IWC couldn't complain about it. Check out or most recent shows here!

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    Pat: Unfortunately he's right folks, next up we have ...

    K-Jammin’s music hits!

    Pat: ... well, him!

    *KJ comes out to the usual overwhelming boo's, a fan holds a "K-Jammin Sucks!" sign right in front of his face, resulting in KJ spitting in his face*

    KJ: Yes yes yes and welcome to another episode of Jammin With K-Jammin! I am your host K-Jam and fuck a camel's ass do we have a good show for you tonight! First off, let me start by congratulating MassDinero for beating Iron Ape last Mayhem *crowd pops* Yeah it was a great night for Mass, im sure his really cool V3 buds and his family were really proud of him. So to celebrate Mass's victory, I decided to dig deep into his history so we can all really discover who MassDinero is. So people please welcome... MassDinero's high school sweet heart STACY!

    Pat: Let me guess, he's gonna bring out a fat girl and then we're... oh

    *Out comes a stunning woman wearing a very revealing shirt and may aswell not be wearing a skirt, it's that short!*

    KJ: Wow wow and wow, how the fuck did Mass end up pulling you?!

    Stacy: Hehe, he can be very charming when he want's to be

    KJ: Well who would of guessed it, so tell me, what was it like dating a guy like Mass?

    Stacy: Oh my god, he was a dream! He made me laugh, and they way he made my cock feel was just unbeli...

    KJ: Whoa, hold the fucking phone!! Your what?!

    Stacy: My cock?

    KJ: You have a cock?

    Stacy: Yes I have a cock

    KJ: Like a proper cock?

    Stacy: Yes a proper cock

    KJ: Not like a chicken or anything, I mean a penis cock?

    Stacy: Yes a penis cock

    KJ: So, umm, did Mass know you had a cock when you first fucked?

    Stacy: No we met in a club and started talking and then one thing led to another and I went back to his house, we was fooling around on his bed and then he felt it

    KJ: Holy shit, did he freak?

    Stacy: No way, if anything it just turned him on even more

    KJ: WAIT, so that's why he says cuck all the time?

    Stacy: I believe so

    KJ: So after all these years of Mass acting like a ladies man, it turns out he fucked a freaky chick with a cock?

    Stacy: I ain't a freak!

    KJ: Your a woman with a cock, what the fuck are you then?

    Stacy: Whoa I came on here and agreed to pretend to be MassDinero's ex I did not come on here to be made fun of!

    *HeadJam by KJ to Stacy!*

    KJ: As you opened your big fucking mouth I want that 500 quid back you piece of shit *spits on Stacy*

    *turns to the crowd*

    KJ: Okay so i hired her so you would all think Mass fucked a man woman thing, you can all stop crying now. Why can't my skits ever fucking go right?! Back to the real world now, Mass, I know you too well to not know what your thinking, and what your thinking is you want a shot at my World Title, correct? Don't get me wrong Mass, your one helluva competitor, but I've beaten you twice already. Have you really improved enough over the last 2 months to finally beat me? No, I don't think so either you piece of shit.

    *The crowd suddenly pop, as they notice Ma$$Dinero in the crowd, but he silences them by putting his fingers to his lips. He then hops the barrier, and crouches beside the ring. The Mayhem World Heavyweight Champion doesn't notice, and doesn't miss a beat as he continues on.*

    I've warned you once already, but stay the fuck away. I can't be fucked to face you again, and to be honest these people do not deserve to see a match of that calibre again. So before you even think about challenging me, my answer is no. Ladies and gentleman, that's all we have time for this week. Thank you very much, your all beautiful!

    *Ma$$Dinero slides into the ring. K-Jam still hasn't seen him... Ma$$ then grabs him by the shoulder and spins him around, and raises his fist like he's about to smash him in the face with "MFWTLAAIGWTBTS". K-Jammin flinches backwards, and the shock of seeing his mortal enemy throws his equilibrium off balance. He steps backwards and trips over a cam wire, and the crowd pop like crazy! Ma$$Dinero looks down at K-Jammin with a smirk and leaves the champion embarrassed -sitting on his arse- but relieved he never got his jaw knocked off.*

    Dudley: Dammit it’s just like MassDinero to ruin an otherwise great segment. Why can’t he just keep his big ugly face out of other people’s business? I thought with the end of V-3 Mass would be more manageable, but it looks like he’s just as much of a nuisance as always.

    Pat: Good ole Mass, always putting the assholes of Mayhem in their place! Haha!

    Dudley: That’s not funny at all. He caught The Great Savior by surprise and K-Jammin tripped, why is that such a big deal? Why is everyone laughing? Shuttup you idiots!

    Pat: Ahh the crowd can’t hear you Duds, and even if they can they wouldn’t listen. That was classic right there, I don’t care who you are. Well guys I don’t want to move on, but we’re gonna have to…as noted earlier The Sandman and Daniel Truth’s rivalry obviously took a turn for the worst last week on Mayhem, with both men taking a serious spill off the top of the ramp, landing on some medical equipment. These two have a hatred for one another that is not oft seen here in JBW, and last week did nothing to smooth things over. We’re gonna take you now to our live feed from the hospital Daniel Truth is being stationed in, and we’ll see if we can’t get an update on his condition.

    *the camera now cuts to Daniel Truth laying in a hospital bed being tended to by a nurse. *

    Nurse: How’s the back and the neck dear? Still stiff?

    Daniel: Yeah pretty much no changes.

    Nurse: Okay well we’re gonna give you this Cortisone shot and hopefully it’ll make you feel better. Alright, you ready?

    Daniel: As ready as I’ll ever be.

    Nurse: Okay I’m gonna need you to lean over on your side so your back is facing me. Now you’re gonna feel some a sting at the base of your spine now, but I’ll be gentle so don’t you worry. *Nurse injects Truth wit the needle and draws out some fluid, before taking the needle out and picking up another one, and flicking it so no air bubbles are in the medicine* Okay Daniel we’re half way done and after this you can get some rest. Alright your gonna feel another pinch now, but this one won’t be as profound. Alright here we go. *injects Truth with the cortisone* Okay Daniel we’re all done. Now I’m gonna go check in on my other patients and I’ll be right back in a jiff okay? *nurse walks out of the room*

    Cameraman: So Truth, is this pretty much what it’s been like for you the past few days?

    Truth: Yeah just constantly getting treatment and rehabbing so I can be ready for New Horizons.

    Cameraman: So you do think you’ll be able to make it to your title defense against Sandman at New Horizons then?

    Truth: As long as I’m still breathing yeah.

    Cameraman: Well alright that’s good news. Do you think then you’ll be able to be 100% though for your match?

    Truth: Well considering it was the doctors fear that I wouldn’t be able to move my lower extremities by Sunday just a few days ago, I’d say no. But dammit I don’t care. Come hell or high water I’m making it to that match. I’d be more concerned about Sandman’s ability to make the match though. I’ve been asking around and no one has seen him since I knocked him off the stage. You guys should probably try and gey an update on his condition more than mine, because I know I’ll be ready.

    Cameraman: Yeah but where the hell are we supposed to find that guy?

    Truth: Good point.

    *door creaks open*

    Truth: Alright there’s my nurse this interview is probably gonna have to be cut short.

    *cameraman turns away to find that The Sandman is in the room with Truth. The cameraman is obviously trying to warn Truth, who is oblivious to Sandman’s presents, but the cameraman is petrified in fear and cannot get a word out. *

    Truth: Alright nurse I think I’m feeling—holy shit!

    *Sandman lunges towards Truth and begins choking him with his own IV cord. Daniel Truth is quickly turning red as Sandman is relentless. Truth is slapping his hand at he wall, trying desperately to find the call button, and he finally hits it. A moment later the nurse walks in, cries for help and before you know it about a dozen doctors and nurses are in the room, successfully pulling Sandman off of Truth, who is choking and gagging in his bed as Sandman finally leaves the room and the camera cuts back to ringside*

    Pat: My lord! How did Sandman know where Daniel Truth was?? We need to get a couple guys out to that hospital and guard Truth’s room 24-7.

    Dudley: That’s why you never cross paths with Sandman. He’s like a nasty virus…he will not stop. There’s no defense against an unstoppable force, and Sandman has been one since he stepped foot in JBW.

    Pat: Yeah, but how do you avoid it? Daniel Truth has basically done nothing wrong to Sandman and yet Sandman still targets him relentlessly. What can you do if your Daniel Truth besides try and fight back?

    Dudley: That’s a good question. Here’s another one...who’s gonna win our main event of the evening?

    Pat: We’ll find out…next!
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    WWE resigned Punk, and everything I've said has come true on these things, so WWE, keep Punk a badass face. He will become a legend if you do.

    JBW is so good, even the most cynical member of the IWC couldn't complain about it. Check out or most recent shows here!

    And join in on the discussion here. We will welcome you with open arms. Please join now by PMing me or WWTNA Mark!

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    Main Event Samson vs. Pauley Cadillacs

    Pauley Cadillacs

    Pat: Okay guys, it’s main event time. Here’s Pauley Cadillacs making his way to the ring with the referee for this match, Vinnie Bumbatz, and he had some strong words for Samson earlier.

    Dudley: Pauley you mean, not Vinnie.

    Pat: Right, what did I say?

    Dudley: It was just a weird way of wording that sentence.

    Pat: Okay Duds, people know what I meant, can I finish my point here?

    Dudley: Go ahead.

    Pat: Okay then, Pauley called Samson a freak, and he made fun of the way he dresses and acts.

    Dudley: Your point being?

    Pat: The point is, that’s about the absolute dumbest thing you can do before facing Samson or any of The Devil’s Rejects for that matter. The entire point of that groups existence is them lashing out at those who have made fun of them or called them abnormal. They want to cause as much pain to others as they felt has been inflicted upon them over the years, and now you got Pauley Cadillacs truing to call Samson names? I’m telling you, he’s underestimating Samson here. He may have Vinnie Bumbatz as his ace in the whole, but that doesn’t mean Samson isn’t gonna try and murder Pauley out there. Possibly literally.

    Dudley: You may have a point, but here’s a counter point. What if Pauley was trying to throw Samson off his game. Focus more on beating Pauley up then actually winning the match. With Vinnie by his side and getting the victory being a secondary issue for Samson, Pauley just made his chances of winning that much better. I’ll tell ya, if Pauley does pick up the win here tonight, it’d do wonders for his career.

    Pat: No doubt about that.


    Pat: Well here comes Samson, who is getting a very loud response as he normally does, and it looks like this crowd has picked who they want to win this match-up. I myself haven’t really. I just hope it goes cleanly and no one is killed.

    Dudley: Well, I know who I’m rooting for, and it aint Samson.

    Pat: Well we knew that already, but the point is there isn’t really a “good guy” in this one. Just two genuinely bad people going at it. Well, Samson has hit the ring now, looking about as happy as always, and this one is underway.

    Pat: Pauley Cadillacs cheats his way to another gigantic win in his main event debut tonight, and I gotta say that match went exactly like I thought it would. Samson dominated all the way through, and Pauley snuck in a cheap shot and picked up the win through biased officiating. Aftermatch is what’s best though, because Vinnie Bumbatz got exactly what was coming to him there. Samson hit two chokeslams and a powerbomb on Vinnie. Of course Pauley hightailed it, but that was sweet to see.

    Dudley: No that was not sweet to see. That was a cheap shot by Samson. Typical Devil’s Reject move though, picking on the weak again. Vinnie Bumbatz is not a competitor, he’s a ref and should be treated like one.

    Pat: Well he still-wait a minute. Haha. Are you hearing this? Dudley?

    Dudley: Hearing what?

    Pat: Oh hold on.

    *Pat get’s up and whispers something in the ring announcer’s ear*

    Ring Announcer: As per order of the head-writer of Mayhem, SES, Pauley Cadillacs is being ordered to come back to the ring and compete against Samson again *crowd pops*, as the first win was stricken from the record books due to clear corrupt officiating.

    Dudley: What?!

    Pat: Haha. I told you. Pauley is gonna have to come back and compete against Samson again, but with Vinnie Bumbatz out for what looks like forever, we’re gonna get a new official.

    *a new referee comes out to ringside, basically dragging along Pauley Cadillacs with him until they reach about half way up the aisle. At that point Pauley rips away from the official and comes charging into the ring with a pissed off disposition. The bell rings as Pauley slides under the bottom rope and this one is once again underway*

    *Pauley is charging in on Samson straight away, but Samson is far too quick for him and steps aside. Samson then, using Pauley’s own misguided momentum, grabs Pauley by the back of his head and slams him face first into the turnbuckle in what is a makeshift version of The Killing Curse. Pauley looks completely knocked out now, but Samson is not done. Samson locks in the Crucitous Curse, the agonizing submission maneuver and the ref is now checking for any sign of life in Pauley. He finds none and the ref calls for the bell. This one is over.*

    Pat: Well I may hate everything about Samson here, but justice was actually served tonight. Oh no.

    Dudley: See? This is what I’m talking about Pat!!

    Pat: Samson has Pauley’s lifeless body now and is calling for a proper Killing Curse.

    Dudley: None of this would have happened if SES hadn’t have made this rematch!

    *Samson has Pauley’s head in his grasp but is interrupted by the sound of Silverdust’s voice*

    Silverdust: Hey Samson! I wouldn’t do that if I were you! Looky looky what I found!

    *Silverdust picks up the lifeless body of Silva, as he’s been clearly bloodied up by Silverdust*

    SD: You do that to Pauley and I’ll do twice as much to Silva, and I know you don’t want th-

    *SilverDust is cut off by Samson who is running down the ramp after him. Silverdust drops Silva and takes off to the back. Samson briefly checks on Silva, but the heads for Silverdust*

    Pat: Quick let’s get a camera backstage!

    *the camera cuts backstage, and Silverdust is shown sprinting around a corner. Samson sw him though ad he gives chase again. Samson turns the corner and BLAM steel chair to the skull by SilverLace. SilverLace then girates his body over the knocked out Samson, and he passes the chair to SilverDust, who was waiting for him as well. Silverdust begins to pound on Samson with the chair until Chainsaw and Nightwolf run the Silver Bros off. Chainsaw is checking on Samson as Nighwolf was instructed to go after Silva, and the screen fades to black* JBW!
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    WWE resigned Punk, and everything I've said has come true on these things, so WWE, keep Punk a badass face. He will become a legend if you do.

    JBW is so good, even the most cynical member of the IWC couldn't complain about it. Check out or most recent shows here!

    And join in on the discussion here. We will welcome you with open arms. Please join now by PMing me or WWTNA Mark!

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    Kash; calling it 4 years before Robbie.
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    Bodom is our John Cena.
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    Kash; calling it 4 years before Robbie.
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    Bodom is our John Cena.
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    I hate you.
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    Nerds are awesome though!
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    Are you going for some kind of sig quote world record?
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    You can choke on a big bag of dicks, good sir.



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    Kash; calling it 4 years before Robbie.
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    Bodom is our John Cena.
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    I hate you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheDevilsAdvocate View Post
    Nerds are awesome though!
    Quote Originally Posted by Wade Barrett 1979 View Post
    Are you going for some kind of sig quote world record?
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    You can choke on a big bag of dicks, good sir.



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