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    Ricky: Welcome to JBW Warfare!!! We are live in Little Rock, Arkansas and...... what the hell just happened to Warfare!? Everything looks different and the ring along with the tiantrons say FSA Warfare!!!

    Stanley: Well, this was the change GM Manabu was talking about. He make everything different around here to represent the Five Star Attraction! Hell, we even have to wear FSA shirts from now on! This is crazy!

    Ricky: Your not lying! We are getting word that we even have to call Warfare FSA WARFARE from now on!

    Stanley: What?! You have got to be kidding me!

    Ricky: I'm serious man! Warfare has now turned into FSA Warfare! I'm lost for words right now!

    Stanley: You know what, lets not talk about this anymore. I'm sick just thinking about it. Lets go on to something positive like Monarchy of Aggression.

    Ricky: Good call Stan! MoA was probably the best PPV in E-Fed history! We blew the roof off the Wembley Stadium!!!

    Stanley: We had a total of 16 great matches from Warfare and Mayhem which made the PPV even better!

    Ricky: How many people wintness 15 matches in an E-Fed PPV before!?

    Stanley: Nowhere! That's why we are the best damn E-Fed here!!! We ACTUALLY put time and effort in our PPVs.

    Ricky: Damn skippy! We are going to talk later about that but right now, we are going to go over the card set up for Warfare tonight:

    Matches set for Warfare tonight

    Tad Locust vs KJ Punk

    Stinger187 vs Fernandez Romero

    Leonard Ray Beauregard debuts in action

    Markus Beerstein and his mystery opponent vs Pittsburgh Payne

    Malcolm Cage vs rko619 in there final match

    The Prophecy vs VKM in there final match

    Ricky: It all happens tonight on JBW Warf......... Errr, I mean FSA Warfare!!!

    Stanley: Sounds like a solid card tonight!

    Ricky: We have plenty more as we hear from the reigning Warfare World Champion Snair as we get his thoughts on his match at MoA and also his thoughts on getting struck with a chairshot from The Prophecy. We also hear from The Prophecy as well who should be arriving soon here tonight!

    Stanley: Hell we even got MORE planned as TDA looks to give us a "special" announcement later on tonight. Wonder whats that about?

    Ricky: Right now, we will like to take a moment to give you the current top 10 JBW rankings of Warfare:

    Current JBW Rankings

    Malcolm Cage
    TJ Rage
    Tad Locust
    "The Holy Trinity" VKM
    The Alpha Dog
    The Prophecy

    Ricky: It looks like TheDevilsAdvocate will face Snair for the Warfare World Heavyweight title at JBW's biggest PPV Rampage of the Titans!!! TheDevilsAdvocate was impressive all July as he won his tag team match with VKM against The Prophecy and Snair, defeated VKM in a singles match, and also beat the Warfare World Champ Snair in a tables match which definitely moved him up the rankings.

    Stanley: Wow, what a great rankings, all of them deserve title shots IMO but it looks like TheDevilsAdvocate will get one last shot for the Warfare World title against Snair! The Prophecy is in second place which is a great thing as well because he has a chance to move up the ranks to #1 and if he can keep his spot at #2, he just might do that!

    Ricky: Its such a shame that the FSA's Zeus Apollo, Trips88, Markus Beerstein, and igetwild couldn't be on the list as well. They have proven themselves here on Warfare and its time they get a title shot, especially Zeus Apollo who is undefeated.

    Stanley: Well I agree with you Stan but Manabu said that he feels that the Warfare World Championship is in the FSA family and that he doesn't think it makes sense for an FSA member to compete for the Warfare World title when its already in the FSA family. I don't agree with this but his group, his rules I guess.

    Ricky: We are now getting word from our sources that we have to stay quiet as FSA Warfare GM Manabu has something to address right now.
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    The FSA Warfare GM Manabu is here!!!

    ~Manabu is stood in the ring with a microphone and in another suit, ditching his usual wrestling gear to reflect his business minded approach to The FSA and warfare~

    "Everyone welcome to the new Warfare!!!" *The cameramen get shots all around the arena, showing the fsa turnbuckles, announce tables, apron and canvas. This is accompanied by red black and purple ring ropes*
    What can I say? I got an idea in my head a few days ago, I'm the gm of a world class show and I'm a member of a group of the best wrestlers in this business so I decided aw hell why not make every cheap hideous can't get a job cuz I'm too sick person sat here now that? Why should YOU be offered programmes with your favourite wrestlers on it? What have any of you done to deserve to even be sat here listening to me? The Days of the brown one and WWTNA are long gone. And to everyone at home whose sat there watching illegal streams or stealing cable and thinking wow that asian guy really needs a punch in the face I dare you to. I bet none of you could even afford the transport to a warfare show, much yet a ticket. Now you're all booing me thinking this is gonna get to me and I'm gonna start crying but I'm giving anyone here the oppurtunity to fight me, thats if you havent been so infested that you cant stand
    *Manabu waits for a few seconds* Didnt think so, because as warfare GM I can do as I please
    *A child in the front row shouts "YOU SUCK MANABU" Manabu laughs and clicks his finger, the child and his family are then escorted out by security along* You see Warfare is no laughing matter anymore, that wasnt some sort of plant, that was real. Now theres a fine line between reality and imaginary, The prophecy holding the Warfare World title...imaginary, Snair holding the Warfare world title...Reality.
    You see Prophecy you're starting to become a thorn in my side and from the looks of it, you enjoy playing this game on the edge. You enjoy living in a false world believing you're the goddamn most exciting most talented worlds best wrestler in this company, thinking I'm vince mcmahon and you're steve austin but this is far from it.
    Not only did you brutally attack my brother but you gave Warfares no1 guy a concussion! That is bad business! I can't have my world champion getting injured, whose gonna put the piles filled asses in seats when Snairs in hospital!? You!? So heed my words, you will be punished."

    ~Manabu moves on from the topic~

    "Please welcome at this time, a TRUE Warfare World Heavyweight Champion and the FSA member......SNAIR!!!"

    The Warfare World Champ, Snair!!!

    ~Snair comes to the ring with his head bandaged along with a bit of limping and begins to talk~

    "MOA was very special for JBW. Some were talking about Siaki jaw dropping victory while somewhere talking about Mass's payback to KJ but the match that made MOA epic was mine. I stood true to my words when I said I'll be standing tall among all ruins, I put my body on the line to still stand here as your champion. Not only did I make those 3 wannabes look good but also got them some exposure. Now as I stand in the ring celebrating my victory, admiring my awesomeness...a chair shot to my face? *looks around for response of crowd* Yes a chair shot to my face knocking the living daylights out of me by that little monkey thing they call the Prophecy. Now Prophecy there'll be consequences, you should have finished what you started. I know for a fact that like to run around the ring screaming like a girl when you see some competition so why dont you come on out here so I make you to run around this arena with this bat stomped straight up your ass! *Crowd boos* Now prophecy not only I'll beat you senseless but also subject you to same humiliation I suffered at MOA.I'll not stop till I make your life a living hell full of misery and sufferings for your deed.Now i know you're watching this in the back laughing it off with fear instilled on your mind so I advise you to cheer up, Worst is yet to come!*drops the mic as the crowd gives him a mixed reacting*

    ~Manabu calmly talks to Snair~

    "Hey Snair, hold on there, don't worry about The Prophecy because I'll handle him. Trust me, he'll be walking on egg shells when I'm through with him! Once he arrives, he'll pay serious consequences! The FSA is leaving and will like to get the first match on the card started here tonight!"

    Ricky: Whoa, FSA are starting this show with some major anger for The Prophecy! Sounds like these guys are going to put The Prophecy through hell!

    Stanley: Your not kidding! If I were The Prophecy, I wouldn't even show up on Warfare tonight!

    Ricky: Right now is Tad Locust vs KJ Punk!!!
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    Match 1: Tad Locust vs KJ Punk

    Theme song: Slow and sad

    Ricky: Making his way to the ring is a very mysterious, twisted wrestler that goes by the name of Tad Locust.

    Stanley: Yeah, we don't really know much about Tad Locust but we do know that he exposed Brown One as to being part of EWNCW and trying to throw JBW's name under the dirt. We also know that he has been very dominate in his matches, even defeating TheDevilsAdvocate last week.

    Ricky: Yeah, not much to say about him but he seems to be a mystery here in JBW. We don't know what's going through his mind or anything. He is very soft spoken and has tried to warn us about who "HE" is. The JBW lcokerroom even said that they have seen him talking to himself backstage. A very weird individual that Tad Locust is.

    KJ Punk
    Theme song: By any means

    Ricky: KJ Punk looks to score a win over Tad Locust!

    Stanley: KJ who?

    Ricky: KJ Punk.

    Stanley: Never heard of him.

    Ricky: Hes been with JBW since day 1.

    Stanley: Nope, still doesn't ring a bell.

    Ricky: Well anyways, lets start this match!!!

    Tad Locust wins via pinfall.

    Ricky: Tad Locust wins this match, just dominating his opponent!

    Stanley: We sure don't know anything about this mystery that is Tad Locust but we do know that he knows how to crush his opponent!

    ~The lights dim as Tad Locust sits down on the canvas and speaks~

    Tad Locust: At MOA, The JBW roster put there bodys on the line and paid prices physically as well as mentally. However that event was nothing but a prelude and a stepping stone for Rampage of the Titans. ROTT will be the biggest PPV in not just the short history of JBW but in the History of this buisness. The reason? Because I will make my PPV debut. I will prove to all of why Im not just the most intellgently violent person in JBW but why HE is the most powerful and indestuctable person or thing in JBW.To show that we are throwing out an open challenge to anyone in this Company. Cheered or Booed,Booked or Unbooked,Hired or Fired,It does not matter. We are challenging anyone in the buisness.And I guarantee,I will defeat another foe and and take another step forward to the Championships in JBW. Our path of Torment will continue and bring Misfortune to you all..

    ~The lights turn back on and Tad Locust leaving the ring with an evil smirk on his face~

    Ricky: Man, Tad Locust's powerful words leads to question as who "HE" is.

    Stanley: Well I don't know and its better if its kept that way. Tad Locust ha warned us about this mystery man so I don't even wanna know to be honest.

    Ricky: I have a feeling that we will learn who it is someday Stan.
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    Todd: Hello everyone, I'm Todd and I'm backstage with the still reigning Warfare TV Champion HolyJose! How are you doing HolyJose?

    HJ:I'm doing great Todd

    Todd:That's great to hear now I was hoping to get your thoughts on your match with Markus Beerstien at Monarchy of Aggression, what did you think about, and how did you feel the match went?

    HJ: How do I feel about? That match had the potential to be the show stealer but no, Markus had to go and ruin it by, yet again, going to cheat. Todd I'm a proud champion and the only way I am happy about winning my matches is it being a decisive 1...2...3 pinfall but it's all over now I am still the TV Champion and Markus you better get your ass to the back of the line now. I'm off to prove as to why I am the best champion here in JBW, hell in the entire world!

    Todd: Powerful words there HolyJose, now can you speak to us about TDA's future here in JBW and address the rumors about TDA's retierment?

    HJ:Now first and foremost I won't reveal too many details I am in no position to do that you ask TDA himself. But there is no doubt in my mind that TDA's future in JBW is brighter than any of the other wrestlers here on Warfare. Snair better watch his back because TDA will gain the Warfare World Heavyweight Championship. Now as for the rumors about his retirement, they're just that rumors. TDA still has so much to do, no not prove because he has proven to everyone he is the best but he has many things to accomplish in my eyes that he won't be retireing. SuperNova is stronger than ever and TDA has been the leader we needed to to light a fire under our ass for us to perform at the top of our game. No TDA isn't going anywhere except to gain the World Title.

    Todd: Well there you have it folks. The bonds of SuperNova are stronger than ever and HolyJose has spoken with much truth in his voice. Now back to you guys at ringside!

    Match 2: Stinger187 vs Fernandez Romero

    Theme song: Dead End´╗┐ Roads & Lost Highways

    Ricky: Making his way to the ring is SuperNova member Stinger187!

    Stanley: Stinger187 went through an amazing match against Trips88 last Sunday at MoA! He tried to show Trips88 respect but Trips88 just showed him no respect by giving him a low-blow!

    Ricky: A lot of personal issues between them but right now, Stinger187 looks to win tonight!

    Fernandez Romero
    Theme song: Let us dance tonight

    Ricky: JBW's newcomer Fernandez Romero makes his way to the ring, ready to prove to JBW why this Mexican star is the future of JBW.

    Stanley: I'm telling you right now, this guy isn't like the other Mexican stars in AAA and in CMLL, he competed from all over the world and is known for his technical skills. This guy might be my favorite!

    Ricky: Isn't The Prophecy your favorite?

    Stanley: Can't both wrestlers be my favorite?

    Ricky: Your not going to do the "top 5 wrestlers" thing like Booker T are you?

    Stanley: Can we just get to the match!?

    Ricky: Great idea.

    Fernandez Romero wins by Trips88 interfering.

    Ricky: What the..... Why did Trips88 ruin the match!? This match was getting good! Trips88 is just attacking Stinger187 here tonight!

    Stanley: Trips88 is just bitter about losing to Stinger187 at MoA and his taking his anger out on him tonight.

    Ricky: Really uncalled for by Trips88.

    ~Trips88 picks up the mic and speaks~

    Trips88: Stinger187, you think our feud is over!?! No, it has only begun! You see, I warned SuperNova to leave me and the FSA alone but you guys don't listen and can't accept the fact that your group is a bunch of mizfits are losers who cannot take down the FSA! Face it, even I realized that the FSA are way to strong to take down which is the reason why I became an FSA member! *Starts to choke Stinger187* I am warning you Stinger, don't push me! You know what, I think its time for me to make a clear statement to the SuperNova by destroying you!

    ~Trips88 lets go of Stinger187 and leaves the ring~
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    Warfare Move Of The Week

    Presented by Skittles, taste the rainbow!

    This move was performed last Sunday on MoA and it was used by the flaming star Advico which had the crowd standing on there feet. This move is a diving springboard which is called the Dragon Rana. Advico proves that hes the best high flyer in the wrestling world and also has to compete in a three way for a #1 Contenders spot for the JBW N.W.L title. We look to see move high-flying moves like these.

    ~We cut backstage and see Jman walk into Manabu's office* *Jman sits down opposite from Manabu~

    Jman: Mana.... Sorry, Mr. Nahara, I know you're a busy man so I'll get right to it; I want a World Title shot. I'm an origional in this company, I've done everything that's been asked of me, and I'm confident I can outwrestle anybody in that lockeroom....including Snair. If you don't give me my shot, I'll be sure to do everything in my power to destroy the FSA...*we cut away before Manabu can give an answer*

    Manabu: Whoa, you are pretty cocky there kid. I like it! I tell you what, tonight is your lucky night because Snair wanted to defend his Warfare World title against a worthy opponent. Tonight, if you prove to me that you are capable of taking on Snair in your upcoming match, then, you'll get a Warfare title shot next week. Deal?

    Jman: Deal! I won't disappoint you!

    ~thejman93 leaves Manabu's office with a smile on his face~

    (Todd is shown waiting outside of The Alpha Dogs room.)

    Todd: This is Todd Stevenson waiting to hopefully get a few words from The Alpha Dog about his controversial loss to Zeus Apollo this pass sunday at Monachry of...

    (All of sudden, the door swings open and The Alpha Dog starts walking down the hall with an angry scowl on his face. He is walking like a man on a mission. Todd starts to chase after him.)

    Todd: Excuse me, Gabr...(The Alpha Dog turns and shoots him a stare)I'm sorry, Alpha Dog...(The Alpha Dog turns and continues walking with Todd right behind him), it appears your a little preoccupied right now, but I would like to ask you a few questions about Monarchy of Aggression.

    Alpha: As long as you can keep up and the questions don't stop The Alpha Dog from walking.

    Todd: Ok, the entire world watched as the ref called for the bell saying that you tapped to Zeus Apollos Triangle Choke Hold this past sunday when(The Alpha Dog starts looking at the names on the doors he is passing by) it was clear that you didn't tap at all. Your comments on this.

    Alpha: It was clearly a setup. The Alpha Dog didn't tap out to Zeus Apollo nor would he ever(looks in a unnamed room. It's the womens locker room, Ninel Conde is shown only in her bra and panties when she screams, and Alpha quickly closes the door.) tap out to any hold any opponent would put on him.

    Todd: So, you think it was a setup? You think someone actually told the ref to make that error?

    Alpha: Of course, if it wasn't for The Alpha Dog getting screwed (continues to look at doors, getting more angry) Zeus Apollo would have lost his undefeated streak. It's as simple as that.

    Todd: I got to ask, where are we going?

    (At this moment, a stage manager walks in front of The Alpha Dog and Todd. The Alpha Dog grabs the manager by the shirt, lifts him up and pushes him up against a door. The Alpha Dog then yells, "WHERE'S THE VIDEO AND AUDIO CONTROL AREA? The manager points towards a door then says, "Outside right through that door. It's in a big truck. You can't miss it." The Alpha Dog takes the manager and throws him down the hall.)

    Todd: Well, I guess that answers that question.

    (Alpha walks through the door and starts heading towards the truck. There are all sorts of cordes coming out of it. Todd continues walking with him.)

    Todd: Why are you looking for this truck? Do you think you will find out who is behind this in here? (Alpha grabs Todd by the shirt with both hands, slams Todd against the truck, and gets right in his face.)

    Alpha: All the answers are right in this truck. THE ALPHA DOG IS GOING TO SHOW THE WORLD WHO SCREWED HIM OVER AND THAT THE ALPHA DOG TAPS TO NO MAN OR GOD!!! So Todd, are you done with your questions?

    (Todd nods his head yes. The Alpha Dog then throws him to the ground and walks into the truck.)

    JBW's newest star Leonard Ray Beauregard is here!!!

    ~Brantley Gilbert's Kick It In The Sticks plays over the loudspeakers as the crowd looks stunned to see a 6'4 250 lb. dirty white boy come down the ramp to the ring. He comes out wearing a dirty pair of jeans and a Jack Daniels T-shirt with cut off sleeves. He also has on a baseball cap with the Confederate Flag on it and is carrying a bottle with what appears to be dip spit in it.~

    Beauregard: Howdy y'all, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Leonard Ray Beauregard. *spits in the bottle as some members of the crowd wince in disgust*. I know y'all heard all this same ol' song and dance before but I am fixin' to take Mayhem by storm. See, ain't nobody in JBW ever met a Southern born, Cornbread fed, *spits in bottle* 'Bacco spittin', Rebel flag wavin' sunofabitch like me before. I am here for 2 reasons: to whoop ass and win big gold. See, Mama and Daddy told me a long time ago, they said "Son, you gotta be the best at what you do, and if anyone gets in your way you take em out" And I'm here cause I'm gonna do Mama and Daddy proud. This here is a fair word of warning to the boys in the back. Be on notice boys, cause The Redneck Wrecking Machine is coming for ya.

    Ricky: Welcome to JBW Leonard Ray Beauregard!!!

    Stanley: Yay! I now have a drinking buddy!!!

    Ricky: I'm guessing hes in your "top 5 wrestlers" list?

    Stanley: Shut up.

    Tom George's music hits!!!

    ~Tom George makes his way to the ring with a mic and speaks~

    Tom George: You know what, i'm sick of this s**t! I have been in JBW since day 1 and I don't get enough attention here! I have been playing second fiddle to these newcomers here in JBW and that's where I have enough! Leonard Ray Beauregard, you drunk son of a bitch, i'm going to face you right here, right now so lets get this match started!

    ~A JBW official ref runs to the ring to make this match official~

    Leonard Ray Beauregard wins the match via pinfall.

    Ricky: Leonard Ray Beauregard wins the match on his debut! He was impressive tonight!

    Stanley: Beauregard is a bad dude! A beer drinking, tough son of a bitch who made his mark here on Warfare! Congrats to ma man for being impressive tonight!
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    ~The lights go out... Everything is dark..~

    "No, No!... Turn the lights back on!"

    ~Zeus Apollo walks out on stage dressed in normal street clothes. A black Five Star Attraction t-shirt, with tan khaki shorts... He walks down the ramp, at a rate faster than his normal walking pace~

    "Don't start playing any music either. We're not going through this crap tonight... No, we have other issues to address, and don't have time for these charades of foolish antics."

    ~Zeus slides into the ring, with his microphone and stands in the middle, as the lights are back on, and the camera is focused on him~

    "Good, now that I have everyone's attention, I'd like to talk about a 'little' problem from Monarch of Aggression... Just as I was about to put the Alpha Dog away, and choke the life out of him, the referee decided to the ring the bell, even though the match was not yet over... Don't get me wrong, I knew Xander wouldn't tap, but at the same time I also knew he'd soon run out of breath, and no longer be able to continue... But, it still bugs me that the referee called the match before it was really over... It was a great match, and the fans deserved proper closure, though I honestly believe it would have been over in the next 30 seconds regardless of what happened anyways. We all know he wasn't going to escape, no one ever does, even 7 foot, 400 pound Giants can't escape..."

    ~Zeus stopped talking long enough to hear "Mount Olympus" chants squirming through the audience~

    "Oh, you all want to see my show, right?... Well, that's just not going to happen tonight... Until, I figure out just what in the hell's going on here, and trust me when I say 'I WILL', then I'm going to put the highlights from my journey to Mount Olympus on hold... I'm sorry, but I'm just not in the frame of mind to discuss that right now... So that leads me to..."

    The Alpha Dog's music hits!!!

    ~The Alpha Dog is shown walking onto the stage continuing to laugh into a microphone. The fans show mixed feelings toward Alpha with a mix of cheers and boos~

    Alpha: Hi there Zeus. How is it going?(Zeus Apollo is shown staring at The Alpha Dog) The Alpha Dog is hoping its going swell because he would love to add another wonderful moment to your evening and announce that he has done what he said he was going to do, show the world that as powerful as you are, you didn't make The Alpha Dog tap out. In other words, The Alpha Dog has found the culprit. HE HAS FOUND THE ONE WHO CONVINCED THE REF TO SCREW OVER THE ALPHA DOG AT MONARCHY OF AGGRESSION!!! (The audience cheers) But before he gets to that, The Alpha Dog would like to show everybody this. GO ON AHEAD GUYS IN THE TRUCK!!

    ~Alpha points to the JabeTron and a picture is shown of Zeus Apollo at the end of Monarchy of Aggression with a confused and angry look on his face.~

    Alpha: This picture really brings new meaning to the quote, "A picture is worth a thousand words." To The Alpha Dog Zeus, this picture screams ANGER, RAGE, CONFUSION, AND DOUBT!! You asked your friends of the FSA to stay in the back so you could handle your business then it happened. The Alpha Dog gets screwed in the match and the streak is guaranteed for another day.(Zeus is shown getting angry.) Oh, did you really think that the FSA was just going to leave all the responsibility of keeping the streak, part of the FSAs power, solely in your hands? They want to make sure you keep your streak as not only a testament of their power, but to keep you on a leash, but more on that in a minute. The Alpha Dog would like to show the world who set him up to lose this past Sunday. ROLL THE CLIP BOYS!!!

    ~Alpha points to the JabeTron again and a video is shown of backstage where the Match Manager is surrounded by referees. It looks like its from a security camera. The manager starts naming the names of the refs and then says what matches they are going to be officiating over~

    Manager: John Robinson- you have K-Jam vs Mass, Advico vs igetwild, and jman vs RamJam.

    Robinson: Yes sir.

    Manager: Derek Johnson- you have The Sleeper vs RomanFlare, Tripps88 vs Stinger187, and the four-way tag team match. Be careful on that one.

    Johnson: Yes sir.

    Manager: and Mick Jameson- you have St. George vs Eric Bishoff, Alpha vs Zeus, HolyJose vs Beerstein, and The four way WWC Title match.

    Jameson: Can I switch with somebody on the Alpha and Zeus match?

    Manager: Why would you wanna do that?

    Jameson: Well, you know how Alpha is always referring to himself in the third person. It gets annoying having to deal with that the entire match. I don't blame people for wanting to beat the shit out of him. Hell, I want to.

    Manager: Sorry, no switches.

    Jameson: Shit

    Manager: You all know your matches. Get to it.

    (The group disperses except for Jameson who is trying to talk to the manager. Then out of no where The Alpha Dog shows up and walks to Jameson.)

    Alpha: Are you Jameson?

    Jameson: Yeah, what do you want?

    Alpha: The Alpha Dog heard you were officiating over The Alpha Dog and Zeus Apollos match.

    Jameson: Yes, I am.

    Alpha: Well, The Alpha Dog would like to propose a deal to you for that match. (pulls out a brown paper envelope) Right here, is one thousand dollars that The Alpha Dog is willing to give to you if...

    Jameson: Your kidding right? You think you can bribe me into making sure you win tonight? No, absolutely not. In fact, I hope Zeus kicks your ass tonight.

    AlphaBreathes in then breathes out) Let's make one thing clear. THE ALPHA DOG DOESN'T NEED TO BRIBE ANYONE TO HELP HIM WIN A MATCH!!! IF THE ALPHA DOG WANTS TO WIN A MATCH, HE CAN DO IT ON HIS OWN!!!

    Jameson: Okay, calm down. I'm sorry but why are you wanting to give me this money?

    Alpha: Because The Alpha Dog...(breathes in then breathes out) wants you to guarantee that Zeus wins tonight.

    Jameson: What? Are you ok?

    Alpha: The Alpha Dog is fine. Why do you ask?

    Jameson: Because when wrestlers come up and offer me money its usually to make sure they win. I never take it or anything, but this is definitely a first. Are you sure about this? What about Zeus, does he know? What if he gets angry at me?

    Alpha: Run, defend yourself. The Alpha Dog doesn't care. Just make sure to ring the bell as soon as Zeus puts the Triangle Choke Hold on The Alpha Dog. The Alpha Dog will take care of the rest.

    Jameson: Ok, fine. I will do it.

    Alpha: Good.

    ~The Alpha Dog starts to walk towards the security camera, then stops, looks up at it, and then waves. Video goes to static. The camera goes back to Zeus Apollos shocked face. He looks at The Alpha Dog confused as The Alpha Dog steps into the ring~

    Alpha: The Alpha Dog did that for two reasons, One, was to see this(the picture of Zeus being angry and confused appears again on the JabeTron.), because at that moment, you thought it was the FSA and that is where the doubt comes in. And two, to find your weakness. That's right. The Alpha Dog considers you a threat. You are the all-powerful Demigod.(Laughs to himself) But as much as The Alpha Dog considers you a threat, The FSA considers you a threat even more so. The Alpha Dog saw the look in your eyes the week The Alpha Dog debuted when you were looking at that WWC Title. The Alpha Dog saw in your eyes what he feels. The need for that title. Yeah, The Alpha Dog saw that look in your eyes and so did Manabu and Manabu had to make sure to end that quick, didn't he?(Zeus starts to get angry and The Alpha Dog smirks.) The Alpha Dogs believes you are destined for better, but as long as you are a member of the FSA, they will FOR DAMN SURE continue to hold you down by your leash. Oh and about your weakness, it's pride. The Alpha Dog imagines you are very angry at him right now because he had to pay the ref to guarantee you would win. Don't worry. The Alpha Dog is going to let you vent that anger on him at the next PPV,(Gets right in Zeus' face)THAT IS IF YOU HAVE THE BALLS TO COME INTO THE ALPHA DOGS YARD AGAIN!! (The Alpha Dog drops the mic and leaves the ring.)

    ~Zeus Apollo speaks~

    Zeus Apollo: Hold on just a minute! You faked the whole match just to prove a point? Did I choke too much common sense out of you on Sunday?... Haven't both of us repeatedly said, that we'll never tap out... What good would a Iron Man Submission match do?... No, no, no... I've got a better idea... Oh, we'll make it a 25 minute match, but it will be contested under Mixed Martial Arts rules... Five 5 Minute Rounds, with a panel of judges, where you can win by Knock-Out, Submission, TKO, or even go to the judge's decision if we have to...

    ~The Alpha Dog comes back to the ring~

    This causes a sadistic smile to cover The Alpha Dog's face.

    AD: "The Alpha Dog loves that idea, ZEUS!...THE ALPHA DOG ACCEPTS!"

    The Alpha Dog walks backwards, exiting the arena... Zeus turns his attention back to the crowd..

    ZA: "Now, back to where I was, and that leads me to... _______"

    ~Zeus kept talking, but noticed his microphone had been cut off... He tossed it away, and stood in the ring... He knew what was going, but no one else did~
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    Ricky: So wait a minute, The Alpha Dog planned the whole match to be a screw-up all along to prove a point to Zeus Apollo that once his undefeated continues, he would worry less about the Warfare World title and more about the undefeated streak which is what the FSA wants which The Alpha Dog gets inside Zeus Apollo's head? BRILLIANT! This is the type of hearing that Zeus Apollo needs to hear. He should be getting a Warfare World title shot on Warfare.

    Stanley: Agreed! The Alpha Dog brought up great points! The FSA are holding him back! Who knows what Zeus Apollo thinks after this!

    Ricky: There certainly has to be a lot of turmoil backstage after this promo!

    Stanley: You bet!

    Ricky: We have out next match coming up which is Markus Beerstein and his mystery partner vs Pittsburgh Payne!!!

    Match 4: Markus Beerstein & ??? vs Pittsburgh Payne

    Markus Beerstein and ???
    Theme song: I love beer

    Rick: Here comes FSA member Markus Beerstein and apparently he's coming alone with his trustful beer

    Stanley: Well, did you see someone else??, maybe he come to tell us he received another shot for the TV title, he got screwed last sunday

    Rick: What do you mean screwed?, he and Jurgen cheated and got caught using the belt, if you ask me justice was made

    Stanley: Oh shut up, Markus is going to talk, and you must be quiet when FSA member have a mic in his hands

    Markus: So listen up my freunde, last sunday at MOA happened I was robbed again, My shot was robbed by a inkompetente Referrer, yeah that's German you're really stupid how can you don't know other languages, pathetic, (take pause to drink)

    ~Crowd boos loudly~

    Markus: Back to topic, once again Holyjose found a way to keep that title bacause he knows he can't beat one on one (You're an assholes chants from the audience), you're lesser piece of garbage I don't care what you say hahaha, anyway I'm here to inform you I won't have another shot at the Warfare TV title ( crowd cheers).

    Markus: Schweigen!!!!, but now my objective now it's the vacant tag team titles, thanks to Herrr Manabu, He will allowd me and Jurgen to compete for the belts and bring home the only titles the FSA havent' won... yet, like some of you don't know of wrestling history, I am multi time Tag team champion back in the in Europe, so it will be so freaking easy to beat all these useless tag team here. (drinks again)

    Markus: Jurgen had just arrived to the arena and his coming to the ring give me a warm welcome people!!!

    Music plays but Jurgen is nowhere found

    Rick: That's weird, Jurgen haven't show

    Stanley: Give him time, he's maybe in backstage, he'll appear

    Markus: Jurgen what the hell are you taking s....

    ~A strange music plays~

    Wait, no, it can't be!!!!

    Rick: WHAT THE HELL!!, is that.. Hans Beerstein, Markus older brother what his doing here??

    Stanley: I don't fucking know, another Beerstein can only mean good things

    Rick: His entering the ring, crowd is absolutely in shock

    Hans: Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman!!!, allowed to introduce myself I'm Hans Beerstein, The Perfect Gentleman, yes many of you must know me from other company, an athletic, technical superstar who was won many titles around the world and also the older brother of this big boy here haha..

    Markus: Hans, what the hell are you doing here??, I thought you were in other Fed, Where the hell is Jurgen???

    Hans: Easy there my younger sibling, how many times I've told not to use that vocabulary, it's disgusting, It's true I was part of the HWA company, but I started to look this company and is seems it provides me the challenge I'm looking, Let me tell you that JBW CEO WWTNA MARK and GM Manabu contact me and you have in front your eyes the newset Warfare acquisition!!!, mi mission it's to educate people in every part of the world I go and teach them the legendary code of Gentleman that has being part of the Beerstein family genereration after generation

    Markus: You keep using that Gentleman carp

    Hans: ahh, You'll never learn Markus, anyway I talked with Jurgen and he told the idotic behavior of this group SUPERNOVA my god there a bunch of animals, and used unethical tactics to defeat my brother , so I'm here to help you Markus

    Markus: Finally you're talking with sense..

    Hans: Of course, blood is thicker than water, So now that we are here we can reform our powerful team that Wrecked the tag team division years and win this company titles!!, So what do you think young brother??, like the old times

    Markus: Sounds fucking awesome!!!!, this morons wiil see the reborn of the most powerful tag team in wrestling history!!!!, THE GERMAN DYNAMO!!!!

    Hans: You heard right my freunde, The German Dynamo is back and will be the new Warfare Tag team champions, lets celebrate, I bring a couple of classic german beers haha

    Markus: Perfect!!!, lets go drink and forget this morons!!!

    Stanley: Oh yeah baby!!!!, The German Dynamo in JBW this have to be the most important in the history of our tag team division!!!!!

    Rick: You're kidding?, we have two Beerstein now, this could only lead to trouble!!!!

    Pittsburgh Payne
    Theme song: Here comes the boom

    Ricky: Pittsburgh Payne makes there way to the ring, ready to win there match!

    The Beersteins win!!!

    Ricky: Even though I hate the thought of another Beerstein on Warfare, The Beersteins were great tonight!

    Stanley: Ya see why I like these guys? They are the future of the Warfare tag team division! Markus Beerstein and Hans Beerstein FTW!!!
    "Bring a knife to a fist fight, a gun to a knife fight, and a M134 to anything else."

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    ~HolyJose and Stinger187 are backstage as they talk~

    HolyJose: Hey man, I think Trips88 needs to pay for ruining your match.

    Stinger187: Oh hes gonna pay alright. He has turned his back on SuperNova and wants to hang out with the enemies, well, hes gonna have to go to war against us and he'll have a very hard time! By the way man, have you seen TheDevilsAdvocate? He was suppose to be here.

    HolyJose: I have no idea to be honest. He seems distant as of late.

    Stinger187: I'll try calling him again.

    HolyJose: Alright man, I gotta go to the ring but i'll talk to later.

    * Commercial break*

    HolyJose's music hits!!!

    Ricky: Look who it is, The Warfare TV Champion HolyJose!!!

    Stanley: Man, I thought Markus Beerstein was going to win that Warfare TV title at MoA!

    Ricky: Well you thought wrong! HolyJose is still our Warfare TV Champion and is STILL standing strong!

    ~catching his breath, HolyJose asks for a microphone~

    HolyJose: From day one I set out to prove myself to all of you fans, and it's safe to say I have a long way to go before I prove it to myself. The support of you fans has been overwhelming. The Warfare TV Title means everything to me. My mission as champion is to prove to everyone that I will never back down from a challenge. As a champion it is my duty to carry this title with pride and honor. It's time for fresher faces, the younger, more hungrier oppenents to come out and challenge me for this title. I thrive on the spirit of competion. It doesn't matter if you're at the bottom of the card, doesn't matter if you're a friend or foe, competion is what makes HolyJose. So no matter your walk of life if you have that fire in you to prove yourself I'll be here waiting to accept your challenge. Just know this,the TV Title means the world to me I will come out on top. Now bring on the competition!

    ~drops microphone and celebrates with the crowd~

    ~The Prophecy gets out of the limo and goes into the Warfare arena~

    Ricky: The Prophecy is here!!!

    Stanley: Oh man, this is going to get heated between the FSA and The Prophecy!!!

    Ricky: The Prophecy doesn't seem worried at all about this.

    Stanley: The Prophecy is a calm person, he might take the FSA's threats with a grain of salt!

    Match 5: Malcolm Cage vs rko619

    Malcolm Cage
    Theme Song

    Ricky: Malcolm Cage makes his way to the ring as he battles rko619 for the very last time! This is there final match which happens right here, right now!

    Stanley: Final matches like these makes things much more competitive! Both men better have there A game if they want to win in their last match!

    Theme song: Good bye to yesterday

    Ricky: The beast rko619 makes his way to the ring, looking to destroy Malcolm Cage!

    Stanley: Cage better be careful with rko619, he doesn't look in a good mood!

    Malcolm Cage wins.

    Ricky: Malcolm Cage wins! This feud ends with Malcolm Cage scoring the win over rko619!!!

    Stanley: That match could have gone either way but Malcolm Cage was the better man tonight!
    "Bring a knife to a fist fight, a gun to a knife fight, and a M134 to anything else."

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    ~Backstage we see thejman93 with big news he wants to share~

    thejman93: What's up JBW?! *loud pop* Alright, I'm sure you all saw my little meeting with Mr. Nahara earlier right? *crowd pops* I talked to the camera guy afterwards and he said they were told to cut away before I got my answer? Even though that's bullshit, it'll make what I'm about to say even more enjoyable...Mr. Nahara said yes! *very loud pop* Wait, wait wait, you haven't heard the best part yet....The match is next week! *insane pop* That's right Snair, you and me, next week, for your Warfare World Heavyweight Championship!

    Ricky: Great news as Snair's title will be up for grabs against thejman93 next week!

    Stanley: Its interesting that Snair puts his Warfare World title on the line against thejman93 which he handpicked himself. Snair must be confident that he will hold on to the title!

    Ricky: Could be a mistake from Snair. What if it was thejman93 vs TDA for the Warfare World title at Rampage of the Titans? That would piss off Snair big time! That match happens next week!

    FSA Warfare GM Manabu is here!!!

    ~Manabu gets inside the ring and speaks~

    Manabu: The Prophecy, I know your in the building so get out here right now!!!

    The Prophecy is here!!!

    ~The Prophecy walks down to the ring with a mixed reaction from the crowd and speaks~

    The Prophecy: You have the nerve to call me out? You a guy who has been in charge less time than it takes for a virgin to jack off? I am the number one guy here on Warfare with or without the title, you dont have the right to call me out son, you got that? Monarchy of Aggression was supposed to be my night, it was my home country and I should have been the one to leave as champion. So you want to know why I smashed that paper champions head wide open huh? Use you brain, he deserved it. That was my title, it was mine...not his. You see I can come out here and joke, but the point is I should be champion, I should be main eventing every week, but Im not, and when that happens I get a little....angry, should we say. Do you remember when VKM beat a few months back, and I crushed his spine with a sledgehammer? Or that time I assaulted and decimated his brother, putting him in intensive care? To put it simply, I dont play nice when I dont get my way, you may think its childlike, but its because I deserve to be on top. I should be holding the biggest celebration in JBW history, including strippers, confetti and little midgets dressed as Attitude era wrestlers...but most importantly I should be champ, not that joke Snair, leader of the Backstreet Boys rip off The FSA. Busting him open with a chair, was the least I could have done, and if The Five Star Dissapointments hadnt showed up, I would have done more, and made sure he would never get to defend that title ever again. Now, I have a special message for Snair if you dont mind.

    ~Turns and looks at the stage~

    The Prophecy: Snair, you pathetic, lucky punk...I have a question for you, have you ever seen the movie Final Destination? Its a film about some mildly annoying, and some hot young people who think they have escaped their own deaths. In lamens terms, they think they have escaped their own destinies....they thought wrong. You see the thing about destiny is, its inevitable. You may be able to put it on hold temporarily, but thats all it is, sooner or later it will get off the back burner and come to pass. The people in the movie soon found out they couldnt escape their destiny, and when it came was even more brutal than it was originally. Point being Snair, that you avoided your destiny of losing the title to me, but whenever I get a rematch, whenever and wherever that may be...destiny will not be put on hold, it will come true and it will be your worst nightmare. There are 3 things in life you cannot avoid, death, taxes...and me fulfilling the prophecy and becoming the Warfare World Champion. So Snair, enjoy your run as champ, because sooner or later, the fates will align, and I will get one more shot at the gold, and Ill be damned if Im going to lose again...that title, is hanging by a thread, a thread which I will cut the next time we meet. Fate is against you, I am against you...there is no chance you will succeed my friend, when we do meet, playtime will be over.

    ~Manabu stares face to face with The Prophecy not taking his eyes of his new found nemesis, staying determined and focused~

    Manabu: I told you that there'd be consequences and punishments Prophecy, I could hear those words floating around in that empty abyss you call a head but that fictional world you've been making must really be coming along huh? You still think you can stand in authorities way and everything will be alright, the crowd will cheer you and I'll just get my ass whooped and get beer sprayed all over me. Ohh no no no, no one stands in MY way, open your eyes and see whats really happening! Our world champion is so cautious he might not even be able to get in the ring. Can you hear that? thats the sound of the asses leaving their seats! Now if you'd attacked Snair a month or 2 ago I'd be painting the halls with the remains of gods messenger but you see I need to make an example of you. People know I can kick their asses but they're not taking me seriously as a GM, they've seen a complete redo of the warfare arena and a family get escorted but they still think they can cross me and make me look like the fool. So heres my genius idea, we've been selling out so many shows that we're losing money because of the amount of contracts and I've weeded through every worker here to see whose best friend will be the cold hard pavement of the unemployed line. So tonight, you will face "The Holy Trinity" VKM in a loser leaves town match! *crowd pop* NO SECOND CHANCES, NO DO OVERS, THIS IS FINAL! THIS IS REALITY!

    ~Manabu leaves as the crowd is in shock~
    "Bring a knife to a fist fight, a gun to a knife fight, and a M134 to anything else."

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    Main event: The Prophecy vs VKM in a loser leaves match

    Theme song: Coming Home

    Ricky: VKM makes his way to the ring to win his match and if he doesn't win, he is fired but if The Prophecy loses, The Prophecy is fired.

    Stanley: This is a pretty big match for both VKM and The Prophecy. I would hate to be in there shoes right now.

    Ricky: Sucks to say but one of these men will get fired before our very own eyes.

    VKM wins via pinfall.


    Stanley: Which means hes fired! NOOO!!!

    Ricky: I don't know what to say, i'm lost for words right now.

    Manabu along with the FSA are back!!!

    ~Manabu and the rest of the FSA surrounds the ring and starts attacking The Prophecy~

    Ricky: OMG!!! They are just ripping The Prophecy, hell, they are even beating up VKM!!!

    Stanley: This is uncalled for by the FSA!!! Someone needs to help!!!

    ~Snair grabs a chair and strikes The Prophecy with it~

    Ricky: Ohh!!! That nearly took his head off!!! The Prophecy has to be hurt after that!!!

    Stanley: That was payback from Snair. That was a sicken chairshot.

    Ricky: Who can stop the FSA!?!

    ~The FSA are standing tall in the ring as they do a victory pose~

    ~Suddenly, the lights dim....... Wait, ITS THEDEVILSADVOCATE!!!~

    TheDevilsAdvocate takes out every member of the FSA which gets them out of the ring and TDA as the only man in the ring! TDA checks The Prophecy who seems to be brutally beaten and bloodied up.

    TDA also has his contract in his hands whcih says at the bottom "TheDevilsAdvocate's FINAL COUNTDOWN". What is that suppose to mean? What's going on with TDA!?! Where will we go from here!?! We will see you next week!!! JBW!
    "Bring a knife to a fist fight, a gun to a knife fight, and a M134 to anything else."

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