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    (Interviewer knocks on Kiddson &G-scorp's personal Locker Room door)

    Interviewer: Hey is it possible for me to get a few words from you guys?

    (Door Swings open and its Kiddson & G-scorp)

    Kiddson: You want a few words for us? Well let me stop you right there because i already know what you're going to ask us and its a stupid question so how about you do yourself a favor and stand right over there in the corner while you leave the rest to us pros.

    (Interviewer moves to the corner and faces it)

    Kiddson:Now tonight here at Alcatraz island i know what everyone is wondering what is going to happen when myself & G-scorp step in the ring with Daniel May & Connor Chaos, Well let me say this naming tonight's event "Horrorcore Icons" doesnt even give justice to what we're going to do to them tonight. Chaos unfortunately tonight you have the bad luck of being at the wrong place at the wrong time with the two most dangerous men in the industry. Daniel May for a man who is so close to management you would think you would be close and whispering in their ear like you always do. You should of told them to have the match cancelled for your own safety but like always you allowing your pride to get in the way and that will be your biggest downfall.

    G-Scorp: Jay Bee Double u must have a very, very expensive insurance premium have you seen the two matches i been involved with... one ended up with May being left bleeding all over the mat and the other ended with *while starting to unveil something wrapped in cloth* May being struck over the head with this very chair. I have a little riddle for you May? How many dints can one chair possibly get? Don’t answer i plan on finding out myself and to the other participates... Chaos, Kidd and your mysterious partner i have a simple message for all three of you... i have no issues with you three YET get in our way and that will change very, very quickly. one more question i would actually like you to answer May as no matter how good, how smart or how talented we are i can never find out the answer to this question so please tell me... How does it feel to be stung like only the G-Scorp can

    Kiddson: Last i would like to thank JBW management for cracking their piggy bank to pay myself & G-scorp fees to be here tonight cause let’s face it we would never step foot in this place for free. (Kiddson & G-scorp Laughs). Now get the hell out of our locker room before you have to be carried out

    K-Jam: Apparently the sex tape featuring Kiddson and G-Scorp has now sold more copies than Chyna's and X-Pac's

    Ma$$: I heard Chyna had a bigger dick than G-Scorp too!

    *Connor is leaning against a wall backstage, sledgehammer in hand. He looks up towards the ceiling, a small smirk on his face.*

    *Daniel May walks up to Connor*

    Daniel: Hey...glad you answered my call and said yes to teaming with me will be good to get our hands on G-Scorp and Kiddson but we can’t look past Alex Kidd and his mystery opponent ok... I’m trusting you in this match so let’s shut them up YEAH!

    *Connor looks at him sharply*

    Connor: Look, let’s get one thing straight, okay? Don’t worry about trusting me or not, because I may be many things, but I’m not a backstabber. *he shrugs* Unless it helps with the spread of Chaos of course. Now as far as tonight goes, we need not worry. You’ve already beaten Kiddson anyway, and G-Scorp won’t give us much trouble either. But you are right about Kidd. I don’t know that much about him and of course neither of us knows anything about the other guy. But let’s not forget where we are. This is Alcatraz my friend. The holding for some of the greatest criminals of all time. Al Capone, Robert Stroud, Machine Gun Kelly, to name just a few. Call me superstitious but, I can’t help but feel that they’re watching what’s going on tonight, and they love it. So tell ya what, let’s take our match even closer to them. *Point’s up towards the ceiling.* We can really ‘bring the roof down’

    *He claps Daniel on the back and walks off, chuckling darkly*

    *daniel may looks up at the ceiling and smiles and says to himself*

    daniel:yeah bring the roof down

    *Connor is leaning against a wall backstage, sledgehammer in hand. He looks up towards the ceiling, a small smirk on his face.*

    *Daniel May walks up to Connor*

    Daniel: Hey...glad you answered my call and said yes to teaming with me will be good to get our hands on G-Scorp and Kiddson but we can’t look past Alex Kidd and his mystery opponent ok... I’m trusting you in this match so let’s shut them up YEAH!

    *Connor looks at him sharply*

    Connor: Look, let’s get one thing straight, okay? Don’t worry about trusting me or not, because I may be many things, but I’m not a backstabber. *he shrugs* Unless it helps with the spread of Chaos of course. Now as far as tonight goes, we need not worry. You’ve already beaten Kiddson anyway, and G-Scorp won’t give us much trouble either. But you are right about Kidd. I don’t know that much about him and of course neither of us knows anything about the other guy. But let’s not forget where we are. This is Alcatraz my friend. The holding place for some of the greatest criminals of all time. Al Capone, Robert Stroud, Machine Gun Kelly, to name just a few. Call me superstitious but, I can’t help but feel that they’re watching what’s going on tonight, and they love it. So tell ya what, let’s take our match even closer to them. *Point’s up towards the ceiling.* We can really ‘bring the roof down’

    *He claps Daniel on the back and walks off, chuckling darkly*

    *Daniel May looks up at the ceiling and smiles and says to himself*

    Daniel: yeah bring the roof down

    Ma$$: I like these two, they're the future of JBW. Daniel May's accent is proper annoying, though. It's like watching an episode of Home & Away!

    K-Jam: I was almost in tears when G-Scorp turned on Daniel May, they were such a sweet couple, anyway, now he's got Connor Chaos- the "Disciple Of Disney"

    Dave: OK, I think it's time to get this match started.

    G-Scorp and Kiddson vs Connor Chaos and Daniel May vs Alexx Kidd and ????

    It's Kidd-Scorp!

    *The crowd show some respect to the pair as they can appreciate the talent of these two, but as people they suck, and the crowd knows it.*

    It's team MayOs!

    *The crowd erupt for the two talented members of the new generation that is sweeping JBW. May and Chaos look ready for a fight tonight, and the looks on Kiddson and G-Scorps face lets them know that it will be a fight indeed.*


    *The fans are screaming for indy star Alex Kidd, even though he is pretty much a bad guy.*

    Ma$$: I used to fucking love this game on SEGA Master System!

    *Alex has a microphone.*

    former AAA world champ
    former ROH world champ
    and ROH TV champ
    former IWGP heavyweight champ
    IGWP intercontinental

    don’t remember the name cus after the match you will already know who i am
    tonight i have a match with JBW
    triple threat tag match
    may and chaos
    is may a chick cus it sure sounds like it
    chaos you like an HWA title name
    -takes out the HWA title poll-

    kiddson and g-scorp
    kiddson? talk about originality kid
    i get it you want to be like me but you flatter me
    and what kind of name is g-scorp

    my partner tonight will show you what he can do
    what we can do
    and here he is
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    Kash; calling it 4 years before Robbie.


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    *The lights go out completely, and

    My God, its Jason Alexander!!!

    *Jason recieves a very mixed reaction. The fans in attendance hate this guy, but a lot of them overlook his arrogance and focus on his talents.*

    He has a mic in his in his hand, so lets hear what the King of the Indies has to say.

    JA: Hello Alcatraz!!!!! -Crowd pops-

    Bet you weren't expecting to see me here, did you?

    Well I'm here to give you bunch of ingrates a lethal double dose of violence and high flying action like you've never seen before. -Mixed reaction-

    When I was contacted to appear here, I was hesitant to say the least but I was made an offer that even I could not refuse; now here at Horrorcore Icons I plan to show why Jason Alexander is the man to see on AWF's Zero Gravity, BWA's Damnation and Sanctuary as well as HWA's Dynasty each and every week.

    So Connor Chaos and Daniel May and Kiddson and G-Scorp get ready to accept defeat at the hands of Alexx Kidd and Jason Alexander.

    Ma$$: Who the fuck invited this nobody?

    K-Jam: Why is everyone going nuts over this Jason Alexander fella? Who the fuck is he?!

    *After an awesome display of wrestling, Alex Kidd and Jason Alexander pick up the win, after Dave Sullivan AKA SULLY nailed Daniel May, and Alex Kidd capitalised on it.*

    ~Sully takes the mic~

    As the new superstar Dave Sullivan, is standing in the ring, he stands with a smile on his face, satisfied knowing he ruined this match.

    I hope all you guys like the picture you are seeing right now...because it will be happening a lot more often. That's right...Dave Sullivan is officially a member of JBW, and I have big plans for my career.

    When I signed my contract last Tuesday...I couldn't help but can I make an impact? After I answered that first question, I couldn't help but think of another question, who isn't getting enough attention in the magical land of JBW?

    Alex Kidd was the first one to come to mind. I've seen this guy wrestling before, and I know he has talent, talent that should be turned into wins. So I figured that making friends in JBW would not only help these guys out, but it will also help me. I don't want to go into a new promotion, and not have anyone watching my back.

    Then again, why would I need my back watched in the first place, I know that the superstars of JBW cannot possibly be idiotic enough to play with me, because when you play with play with fire. I am not the type of person that stands there taking shit, I am a leader...and I am a person who speaks my mind, not only on this mic, but in this ring as well.

    To put it in a way that most of you idiotic, redneck, country boy wrestling fans would understand, I do not like to be fucked with.

    Dave drops the mic as the crowd starts to boo, hoping in his mind...that the message got across to not only the fans, but to any other member of the JBW roster.
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    Kash; calling it 4 years before Robbie.


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    Dave: Wow! What an excellent match, and, I'm sorry guys, but Jason Alexander showed why he really is the king of the indies... Now, guys it's time for our WARFare TV Title match, but before we do, let's check in with our combatants for this one.

    *We go bacstage and we see broc preparing for his match against holy jose when he hears a mysterious voice "Broc... Broc"

    Broc: what who is that

    this mysterious voice continues to say Brocs name


    as soon as Broc says that the ghost of Art Rooney appears in front of him

    Broc: Art Rooney?

    AR: yes its me I wanted to wish you luck on your match tonight

    Broc: wow really thank you Mr. Rooney you're my idol

    AR: thank you sir now look here I brought 5 titles to the town of Pittsburgh and I'm counting on you to get more bring more championships to Pittsburgh

    Broc: will do Mr. Ronney thank you

    AR: don't thank me just win your match

    after art rooney says that he disapears and the screen switches to a wide shot of the island that then zooms in on a man dressed in white standing on rocks where the waves are crashing*

    HolyJose: Tonight I’m here in Alcatraz basically hell on earth. Broc you see these waves crashing on these rocks? The waves are unrelenting and the rocks just take the punishment. I’m rocks here Broc I can take any sort of punishment and guess what? I’ll still be standing. Broc I have yet to be impressed by you. You think you can all of a sudden come into JBW and demand a TV Title shot? It doesn’t work that way. Broc tonight I prove to you why I am the TV champion I am the rocks on Alcatraz. I will win and believe me I thrive in this environment the crazy fans and all the weapons. I entered Alcatraz with the title and I will leave with the title while you Broc, well let’s just say this ocean has claimed many lives and you’ll be just another casualty.

    Dave: Powerful stuff there, people. Powerful stuff indeed. Now, before this match starts, we have some disturbing footage to show you, and you may never look at Manabu the same again.

    K-Jam: Manabu is an evil genius, if he was on mayhem I'd love for him to join The Eye

    *Manabu is seen in a pitch black cell, the light of cigarettes is the only form of light and it appears there are four other men with Manabu. A single bulb turns on and there is a man suspended in the air by meathooks, each one pierced through a limb, he tries to scream but his mouth is filled with gauze. A smell of prawns fills the air.
    "Delicious Tempura, a speciality in Japan but to really get that taste that's given it such critical acclaim you need to boil it in oil"
    Steam begins to violently rise "aha, it's close to being done"
    "Now Mr. Endo you understand why you're here yes?" The man neither nods or shakes his head causing Manabu to strike him with Junsui.
    "I'll go over it again, I like to repeat things so my victims not only have me to deal with but their conscience. I've heard you've been causing not only my wife but my sister a lot of problems. That you've been telling my sister's co-workers she's unfaithful and providing there's money involved she'll do anything, that she is another that's infested with diseases. My wife, she's gone through hell because of you just trying to stay away from you. The amount of times she's called me in tears begging me to save her from the man whose burning his name in the garden, from the man who hides in the bushes taking pictures of her. Tonight, I'm going to help both of them"

    *Manabu picks up the tempura and seperates the prawns from the oil, he walks over to Endo and empties the oil all over his body. Endo's screams are muffled through the gauze and he begins to cry*
    "Crying, the war cry of a wounded pathetic man. Anyone else I guarantee you would've got away with all this but you knew the legions of wrath I could unleash yet you still carried on, I'm going to purify you Endo and drive every part of darkness out of you, starting with the very piece that's caused so many problems...the tongue"
    *Manabu picks up a katana blade and takes out the gauze, Endo begins to scream but Manabu lets him*

    "Scream all you like Endo but only I can save you, last words?"
    Endo: "through his tears* I--I'm sorry..."
    *Manabu like a jolt of lightning grabs Endo's tongue and puts his blade against it*
    "You have caused enough suffering in this world"
    *He pushes the blood against the tongue causing a small gash to appear, Manabu’s devilish grin makes it's way onto his face as he pushes the blade further and further into Endo's tongue, blood begins pouring down Manabu's hand as he smiles. The tongue is now hanging on by a metaphorical thread, Manabu pushes the blade a few cm's along and the tongue falls off surrounded in a pool of blood. The 4 men begin to unhook him but are stopped*
    "Leave him there! Darkness needs to understand pain and consequences"

    Dave: Wow. Just, wow.

    HolyJose (c) vs Broc: WARFare TV championship match.

    its big bad broc

    Broc makes his way to the ring wearing a Pittsburgh Steelers custom made jersey with the #1 with the back of the jersey saying champion, and you can tell he means business tonight

    K-Jam: Broc! Hey Broc!! Why can't he hear me? BROC!!! YOUR A DICK!!!!!

    Ma$$: Broc has been running his mouth non-stop, and it look's like he's gonna have another go. Oh joy.

    Broc: So this past week on Warfare I challenged Holy Jose to the match that I earned at Rampage of the Titans, but I guess he wanted to stall it as long as he could, well Jose the stalling is over right here tonight this is where I do best, in the clutch just like everybody athlete in Pittsburgh I come through in the in clutch. Now to all of you fans...... you are the absolutely the WORST crowd I have ever seen in my life! How can you all of you sit here and cheer while we are out here destroying ourselves for your entertainment, well let me tell you that is just sick and inhuman like to have a good time while everybody here has completely destroyed themselves. You people on the island of Alcatraz are sick, I mean not just for cheering for but also... your legal system is terrible, its so terrible that only 14 people have attempted to escape from prison and the ones that did were killed... I mean thats just fucking cruel. But back to my match tonight I will win my first title and bring it back to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and we will add yet another title to our trophy case so Holy Jose thank you for giving me my first title in JBW.

    *Broc drops the mike*

    K-Jam: If Broc wins this match I will quit, I can't wait for the day I beat up that stupid prick

    He's Holy, and his names Jose.. He's Holy Jose.

    K-Jam: There's no denying HolyJose has made a great TV Champion. I was actually thinking about challenging for the Mayhem TV Title yesterday, but then I remembered im the World Heavyweight Champion

    Ma$$: Something tells me that if you wasn't a prick, K-Jam, then you'd probably be an arsehole.

    Can I just say I think it's a fucking great idea to keep me and Ma$$iveWanker in separate pods, as I'd hate to smash his face in like I did at ROTT

    Ma$$: And might I add that as K-Jam doesn't appear to have his golf club with him that would be imposible. Now lets watch ma' main man Jose wHoop this bwoys arse!

    *Jose looked like he was in trouble on way more than just a few time here, and Broc was on beast form. But in the end the TV champ proved why he is the best TV champ in the history of JBW, and scored a big win here tonight.*

    Ma$$: Jose was savage in those last few moments of that one.

    Dave: What a great match there. Fantastic showing from WARFare's TV champion. Wait a minute! Whats this?
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    Kash; calling it 4 years before Robbie.


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    BI's music hits. (it's Doogie Housers theme song)

    *The hardcore fanatical IWC fans begin to boo. They are clearly not fans of this simple character.

    Ma$$: This guy used to follow me around all the fricken time. Then K-Jam was kind enough to give me a Midget Ma$$ for my brthday, and the rest as they say is history.

    K-Jam: I still want him back.

    Ma$$: Sucks to be you then, innit!

    *With one hop, Bee-Eye is up on the ring apron, and begins clapping fanatically. The crowd join him, and it's a clapfest all round. BodomInvader enters the ring while the clapping continues, and he mimics holding a microphone. A stagehand hands him a mic, but BodomInvader starts clapping again, and knocks the mic to the floor. After a silly giggle, he reaches down and picks it up.*

    BI: o0Ooo00OoPs!!! i @m sUcH @ fUcKinG klU+z. I re@ll- oOO00ooO0ps! I jUsT sWor3... SOwwY! @NyW@y I @m 0u+ h3r3 t0niGHt sO I c@n aPoLoGi$e tO mY nEw bEsT fw3InD, L3eE3333eeEe333nnnYyyY... LiGhTnInG!!!............. *looks around and winks* L3eE3333eeEe333nnnYyyY!!!

    *The man who has become synonymous with the forces of nature strides out onto the stage. On his face is somewhat of a firm look that says the events of Mayhmem are still weighing heavily on his mind. He socks his left hip out, leans forward, and in a show of razmataz, dramatically holds his hand up towards the rafters. Anticipating a microphone. The mic is lowered into his hand, which he grabs, and as soon as he is about to speak, FOUR bolts of lightning strike down and create an explosion in the exact same spot that he was standing. Had he not have tucked and rolled at the last split second he would have surely been fried. He sprints down the aisle to avoid anymore of the unforgiving faux lightning. After sliding into the ring, he is welcomed by BodomInvader with a huge bear hug which lifts Lenny off of his feet, before unceremoniously dumping him to the ground.*

    BI: ooOo00Oop$! $0wwY W3nnY I dWoP3d you!

    *Bee-Eye reaches down and pull Lenny to his feet with a sharp tug. Bods brushes him down, and continues.*

    BI: N0w W3nnY, i Kn0w w3 m@d3 uP aFt3R M@yH3m, bU+ i w@NtEd tO m@K3 I+ uP 2 u Wi+h a Li++L3 pIcNiC! S000000 wI+oU+ fUr+3R aDieU @lLoW m3 t0 iN+RoDuCe M... V... 3!!!!

    It's the widdle guys

    *The little guys run out on the stage, Midget Ma$$ is carrying a picnic hamper and they duds towards the ring with excitement. Midget Ma$$ puts the hamper down, and Small Siaks and Little George open in and begin throwing out sandwiches and packets of crisps all over the ring. The scene is chaotic as Bee-Eye and the little guys are running around in circles accidentally squashing the sandwiches into the ring. Lenny shakes his head and puts his face in his hands in despair.*

    BI: WhOoO0o!

    MM: Cuckety Cuck Cuck!!

    LG: China China Plate China Plate!!

    SS: Brother Brother *wink wink*!!!

    Lenny: ENOUGH!!!!

    *Suddenly, three more midgets, all bearing a resemblence to Lenny Lightning, come out from under the ring. After a few unsuccessful attempts at climbing into the ring, they decide to use the steps. After entering the ring they begin running around with BodomInvader and MV3. After about ten seconds of this, Lenny, from out of nowhwere NAILS BODOMINVADER WITH A STIFF LARIAT! The "Little Lennys" then begin attacking MV3 and after about a minute of midget on midget violence, Lenny tips the scales by nailing each member of MV3 with a stiff boot!*

    LL: BodomInvader! You retarded imbecile! How dare you put your hands on the greatest talent this company has ever known! How dare you!! BodomInvader, your stupidness has got you in trouble for the last time, for at Horrorcore Icons it's gonna be me and you... One on one! And my little friends here, known as Clap, Bolt and Strike AKA Too Cool for Stools, are gonna show MV3 that there is only one dominant group of little guys here in JBW!

    *Lenny throws down the mic, and begins kicking BodomInvader in the skull. After four or five kicks, he stops, looks around the arena, and the fans boo the hell out of him. While the boo's rain down on him he motions to Too Cool for Stools and leaves the ring.... They are half way up the ramp when a bolt of lightning strikes down in between them sending the four of them flying! They pick themselves up, dust themselves off and continue up the ramp, with Lenny wearing an embarrassed look on his face. Just before they walk through the curtain, Strike, Bolt, and Clap turn around to face the ring and flip BodomInvader and MV3 the smallest birds in the history of JBW. By now MV3 are on their feet and as fast as their little legs could carry them, and run up the aisle looking for a fight. Too Cool For Stools meet them halfway, and an impromptu match has begun*

    K-Jam: Piss break!

    *MV3 pick up a victory in a match that was booed out of the building, and anyone who witnessed it would later be diagnosed with severe mental issues. BodomInvader and the little guys begin jumping up and down in celebration, when Lenny Lightning returns.*

    Lenny Lightning: Whoa! You guys aren't getting let off this lightly. No way. *Takes a deep breath.* Me and you, Bee-Eye, right here right now!

    *Lenny runs to the ring, and another impromptu match has begun.*

    Dave: Man alive! That was an amazing match considering the participants. Lets go ba-

    *Dave is cut off by BodomInvader.*
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    Kash; calling it 4 years before Robbie.


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    BI: HeY, TAlkiNg M@n, C@n I BoRROw yOur T@lKinG StiCk, aGaIn.?

    *Ring announcer brings BI the mic*

    BI: FiRstWY, t@k3 dAt WeNNy! A@nD T@nK u VeRY MucH fOr tH3 fIghT. nOw MuNChkINs TiMEs 3, PwE@sE ComE bAcK OUt!

    *MV3 trots back out*

    BI: I aM sO H@pPy 2 B On ALcatrAZ ISland! Al C@poNE W@s H3r3! SO w@S M@n WhO LIk3S BIrdS! I LiK3 BirDS! YAYYYY! AnD u F@Ns Ar3 LIk3 BIrDs SO i lIkE u 2!
    NoW TeDdY B3@r H@s b33n MiSsiNg SInc3 I Com3 2 iSL@nD anD I MisS TeD! H3 iS mY B3sTeST Fri3ND iN wHoL3 WOrlD! M3 and Ted have had M2nY GO0d Tim3s together. We are a team and one of the most dominant forces ever. I have bent over backwards to have the fans like me but you guys all just snicker and make fun. I AM TIRED OF IT DAMMIT. YOU STUPID SONS OF BITCHES DON'T KNOW HOW TO BE POLITE? WELL THEN, YOU ARE THE ONES THAT ARE LEGIT FUCKTARDS!! FROM NOW ON, TED AND I WILL BEAT ALL YOU BASTARDS DOWN AND TAKE NO MUTHAFUCKIN PRISONERS!

    *Looks beyond crowd*


    It is time. His master has called his name, and the game that they had been playing with everyone all this time was over. No more Mr Nice Bear. No more Grrrrrowwwwling for him. No. For he is Terrible Ted, and he is about to show the world just how Terrible he can be. He is free, and Heaven help them all.

    *Ted charges crowd and they scream and make way for the ferocious beast! The grizzly bear clears the top rope in a single bound, and swipes down Midget Ma$$ with a single swipe of his claws. He then turns on Small Siaks, and Little George!

    Ma$$: What the fuck! OH MY GOD, SOMEONE STOP THIS!!

    **Natural born killaz!.**

    Ma$$: I don't know who the cuck this is, but someone needs to save those midgets! It already looks like it's too late!

    ** The Pyro explodes with a bright ball of flame and a thunderous BOOOMMM!!! When the fire and smoke clears The Sleeper is standing there wearing a new bloody skull mask and holding a chainsaw. Sleep rushes the ring with the chainsaw revving in his hands.**

    K-Jam: OH MY GOD THE SLEEPER IS BACK!!! Oh no wait, I don't give a fuck. Sweet Chainsaw though !

    Ma$$: Theres ma' boy. I knew he'd make it! BOOOYA!!!

    K-Jam: What is he doing here indeed. He was "FIRED" and with cause. This loser publicly embarassed the JBW by being caught on video arguing and belittling a managing official of this company, which was seen by millions on TMZ.

    **Sleeper gets into the ring with the chainsaw and positions himself between miniV3 and BodomInvader & Terrible Ted. He swipes at them a couple times and they back up.**

    BI: Get him Ted....tear him up!

    **But Ted doesn't do anything as he is visibly freightened by the chainsaw and the revving of it's motor. Sleep sees that Ted is afraid of the chainsaw so he takes a couple steps closer to him continuing to rev the engine. Ted climbs over the ropes, falls to the ground and runs up the ramp to get away from the loud chainsaw.**

    BI: Fuck it, I'll take care of you myself.

    **BodomInvader gets ready for Sleep to swipe at him again with the chainsaw, so that he can duck out of the way and attack him before he has time to reset himself after the miss. But Sleep flips the switch to the chainsaw to turn it off and drops it to the ground, then without hesitation Sleep superkicks BodomInvader in the mouth. BodomInvader, (who was standing near the ropes) flips over the ropes and falls to the ground. BodomInvader gets up holding his chin, looks at the Sleeper, and after staring dow Sleeps for a moment, he takes another look at the chainsaw, and heads up the ramp following his pet, Ted. The crowed starts chanting "Welcome Back Welcome Back" over and over again. Sleep walks over to the announce table and grabs a mic. Sleep gets back into the ring and the crowed is still chanting loud enough to blow the roof off.**

    Sleep: Ok ok,calm down now......DAMN, alot of shit has changed in the last mont, since I've been gone. First off when did the JBW get it's own bootleg Keyser Söze, he looks more like a Deputy Doofy if you ask me. And was I supposed to be afraid of his little Teddy bear, once my pet, Rusty, started barking Teddy boy took off running all the way back to the zoo. Also before I left my good friend Siaki had the Heavyweight title and he was in a feud with Romes and fighting him at Rampage of the Titans. Now he is gone and fucking J-Jammin has the belt, where the fuck did that one come from. And what's up with all the new faces around here, I was only gone for a month and there is like 10 new people just on our show alone. But enough with all the changes around here, let's talk about the 1 that will never change, ME, and what the fuck I'm doing here. Well, as I'm sure most of you have figured,.......I'm back!!

    **Crowed cheers**

    Sleep: When I was in Kash's office he told me about this show he was doing called Horrorcore Icons, and that he would be having this show on Alcatraz Island. As soon as I heard that, I knew this would be the perfect timing to announce my return. In front of everybody from WARfare & Mayhem, and all of you, my kind of people, convicts and crazies!!

    **Crowed erupts again**

    Now I need to be honest with you all, I was ready to walk away from the JBW. I was so fed up with all the back stage politics, that I was ready to throw away everything that I had worked so hard to build here in the Jabe. And if it wasn't for my good friends Ma$$ and Georgie, none of you would have ever seen me in a JBW ring again.

    **Crowed Boos**

    K-Jam: See I knew that he doesn't care about these people here, as he tries to pretend.

    Ma$$: Oh shut up you cunt and let the kid speak.

    Sleep: I was ready to leave all of this and all of you behind, but Ma$$ and Georgie wouldn't leave me alone. And no matter how much I told them no, they wouldn't stop with the phone calls, the text messages, the FaceBook messages, the tweets, and the e-mails. These guys even sent me an Edible Arrangements Bouquet with chocolate covered strawberries and pineapple slices, and they even wrote "Please Come Back" on the card. B.T.Dubs, that shit was bomb my dudes, I ate the whole thing by myself. Anyways, back to what I was saying. No matter how much these guys pestered me, I still just kept rejecting them. Then finally a couple weeks ago these two came to my house and pushed their way in. They came over with a few gallons of Jack a case of Coca Cola and a fat sack of the greenest sticky-icky-icky.......

    Crowed: Oooooooh weeeeeeeeee

    Sleep: Haha like I said, my kind of people.... These guys were not planning on leaving until I agreed to come back. We went back and forth on things for quite a while, and after some aggressive negotiations, two black eyes, a busted lip, and a few bruised ribs I finally agreed to come back. And judging by some of the reactions I have received from all of you here tonight, I know that I have made the right decision.

    **The crowed cheers and applauds**

    Sleep: Now let’s get into my future here in the JBDubs. I'm making this guarantee right here tonight to all of you, and everyone watching at home, Within three months I will be back at the top of this company. And I will do it the way I have done everything else in my life, the hard way with no shortcuts. So everybody in the Mayhem locker room from the lower card, to the mid card and even all of the upper card, you all need to watch your back. Like my big homie Booker T once said "I'm Coming For You Ni**az. 'Cuz from the North Town to downtown and all the way to your town.....I am the "Natural Born Thrilla" aka THE SLEEPER! AND I'M BACK BITCHES!!!

    **As The Sleeper says that he throws both of his arms up into the air and makes an “L” and a “V” with his fingers, as a blinding pyro explodes from all four post corners. When the pyro and smoke clears The Sleeper is gone from the middle of the ring

    Ma$$: BodomInvader made us all look like clowns, but I don't fucking care because my boys back in town!

    K-Jam: BodomInvader. What the fuck?! That sneaky bastard! I like him now.

    Dave: Yeah, that was some seriously messed up shit there, guys. And now, it is time for our special WARFare special attraction match as voted for by the fans of Lets go back stage where one of the participants has a few mighty words for us
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    Kash; calling it 4 years before Robbie.


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    The cameras flipped backstage where Zeus Apollo was walking towards the ring down the dark corridor. Eerie music was playing. He walked by scary figures, and ghost-liked objects, but wasn't fazed by anything. Then he came face-to-face with Jason Voorhies. The slasher held up his machete, but Zeus just knocked it away, forcing Jason to cower away in the opposite direction...

    Zeus' Theme

    Zeus' music over-shadowed the eerie music, and he made his way out towards the ring. He knelt down at the top of the ramp, bowing to the Gods. He stood up and walked down to the ring at a steady pace, drawing a positive reaction from the audience... Zeus climbed the steel steps and jumped to the top of the ring post, as he looked to the sky, and then hopped down into the ring, centering himself. A microphone was given to him as the lights came on... The music stopped...

    Zeus: "Horrorcore, such a clever name for an event... Tonight, the fans pick the matches they want to see, and you all have chosen Zeus Apollo to be in action. You've also chosen my opponent for tonight: The Prophecy. Like myself, he's also trying to get himself another title shot, though he's already failed at taking the belt... Speaking of which, we have a new Warfare Champion... Shuriken shocked the world by jumping ship, and is on Warfare, defeating Snair and taking away my task. I was supposed to be the one who beat Snair and took the title from him, not some new guy from another company pulling a Hulk Hogan and getting an immediate title match. I understand how good Shuriken is, but it's only fair that when you join JBW, that you start in the back of the line and work your way to the top... Now I've got more frustration to let go of tonight, and unfortunately for The Prophecy, he'll be the one standing in this ring with me tonight... I'm not done with Snair, and he will see my wrath soon enough, and then... Then I'll go one-on-one with Shuriken, and continue on with the task handed to me from the Gods themselves. I will be the Warfare Champion, and you can guarantee that."

    Zeus tossed the microphone away, and awaited the start of his match.

    The screen cust to the backstage area with some eerie music playing, there we see a black cloaked figure, the figure looks up, and its The Prophecy.

    K-Jam: " My own prophecy is telling me that Zeus Apollo sucks. You see what I did there? World Championship comedy right there. I like The Prophecy just because he beat that retard Kevin Matthews, wish that fucker would piss off "

    Ma$$: Proph. Man, he's alright, but Zeus is gonna crush this fool!

    "Welcome friends, to Alcatraz, population? 666 disturbed hardcore wrestling fans, clamouring for blood, pain, and serious injuries"

    The Prophecy starts walking forward

    "We are here tonight, to view some disturbing action, and when I was told tonight we would be here, in this former prison, home to some of the most nefarious anf twisted men of all time, I thought no.But then I thought, why not?"

    The Prophecy stops, looks to his left and sees a naked man being hosed with a water cannon, screaming.

    "Damn, havent seen that since TheDags pre-match warmups. Anyway, as I was saying, I decided to compete tonight because, this place is often referred to as The Rock, and I am JBW's future version, of The Brahma Bull, The Rock...haha"

    The Prophecy walks out, and makes his way to the ring, surrounded by heavily armed security, eerie music still playing.

    "Onto my opponent, Zeus, a self proclaimed God, well I have no problem, showing you and these sick fans that just because I crack a few jokes, doesnt mean I cant crack a few skulls. You may be a God in your own mind, but that wont help you escape from Alcatraz my friend, nobody can help."

    Prophecy enters the ring looking out at the fans, with the armed security surrounding the ring.

    "If blood is what these people want, Zeus, then that is what I shall give them. These 666 fans tonight, are in for a night they will not forget, I mean look at them, theyre as discusting as the criminals they used to incarcerate here, I mean look a that guy with a fork in his hands, not sure if its for cutting his head open, or picking up leftover Hot Dogs from the floor. Zeus Apollo, tonight you face a real God, me. And tonight you had better startpraying for mercy from a benevolent being, God save Zeus Apollo.....because nobody else will...."

    Zeus Apollo vs The Prophecy

    K-Jam: 1....

    Ma$$: Two...

    K-Jam: THREE!! Oh my gosh!

    Dave: I-I-I'm shocked! The Prophecy just tripped JBW's answer to Marvel Comics Thor and held some tights on the way to a SHOCKING victory! I-I-I-I think we better go backstage and hear from a few of the final six in the tournament.
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    Kash; calling it 4 years before Robbie.


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    The Sandman

    *In the darkness, you hear loud footsteps cracking on the damp floor creating a slight splashing noise. It echoes with every step. Closer and closer... it stops.*

    *A match stick is lit and can be seen being thrown.*

    *A fire kicks in, we see a broken down boiler room. Skeletons, rats and roaches all scatter when the flames begin to lick the walls.*

    *A big man walks into the frame with a chair. He sits down and lurches over so we can see his face. It's THE SANDMAN. His hoodie covering half of his face with the Gas mask showing ever so slightly. His head hangs low.*

    "I never wanted to enter this as you all know. They say I'm a freak, and just like the rest. That's the farthest thing from the truth as you can possibly get. I'm not a man of many words, I let my games do the talking for me. But being forced into this environment makes one do weird things....

    Leonard Ray Beauregard... you are a foul beast of a man. You reek of trash, your aura is damaged beyond repair. You are nothing but pure unadulterated filth. You're a drunken hick with no moral code. You are the type that I'm after. I want to make you play my game but alas, you're on a different show than me normally. But tonight, tonight I get to use you as the lamb. I've faced a few people but you, you're different. You're a part of my quest.

    No one knows what I will truly bring to the table. I am here against my will but, that does not mean I won't defend myself.... Leonard Ray Beauregard, I want you to be thinking one thing and one thing only. Think about the fact that I don't need the weapons to destroy your being. Think about the fact that you'll resort to underhanded tactics to attempt to win. But the main thing to think about is, how far into your soul are you willing to go to get a victory? My guess? Not very far at all.

    You have been warned. Stay around and play with me. The mat is a perfect place to lay for eternity. I'll make you sleep ever so peacefully. Goodnight."

    *The flames die down as THE SANDMAN fades into the background getting dimmer and dimmer. A slight chuckle is heard echoing through the bowels as it goes away.*

    Leonard Ray Beaureagard

    Leonard Ray Beauregard is laying on the cot inside a darkened cell.

    LRB: Malcolm Cage is done. I'm off to catch bigger fish. Sandman, this means that you are next on my list. You think that your mind games are gonna work on me? You think just cause you run in and out of the shadows, that you're gonna spook me? Son, you may be the nightmare of the other folks in the JBW, but I'm going to show the world what The Sandman is afraid of, and that's Leonard Ray Beauregard. See, the thing about you is, you live in a world of illusions. I live in a world of reality, and boy, reality is far worse than any fantasy you can come up with. After I beat your ass Sandman, I'll be one step closer to glory.

    *Leonard rolls onto his side away from the camera and covers up with an old wool blanket*

    LRB: As you can see, I ain't losing no sleep over The Sandman


    Sly: Ladies and Gentlemen, joining me once again, Rome!

    Rome walks up next to Sly, wearing a pair of fake cat ears

    Sly: What's your thoughts on your next opponent, Alpha Dog?

    Rome: Meow meow meow, meow. Meow meow. Meow meow meow meow meow meow. Meow. Meeeeeowww.

    Sly: What are you doing?

    Rome: Speaking to Alpha Dog in his native language.

    Sly: Cat?

    Rome: No, Pussy-ese.

    Sly: So you've got nothing good to say?

    Rome: Listen. I'm going to beat his ass like a Government Mule. And when I win, he'll be walking back like a scalded dog.

    Dave: We're back ladies and gentl-

    *The lights go off, and when they come back on, NIGHTWOLF AND TAD LOCUST ARE GOING AT IT

    NightWolf vs Tad Locust: Semi final match up- no rope barbed wire match

    K-Jam: Watching two weird fuckers like these two compete makes me real glad I agreed to do this

    Ma$$: Motherfucker! That was some nasty shit! NightWolf had ownage in this one. Props to him all day long. Wait! What’s this?

    *Distress signals can be seen lighting up the sky above the island. A view from the top of the lighthouse tower can be seen on camera. *What's that? Somebody can just be visibly seen on shore 1.5 miles waving two distress flares. *As the camera zooms in, a figure can be made out, standing there waving their arms frantically. *A few minutes pass, and the flares have gone out. *The figure can be seen throwing the flares to the ground and putting on a ruck sack... What is he doing? Wait... He's not... He's getting in the water and swimming across to Alcatraz! *

    Ma$$: Whoever this is, they're fookin’ nuts!

    *He's halfway across now, but wait! He's been dragged under the water! Oh no! What has happened?! *The camera zooms in to area in question... Wait, he's back! But he's not alone! He's going one on one with a great White shark!!! The two are rolling around, and he has the shark in a head lock and is pounding the shit out of it. *They've both gone under water again! *Can we get a closer view?! *30 seconds pass and nothing... 45 seconds pass and we get a few bubbles come to the surface. *Looks like it's curtains for this star... He was doing so well too. But wait! *He's back! *He's swimming across! *

    Dave: Let's get down there to see who this is! Take it away Todd.

    A figure can be seen clambering up the rocks onto the Alcatraz Island, he's clearly out of breath. *As he gets closer, blood can be visibly seen pouring from his left thigh. *Man, that shark got him bad. As he gets nearer, the camera zooms in and it's... St George!!!!

    Todd: St George, are you ok?

    SG: Ok? *Ok? Who the daffy duck left without me? *I thought we we're getting a lift over here?!!

    Todd: Well Erm, I'm not sure... You're bleeding badly there George. Are you ok?

    SG: this? Ah it's nothing... Some goldfish was nibbling at me on my way over.

    *SG pulls out some plumbers tape from his rucksack and stats to tape up the deep gash that the shark made*

    Todd: Erm, George, I think you need medical attention for that.

    SG: this? Its nothing... Here hold this.

    *George passes Todd a sharks eye*

    SG: I think he's gonna need to go to specsavers now. *Right! That's me sorted... How the hell do I get into this freak asylum? *Nevermind... I can smell Chainsaw's bullshit from here... I'll follow the scent.

    St George limps his way into Alcatraz leaving a trail of blood behind him. *

    Ma$$: And THAT is how you make an entrance. He's going to eat Chainsaw alive here tonight.

    *From out of nowhere Chainsaw attacks George and the two begin brawling through the corridors. The fight their way towards the gorilla position, up the aisle and into the ring. This battle is underway!*

    Ma$$: Go on, my china!! St George just beat the unbeatable Chainsaw... Twice in a week! 'AVE IT!!

    K-Jam: That cockney cunt is the most annoying fucker in JBW history, His interviews remind me of The Ultimate Warriors in which I don't have a fucking clue what he's talking about!

    Don't worry son, your mum does!
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    Kash; calling it 4 years before Robbie.


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    Dave: Congratulations to St George! What a victory! Now... This next part of the show is, well, just check it out.

    (An attractive young woman, who has dark brown hair wore up in a ponytail and wearing a skirt and a button down shirt, is shown walking around the lower tier of Cell Block D. The cell block is dark, except for the light coming off of the camera, and she looks scared. "Gabriel!?", she says as her voice echoes through the cell block. She continues.)

    ???: Gabriel!? Gabriel!? You know this place has been freaking me out. I thought I heard some crying back there. Gabriel!? You do know you are the one who text me to come here. "Jennifer, come to cell block D." That is what you sent me

    (Jennifer comes by a cell that is shrouded in darkness. She looks inside. She can't see anything. She turns around and shrugs her shoulders. She takes a step before a hand comes out, grabs her ponytail, and pulls her in as she lets out a loud scream. A few moments later a voice comes out.)

    Jennifer: Damn it, Gabriel.(She walks out of the cell.) That scared the hell out of me. Why would you do that, especially here?

    Gabriel: (Walks out of the cell as well) Oh, settle down. You should be relieved that it's The Alpha Dog shouldn't you, unlike his competition tonight. Besides (in sarcastic voice) "Gabriel" is not The Alpha Dogs name.

    Jennifer: Well, Alpha Dog, yes I am relieved it is you, but talking about relieving, you nearly made me relieve all over myself. Jeez, I don't like this place.

    Alpha: Don't worry...(Puts his hands on her hips and pulls her in close)The Alpha Dog is here.

    Jennifer: (pushes away) Hey! I did not come all the way to Alcatraz Island for that.

    Alpha: Well then, WHY ARE YOU HERE?!!!

    Jennifer: (Puts her hands on Alphas shoulders) Hey relax. I came here because I am your psychiatrist. I kind of have a professional obligation to be here seeing as it is Alcatraz and your state of mind.


    Jennifer: Yeah, it obviously is and that is the problem. I mean do you not feel any fear or anything here.

    Alpha: (looks around at his surroundings) The Alpha Dog only feels excitement right now. Because of the tournament, because of the competition,(looks Jennifer up and down) and for damn sure because of you(goes to put his hand on her hips again).

    Jennifer: (Places a finger on Alphas chest) We have been doing this for the past month now. That was the last time we had a real session. Now, all I see this as is a way for you to distract me from doing my job. Yes, it has been fun, but I really want to help Gabriel.

    Alpha: Gabriel? Why do you want to help that bitch?

    Jennifer: Because I have talked to him and he is a good person, but I have been watching JBW as of late and I'm not seeing Gabriel on there. I've just been seeing you and I'm worried that we are going to lose Gabriel forever.


    (Alpha starts breathing in and out really hard and starts shaking. Jennifer notices this as she starts rubbing his shoulders trying to calm him down.)

    Jennifer: Please Alpha, calm down. I'm sorry for saying that. Please relax.

    (Jennifer looks toward the cell Alpha was in. She looks to the other side and mouths the words "Damn it". She then shakes her head and continues)

    Jennifer: Hey... you know whose head I want to examine now?

    Alpha: WHOSE?!!

    (Jennifer whispers something in his ear. As she whispers, The Alpha Dog becomes obviously more relaxed. As she stops whispering, The Alpha Dog thinks for a moment and then smiles.)

    Alpha: OH!!! SO, YOU WANT TO EXAMINE LITTLE ALPHAS HEAD?!!! (laughs for a moment) The Alpha Dog gets it now.

    Jennifer: (sighs and has an irritated look on her face) Yeah, Alpha. That is exactly what I whispered to you. "Whispered" being the key word. (She grabs the front of Alphas jeans and pulls on them) Come on.

    (They both start to walk into the cell before The Alpha Dog slaps Jennifers ass and yells)


    (The cell door closes. The tape fast forwards a few minutes before the cell door opens. Alpha and Jennifer both walk out. Alpha is buckling his belt while Jennifer is finishing buttoning up her shirt and both have embarrassed looks on their faces. They stand there for a couple of moments before The Alpha Dog begins to speak.)
    Alpha: So...(does a little whistle and scratches his head) that was the first time that has ever happened to The Alpha Dog.

    Jennifer: (looks at Alpha obviously trying to find the words to say) Look, this is common. You were distracted. This

    Alpha: Men like The Alpha Dog? NO!!! THAT NEVER HAPPENS TO HIM!!!

    Jennifer: I personally know that. I'm just saying you were distracted. Probably because of what we talked about beforehand.

    Alpha: THIS COULD RUIN THE ALPHA DOG, ESPECIALLY HIS SIDE BUSINESS, IF ANYBODY...(looks at Jennifer) ever heard about it.

    (The Alpha Dog starts walking towards Jennifer. A look of concern is shown on her face as she starts walking backwards.)

    Jennifer: Wait, Gabriel...

    Alpha: The name is The Alpha Dog.

    Jennifer: Ok...I'm...I'm sorry...Alpha. I'm a psychiatrist. Doctor-patient confidentiality. I can never say anything about this to anyone or else I would lose my license. (nervous voice.) This incident never happened.

    (Alpha stops walking, thinks for a moment, and then says)

    Alpha: Ok

    Jennifer: Ok?

    Alpha: Ok

    Jennifer: Ah great. You had me going (Jennifer turns around and starts walking out of frame while The Alpha Dog is shown grabbing something off of a wall) for a minute there. I thought you( Jennifer was out of frame when Alpha lifts up the object and runs towards her) were really going to...

    (Before she could finish the sentence the sound of metal meeting skull echos throughout the cell block. The sound is heard six more times before the object is thrown in front of the camera man and lands on the ground mere inches from the camera mans foot. The object was a steel pipe covered with blood. The camera cuts to The Alpha Dog walking towards it. Obviously in a traumatized state and covered with blood. He gets on both of his knees and looks at his hands that are crimson red from blood.)

    Alpha: Ok...ok....ok...the secrets buried. The secrets buried. No one will hear one will see...

    (Alpha then looks up to the camera man. Alpha then smiles and starts to stand up. The cameraman starts to run down the cell block. Footsteps are heard behind him. He continues running until he meets a dead end. The camera turns around to see Alpha just a step behind him. Alpha lets out a ferocious scream, tackles the camera man, and the impact of back against stone is heard. The cameraman falls over to the ground and drops the camera. Alphas feet are shown before Alpha picks up the camera. He looks into the camera and whispers in a low menacing voice)

    Alpha: ...domination time...

    (The camera is then thrown and the last sound that is heard is that of metal meeting stone. The screen goes static.)

    K-Jam: Yeah this is fine, let's just allow a murderer to keep on working for the company. JBW is a joke
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    Kash; calling it 4 years before Robbie.


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    The Sandman vs Leonard Ray Beauregard

    Ma$$ not these two wankers again!

    K-Jam: Another rumour about the Sandman floating about is that apparently he will be on the new series of Dancing With The Stars

    K-Jam: Lenny Ray is scum, end of story.

    Ma$$: Never trust a man with no teeth.

    *The Sandman gets punched in the stomach, 1, 2, 3 times and drops to one knee. LRB stands over top of him to hit him with a double ax handle, while holding an ax handle, The Sandman elbows the back of the knee cap and LRB goes down hard. The Sandman takes the ax handle and looks at it. He throws it into the crowd. He positions himself for the "Dreamland" (Anaconda Vice) and LRB never taps out but passes out instead. The Sandman drags an unconcious Lenny out of the ring, up the aisle and through the curtain.*

    Ma$$: Weird to the O!

    Dave: This tournament is turning out to one hell of a crazy ride. It's time for our last semi finals match.

    RomanFlare vs The Alpha Dog

    Ma$$: Alphs has got this. In-fact he's got this whole fucking tornament!

    K-Jam: Oh piss off, RomanFlare will get it done, trust me. He's ma' boy!

    Out comes The Alpha Dog with a mic

    K-Jam: No Alpha Dog! Stop humping!! OFF!

    "RomanFlare, RomanFlare, RomanFlare.(Starts laughing while walking down the ramp) Do you remember what you and The Alpha Dog talked about...about a week ago. You said The Alpha Dog was going to have to prove, you know, that he is worthy of standing in the same ring as the great RomanFlare? (Starts walking up the steps to the ring) Now, The Alpha Dog doesn't think that last match was really proof enough. He was just a lowly lackey of that group of bitches known as The Eye.(Alpha steps into the ring) So, since you are currently standing in The Alpha Dogs Yard, THE ALPHA DOG IS JUST GOING TO HAVE TO SHOW YOU HIS WORTH RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW!!! By the way, this one is for Siaki, YOU SON OF A BITCH!!!

    (The Alpha Dog runs at Romes and this match is on!)

    *After a match containing sheer brutalty, Rome catches Alpha with Romans Revenge on a chair covered on thumbtacks for the three count!*

    K-Jam: Yes!!!

    Ma$$: No!!

    Dave: WOW! Our finals are set! Its going to be RomanFlare versud NightWolf versud The Sandman, and w- ... OK, we need to go backstage.

    *The electric flickers and a scream is heard from one of the cell blocks.*


    *Through the corridors and into a cell block, The Sandman has Leonard Ray Beauregard in a maze of cells. He's trying to figure a way out. The problem is, some cells are electrified and some are not. The ones that are not, will open into a new area. The ones that are, they release a jolt of electricity that could be potentially fatal if the human synapses are firing the right way...*

    Leonard Ray Beauregard: (While hesitant to touch a cell bar.) "What in the hell is wrong with you, boy?"

    The Sandman: "What's wrong with me? Heh, what's wrong with YOU? All you do is drink and chew, drink and chew. Is that all you want from life? Being complaciant ina trailer, wallowing in your own filth? If it is, by all means, continue your meandering existence. But, you have to get out first to do it."

    *Leonard Ray Beauregard gets shocked and lets out a painful scream. His hands are blistered and peeling from the electricity flowing through him every time he fails. Burning flesh makes for a horrible smell.*

    The Sandman: "Isn't this fun? When... if you get out, I'll stand right at the door so you can confront me. Do that sound good to you?

    Leonard Ray Beauregard: "When I get outta here, boy.. Im’a' pummel you down! Im’a' make you squeal!"

    The Sandman: "Typical redneck trash. Always running off at the mouth and too stupid to see the big picture before you. Please, continue through the maze."

    *After several grueling minutes of Leonard Ray Beauregard trying to make it through the maze, he finally comes to the last part. He's basically crawling through each door now, the pain is unbearable to take. He gets shocked again. And again. Finally, he puts his hand on the right one and crawls out.*

    *The Sandman walks to a beaten man and kicks him in the stomach. Leonard Ray Beauregard lets out a whimper in pain.*

    The Sandman: "Guess you're not in much of a fighting mood anymore, are ya'? I want to know what you learned from this.... if anything that is. I'm not quite sure about the level of competence you have... I just want to know... how you're feeling."

    *The Sandman crouches and tilts his head.*

    *Leonard Ray Beauregard lifts his head up and tries to use his arms to gain leverage.*

    Leonard Ray Beauregard: "How do I feel?.... How do I feel?"

    *Leonard Ray Beauregard spits chewing tobacco onto The Sandman's gasmask.*

    *The Sandman stands up and clears the chew from his mask.*

    The Sandman: "Wrong answer. I guess you can't learn anything..."

    *The Sandman kicks Leonard Ray Beauregard in the stomach again, knocking him out. He looks at him for a second and then walks into one of the surrounding dark corridors leaving him lying on the ground.*

    Dave: HolyJose that guy is spooky.
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    Kash; calling it 4 years before Robbie.


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    * All of a sudden Katie runs down to ringside and starts banging and screaming at K-Jammins pod...*


    KJ: ( Still in the pod ) " You see this is why you should not have sex with a psycho bitch "


    KJ: " Excuse me fella's... "

    *He steps out the pod, and Katie lunges at him with the knife which K-Jam dodges and punches her in the face, leaving her out cold on the floor. He casually just gets back into the pod*

    [I]KJ: " You have no idea how long I've wanted to do that. Oh look my pod just opened. Guess that means I have to go prepare for Shuriken "[/I]

    Dave: While K-Jam steps over an unconcious Katie, let's hear from RomanFlare backstage with his little bum boy Sly.

    Sly: Ladies and Gentlemen, for the last time, I hope, RomanFlare!

    Rome: Thank you Sly. How's the wife?

    Sly: She's good.

    Rome: And my kid?

    Sly: Still a paste-eater. Rome, you're in the finals. What's going through your mind.

    Rome: My thoughts? "Fuck yeah. You're awesome Rome. You're the best damn thing to happen to this company". Have you seen what I've done in the last 3 months? I'm the only logical choice for both JBW Breakout Star of the Year and JBW Wrestler of the Year. So that fact that I'm in the finals can only mean one thing: I'm going to take that belt and throw it in the trash, Oh yeah!

    Sly: Even though you're now facing two opponents?

    Rome: 2, 4, 6, 8, I don't give a shit. Unless I'm facing an exact clone of myself, there's no chance in hell I'll lose. And even then it's 50/50.

    Sly: But it's Nightwolf and Sandman.

    Rome: NightWolf is a washed up Hasbeen.

    Sly: And Sandman?

    Rome: Who?

    Sly: Sandman.

    Rome: His cup of coffee in the big time is up. OH YEAH! Disappears off camera

    *Manabu is seen stood in the ring, surrounded by 666 hardcore wrestling fans. There is blood dripping from some of their lips which coats their ecw and bjpw shirts, they begin to get rowdy as a small number of security guards try to hold them off.

    Manabu unsheathe's a white kendo sword and looks around at the horde of fans, he grins and grabs a microphone

    "I've travelled through the depths of hell to arrive here, yet it's just like warfare. Hell bears just as many diseases as the overworld, everyone here can feel their hearts twisting, every beat sending more of the black venom deeper and deeper into the beautiful gift from god, warping their souls and slowly cutting every artery. Yet everyone of you does nothing to stop it, you let your lungs blackening and let the fangs of the devil devour your souls. Well since I was fired for being warfare's god, rescuing everyone from a fall into the claws of despair and giving them a new lease on life, essentially being a modern day robin hood battling the darkness I've decided I've been wasting my time. Why try to save people who don't want to be saved? From now on I will drive the darkness out of the world and deep into the underworld along with everyone possessed by it, all with the Junsui *manabu strikes a pose with his sword* Purification has began and it will not end! The light in my heart and Junsui are enough to guide me to heaven and vanquish every single person here tonight.
    *Manabu looks at someone in a bjpw shirt* haha, BJPW don't hear much from them nowadays do you? That's because there's no one there to hear from anymore! They're all scared to even whisper in case I'll be back riding my stallion of justice swinging my blade of purity in such passion that even Genghis Khan would fear me!

    Now whoever has been chosen by the tyrant of Warfare get out here so I can purify you and bathe you in fire. Of course it's going to hurt but without the darkness you feel inside, you'll be enjoying the beautiful light of life.


    Snair comes out with his music playing loud and a shocked crowd and after staring manabu he finally speaks:

    Manabu you're looking surprised,were you not expecting me to come down that ramp,were expecting a certain nobody??
    Manabu:Why snair,why?
    Snair:Shut your mouth fatty,your stupidity speaks for itself.For those who've not seen roll the footage*they air a clip where snair is seen walking to his lockerrrom after his defeat and manabu is seen waiting for him.Snair ashamed & humbled says "I'm sorry Manabu,I'm sorry" Manabu slaps as hard as he could and says "You've not only humiliated yourself but also me.I dont associate myself with failures even if its you so next week you'll push your rematch clause & get your title back or else....."
    Snair: Thats why instead of getting my rematch I asked KASH for this match.You see Manabu,I never liked you,hated your ugly face,your tooth pick whore of a wife even hated your fsa,I hated how you walked over people,made others do your dirty work,I DESPISED YOU.I'm not telling that I'm a saint but I wanted to do things my way before you popped up your coconut face at SELF- !DESTRUCTION.I could've said no but you & fsa kept feeding my ego.The ego which took me to great heights but also paved the way for my downfall at Warfare.So I decided from nowon to do things MY WAY & to do that I've to kick your swollen ass.You used guys like me & Zeus as your bounty hunters in fsa to get rid of your obstacles but thats all over because as of now AGE OF SINNOCCENCE is over * so is the FSA,its a new era*pauses & observes cheers from crowd*THE ERA OF PEOPLE.And after I'm done with this trailer park trash I'm coming for you Shrinken OR whatever you call yourself till then you can enjoy your stay in JBW.And Manabu GET READY because I'm coming to FIGHT*throws the mic,gets in the ring & both Snair ,Manabu share a staredown*

    Ma$$: That's what I'm talking about Snair! No way do you need this fucking nerd telling you what to do, later to to dat, bruv!

    Ma$$: Really, Manapoomps, you're gonna hold the guy's tights? Come on man, what a fucking pile of shit! That was the only way a little snake like you could ever beat a champ like Snair. Wanker!

    Dave: OK, Ma$$, calm down... Now, lets go backstage and talk to one of the participants in the Champion vs Champion match up next
    Ma$$Dinero... We're shootin' now, bruv!

    Quote Originally Posted by Wade Barrett 1979 View Post
    Kash; calling it 4 years before Robbie.


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