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    We are live in Providence, Rhode Island and oh boy do we have a show for you tonight!!! Next week will be our 20th episode of Warfare celebration which will be an awesome night but tonight, we are going to have some great matches scheduled! We are going to show you whats on tonight's card:

    Matches set for Warfare tonight

    Avidico & PrimusSucks vs JBW N.W.L Champion igetwild & Steve Austin

    Warfare TV Champion Markus Beerstein vs Tom George

    thejman93 vs RamJam & Ice Cream Man

    Malcolm Cage vs Sincara

    Tad Locust vs KJ PUNK

    Warfare World Champion Snair vs The Prophecy

    The Prophecy's music hits!!!
    The Prophecy makes his way to the ring with a microphone in his hands with a big grin on his face, ready to let everyone know what is on his mind tonight. The Prophecy slowly gets into the ring, taunting the fans which gets him a great amount of boos from the JBW crowd. As The Prophecy gets into the ring, he begins to speak,

    "Tonight I face the one and only Warfare World Champion, Snair. Now this is arguably the biggest match in The Prophecy's career thus far, and dare I say it, the toughest? No because I would be lying. Now I know Snair is holding our big gold belt here on Warfare, but the guy is nothing more than a paper champion, and at Monarchy of Aggression, which just happens to be in my home country, I will be the scissors to cut the paper champ to shreds. Now am I concerned about the Five Star Dissapointments interfering tonight or at the PPV? No, because those curtain jerkers do not worry me, they should fear me for I am the future World Champion here on Warfare and theres nothing those boys can do about it. Not the cowboy, the builder or any of the other members. Snair, I hope you are listening and stop listening to your Justin Bieber CD for just a moment. I am better than you, simply put there is no way on Gods green earth that you will beat me tonight or in my home country, all you need to do is watch in awe as I leve as the NEW WORLD CHAMPION. So it has been written, so it shall be done."

    The Prophecy drops the mic and the fans boo him even more! He brushes the boos off and as soon as he heads out of the ring,

    The Warfare World Heavyweight Champion Snair's music hits!!!
    Warfare World Heavyweight Champion Snair walks down to the ring with a microphone in his hands and speaks,

    "Prophecy, your a cocky SOB and I like that about you but make no mistake about it, you will not win the Warfare World title at Monarchy of Aggression, just like how you won't win tonight in out match. *Snair walks into the ring and gets in The Prophecy's face* I grow sick and tired of your little cheap shots at me. Its childish and shows that your all bark but no bite. You seem to think that your the chosen one here on Warfare, well maybe its time that I hit you with a little bit of reality and show you that the FSA and I are the chosen ones here on Warfare. *Crowd boos* Soon you'll find out Prophecy, and when you do, it won't be pretty."

    VKM's music hits!!!
    We see VKM along with none other then TheDevilsAdvocate who look pissed off as they walk down the ring with there ring gear on. VKM has a mic in his hands so he starts to speak,

    "Hold on there Snair and Prophecy, last week, Snair ruined TDA and my match and tonight, we return the favor! *Crowd cheers* You two can forget about having a clean match with no interferences because during your match, TDA and I will show up and we will get revenge from what Snair did to us, one way or another!"

    Snair rasies the mic and speaks,

    "You guys are really upset that I ruined your match last week? Get real. I did what I did to make a bold statement. That statement was that I would take out anyone who stands in my way and tries to take away MY Warfare World title. I feel no remorse for what I did last week."

    TheDevilsAdvocate grabs the mic from VKM and speaks,

    "I knew you would say that. Which is why tonight, VKM will get our sweet, sweet revenge. You don't ruin my match and get away with it. I will interfere in your match tonight and drop you with a cradle DDT, which will show why TDA is a threat to you! The only way you can escape the beating is if you don't even show up for your match tonight!"

    VKM grabs the mic from TDA and speaks

    "Thats right! and Prophecy, if you wanna join Snair, thats just more people who will get there asses kicked tonight!!!"

    *JBW President Brown One appears on the titantron*

    "I have something to say about this matter. VKM and TDA, I will not let you ruin The Prophecy and Snair's match tonight. However, you two will compete right here right now since the both of you look ready to compete. *Crowd cheers* Snair and The Prophecy will have there big match tonight in the main event. I wanna let all four of you know that I along with the rest of the fellow JBW fans want to a see a good, clean match. What I mean is that there will be no interfering tactics during the matches. Whoever interferes will be removed from the Fatal Four Way match at Monarchy of Aggression and if you, Snair, interfere in TDA and VKM's match thats going to take place right now, you will be stripped of your Warfare World title! *Crowd cheers* I'm only making things fair and clean here. Now lets get the TDA/VKM match started!"

    The Prophecy and Snair leaves the ring as we get ready for our first match!!!

    [COLOR="red"]Match 1[/COLOR]: TheDevilsAdvocate vs VKM

    TheDevilsAdvocate picks up the victory! What a great match between TDA and VKM and nice sportsmen ship from VKM, shaking TDA's hand after the loss! Great match on Warfare and what a great way to kick off the show!
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    ~We see thejman93 get out of his Chevy with his bags and doesn't look in the best of moods since his partner thedag was taken out by RamJam and Ice Cream Man Out of nowhere, JBW interviewer Todd Stevenson runs by to ask him questions~

    Todd: Hey jman, your partner thedag is out of action which means you might have to vacant the Warfare tag team titles if you don't find another partner. Your thoughts?

    ~thejman93 ignores Todd as he grabs his bag from his trunk~

    Todd: Okay, well, tonight, you asked JBW 's President Brown One to book you in a match against both RamJam and Ice Cream Man to get payback on them. Any thoughts about that match?

    ~thejman93 walks off with his bags ignoring every question Todd just asked~

    Match 2: Avidico & PrimusSucks vs JBW N.W.L Champion igetwild & Steve Austin

    Avidico & PrimusSucks
    Avidico's theme!!!
    Avidico and PrimusSucks makes there way to the ring, ready to fight tonight.

    igetwild & Steve Austin
    igetwild's theme!!!
    JBW N.W.L igetwild and Steve Austin makes his way to the ring.

    Avidico and PrimusSucks wins this tag team match! This was a great match and Avidico certainly has igetwild's attention! Avidico is showing that hes one step closer to winning the JBW N.W.L title!

    ~Backstage, we see Trips88 walking when he bumps into Stinger187~

    Trips88: Well, look who it is? Stinger187. Shouldn't you be hiding behind misfits called SuperNova?

    Stinger187: Shouldn't you be blowing a smoke up Zeus Apollo's ass?

    Trips88: Your real funny man but unlike you, I don't need to free-load off talent I already have. Zeus and I are cool with each other and knows the importance of winning, something the SuperNova knows nothing about.

    Stinger187: You know what, i'm getting sick of this. I'm tired of hearing you bitch and moan about SuperNova. You were the one that wanted to leave the group. SuperNova is getting stronger then ever with TDA, HolyJose, and I taking charge. I'm also glad that your making friends with Zeus Apollo, I've got a bone to pick with him. Maybe you can lick Zeus' wounds for when I get through with him.

    Trips88: We'll see about that Stinger187.

    ~Trips88 walks away from Stinger187 while he heads back to his lockerroom~

    Match 3: Markus Beerstein vs Tom George

    Markus Beerstein
    Theme Song: I love beer
    Markus Beerstein makes his way to the ring with his bodyguard Jurgen tonight, drinking his beer and getting into the ring to get ready for his match!

    Tom George
    Theme Song: Middle of it Now
    Tom George makes his way to the ring with a mic and speaks,

    "Beerstein, last week, you pulled a victory over me but this week, it won't happen again! I'm ready to win tonight and if I can score a win on you, i'll show the JBW Championship Committee that I deserve to be the #1 Contender instead of HolyJose! Now ring the damn bell ref, I have a match to win!"

    Markus Beerstein wins!!! What a victory!!!

    After the match, Markus Beerstein drinks his beer to celebrate winning his match!

    HolyJose's music hits!!!
    HolyJose walks down to the ring with a mic in his hands and speaks,

    "Hello JBW! Looks like last week Markus and his little butt buddy decided to show some class and trash my locker room. I didn't realize we were back in high school and spray painting a locker room is the best come back you had. You know what I'm not going to let that get to me last night on Showdown The Alpha Dog and I defeated you and Zeus in a tag match but come the 20th Episode of Warfare it's going to be one on one with no outside interference! I get my revenge on you then and not only will I exact my revenge but I'll be holding the Warfare TV Championship over my head! Your days as champion are numbered Beerstein, a new Television era is about to begin and I will lead that charge!"

    HolyJose leaves, getting into Beerstein's head tonight. The question is who will win the Warfare TV title next week on the 20th episode of Warfare???
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    Up next, thejman93 takes on RamJam and Ice Cream Man in a handicap match tonight!

    Match 4: RamJam & Ice Cream Man vs thejman93

    RamJam & Ice Cream Man
    Theme song; Evil
    RamJam and Ice Cream Man makes there way to the ring, with an evil grin on there face since taking out thejman9s's partner thedag which he is sidelined with an injury.

    Theme song: In Philly
    thejman93 makes his way to the ring and boy does he look irate tonight! He actually asked Brown One to book him in this match so thats why this match happens tonight!

    Man, RamJam and Ice Cream Man won the match but thejman93 showed no quit tonight. He fought though two wrestlers tonight, showing no fear but RamJam and Ice Cream Man played the numbers game and was just too much for thejman93 to handle.

    After the match, RamJam and Ice Cream Man picks up both of the Warfare tag tean title and leaves off with them. Where are they going with the tag team titles??? What are they doing??? This isn't right!

    Backstage, we see the FSA in there lockerrooms, surrounded next to each other as Manabu speaks to them,

    "I've called you all here to discuss how we've been doing as a group, we've been destroying every single disease here, we've been leaving them like the lowest life form feasting on each other just to get one more chance to get out of the bottom of the bucket they call reality.But heres the great part my brothers we've left them with nothing to climb out with, everyone has payed for their sins and now they're begging their great man in the sky to put them out of their misery they're praying to him for forgiveness, but how can they when they cant even leave their hospital beds? how can they when they've been left in a such a sickening coma that all they dream of us the pain of torture we dealt them? Thats how I wanted them to remember me to remember us, as the most dominant force in the entirety of wrestling the men whos history is their blazing trail of destruction. We've proved ourselves to everyone and we've all held a title
    *everyone stares at Manabu*
    I held the world championship! Now enough of our history we need to work towards our future. Weve defined the meaning of unity but we can't let this beautiful empire fall to the bacteria we run this business. Now as long as we stay like this, we can get wherever we want. All look to your left, now your right, now facing the person opposite you, these men are your family now your brothers the men who will help each other get to the very top of the golden ladder. There's so much more to come, so much more destiny for all of us. Those who stood in our way met their fate and my light sealed their destiny and if we do that to every single person here? No one will dare oppose us, we will rule this company...but even a beast needs boundries, like not turning the company officials into blooy shreds, respecting another brothers title no matter how close you are to getting a match against them. This is all about unity so I'm not going to force you to do anything but if any of you grow hair on your back, walk on all 4s and turn your head to everything that got you where you are then let me know. First the diseases, now the beasts"

    Match 5: Malcolm Cage vs Sincara

    Malcolm Cage
    Theme song: Wind Up
    Malcolm Cage makes his way to the ring, ready for his match tonight!

    Theme song: Running up that hill
    The mean, twisted Sincara makes his way to the ring, ready to pick up a win tonight!

    Sincara wins the match! rko619 distracted the ref which Sincara took advantage and hit Cage with a steel pipe, locking on the Clover leaf submission, and tapping out!

    After the match, rko619 just beats down Cage, power-bombing him again and again! Finally, the refs stop him from really hurting Cage and sends him to the back.
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    ~Backsatge, Todd interviews VKM after his loss against TheDevilsAdvocate~

    Todd: VKM, tonight, you lost against TDA earlier in the night. Any thoughts on that match?

    VKM: Well, I lost. I can admit that. TDA was the better man tonight. However, this loss doesn't hurt my chances of becoming Warfare World Champion but it helps it because it gives me the chance to improve in the ring. I'll be ready for TDA next time but he got a win on me tonight.

    The Alpha Dog's theme hits!!!
    The Alpha Dog makes his way to the ring with a mic and speaks,

    "(Looks around at the cheering JBW fans with a scowl, then speaks) "Four weeks ago, The Alpha Dog came to the JBW with two goals in mind,..."(looks around at the cheering JBW fans again, anger seemingly growing in him) "Four weeks ago, The Alpha Dog came to the JBW..."(holds his head down while pulling on his hair while the fans continue to cheer, then looks up and tries to speak again) "Four weeks ago, The Alpha...SHUT UP!!!"(looks around again, a mix of anger and confusion in his face as the fans stop cheering)

    (Closes his eyes and takes a few deep breaths, then opens his eyes and speaks again) "Four weeks ago,..."(looks around suspicious)"The Alpha Dog came to the JBW with two goals in mind. The Alpha Dogs first goal of showing the so-called wrestlers in the back how to really wrestle is already going in the right direction, but boy does The Alpha Dog have his work cut out for him. The only superstar that has shown The Alpha Dog any form of promise is HolyJose(loud pop at HolyJoses name), and after the main event at SHOWDOWN LAST NIGHT...(listens to the crowd go wild then looks in the camera) HolyJose, you have earned even more of The Alpha Dogs respect because you didn't go back on your word. You said you would have The Alpha Dogs back last night, and as sure as vodka is clear, as sure as chocolate is brown, as sure as THE ALPHA DOG DOESN'T CARE WHAT A JURY SAYS,(tears forming in his eyes he screams) AND AS FOR DAMN SURE CASEY ANTHONY WAS GUILTY,...(listens to the boos going through out the arena while wiping his eyes and shaking his head) YOU HAD THE ALPHA DOGS BACK."

    "Now The Alpha Dogs second goal is a...little more long term. A work in progress you would say. Three weeks ago, The Alpha Dog started...FEELING...the pain of the WWC Title, and after The Alpha Dog beat Tripps88 in the middle of this ring, The Alpha Dogs(closing his eyes) sight turned black.(He then opens his eyes) Then The Alpha Dogs sight became clear again and the pain went away because he felt the presence of another closing in fast.(looks around the arena and smiles) That presence was of Zeus Apollo. The Alpha Dog thinks the reason the pain went away is because he is on the right path. The path to SNAIR...(looks into the camera with a menacing look on his face)THE PATH TO THE ALPHA DOGS MEAL!"(Laughs to himself.)

    (Continues to look in the camera)SO ZEUS, THE ALPHA DOG WOULD LIKE TO THANK YOU FOR COMING DOWN TO THE RING THREE WEEKS AGO!!! THE ALPHA DOG IS PAIN FREE!!! But he is still...seeing red. You see The Alpha Dog still hasn't been able to make a impact that measures to The Alpha Dogs standards and let The Alpha Dog tell you something. Your silence at Showdown last night SPOKE VOLUMES ZEUS!!!! You had nothing to say. Nothing about the FSA, nothing about how great you are, and FOR DAMN SURE NOTHING ABOUT YOUR STUPID SPONSORS. Let The Alpha Dog tell you what he thought of that silence...(in low menacing voice still looking at the camera) your...afraid...of...The Alpha Dog AS YOU SHOULD BE!!! But yet you have had the cunning to evade The Alpha Dog. YOUR STILL UNDEFEATED ZEUS!! So The Alpha Dog figures why not make an impact at your expense. Why not challenge Zeus Apollo to a match July 17th, Monarchy of Aggression (fans cheers rising) AND END YOUR UNDEFEATED STREAK!!!(Listens to the fans cheer)And The Alpha Dog has been thinking of one word for what the match should be....(looks to the sky rubbing his chin)SUBMISSION!(Listens to the fans cheer)SHUT UP!!!! The Alpha Dog says your to scared to accept. So Zeus please, please,(starts jumping around with each please)PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE GROW A PAIR AND PROVE THE ALPHA DOG WRONG."(Drops the mic)

    with the crowd still taking in the fresh scent of excitement that's been building all night, when...


    Out comes Zeus Apollo, as he appears on stage, walking slowly towards the ring, as he is wearing a brand new Blue Under Armour Sleeveless Compression shirt. He took the microphone, and smirked as the glanced towards the ring.

    "I'm tired of being in tag-team matches, and having my partners let me down... I'm not a loser; it's the one thing I don't do... I've never been pinned, and I've never submitted, nor do I plan on ever doing so... There's one guy backstage right now, who just annoys the shit out of me... He calls himself the Alpha Dog, and I noticed that he likes to chase cats around the parking lot... I don't know who you are, but it sounds like should be wrestling matches with Scooby Doo, sleeping in the doghouse with Snoopy, or watching television with Brian from Family Guy... You're dumb enough to challenge me to a match; a match that I shouldn't even be wasting my time on... But WWTNA Mark, and The Brown One are forcing me to accept your challenge, because they care more about ratings than they do about doing the right thing... Whether I like it or not, I'm stuck in this match with you... So what does that mean?..."

    Zeus has walked up the steel steps and into the ring, where he now stands in the middle, speaking with a CM Punk-esque groan.

    "It means I'm going to have a lot of built-up frustration to add on to the large quantities of frustration that I've already stored inside of me... So I'm going to give Gabriel 'The Alpha Frog' Xander a serious ass-whooping that will leave him in a fetal position on his lily-pad in Lake Zeus Kicked My Ass... There he'll find Stinger187 swarming with dragonflies, HolyJose with Kanye and the gay fish, and the others doing their own shit...."

    While he heard a few chuckles from the smarks in the crowd, he was getting booed by the face-loving children and girls who didn't appreciate his rock-hard physique.

    "Alpha Smog, you can think you've got a psychological advantage on me, but you won't beat me, and you won't hand me my first loss... You will be another foolish victim, that I'll propel back to the list of bottom-feeders on Warfare."

    Zeus dropped his microphone and kicked it about 200 feet up the stage, before he exited the ring, and left through the crowd.

    ~In the back, Todd interviews Warfare World Champion Snair~

    Todd:Ladies & Gentlemen I'm here with....Snair cuts him off

    Snair:Of course these people know who I'm & what I'm.

    Todd: *crowd boos* Looks like they just despise you

    Snair:I know that stupid but the thing is even though they boo me they do it with a smile on their face, they just cant get

    enough of me but they wont admit it

    Todd:and why is that?

    Snair:Because most of crowd or mob i should say are retards,they cant ignore this talent, this cult of personality in me.

    Todd:How would you justify your actions last week?

    Snair:I wouldn't.I told them their time was up and when its all said"n"done, all the smoke is cleared their one man standing and thats me

    Todd:Your thoughts on tonights main event champ, it could be a match for ages with two company's top talents squaring off

    Snair: *stares at todd*Shut your mouth, I know you feel terribly empty in your head but dont you ever say such stupid stuff infront of me.

    Todd:I didnt get it

    Snair:You say that jelly feet is one of JBW'S top talent and I take offense to that.I rather indulge in a beer drinking contest with Markus but Prophecy all jokes aside you know payback is coming your way since you betrayed me in our tag match and revenge is best served violent.

    Todd: ok thats what the champ had to say tonight ladies and gentlemen

    Snair: Its ok be stupid but you are abusing your privilege, now one more time you interrupt me I'll test the hardness of your skull with my bat.Now as I was saying,Prophecy I think you've stopped enjoying your life but if you ask me I would tell you to begin with enjoying the suffering I throw your way.
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    Match 6: Tad Locust vs KJ PUNK

    Tad Locust
    Theme song: Shitlist
    The mean, twisted Tad Locust makes his way to the ring, ready to pick up a victory tonight.

    Theme song: Any means
    KJ PUNK makes his way to the ring.

    This match ends up in a DQ, as Tad Locust used a steel chair to hurt KJ PUNK tonight!!!

    "Now that I have the clues and the answer as to who attacked IPITB, its only a matter of time til I reveal to the world at Warfare's 20th episode. I feel sorry for whoever attacked IPITB because they are gonna have hell to pay with the higher authorities here in JBW."

    We see The Prophecy getting ready for his match with Snair tonight which is coming up in a few minutes!

    The FSA are here!!!
    The FSA make their way to the ring, the ring decked out in their trademark red black and purple ropes and canvas. Markus hands each member a beer, throwing them at fans once they've finished them. Once again it looks like The FSA are throwing a party.

    "Who wants to party!? *loud boos* Even though it's the 20th episode!? I'm throwing a celebration for you guys! and once again you're throwing it in my face. Ohh wait! You remember the last party we had
    *a picture shows on the titantron of The FSA posing with the cake smeared woman, the stable all laugh and continue their drinking* Dont worry everyone I've calmed down a bit since then now lets all just party, this marks another day that the FSA have been dominating! Even when I was in EWNCW I was running JBW, we all were! You think we're all just random guys who decided to form a group? No, not at all this has been planned since the very start, the best wrestlers around joining together to form such a destrutive group that half of you have been digging your own graves! But I've already said too much, now someone come party with us! We can celebrate what a great company we've made this how we've gone through every single rank and made it a horrible nightmare.
    *No one enters, everyone just boos*
    ahh fine I'll go find someone *Manabu hops the barrier and begins walking around looking for someone to party with*
    Lets see, No you're faaaar too ugly
    Hahahaha check out this guy! *Manabu points to a rather fat bald man*
    We havent been destroying the diseases, this guys been eating them all! Hide your belt Snair we've got the new no1 contender!
    Aha! You'll do *Manabu pulls up a seat next to a rugged middle aged man* Hey brother you wanna party?
    Rman: No, have you filthy animals seen yourself? Do you not realise not one person likes you? How can you not see that everyone youve supposedly left in the hospital has been either the weakest guys here or 5 year olds in the playground?
    *Manabu stares at the man, he lets out a small laugh and smiles he stands up and suddenly punches the man in the nose, he drags him through the arena and into the ring the security too scared to try anything. He lays the man in the ring and gets face to face with him*
    2 men once said "Though I'm a beast, don't I deserve to be loved?" One determined his destiny in 2 seconds,his destiny ended above a car whilst the other succeeded in his ambitions, I don't need to tell you which one you are
    *Each member of The FSA hits their signature move with brutal force and impact, Manabu brings out 3 buckets filled with purple red and black maggots, he pours them over the man and leaves the ring* What a fun party aye!? Clearly our no1 contender here had a bit too much but at least he knows where he stands, Everyone here knows where they stand! We are the universe's finest THE FSA"

    Main Event: Warfare World Champion Snair vs The Prophecy

    Theme song: Soundwave
    Warfare World Champ Snair makes his way to the ring.

    The Prophecy
    Theme song: Resident Evill
    The Prophecy makes his way to the ring.

    The match ends up in a DQ all because of the FSA interfering and beating up on The Prophecy! TheFSA are just tearing The Prophecy apart!!!

    Post match, the FSA stops the beating, while Snair holds up his Warfare World title, showing the JBW fans that he will hold on to his title!!! JBW fans, next week will be the 20th episode of Warfare celebration so you do not wanna miss that!!! Thats all the time we have folks! We will see you next week! JBW!
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    Mayhem ep 19 7-9-11

    Welcome everyone to Saturday Night Mayhem! We’re live here in beautiful downtown Los Angeles, California and we have one hell of a show planned for everyone tonight! Firstly though, to recap the events of last week, at the end of the show last Saturday we had V-3 interrupt a near catastrophe at the hands of Chainsaw, as St. George’s brother, Theo, was mere moments away from being killed before our very eyes when Siaki and mass came in with their tank to put a screeching halt to things. Now after that, Chainsa-

    Speak of the devil himself

    The Mayhem World Champion Chainsaw comes out in to the ring, and he looks to be in even more foul a mood as normal. Chainsaw snatches the mic away from the scared to death stagehand and speaks.

    “V-3, I know you probably haven’t arrived yet because every single time you do we have to hear about it and see it, but I hope that somehow you can listen to me right now, because I have something very important to tell you. I know you three cannot wait to get their hands on me, but before I can allow that to happen, you all must suffer. Don’t get me wrong, you all will suffer once we do meet in the middle of this ring, especially you Siaki, but that pain will only be physical. Granted, I will make sure the physical anguish you suffer at my hands will be worse than any eternal flame hell could possibly muster up, but I prefer my victims to be psychologically tortured before I send them to the afterlife. I don’t know, it’s just a personal preference I suppose. *Laughs diabolically* And, you may have delayed my plans for last week regarding Theodor, but from here on out I will not be so kind to you all, and clearly my Apostles will not be so stupid. That I can guarantee. Another thing I can guarantee is this: I will find out how you knew where I was last week, and when I do that, there will be no stopping me. You only have delayed the inevitable V-3. I’ll have my fun with all of your loved ones, and *laughs again* it starts tonight. In fact, it will start as soon as you three enter the building tonight, because you need to see what I have planned. I want to see the looks on your faces when everyone you have ever cared for or shown the slightest bit of affection towards perish before your eyes. The fact that you all will know that it is because of you that your friends and family will be taken from this world gives me that warm and fuzzy feeling inside. I get what I want ladies and gentleman, I always have, I always will, and there is nothing that can stop that. Especially not Veni Vidi Vici.”

    Chainsaw smiles into the camera as he leaves the mic in the ring, gleaming in his dark confidence as he makes his way backstage.

    Match 1: RedDevilSativa vs. No Bitch Assness vs. Shockmaster

    Alright everyone, this is the match that Wes Goldman set up last week to determine who his tag-team partner will be for the future. Let’s get to the introductions.

    No Bitch Assness
    Theme song: Destiny part 2
    Here’s a guy who I feel should be the favorite in this one. This young gun has shown promise in the JBW developmental leagues, and it is his first match here on Mayhem. That means the other competitors will have very little knowledge of what N-B-A brings to the table, and that makes him unpredictable.

    Theme song: Shockmaster WCW Theme
    Shockmaster makes his way to the ring and he’s ready for what is most likely the biggest match of his career here in JBW. There’s no telling what aligning himself with a guy as well connected as Wes Goldman would do for his career.

    Theme song: Priceless
    RedDevil makes his way to the ring, and he looks more than a little ticked that he’s even in this match in the first place. Obviously he feels he shouldn’t have to prove himself to Goldman, and that he’s already good enough to have an automatic spot in The GoldDiggers.

    (please ignore post-match shenanigans) RedDevilSativa wins! He remains in the GoldDiggers with Wes Goldman.

    Speaking of whom. His ears must be burning
    Wes Goldman’s music hits and he makes his way out to ringside with a mic in his hands. Wes Goldman speaks.

    Congratulations RedDevil! You see, sometimes I need to light a fire under you to make you pull your own weight around here. You have to admit that now that you were pissed off about being in that situation, it made you perform in the ring better. No more of that lackadaisical shit around me. You know, I’m like your big brother Red Devil, and even though we may fight and bicker and argue, I’m just looking out for both of our best interests, that’s why I know you shouldn’t be too mad at me for telling you this: this match didn’t mean shit, you’re still out of the GoldDiggers. I found someone with some actual talent to be my partner. Someone who has already held his own in singles competition, and someone who I don’t need to carry every single time we go out to the ring. Sound man, play his music.

    Scottland’s music? What a dirty trick by Wes!

    The two time TV champion Scottland makes his way out to ringside and stands by Wes Goldman. The two then look at each other, nod, and sprint down the ramp at a now worried RedDevilSativa. The two make their way to the ring and they catch RedDevil before he can run away. Scottland and Wes are just beating senselessly on RedDevil now, and even though I’m no RDS fan, he doesn’t deserve this. Goldman is supposed to be his friend! After about a solid minute and a half of beating on RedDevil…

    It’s Yes_I_Am and the returning The_Crippler!!

    The Underscores (Yes_I_Am and The_Crippler) run out to ringside and they want a piece of Goldman! Remember, it was Wes Goldman who purposefully injured The_Crippler a number of months ago, keeping him out of action until right now. RDS runs away while Yes_I_Am and The_Crippler and the new look GoldDiggers duke it out in the ring. Quickly, The Underscores get the upperhand in this brawl and Goldman and Scottland have to run away. The crowd pops hard as the Underscores look intense as they’re standing proud in the middle of the ring.

    **Commercial break**

    We’re back from commercial now and we see a live feed from the General Manager's office pops up on the large screen, showing Iron Ape obviously trying to get work done with Roman across from him talking to him.

    Roman: What's it going to take to end this courtship? I know I'm Eye Material. You know it. Even Louie the Popcorn Vendor in 15th row knows it! I'm already better than half the members of the eye anyway! Take Wes Goldman. I’m guessing you just saw him get his ass kicked by nobodies like Yes_I_Am and The_Crippler. I mean really, what have I already told you about him? That man couldn't tie his shoelaces without losing a fight! You could stack a match 3-on-1, place him on the team with Chainsaw and Loki, make their opponent Louie the Popcorn Vender in the 15th row, and Wes Goldman would STILL somehow lose the match!

    And he breaks under less pressure than Styrofoam. Can you really expect him to beat The Sleeper? Do you really want a contender for the TV Title to be someone who melts in the heat of the moment like an ice cube in the Florida Summer sun?

    Ape: Is there a point to this ranting, or are you just playing Grave Digger?

    Roman: Fair enough. I want a match, in the main event where I belong, against Goldman. Winner takes all: His spot in The Eye AND the #1 Contender spot for the Mayhem TV Title! I don't care the stipulation--Bull Rope Match, Steel Cage match, Hot Dog on a Pole match--anything! And I'll come out shining on top and continue my momentum at Monarchy of Aggression where I'll make The Sleeper tap out.

    Ape: Look, it’s pretty clear to me that Goldman was just caught off guard by Yes_I_Am and The_Crippler. In a fair fight he could take on both. I’m sure of it.

    Roman: Come on man you’re in denial here. If your boy is really as good as you think he is, and I’m really as bad as you seem to think I am, then there shouldn’t be any problem should there? Goldman would beat me and I’ll be out of your hair forever. But I know for a fact that Goldman can’t beat me. You know why? Because I’m better than him. I’m better in the ring, I’m better on the mic, and I’m better for business. I should have his spot in The Eye Ape, and I can prove it to you if you give me this chance.

    Ape: *ponders his options silently* If Goldman wins, you say you’ll leave me alone about being in The Eye?

    Roman: Forever.

    Ape: You’ve got yourself a deal then. Go ahead, prove me wrong about you.

    Roman: I will. *RomanFlare begins to walk out the door*

    Ape: Oh and Roman, I always get the last word.

    Roman: *is about to say something, but nods at Ape instead*
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    WWE resigned Punk, and everything I've said has come true on these things, so WWE, keep Punk a badass face. He will become a legend if you do.

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    We cut to the car park where a three Harley Davisons pull up. The three bikers dismount their bikes and take off their helmets. Its V3! A White van pulls up along side their rides, Dave gets out and opens the doors to the rear of the van.

    Melissa Mendez is standing by to interview them. Melissa walks over holing a mic ready to question them, but they totally ignore her and go straight to the rear of the van. Man these guys looked pissed. Enraged in fact.

    MM: Well, we’re here live in the car park with V3 and I’m struggling to get their attention let alone a few words. I will say though, that the trio look very angry and not their usual selves.

    Mass walks off camera and returns in an arena maintenance kart. He pulls up next to the White van and V3 start filling the kart with baseball bats, chains, brass knuckles, pool cues, trash cans, and other dangerous deadly objects. They’re just about to get in the kart when St George stops.

    SG: Chinas, chinas… wait (lights a melvin bragg)

    St George frantically starts throwing all of the objects out of the kart. He’s starting to lose it big time. Bins are thrown at nearby parked cars, baseball bats hurled at backstage equipment, when he suddenly stops. He’s staring right over at Melissa Mendez with a crazed look on his face. He picks up a baseball bat and starts to aggressively pace over to her, whilst crunching his knuckles.

    MM: Erm… George… how are…

    St George brushes straight past Melissa Mendez and her camera crew and over to the other side of the car park where a medic crew have parked up. George tries to open the back of the medic van, but the doors are locked. He starts battering the door handle with the baseball bat, until finally the handle flies off! A medic rushes to the back of the van and confronts George.

    Medic: What the hell do you think you’re doing Mr?

    SG: Walkaway china, walkaway

    Medic: You’re not in the ring now. You cant boss me aro…

    George grabs the medic by the throat

    SG: You zsa zsa china?

    George, still choking the medic, lifts him high in the air and choke slams him on the concrete, where he is out cold.

    SG: Pardon? Thought not…

    George then jumps into the back of the medic van and comes back out with a stretcher. What is he doing? He shouts over to Siaki & Mass

    SG: I need something to write with!

    George carries the stretcher over to Siaki & Mass. Mass walks to the trunk of the van and pulls out some spray paint. He throws it to Siaki who catches it one handed, and passes it to George. The troublesome trio stand over the stretcher whilst George starts scribing. The camera zooms in on the graffitied stretcher. The graffiti reads… CHAINSAW! Mass & Siaki spit on the stretcher, whilst George stubbs is Melvin out on it. They all look at each other and nod. The three walk straight past Melissa and her camera crew. With angry but determined looks on their faces they head to the arena.

    MM: Oh… My… God… This is incredible tv. This is one of the JBW’s moments of the year! Well, it looks like Chainsaw has got something coming to him tonight, and well, I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes! Back to ringside in a moment, but first…

    It’s time for the first ever edition of
    Mayhem’s Move of the Week
    Presented by Snickers who would like to remind you that Snickers satisfies.

    This unbelievable move by Brandon Smithson last week in the MOTY candidate match vs. Psycho Siaki was just that: unbelievable. What is even more unbelievable is that Siaki somehow managed to kick out of it and win the match anyway. In any case congratulations go out to Brandon Smithson, who lit up the arena last week with his superb efforts. Brandon Smithson last week truly did live up to his moniker: Mr. Amazing.

    Oh and here is Brandon Smithson now as we cut backstage. The crowd pops for Smithson as Chris Parker walks up to Mr. Amazing. The crowd pops for Parker too as Parker speaks

    Chris Parker: How are you doing Brandon? Listen, I was wondering if you could help me out with something regarding my match tonight. You know, some advice from partner to partner.

    Brandon Smithson: Well, okay Chris, I’ll hear you out sure, but I just want to reiterate the point that this thing between you and me isn’t gonna be a new tag team or anything. I know that after our match with The Apostles at Monarchy of Aggression, we both want us a piece of Chainsaw, just like the rest of the JBW lockerroom. We all have our reasons for wanting Chainsaw in that ring, but I just want you to know that I’m not gonna let anyone get in my way of spreading my message of peace in this company, even you. With that being said though, what do you need friend?

    Parker: *chuckles* I knew there was a reason why I liked having you as my partner. I dig your style Smithson, and I want you to know that I feel the exact same way that you feel, there is nothing and nobody who I’m gonna let get in the way of the top dog in this promotion. Now with
    that being said, I have a match up next against K-Jammin, and I know you’ve had a couple of matches with him that you should have won, so I was wondering if you could give me any pointers against him.

    Smithson: Sure. The man is a menace. He will stop at absolutely nothing to win a match. He’s willing to stoup to new lows in order to get whatever he wants, so watch out for any foreign objects or low blows, especially if the ref takes a bump. He’s just a big bully though, and like all bullies, if you stand up to him he shrinks. I know you aren’t gonna do this, but don’t be afraid of him when he gets on the mic, he just talks a big game about himself. He can back it all up too though, so don’t underestimate him by any means. Oh and one more thing, and this is important, don’t let Katie get involved in the match. She may look innocent on the outside, but she cost me the first match against KJ at the PPV. Don’t let her distract you or the ref, because you know K-jammin will take advantage if she does. I hope that all helps.

    Parker: Thanks partner. I’m off. Oh wait, one more thing. Can I rely on you to have my back out there if The Apostles try something fishy? I can just sense that they have something planned, they usually do.

    Smithson: Oh yeah, I’ll have your back out there Chris. I’ll keep an eye out for The Apostles tonight. Honestly, I was gonna do that anyway. Good luck.

    Parker: Thanks. *nods his head at Smithson and walks away*

    A few seconds pass and the camera is still on Brandon Smithson. Wait a minute, uh-oh, here come The Apostles who walk right up to Smithson. Here is what went down next:

    Wow there are more Apostles there than I realized lol

    Smithson just got beat down, and I guess Parker heard this was happening because we can see him running back there, but he got to Brandon too late, and now The Apostles are focusing on him. More specifically, their focusing on taking down the big man’s leg, as they’re slamming his knee down on the hard concrete repeatedly. I don’t know if Parker is gonna be able to compete tonight in his match vs. K-Jammin.

    Match 2: K-Jammin vs. Chris Parker

    Wait a minute, who is that?
    Oh okay, it’s K-Jammin debuting some brand new music. He comes out and is all business like today, as he’s not even addressing the booing fans as he normally does. Him and Katie walk down the ramp hand in hand, and K-Jammin makes his way to the ring with a mic in his hands. K-Jammin speaks.

    Chris Parker, I’m in absolutely no mood for this, so if you don’t wanna end up like AngrySamoan then I suggest this match be canceled so I can-

    Well, here comes Parker
    Chris Parker comes out in a serious limp, and he’s being followed by our medical team who look to be trying to talk Parker out of competing. Parker will have none of it though, as he makes his way to the ring and this one is under way.

    Parker is standing on the apron now and KJ walks up to him looking to take advantage when he catches a shoulder in the gut. Parker then tries for a springboard but slips a bit due to the injured knee. He goes for it again, but this time KJ hits the HeadJam . This one is academic folks! 1,2,3. K-Jammin wins the match with a beautiful move, but Parker was more than game for this match.

    We have to head to commercial now, but we’ll be back with more action soon!
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    WWE resigned Punk, and everything I've said has come true on these things, so WWE, keep Punk a badass face. He will become a legend if you do.

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    We’re back from commercial now, and we see K-Jammin burst into Iron Ape's office, he certainly does not look happy!

    K-Jammin: Listen Ape man, you’re not actually gonna let the match between me and Mass at Monarchy Of Aggression go ahead are you? I was fucking forced to agree to it, i mean you saw what they did right?! Comin' out pretending they were little army men, it's fucking pathetic!"

    Ape: Listen K-Jam just take it easy I...

    K-Jammin: No i won't take it easy, i mean your seriously gonna let that prick Mass get his own way?! This is unacceptable. Of all people your gonna take Mass-I’ve-been-a-thorn-in-Iron-Ape’s-side-Dinero’s side. It's fucking bullshit man!!

    Ape: LISTEN! If you let me finish i was going to say I understand what your saying and it is clear that you agreed to the match against your will, so consider the match off.

    K-Jammin: Finally! Someone in JBW who actually see's sense, was starting to think literally everyone was retarded! I don't want you thinking Im scared of him though, it's just i want to do things on my own terms. I can’t have people come in with tanks every week to challenge me to matches. It’s unprofessional. You know what? Despite what people say . . you ain't that bad Ape, maybe we can talk business sometime in the future.

    We wanna take this time to remind you that JBW’s next PPV, Monarchy of Aggression, will be held live from Wembley Stadium on July 24th, and it’s only available via PPV. Order now!

    **Melissa Mendez has been looking for The Sleeper and finally finds him in his locker room training as usual by doing sit-ups with Helmsley standing on his feet holding a can of Tecate**

    Sleep: 17, 18, 19...**he sees Melissa Mendez walk in** ...498, 499, 500.

    MM: Sleeper can I have a minute of your time ?

    Sleep: Anything for a beautiful mamacita like you.

    MM: What do you think about the match for a #1 contender for your T.V. Title ?

    **Sleeper stands up and grabs the beer out of Helmsley's hand and takes a large gulp**

    Sleep: BabyGirl you need to catch up that happened 2 weeks ago.

    MM: No earlier tonight, due to constant hounding from RomanFlare and IronApe's unhappiness with Wes Goldman as of late, IronApe gave RomanFlare a match for the #1 contender's spot for your belt later tonight. Also there is a stipulation that the winner be part of the Eye and the loser will be banned for life from the Eye.

    Sleep: Hahahaha thats some bullshit how does ol' Wesley feel about this ?

    MM: I heard he's pretty livid. Which one of these two would you rather be facing at Monarchy of Aggression ?

    Sleep: You interviewers really need to come up with some new questions or atleast ask them in a different way. Anyways as usual I don't give a fuck who I'm facing. I'm always ready for anybody, but this guy RomanFlare has been getting under my skin lately. Calling me out on Twitter, saying that he was coming for me and my T.V.Title. This little cukaracha isn't even on my level. However, if RomanFlare does win it could be a good thing. It gets Wes Goldman thrown out of the Eye, and when I destroy RomanFlare at Monarchy of Aggression, IronApe and the rest of the Eye won't want anything else to do with him. Which will give the Eye less numbers for the attack from Dos Vatos and the rest of the JBW fighting back against the hipocracy that is the Eye.

    MM: Thanks Sleeper. Guys...Back to you.

    We head backstage and in V3’s locker-room. Things are looking a little tense to say the least. St George is literally trashing the place.

    PS: George…. George… GEORGE!!

    SG: What china

    PS: Trashing the place isn't gonna change a thing..

    Mass: He’s right, man, I know Theo’s your bruv and all that, but we're feeling your pain, too.

    SG: You gotta Melvin, Mass? I’m all out. (lights a Melvin). I understand what your both saying my chinas, and if it weren’t for what you two did last bubble n squeek, my main man Theo could have been six foot under. Cheers for that, I owe you both.

    George starts punching the lockers frantically. Left, right, left, right until a large dentation is made in the metal. Mass turns to Siaki and gives a worried shake of the head to Siaki.

    PS: George, How about you call up Theo at the hospital and see if he's ok.

    SG: Ok, ok, we have to do something about that fookin back n front Chainsaw though guys. He’s not getting away with this one!

    Mass: We know, bruv, we know. Now come on, man the cuck up, George, don’t let that poomps get the better of ya'… phone Theo.

    SG: I would, but I lost me dog whilst trashing the place.

    PS: Don’t worry, brotha, imma call him from mine. I’ll put him on loudspeaker so we can all see wassup.

    Siaki dials the number on his mobile and puts it on loudspeaker. Just as the rings start Eric Bischoff enters the locker-room, and the call is ended.

    Mass: What the fuck do you want, you dangly balled fuck!?!?

    PS: Get the fuck outta…

    SG: Its ok chinas, its ok. What’s up Eric?

    EB: George, I just stopped by to say how sorry I was to see what happened to Theo last week on Mayhem. That Chainsaw is one sick and twisted bastard. *Eric puts his arm around George, as Siaki and Mass look at each other in bewilderment*

    SG: Thanks Eric, that means a lot china. It really do…

    Mass: Thanks Eric?!! George, man, have you forgotten who this colstemy bag hangs with?

    SG: Its ok, Mass, its ok

    PS: Ok? No this is not OK.. Georgie Boy, we need to talk bruv, I mean like right now..

    SG: There’s not time for rabbit now china, we’ve got…

    EB: That’s right George, there is no time. You need to get ready for your match tonight.

    SG: What match?

    EB: Your match against the apostles. You’re tagging with me my friend.

    PS & Mass: What?!!!

    EB: That’s right, me and George virsus the apostles, two on two!

    SG: I like the sound of that Eric. Bit of payback for last week is just what I need!

    Mass: George, I can’t believe you’re buying this shit from this ancient looking relic.

    SG: Shit? What shit? Eric has come here to support me right.

    EB: Right George. Now get yourself ready.

    As George turns to get his gear out of his locker, Eric turns to Mass & Siaki and gives them a large devilish grin. Eric & George leave the locker-room together as they prepare for their match against the apostles.

    Just before the match with Eric Bischoff and St. George vs. The Apostles, we cut to the big screen where This music is playing softly in the background and the words “Daniel May” appear in big bold letters before an image of a man pops up on the tron. The man speaks.

    What comes to mind when you hear the word wrestling? Me, I think life itself. Why you ask? Because wrestling made my life. From being a teen fighting on the streets for money, to doing mixed martial arts, to finally finding a place I can call home after all these years of being neglected and thrown away. I beat everyone that was put in front of me and earned my respect. I became what a real wrestler should to the people in JBW that are psychopaths ...I’ve been living on the streets my whole life, I’m badder than all of you and I’m not afraid of your little the cocky arrogant selfish ones who don’t respect and love what they’ve got in life, I’ll beat respect into you...I am a true fighter cause I’ve had to do it my whole life....and now, well it’s time to take on JBW...and trust me, life just got a whole lot tougher for all of you..I am self made a real wrestler. I am DANIEL MAY

    Words flash on the screen “coming soon”
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    WWE resigned Punk, and everything I've said has come true on these things, so WWE, keep Punk a badass face. He will become a legend if you do.

    JBW is so good, even the most cynical member of the IWC couldn't complain about it. Check out or most recent shows here!

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    Horror movie tournament final: The Shining vs. Silence of the Lambs vs. Halloween...coming very soon.

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    Match 3: The Apostles vs. St. George and Eric Bischoff

    The Apostles
    Theme song: Dark Ritual
    The Apostles (Loki and Aeriel [which is not a girl’s name]) make their way to the ring and they look pleased with themselves to say the least. Not only have they hindered Chris Parkers chances of competing against Chainsaw when they cost him a chance to beat the number 3 ranked guy on Mayhem, but they also get a chance to get their hands on Eric Bischoff and St. George in this match right now.

    Eric Bischoff and St. George
    Theme Song: Pigeon instrumental
    George and Eric make their way out to ringside together, and they look to get a small measure of revenge here in this match against Chainsaw’s minions. Look for these two to be ultra aggressive here in this one, as George and his buddy Eric want nothing more than to kick some Apostle ass right now.

    What the hell? Eric Bischoff just screwed St. George and has left him to the wolves. The Apostles are now in the ring and they are beating on George. They have obviously took offence to what George was saying about their leader, the dark evil Chainsaw. Eric Bischoff stands at the top of the ramp and is laughing at St. George’s punishment. This is awful! We all should have known this is was all a big scheme from a beginning knowing Eric. What a sickening display though!

    Well guys, sorry to do this, but we have another sickening display to show you. Here now is the report by CNN’s Patrick Snell, who interviewed the fan who viscously attacked JBW superstar AngrySamoan last week, leaving him with a level 2 concussion. We must warn you, the following segment is a bit…unsettling. Here is the CNN report in its entirety.

    Patrick Snell: Hello everyone, I’m Patrick Snell and I’m standing here outside the New Orleans State Penitentiary, where moments ago I had conducted an interview with a man who savagely assaulted one of the wrestling promotion JBW’s top superstars, AngrySamoan. The attack left AngrySamoan in an unconscious state, and if it weren’t for a crack security team who was there to apprehend the fan, the JBW superstar could have been killed. The following is a look into the mind of a sick individual, and we must warn you beforehand, it is a bit disturbing. I take you now to the footage of what happened during this interview.

    *the footage now cuts to a holding cell, where CNN’s Patrick Snell is standing next to the deranged fan who is behind a thick sheet of bullet proof glass*

    Snell: *talking to fan* Hello sir. Do you know who I am and why I’m here?

    Fan: Yes I know. You’re here to interview me.

    Snell: Good. So I first have to ask you, what is your name?

    Fan: My name is Silva.

    Snell: Okay Silva, do you have a last name you would like to tell me?

    Silva: *gives Snell a blank stare for a moment, and is obviously thinking about something* My-My name is Silva.

    Snell: *nods his head* Okay Silva. First things first, I have to ask you, why did you attack AngrySamoan?

    Silva: I-I don’t know. That’s what I keep telling them. Something just came over me, and the week before when he was talking about my mom, I-I just snapped. I don’t know what else to tell you.

    Snell: Yes, we saw the footage from the week prior. But I have to tell you Silva, I don’t think he was talking about your mom personally. I jus-

    Silva: No he was talking about my mom. I know it. My mom is in JBW, and he must know her personally or else he wouldn’t be talking about her like that.

    Snell: Oh, so your mom works for JBW then?

    Silva: She’s a professional wrestler there.

    Snell: Oh I see. Well Silva, I don’t know if that’s true. JBW doesn’t have any female wrestlers.

    Silva: *shakes his head* Nope. Nope. They do have female wrestlers. That’s what everyone has told me Patrick. Everyone told me she is in JBW.

    Snell: Who is everyone? Who told you that your mom worked there as a wrestler?

    Silva: Everyone told me Patrick. You see, my mom left home about 18 years ago to be a wrestler, and ever since then I’ve been a huge fan. *twitches* I’ve watched all the different promotions trying to find her on the TV, and I didn’t see her on any one of them. So once I got old enough I sold the house and went on the road to look for her. I went to every single wrestling show I can think of. I even got to practice a little in the ring before the shows. I got to talk to people who work backstage and all of them said pretty much the same thing: “no we haven’t heard of anyone like that, why don’t you try ‘so-and-so’ wrestling.” So I did. I went all across the world looking for my mother, and one time someone suggested I tried JBW. The first JBW show I ever went to, I was hooked! It was by far the best I had seen, and I had been to them all. You know that little voice in your head that tells you what to do sometimes, well, my voice told me this is where I needed to be, so I stayed for a few shows. Then, when AngrySamoan started to talk about my mom, bad-mouthing her and insulting her, I flipped. I even had a week to let it simmer in my mind, and then when he reached out a grabbed my hand, I blacked out, and the next thing I knew I was over top of him with the chair in my hand, and I just couldn’t stop hitting him. Then the security jumped me and I was taken to prison.

    Snell: That’s all very interesting Silva. Quite revealing. My next question is, do you have any remorse for what you’ve done? If you could take it all back now, would you?

    Silva: Of course I feel remorse. Even more so now that I’ve had so much time to think about it. And you know what, that’s what I keep telling them. If they would just let me out of here and if I could get back into the JBW arena I would apologize to AngrySamoan’s face. AngrySamoan, I hope you’re watching this right now, because I want you to know that I truly am sorry for what I did. Besides, since AngrySamoan is the only one who seems to know anything about my mom, I’d love for us one day to put this all behind us and become friends.

    Snell: That’s good that you feel remorse for your actions, but even if they let you back into the arena ever again, which I hope you understand is doubtful, AngrySamoan is in no shape to compete at the moment after your actions, and is at home getting rest.

    Silva: Oh, well like I said I am really sorry about what I did, and if I ever did get the chance, *twitches* I would apologize to AngrySamoan’s face.

    Snell: One more quick thing before this interview wraps up, I’ve been hearing around that you and your lawyer want the charges to be dropped down to simple assault, where AngrySamoan’s and JBW’s team of lawyers want the charges to be raised up to attempted murder. Right now the charges stand at assault with a deadly weapon, what are your thoughts on that?

    Silva: Well, my lawyer told me not to answer any questions like this one, but I can say that I don’t think hitting someone with a chair should be considered using a deadly weapon, especially for a wrestler. That doesn’t mean what I did wasn’t wrong, but it wasn’t assault with a deadly weapon. It definitely wasn’t attempted murder. I’m a good person Patrick *twitches* I really am. I would never try to kill someone. I would never do that Patrick. Never. I’m a good person. *starts to weep*I need to be out of here Patrick. Can you get me out of here? I don’t belong in prison. You think I’m a good person right? Good people don’t belong in prison. I just want to go back to my mom. Will you let me do that Patrick? Please get me out of here Patrick! Please!

    Snell: It’s okay Silva, just calm down. I don’t have the authority to let you out of here, and I personally think it’s better for you to go get help somewhere. Would you like that Silva? Would you like to go somewhere where you can get help?

    Silva: I don’t need help! I need to get out of here! *clinches fists and starts to look at the ground* I’m a good person. I just want to get out of here!

    Snell: Okay, I think this interview is over now.

    *Silva starts banging his clinched fists on the table and murmuring unintelligibly when three prison guards drag him away and back to his cell*
    WWE resigned Punk, and everything I've said has come true on these things, so WWE, keep Punk a badass face. He will become a legend if you do.

    JBW is so good, even the most cynical member of the IWC couldn't complain about it. Check out or most recent shows here!

    And join in on the discussion here. We will welcome you with open arms. Please join now by PMing me or WWTNA Mark!

    Horror movie tournament final: The Shining vs. Silence of the Lambs vs. Halloween...coming very soon.

  10. #60
    We cut backstage now and we see Silverdust walking alone until he catches up with SilverLace. Here’s what happened next.

    SD: ‘Lace

    SL: ‘Dust

    SD: I’ve been trying to call you lately bro.

    SL: I know.

    SD: We need to talk about what happened last week.

    SL: Well go ahead, talk. Why were you trying to go to an anit-homosexuality meeting?

    SD: I didn’t think it was an anti-homosexuality meeting.

    SL: It was called American’s Against Homosexuality!

    SD: Okay but I thought it was gonna be different than the others.

    SL: OTHERS? You’ve gone to other ones?

    SD: No, just what I’ve heard about things like this. I thought it was gonna be more like people talking about their problems together, and not just a bunch of homophobic rednecks wanting to go out queer bashing. What happened?

    SL: It was a bunch of homophobic rednecks wanting to go out queer bashing.

    SD: Damn. That’s what happens when you trust those Jackasses. This is all their fault you know. So tell me what happened, from the beginning.

    SL: Well, I went into the building all decked out and dolled up and when I walked up to the room that Red Ryda told me about, I heard someone inside say “Oh man, I wouldn’t even begin to tell you what I would do if someone like SilverLace walked through that door. If I could just get my hands on him I would…” and at that point, I kicked in the door and said as loud as I could “Here I am!!”

    SD: Oh no. What happened next?

    SL: That motherfucker pulled out a shotgun! It’s a good thing those shitheads are so out of shape, and I’m so gorgeously crafted because I might not have made it out of there otherwise ‘dust.

    SD: That’s ridiculous Lace. I’m sorry.

    SL: Yeah, yeah. Like you said it’s those Jackass’s faults! Anyway, what happened to you?

    SD: I guess you don’t read the newspaper then huh?

    SL: What do you mean?

    SD: There’s a big headline in our hometown’s paper that reads “SilverDust finally comes out of closet. Spotted at Gay Singles Meeting!” It was the most awkward hour and a half of my life Lace, and I’ve seen what you and Chris Masters did.

    SL: Hehe, that was a fun night. Why did you stay there for an hour and a half?

    SD: Those pricks locked the doors on me! They called me ‘fresh meat’ so you can imagine how popular I was. Oh, and these people just don’t take no for an answer. I had to punch one of them in the head Lace, but that even made me more popular with these freaks! It was all very traumatic.

    SL: Well look Dust, we’re gonna go find those Jackasses and give them what they have coming!

    SD: Now that’s something we can both agree on.

    The Silver Bros then go on a hunt for the jackasses, and they find them in the lockerroom. The two teams lock eyes, and The Jackasses begin to laugh at The Silver Bros, obviously admiring their work from the week prior, but their amusement is short lived as The Silver Bros jump The Jackasses who are really getting their asses kicked here. The silver Bros have proved that they are no one to mess with outside the ring, as they can get real serious when they need to. After about a minute of solid beatings, Yes_I_Am and The_Crippler walk up to the brawl and give their thoughts on it.

    YIA: Well would you look at this Crip. The Silver Sisters look a little peeved.

    SL: This has nothing to do with you. Why don’t you mind your own business?

    TC: Ahh, well you see, you ARE our business. You have the Mayhem tag-titles, which means we have to go through you two to get them.

    YIA: We have been hearing you two brag week in and week out about how you’re the “best tag team in the world” well, you two still haven’t proven that to me.

    SD: Oh well you want some of this too? Why don’t you guys go bother Wes again? I’m sure he wants another crack at you two.

    TC: Oh, the thing between us and Goldman aint over by no stretch, but yeah, as a matter of fact we do want a piece of you guys. Next week on Mayhem, we challenge you two to a match, and if we win, we become the number one contenders for the tag-titles.

    The Silver Bros: *both* Fine. *SD then gets one more shot in on Red Ryda, before both The Silver Bros walk away*

    Back to the ring now for some great singles action.

    Match 4: Massdinero vs. Demonic

    Theme Song: Pigeon instrumental
    Ma$$Dinero makes his way to the ring *The Masses go crazy!!! Wow what a reaction. That was almost Road Warrior like in it's intensity! Mass grabs the mic*

    Ma$$Dinero: 'Surprise sur-fookin-prise!!! K-Jammin don't want NONE of this. What a wanker! What a complete waste of space that little shit stain on society is... Of course you was going to wriggle your way out of it you little worm. But, no biggie... No biggie. I'll just have to take it out on poor old Demonic. Hit that bitches music!

    Theme: Theme song: Dark Ritual
    Demonic makes his way to the ring, and he looks to keep The Apostles hot streak going tonight against Mass. It would be a big upset if he could pull it off, but it would no doubt be huge for Demonic in the eyes of Chainsaw no doubt.

    Ma$$Dinero wins with the "My friend went to London and all I got was this bloodstained T-Shirt!"... Looks like Demonic will be sucking his food through a straw for a while.... Wait a minute, its K-Jammin! And he's got a nine iron golf club!

    *K-Jammin sneaks in the ring and ducks a weary punch from Mass, and swings the club full force into Mass' ribs, bringing him to his hands and knees. He then drops the club, holds his hand out and Katie reaches into her Versace handbag, pulls out a bottle of Paris Hilton's Just Me, and hands it to a crazy eyed K-Jammin. Mass looks up and K-Jammin brings the bottle down across his forehead with a sick crash! Mass begins bleeding all over the mat, and he is clearly out of it.*

    K-Jammin: 'Hahaha! Look at the "bloody" state of you, you "bloody" fool! Ahahaha!! Now look at what what you've made me do to you! *Turns to Katie* Katie, wipe my hand. *Katie pulls out a silk handkerchief and carefully wipes the broken glass off of K-Jammins hand, before wiping Ma$$Dinero's blood off as well.* Thank you sweetheart. *K-Jam grabs Katie by the waist and plants a sleazy looking kiss on her lips. He then turns his attentions back to Mass, and stands over him.* Did you really think me a coward? Did you really think that I, K-fucking-Jammin, would be scared to face a smug, little, degenerate such as yourself? What a complete loser you really are, to think so low of such a high class individual such as myself. Now, for all of the "Massterbators Minors" *Mass' Masses begin wildly booing* to witness, I'm going to challenge YOU to a match at Monarchy of Aggression in front of my countrymen and YOUR hometown fans. Did you really think I would turn down the chance to embarrass and destroy the "mighty" MassDinero in front of his friends and family?.. Well? Did you?'

    Ma$$Dinero: 'Uhhghgh I, uhgh'

    KJ: 'What was that? I couldn't hear you, you seem to have my foot in your mouth!! *K-Jam wildly toe-punts Mass in the mouth splitting his top lip.* Ooooh, Katie look.. Look at MassDinero's face! *Katie looks away* I said LOOK woman! *Katie reluctantly looks* now that everybody is watching *looks at Katie with a slight sneer and reaches into his back pocket, pulls out the envelope that Iron Ape gave him earlier, and opens it revealing a contract*... So, Ma$$Di-Fucking-Nero, I K-Jammin formally challenge you to a match at Monarchy of Aggression. Do you accept, you no good lame bastard?'

    MD: Ah, *coughs* you little fucking sneaky mug. Of course I accep- *K-Jammin cuts Mass off with a swift boot to his cheek opening up a small cut, and knocking him on to his back*

    KJ: 'Silence, you idiot!! I haven't finished! In my hand I'm holding a contract for this match that states that should there be any physical violence towards each other from the moment we sign it, BOTH of us will be fired. Katie. Pen. *Katie reaches in her hand bag and passes a pen to her bossy fiance. K-Jam begins to sign the contract, but the pen isn't working.* Katie, darling, this pen isn't working.'

    Katie: But you said it didn't matter if it worked or no-'

    KJ: Shh, woman! Well people as my pen appears to have no ink, I think a little improvisation is in order. *K-Jam reaches down, grabs Mass by his ear and proceeds rub the pen on Mass' bloody forehead. He then signs the contract in Mass' blood. He turns to the crowd and says.* There you have it you ugly disgusting people, I just signed this contract in you hero's blood, and he couldn't do a damn thing to stop me! So where are you cheers for your hero now? *Mass' Masses begin chanting "Mass-Din-ero!! Mass-Din-ero!!"* Shut the fuck up you stupid arseholes! What's so special about Mass? What does he do that I don't? He talks shit; I talk shit. He beats people up; I beat people up. In fact, I am better looking than him, and I bring the eye candy every week, and you STILL boo me an treat me like nothing! Well after Monarchy of Aggression, he will be the one that is nothing. Now. Mass. Sign the damn thing!
    WWE resigned Punk, and everything I've said has come true on these things, so WWE, keep Punk a badass face. He will become a legend if you do.

    JBW is so good, even the most cynical member of the IWC couldn't complain about it. Check out or most recent shows here!

    And join in on the discussion here. We will welcome you with open arms. Please join now by PMing me or WWTNA Mark!

    Horror movie tournament final: The Shining vs. Silence of the Lambs vs. Halloween...coming very soon.

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