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    Roland Butter: Daniel Truth, earlier on today you made an open challenge to the lockerroom, why did you feel it necessary to do such a bold move like that?

    Truth: Well Roland, I have to make a name for myself somehow. The fact that there are a lot of guys on the roster who aren’t on the PPV card even though they probably deserve to be doesn’t hurt either. The way I see it, I’m giving someone else a chance to prove their manhood and their value to the company, there is only one problem though. The problem is that whoever accepts my challenge has to face me, and they have one big task on their hands if they want to pick up the win.

    RB: Is there anyone in particular that you would like to face at the PPV?

    Truth: Not really. Anyone who is willing to man up and face me. I know that with my abilities I can beat anyone on the roster, and that goes for guys on both shows as well.

    RB: What do you say to the people who think you may have wiggled your way into a PPV match, even though you’re so new in the company? There seem to be some people who think that the spot on the PPV should go to a veteran here in JBW.

    Truth: People who say that are idiots Roland. I’m opening up a spot for those people who weren’t on the card to begin with. If they have such a big problem with me opening up a challenge then they can accept it themselves. The fans deserve to see as much action as possible on the PPV, and it’s not like we have time restrictions for the card here in JBW like they do in other promotions. Like I said before, I’m challenging anyone in the back to a match, and it doesn’t matter if they just got here or if they’ve been here since day 1. The fans want more matches and I’m gonna give it to them.

    Roland: Well there you have it folks, Daniel Truth. Back to you at ringside.

    Pat: Well Roland, we’ll be back at ringside in a moment, but right now that something substantial is happening backstage so we’ll cut there now.

    *Dave is seen walking out of Iron Apes office, and he immediately gets on his phone*

    Dave: Mass, Ape's ordered me to go and interview K-Jam.

    MD: Dave, I don't like the sound of that, mate, I'm on my way back

    Dave: No, don't, Ape told me to tell you that if you lay one finger on K-Jam before Monarchy of Aggression Then it'll be YOU who will be the one that is fired!

    *Dave realises he has been talking to himself for the entirety of that last sentence*

    Pat: Guys, we’ll try to get to the ring soon, but we hear something big is happening in the lockerroom right now too, so we’ll cut there now.

    *we cut to the lockerroom, where the camera zooms in on Anomander Rake’s and Demonic’s faces who are staring at something and looking confused and angry. The camera then pans out to see what the Apostles are looking at, and in their locker there is….hair? Yes, what looks like hair is covering their entire locker, all their things and is all over the ground as well. This is one weird ass prank that somebody pulled on the Apostles right now.

    Anomander: *looks at Demonic* The Jackasses.

    Demonic: It has to be. Let’s go kill th-

    *the Jackasses sneak up behind them*

    Red Ryda: Looking for us gentlemen?

    *The Apostles grab the Jackasses by the throats and slam them into the locker*

    Anomander: You did this??

    El Gabo: *gargled* No. It wasn’t…us.

    Red Ryda: *gargled* We were shaving The underscores heads.

    Demonic: Prove it!

    *The Underscores walk into the lockerroom with shaved heads and writing all over their faces*

    YIA: There they are Crippler! Let’s kill them.

    *The Apostles let The Jackassess go, and Ryda and Gabo run away from The Underscores who chase them out of the room.*

    Demonic: WHAT THE FUCK!!! *punches the wall, leaving a huge hole in it*

    Anomander: Calm down Demonic. It isn’t what it seems. We just have to find whoever really did this and they will…

    *just then a huge body comes in and slams Anomander against the wall. The person then gets up and tackles Demonic. It’s Psycho Siaki who is laying waste to the Apostles! We can hear Siaki say “where is Chainsaw!” as he’s laying into Demonic with hard rights. He then turns back to Anomander, who is knocked unconscious. Siaki looks around at the damage he’s caused, and walks away.*

    Pat: Wow. Siaki vs. Eric Bischoff is next!

    Dudley: Ha! The Underscores got their head’s shaved!

    **Commercial break**
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    Match 5: Psycho Siaki vs. Eric Bischoff

    Psycho Siaki
    Siaki new theme: The Attic
    Pat: Siaki makes his way to the ring and he gets a electrifying response from the crowd here in London. Wow the roof is about ot blow off of this place as this is a huge match coming up now. Arguably the best the industry has to offer in Psycho Siaki..

    Dudley: vs. one of the best of all time in Eric Bischoff. This’ll be quite a show. Real quick though, who does Siaki think he is beating on The Apostles like that from behind? Does he have zero honor?

    Pat: What? And yet you condone what he Apostles and Chainsaw do every week. That’s okay but fighting two men at the same time has no honor in it.

    Dudley: Exactly. Siaki is a coward.

    Eric Bischoff
    Theme song: I’m back!
    Pat: Eric Bischoff makes his way to ringside and he’s getting a loud negative reaction from this crowd. He ignores it though and makes his way down the ramp. Clearly he does not care at all what these fans think of him.

    Dudley: And why should he? These fans have no respect for a hall of famer who pioneered the industry. That’s okay though, a win against Siaki will shut these idiots up. Come on Eric! Show him what you’re made of!

    Pat: This battle of epic proportions is under way now.

    Pat: Wow Siaki wins the match but Eric took him to his absolute limits! Siaki puts on yet another amazing outing though in a superb match. Congrats to Siaki.

    Dudley: Dammit! I really thought Eric had him there for a minute.

    *chainsaw’s image appears on the titantron.*

    Chainsaw: I’m here Siaki. There goes you’re theory now doesn’t it? I’m right here in the parking lot. No Apostles, no Eric Bischoff, no Melissa Mendez, no Theo, just me…and…you. Please let us have a chat face to face. Hahahaha

    *a few moments pass while Siaki leaves ringside, and we get a camera back in the parking lot. We see Chainsaw sitting there, eagerly awaiting Siaki, when we see Siaki run up to Chainsaw and give him a spear on the concrete. Siaki is mounting Chainsaw now, and is giving him hard lefts and rights straight to the forehead. Chainsaw then in a fit of huge strength pushes Siaki off of him and Siaki is now on the ground. Chainsaw dives after him and is now hitting some mounted punches of his own. The two roll around with each other until both men get back on their feet. The men stare at each other for a second, seemingly admitting to one another that this has been a stalemate so far, when they run at each other again like two rabid bulls. The two are trading blows with one another, and this is by no means a match, this is a straight up fight. Siaki ducks a punch from Chainsaw and rams Chainsaw’s back into a parked car with a hard shoulder to the belly. Chainsaw is wincing in pain now, and Siaki grabs him by his shirt, spins him around and chucks him through the windshield of the car! Holy shit we see chainsaw’s blood everywhere! Siaki pulls Chainsaw out of the car throws him to the ground and begins stomping on his bloody head. Siaki pauses for a moment and looks down at chainsaw who is…laughing? Wow what a sick freak. Siaki then puts his knee up to his chest, and is about to stomp once again on Chainsaw’s head, but Chainsaw grabs his foot just before it reaches his face. Chainsaw then grabs Siaki’s other foot, and pulls on it, causing Siaki to fall hard right on the back of his head. Chainsaw then looks around for a moment, and finds a cinder block on the ground. He picks up the cinder block and throws it down hard right on Siaki’s chest, causing the cinder block to break and Siaki to begin bleeding from the mouth. Chainsaw then goes over to the parked car, and literally rips one of the rims from the wheel off from it’s bolts. He takes the rim and starts beating Siaki’s face with it. After that, he begins choking Siaki out with the rim. Chainsaw slips up though and Siaki kicks Chainsaw right in the kneecap, causing it to bend in the wrong direction. With both men bloodied, bruised, and beaten just mere hours before their match at Monarchy of Aggression, Siaki and Chainsaw are both back on their feet. Siaki then runs up and viscously slams his palm right into Chainsaw’s throat, dropping him to the ground. Siaki then takes Chainsaw and puts him in his finisher, the Dragon Clutch. Chainsaw is get choked out completely, and Siaki is just not letting go. Finally after about a minute of being put in one of the most painful submission moves known to date, security comes in and pulls Siaki off of Chainsaw. Chainsaw, barely breathing but still laughing, says “Only I know where she is Siaki. Only…me. If you want to see her again, you have to do a lot worse than this tomorrow.”

    Pat: We have to cut to commercial break after what was one of the most intense and brutal sequences in JBW history. We’ll be back with the main event though.

    We’re back from commercial now, and we see Dave walking slowly backstage, he knocks on K-Jammin's door and slowly enters. KJ is sitting on the sofa emotionless staring at nothing, instead of his usual smug smiley face.

    Dave: " Ladies and gentleman im here with the recently re-instated, K-Jammin. Now K-Jammin, did you know you would eventually get your job back or did you fear you may never step foot in a JBW ring again?

    KJ: " I knew I'd be back "

    Dave: " Okay... erm ... what was going through your mind when it was announced that you were fired? "

    KJ: " Regret "

    Dave: " Regret? Can you clarify on that please? "

    KJ: " Regret the fact I did something so stupid "

    Dave: " So you regret attacking Mass in a mask? "

    KJ: " Yes "

    Dave: " But why? I mean we've all seen you do some disgusting things in the past, and you have always said you don't care about being in JBW, so why did it bother you that you got fired? "

    KJ: " You want to know why i regret attacking Mass in that stupid Luchador mask? Because when WWTNA Mark said i was fired, the thought running through my mind was Oh fuck, what if i never get the chance to cripple that piece of shit MassDinero now?!!?

    *Dave starts to look terrified*

    KJ: " Oh what's the matter Dave? You expected another funny K-Jam interview when i tell jokes and make people laugh, huh?! WELL IM NOT HERE TO MAKE ANY FUCKING JOKES TODAY DAVE! I've hated alot of people in my life, but I've never hated ANYONE as much as i hate Mass, he's this show's golden child right? He get's all the attention, he get's all the cheers, he always gets the camera, he always gets booked in the main events and WHAT THE FUCK DO I GET DAVE?! HUH? FUCK ALL!! I am thee BEST wrestler in the fucking world, and i am fucking sick of proving it night after night after night after night after night after FUCKING NIGHT! Well I'l prove it tomorrow night at Wembley Stadium Dave, let me explain to you how it will al go down . . We walk down to the ring, the bell rings, the match begins, i tackle Mass, i punch the shit out of him, stand up, kick the shit out of him, get out the ring, grab a chair, AND I BASH HIS FUCKING BRAINS OUT WITH THE CHAIR! * Starts to speak slowly *I want part's of his brain all over the ring, i will throw his brain into the audience so his fans can literally be a part of there hero's demise, and then as i stand on top of him while he is choking on his own blood, i will stare into his eyes as i slowly raise my foot into the air, and slam it down onto his face, then 1 . . 2 . . 3, it's over. Let me ask you something Dave, Mass is your boy am i right? "

    Dave: " I guess you could say that, yes "

    KJ: " Shame "

    Dave:" Shame? "

    *KJ launches himself at Dave! Punching him in the face non stop until you start to see KJ's fist covered in blood*


    * He is now kicking Dave in the head repeatedly, Dave's scream's start to get quieter as he is slowly losing consciousness *


    * Picks up his barely conscious body and smashes a bottle of his head! 5 Security men come bursting through the door and try to tackle him, but he picks up his golf club and starts smashing all their heads in with it, the wall is now covered in blood*

    KJ: " Hey you! * looks at the camera man * Come here . . I SAID FUCKING COME HERE! * He grabs the camera and stares into it * You see what you've made me do Mass, no more jokes, no more fun and games, at MOA . . you WILL be beaten to within an inch of your sad pathetic life!

    * He smashes the window, climbs through, and we see him fade into the night, the camera focusses on Dave unconscious, and covered in blood. EMT's are on the scene in seconds and after a minute of them tending to the horribly wounded Dave, Ma$$ arrives on the scene and flips out on the closest person*

    MD: Where. Is. He.

    *The EMT points a shaky finger in the direction of the window.. Ma$$ is through the window in a West London second, grabbing a shard of glass as he does so, and also fades off into the night searching for the psychotic K-Jam.*
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    WWE resigned Punk, and everything I've said has come true on these things, so WWE, keep Punk a badass face. He will become a legend if you do.

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    Pat: Holy shit. This thing between Mass and K-jammin just keeps on getting more and more personal. I can’t believe what I just saw K-Jammin do to Dave. That was completely uncalled for. Anyway, we have our main event for tonight coming up next.

    Main event: SilverLace vs. Wes Goldman vs. The_Crippler vs. The Red Ryda

    Theme Song: My Higher Brain Power (Remix)
    Pat: Here comes The Silver Bros’ personality, SilverLace, getting ready for a very rare singles appearance in the main event.

    Dudley: Now this guy is funny. The crowd should be cheering him and not those silly little Jackasses they like so much. And so what if this guy isn’t a singles competitor, he’s one half of the best tag-team in the world, and he’s a lot tougher than he looks.

    Wes Goldman
    Theme song: Priceless
    Pat: Here comes Goldman and I think he should be the favorite in this match considering all his experience in sinlges matches and in the main events.

    Dudley: No doubt this guy is a big time player, and I think I might agree with you about him being the favorite in this match. Against any one of these guys one on one, I’d say he’d be a sure thing, but I’m guessing these guys all know he’s probably the toughest competitor out there, so they might focus their attention on him at least to start.

    Theme song: Official Radicalz Theme
    Pat: Here’s The_Crippler who get a very good response from the people here tonight. I’m guessing they would really like to see that falls count anywhere no DQ match that he proposed earlier.

    Dudley: Yeah, that match could be fun, but a submissions match or a gauntlet match sounds much better.

    Red Ryda
    Theme Song: If you’re Gonna be Dumb you Gotta be Tough
    Pat: Here’s The Red Ryda who gets an excellent response from the crowd here tonight. They really want to see that TLC match and why wouldn’t they? It’s probably the most exciting match in wrestling today.

    Dudley: Yep, the most exciting match besides any K-Jammin or Chainsaw match.

    Pat: Oh will you stop sucking up to those psychos?

    Dudley: What? I can’t help it if I enjoy the best.

    Pat: Well, Siaki just beat the piss out of “the best” in the parking lot.

    Dudley: And if those stupid security guards would have let them go it would have been a different story. Wait a minute, these four guys are squaring off already!

    Dudley: No!!

    Pat: Yes! The Red Ryda wins the match! Fatal 4 way TLC match is underway at Monarchy of Aggression! Speaking of Monarchy of Aggression, since it has been announced that Wembley has sold out and we’re expecting record numbers in attendance tomorrow, countries like Japan, Mexico, Scotland, Germany, South Africa, and Brazil are all vying to be partners in JBW for PPVs. We will be selling out arena’s all over the world shortly, and JBW jst keeps on getting bigger and bigger.

    Here is the final match card for Monarchy of Aggression for the Mayhem side of things:

    Daniel Truth’s open challenge to the JBW roster

    Silva vs. AngrySamoan in a street fight

    The Apostles (Aerial and Loki) vs. Brandon Smithson and Chris Parker

    The Silver Bros vs. The Underscores vs. The GoldDiggers vs. The Jackasses in a fatal 4 way TLC match for the Tag-Tiles

    RomanFlare vs. The Sleeper in a TV Title Submissions match

    St. George vs. Eric Bischoff in a No DQ Loser Leaves Faction match

    K-Jammin vs. MassDInero

    Chainsaw vs. Psycho Siaki in a Mayhem Heavyweight Championship match

    Pat: Wow what a stacked card for Mayhem. That’s all the time we have today folks JB-

    The crowd has just had a MASS orgasm!

    Pat: Wait a minute, It's Ma$$Dinero!! He clearly didn't catch K-Jammin, but he is pi$$ed!

    Dudley: He couldn't catch a cold in Alaska.

    Pat: What?

    Dudley: Sorry, it's the best I've got for this chump!

    Pat: I see you refrained from using language like that last week, Dud's.

    *Ma$$ walks down the ramp carrying two cans of spray paint. He gets in the ring and takes a long look into his Masses faces, almost like he is trying to see them all. They are chanting his name, which brings a small smile to his face, as he bends down and begins spraying something in black on the mat. By the time he begins spraying the mat with the red can it is clear that he has just sprayed an outline of a human... No prizes for guessing who's name it was that he sprayed in red. Pointing down at his artwork he looks out to the Masses and says....*

    That really is all the time have for today guys. We’ll see you live tomorrow for Monarchy of Aggression, live and only on PPV! JBW!
    …something wicked this way comes.
    WWE resigned Punk, and everything I've said has come true on these things, so WWE, keep Punk a badass face. He will become a legend if you do.

    JBW is so good, even the most cynical member of the IWC couldn't complain about it. Check out or most recent shows here!

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    ~Before the show starts, England's very own Tinie Tempah performs his hit single Pass Out~

    Ricky: WELCOME TO JBW MONARCHY OF AGGRESSION!!! I'm Ricky and my announce partner is Stanley as we are here to call the Warfare matches. Here tonight are our buddies Pat and Dudley!

    Pat: Hey Ricky and JBW fans! We will be calling the Mayhem matches for tonight!

    Dudley: Damn right we will. Also, for the record Ricky, we are not buddies.

    Ricky: My feelings are hurt. (Sarcasm)

    Stanley: This is it folks, we are finally here!!! We are live in the Wembly Stadium located in London, England and holy s**t, this is a big crowd!!!

    Pat: Yup! 95,000 fans in attendance and they are ready to see what we have in store for them!

    Dudley: And also because i'm a big star here in England. They love my announcing.

    Stanley: Riiight.

    Ricky: We are going to have a total of 16 Warfare and Mayhem matches set for tonight!!! This is going to be BIG!!!

    Pat: Your not kidding! A special night for JBW! Lets take a look at the matches set up:

    Matches set for Monarchy of Aggression

    Daniel Truth’s open challenge to the JBW roster

    Justice vs TJ Rage

    Silva vs. AngrySamoan in a street fight

    Malcolm Cage & steveorton vs rko619 & Sincara

    The Apostles (Aerial and Loki) vs. Brandon Smithson and Chris Parker

    Advico vs JBW N.W.L Champion igetwild

    The Silver Bros vs. The Underscores vs. The GoldDiggers vs. The Jackasses in a fatal 4 way TLC match for the Tag-Tiles

    thejman93 vs RanJam

    RomanFlare vs. The Sleeper in a TV Title Submissions match

    Trips88 vs Stinger187

    St. George vs. Eric Bischoff in a No DQ Loser Leaves Faction match

    Zeus Apollo vs The Alpha Dog

    K-Jammin vs. MassDInero

    Markus Beerstein vs HolyJose for the Warfare TV title

    Chainsaw vs. Psycho Siaki in a Mayhem Heavyweight Championship match

    VKM vs The Prophecy vs TheDevilsAdvocate vs Snair for the Warfare World title

    Stanley: I should have brought popcorn! GREAT F'N CARD!!!

    Dudley: Or a better suit. WTF are you going to looking like an Easter egg?

    Pat: I'll admit, that was funny Dudley!

    Ricky: Haha, Stan got owned!

    Stanley: Really? Making jokes about my bright suit? This is ridiculous.

    Dudley: Aww, Stan's gonna cry? Lighten up.

    Pat: Looks like we should be getting started! Lets start our first match which is Daniel Truth's open challenge!!!

    Wait a minute, Warfare GM Manabu is here!!!

    Ricky: What is the GM Manabu doing here? We are suppose to start Daniel Truth's open challenge!

    Stanley: I still can't believe hes the GM of Warfare!!! As why he is here, who knows but I sure as hell don't hope he has plans to change things around!

    ~Manabu walks out to the ring in another suit, he has a microphone in his hand and smiles as the crowd boos largely~

    Manabu: Good evening England and welcome to Monarchy of Aggression!*Crowd cheers* Aww this is the nicest crowd I've been in front of! I've never been cheered in JBW! But that reflects England doesnt it? Nice to everyone, can't say no. Hey you can come into our country, no you dont have to get a job! the state will provide for you! in fact I bet the state provided you with the money to get your tickets didnt they! Thats why you're rejected vermin without spines, thats why I'm going to cast judgement over all of you tonight and tear apart the darkness you all hide in! Because none of you can say no! You've got what, the 6th best football team in the world? and you can't even get through the final 16! and you know what else? I'm sick of hearing you all complain about your government if you've got such a problem then move away? Ohh but you can't, you see we dont let unemployable pigeons into Japan, or america for that matter!
    Now if you think what I'm saying to you is bad then wait for the next Warfare show because now that I've been granted power above nearly everyone in this company I can run it however I want. Mr.Nanahara the game! Since day one I've been saying that I'd complete my mission of eradicating this world of every single disease filled bastard and now I'm a matter of inches away from completing it! I can fire and hire who I like! but I'm a fair guy yanno? so I'll give our favourite burnt out star one last chance, not that it'll matter when they come into the ring with The FSA. Smarter than Evolution, more destructive than the 4 horsemen, so technical that even the radicalz would bow down to us, we've held nearly every title belt in this company. Our mistakes are just experience and with that experience we will never fault again, tonight marks one of the greatest nights in not only the history of The FSA but in the history of wrestling.

    ~Warfare GM Manabu leaves the ring as the crowd boos more~

    ~Warfare GM Manabu leaves the ring as the crowd boos more~

    Ricky: Strong words by Manabu. I wonder what Manabu has planned for Warfare?

    Stanley: I have no clue but I hope I don't get fired!

    Dudley: I hope all the commentators expect for me get fired. Hell, I'd do a great job being the Joey Styles of JBW.

    Pat: Well up next is Daniel Truth's open challenge!!!
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    Match 1: Daniel Truth vs. _____open challenge

    Daniel Truth
    Theme: Reverse this Curse
    Pat: Well we’re gonna kick things off with a bang here as the always exciting Daniel Truth makes his way to the ring with an excellent response from Wembley’s 90,000+ rabid fans.

    Dudley: Always exciting?? Are you joking? Seriously you’re kidding me right?

    Pat: No Duds, he’s a fantastic in-ring competitor who lights up the ring when he’s in there. Truth has a mic and he speaks

    "Alright JBW, here’s your chance. You wanna get on the card here tonight in front of almost 100,000 people and light this place up? Let’s do it right now. Kick things off with the great match these fans deserve.

    A few moments pass and no one is answering the challenge.

    Okay. I understand. You see, Roland Butter informed me yesterday that I had made a few enemies in the back by putting myself in this match, but that’s okay. Why don’t one of you guys who had such a big problem with me trying to make a name for myself come out to this ring and show me why you deserve it more than me? Come on, grab the reigns! Seize the moment like I did!

    A few moments pass and still nobody."

    Wait a minute, who the hell is that?

    Pat: A man steps through the curtain…it’s…it’s Daniel May! The international superstar here to accept the challenge!

    Dudley: Wow now we have something going here.

    Pat: What a great surprise! I wasn’t expecting May to accept the challenge. These fans are rocking as I’m sure they’ve been eagerly anticipating what this guy brings to the table. May and Truth share a look at one another in the ring, and then give a handshake to one another before the bell. This one is under way!

    (lol at the stadium differences)

    Pat: Daniel May wins the match! What an AWESOME display of athletic prowess by these two fantastic young superstars. The future looks very bright for Mayhem eh Dudley?

    Dudley: Actually yeah, these guys both really impressed me today.
    "Bring a knife to a fist fight, a gun to a knife fight, and a M134 to anything else."

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    ~SuperNova gets out of the car with there bags as they walk into the Wembly Stadium talking~

    TDA: Tonight is the big night! Normally I would wish you guys luck, but I am not going to do that. You guys have morphed into perfectionists within this fine art that we know as Wrestling. You guys do not need luck. I believe in all of us when I say that we will leave Monarchy Of Aggression victorious. You two are the future of this business, and nothing will change that. Not even Manabu! He may have power over us, but we bow to no man. It does not matter how powerful they have become. The only thing that matters is whether or not you guys are healthy enough to keep going..

    Stinger187: Agreed TDA. Although I do think they are too much for us at this time. Its only 6 of them and only 3 of us.

    HolyJose: Yeah, and on top of that, Manabu is the Warfare GM. how do we fight off that?

    TDA: Although our numbers are low we will keep on fighting. The war between SuperNova, and Five Star Attraction will never end as long as one of us is still standing. SuperNova will never die! Our hearts beat as one an we will never allow our foes to underestimate us again!! For the past few weeks we have literally carried most of these guys on our backs. We are the professionals here... They on the other hand always cheat, and play the politics card whenever they can. SuperNova fights bravely for everything that they have achieved.

    Stinger187: That's true. SuperNova WILL NOT fall into FSA's trap!

    HolyJose: Tonight, we have to hold our own. Looks like I'll take care of Markus Beerstein.

    Stinger187: I got my hands full with Trips88. I hope after our match, he will see why FSA isn't the way to go.

    TDA: I definitely have my hands full. I have to capture the Warfare World title against three strong opponents. I will win and walk out with the Warfare World title!

    Stinger187: Looks like we have a hell of a night! Lets take down the FSA tonight!!!

    ~TDA, HolyJose, and Stinger187 enters the Wembly Stadium~

    Match 2: TJ Rage vs Justice in a hardcore match

    TJ Rage
    Theme song: A Warrior's call

    Ricky: Making his way to the ring is TJ Rage as he looks to compete in his first hardcore match here in JBW!

    Stanley: I'm impressed with this kid TJ Rage! Hes won his second match in JBW and shown that he has a place here in JBW! Lets see if he can keep this up!

    Theme song: Toxicity

    Ricky: Justice makes his way to the ring as he takes on TJ Rage in this hardcore match!

    Stanley: Justice is a tough son of a bitch! He went extreme with The Sleeper in there Extreme Rules match which resulted in a no contest and also took The Prophecy to his limit! He has been impressive!

    Ricky: Its an interesting fact that both men are from England and are new to JBW so both have something to prove in this hardcore match!

    TJ Rage wins by pinfall.

    Ricky: What a great hardcore match that was!

    Stanley: These guys beat the crap out of each other! I'm surprised they are still standing after that match!

    Ricky: These two have a bright future here in JBW!!!
    "Bring a knife to a fist fight, a gun to a knife fight, and a M134 to anything else."

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    We cut backstage now, where we’re in V-3’s secret lockerroom with Theo and George. Let’s have a listen in.

    Theo: George brotha, are you worried about tonight at all?

    George: Hell no Theo! Don’t you worry about me out there Theo. I have this one in the bag.

    Theo: Yeah, but it sounded like Ape and Eric had something planned to keep you from winning. What will you do if..

    George: Look Theo, my manhole, my friend, I already told you I have this under control. We’ve planned everything out already. There’s no way I can get beat tonight.

    Theo: All I’m saying is be careful. If for some reason you get screwed tonight you’re out of V-3 forever.

    George: Theo, man, I made the stipulation myself. I thrive under pressure. You should know that by now. Hey, remember the time when we had to come up with that 7,000 quid over a weekend to save the house? Who came through for us then?

    Theo: You did, but..

    George: But nothing, this is just like that. Just trust me Theo.

    Theo: Alright George, but they just seem way too happy about this.

    George: Let ‘em be happy. Those sloppy sods can have a grand old time if they want to. By the end of the night they’ll all be singing a different tune. Listen, I’m gonna run out for a minute and catch a pint, you’re more than welcome to join me, but if you’re gonna keep acting so cynical then I might not want your company.

    Theo: Shit, I’m coming. Someone needs to keep the cadburys from mauling you out there. Haha.

    Match 3 Silva vs. AngrySamoan-streetfight

    Pat: No entrances here, this is not really a “match” at all. It’s just a way for these guys to get their hands on one another without police being called.

    Dudley: This one will get real ugly guys, and all kidding aside I’m actually worried for AngrySamoan.

    Pat: I agree Pat. We just don’t know what this Silva guy is capable of. Well, the camera now cuts to the parking lot, where AngrySamoan is waiting for Silva with a bat…

    Pat: Oh my God! Silva just ran over AngrySamoan with his car, and that still isn’t stopping AngrySamoan! Samoan now gives chase to Silva in his car, and we’ll try to get a camera out there as soon as possible. Wait, here we go, the crew here was prepared and we see Samoan speeding up to Silva in his white van. Wow they must be going at least 65-70 miles per hour here and Samoan is right behind Silva, even giving him nudges to try to knock him off the road. CRASH! HOLY SHIT!! Silva just slammed on his brakes and Samoan slammed into the back of Silva! My god what a collision! The windshield on Samoan’s car is completely busted, and it looks like Samaon is bleeding from his head very badly. Silva stumbles out of his car and throws up on the side of the road. Man we told you this would get ugly guys, and it has. Silva crawls over to Samoan’s car on his hands and knees and tries to open the car door. Samoan is in his seat, bloodied and battered and he’s barely conscious at this point. Silva drags Samoan out to the concrete and begins giving him headbutt after headbutt while Samoan is down. Both men are now bleeding from the head, and Silva is clearly woozy as he gets to his feet. Silva then climbs on top of AngrySamaon’s white van, and what the hell is he doing now. He’s on the roof of the car, and is looking down on Samoan, he then jumps off the car into a Shooting Star Press, but he lands directly into a headbutt like Brock Lesnar did at Wrestlemania. Why the fuck would someone attempt that? This guys is deranged Dudley. Oh my God, AngrySamoan is twitching on the ground right now and he might have some nerve damage. He wasn’t even ready to compete yet and now his career might be over. Silva is out cold but is clearly the “victor” here. Medical staff arrive on the scene and take both men away in separate ambulances. Thank God this one is over, and we can only pray that permanent damage was not done to both men, although I think that is doubtful now.
    "Bring a knife to a fist fight, a gun to a knife fight, and a M134 to anything else."

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    Ricky: England's very own, The Prophecy will arrive here tonight and when he does, Warfare's interviewer will interview him about his fatal four way match tonight!!!

    ~We cut backstage and see Todd Stevenson along with Jman who is wearing a Beatles t-shirt* *crowd pops at the sight of the t-shirt~

    Todd: Jman, thank you for joining me. Now, hat are you're thoughts on facing RamJam tonight?

    Jman: I've heard all week how RamJam is improving, how he's hungry for this oppurtunity, and how I'm not ready for "the new RamJam." The parts about his improvement and hunger may be rue but make no mistake, I am the better man and I sure as hell wan tto sho wwhat I can do on this stage.

    Todd: What are your thoughts on performing at Wembley Stadium?

    Jman: It's incredible. I can't wait to experience the energy of an event like this. I think it says something about JBW too; 105,000 or so tickets for this show were sold out pretty damn quick!

    Todd: Absolutely. Okay Jman, good luck in your match tonight.

    Jman: Thanks buddy!

    Match 4: Malcolm Cage & Steveorton vs Sincara & rko619

    Malcolm Cage & Steveorton
    Malcolm Cage's theme

    Ricky: Malcolm Cage & Steveorton makes there way to the ring and they are surprisingly getting booed!

    Stanley: They are booing them because it's Sincara and rko619's hometown of England!

    Ricky: Yeah, well Malcolm Cage and Steveorton can't let the boos get to them as they have a tag team match to win.

    Sincara & rko619
    rko619's theme song

    Ricky: Sincara and rko619 makes there way to the ring a man are they getting a good pop from the crowd! Two of the most hated wrestlers getting a reception from the crowd!!!

    Stanley: Yup! Both guys are wrestling in there hometown and in the Wembly Stadium so they have the fans on there side tonight!

    Steveorton and rko619 wins the match by Sincara scoring the pin on Steveorton.

    Ricky: And England's very on Sincara and rko619 picks up the win!

    Stanley: Impressive tag team match here! Sincara and rko619 wins in front of there hometown in the Wembly!

    Ricky: You can bet that Malcolm Cage and Steveorton aren't through with them!
    "Bring a knife to a fist fight, a gun to a knife fight, and a M134 to anything else."

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    We cut backstage now, and we’re in the lockerroom with Chainsaw and his Apostles. Chainsaw is giving Loki and Aerial a pep talk just before their big match. Let’s listen in.

    Chainsaw: I hope you two understand the spot you are in. This is your first PPV, and you’re facing two guys who we’ve most certainly had some issues with in the past. These two are peons, but they seem to have gotten the better of you guys. Maybe I’ve underestimated Smithson and Parker, or maybe you guys are just incompetent, but I hope you understand just what kind of repercussions would take place if you were to lose here. If either of you get knocked out, and gets pinned, you will be banished from my sight forever. If either one of you taps out, I will personally set you on fire. There is no giving up! There is no losing! You are gods amongst ants, and I expect nothing less than complete domination here. Is that understood?

    Loki and Aerial: *nod while giving confident smiles*

    Chainsaw: Good. There’s only one problem. I don’t trust you not to fail me! So, I’ve talked to Ape and he’s going to allow Anomander to join you. He’ll be waiting for you once you reach the Gorilla position. Do. Not. Fail. Me.

    *just then, a paper airplane flies in the room and lightly hits Chainsaw in the shoulder*

    Chainsaw: *scoffs* You’ve got to be kidding me. A paper airplane? Whoever threw this will be annihilated. *picks up the airplane, and see’s that there is writing on it. He reads the piece of paper*

    “I’m sorry Chainsaw, they are making me interview you. Some people are saying that since you got choked out last night and lost the fight with Siaki, that you are now an underdog for the first time in your career. What are your thoughts on that?”

    Chainsaw: My thoughts on being an underdog. *chuckles* I can see why you didn’t want to be here to ASK ME THIS QUESTION LIKE A MAN. That’s okay though. I am never an underdog. If I was facing Lucifer himself, I wouldn’t be an underdog. I’m more evil than he can ever be. AND I WAS NOT CHOKED OUT! Never once did I lose consciousness, and if it weren’t for those meddling security guards I clearly would have gotten out of his hold. It’s all part of a bigger picture anyway. Now is where I start focusing on the match, where before I was only focusing on punishing Siaki. This is a distinction he cannot make. Not anymore. As you clearly saw last night, he only wants to hurt me, and nothing more. I’m in his head, and once I’m in, there’s no letting me out. When he’s focusing on trying to beat me up, he will slip, and I will take advantage and win the match. Then, it’s off to Mendez, and Siaki moves to the back of the line for my world title. It’s as simple as that interviewer, whoever you are.

    Pat: We’ll be back at ringside in a moment for the tag match, but first we have Roland Butter who is trying to catch up with Smithson and Parker, to tell them of the new development in their match.
    "Bring a knife to a fist fight, a gun to a knife fight, and a M134 to anything else."

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    Roland: Hey, you guys! Wait! *catches his breath*

    Parker: There is no time for an interview Roland. We have a match to get ready for.

    Roland: But this is about your match.

    Smithson: Go on.

    Roland: Iron Ape, he made your match a 3 on 2, with Anomander Rake being added to the mix.

    Parker: *looks down at the ground* I knew it. I fucking knew it!

    Smithson: Calm down Chris. You cannot let them get the better of you. If you have this anger inside of you, we will never win. You must relax if we have a chance. I cannot compete with a man who is as flustered as you are.

    Parker: Calm down? My girlfriend is DEAD. What the fuck did these guys do to you?

    Smithson: They’ve taught the entire world that ultra-violence is the way to success. Their entire goal in life is to cause pain and agony, and I cannot allow that to happen. We will beat them, and show the entire world that the path of tranquility is the way to happiness. But we can only do that if you…are..calm. So please, let’s go out and win this match…together. *extends a firm hand to Parker, to which he takes a deep breath and accepts*

    Match 5: Brandon Smithson and Chris Parker vs. The Apostles

    The Apostles
    Theme song: Dark Ritual
    Pat: Anomander Rake, Loki, and Aerial make their way out to ringside, and they are getting some massive heat from the crowd here tonight. They don’t care though. They’re dammed pleased with themselves after they got this match to be a 3-on-2.

    Dudley: They’ve just guaranteed themselves victory tonight. Very smart move by Iron Ape and Chainsaw. Very smart.

    Pat: Very classless if you ask me.

    Dudley: Well no one asked you.

    Brandon Smithson and Chris Parker
    Theme song: Give Peace a Chance
    Pat: Parker and Smithson make their way out to the ring together, and once they reach the ring, the brawl is on!

    Pat: The Apostles win the match, but it was only due to the extra man advantage. Dammit! Smithson had to hold off Anomander before he was ready to deliver his finisher, and that allowed Loki to pick up the win on him after he hit him with his finisher.

    Dudley: What a great win by The Apostles!

    Pat: You need to stop talking Dudley. This was a soiled win at best by The Apostles, and you can bet that this one isn’t over yet.
    "Bring a knife to a fist fight, a gun to a knife fight, and a M134 to anything else."

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