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    JBW SHOWDOWN! 10-13-2011

    *A motorcycle is shown coming into the parking lot with two people riding on it. The person riding passenger is wearing a black helmet, a pair of short cut off jean shorts and a tight black t-shirt and the one driving is wearing a black leather jacket, a pair of jeans, and Chuck Taylors. The motorcycle goes into park and the driver turns it off. The driver then turns around...IT'S THE ALPHA DOG!!! The crowd from inside the arena can be heard cheering. The Alpha Dog gets off the bike, stands beside the passenger, and asks...*

    Alpha: Was it good for you?

    *Still wearing the helmet and still sitting on the bike, the passenger swings around, wraps her legs around Alphas waist, and pulls him in close*
    ???: *Tries to say something with muffled voice.*

    *Alpha knocks on the helmet a few times. He then slowly pulls the helmet off of her head. It was Odette Annable.*

    Alpha: Easier to talk without the helmet.

    Odette: Very true. Yeah, that was amazing. That thing you did with my leg behind my head...

    Alpha: Hold on! You do realize The Alpha Dog was talking about the bike ride, right?

    Odette: *Has a little bit of a embarrased look on her face.* Of course. That was fun too.

    Alpha: By the way, that will be six hundred dollars.

    Odette: *Grabs Alpha by the shirt and pulls Alpha in.* Is there anyway I can start a tab?

    Alpha: *Smiles* The Alpha Dog thinks he can do that for ya.

    Odette: *Goes to her pocket and pulls out a slip of paper.* Here's my number. Call me sometime?

    Alpha: *Takes the slip of paper* Of course. The Alpha Dog likes repeat customers.

    *Odette unwraps her legs and gets off the bike. A stage hand walks by and The Alpha Dog stops him.*

    Alpha: Make sure she gets in and *looks at Odette* enjoy's the show.

    *As Odette and the stage hand walk away, Alpha looks at the slip of paper.*

    Alpha: Meh...had better.

    *As Alpha walks towards the arena, he rips up the slip of paper and just throws it. As he walks, an unknown voice yells...*

    ???: Well, look who we have here.

    *The camera looks to where the voice is coming from. It's VKM walking towards Alpha.*

    VKM: Hey everybody! It's The Alpha Dog coming to Showdown to grace us with his presence!

    Alpha: Hey VKM. How are you doing? The Alpha Dog thought you were dead. He definitely witnessed the burial you received after getting your ass kicked by Jman.

    VKM: You know what Alpha, *gets right in Alphas face.* FUCK YOU!!! I have been in this company since the beginning and it makes me fuckin sick that your talentless ass is getting all this TV time and I ain't getting shit!

    Alpha: *laughs a bit* Ok, first off, you must of not seen many of The Alpha Dogs matches because if you did, you would know better than to say some stupid shit like that. And second....

    *Alpha quickly pulls his head back and lunges it right into VKMs nose. VKM grabs his nose as he falls backwards. VKM is moaning in pain.*

    Alpha: ...Nobody likes a cry baby.

    *Alpha grabs VKM picks him up and throws him head first into a parked trailer. He stomps on VKM a few times before realizing he was out cold. Alpha smirks and continues walking to the arena. Alpha suddenly stops and yells.*

    Alpha: AVIDICO!!! *Avidico walks into frame and The Alpha Dog puts his arm around Avidicos head, pulls him down, and starts giving Avidico a nuggie* HOW'S IT GOING BRO, OR SHOULD THE ALPHA DOG CALL YOU CHAMP?!!! WHICH ONE SOUNDS BETTER TO YOU?!!!

    *Avidico wiggles free and punches Alpha in the arm. After that Adivico starts to talk...*

    Avidico: Alpha Im Great my Amigo Hows Life on warfare? Its been so long, Hows the side business going?

    *Alpha looks to speak but Avidico cuts him off.*

    Avidico: Come on Alph,I'll show you my locker room.

    *Avidico drags Alpha off the screen while continuing to yabba away like a little kid.*

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    SHOWDOWN! THEME "Planetary (GO!)


    *The arena is shown with no announcers at the booth and the crowd is chanting for SHOWDOWN! to begin. All of a sudden...*

    RedRuM KILLA'!!

    *As RedRuM comes out, surprisingly the crowd is mixed in their reaction. When he sees a little kid wanting a high five and he mushes his face though, the crowd turns to boos. He flips them off while soda and various other snack items make their way to him. He laughs as he puts on the headset and grabs a microphone.*

    RedRuM: You see this right here? This bullshit? *He points next to him on both sides.* No one wants to come out here and commentate with me. Maria and Tony are big ass pussies and they say I abused them. I abused them? Not once did I lay a finger on those little sissies. I heard I'm going to have a broadcast parter tonight though. Until they decide to make themselves present, I guess I'll have to do this shit on my own.

    *Just when he goes to sit down though...*


    *The crowd goes nuts when Alpha Dog appear on stage. And RedRuM shifts in his seat mocking how Alpha makes his way to the ring side area. Alpha puts on a headset and stares at RedRuM for a second.*

    Alpha: So, this is the infamous RedRuM, eh? You don't look like to dog material to the Alpha one. Alpha bets he could dominate you like a little girl.
    RedRuM: Oh yeah? You wanna' see how far that'll get you ya' little puppy?

    Alpha: Alpha Dog has no time for this! He was asked to come out here by R(ob) and keep the big tough gangsta' in his place.

    *RedRuM stares at him.*

    RedRuM: Keep me in MY place? How about I put you some place? Six feet under. That sounds like a good place to me!

    Alpha: All Alpha hears is the sounds of a scared little boy wanting to fit in somewhere. Alpha Dog suggests you lay down and play dead before you are.

    *Just as RedRuM goes to speak again, Kayden James shows up on the stage with a mic in his hand.*

    Kayden James: Shining Light come down to this ring, I want to see the fear of God in your eyes when I speak to you


    Kayden James: Last week Judas I showed you just what kind of force I can be, I showed the world that I am not to be taken lightly. Tonight will be no different. You refuse to see the error of your ways, to change and become whole. And when I finally put an end to your blashpeming ways, I will show Mr. May what it feels like to have the fear of God beaten into him and his golden idol removed.

    Shining Light: Oh Kayden, I laugh at how pathetic you sound... You claim that I am refusing to see the error of my ways... that is because I am not in the wrong here, you are! The only reason that you managed to lay me out last week was because I was focusing on Daniel May... As far as I am concerned Kayden, you are merely a thorn in my side. And, like I said last week, there can only be one Servant of the Lord, and tonight we shall find out who that is. I have no doubt in my mind that I will be the one standing tall after our match, and then I can move on to Daniel May. I shall win the Showdown! Heavyweight Championship, and then... Showdown! will never be the same!

    Kayden James: *gets face to face with Shining Light* It's talk like that JUDAS that proves to me your fear, proves to me your insignificance. I see the fear in your eyes, smell the fear on the essence of your being. *Smirks* You'll see tonight once and for all when I beat you and leave you in a puddle of your own blood that there can only be one true servant of God and that servant is me The Archangel Kayden James. You Judas Iscariot, YOU JUDAS have had your last days on this Earth. My God has told me to remove you so you cannot spread your filth and propaganda on Showdown! anymore. And when I'm done with you Daniel May you're next....

    Shining Light: Believe me now, Kayden James, when I say that the only thing that is stopping me from tearing you from limb to limb is the Lord... Last week was your first week in JBW... and tonight will be your last!

    *Starts to scream at Kayden*

    I will not allow a blasphemer like you to tarnish the plans of the Lord! He plans on helping me win the Showdown! Heavyweight Championship, and you will never get in the way of the Lord!

    Kayden James, I advise you to say goodbye to your friends, say goodbye to your family, say goodbye to anyone you know! Because, tonight... I will smite you down... and send you to hell!

    *Shining Light pushes his microphone into Kayden's chest and lets it drop to the ground. He walks out of the ring and up the ramp leaving Kayden standing there with a pissed off yet, thinking face.*


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    *When we come back we see Alpha Dog and RedRuM staring at each other in mid conversation.*


    Alpha: So, are you going to shut up about bitches and hoods and how bad life is on the street if your not educated long enough for this match to be commentated for or is The Alpha Dog going to have to sew that black hole of yours shut?

    RedRuM: Excuse me muthafucka?!


    RedRuM: Hey bitch, you don't know me! You don't know what the fuck I've been through. I bet you don't even know how it is to live on the street.
    Alpha: Actually, yeah he does. The Alpha Dog actually had to do that for a few years before somebody helped him. Here's the difference between you and The Alpha Dog though, you keep bitching about it and Alpha decided to put it behind him. NOW GET YOUR MIND RIGHT!

    Chris Parker Alongside igetwild

    Alpha: Now these two are a unique paring. The Alpha Dog likes that they are at least trying to get more attention.

    RedRuM: They aren't going to do shit. They think that they can just stand up and announce they are making changes but they haven't even done a fucking thing worthy of change.

    Parker: Tonight, I am going to wrestle Tripps88 to see if he is worthy of being included in the changes that igetwild and myself are bringing to SHOWDOWN!. So come on out Tripps, lets see if you can hang.

    Tripping Out 88 Times

    Alpha: of The Alpha Dogs dominated.

    RedRuM: Shit, if that is the best that you have dominated, then I don't get what so fucking special about you.


    *The crowd is cheering for TRIPS88 as he gives high fives to the crowd members in attendance. They're behind him tonight more than they have ever been.*

    Alpha: After a short but sweet match, CHRIS PARKER IS VICTORIOUS!!!

    RedRuM: Yeah, those two put out there best, but if that was their best I would fucking hate to see their worst!

    *Alpha looks at RedRuM and mutters the words: "Shut The Fuck Up" with no sound. RedRuM mutters back: "Make me, Alpha bitch."*


    G-Scorp Looks Pissed

    *As G-Scorp makes his way to the ring he pushes the cameraman down that was following his entrance. He takes the mic from the ring hand and throws him into the ringside steps. RedRuM is visibally seen laughing. G-Scorp gets into the ring to the loudest boos of the night so far.*

    G-Scorp: Was that HONORABLE enough for you Avi?? Hmmm? You've been preaching about honor this, and honor that... you make me SICK! I know we have our match scheduled for the next PPV but, you need to bring your ass out here RIGHT NOW so I can kick it. I'm tired of you, your face and everything about you!

    Paperwings Fills The Arena!

    *As Avidico makes his way to the ring the crowd pops majorily as the NWL Champion gets onto the top rope and hold his Title high above his head.*

    RedRuM: Give me a damn break. This guy is a runt and a half and the crowd likes this?

    Alpha: The crowd likes what they like you dick. It's not your place, Alpha Dog's place, or anyone elses place to tell them who they like and who they don't like.

    Avidico: You're right, I have been speaking about honor. That's something that has been seriously lacking in JBW as of late. You want this Championship so badly yet, you won't wait. You just keep talking and attempting to make things bad for myself and you. I honestly don't know what the big deal is here. I thought we came to mutual terms throughout these last few weeks?

    G-Scorp: I didn't come to shit! You tried to dictate how all of this went. It's my turn. It's always BEEN MY TURN!

    *G-scorp drops the mic and attacks Avidico, security comes out and following closely behind is R(ob)*

    *R(ob) grabs a mic from a stage hand and gets into the ring where Avidico and G-Scorp are being held at opposite sides of the ring by security.*

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    R(ob): Neither of you are hijacking this show. Neither of you are going to lessen PPV buyrates either by trying to put a match on here tonight. I've been following this little... rivalry closely in the back. I like it. It's good for ratings. I know what else is good for ratings too. Controversy. So tonight, I'll give you some!

    *The crowd pops major as R(ob) paces in the ring.*

    Okay, first order of business... You guys, I'm going to do something for ya's. I want you to participate in a bit of a game. That game? Pick. Your. Poison. G-Scorp... I'm sure you're aware of the rules here. Basically all ther is to it is to pick an opponent for Avi here to face tonight.

    G-Scorp: That's easy, ME! *He tries to break away from security but they force him back.*

    R(ob): No, no, no... that won't do at all. Pick the first person that comes to mind... OTHER than yourself.

    G-Scorp: .... Okay then *smiles wickedly*... I choose... DANIEL MAY!! *The crowd pops at his name.*

    R(ob): Oooohhhh... GOOD CHOICE! May doesn't have a match tonight so yeah, Champ VS. Champ in a Non-Championship match! Sounds good to me. Now..

    *R(ob) makes his way to Avidico.*

    Who are you gonna pick, big fella?

    Avidico: That's one of the easiest decisions ever! I pick a good friend of mine! He's here tonight and what a better way to have him here other than to have him kick some butt? I choose... THE ALPHA DOG!!!

    *The crowd pops extremely loudly as The Alpha Dog stands up and greets the crowd and points to Avi and gives the thumbs up.*
    *G-Scorp is visibally pissed off as he tries to break away from security again.*

    R(ob): Okay, get this guy out of my friggin' ring. *He looks over at Avidico* Avi, I know you won't cause any problems so you can go ahead of your own free will.

    *R(ob) smiles and shakes his hand as Avidico picks up his Championship and walks out following behind G-Scorp who's raving like a madman.*

    R(ob): Okay then... one order of business down, one to go. Last week I revealed the brand news Championships of SHOWDOWN! To refresh your memory, they're the European, Television and Tag-Team Championships!

    *The crowd pops*

    Okay, and I also told you I was mulling over who would be in those matches and that I'd have decisions for you tonight. Now, next week is when the matches will happen so, sorry for not providing you guys that here in Nebraska but, that's unfortunately how it happens from time to time. So, as we look to the JABETron, let me introduce to you the matches.

    *The screen is black until images start to appear.*

    First we have:

    For the Tag-Team Championships... Aeriel and Loki VS. Broc and Sully! *The crowd pops*

    Next, The European Championship... Chris Parker VS. G-Scorp! *The crowd boos.*

    And last but certainly NOT least, The Television Championship... Caesar VS. RedRuM!!! *Mixed reaction.*

    There ya' have it people. Next week we already know we're gonna have three quality matches! Looking forward to seeing who will be coming out on top!

    *R(ob) tosses the mic to a stage hand and walks out waving to the crowd.*


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    *Dave is shown in his locker room holding his cell phone, making a call to Broc*

    DS: Dude, did you just hear what R(ob) did?

    BF: No, what was it?

    DS: He put us in a match against The Reject's rejects.

    BF: What?

    DS: He's giving us a shot against Loki and Aeriel for the new Tag-Team Championships next week!

    BF: Oh, that's pretty sweet man.

    DS: I know right? But that's next week. You got Madden?

    BF: Yeap. Just got it today!

    DS: Then get on, let's play online.

    BF: OK...hold on.............shit..........

    DS: What?

    BF: It's telling me I need some type of Online Pass Code?

    DS: Are you fucking kidding me? Just get it off the manual.

    BF: Yeah...I kinda got the game used...

    DS: Used?!?! It just came a month had 100$ couldn't buy the game full price? How much did you even get off for it?

    BF: I'm sorry OK...

    DS: No, you're not getting out of this. Get your ass to my room, now.

    *Dave hangs up the phone and sits there for a few minutes before Broc enters Dave's locker room with a remote controller.*

    DS: You didn't have to bring your controller you know.

    BF: No, no no. Last time I used your controller, and it had a fucking broken analog stick.

    DS: That reminds me...if you turn off the PlayStation, I am going to rape your rabbit.

    BF: I don't have a rabbit...

    DS: I am going to buy you a rabbit....and then I'm going to rape it. So don't turn off the damn Playstation.

    BF: I wont....

    BF(Quietly):...unless I'm losing.

    DS: What?

    BF: Nothing!

    DS: OK let's get this shit started. I figured we don't have to play just one game, we can play a few games, and whoever wins the most get's the point and the lead.

    BF: Cool.

    *Dave starts the game.*

    *Being the Packers, Dave wins the game by a landslide*

    DS: Good game...good game.

    BF: thing though....who the fuck was that guy talking?

    *They both look at each other in confusion*

    *Being the Eagles, Broc wins, this game being a landslide on his part.*

    DS: OK fine one more game, this time we both be the Steelers.

    *The two play through an intense game, where Broc wins with a safety in overtime*

    BF: Woo! Woo! I won!

    DS: Wait! One more game, I swear...double or nothing, winner takes all...

    BF: Fine...but we have a team that neither of us like.

    *Just as Dave is about to kick the extra point that will tie the game, Broc turns the PlayStation off once again.*

    DS: What the fuck!!!! You douche bag! I won that game, I won that game.

    BF: No, the game never ended, and I won more games then you, I win.

    DS: Whatever...this is bullshit. I'm out of here....

    *Dave leaves the locker room and slams the door, but once again he realizes that it is in fact his locker room*

    DS: Dammit! Get out!

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    Alpha: What interesting people this brand has...

    RedRuM: Never thought I'd agree with you on anything. You're still the Alpha Bitch though!

    Alpha: You're lucky The Alpha Dog has a match tonight or he'd kick your ass right here, right now. Waitaminute... what am I saying? I CAN KICK YOUR ASS RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW! But, I'll wait. We have to g backstage because SLY is in the building with an interview!

    Sly: Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm standing by with a man simply known as "Caesar". Caesar, are you excited for your TV Title Match next week?

    Caesar: Excited is not the word, Sylvester. I'm not excited or anxious. I see it as nothing more than a formality.

    Sly: Formality?

    Caesar: An event necessary to please the peasants in the locker room when I am crowned gold. An event make them believe that the choice is actually in their hands--that they get a a shot and they must seize it.

    Sly: And, I'm assuming, is not the case as you see it?

    Caesar: It is my birth right to wear gold--and I'm going to prove that I am also the best candidate to wear that title. That no one in the back can stand up to me.

    Sly: Do you have anything to say about your opponent, RedRuM?

    Caesar: It's coincidental, Sylvester.

    Sly: Coincidental?

    Caesar: Everyone knows that RedRuM is just "MuRdeR" backwards, and that's exactly what I'll do if he tries to stop me from taking my "crown" known as the Television Title.

    *Caesar walks away.*

    Sly: Well, that's it I guess. Definitely the most words we've ever gotten out of him. Take it away guys.

    RedRuM: I'm gonna kick his ass next week ad fuck him prison style. Little namby pamby ass!

    Alpha: *Shoots RedRuM a concerned look.* Did The Alpha one just hear correctly? Did you say you were going to fuck Caesar "prison style"?? What does that mean? Like, anal invasion?

    RedRuM: FUCK NO! I'm not gay, bitch! I mean I'll shank 'em! You take things out of line man. Homo ass nigga. What match is next? I gotta get away form this clown ass bitch ASAP!

    Alpha: *Takes off headset and picks up a microphone.* You know what bitch, The Alpha Dog doesn't really care what you think. The Alpha Dog is about to show everyone here why he is the best and what are you going to be doing, sitting behind a desk commenting about how The Alpha Dog is destroying G-Scorp. Oh and one more thing...

    *The Alpha Dog pounces on top of RedRum while he is still sitting in his chair. They both fall off the chair onto the ground. The Alpha Dog is shown on top of RedRum just leveling him with punches to the face. He then stands up and kicks RedRum a couple of times before he stops. The Alpha Dog then runs into the ring as the crowd cheers for the beatdown of RedRuM. Alpha looks towards the stage waiting for his opponent.*


    Here comes G-Scorp!

    *G-Scorp walks very slowly to the start of the ramp and stays until his theme stops playing.*

    G-Scorp: Alpha Dog you are standing there in that ring like there is a match about to happen and you are involved in it. Maybe you have missed SHOWDOWN! for the last few weeks but, you're nobody here... lets face it, because you do a little commentary you think your all that and then some? When was your last Title match?

    I have had two SHOWDOWN! Heavyweight Championship mathes in the last month and two matches against the NWL Champion. One of which has made me the number one contender for the NWL Championship! So Alphi boy tell me something, why oh why would I allow you the honour of stealing my thunder to better your own name that just doesnt seem right does it Alphi?

    So, this is whats going to happen... I'm Ggoing home to relax after a gruelling month and you can get back on your little commentary box. And hell while R(ob) is throwing around all these Titles, maybe you can become the new "SHOWDOWN! Commentator Champion" because hell, in and out of the ring you cant shut up! and Alphi, why dont you just sit there like a good little doggy while I end this, which normally I say: "If you dont like that, then come with me!" But you sir, are not worthy. So you can just stay there! Transmission ended.

    *G-Scorp drops the mic and slowly starts to leave to a sea of boos. The Alpha Dog is shown in the middle of ring and he has a crazed look on his face. He runs out of the ring and he jets up the ramp towards G-Scorp. Alpha hits G-Scorp in the back of the head with an elbow and Scorp goes down. The crowd erupts as Alpha picks up Scorp with Scorps back to the ring and hits him with a clean shot that sends Scorp staggering backwards.

    Alpha hits him again and again until they are at the ring apron. Alpha goes to punch again but Scorp blocks him and counters with his own. Alpha staggers back a little, Scorp goes to continue the attack, but is surprised by a clothesline from Alpha. Alpha picks up Scorp, slams Scorps head onto the side of the ring, gets in Scorps face, and yells, "OOPS!!! THAT'S THE ALPHA DOGS BAD!!!" Alpha then takes Scorp, throws him into the ring, gets in himself, and the ref calls for the bell.*

    RedRuM: You know what? FUCK THIS SHIT!!!

    *While the match is still going on, RedRuM runs into the ring and hits both Alpha and G-Scorp with a double clothesline. The ref calls for the bell as RedRuM gets on top of Alpha and starts punching Alpha right in the face. G-Scorp gets up and turns RedRuM around and hits Red with a couple of shots but Red powers out of Scorps grip and then lifts Scorp up and hits him with a vicious spine buster. Alpha then gets up behind Red and puts The Alpha Grip on Red. Red starts to struggle to get out. Red then lifts his leg backwards, giving a low blow to Alpha. Alpha falls back, holding himself.

    Red goes outside of the ring and grabs a chair. He gets in the ring as Alpha is trying to get back up. Alpha is on his knees as Red lifts the chair up and brings it down on Alphas head. The crowd erupts into boos as Alpha stays in the same position for a moment before he falls over face first. Alpha is out cold. Red holds the chair over his head with one hand and holds up a middle finger with the other before dropping the chair and walking out.*


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    *We come back with Tony Schiavone and Maria Kanellis sitting at the announce table.*

    Tony: Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! Sorry we couldn't be out here earlier but, clearly with that maniac out here, we weren't going to be anywhere near here. Our contracts don't call for us to be mentally or physically abused. I only speak for myself but, I'm glad Alpha Dog beat the hell out of him and I can't wait until he faces Caesar next week!

    Maria: You're 100% right Tony... no one needs to be treated like that. Especially announcers of a TV show. Other than that, it's definitely been an interesting... *Maria goes silent.* Okay, I've just been told that Daniel May is backstage ready to talk about his match with Avidico.

    *The camera crew walks into Daniel May's locker room as he gets ready for his match*

    Sly: Daniel May, what are your thoughts on versing Avidico tonight in a pick your poison match?

    Daniel May: I love it! Advico is a excellent competitor in which he will be great to have a match with. Champ VS. Champ. *He smiles.* I respect the guy but I dont want him thinking I will take it easy on him. I have a lot of built up anger from last week need to release.

    *Daniel May leans back in his chair relaxed and throws the title over his shoulder*

    Sly: Have you got any comments towards Shining Light and Kayden James who face off tonight to determine a number one contender for your SHOWDOWN! Heavyweight Championship?

    *Daniel May gets up and looks at Sly.*

    Daniel May: NO! My actions will speak loud enough for themselves.

    Sly: Well, thanks for that Champ. Back to you Tony and Maria!

    Tony: Thanks Sly! It looks like we have our next match of the evening, and here they come!


    Maria: This should be a great match Tony! Both men are definitely on a streak right now and would be great competitors to either the European or Television Champion!

    Johnny Phantom Comes Out

    *The crowd cheers for the man of mystery.*

    Bring On The JUSTICE!

    Tony: It looks like both of these guys mean business tonight! They're ready to get it on!

    Maria: And look at that! Justice pulled out a great victory here! Both men definitely proved a point here tonight!

    Tony: That's right, Maria! We're definitely going to be seeing a lot out of these two in the on coming months!

    Maria: And with that, we'll be right back.


    *The Alpha Dog is shown in the back pacing around, obviously pissed from RedRuM's interference in his match. Alpha walks one direction, then walks the other when Kevin Matthews is shown in frame. Alpha notices and asks:*

    Alpha: Hey CM Truth! What do you want with The Alpha Dog?

    Matthews: Alpha Dog? What kind of a name is that man? I swear in all my years in the Canadian indy circuit, not once have I heard a nickname as lame as yours! I also heard you're the big JBW snitch around here telling management what I'm doing and what my plans are. I heard you're doing this ass-kissing because your job is on the line, and if you don't report back to Ka$h and R(ob), you'd be fired on the spot! Hell I don't blame them! Look at you, you have no charisma, you're not over with the fans and somehow you're in this company.

    What, did management run out of talented wrestlers and had to resort to you to be a card filler for the night? Oh and one last thing; can you take promo classes for me? You bore the crowd half to death in your matches, I have to wake them up and get them to stand on their feet when I'm coming down the ramp. Sorry chump, I have better things to do than stand here and waste my breath mocking you and management!

    *Alpha laughs a little as Kevin goes to walk away but Alpha stops him with a hand on the shoulder. Kevin pushes Alphas hand away before Alpha says...*

    Alpha: Ok first off, The Alpha Dog means the head of the pack, the GODDAMN leader of the bunch, and holds power over all. WITH YOU, ALL THE ALPHA DOG SEES IS A SELFISH RUNT!!! A RUNT WHO THINKS HE SHOULD RECEIVE MORE WHEN HE DOESN'T DESERVE IT!!! He also sees a has been who was yesterdays shitty news. Until you have done something to prove your worth here in JBW, YOU ARE NOTHING!!! Talking about The Alpha Dog having no charisma, you are just a faceless blank slate with a messiah complex and not even a good one at that. Plus The Alpha Dog doesn't have to kiss ass around here.

    If JBW wants The Alpha Dog gone, all they have to do is find him and let him know. The Alpha Dog will get by just fine. You, on the other hand, keep showing up like a rash on JBWs taint, annoying, just as talented, and embarrasing to talk about and talking about talent. Have you ever even seen one of The Alpha Dogs matches? This man stopped Zeus Apollos undefeated streak. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!! NOW GET THE HELL OUT OF THE ALPHA DOGS FACE BEFORE YOU BECOME ANOTHER ONE OF THE DOMINATED!!!!

    *Kevin then punches Alpha right in the grill and Alpha staggers back a little. Alpha then lets out a loud scream and tackles Kevin into the wall behind him. Alpha holds him against the wall as Kevin starts laying down fists on Alphas back. Alpha then lifts Kevin up and slams him on the cement ground. Alpha gets on top of Kevin and punches Kevin in the face a couple of times. Alpha gets up, grabs a chair that is close by, lifts it up above his head, and screams as he brings it down towards Kevin. Kevin rolls out of the way, stands back up, ducks another of Alphas chair shots, and knees Alpha in the mid section. Kevin punches him once and then brings Alpha over towards a table with catered food on it.

    Kevin puts Alphas head under his armpit and puts Alphas arm around his neck. Kevin attempts the suplex, but Alpha wraps his leg around Kevins. Kevin goes for it again and Alpha counters it again. Alpha then punches Kevin in the side, lifts up Kevin, and they both fall forward. Both Kevin and Alpha go through the table. Food is everywhere. All over over them, all over the wall, and all over the floor. They both get to their knees as they trade shots with each other. Then suddenly the police shows up along with R(ob). They are all trying to seperate Kevin and Alpha. They try to continue fighting as the police and R(ob) pulls on them. They finally pull Kevin off of him and as they do, Kevin turns and throws a blind punch and it hits R(ob) right in the face. R(ob) staggers back feeling the spot where Kevin hit him. R(ob) then yells:*


    *The police take Kevin away. The camera fades showing R(ob) rubbing the spot where he was punched at with a furious look on his face.*


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    Tony: Wow, that was one heck of a problem back there. R(ob) is obviously mad. I mean, how did Kevin get in here tonight? Where were Loki and Aeriel as well?

    Maria: I don't know Tony... this night has been very interesting so far. We still have our co-main events for the evening: Avidico VS. Daniel May and Shining Light VS. Kayden James!

    Tony: Speaking of matches, looks like Avidico is ready!


    Paperwings Is Back, AVIDICO!

    *The crowd pops huge for the NWL Champion again. Avidico does his normal and the fans can't get enough!*

    Maria: This is going to be great, I can feel it!

    *The crowd begins to chant for Daniel May. Louder, louder and louder!*


    *And just like that, the roof of the arena is barely able to keep attached as almost 20,000 JABiacs cheer in unison for the SHOWDOWN! Heavyweight Champion! He gives high fives to the crowd and slides under the ropes, takes off his Championship and holds it high above his head as the crowd gets louder! Daniel May smiles at Avidico and they shake hands.*

    *The crowd chants: THIS IS AWESOME! THIS IS AWESOME! THIS IS AWESOME! as Daniel and Avidico go to their seperate corners. The ref calls for the bell and this one is on!*

    (Ignore Punk's epic return lol.)

    Tony: And Daniel May wins this one! That was one great showing by both of these phenomenal competitors!

    Maria: That's right Tony! I absolutely loved this match! Wait... Daniel is asking for a mic.

    *Daniel May gets handed a mic from a stage hand.*

    Daniel May: First of all, thanks for the match Avidico you're a true Champ *Avidico gives thumbs up as he leaves the ring.*, onto more serious things. In just a few moments, Shining Light and Kayden James will go one on one to determine the number one contender for my Title...the SHOWDOWN! Heavyweight Championship *crowd pops as he holds the Title up high.* Now, in the life of wrestling everything is competitve...the goal is to climb the moutian and stay on top for as long as possible. So far I'm doing pretty good at it...for only being here in JBW for about three months I've managed to do A LOT of things around here making me a wealthy target. Meaning, if you're able to knock me off then your defintely got a future inthis business.

    And by no means am I "big noting" myself, I encourage people to challenge me week in week out here in JBW. It's my job and im damn proud of it! But, its the way people have done it lately that pisses me off...such as Shining Light...he thinks I'm not worthy of being a Champ and the face of SHOWDOWN! because I'm not religious. Kayden James is just a complete wacko who thinks he needs to get rid of the SHOWDOWN! Heavyweight Championship in order to cleanse JBW from something. I dont care who I verse 'cause as I said, I love a challenge! I was born on the streets and learnd how to fight at a young age..I've been climbing that mountian my whole life and I'm finally at the top so NO ONE IS KNOCKING ME OFF!!!!!

    *Daniel May's music hits as he tosses the mic to a stage hand and leaves the ring to a huge pop from the crowd.*


    *When we come back, RedRuM is seen pacing around like a caged animal.*

    RedRuM: ALPHA DOG!!! You little PUSSY! That's what you deserve poodle boy! I kicked your little ass, MUTT! THIS IS MY PLACE! THIS IS MY BRAND! Who do you think you are to come in this muthafucka' and try to take me out??? WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? I'll tell you something, bitch... I'm not done with you. Not by a fuckin' longshot homie. And... Caesar... I'M COMING FOR YOU, NIGGA!!

    *RedRuM kicks the door to his locker room ans storms off.*

    Maria: And people honestly wondered why we didn't come out here with that loony tonight? Pfft.

    Tony: You know Maria, with people likehim on this brand I honestly think no one is safe. How long do we have until he blows his lid and becomes a bigger problem than he already is?

    Maria: I don't know Tony and I definitely don't want to think about it. I do know we have a Number One Contender match coming up next though!
    Tony: That we do, last week Kayden James made his debut and promptly got into the head of The Shining Light which caused him to put up his match at the next Pay-Per-View against Daniel May for his Championship.

    Maria: We really don't know what Kayden is capable of considering we've never seen him in a match here in JBW but, I do know one thing... Daniel May is obviously ready for either one of these men.

    Tony: And with that Maria, I'm being told the competetors are ready to come out!


    *Kayden James stands at the top of the stage and makes his way down to the ring to no theme song. As he gets into the ring the crowd is giving him heavy heat. He smiles and waves at them.*

    The Shiny One!

    *As The Shining Light makes his way to the ring a fan jumps the barricade and tries to punch him but Security is there in enough time to intervene. As he gets into the ring the crowd begins to throw things at both men. The Shining Light says a prayer as this one begins.*

    (Don't really pay attention to the match, it has nothing to do with the ending. Promise.)

    Tony: As Shining Light goes for a pin, Kayden kicks out at TWO! (2)

    *Just as Kayden kicks out, Daniel May rushes the ring and hits Shining Light with his finishing move, as Daniel gets up the ref rings the bell on a "no contest" and Kayden hits him with the "Angels Among Us" finishing move and does the same to The Shining Light. After that Kayden is on his knees looking both at Shining and Daniel. He places their hands on their chests and he places his hands over his heart.*

    Tony: What's going on here? We don't have a number one contender for the SHOWDOWN! Heavyweight Championship!!! I don't know what were going to do here! What? I'm being told we're out of time ladies and gentlemen! Hopefully we have an answer for you next week on JBW SHOWDOWN! Goodnight!!

    *As the show ends Kayden is still in position much as are Daniel and Shining. The crowd is booing and have begun throwing things into the ring as the screen fades to black.*

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    Yay fillers. That means a show is coming.
    Efed stuff...yeah...

    Luke Jameson

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    Last filler! Here comes Warfare. Once again thank you for the patience and sorry for the delay.
    Efed stuff...yeah...

    Luke Jameson

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