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    JBW SHOWDOWN! 10-20-2011


    *The show begins with a shot of the parking lot where it appears there’s a party going on. The camera moves in closer to reveal that there’s many chairs, Grills, kegs, a sound system and plenty of guests around as Kevin Matthews is in attendance throwing the party. The music is blaring as Sly comes out to interview Kevin.*

    Sly: “Kevin, what are you doing here? R(ob) is going to be furious about this when he gets here!”

    Kevin Matthews: “You just said EXACTLY the reason why I’m here. When the boss is away, the fired will play.”

    *The crowd is around Kevin cheering him on. A limo rolls up to the building and sits for a while. Kevin goes to the door and takes Sly with him.*

    Kevin Matthews: “Well, well Sly. It looks like you may get your wish. Looks like we’ll find out how R(ob) reacts right now!”

    *As Kevin opens the door… DANIEL MAY pops out with his SHOWDOWN! Heavyweight Championship around his shoulder. The crowd goes insane as Kevin backs away. The crowd huddles around May wanting autographs, pictures, everything from the Champ. Sly makes his way over to interview him.*

    Sly: “Daniel, Daniel… can I have a few words with you before you get ready for you triple threat match tonight?”

    Daniel May:*Pauses and smiles at Sly.* “Yeah, sure.”

    *Daniel motions for Sly to follow him as he heads to the back of the limo to get his bags out of the trunk.*

    Sly: “Well, tonight you’re going against Shining Light and Kayden James in a Triple Threat match. How do you feel about the stipulation and your opponents?”

    Daniel May: “Well there’s an interesting mix in this match. Shining Light and Kayden James are new to JBW and are eager to make a name for themselves. Who would I like to verse? Well, either one of them. I hate them both after what they have done to me over the past few weeks. I can’t wait until the Triple Threat match. And with the stipulation… well, it’s simple. if I win the match whoever I DON’T pin will have a Number One contenders match against me. BUT… if someone other than me wins the match, they become the Number One contender. So, really it doesn’t affect me that much.”

    Sly: “Do you think you are capable of concentrating on your match tonight and also your Championship match in just a few weeks after what has been happening lately?

    Daniel May: “Well I got to admit I have lost control a couple of times....leading to me getting attacked and left in the middle of the ring. But… yes. I’m one hundred percent focused on tonight and my match at JBW’s next PPV. Remember Sly, I’m the best wrestler on this brand. Heck I was one of the best wrestlers on Mayhem when I was there. Simply put Sly, I’m NOT going to lose my focus! I’m the SHOWDOWN! Heavyweight Champion!! I’ve earned this… and hell, many can say its a “paper title” but, I’d like to see them come to MY BRAND and take it off me!”

    *Daniel May holds the Championship up and the crowd goes insane. He smirks at the excitement of the crowd.*

    Sly: “Alright Champ… thanks for your time.

    *Sly and Daniel May shake hands as Kevin Matthews who’s been looking on from the crowd makes his way up to Daniel and Sly.*

    Kevin Matthews: “Just heard that interview you gave to Sly. Let me congratulate you. Congratulate you for the obvious bull shit that you gave. Yeah fine, you won the Championship. *Kevin Mocks May by twirling his finger around and dancing a bit.* “Yippie Yay!!! I Got A Raise In My Pay!!”. *Kevin’s face grows serious.* Lets face it Daniel, if it weren't for this huge management debacle, I'd be champion right now not you! Don't get me wrong, you don't think that this whole management thing is going stop me from getting what you're holding right now, not really. You see, the things I'd do to you would make management cry and most likely have the network sue my ass for my actions, but you know what?

    I don't give a god damn about it anymore! The network can kiss my ass too! That's right… *Turns to camera* HEY NETWORK I DARE YOU TO THROW ME OFF THE AIR, CUZ I'M BREAKING EVERY STINKING RULE UNTIL YOU DO!!! And as for you Daniel May, I'd be taking every breath right now for granted, because when I get my job back… the locker room won't be pitying you. They'll be reading eulogies at your funeral! So, in the mean time, see you around.....Champ....

    *Kevin taps the SHOWDOWN! Championship and goes to walk off while the crowd cheers him on. Daniel May grabs Kevin’s arm and turns him around.*

    Daniel May: “No, Matthews. I don’t spin bullshit like you do! I mean everything I say and follow it up in the ring. It’s why I am the Champ. Unlike you who were fired because management just has nothing for you. Which, is why you’re bitching every week because you can’t hack the fact you’re a bad wrestler!!

    *Daniel May gets right up to Kevin’s face.*

    Now listen to me and listen good… I’m not going to be intimidated by you Kevin. You’re just sore loser who thought he could make it with the big boys....and dropped the ball. I’m actually surprised JBW gave your sorry ass a chance!! You’re a ratings KILLER! *Daniel May laughs* So, threaten me when you’ve got a contract in JBW, Matthews. As for now the only funeral that will be happening is the funeral of your wrestling career. When I take this debacle your having into my own hands and after I’m finished with wont be coming back to JBW…

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    *Stare off with both of them smiling at each other and the crowd losing their minds.*



    TONY: Good evening ladies and gentlemen!!! And wow, how about that for an opening? Kevin Matthews is out in the parking lot throwing a tailgate bash, R(ob) isn’t here yet, and Daniel May is in the building! All of this and we’re here in Canada so of course Kevin is the man out there!

    MARIA: “That’s right Tony! And that was just the beginning of the craziness we have here tonight! Remember, we have six matches scheduled for this evening including 3 Championship matches, the Triple Threat and two others! This is going to be an interesting night!!”

    TONY: “And with that Maria, we have Sly in the back with RedRuM who’s ready for his Television Championship match coming up!”

    SLY: “Thank you Tony and Maria! I’m standing here with RedRuM who’s hoping to be the first ever SHOWDOWN! Television Champion in just a few moments. RedRuM… how are you feeling about everything tonight?”

    RedRuM: “How do I feel? How the fuck do you think I feel dammit? I’m ready to eat. I’m starving in this muthafucka’!! I’m ready to run through this shit and make people eat shit. This ain’t no fuckin’ game man. No game at all! Caesar… you little BITCH! I’m gonna’ be the one to walk outta’ this place TONIGHT AS THE SHOWDOWN! TELEVISION CHAMPION! Bank on that, BITCH!”

    SLY: “Wow… well, there you have it. The big man is apparently ready for this. Lets take it down to ringside for this one to begin!


    *RedRuM THEME*

    *As RedRuM stands atop the entrance ramp the crowd begins their normal back and forth love and hate relationship with this big individual.*


    *The crowd has a big reaction for Caesar, bigger than usual.*

    MARIA: “And here’s my pick for the winner of the Television Championship here tonight. I make no bones about not liking RedRuM nor do I make no bones about me liking Caesar for his abilities… or his looks. To say that I want him to win is an understatement! That Title will look great around his waist!”
    TONY: “Please Maria, tell us how you really feel haha! It looks like the ref is ready for this one… Lets get it underway!!”


    TONY: “Wow Maria, I know you’re disappointed with this one… but there you have it ladies and gentlemen, your FIRST SHOWDOWN! TELEVISION CHAMPION IS, RedRuM!!!!

    *Maria is seen scoffing while RedRuM is celebrating in the ring with his newly won Television Championship. Confetti and Pyro is going off while we go to commercial break. Caesar is looking on, pissed off.*


    TONY: “And were back from commercial! We just witnessed RedRuM become the first ever SHOWDOWN! Television Champion! I know a lot of people may have mixed emotions on that one considered as this technically can be looked at as a reward for being so aggressive and hurting many.”

    MARIA: “I… I don’t even want to talk about it Tony. I’m honestly just glad that Caesar made it out okay and that there was something that seemed to be lingering in his eyes that tells me this isn’t over yet.”

    TONY: “I’m actually being told we have to take it to the back because The Shining Light wants to say something.”

    *Shining is kneeling backstage in his Locker Room, looking at a picture of Daniel May. The lights are out and a candle is lit in the middle of the room*

    Shining Light: “Daniel May.... you have no idea what you have let yourself in for! Ever since I have started in JBW, I have been subject to mockery and harsh comments from the hypocrites of the roster! But they will all end... yes, they will all end... When I beat you for the Showdown! Heavyweight Championship, the Lord's plans will be complete... and then I can focus on cleansing JBW of filth like you!

    The only reason that you hold that title is so I can beat you for it. As far as I am concerned, Kayden is no threat to God's plans, he is merely a thorn in my side. The triple threat match tonight is an opportunity to deal with both of you at the same time. Rest assured, you will both be beaten... and you both will be sent to hell! You are not as holy as I am... so God is not rewarding you for what you have done.

    He is merely playing you along... biding his time until you become so attached to that title, it will destroy your soul when it is taken from you! Every week when I make my way to the ring, I see fans in "Daniel May T-shirts" and it makes me sick! They worship you like a God and that is against the Ten Commandments! I cannot wait to see their crying faces, when you are lying down in the ring and I am standing over you, holding the Showdown! Heavyweight Championship high above me...”

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    *Sly is backstage with both Broc and Dave, who are all getting ready for their interview*

    SLY: “Ladies and Gentlemen, my guest at this time have been experiencing an on going sort of "family feud". They have been competing against each other over the last couple of weeks in a series of contest, which go from video games, to trivia contests. Tonight, they will have no choice but to work together, when they face off against Aeriel and Loki to see who becomes the first SHOWDOWN! Tag-Team Champions!”

    DS: “That is correct Sly, but really...we will be competing against each other tonight as well.”

    SLY: “How so?”

    BF: “Whoever gets the pin tonight, will be the winner of this round.”

    SLY: “Well what if neither of you guys get the pin?”

    DS: “Oh we're winning tonight, don't you worry about that.”

    SLY: “What if the victory is a result of submission?”

    BF: “Then that person will be the fucking winner, OK?”

    SLY: “Got are you guys friends outside of this little "I'm better" feud?”

    DS: “We're cousins, we're family. Of course we're friends....except when I play Broc in Madden, he makes these odd sound effects...”

    BF: “What can I see, I get really into our match ups?”

    DS: “You sound like you're having an asthma attack, while having intercourse with a dog.”

    BF: “That was one time!”

    SLY: “OK! Back on track here...I'm sorry I asked that previous question. What if you guys do win tonight? Will your feud end?”

    DS: “Did we figure out who the best person to come out of Pittsburgh is yet?”

    SLY: “Well I suppose not...but Broc is in the lead right many more competitions are you planning to have?”

    DS: “Broc will not be in the lead much longer, as I plan to end the match tonight, as for our competitions, we will keep going until the ultimate winner is decided.”

    SLY: “Well...will this "Whoever get's the pin" challenge come in the way of you two actually winning the match?”

    BF: “ know...if I feel the match can keep going and Dave is out there trying to end it...I might well...trip and fall on the cover...and thus "accidentally break it up".”

    DS: “Just like you "accidentally" turned off the PlayStation?”

    BF: “Just like you were "resting your eyes" again when I came into your locker room earlier today?”

    DS: “I don't have to take this...”

    *Dave exits the interview area. Immediately after, he returns*

    DS: “This is my locker room...get out!”

    *Broc leaves the interview area*

    SLY: “Actually...this is MY interview area...both of you get out! That is the last time I have those two as guests. Back to you, Tony and Maria.”

    TONY: “Wow… just wow. Thanks Sly. I wonder what goes through these guys minds sometimes.”

    MARIA: “In all honesty Tony, I’m not even going to pretend to know. But I do know one thing though, igetwild has a match up next against Sin Cara. I’m excited to see what these two will do in the ring tonight!”

    TONY: “Well Maria, you’re not going to have to wait long. They’re coming up right now!”



    *While Sin Cara makes his way to ringside he’s jumping around and talking to the crowd. He gets in the ring and throws up peace signs.*


    *While igetwild comes to the ring boos are echoing the arena.*

    TONY: “Well, we now have both competitors in the ring and we are ready to GO!”


    MARIA: “And Sin Cara picks up the win here tonight! That’s got to be a bit disheartening considering everything he and Parker have been trying to do recently.

    TONY: “Regardless of what they’ve been “trying to do”, it’s how they’ve been trying to do it. They’ve gone about things the wrong way.”

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    MARIA: “And that’s fine Tony, because it’s your opinion. MY opinion is very different from that.”

    *Tony stares at Maria.*

    TONY: “Well, there you go then. Huh… well, I’m being told that RedRuM has something to say.”

    RedRuM: “I was told… I was told that Sly has Caesar standing by so, he couldn’t interview me. I know what Caesar is going to say before he does it. He’s gonna’ want a rematch. He feels that his clown ass deserves the first shot at the SHOWDOWN! Television Champion. See, I don’t have a fuckin’ problem with that shit. I’m one of the best things goin’ in this company and now I have some damn GOLD to prove that shit. Caesar…

    We’re gonna’ have another fuckin’ match. 2 weeks, New Horizons on PPV… Philly ain’t gonna want to pick your ass off the pavement. By hook or by crook… I’m walkin’ in AND walkin’ out the SHOWDOWN! TV Champ, bitch!”

    [B]SLY: “Ladies and Gentlemen, I once again have the pleas—“

    Caesar: “Listen here peasant. I want you to deliver a message to Redrum. He may have beaten me once. Even the ant defeats the Anteater once in a millennium. But I promise this--the war is not over. You cannot stop Caesar's march. You cannot contain it. You can only delay it. But not matter what, eventually, Caesar's going to stomp your face into the mud. And when he does, you will fear the Ides of March.”

    *Shoves Sly and walks off camera*.

    Sly: “W-well, that was—“

    *Caesar boots Sly in the side of the head. Sly drops of the floor and Caesar turns to the camera.*

    Caesar: You hear me, Redrum? That gold around your waist? Your peasant hands won't be around it for very long. Because when I get my hands on you I'll snap you in two and feed you to the lions in the Colosseum. You will bow before Caesar. YOU WILL ALL BOW BEFORE ME. ALL. HAIL. THE EMPEROR!!!


    *We come back to see Kevin Matthews out in the parking lot barbequing, lifting women’s shirts and pouring beer all over them. He suddenly stops everything and gets a serious look on his face…*

    Kevin: “Hey ummm… don’t you guys have some Tag-Team Championships to be winning or something?”

    *Aeriel and Loki pop up next to Kevin.*

    Aeriel: “Yes. We do have a match to win. We’ll win them for you.”

    Kevin: “No, you’re winning them for yourselves. When you win the Tag-Team Championships, that’s all just the beginning of the plan. Now go, go on and take them!”

    *Aeriel and Loki shuffle off and the party resumes as it was.*

    TONY: “We’re back here in the arena and we’re ready to get this match underway. There’s a lot on the line here for Broc and Sully because apparently their game is continuing here. Whoever scores the pin, if they win, wins the Tournament for this week and, they also win the SHOWDOWN! Tag-Team Championships!

    And it appears that if Aeriel and Loki win them, something wicked this way comes apparently.”

    MARIA: “And here comes my picks to win the Tag-Team Championships!!”




    *Broc and Sully stand at the entrance ramp looking outward to the crowd while they uproar in approval. Broc and Sully stare at each other in confusion because of the cheers but, they smile.*


    *While making their way to the ring the crowd is booing like crazy.*



    *Broc and Sully hug in the middle of the ring while streamers and pyro go off while they celebrate big time in the ring.*

    TONY: “And there you have it Ladies and Gentlemen! Broc and Sully have become the first ever SHOWDOWN! Tag-Team Champions!! Waitaminute… We’re getting news that of all people THE SLEEPER has apparently shown up on a 2011 Suzuki Hyabusa and thrown it on the gound… we’re trying to get a camera crew out there… wait… here we GO!”

    *A camera crew catches the Sleeper outside of the arena walking up to Kevin Matthews who is outside the arena throwing a party in the parking lot.*

    Kevin: “Who the hell are you and what the hell do you want?”

    Sleep: “Obviously you don't watch much Mayhem. I am only Mayhem's most

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    dynamic superstar, The Sleeper, better known to all as Sleeps.”

    Kevin: “Sleeps? What kind of a name is that? I didn't know JBW hired sideshow freaks to fill in the cards now! What's next, Doink the Clown's going to be interrupting me and demanding a match against me, now if you'll excuse me, I got party guests to attend to and you're wasting my time! buh-bye!”

    Sleep: “I think it's clear JBW don't hire sideshow freaks, otherwise you would have a contract and not be standing outside the arena attempting to be a parking lot pimp. And sorry I didn't realize this was a party, it looked to me that a star wars convention had just let out. Where did you rent these freaks from, look at that one she's so tall and hairy it looks like she's wearing a wookie costume.

    Also you don't need to worry no one here wants to see you in a wrestling match except maybe Chewbacca over there, for real man I think she likes you she keeps staring over here at you. Anyways, let me get to why I am really here, you're not supposed to be here. Last week you got arrested after you attacked Alpha Dog and the boss man R(ob) when they were attempting to escort you out of the building. So this week R(ob) called me to get you off the property, and I suggest you leave now before Sleeps gets angry and you wouldn't like me when I'm angry.”

    Kevin: “Me? Leave? For once R(ob) should be delighted that I'm not in the building tonight, and why the cameras are following me around beats me, I'm just having fun with my fans that came out to see a bunch of inbred rednecks run havoc in the ring. So call your friend R(ob) and tell him I'm not going anywhere!”

    Sleep: “Well you should know the cameras are here to catch the drama, people seem to like to watch an ass kicking contest no matter if it's in the ring or not. Second, I don't think you can count a bunch of losers you rounded up at a Walmart as fans. And third, *Sleep steps closer and gets in Kevin's face* I just don't like you pendejo, and I don't give a shit if you're in the arena, in the parking lot, on the sidewalk or up the street R(ob) told me to get you away from here and that’s what I'm gonna’ do. Now you have two choices you can either walk away from here on your own two feet or I can help you. Please pick the second one, I'm begging you.

    Kevin: “You want to hurt me? Nah, my party's gonna’ be going on somewhere else, I'd rather not waste my time with you right now, see ya’ pendejo!”

    *Sleeper lunges in and tries to punch Kevin but the crowd gets behind him and tries to go after Sleeps. He’s punches a couple fans in the face while getting to Kevin. All of a sudden the Cops show up and start pulling people apart and arresting them. Smoke flares are going off and the dogs are here. Sleeper picks up the Hyabusa, punches a Cop and hauls ass. Just at that time a Limo pulls up and out comes R(ob) with fists flying at whatever they land on. The crowd is in a complete and total chaos time. R(ob) can be heard screaming through the crowd and pointing at Matthews.*

    R(ob): “You’re fucking done! You’re DONE!! I promise you that!!


    TONY: “Welcome back to SHOWDOWN! Ladies and gentlemen! Apparently R(ob) is on his way out here and he’s stopped everything from continuing until he does.”

    *R(OB) THEME*
    MARIA: “Almost as if on cue haha! Here comes the bossman of our world here. R(ob)!!!”

    *R(ob) makes his way to the ring and snatches a mic. The crowd is cheering but he’s got a dead serious look on his face.*

    R(ob): “First thing’s first. Kevin… you say you don’t know why the cameras were following you around? That’s a damn lie! I spoke to production. You had a member tip off that you were going to be in the parking lot and you had him take it from there. Damn liar! Now, second thing is second… NEXT WEEK Kevin, you’re gonna have a match. You win the match, you get your damn job back! You lose, YOU’RE DONE! If I catch you on JBW property after that, I’ll kill you myself!”

    R(ob) drops the mic in the middle of the ring and storms out.*

    TONY: ‘WOW! I think he’s mad, Maria!”

    MARIA:”You’re nowhere near lying on that one Tony! He’s letting his mean streak out tonight!... I may like that.”

    TONY: “What’s gotten into you tonight? Something seems… “off” about you.”

    MARIA: “I don’t know what you’re talking about Tony, I’m just being myself.”

    TONY: “No, you’re not. But, if you don’t want to say anything, that’s your business. Up next folks we have our last couple matches of the evening. G-Scorp will go against Clark Parker to determine the first SHOWDOWN! European Champion and the Triple Threat Match as well! We’re taking what I’m being told is our last commercial break for the evening so, we’ll be right back!”


    *We come back to see a hallway.*

    Daniel May: “Shining Light...*may smerks* I heard what you said about me earlier tonight and I mean this when I say it… I hope you win in a few minutes.

    Shining Light: “You hope I win? I intend to win!”

    Daniel May: And with what you said about me Shining… saying I’m not supposed to be the face of the company because I’m not “holy” is a load of bullshit! I’m the face because of how dedicated I am to this lifestyle. Something you need to learn and you just don’t get it... IT ISN’T about who believes in God and who’s holy at all and tonight I’ll prove it to you. See, me and you we have unfinished business and I don’t want to go into the ring against James. I want you one on I can shut you up! It’s one thing to want to be Champion in JBW it’s another to make out as if I

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    don’t deserve this Title. And it’s another to leave me bleeding in the middle of the ring. I like competition but, YOU MADE THIS PERSONAL. I will see you out there.... WHACKO!!

    *As may goes to turn around Shining Light attacks him screaming "I’m not a whacko!! I deserve to be champion NOT YOU!!!!" after a few moments of fighting Daniel May and Shining Light a split up by other wrestlers and security*

    Shining Light: “You’re going to HELL Daniel May! YOUR GOING TO HELL!”

    TONY: “Wow! Everyone is on fire here tonight! We’re apparently going right into the next match!!



    *People are throwing what they can at G-Scorp. Soda, popcorn, snacks, everything. The boos are the loudest ones heard in a while.*
    MARIA: “And here comes G-Scorp! I don’t like either guy in this one so, I don’t have a favorite here.

    TONY: “Well technically, you’re supposed to be unbiased in all reality. You’re broadcasting and you should keep personal opinions to yourself.”


    *While Chris makes his way to the ring, he’s getting cheered. It’s either because they’re in Canada and everything is wonky there, or it’s because they’d rather cheer for him than G-Scorp.*

    MARIA: “I think you need to excuse yourself after that one Schiavone! That was out of line, man.”

    TONY: “I think we should call the match Maria.


    TONY: “And G-Scorp is your FIRST AND NEW SHOWDOWN! EUROPEAN CHAMPION!! This is pretty monumental for this young mans career! Just a couple months ago he was trying to find his way here in JBW, trying to get a contract and he’s worked his butt off for getting here! I know he’s not liked very much but, congratulations have to go out to G-SCORP for his fantastic win!”

    *While G-Scorp is in the ring celebrating, Pyro and streamers are going off and flying everywhere, along with the trash from the fans. G-Scorp drops to his knees in the ring holding the Championship while waste hits him from all sides..*


    *Avidico stands at the top of the ramp clapping for G-Scorp. He holds up his Championship and motions that he’ll keep his after the match at New Horizons in a couple weeks. G-Scorp stands tall in the ring holding up HIS Championship.*

    MARIA: “These guys are gonna’ have a great match at the Pay-Per-View in a couple of weeks!”

    TONY: “And not missing a beat, we’re ready for the last match of the evening folks!


    MARIA: “We’re being told from production that Tony and I done for the evening. So, we’ll see you next week Jabesters!”

    TONY: “That’s right Maria! See you next week folks!”

    MARIA: “There was no reason to hear from you Tony. I signed off for us both already.”

    [B]*Tony and Maria stare at each other for a second before Maria slams down her headset and walks away. Tony waves to the crowd and walks away.*


    *As Kayden stands at the top of the ramp he’s getting mixed reaction from the crowd.*


    *The crowd is booing insanely for Shining Light. Even in Canada they don’t like him.*


    *The crowd goes insane for the arrival of their Champion!*


    *With the ref down, Kayden James hits Daniel May with a low blow and May goes down, writhing in pain. With Kayden's back turned, Shining Light then hits his finisher on Kayden James laying him out, and gets out of the ring. Light then starts backing slowly up the ramp with a smile on his face, pointing his finger and laughing. Kayden and May are slow to get up but May is up first and hits his finisher on James for the 3 count. May points his finger at Shining Light, picks James back up, and hits a second finisher on him while never breaking eye contact.*


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    Filler! Warfare is coming up gents!
    Efed stuff...yeah...

    Luke Jameson

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    Filler number 2. Honestly this show is a long read. Hopefully not too long
    Efed stuff...yeah...

    Luke Jameson

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    Filler number 3. One more to go after this.
    Efed stuff...yeah...

    Luke Jameson

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    Last one! Time to post a show!~!! Once again thanks for the patience everybody.
    Efed stuff...yeah...

    Luke Jameson

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