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    Mayhem ep 24 7-13-11

    Pat: Hello and welcome everyone to Saturday Night Mayhem! We’re live here in Minneapolis Minnesota and we have a jam packed show for the 18,000 plus here tonight. I’m here with my broadcast partner this Dudley.

    Dudley: That’s right Pat and tonight we’re gonna have the first round of the TV title tournament along with an excellent fatal 4 way match between The Sleeper, Brandon Smithson, Chris Parker, and Eric Bischoff! Talk about a great show!

    Pat: Speaking of the TV tournament, we’re gonna kick things off here tonight with a 1st round match!

    Match1 Wes Goldman vs. RedDevilSativa

    Wes Goldman
    Goldman’s new theme!
    Pat: Here comes Goldman, and he’s sporting a new theme song out here today. He looks pretty happy with it too as he’s coming to the ring with a glow about him. He grabs a mic from a stagehand and speaks.

    Goldman: Today, it starts. Today is the day where my journey back to the top of this company begins. Just a few short months ago I was fighting Psycho Siaki for the Mayhem Heavyweight title. Since then, I’ve been bossed around by a fat incompetent know-it-all, I’ve had my spot in a TV title match taken away from me by RomanFlare, and I’ve had to carry a good for nothing piece of trash in a tag-team. Speaking of that good for nothing piece of trash I had to carry for months on end, my opponent, no wait, my VICTIM tonight is none other than RedDevilSativa. Well RedDevil, I’m gonna prove to you how much better I am than you tonight. I’m gonna prove to everyone that I could be the next JBL. I could be the next Ted Dibiase Sr. I could be the next Alberto Del Rio. Well instead I’m treated like a nobody. Well that changes right here, right now. RedDevil, come get this asswhooping. *drops the mic and awaits his opponent*

    Theme: Burn in my light
    Pat: RedDevil makes his way out to the ring and this one is under way!

    Pat: Goldman wins the match! He backs up all his tough talk and advances to round two of the tournament.

    Dudley: That’s right Pat. Wes Goldman is just oozing confidence right now, and a confident Goldman is a scary one.

    Pat: That’s the truth. Well guys, we have a nice treat for you right here tonight. We mentioned last week here that The Silver Bros we’re on the prowl for a tag-team outside of the company to face at Rampage of the Titans. Well, we also found out that the two brought Roland Butter with them on their journey, and better yet it is all on film. We’ll now show you a piece of what went down last week.

    *video package is shown with Roland Butter pulling up to The Silver Bros in a golfcart*

    SilverDust: Is this dude kidding Lace?

    Lace: I told you we shoulda brought Dave.

    Dust: Yeah, but Dave is more or less V-3’s property now. We probably would have to pay V-3 to use him.

    Roland: Umm..guys, I’m right here ya know?

    Dust: Yeah Roland, you’re not John Cena. We CAN see you.

    Lace: Aww, we shoulda got John Cena!

    Dust: Why would we want John Cena Lace?

    Lace: He has dimples…

    Dust: *facepalm*

    Roland: What’s wrong with me guys?

    Dust: A lot of things are wrong with you, but the main thing is that we told you to get some wheels to ride us around town, and you pulled up in a golf cart.

    Lace: Plus you’re like, 200 pounds overweight. Big is not beautiful Butter-butt.

    Roland: Guys, it was the only thing the rental place had left. It is a Saturday afterall.

    Dust: *slaps Roland in the face* WE HAVE A CAR! If you couldn’t get one, we could’ve used ours. That’s it. Get out. You’re walking from now on.

    Lace: Yeah, maybe you could lose some weight. Then I could invite you to one of my slumber parties!!

    *Roland is unceremoniously thrown out of the golf-cart when The Silver Bros get in and drive off*

    Lace: So where are we going first bro?

    Dust: Well, obviously we’re gonna go to the airport first. Then, we’ll see.

    *to be continued…next week!*

    Pat: What a silly do that is huh?

    Dudley: They may be quirky outside the ring, but in that ring The Silver Bros are deadly.

    Pat: That’s definitely true Dudley. We’re gonna keep the action right on rolling folks, as we have another first round match coming right now!

    Match 2 Daniel May vs. Helmsley

    Daniel May
    Theme: h
    Pat: Daniel May makes his way out to the ring, and as you guys may or may not know, Daniel May recently went back to his hometown in Australia o give back to the needy in a surprise visit. He took hours out of his busy JBW schedule to support those less fortunate than us, and h should be commended for it. There’s no doubt in my mind that this guy is gonna be huge here in JBW. I think he’s a favorite to win this tournament personally. How about you Dudley?

    Dudley: I actually agree Pat. I think he is one of the favorites in this tournament. He’s the total package right now and that’s hard for me to say considering how much pandering he does to the JBW audience.

    Theme song: Sad But True
    Pat: Here comes Helmsley and apparently this guy is embarrassed of his performance last week against BodomInvader. I know I said Daniel May should be the favorite in this tournament, but don’t be surprised if Helmsley pulls out a big win here.

    Pat: Helmsley got his foot on the ropes and May breaks the hold. What a superb match thus far! These two are putting on a show. Helmsley slowly gets back up to his feet and the ref is checking on him. Spinning roundhouse kick by May misses as Helmsley falls down from exhaustion, the ref instead eats the big leg and is knocked OUT. Wait a minute, here comes Kiddson down the ramp and he has a steel chair in hand! What the hell is he doing out here? May ducks a chair shot from Kiddson goes for a big tackle but he eats a boot from Kiddson. Steel chair to the back of May who gets knocked down on the canvas. Kiddson then puts the steel chair on the back of May’s head, and proceeds to stomp on the chair! Oh my God that was vicious! Helmsley and the ref are both stirring now, and Kiddson drags Helmsley over to May and puts his arm over May’s knocked out body. The ref begins the count 1… no!....2….. not this way!!....3 DAMMIT! Helmsley wins the match but this victory is soiled!! That damn Kiddson just screwed Daniel May again! Damn him!

    *camera cuts to Kiddson who is seen smiling as he walks his way back up the ramp, very pleased with his actions*

    Pat: I’m getting word in now that Chainsaw is backstage near Iron Ape’s office. We’ll cut there now.
    WWE resigned Punk, and everything I've said has come true on these things, so WWE, keep Punk a badass face. He will become a legend if you do.

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    Chainsaw: *walks into Iron Ape’s office* Ape. I want to speak to you about something. Something very important that I want you to listen to very carefully.

    Iron Ape: Go ahead.

    Chainsaw: Tonight, you have booked me in a match against No Bitch Assness, a man who decided it would be funny to paint your car last week. You booked me in this match because you want him destroyed. I have no problem with this Ape. I really don’t, it’s a win, win. You get your revenge and I get to slaughter another worm.

    Ape: That was the plan.

    Chainsaw: Yes well, I’m glad we agree, but that’s not why I’m here. I’m here because I want propose another win, win to you. There is a man who has been lurking outside of every building we’ve been in since the last PPV. He’s a man who has shown a great deal of potential here. I want you to sign him.

    Ape: Oh no. It better not be who I think it is.

    Chainsaw: Let me finish. Ape I want you to sign Silva. I want you to bring him in and I want you to let him join our organization.

    Ape: I knew it. That psycho is still around? You know I can’t…

    Chainsaw: Oh come on. You cannot tell me you haven’t noticed him. You thought he would just go away after what he did to AngrySamoan? You mean to tell me that the security guards who are constantly surrounding him making sure he doesn’t get in the arena weren’t there on your account? I don’t buy it.

    Ape: Okay fine. I knew he was here, but there’s no way I’m gonna sign him Chainsaw. I let you book yourself in whatever matches you like, I let you run amuck all over my arena, doing whatever you like whenever you like, but I cannot do this Chainsaw. I simply can’t.

    Chainsaw: This is why I want you to listen to me Ape. I anticipated you wouldn’t like this at first, but I know you will listen to reason once I finish. Do you trust my judgment Ape? Do you trust that I am willing to do anything to keep things in line for us?

    Ape: Yes.

    Chainsaw: Then do this for me. Listen to me first though, and trust me when I say this: I can control him. I can lead him. I can mold him into a perfect addition to The Eye. I want you to sign him Ape, but I can see you’re still hesitant, so how about we let him sign himself? A match, one on one against Loki at Rampage of the Titans. If Silva wins, he becomes my newest Apostle, if he loses, I guarantee he will never make his way near a JBW arena again. Until then, let him in the building, under supervision of course, but let him in and give him TV time. Give him a microphone. Let him express how he feels and what he feels. At the very least this could be an interesting project. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work, but we NEED to try. He could be the final piece for us to finally get over V-3, but that’s only if we let him in.

    Ape: You will control him?

    Chainsaw: Yes.

    Ape: Fine. But by god you better handle this. If he goes out and tries to kill a fan or something it’ll be your ass, not mine. If you put a leash on him, I’ll allow it.

    Chainsaw: Good. I’m glad we could have this chat Ape. I will be sure to murder No Bitch Assness out there for you.

    Pat: Oh God no! I cannot believe Ape is considering bringing that lunatic Silva back. This is insane. He cannot possibly do that!

    Dudley: Wow…umm….Ape man, I’m looking for a way to back you up on this one but I can’t find one. You’re endangering every single person in this organization if you bring that man back. PLEASE reconsider this.

    Pat: Thank you Dudley. Time now for the return of…

    Mayhem’s Move of the Week
    Presented by Snickers who would like to remind you that Snickers satisfies.

    Pat: This amazing counter by BodomInvader in his debut match last week helped him pick up the win vs. Helmsley. Most considered this finish to be a huge upset, as, well, BodomInvader is kinda out there, and I don’t think many people expected him to be as tough an in-ring competitor as he is.

    Dudley: Yeah, yeah. BodomInvader opened some eyes out there I suppose with his high-flying, but I wouldn’t call him a tough in-ring competitor just yet Pat. It’s probably just a case of beginner’s lu-

    Pat: Beginner’s luck? Just like Daniel Truth right? You know, the guy who’s been lighting it up around here lately and has a great chance to be the next TV champion on Mayhem?

    Dudley: Okay, so he guy has won a couple of matches, that doesn’t mean he has a chance at being the next TV champion. Do I have to remind you that guys like Eric Bischoff, Wes Goldman, The Sleeper, and Anomander Rake are in the tournament too? He has about as much chance to win the tournament as RedDevilSativa does Pat, and I think you know that.

    Pat: He has as good a chance as anyone Dudley. Speaking of the tournament though, we have yet another first round matchup right now.

    Match 3 : Anomander Rake vs. Scottland

    Anomander Rake
    Theme song: Dark Ritual
    Pat: Anomander Rake makes his way to the ring, and Dudley, as this crowd is booing the crap outta Anomander here, who do you think the crowd will be rooting for in this one? I mean, both guys are pretty much hated by every one of our fans afterall.

    Dudley: Well, if I had to guess I’d say Scottland, just because Anomander aligns himself with Chainsaw, and he is one of the most hated guys in all of JBW.

    Theme: Braveheart

    Pat: Well, here he comes. One half of the GoldDiggers makes his way to the ring with just about as much distain from the crowd here as Anomander got. Both men are in the ring here and this one is under way.

    Pat: Anomander Rake wins the match! He advances to round 2 of the tournament. Great job by Anomander Rake here tonight, and he’s on quite a bit of a hot streak right now.

    Dudley: I told you Pat, I think this guy might be a darkhorse favorite to win this whole thing!

    Pat: A darkhorse favorite? Well there’s an oxymoron. The ring is cleared when…

    Kiddson’s new theme: Say your goodbyes
    Pat: KiddSon makes his way to the ring getting a gigantic amount of heat from the crowd for what he did to May earlier. Kiddson does’t care though. He grabs a mic and speaks.

    July 10, 2011 I was signed to this company, I was told i would have a promising Career now let’s fast forward to today August 13,2011 and JBW is having one of its biggest tournament of the year and its without me. Dont get it mistaken though, my frustration with this company is deeper than a stupid tournament. My frustration began the minute i seen the company get behind a guy who doesn’t have a ounce of wrestling talent as i do and that guy name is "Daniel May". He has been given everything that was promise to me the big debut, a Title Shot but mostly a spot on the main roster. So a few weeks ago i made a promise to myself at home No longer would i accept being a afterthought, No longer would i allow poor management to decide if i was worthy of the main roster, No longer would i sit back as guys untalented surpass me. I am KiddSon and i am Greatness in the making. Daniel May if your still wondering why I picked you? Well you embody everything i hate about this company: the talentless far passing the talented. May don't take this as me taking care of business i want you to know this is 100% personal. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls say your goodbyes to an era of disgrace and Say hello to a new era of Greatness. Oh yeah one more thing.....

    [URL=""]Daniel May has had enough!!/URL]
    Pat: Here comes Daniel May to a HUGE pop from the crowd, and he wastes no time in getting to the ring after Kiddson! Kiddson doesn’t back down though, and this has quickly turned into a knockdown, drag out braw between these two fierce rivalsl! About 3 minutes go by with the two men getting stiff shots in on one another until security comes in and breaks this one up. The crowd boos and rightfully so, as they don’t wanna see this was conclude just yet. Both men are dragged away though in separate directions and no one was the clear victor here. Wow that was intense though. We have to cut to commercial break, but we’ll be back soon with some great in-ring action!
    WWE resigned Punk, and everything I've said has come true on these things, so WWE, keep Punk a badass face. He will become a legend if you do.

    JBW is so good, even the most cynical member of the IWC couldn't complain about it. Check out or most recent shows here!

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    Match 4 Daniel Truth vs. Shockmaster

    Theme song: Shockmaster WCW Theme
    Pat: Shockmaster is in the ring as we’re back from commercial break.

    Daniel Truth
    Theme: Reverse this Curse
    Pat: Here comes Daniel Truth out to an excellent reaction from the crowd here tonight, and we’re getting ready for yet another match in the TV title tournament. Now Pat, you’ve gone on record as saying that you don’t think Daniel Trth has much of a shot in this tournament, can you explain why exactly you feel that way?

    Dudley: Of course. He’s simply not ready for a spot like this one. I wouldn’t doubt if Shockmaster pulls off the upset right here. As a matter of fact, I wouldn’t even call that an upset. Shockmaster is a veteran and he’s had some big time matches under his belt. Daniel Truth has been in one PPV match in his career, and he lost it. The main reason why he’s not gonna win the tournament though is because the winner of this match is set to face Anomander Rake is round 2, and I think that guy has an excellent chance to win it all.

    Pat: We’ll see. This one is underway!

    Pat: Daniel Truth wins the match! He advances to round two where he’ll face Anomander Rake to see who makes it to the semi-finals.

    Dudley: Fluke! Anomander is gonna kill this guy next week!

    Pat: Are you gonna let me laugh in your face if Daniel Truth wins this whole thing?

    Dudley: I will kiss a donkey’s ass if Daniel Truth wins the tournament Pat.

    Pat: *looks up at the sky* PLEASE let Truth win this thing lord.

    Pat: No prizes for guessing who's in that awesome looking RV that just pulled in the car park.

    Dudley: Awesome? It's #%~ing hideous! Oh look, Melissa Millendez is standing by. Great.

    Melissa: Uh, thanks, Dudley.... Prick... Ahem, hello Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm Melissa Mendez and just getting out of their tour bus its.... *Mayhem World heavyweight champion Psycho Siaki, Ma$$Dinero, PandaMassacre, a giddy looking BodomInvader, and Dave step out of the RV* V3!!! Siaki, as the people here in the arena and at home can see, St George isn't with you guys tonight, can you please tell the audience why.

    Siaki: Mel, George ain't here tonight because some bitch named Chainsaw ran him over!

    Melissa: Now, we have been asked to not throw around wild accusations by our lawyers, Sia-

    Ma$$: Man, fuck what the lawyers say! We all know it was that wanking skitzo, and you should know better than that, Mel; V3 say it how they see it, and if they see it they say it... It's like we got tourettes. Tell those lawyers they can suck my left one!

    Melissa: And how is George holding up.

    Siaki: St-mother fucking-George is doing just fine, Mel, just fine. He's out of hospital and holed up in parts unknown, as right now he's in no shape to perform.

    Melissa: And when can we expect him back?

    Ma$$: V3 business, Mel. Next question.

    Melissa: Well, I kinda hate to ask, but, what are V3's plans for tonight?

    PandaMassacre: V3 are gonna kick someones fucking ass tonight plain and simple! Come on, guys, lets go!

    BodomInvader: yAeH! lEtS gO! lEts gO tO ThE SeCrEt LoCkErRoOm ThAt noOnE iS MeANt To KnOW aBoUt! *marches off... Like, literally marches.*

    *Everyone rolls their eyes. Dave presses a button on the side of the RV and a side compartment opens revealing... Midget Ma$$ in a rather cramped cage.*

    Midget Ma$$: Cuck Cuck Cuck!!!

    Ma$$: No, mini-me, you know what Siaks will do if you get out of that cage don't you?

    MM: Cucky *nods head and glares at Siaki*

    Siaki: Dave, pass me my midget poking stick! *kicks cage*

    MM: Cuck Cuck CuckyCuck!!

    Ma$$: Easy Siaks, haha!! Come on Dave let’s get this little guy out of ol' Psycho's way, hahaha!!

    *Dave heaves the cage into a wheel barrow, but not before he dropped the cage on his foot on his first attempt*

    Siaki: Haha! Come on, lets go. See ya' soon, baby girl. *winks*

    *Our heroes walk off screen (Dave hobbling pushing a wheel barrow with a midget in a cage in it) and Melissa blushes. She then gets a mischievious look in her eye and says to Chaz the camera man.*

    Melissa: Shh, lets have a quick sneak peak inside this RV

    Voice off screen. Clearly Siaki: MELISSA!!!

    Melissa: Ooops, soooorrryyy.

    Pat: Back at ringside now….
    The light's go out in the arena, and K-Jammin's music hits!
    After a good 30 seconds of the music playing, K-Jammin appears on the JabeTron...

    KJ:" Ladies and gentleman, I will not grace you all with an appearance from the Great Saviour of JBW just yet. I want to send a message to MassDinero, Mass I know you can hear me... so take Panda's cock out your arse for a second and pay attention. You embarrassed me last week, again, so I would like to challenge you to a match tonight, me and Lucy Vs You and PandaMassacre. Now don't think Lucy will be as useless in the ring as Katie is, this girl is tough! and she will show Panda that you don't have to be ugly in order to wrestle. So what do you say Mass? I think it's about time I get some revenge don't you?
    Make your decision quick, oh and Panda...if this match goes ahead, please believe me when I say I have no problem punching you right in your fucking face!

    Pat: I’m getting word in now that Eric Bischoff is backstage with Roland Butter. We’ll cut there now.

    Roland: I’m here with…

    Eric: Yeah yeah yeah. We all know who I am. I just wanted to get something off my chest here. The last two weeks on Mayhem, I HAVEN’T BEEN ON THE SHOW! Can you believe that? Ape, buddy, how ya gonna do me like that? Tsk, tsk, tsk. Well, I’ll tell you what, it’s gonna be pretty hard for them to not show the Mayhem TV champion on Mayhem every week now isn’t it? Now obviously I’m the favorite to win the tournament, but I just wanted to tell the rest of you guys not to worry, because I might take it easy on you if I think you’re too weak to give me a challenge on your own….NOT! Haha. Seriously though, you guys have a chance still. I mean, I might break every bone in my body in the triple threat tonight. That’s you’re only chance though. I can’t….

    *Chris Parker appears on screen and interrupts Eric*

    Chris: I’d love to break every bone in your body Eric, I really would, but you’re still friends with the brass here, and if I take you out of commission then that means they can hold me back even more. It would be really easy though. To snap you into pieces I mean. You’re brittle bones aint what they used to be old man. As a matter of fact Eric, I think it’s really time for you to step down and let the young guns like myself take over the industry. You’re simply not needed any more. Afterall, there IS a reason why you haven’t been on Mayhem recently. You lost in Eric, you really just need to..

    Eric: Who the hell do you think you are bigfoot? Aint no way some two-bit Matt Morgan wannabe never-was is gonna tell me when to step down. And for your information, I haven’t been on Mayhem because obviously Ape mistook “Loser leaves faction” for “Loser doesn’t get to be on TV.”

    Chris: Whatever the case Eric, you were a loser. Just like tonight when you lose, and just like in the TV title tournament when you will lose again.

    Eric: Why you little…

    *crowd pops hard as Brandon Smithson pops up on the screen*

    Brandon: Does my opinion count for this thing?

    Parker and Eric: *look at each other, then laugh*

    Brandon: *smiles* Okay. Good. I like being overlooked. For the record though, we all had matches on Showdown last Wednesday, but only one of s won if I’m not mistaken. Now you two know me as not being one to brag, but I think that person was me. I’ve been inconsistent as of late, I know, but I know I can win this tournament.

    Eric: Alright you scrawny little hippie. You musta smoked some bad tofu or something, because there is simply no way you can get into a smack talk showdown with me and come out unscathed.

    Brandon: Haha. I know. That’s why there’s a match to be held. I know I can come out unscathed in those. I already did once this week. *walks away*

    Chris: You got owned by a fuckin hippie Eric. How does that taste?

    Eric: *kicks Parker in the nuts* Prick.
    WWE resigned Punk, and everything I've said has come true on these things, so WWE, keep Punk a badass face. He will become a legend if you do.

    JBW is so good, even the most cynical member of the IWC couldn't complain about it. Check out or most recent shows here!

    And join in on the discussion here. We will welcome you with open arms. Please join now by PMing me or WWTNA Mark!

    Horror movie tournament final: The Shining vs. Silence of the Lambs vs. Halloween...coming very soon.

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    Pat: Woah. Parker won’t be happy about that. Eric will have nowhere to run tonight though, as he’s going up against JBW’s finest young guns in the middle of the ring. We’re getting word in now that The Sleeper Is reportedly backstage doing something substantial. We’ll cut there now.

    Sleeper: Ask me where we are going cameraman.

    Cameraman: Where are we going Sleep?

    Sleeper: We’re on our way to Iron Ape’s office. Ask me why we’re on our way to Iron Ape’s office.

    Cameraman: Why are we on our way to Iron Ape’s office?

    Sleeper: Because I have something very important to discuss with him regarding the Fatal 4 Way match tonight. While we’re walking though, I have something important to get off my chest. RomanFlare, I have to laugh at you man. All this dude has to say is “I’m after the Mayhem world championship” and BOOM, he’s in the match. Guys like me have been consistently proving week in and week out that we’re the real deal. I’m an original in this company, and I’ve busted my ass to be consistently great, but this guy comes in and immediately gets pushed to the moon. It’s just like I said guys. Don’t be surprised if we have a new champ come September 4th. All Rome has to do is say the words and it apparently happens for him. Alright we’re here. *knocks on door* APE! I’m coming in!

    Ape: What the hell do you want? You’re lucky I haven’t fired your ass yet. Get the fuck outta my office.

    Sleep: Alright Mr. Hostile, I was coming in peace, but since you wanna play the game then I’ll play. The reason you aint fired me is because your ass has been banking off me telling it like it is. The ratings for Mayhem have skyrocketed. We’re on par with Warfare now, and I’m not gonna say that’s all because of me, but if you look at the ratings breakdown I think you’ll see that my numbers are consistently up there with the main event. Now I don’t give a fuck if you hate me, I don’t give a fuck if you wish I was dead, but let’s talk business here. The Sleeper = Ratings, and you damn sure know that.

    Ape: Alright fine, what do you want from me.

    Sleep: I wanna make you an offer. This fatal 4 way we have, it’s alright, but I think it can manage without me.

    Ape: You want out of the match?

    Sleep: Yeah, but I want in another one. You see, you currently have one of the biggest draws in the industry today in Psycho Siaki sitting the bench tonight. You have your number one contender sitting the bench tonight. If you pull me out of the fatal 4 way, you have me sitting the bench tonight.

    Ape: So whatdya want a triple threat?

    Sleep: No, I want a tag team match. Me and Siaki vs. RomanFlare and whoever he wants. That match will draw big Ape, you know that.

    Ape: *groans* Alright asshole, fine. You have your match, and you came up with some decent ideas that have worked, but if you change the script up one more time you’ll be RedDevilSativa with a mask on. Now get outta my office…shooter.

    Sleep: You may be an evil, conniving, playing favorite sonnofabitch, but you aint stupid Ape. You and SES, you give me a chance and I’ll show you what I can do.

    Ape: What part of “get out” didn’t you understand?

    Sleep: *scoffs and walks away*

    Pat: Wow what a main event tonight! Dudley, I know you’ve been against The Sleeper ever since Mayhem’s 20th episode and even before that, but even you have to admit he’s coming up with some good ideas.

    Dudley: I don’t care if he’s Albert freakin Einstein with his ideas, he shouldn’t be booking himself out of matches. He has no right to!

    Pat: Oh and Chainsaw does I guess?

    Dudley: Yes Patrick, he does. Chainsaw can do it because Ape said he could. It’s as simple as that.

    Pat: Ape allowed this match tonight though… Something apparently is happening n V-3’s secret lockerroom, well cut there now

    *V3's secret locker room is shown on the JabeTron and it is chaos!*

    Siaki: Ma$$ Murder, you need to get this little fucking midget out of my sight, he's driving me fucking crazy!! I'm the Mayhem World heavyweight champion for fucksake! I deserve better than this!! I'm-I'm gonna kill this little bastard!!

    *Siaki runs towards the little guys cage but Ma$$ intercepts him, and yells.*


    *BodomInvader unlocks the cage of Midget Ma$$, and the little fella runs for his life straight out the door. This instantly calms Siaki, and a much relieved Ma$$ lets out a sigh.*

    Ma$$: Whew! Now, Bee-Eye, go to the ring. I have a special opponent juuuuuussst for you.

    BI: fOr REalZ? wOw sUre THinG ma$$!

    Pat: Ha! I wonder what this will end up being? We’re gonna cut to commercial break now but we’ll be right back with some great singles action!

    Match 5 Eric Bischoff vs. Brandon Smithson vs. Chris Parker

    Brandon Smithson
    Theme song: Give Peace a Chance
    Pat: Brandon Smithson makes his way to the ring, and whether you wanna admit it or not, Smithson did kinda own Eric there a few moments ago.

    Dudley: Lies!

    Eric Bischoff
    Theme song: I’m back!
    Pat: Eric Bischoff makes his way to the ring as he stares down Smithson.

    Chris Parker
    Theme Music: I aint your savior
    Pat: Parker makes his way to the ring, and this one is underway.

    Pat: Chris Parker wins the match! Wow, what a great win for him just a week away from facing Brandon Smithson in the TV title tournament.

    Dudley: He has some momentum on his side that’s for sure
    WWE resigned Punk, and everything I've said has come true on these things, so WWE, keep Punk a badass face. He will become a legend if you do.

    JBW is so good, even the most cynical member of the IWC couldn't complain about it. Check out or most recent shows here!

    And join in on the discussion here. We will welcome you with open arms. Please join now by PMing me or WWTNA Mark!

    Horror movie tournament final: The Shining vs. Silence of the Lambs vs. Halloween...coming very soon.

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    Pat: Ladies and Gentlemen, we here at JBW would like to take time out from the show, and send our regards out to St George, who is still recovering from his injuries sustained last week, when he was run over by an unknown driver, in a disgusting assault. We have here a card from one of his fan's in Ohio.

    And here's one all the way from Tokyo, Japan. Wow, George is a popular guy, and these are but two of thousands we've received.

    Pat: Get well soon george, and come back soon, too!!

    Well, here comes K-Jammin

    Pat: Wait a minute, let me correct myself, it looks like Lucy is coming out to the ring alone. She’s getting a lot of heat from this crowd right now, and..

    Dudley: And these people clearly don’t know true beauty when they see it! Don’t they know that pretty girls can do no wrong?

    Pat: What about PandaMassacre? Isn’t she pretty?

    Dudley: That fat chick in the K-Jammin Appreciation Night? If you think she’s pretty then you must be blind.

    Pat: Haha, you idiot. You said you had a date with her that night Dudley. Are you gonna deny that you said that?

    Dudley: I’m not even gonna dignify that with a response. Quiet down though Lucy is in the ring and about to speak.

    Lucy: Oh Panda. You really think you’re hot shit huh? Beating up on my sister last week like she was some kind of twig. Newsflash bitch, everyone beats up on my fucking sister. She IS a twig. I beat her up my whole life so I would know. Why do you think K-Jammin dumped her ass? I mean, besides the fact that I’m clearly the finest piece of ass on the face of this earth and can suck an orange through a bendy straw *crowd actually pops*. He dumped her because she’s WEAK! She wouldn’t stab Mass with a pen when she had him down. Any type of physicality that was asked of her she was always hesitant. I will NEVER be my sister. I’m a hellofa lot more vicious, a hellofa lot more evil, and a hellofa lot more tough then you and Katie combined Panda. I think you’re gonna find that out tonight when me and boo will kick the shit outta you all over this piece of shit arena. Oh, and if you try to touch my hubby’s dick again, whether it’s with your foot or not, I. Will. Murder. You. Understand that…whore. *drops the mic and leaves the ring*

    Dudley: What an eloquent young woman Lucy is! She’s better than Katie is every way!

    Pat: You’re kidding me right? I for one cannot help but feel sorry for poor Katie. I mean, she’s no angel, but she’s been through hell because of K-Jammin and Lucy. No one deserves that. I mean, she’s only a young girl after all. She was in love, and she let that cloud her judgment.

    Dudley: She’s a nutbag Pat. She should be in an institution somewhere with Silva.

    Pat: We’re gonna cut to commercial break, but we’ll be back soon with some singles action.

    **Commercial break**

    Pat: We’re back from commercial now, and apparently RomanFlare is in Iron Ape’s office as we speak. We’ll cut there now.

    *The camera pans into an overhead shot of Iron Ape and Rome sitting at the GM’s desk.*

    Rome: So I have to get a tag partner for the main event? Why not K-Jammin?

    Ape: Taken.

    Rome: One of the Apostles!?

    Ape: No.

    Rome: Iunno.. one of the Silver Bros?

    Ape: Nope.

    Rome: BodomInvader?

    Ape: I don’t even know if he’s here tonight.

    Rome: Seriously, “bro”?

    Ape: What did you just say?

    Rome: Who am I going to get to tag with me?!

    Ape: Figure that out yourself! Now, Get the FACK out of my office! I have an appointment with a Masseuse.

    Match 6 Chainsaw vs. No Bitch Assness

    Theme song: Dark Ritual
    Pat: Back at ringside now where the lights dim red, and Chainsaw makes his way out to the ring looking as awful as ever. This is a sick human being we’re watching folks, and per Iron Ape’s orders he’s gonna try to murder No Bitch Assness out there right now. Chainsaw grabs a mic and speaks.

    Mayhem…I’m disappointed in you. Along with my normal boos I heard a faint “St. George” chant by you. I’ve been getting wrongfully accused all week long about me running over George at the end of the show. You people honestly think it was me who ran over George last week? It wasn’t. He wouldn’t be alive if it was me. I would have ran him over, backed up, ran him over again, drove forward, ran him over again, got out of my car, empty a gas can over his lifeless body, and set him ablaze. When I attempt to murder George, I will not leave his body so pretty. No, I will desecrate his corpse to the point that having a funeral for the man will be impossible. Listen up George, and listen good I know what you’re doing. You’re trying to get into my head before the PPV match. That’s fine. Go ahead. Just know I’m not one who takes to getting humiliated lightly. It all started with me and you George. Before V-3, before The Eye, before everything. I find it very interesting I will be both the beginning and the end for you at Rampage of the Titans. I will show no mercy, I will show no compassion. These words are not in my vocabulary, something No Bitch Assness will soon find out for himself. He’s insignificant though, what is significant is George, and whoever continues to dick around with these “signs” of Samson. They may even be one in the same. Whatever the case though, no one, and I mean no one, is buying it. St. George and Samson are both dead men, even if only one of them knows it yet. *drops the mic and awaits NBA*

    No Bitch Assness
    Theme song: Destiny part 2
    Pat: NBA makes his way to the ring very timidly, and who could blame them after what Chainsaw just had to say. This match is under way.

    Pat: Match is thrown out because some freaky shit is going down right now! What the hell is happening to the ring! This is insanity! I think Chainsaw might be buying this whole thing just a little bit now, because he’s ready to hightail it outta the building! What do you make of all this Dudley? Dudley? Where the hell did Dudley go?? Excuse me guys, we have to take this unscheduled commercial break right now. I have to go find Dudley, the bloody coward!

    *commercial break*
    WWE resigned Punk, and everything I've said has come true on these things, so WWE, keep Punk a badass face. He will become a legend if you do.

    JBW is so good, even the most cynical member of the IWC couldn't complain about it. Check out or most recent shows here!

    And join in on the discussion here. We will welcome you with open arms. Please join now by PMing me or WWTNA Mark!

    Horror movie tournament final: The Shining vs. Silence of the Lambs vs. Halloween...coming very soon.

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    Pat: Back from commercial now, and I found Dudley. I’d love to make fun of him a little more, but we’re gonna cut backstage now where we have K-Jammin.

    *We see K-Jammin walking backstage, and round the corner comes Katie*

    Katie:" KJ! You haven't been answering any of my calls, is something wrong?"

    KJ:" Oh my FUCK! Get it through your head you silly bitch, we're not together any more!!"

    Katie:" Oh don't be silly, I think I'd remember us breaking up *goes to kiss him but he pushes her off*

    KJ:" Are you being serious?!"

    Katie:" About what?"

    KJ:" Nothing. Just stay the fuck away you psychotic slag."

    *Lucy comes storming through the door*

    Lucy:" What the hell are you doing here Katie?! What's it gonna' take to make you realise he's with ME now!"

    Katie:" Oh hey Lucy, have you met my boyfriend yet?"

    *Lucy slaps her, and the two start rolling around on the floor fighting*


    *A member of security tries to pull Lucy off Katie but K-Jammin smashes a bottle of Jack Daniels on his head!*

    KJ:" Right c'mon babe *picks up Lucy* Let's go have a quickie "

    Lucy: " Sounds good to me hun, *You see them walk down the corridor* umm do you have an erection already?"

    KJ: " Erm, no? It's... my phone"

    Dudley: Aint those two just the cutest couple ever?

    Pat: Yeah, cute like a cactus.Back at ringside now…

    Is that the Doogie Howser theme song!

    Pat: It's BodomInvader!!

    Dudley: Oh boy! I hate this clown!

    Pat: Last week you were foaming at the mouth for him.

    Dudley: Yeah, but then he joined V3. It's one thing being a fan of those guys, but the second they took him under their wing he was done as far as I'm concerned.

    *BodomInvader gets in the ring and begins making airplane noises, and starts running around with his arms outstretched like a plane.*

    BI: hI EvERy1! I aM BodOMINvaDER! *Crowd pops!* I am HaPPy as COrnuts 2 B HeRe! I haD MoMMie sew Me a CaPe! ThANK u 4 HaVIng mE MoM ANd JBw! I wAS aLWays Big FAN oF V+3! I am NOW NewESt MeMbEr and I aM So HaPPY!! *Crowd pops again*
    MaSS HaS And OppoNENT 4 Me So LeTS Sea Who IT iS!

    *Ma$$ appears on the JabeTron*

    Ma$$: Hi, Bods! *waves* Now, I have searched the globe to find you an opponent, buddy, and heeeeerrrrreee he is!!!! Its Terrible Ted!!!!

    Teds a fucking grizzly bear WTF!!!

    Pat: What the Hell!

    Dudley: What the Hell!!

    Terrible Ted: Grrrrowwwlllll.


    Match 7 BodomInvader vs. Terrible Ted

    *The bell rings and the match begins*

    Pat: And this match was a rather one sided affair, and may I go on record as saying that was the strangest, most dangerous match I have ever called! Ted is Terrible for sure!

    Dudley: And what was the deal with that fan wanting a crack at Ted? I don't think Dubs and Straights will allow too many more of those incidents. Imagine the lawsuits!!

    Pat: Wait, Duds, BodomInvader is aproaching Ted, I hope he's not looking for revenge or this could get ugly!

    BI: Ted The GriZZLey BeaR! I LiKE HonEY too! I eVEN HybernaTE With My CApe In WInter TIME! YAY, TEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD! We CAn Be BFF's!

    *BodomInvader gets on Teds back and rides him like a horse.:

    BI: cOme ON tEd! yEEEhAWWW

    *They are stopped by Ma$$ who appears on the JabeTron.*

    Ma$$: Well, well, it appears your talents know no end, Bee-Eye! But, I was hoping that you could do something for me. Call it a... Secret V3 mission. Do you want to know what it is? *BI, still sitting on Ted, nods like a fat ten year old being offered chocolate cake*... Right, but just so that you know, after this conversation you are never to bothe- Ahem, directly talk to any of V3 again, and from now on any and all things you have to say to us will be done through Dave... Understood? *BI nods his head, but is clearly sad. In an attempt to cheer him up he adds* But it IS a secret mission *BI's face brightens up* and I know you love secret missions, so.... Well, I'm appointing you as "special guardian" for... This guy.

    Its, Midget Ma$$!

    Pat: Look who's on the stage!

    Dudley: Oh my god, this is ridiculous! Midget Ma$$ has got a mic!

    Midget Ma$$: Cuck cuck cuckers!! *crowd pop!* Cuckety cuckety cuck! Cuck! Cuck cuck!

    *Midget Ma$$ points to the curtain and two more little guys join him on the stage. The Samoan one talks.*

    Small Siaks: Brother Brother *wink wink* Brother Brother!

    *The other one talks*

    Little George: China China China Plate!!

    *BodomInvader jumps off of Terrible Ted, runs over to Mini V3, and gives each of them high fives (or low fives, as it were). He then helps them up onto Teds back and they all walk through the curtain*

    Pat: Ladies and Gentlemen, today is the day that the weirdest group in the history of efeds was born.

    Dudley: Haha! Mini V3... Even I got a chuckle out of that one.

    Pat: We’re getting word that RomanFlare is backstage. We’ll cut there now

    *The jabetron shows a hallway backstage, and Rome is running door-to-door.*

    Rome: Partners? Damn. *slams door, moves on* Partners? Damn.

    Rome stands in the middle of the hallway, arms over his head, in obvious frustration.

    ???: I’ll be your tag partner.

    Rome snaps his head to stare at someone off-camera. A look of vile contempt spreads across his face.

    Rome: Do I have a choice?

    ???: Apparently not.

    Rome: Fine.

    *Rome walks the opposite way, staring at his new tag partner, with the look of contempt still on his smug face.*
    WWE resigned Punk, and everything I've said has come true on these things, so WWE, keep Punk a badass face. He will become a legend if you do.

    JBW is so good, even the most cynical member of the IWC couldn't complain about it. Check out or most recent shows here!

    And join in on the discussion here. We will welcome you with open arms. Please join now by PMing me or WWTNA Mark!

    Horror movie tournament final: The Shining vs. Silence of the Lambs vs. Halloween...coming very soon.

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    Pat: I’m getting word in that we have Mass and Nikki backstage. We’ll cut there now.

    *We cut back to the V3 locker room where Ma$$ is seen standing in front of the camera. While Panda is pacing in the background hurling Italian obscenities.*

    Ma$$: So, K-Jasmine, ya wanna go again, huh? I reckon ol' Ma$$ must've hit you way to hard! Let me assure you, though, I am in no way against doing it a-fucking-gain! I was gonna let by-gones be by-gones, bitch, but no, ya' wanna keep yappin' at my heels; ya' wanna go again, and this time you're bringing your lady with ya', right?... Wrong, pu$$y. That skank you call a lover is in no way whatsoever a lady, and the boys in the back have been saying that Lucy is even more of a slut than her sister, Katie! Apparently, Kiddson has even got the STD's to prove it! Boy, K-Junior, you sure can pick 'em, eh? Hahaha! Wait, I just thought of something.. Man, I better not fooking catch nothing from you or your batty washing girlfriend and her unwashed poomps in that ring tonight!... To tell the truth, now that I think about it, I'm actually not too sure I wanna get in the ring with you, on account of all the herpes thats bound to be floating around the arena when you two are tagging together... Panda, whats your take on all of this?

    Panda: Merda! K-Jam, Vaffanculo Testa di cazzo!

    *With that Panda storms out of V3's secret locker room, leaving Ma$$ standing there alone.*

    Ma$$: Well, it looks like I'm gonna have to risk it! K-Jam.. Lucy... I'm begging you to at least bathe before you get to the ring tonght.... Cut that camera off, Chaz-

    Pat: We’re getting word in we have something backstage. We’ll cut there now

    *Our cameras cut to a corridor where BodomInvader and Terrible Ted are walking while MV3 are on Terrible Ted's back. When....*

    MM: Cuck!
    LG: China!
    SS: Brother *wink*!
    TT: Grrrrowwwwllll
    BI: oH mY gOd, itS nIgHTWolF!!! I LOvE YoU maN! W-w-WE doNT WANna fIgHt YoU, maN.

    NightWolf: Fear not children, for I have no problem with any of you, infact, I am here tonight to tell the world that next week an announcement shall be made by the very person who brought me to JBW, or, more specifically Mayhem... *turns and faces the camera* People at home... I AM the Darkstalker, I AM the calling of the night, I am the epitome of the fear that you feel when you hear the howl of the wolf in a far off distance that is all too close for comfort. I AM NightWolf, and NEXT WEEK, my purpose in JBW WILL BE REVEALED!!!

    *NightWolf walks off, as BodomInvader and MV3 stare in awe.*

    TT: Grrowwll.

    BI: YAeH, i waS THInkInG THe saMe THinG, TeD.... I'm goNNa HaVE nIGHtmArEs ToNIghT!

    Match 8 Mass and Nikki vs. K-Jammin and Lucy

    Dudley: Boy, I cant wait for this one! KJam and Lucy are gonna teach V3 a lesson in class!

    Pat: Please!

    Its The Great Saviour! and his girlfriend Lucy!

    *K-Jammin and Lucy make their way down the ramp both sporting evil grins.*

    Dudley: We are not worthy, we are not worthy, we are no-

    Pat: Speak for yourself, Duds.

    Dudley: Not since Mach' and Liz has there been such a glamorous couple in the world of wrestling.

    Pat: Please!

    It's Murder Time!!

    Dudley: Hate. Ma$$. Dudley. Arange 'em how ya' want!

    Pat: My broadcast colleague, Ladies and Gentlemen. Ever the pro!

    One. Crazy. Chick!

    Pat: Well, I sure hope Lucy is ready for this young lady, right here.

    Dudley: Lady and Panda? Those words have no right being mentioned together in the same sentence.

    Pat: Ladies and Gentlemen, this one is underway!

    *K-Jammin and Lucy picked up the win here tonight. K-Jammins psychotic ex made here presence felt, which led to Panda going after her and a distracted Ma$$ being taken out with The HeadJam.*

    Dudley: The looks of satisfaction on K-Jammin and Lucys face must be burning every V3 fan on the planet... I love it!!

    Pat: It may have been tainted, but K-Jam must be on cloud nine after that victory.

    Dudley: And so he should be. He's amazing, and he's my saviour. We're not worthy we're not worth-
    WWE resigned Punk, and everything I've said has come true on these things, so WWE, keep Punk a badass face. He will become a legend if you do.

    JBW is so good, even the most cynical member of the IWC couldn't complain about it. Check out or most recent shows here!

    And join in on the discussion here. We will welcome you with open arms. Please join now by PMing me or WWTNA Mark!

    Horror movie tournament final: The Shining vs. Silence of the Lambs vs. Halloween...coming very soon.

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    Pat: Will you stop? Well guys…*lights go out*Oh no. Not this again…

    *this video appears on a the Jabetron*

    Dudley: When will this guy just get here so this will all stop?

    Pat: You really want this guy here Dudley? He’s not even here yet and he’s scaring the piss outta you! What do you think will happen when he debuts?

    Dudley: I don’t even wanna think about it Pat! I’ll be honest, I don’t feel safe working here anymore.

    Pat: Ridiculous…We’re gonna cut backstage now where Roland Butter is standing by with the victorious duo of K-Jammin and Lucy. Roland?

    Roland Butter: " Im now joined with K-Jammin who along side his girlfriend Lucy just defeated MassDinero and PandaMassecre! Getting your first victory over Mass must feel good right?"

    KJ:" feels fucking BEAUTIFUL young Roland! I told everyone I CAN beat Mass!! and I just proved it, I heard a few people say it was a cheap win? But I saw nothing wrong with my victory, all seemed legit to me! Haters gonna' hate Roland, literally everyone in this shit company wants to see me fail, they don't want to see me win matches and they don't want to see me win gold. But BOTH are gonna' happen, i am the Great Saviour of JBW! I saved the ratings, I saved the attendance number and I saved the merchandise sales, I mean if it wasn't for my merchandise on sale fans would be buying HolyJose dildo's or Avidico condoms for the smaller man. Oh and one more thing, any newcomers think they are gonna dominate JBW like I do have another thing coming. The Sandman, whoever the fuck you are, you can make all the creepy videos you want but that won't stop me from beating you til your half dead when you arrive, and as for the "Instant Noodle" Kevin Matthews... your so fucking lucky your own Warfare son! I won't tell you why, but just count your self lucky. K-Jammin 1 MassDinero 1, you know what this mean's don't cha' Mass? This ain't fucking over!"

    Pat: Wow, strong words from K-Jammin out there huh? I wonder what Ma$$ thinks about that? That’s for another episode though, as it’s time now for the…

    Main Event Siaki and Sleeper vs. RomanFlare and ???
    Theme song: The Attic
    Pat: Siaki makes his way down to the ring with an outstanding respoinse from the crowd here tonight. Who knew 18,000 people could be so loud?

    Dudley: 18,000 idiots make a lot of noise, and you’re excited about it?

    Pat: Why don’t you stop talking?

    Theme song: Enter Sandman
    Pat: The Sleeper makes his way to the ring with another fantastic response from the crowd. Almost as loud as Siaki, and Dudley, these fans sure have taken a liking to Sleeper’s brutal honesty haven’t they?

    Dudley: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Who cares? RomanFlare is coming out next!

    Roman’s custom Jabetron! Please watch!
    Pat: RomanFlare makes his way out to ringside, stopping half way up the ramp to await his partner’s entrance. Rome does not look happy about his partner. I wonder who it is.

    Dudley: But if it’s someone Rome picked, then he must be good!

    Pat: I don’t think Rome had a choice.

    Dudley: Looks like the same guy from Showdown

    The lights dim down, a bright blue spotlight centered on the stage. A man, no bigger than 5’ 4”, waltz through the curtain, dancing around and showboating. He stops in the center of the spotlight and raises his hand to the heavens. A microphone is lowered down into his hands. Looking around, the man holds the mic up.


    Two flashes of lightning hit the stage and pyro goes off as Lenny runs in fear from the noise. As the smoke clears, we see him poke his head out from behind the curtain, making sure the coast is clear. Satisfied, he waltz back out with his chest puffed.


    Dudley: Who in the holy balls of HolyJose is this assclown?

    Pat: I don’t know, but Rome doesn’t seem too happy with the guy.

    Dudley: Oh, but what a gentlemen Rome is! He’s letting the Assclown go first!

    Dudley: Romes has Siaki in a bad place right now, and he's abou- wait, he tagged in Lenny!

    Pat: Oh dear.

    Dudley: Where did that come from? Siaki just nailed Lenny with a Yakuza Kick!

    Pat: Siaki and Lenny are both down, and both men crawl slowly over to their partners. Siaki makes the tag in to Sleeper, and Lenny is close to Roman….but Roman walks away? What the hell? Roman just bailed out on Lenny Lightning and is walking up the ramp!

    Dudley: Good for Roman! That prick deserved to get deserted.

    Pat: Sleeper is in there with lenny, and SLEEPYTIME TKO hits! 1…2…3! This one is over guys! Siaki and sleeper don’t look satisfied though, they look like they still want to give a beatdown to someone, and it looks like Lenny Lightning is it! Sleep and Siaks begin the beatdown on Lenny, and wait a minute, here comes RomanFlare back out to the ring with a steel chair! Siaki and Sleeper square up, but Roman goes straight past them and slams the chair in Lenny Lightening! Wow, talk about someone that NO ONE likes! Sleeper turns around Roman though and those two begin fighting. Siaki, feeling left out, begins in the brawl as well! It looks like a repeat of last week folks, but wait a minute, much to the dismay of all the people in attendance here tonight, security is coming out to break these guys up! That’s all the timewe have for this week folks! JBW!
    WWE resigned Punk, and everything I've said has come true on these things, so WWE, keep Punk a badass face. He will become a legend if you do.

    JBW is so good, even the most cynical member of the IWC couldn't complain about it. Check out or most recent shows here!

    And join in on the discussion here. We will welcome you with open arms. Please join now by PMing me or WWTNA Mark!

    Horror movie tournament final: The Shining vs. Silence of the Lambs vs. Halloween...coming very soon.

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    JBW is the best!

    "Bring a knife to a fist fight, a gun to a knife fight, and a M134 to anything else."

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    Final filler guys! WARFARE!!!
    "Bring a knife to a fist fight, a gun to a knife fight, and a M134 to anything else."

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