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    Welcome JBW fans to another episode of JBW Warfare!!! We are live in St Louis, Missouri!!! The pyros hit and the fans are going wild!!! Tonight looks like a promising show tonight! Later on, we are going to run down the matches for tonight but right now, lets get this show started!!!

    VKM's music hits!!!
    We kick off the show with The Holy Trinity VKM making his way to the ring with a microphone in his hands. Last week on Warfare, he and TheDevilsAdvocate defeated The Prophecy and Warfare World Champion Snair in a tag team match but egos got in the way as VKM attacked TheDevilsAdvocate during the match, pinning Snair for the 3 count. VKM enters the ring and speaks,

    "Last week, I proved that i'm the man here on Warfare by carrying TheDevilsAdvocate to defeat The Prophecy and Snair in our tag team match! The reason why TheDevilsAvocate and I won the tag team match was because of me, V K M! I don't get enough credit around here. I carried The Prophecy in our tag team called The Ego Trips, I carried TheDevilsAdvocate last week in our tag team match, but yet, i'm still over-looked around here in JBW. Well that changes! Your going to see a more aggressive, motivated, and serious VKM over the next few weeks! There is going to be no slouching around because at Monarchy of Agression in the Wembly Stadium on July 16th, The Holy Trinity VKM, which is yours truly, will become the NEW Warfare World Heavyweight Champion!!!"

    TheDevilsAdvocate's music hits!!!
    TDA makes his way to the ring with a mci in his hands and it looks like he doesn't like the comments VKM made regarding last week's tag team match. TDA gets into the ring and speaks,

    "VKM, last week, you showed that you can't work as a team and your too big-headed and want to do things yourself by attacking YOUR OWN partner which was me in our tag team match against The Prophecy and Snair, yet you wonder why nobody takes you seriously? Wow. I haven't seen anybody with a more bigger ego then you. You are too cocky and big-headed and need to be taught a lesson. You see, I didn't like the fact that you attacked me in the tag team match just to prove a point and make yourself look dominant. Tonight, i'm going to prove why you don't mess with me! I challenge you VKM, to a match here on warfare! *Crowd cheers* Do you accept?"

    VKM speaks, "Hell yeah I accept! Your ass is mine TDA! This is going to be a warm-up match for when I win the Warfare World Heavyweight title on July 16th!"

    The Prophecy's music hits!!!
    The Prophecy with a mic, makes his way to the ring and apparently has something to say. He gets into the ring and speaks,

    "Tonight VKM faces TDA in an epic battle of initials here in JBW. And like a vulture circling the nearly dead, I will be keeping a close eye on the two of you. You see Warfare is JBW's flagship show, and for that it deserves a champion worthy of that accolade. As I alluded to, you two are almost dead in the water, TDA has tried and failed to win the gold, and VKM is feeble poor Neither deserve to be in the match at Monarchy of Aggression, other than to add to the numbers of wrestlers that I have defeated in my quest to be known as the greatest of all time here in JBW. Will I be scouting you two haha, dont make me laugh, even a rookie here in JBW knows how to beat you both, the fact that I am not challenging Snair one on one is a joke, you both belong on Showdown. Now, Snail or whatever you call yourself, the mere fact that you are holding the Warfare world title annoys me even more than the fact I have to share the main event with VKM and TDA. You simply arent world champion material, I am Randy Orton, you are Snitsky, I am Mr Perfect, you are Virgil, I am the Rock, you are Shawn Stasiak. Do you see what I am getting at here Stain? You are not even close to my league, ha you cant even see my league, becasue of all the ones below me and above you. You are on borrowed time my friend, after Monarchy of Aggression I will show the world that VKM and TDA belong on Showdown, and you Snair Bear Bunch, are nothing more than a transitional champion. So it has been written and so it shall be done"

    The Warfare World Heavyweight Champion Snair's music hits!!!
    TDA ,VKM, and The Prophecy starts arguing and it looks like things might go out of hand then Snair's music hits he looks completly amused, almost making faces, standing on ramp and speaks,

    "Look what we have here, the iconic powerpuff girls. *crowd boos* Don't boo these men( pointing towards TDA, VKM and Prophecy) they are out there for your entertainment. Jokes aside after MOA, JBW's upcoming PPV, all of your fans will be left wondering about what hit their heros that they looked such hopless, intimidated against Snair. Its a known fact that all of you are chokers, you get opportunities after opportunities and you just manage to blow it, makes me wonder why I didnt accepted Zeus's offer for a fight involving true potential but instead was forced to go fatal four way by our JBW President. Now I see the spineless Prophecy hiding behind TDA & VKM, make no mistake about it, I never trusted you last week after seeing your stupid smile, walking around the ring like someone shoved a broom down your ass, my only mistake was I was going for the pin when you were looking to screw me. Dont think you outsmarted me you see I was born intelligent Colombus was 41 when he discovered Us but I was just 14 when i discovered naughty america...Ok I agree that was lame but I'll make sure to make you pay dearly for your mistake last week and going by mindset I plan to deliver the payback sooner than you think and that I guarantee, once I commit to a thing I dont even listen to myself."

    The Prophecy looks to be laughing at Snair after his remarks made by him which pisses Snair off.

    *Snair speaks* "Whats so funny Prophecy?! I'll come down there and end you with my bat right now!"

    As soon as Snair tries to go down to the ring to get his hands on The Prophecy, The Brown One pops up on the titantron.

    "Hey, hey guys, calm down. Now I heard TDA challenge VKM to a match, well it will happen tonight in our main event!*Crowd cheers* Thats right folks but thats not all, next week, its since TDA and VKM are facing off tonight, next week, it will be The Prophecy vs Snair in a one-on-one match!!! *Crowd cheers* I know all four men have there sites on the Warfare World Heavyweight Championship and what better way to spice up the competition between Snair, TheDevilsAdvocate, VKM, and The Prophecy then to have them go one one with each other!?! *Crowd cheers* That all happens tonight folks! Also, later tonight, I have special news that you JBW fans just might like! See you all later and enjoy JBW Warfare!"

    Brown One leaves the titantron and TDA, VKM, Snair, and The Prophecy are arguing even more! I don't know who will win the Fatal Four Way match for the Warfare World Heavyweight title at Monarchy of Aggression but I do know that Snair is going to have a HUGE task retaining his title from 3 top Contenders who want his belt!!!
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    Matches set for Warfare tonight

    JBW N.W.L Champion igetwild vs PrimusSucks

    thedag with thejman93 in his corner vs The God of War with broc808 in his corner

    Markus Beerstein vs Tom George

    rko619 vs Japanese Avenger Manabu

    sincara vs KJ Punk

    Gabriel "The Alpha Dog" Xander & LMPunker vs Zeus Apollo and ???

    TheDevilsAdvocate vs The Holy Trinity VKM

    We are going to start off with our first match!!! JBW N.W.L Champion igetwild is in action up next!!!

    Match 1: igetwild vs PrimusSucks

    Theme Song: Texas Horns Fight Song
    PrimusSucks makes his way to the ring, ready to prove he has a future here on Warfare.

    Theme Song: Asiattacker
    JBW N.W.L Champion and FSA member igetwild makes his way to the ring, ready for his match starting right now!

    igetwild wins but after the match, avidico just attacked igetwild from out of nowhere! avidico, jumping from mid-air on to igetwild which knocks the wind out of him! avidico shows that he wants the JBW N.W.L title!

    ~Backstage in the locker rooms, Malcolm Cage walks in to rko619’s locker room~

    MC: “rko619, I have a bone to pick with you.”

    ~rko619 is sitting in a folding chair at his locker~

    MC: “What’s your problem with me? Why have you been all over me the past few weeks?”

    ~rko619 continues to stare at his locker~

    MC: “What did I ever do to make you want me gone? I never did anything to you and then out of no where I’m your public enemy number one.”

    ~rko619 continues to ignore Malcolm Cage~

    MC: “I don’t know what your problem is, but I do know one thing; That you are just a giant BULLY!”

    ~rko619 picks his head up from his stare~

    MC: “I’m done letting you beat me around the arena. I’m going to get you for all this push me around s**t. I’m going to get my revenge, real soon, and If you aren’t careful, you wont even know when it happens.”

    ~rko619 stands up and turns around to look at Malcolm Cage. Cage gets right in his face~

    MC: “You better watch your back, rko619, because when I’m done with you, you’ll be begging me to put you back in your CAGE!

    rko619: Cage, I already taught you a lesson at Global Uprising. Your not worth my time anymore. I bruised your ribs and showed the world that your a weak, little man. Tonight, I have a match with Manabu tonight, I have bigger things to worry about then you midget boy!

    ~ Malcolm Cage leaves rko619's lockerroom with a grin on his face.~

    Match 2: thedag vs The God of War

    Theme Song: In Philly
    thedag along with thejman93 makes his way to the ring with half of the Warfare tag team titles around his waist. Last week, Ranjam and Ice Cream man got into there head but tonight, thedag must put the mindgames from Ranjam and Ice Cream Man aside and focus on the match at task.

    The God of War
    Theme Song: Here comes the boom
    The God of War along with broc808 makes his way to the ring.

    thedag pulls an impressive victory tonight!!! What a match between these two!

    Post match, thejman93 celebrates with thedag on his win here tonight. thejman93 picks up the mic and starts to speak,

    "Ramjan and The Ice Cream Man, last week you ask us for another shot at the Warfare Tag Team Championships right? Well I'm appy to report that we decline your offer. You guys had your shot and you blew it, now somebody else will get a shot to become the first team to beat The Aristocrats in a title match."

    I really don't agree with The Arioscrats' choice in not giving Ranjam and Ice Cream Man another shot at the Warfare tag team titles. Ranjam and Ice Cream Man are very odd and unpredictable characters and they warned The Arisocrats that they will have hell to pay if they don't get a shot at the Warfare tag team titles. However, The Arisocrats have made there choice and they are sticking with it.
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    JBW's next PPV Monarchy of Aggression is on July 17th and it will be held in the Wembly Stadium!!!

    ~Todd Locust walks inside the JBW arena as hes on the phone talking with the detectives~

    Todd Locust: Look, I haven't gotten what your looking for yet. I'm still trying to sum up all the possible clues that will help me solve who the suspect is for you. I know that it has to be somebody around here in JBW. Once I get someinformation, i'll be sure to get it to you. Alright, bye. *Todd Locust hangs up his cell phone and whispers to himself, "Those cops are marks."*

    ~Tad Locust walks to his lockerroom but Todd stops by~

    Todd: Hey Tad Locust, I know i'm the last person you want to see right now but I and the rest of Warfare want to know, do you really know who is the mystery person that attacked IPITB at Global Uprising?

    Tad Locust: Well yes I do. Now its not he who attacked IPITB, its someone else. Someone around here in JBW. I'll confront that person and he'll be thrown out of JBW once we find out who assaulted IPITB. I know that I don't like IPITB, at all, but the way he got assaulted was uncalled for. Justice will be served to whomever did it, trust me.

    Match 3: Markus Beerstein vs Tom George

    Markus Beerstein
    Theme Song: I love beer
    The Warfare TV Champion and FSA member Markus Beerstein makes his way to the ring with his new bodyguard Jurgen and has his cold beer in his hands. He looks to win his match here tonight.

    Tom George
    Theme Song: Middle of it Now
    Tom George makes his way to the ring, to beat the Warfare TV Champion tonight.

    Markus Beerstein wins this match! Tom George gave Markus Beerstein a bit of a challenge but Beerstein just dominated Tom George towards the end of the match!

    Post match, Markus Beerstein grabs a mic and speaks,

    "Cut this crap already", Markus Beerstein and Jurgen stand in the ramp wearing the new Markus Beer Drinker- Ass kicker t-shirt (available in

    "We had your match yeah yeah, now it's time for the TRUE stars to shine, I have some things to address, first to thank my good friend Romanflare for that marvelous display at Showdown against this idiot on the ring, second you'll see we are wearing a new t-shirt, all due to my increible manager Jurgen who's trying to increase my already great marketing power,everyone buy it now!!!,your money will be useful for us to buy more booze , and last but least, let me remind you the awesome beatdown I gave to Holyjose last week, haha, where I didn't just show my wrestling skills, I show my abilities on commentary too"

    crowd boos

    "Don't listen to them Jurgen, there asshooles, you see Jose, I'm the real deal, the full package, the pride of Germany, meanwhile you are a pathetic wrestler trying to play with the big guys, I had enough of this shit, I'm tired of beating you everything time, I demand to know when are we going to have our match for MY T.V title,it doesn't matter if is today, tomorrow, in a month, in 2000 fucking years I can take you any day, I'm tired to share the same space with unworthy wrestler like you, I demand you to tell me now to finish you once and for all!!!!!!, tell me NOW!!!"

    HolyJose's theme hits!!!
    SuperNova member HolyJose makes his way to onto the entrance way were he stands at with a mic in his hands and speaks,

    "So ever since I have debuted here in JBW I have been in a war with the FSA. Now I know SuperNova has not gone the way I expected and was told it would go but believe me when I say TDA, Stinger187 and myself gave everything to try and make this work but for the time being we go out separate ways and focus on our own obstacles, and mine personally is Markus Beerstein. For the past few weeks I've been taking a stand against him personally ever since he called me out in the street fight for the TV title. Now it comes down to this I have my choice of when to face Beerstein for the title once again and I promise you if I lose it will be final shot as long as Beerstien is the Warfare TV Champion. So on the 20th Episode of Warfare, and we made it this far thanks to all of you *points to all the fans*, I will beat Beerstien for the Warfare TV Champion! Episode 20 Markus Beerstien vs. HolyJose2391 for the Warfare TV Championship!!! Markus I'll see you then!"

    HolyJose leaves with Markus Beerstein having a smile on his face! Thats right folks, Markus Beerstein vs HolyJose for the Warfare TV title will happen on the 20th episode of Warfare!!! that is great news!!!

    Trips88 is shown backstage, minding his own business, when he is approached from behind by Zeus Apollo... Zeus has a cocky, but sly grin on his face... Trips88 looks confused as to why Zeus is trying so hard to gain his help.

    "I found myself in an unfortunate situation here... Luckily I found some brand new Old Spice Body Wash to keep me feeling relaxed... You see I need a partner for my tag-team match tonight, and since all of my FSA brethren are preoccupied, I'm coming to you... As much as I know that I can win on my own, The Brown One won't let me, so I thought to myself: 'Who would be the perfect partner for me?'... And then it hit me... You fit the build of the Five Star Attraction, and you don't need these losers dragging you down... Don't you want some retribution on Gabriel Xander? With me, not only will you have your revenge, but you will be part of the greatest stable in the history of wrestling. Better than Hogan's Hollywood Whores... Better than Shawn and Hunter's Nutless Degenerates... We are the Five Star Attraction, and I deem you Five-Star-Worthy!... So will you team up with me, so that we can beat Xander and LMPunker?"

    Again, Zeus holds out his hand, waiting for Trips88's response... If he shook his hand, then he would accept Zeus' offer. Trips88 speaks,

    "To tell you the truth, your not bad Zeus. Your actually pretty cool man. Thanks for having my back against The Alpha Dog last week. SuperNova wouldn't have dared to come help me even if I was on fire. I'll tag team with you tonight to re-pay you but thats it. this doesn't mean i'm going to become an FSA member, it just means i'm going to return the favor to you."

    Trips88 shakes Zeus Apollo's hand and they both leave the lockerroom.

    Up next, rko619 takes on his former leader Manabu in a NO DQ Grudge match up next!

    Match 4: rko619 vs Japanese Avenger Manabu

    Theme song: Goodbye to Yesterday
    rko619 makes his way to the ring and he looks to get revenge on Manabu for kicking him out of the FSA in this NO DQ Grudge match!!!

    Japanese Avenger Manabu
    Theme song: Blue Blood
    The FSA leader and Japanese Avenger Manabu makes his way to the ring to teach rko619 a lesson in respect.

    Manabu wins this one all because of Malcolm Cage interfering in the match and costing rko619 the match! This match was a great brawl but Manabu ended up the winner!

    Post match, Manabu grabs a brief case he held with him along with a mic and starts to speak,

    "I'm sure as you all know the JBW has a big lawsuit on their hand and despite 'our' best efforts the business is going under, even after I offered my services in running the company. But I don't hold grudges I'm a nice guy at heart so instead of complaining and insulting you all I'm gonna offer my hand to all of you. The FSA needs the company just as much as our president does so we're gonna be doing everything we can to help out this great promotion, this is a ship we won't let sink! Anything is above us, anything we can do to help this company we'll do it.
    *Manabu walks out towards the ring walking down the ramp*
    But there's just one small problem, you all love the entertainment here right? you all love seeing you're favourite wrestlers coming down this ramp right? Well if JBW lose this lawsuit we may be out of money! The officials wont be able to pay our salaries! There wont be any dvds or video games or t-shirts! So we need you all to donate money to JBW and in return I promise you all salvation! Give generously!
    *The fsa walk through the crowd as people drop change and notes into the buckets* God bless all of you great people! Thank you so much!! JBW will truly be safe now, everyone stay loyal no matter what and I promise we'll get through this!
    *Manabu drops the mic and walks backstage with several buckets loaded with money, he takes a lighter out of his pocket with a double barrel shotgun on the front, looks at it and puts it back in his pocket*
    Anyone fancy fish tonight?"
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    Markus Beerstein and Jurgen are backstage and they are spray-painting all over HolyJose's lockerroom!!! What the hell are they doing!!?? This isn't right!!! This is just sick by Beerstein

    and his bodyguard!!! Match 5: sincara vs KJ PUNK

    Theme song: Running up that hill
    The mean, nasty sincara makes his way to the ring and is ready to rip though his opponent tonight!!!

    Theme song: Any Means
    KJ Punk makes his way to the ring, ready to prove he can be a star here in JBW!!!

    What a win by sincara!!! He is really proving himself that he can be a future Warfare World Champion here and his Cloverleaf gets him the win everytime! Great job by sincara!!!

    Post match, sincara picks up the mic and speaks,

    "steve you got lucky and i will finaly destroy you once and for all on the 20th episode of warfere and you wont ever be back because i want a rematch against you and then i will choakslam you through the mat and then put you in the cloverleaf and destroy you !

    see you on the 20th warfare if your man enough to accept a rematch

    call the hurses because im coming!!!"

    sincara leaves the ring and heads to the back.

    Zeus Apollo and Trips88 are walking backstage to get ready for there tag team match to face The Alpha Dog and LMPunker!!!

    Match 6: The Alpha Dog & LMPunker vs Zeus Apollo & Trips88

    The Alpha Dog and LMPunker
    The Alpha Dog's theme song
    The Alpha Dog and LMPunker makes there way to the ring. Both guys gets into the ring and The Alpha grabs a mic and speaks,

    "ZEUS APOLLO, LAST WEEK YOU CAME OUT AND INTERFERED WITH THE BITCHIFICATION OF TRIPPS88! YOU ENTERED THE ALPHA DOGS YARD WITHOUT PERMISSION....(laughs hysterically to himself) which makes you The Alpha Dogs next target. Now The Alpha Dog doesn't know what would make you do something so stupid. He doesn't know if it's all your stupid sponsors, if it's The Real Housewives of New Jersey, or if it's the fact that you just became the BITCH of the FSA. But you see, IT DOESN'T MATTER WHY YOU DID IT, IT DOESN'T MATTER WHO SENT YOU TO DO IT, AND...(pauses for a moment, breathing heavily, then looks in the camera) it damn sure doesn't matter what excuse you try to use to get out of it. It has already been done. So The Alpha Dog invites you to come into his yard again. To come into his yard...(laughs to himself again)AND RECEIVE YOUR OWN BITCHIFICATION BECAUSE THE ALPHA DOG IS GOING TO SHOW YOU WHY YOU DON'T FUCK HIM. COME TO THE YARD ZEUS...AND GET A HANDS-ON LESSON ON GETTING YOUR ASS KICKED!!! (Turns around then turns back around and looks into the camera with wild eyes.)

    AND SNAIR, if your watching, watch...very...closely because it's going to be beautiful and its all...(laughs hysterically with his eyes closed then breathes in and opens his eyes)AND IT'S ALL COMING FOR YOU!!"

    Zeus Apollo and Trips88
    Zeus Apollo's theme song
    Zeus Apollo and Trips88 makes there way to the ring, ready to win this tag team match!!!

    WHOA!!! What a great tag team match!!! The Alpha Dog and LMPunker wins the match, which is proving that The Alpha Dog could be a threat to Zeus Apollo and his dirty antics!!!

    Two weeks away is the 20th episode of Warfare!!! We will be celebrate 20 episodes of every Warfare in just two weeks!!! You never know whose going to show up on the 20th episode of Warfare!!!
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    *We cut to the back and Jman walking through the hallways of the arena* "Dag, where are you man? Da.......HOLY SHIT!" *we see a bloodied and battered dag lying on his side in the hallway* "Somebody get a fucking medic! NOW! *Jman notices a piece of paper stuck on thedag's back; it reads "I TOLD YOU SO!!!"* You motherfuckers.......godamnit......* we get a shot of Jman looking panicked as we fade away*

    Main Event: The Holy Trinity VKM vs TheDevilsAdvocate

    The Holy Trinity VKM
    Theme song: Coming Home
    VKM makes his way to the ring and he is ready for his match!!!

    Theme song: Devil's playground
    TDA makes his way to the ring and he is also ready this big match ahead of him!!!

    No contest here as Snair ruined the damn match!!! He just attacked TDA and VKM with that steel chair!!! Snair's actions tonight is just nasty!!!

    Both TDA and VKM are down and out, showing that they are hurt. Snair picks up his Warfare World title and poses with it, showing that he will retain his Warfare World Heavyweight title at JBW's next PPV. Next week, we see Snair taking on The Prophecy so we'll see how that match goes!!! Thats all the time we have folks!!! We will see you next week!! JBW!
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    Sly: Ladies and Gentlemen good evening! We are live from the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, Arkansas. We have a full slate of matches this evening, headlined by a No Disqualification Match between Sincara and HBK. Seems like a completely arbitrary match-up and stipulation, but I’m sure it’s going to be a Pig-Pen burner. As always I am joined by a guest commentator and this week it is once again RomanFlare. Are you going to be a permanent figure here?

    RF: That has the same chance as these swine winning the SEC West in football—None.

    Sly: Glad to see you’re as peppy as ever! Let’s throw it to our ring announcer—Ronald Towcester.

    RF: It’s pronounced like “toaster”, ya bloody Yank.

    Sly: You’re American too!

    Tow: Our first match is scheduled for oneeeeeeeeeee falllllllllll!

    Match 1 – Wes Goldman vs Helmsley

    First, from somewhere in the world..

    RF: He doesn’t even know where the wrasslers are from?

    Tow: Wessssssss Gooooooooooooldman!

    RF: Either way, Goldman has a lot to prove as the new #1 Contender for the Mayhem TV title! He has a lot of people targeting that spot, and one slip up could cause him to cough up his spot to someone else—like me!

    And his opponent, weighing it at something over 200 lbs, wearing the mask—HELMSLEY!

    Sly: This is an interesting match-up—the #1 contender to The Sleeper’s TV title is squaring off, in the squared circle, with The Sleeper’s tag team partner and body guard! And there’s the bell!

    Sly: The Sleeper worked his way to ring side half-way through the match, but he’s to only be here to cheer on his friend!

    RF: It doesn’t seem to be helping, though. Helmsley is on the shorter end of the stick right now and it doesn’t look to be changing as they go to the top rope.

    Sly: Biiiiiiiig superplex by Goldman—they both landed hard! Wes rolls over for the pin—1, 2, 3! and Goldman secures the win! Sleeper is helping Helmsley out of the ring. Looks like the champion has his hands full with the new challenger!

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    RF: What the HolyJose was that?

    Sly: I’ve given up trying to figure out the sponsor commercials anymore. Look, a shiny new match to distract us!

    RF: This show is in full parody mode now, isn’t it?

    Match 2 – Avidico vs El Gabo

    Tow: In the ring, weighing at best 180 pounds soaking wet—ELLLLLLLLLLLLL GAAAAAAAAAAAABOOOOOOOOOO!

    And his opponent, weighing 65 kilograms, the Flaming Star—Avidicoooooo!

    RF: Keep your tv tuned to this station—Avidico is a rising star in the NWL division.

    Sly: El Gabo is going up-top! Ooohhh, but he gets caught with a big kick by Avidico and lands hard on the mat. Wait, Avidico’s up—650 Splash lands perfectly! 1-2-3! And Avidico puts out El Gabo with a beautiful finisher.

    RF: See? Told you he was a rising star! And he’s the #1 Contender for the NWL Title! I foresee gold in his future.

    Match 3 – Zeus Apollo vs LMPunker

    Tow: In the ring, wearing the goofy outfit—LMPunker!

    RF: I thought ring announcers couldn’t have personality?

    And the Greek God himself—Zeus Apollo!

    Sly: This one looks to get down and dirty—and away we go!

    Sly: Zeus connects with a huge boot to the skull. He’s got Punker up—and huuuuuuge powerslam.

    RF: The ref gets the 1-2-3 count, rather faster I might add, and Zeus picks up the win. He’s got a problem with the mass running down the ramp, though.

    Sly: The Alpha Dog Gabriel Xander is hitting the ring and hitting Zeus from the blind side! Big clothesline to the back of the skull and he’s got Zeus up for a POWERBOMB! Xander is definitely making his presence known to the Greek God!

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    RF: While the ring gets cleared by the Morticians—I mean ring people, we’d like to remind you that Monarchy of Aggression takes place July 17th in Wembly Stadium in England! Don’t miss it!

    Sly: And finally we come to the main event! For the first time on Showdown we’ll be seeing a match with no disqualifications!

    Main Event – Sincara vs HBK (No DQ Match!)

    First out is Sincara!

    And his opponent, HBK!

    Tow: In this corner, from Mayhem, H-B-K! And his opponent, in the opposite corner, SinnnnnnnnCarrrrrraaaaaaaa!

    Sly: Sincara as HBK backed into the corner—he climbs up to the second rope and grabs HBK.

    RF: Second-rope Powerbomb?

    Sly: Sin lifts HBK up—he’s only up half way. Sin jumps—Second Rope Piledriver! HBK just got planted into the mat like a nail!

    RF: The ref could count to a billion and HBK might not answer.

    Sly: Cara is covering for the 3-count and picks up the brutal win. He doesn’t seem to be celebrating… he’s asking for a mic.

    SinCara: steve steveorton mr steve mr orton stephen you are probably wondering what im going to do to you now when i get my hands on you again

    the voice im my head told me to get in to your head so yesterday i went round to your house and well let’s just say you aint got no house no more because i accidently dropped a match and accidently burned down your house.

    now i bet you want to get your hands on me so when the timing is right you will try to take me out but you will make a mistake and then like i promised i will destroy you by chokeslamming you and putting you in the clover leaf

    oh yeah by the way your house was nice. Call the hearses coz im coming.
    Sincara throws the mic down and rolls out of the ring as the copyright symbol pops up on the screen.

    Sly: That’s it for us at Showdown—Goodnight from Fayetteville, Arkansas!

    RF: Shouldn’t you end the show with “JBW!” like the two big shows?

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    Filler comment uno
    WWE resigned Punk, and everything I've said has come true on these things, so WWE, keep Punk a badass face. He will become a legend if you do.

    JBW is so good, even the most cynical member of the IWC couldn't complain about it. Check out or most recent shows here!

    And join in on the discussion here. We will welcome you with open arms. Please join now by PMing me or WWTNA Mark!

    Horror movie tournament final: The Shining vs. Silence of the Lambs vs. Halloween...coming very soon.

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    Filler comment dos.
    WWE resigned Punk, and everything I've said has come true on these things, so WWE, keep Punk a badass face. He will become a legend if you do.

    JBW is so good, even the most cynical member of the IWC couldn't complain about it. Check out or most recent shows here!

    And join in on the discussion here. We will welcome you with open arms. Please join now by PMing me or WWTNA Mark!

    Horror movie tournament final: The Shining vs. Silence of the Lambs vs. Halloween...coming very soon.

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