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    Sly: Ladies and Gentlemen, WELCOME to JBW Showdown! We’re coming to you from the great city of Louisville, Kentucky! We’ve got a hell of a slate tonight, and joining me here tonight on commentary tonight is the Warfare TV Champion HolyJose! How are you doing Holy one?

    HolyJose:I'm doing well Sly, really excited to be here on Showdown on commentary, especially after entertaining this very crowd in the Showdown ring as well!

    Sly: Glad to have you aboard HolyJose this seems like a change of pace and here comes our first match of the night. This is going to be a Chicken Coup burner!

    Match #1 – Sincara vs Steveorton in a Submission Match!

    Here comes Sincara!

    HJ: Now I've been following this feud since I joined JBW and Sincara is one badass motherfucker but that's all he is all he does is attack Steveorton from behind.

    Sly: I agree Holy he is really ruthless but give credit where credit is due and he is dominante. And he’s got the advantage coming into this match type.

    Steveorton is coming down the ramp!

    Sly: Now Steveorton makes his way down to the ring he has got to be tired of all the sneak attacks that Sincara has gotten on him.

    HJ:Now I really haven't seen much of Steveorton to give my opinion on him but he sure has balls to confront Sincara face to face. They look to finally settle this blood feud tonight in a Submission match, this seems promising and exciting!

    Sly: Sincara as Steve in the corner, high kick to the chest. He lifts Steve to the top turnbuckle—who gives Sin a boot to the face! Sin staggers back as Steve goes up—Missile Dropkick! But Sin counters and has the legs! He gets the Cloverleaf on and just has to turn him----HE DOES! Sincara has the cloverleaf locked in! Steve is fighting for the ropes, trying to crawl his way over! He taps! He couldn’t hold on any longer and taps out to Sincara! As Sincara gets his hand raised we will take a break!

    *Commercial Break. Eat at Burger King, buy at Wal-Mart, yada yada*

    Sly: We’re back, and our next match is going to blow your socks off. We hope.

    Match #2 – The Alpha Dog vs Tom George

    Woof woof! The Alpda Dog!

    Sly: You know HolyJose The Alpha Dog has been impressive as of late wouldn't you say so?

    HJ: Impressive? How about dominante as of late he is taking the fight straight to Zeus Apollo. And you know after he and I tagged a few weeks ago on Showdown against Markus and Apollo The Alpha Dog has gotten my respect and the door is always open for him to join SuperNova but as of now if he wants to go solo it's good knowing that I have his back and he'll have my back.

    Sly: Would you give him a shot at your title?

    HJ: of course I would! Competition is what this sport is all about!

    Here comes Tom George

    Sly: and here comes Tom George! Déjà vu? He has become quite a staple here on Showdown as of late.


    Sly: Tom George you know the guy you hade a match against last week.

    HJ: Doesn't ring a bell, must not be important enough *Kanye Shrug* let's just get this match started, I'm saying it doesn't last long.

    Sly: Alpha Dog has Tom George from behind—he’s got the dragon clutch! Alpha Cutter! The Dog covers—1, 2, 3! I don’t know if was the lights or just a bad day, but Tom George got completely bullrushed in that match! Maybe another day, sport! The Alpha Dog has a mic in the middle of the ring. Let’s listen in.

    Dog: "LOOK CLOSELY, ZEUS!!! TAKE A GOOD LOOK BECAUSE THIS IS YOUR FUTURE!!! In four nights, you will enter not the JBW ring, but The Alpha Dogs yard like this poor foul did and The Alpha Dog is going to MAKE AN EXAMPLE OUT OF YOU!!! You are going to help prove to the JBW...FUCK THAT THE WORLD that The Alpha Dog is the most aggressive, most unforgiving, most skilled, AND FOR DAMN SURE THE MOST DOMINATE WRESTLER IN THE WORLD!!! YOU AND THE ALPHA DOG ARE GOING TO SHOW THE WORLD THAT WHEN YOU ENTER THE ALPHA DOGS YARD, YOU BETTER COME IN WITH ALL GUNS BLAZING AND NOT A SHRED OF FEAR BECAUSE...(crawls towards the camera that's closest to the mat and lays belly first right in front of it then says with a low menacing voice) because when you enter The Alpha Dogs yard, (low laugh) YOU BECOME THE ALPHA DOGS BITCH!!! (Laughs meniacally right into the camera.)

    Sly: The Dog sure is full of himself! I’m looking forward to Monarchy of Aggression This Sunday in Wembly, England!

    *** Commercial Break. Use Tide detergent, adopt this puppy, The Sleeper guest stars on “How to Put an Entire Crowd to sleep”, oh wait, I’m not supposed to use my power to taunt people… DRINK PEPSI!***

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    The camera cuts to Brandon Smithson standing in the back.

    Smith: "Hello Showdown fans! I'd like to take a minute to talk about my opponent tonight, Marcus Beerstien. Now look, I've been hearing all sorts of rumors about how this guy has wanted me one-on-one in the ring for weeks now. Unfortunately we were both booked for the last few shows, but we have that opportunity now to show the JBW fans what we're made of. And when you think about it, why shouldn't we get in the ring together? We're the perfect match. Exact opposites in every way. I mean, I come out to John Lennon music, he comes out to thrash metal. He focuses on worldly pleasures, while such things for me have long since been forgotten about. I like to put on a show for the JBW audience, he likes to win by whatever means necessary. My goal in this world is to bring peace and tranquility to JBW, and aside from Chainsaw, there isn't a single person you're gonna find on either roster who is nastier or meaner than Marcus. I mean, he even likes to drink beer, where I like to smoke w-wait a minute, why am I even talking right now? You people didn't pay to see me and Marcus talk about one another right? You came to see us compete! So bring him on out here and we'll see who the better man is tonight!"

    Sly: Those are fighting words by Brandon Smithson! He’s match with Beerstein is neeeeeeeeeext!

    B-Smith—I get to call him B-smith because we’re close—is on his way down the ramp!

    Sly: So I'm sure you'll be paying very close attention to this match won't you Holy?

    HJ: Oh yea I am I have the best seat in the house to see Markus get his ass kicked. Brandon Smithson is a future Mayhem World Champion in my book. Hell he went after Psycho Siaki and took him to his limits so having a match against Markus should be a walk in the park of Smithson, even if I was never really a John Lennon fan.

    Sly: wait never a John Lennon fan are you insane?

    HJ: eh, he was talented just not my cup of tea.

    Sly: ah well to each their own.

    And here comes the beer-swilling Beerstein!

    HJ: Excuse me a second here Sly

    * HolyJose take off headset and get's a microphone*

    HJ:Hey Markus listen up! tonight I see you'tr going to get your ass handed to you, but trust me what I'm going to do to you at Monarchy of Aggression is going to be far worse than your match tonight.

    *Puts down microphone and sits back next to Sly*

    Sly: Strong words there, now can you back it up?

    HJ:What kind of question is that? Of course I can back it up, I've been all fight since I joined JBW.

    Sly: ah well, be careful! I’ve smelled his breath before, and I sure don’t want him near me! Let’s get this match started!

    Sly: Beerstein slings Smith across the ring. He catches him in the rebound and BEAR HUG! Markus is squeezing on Brandon with that iron grip—and staring at the announcing booth! Brandon is tapping! Markus has won—but he hasn’t relinquished the hold! He’s still squeezing! The ref begins a count—1, 2, , 3, 4, 5! The Ref is calling for the bell again? He’s reversed his decision, Brandon has won by DQ! Finally Markus lets go, still staring at Holy. He mouths something at Jose and makes his way to the back! Absolutely chilling!

    *** Commercial Break. No Sponsors, forgot to find some***

    Match # 4 - Avidico vs. Fernandez Romero

    Here comes our first star—Avidico!

    Sly: and Here comes Avidcio one fantastic high flyer in the ring!

    HJ: Yet another member of the Warfare roster who has taken it to the FSA going after igetwild and his N.W.L Championship. I expect great things from Avidico!

    Sly: You'll side with anyone who goes up against the FSA won't you?

    HJ: pretty much.

    A new face on Showdown, Fernandez Romero!!

    HJ: Who does this guy think he is? an Alberto Del Rio rip off? at least that's what I think of him.

    Sly: Well we really haven't seen much of him but he was really impressive on his debut.

    HJ: he debuted already? sheesh I need to pay more attention to this spotlight addicted new comers. Was I like this when I debuted I feel like I was humbled.

    Sly: You were outspoken but never did you once say you wanted the Warfare World Title right off the bat and that'd you'd work your way up.

    HJ: eh that still sounds kinda douchy, but whatever. two hispanic wrestlers going at it reminds me of my time in CMLL and AAA. This will be entertaining! Let's get this going!

    (Ignore everything after the interference. Seriously. Ignore it. NOW.)

    Sly: igetwild just cost avidico the match by attacking Fernendez! Fernendez gets the win by DQ! Igetwild left just as fast as he entered, with avidico on his ass! Hot dawg!

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    Sly: Ladies and Gentlemen, we’d like to remind you that, this Sunday, JBW’s Monarchy of Aggression will take place, solely on Pay-Per-View! We’re already sold out of tickets for Wembley Stadium in ENGLAND! That’s right, we’re hopping across the pond for this one! JBW is too big for just one country! Whew! I think I need to settle down. You’re on your own calling this next match, Jose! *takes a big drink of water*

    Match #5 - The SilverBros vs. The Underscores (Yes_I_am and The_Crippler)

    The Silver Bros make another appearance on Showdown in this rematch classic!

    Sly: Here come the Mayhem Tag Team Champions in a rematch tonight with Yes_I_am and the The_Crippler thoughts HolyJose?

    HJ: yea...I don't need to see what SilverLace is doing to that fan, oh God no I'm having nightmares for the rest of my life and the match hasn't even started yet

    Theeeeee Underrrrscorrrrrrrres!

    HJ:Yup I'm scarred for life...

    Sly: but here come the Underscores any thoughts on them?

    HJ: oh yea after seeing Mayhem for the last couple of weeks I can tell that they want that tag title but no matter how crazy these guys get The SilverBros are one tough tag team and the Underscores have a tough challenge ahead.

    Sly: Silverlace has Yes_I_Am caught in a bear hug—but Yes makes the tag and Lace does see it! Crippler runs in and rolls up Silverlace—1, 2, 3! Crippler pulls a win out of Silverlace’s ass! The Underscores clear the ring as Lace sits there bewildered! The Tag Champions dropped one!

    *** Commercial Break ***

    Sly: We’re back for our MAIN EVENT! And we’ve got a brutal Street Fight!

    Main Event – Malcolm Cage vs RKO619 in a STREET FIGHT!

    The Cage-meister!

    HJ: a street fight! I love these matches and here comes my boy and pick to win Malcom Cage! you know I remember how this started rko619 cost Malcolm the chance to win the TV title a few months ago against Beerstien and that's just not right hoping Malcolm hits the so called beast with everything including the kitchen sink!

    Sly: wow so much dislike towards RKO619 there!

    HJ: Former FSA member of course I'm going to dislike him!

    Sly: touché


    HJ: and here comes the so called beast, you know if he were a beast he'd confront his opponent face to face not sneak attacking him every chance he gets! He's going to get what's coming to him tonight!

    Sly: Seriously no respect? I mean he was kicked out of the FSA.

    HJ: once part of the FSA always a bitch

    Sly: strong words there. Let's get this match underway!

    Sly: They’re fighting on the stage, DANGEROUSLY close to falling off the slide! RKO has Malcolm by the cage, hooks the arm. No… RKO lifts him up—SUPLEX OFF THE STAGE! They both fall into the concrete from the top of the stage, at least 7 feet higher than the floor! They both look out of it! The ref is checking them, and the match is a No Contest! The ref is ruling that neither of them can continue the match! What a way to end this week’s Showdown!

    Sly: Ladies and Gentlemen, for HolyJose, we will see you at Monarchy of Aggression! JBW!

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    Mayhem ep 21 7-23-11

    Pat: With just 24 hours separating us from JBW’s biggest PPV to date, hello and welcome everyone to Saturday Night Mayhem! We’re here live in the 02 arena here in downtown London, and all 20,000 fans here are chanting JBW’s name. They are all eagerly awaiting in anticipation of yet another fantastic show, and we’re ready to give it to them isn’t that right Dudley?

    Dudley: Yes of course. I’m Dudley Ramirez and I’m back again doing commentary with this loser right here, Pat Barretall.

    Pat: Thanks Dudley. Our camera now cuts to a familiar face in the crowd, K-Jammin, who simply flips off the camera and gives us a foul stare. It looks like he bought a ticket for tonight’s show, so there really isn’t much we can do about it. I guess we’re just gonna have to live with him. Sorry guys

    Dudley: What do you mean sorry? This guy never deserved to be fired in the first place! It’s all that stupid MassDinero’s fault! No one in their right mind could blame K-Jammin for being upset.

    Dudley: Well I respectfully disagree. Look folks we’re gonna get right into it this week with in ring action, as we have two relative newcomers here to kick things off.

    Dudley: That’s right and last week, we saw one of these guys, Daniel Truth, debut with a pretty impressive win.

    Pat: Wow, your actually complimenting this guy huh?

    Dudley: Hey I said his match was impressive, I didn’t say he was impressive. I still say it was beginners luck for Daniel.

    Pat: Now that’s more like you.

    Match 1: Daniel Truth vs. No Bitch Assness

    Daniel Truth
    Theme: Reverse this Curse
    Pat: Daniel Truth makes his way out to ringside and he gets another very nice response from the crowd here again. You know Dudley, I went back and watched some old tapes with him and Warfare’s Avidco teaming up together from back in the day, and I have to say, this guy is might impressive.

    Dudley: Oh my God Pat who cares what he did in the minor leagues? The only way to prove yourself in this industry is to do it against the industry’s top talent, and they can only do that here in JBW. Daniel Truth hasn’t done that, so he’s still a nobody in my eyes.

    Pat: He’s only had one match Dudley! A match that he won no less. How can you write him off so quickly?

    Dudley: I can only go off what I’ve seen Pat.

    No Bitch Assness
    Theme song: Destiny part 2
    Dudley: Now this guy that’s coming to the ring right now is a guy I can get behind!

    Pat: How the hell did that happen?

    Dudley: What?

    Pat: This guy has only had one match too, and he lost. What makes him so special?

    Dudley: Well, I- wait a minute, the match is starting Pat, why don’t you do your job and announce the match instead of asking stupid questions?

    (ignore postmatch) Dudley: Oh thank God that snoozefest is over. Daniel Truth won but damn he bores the piss out of me. Oh wait, this isn’t over yet apparently, Truth has picked up a mic and now we have to hear him speak. Why would we want to hear you speak Daniel?

    Pat: Shut up Dudley! The man is about to speak!

    Truth: *gasping after a hard fought win* 2 and 0. Not a bad start if I do say so myself. Not to brag too much, but I think I’m on a bit of a roll here. With Monarchy of Aggression just around the corner, and the entire lockerroom abuzz, I think it’s only fair that we allow just one more match on the card for the PPV. So I’m right now making a challenge to anyone in the back who doesn’t already have a match for the PPV. Anyone on Warfare, Mayhem, the developmental leagues, even on the commentary booth *looks at Dudley* anyone who wants a part of some PPV action, I’ll be in the middle of this ring awaiting you. *drops the mic and leaves the ring to a big response*

    Dudley: Wow. While I don’t think this kid should be just making matches for himself, or anywhere near a PPV for that matter, I love the fact that he looked right at my broadcast partner Pat while he said he’d fight an announcer. His stock just went up in my eyes.

    Pat: I think he was clearly looking at you when he said that Duds.

    Dudley: BLASPHOMY!

    Pat: Well anyway, now that the ring is being cleared, I’d just like to take this time to remind everyone that…

    Wait a minute, AngrySamoan is here?

    Pat: It is AngrySamoan! He’s making his way out to ringside and getting a great response from this crowd to boot. What a nice surprise here as I figured he would be out of action for at least another couple of weeks. I wonder why he’s here? Moreover, I wonder why he looks so extremely pissed off?

    Dudley: Don’t you know anything Pat? I mean, that video of Silva has been seen by pretty much everyone by this point, and that’s made this guy one Angry Samoan. I don’t blame him at all either.

    Pat: *takes off headset* What the hell is wrong with you? We aren’t supposed to mention you-know-who, jackass *puts headset back on* Well in any case, AngrySamoan grabs a mic and it looks like he’s getting ready to cut an unscheduled promo.

    AngrySamoan: Look, I’m sure at least most of you guys know why I’m out here by now, so let me just explain something to everyone before some serious shit goes down. You guys know me, you fans who have followed my career since day one here in JBW know that I’ve become a changed man. I was doing all the shit that RomanFlare and K-Jammin do, and even some of the shit that Chainsaw does, I was the original “bad-guy” here on Mayhem, but I’ve learned that what I do in this ring and in the back reflects on my life and my progress as a human being. I’ve tried my very hardest to remain calm, cool, and collective through everything here in JBW, but this guy, this psychopath that has been ruining my life has pushed me to the edge. There is no “nice guy” in me right now, there’s only hate, and that hate is all directed towards one guy. Silva has put me out of action for a while, has cost me a good portion of my career, and has seemingly enjoyed watching me suffer. But what he did to my HOME, what he did to my WIFE, and what has put my ENTIRE FAMILY through is the last straw! *crowd pops* I KNOW he’s here. He might not be in the building, but he’s lurking around here somewhere and I demand that security lets him in this building right now. You guys wanna know what my favorite part of being a wrestler is right now? It’s the fact that I get to get my hands on Silva in the middle of this ring and police aren’t gonna arrest ME for attempted murder. So security, bring him in this building and out to ringside, and make sure you have as many security guys as you have out to ringside with him, because I just don’t know what I might do to him once I see him.

    A few moments pass when a reluctant group of security comes out, with Silva in the middle of all of them. The fans ravenously boo Silva as they see him come out, and AngrySamoan is in the ring clearly trying to calm himself down.

    AngrySamoan: *takes a deep breath*Silva, I’m not gonna hurt you. I promised myself I would give you 24 hours, so that’s exactly what I’m doing. You’re gonna meet me outside tomorrow night at the PPV, and where gonna have ourselves a little brawl. Not a match, you’re not a wrestler, hell tomorrow I won’t even be a wrestler, I don’t want a match, I want a fight between me and you, and it’s as simple as that. If you don’t agree to this, and if WWTNA and Iron Ape and SES and whoever the fuck else don’t agree with this I will make all your lives a living hell, and that is a fact.

    Silva: *gets a mic and gets booed before he can even talk. He waits before the crowd dies down before he speaks* Why do you want to fight me AngrySamoan? I don’t want to fight you? I just want to be friends. I put all the stuff you said about my mom behind us. I-I didn’t mean to wreck your house, and I’ll even pay for all the damages. I don’t want to fight you AngrySamoan. Let me be your friend. Let me apologize to your face and we can all put this behind us once and for all.

    AngrySamoan: Oh you’ve gotta be kidding me. You have GOT to be kidding me. We are waaay beyond the point of an apology Silva. We’re gonna settle this my way, and only my way. Is that understood? I don’t want to come and find you, so you better be there tomorrow night. *AngrySamoan drops the mic and starts to leave the ring when Silva interrupts*

    Silva: Wait! Say I let you murder me at the PPV tomorrow, what the hell could be in it for me? Will you tell me everything you know about my mother?

    AngrySamoan: *picks up the mic* I don’t know anything about your stupid whore of a mother you crazy fuck!

    Silva: *twitches* So…*tone of Silva’s voice changes drastically* you really want to fight me? *smiles*

    AngrySamoan: Yes, I really want to fight you. From the look on your face right now it looks like I may have struck a nerve. Good. Use that. Make sure your there tomorrow night, and I’ll send you straight to hell so you and your mother can have a nice family reunion. *leaves the ringside area through the fans*

    Silva continues to smile creepily at AngrySamoan, and he has not let his eyes leave Samoan’s even after he leaves through the crowd. Security must literally pick him up and carry him out of the arena, as he had become completely unresponsive to any type of verbal command.
    WWE resigned Punk, and everything I've said has come true on these things, so WWE, keep Punk a badass face. He will become a legend if you do.

    JBW is so good, even the most cynical member of the IWC couldn't complain about it. Check out or most recent shows here!

    And join in on the discussion here. We will welcome you with open arms. Please join now by PMing me or WWTNA Mark!

    Horror movie tournament final: The Shining vs. Silence of the Lambs vs. Halloween...coming very soon.

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    Pat: Wow, what the fuck just happened man?

    Dudley: I don’t know. I’m at a loss for words right now.

    Pat: Well, there’s always a first for everything I suppose. Anyway, I’m getting word in that a major development is happening in the parking lot. We’ll cut there now.

    The camera cuts back to the car park where two prestige classic Aston Martins pull up.

    The doors of both cars open and out step St George and Ma$$Dinero… It's the reason these fans parted with their sterling. V3 are nearly in the house and the crowd watching on the JabeTron are going mental like it was 1966! Ma$$ looks at his 'lex as if counting the seconds, and three seconds later a third Aston Martin pulls up...

    and Psycho Siaki steps out, amused, but a little shocked that Ma$$ and George beat him there considering the obvious superiority of his motor over theirs.

    Ma$$Dinero: Sometimes ya' gotta go with the classics Siaks!

    Psycho Siaki: You know, I think you might be right for once, my brother, hahaha!

    St George: Plus me and Julius 'ere knows these roads like the back of our 'and's *crowd pop!*

    *Resident interviewer, and all round douche, Roland Butter approaches our heroes to interview them.*

    RB: Well I’m joined here by none other than JBW fan favourites V3. So guys, welcome to the O2 arena here in Lon…

    Mass: You're not Dave?

    RB: No, I'm Ro-

    Mass: I know who you are, you poomps. *crowd pop* What I wanna know is though, who are you to welcome me, George and OUR guest and brother in arm's Psycho-FOOKIN'-Siaki, to the O2-FOOKIN'-Arena *Mass' Masses go psycho like Siaki*. We're legends around these parts, ya' off-key lookin' tosser. *crowd pop*

    RB: Well I was jus…

    SG: Just nothing Mr talk n mutter! Me and me Julius Mass were headlining all over the UK back in the day. The o2 is like our gates of Rome!

    PS: That’s right, "guy who tries to interview V3 but clearly isn't Dave". When talking about their accomplishments in these parts they echo V3. They came, they saw and they most definitely conquered.

    RB: Ok, I see…

    Mass: Listen to me, Roland lard arse, V3 are here to pick up from where, Drum & Base left off. We’ve worked the o2 to Skegness; from butlins to the Earls Court Centre; from Butlins in Bognor Regis to The Manchester Evening News arena … and of course the holy grail… Wembley Stadium!

    RB: Wembley is by far the biggest venue in the United Kingdom. It’s the…

    SG: England.

    RB: Pardon?

    SG: We’re English, not British. Speaking of Wembley, Monarchy of Aggression is tomorrow night. I have a very big announcement tonight regarding my cuts n scratch with Derek Pissoff.

    RB: Would you care to elaborate on that St George?

    SG: Lets just say, if my Jackie Chan backfires… well, it will be V2.

    PS: But that won't be happening will it, brotha!

    Mass: Too cuckin right its not, my large Samoan friend... Right, George?!

    RB: St George, what’s all this about?

    SG: All will be revealed later, my china.

    Mass: Now, go on.. Get the cuck out'a here Rolly-Polly!

    *Roland scurries off, as Dave arrives on the scene, quite out of breath*

    Dave: Mass! K-Jam has been spotted in the front row, and he's even been taunting his countrymen flipping them the bird trying to wind them up!

    St George: You know we got your Hatstack, Ma$$, but I've reckon you've got this one, right?

    PS: 'course he has, George. Ma$$, we'll go on to the locker room and pour you a cold one

    Mass: Dave, go with the guy's, this could get ugly.

    *We cut to ringside where K-Jam is causing a lot of heat, but is clearly in his element and his countrymen are more loving to hate him, rather than hate him*

    Pat: K-Jammin cashed in on his promise, Dudley.

    Dudley: Of course he did, you idiot, and why wouldn't he? Why would he deprive his countrymen of such class and character? Listen to them. They love him!

    Pat: Don't be ridiculous, if it wasn't for the ring of security guards, they'd probably be trying to rip his head off!

    Dudley: Wait, there seems to be a disturbance in the crowd.

    Pat: Thats no disturbance, thats Ma$$Dinero, and he's walking through the crowd and he's headed straight for K-Jammin! The crowd aren't so much as getting out of his way and staying put, they're actually walking with him like some kind of Mass Movement on K-Jam!!

    Dudley: SECURITY! We need more security!

    *More security run to ringside and surround K-Jammin. But Mass' Masses are relentless, and soon the security members are surrounded by hundreds of angry Englishmen! It's only when the security team pull out guns does the absoloutley chaotic scene calm down a bit. Knowing a lost cause when he see's one, Mass turns to his Masses holds his nose and points in the opposite direction of K-Jammin, and a heap of humanity move as one away from K-Jam's vicinity until he is surrounded by hundreds of empty seats. Mass then leads a chant of "K-JAM STINKS.. K-JAM STINKS". K-Jammin is positively fuming and is seen mouthing many expletives and obscenities*

    Pat: Ladies and Gentlemen at home, it's gone completely bonkers here in the O2 Arena, but we have to take a commercial break. We hope to have regained control of this crazy situation by the time we come back!
    WWE resigned Punk, and everything I've said has come true on these things, so WWE, keep Punk a badass face. He will become a legend if you do.

    JBW is so good, even the most cynical member of the IWC couldn't complain about it. Check out or most recent shows here!

    And join in on the discussion here. We will welcome you with open arms. Please join now by PMing me or WWTNA Mark!

    Horror movie tournament final: The Shining vs. Silence of the Lambs vs. Halloween...coming very soon.

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    Back from commercial now and we go backstage, and we see Ma$$Dinero ~his hometown fans pop like bunch of animals~. Walking the corridors, he's wearing a scowl that somewhat silences his Masses, and a concerned murmur can be heard throughout the arena. The concern becomes shock as Ma$$ barges straight into IRON APE'S OFFICE!!!

    Directly behind Ma$$ are Siaki and George, who appear to be heading out to ringside, when a stagehand comes up to Siaki and speaks.

    Stagehand: Um--ugh, Mr. Siaki.

    Siaki: Yes?

    Stagehand: This *holds up a package* was left for you. *runs off*

    Siaki: What is this supposed to be? Look George, it says “To my dear friend Siaki” on it.

    SG: Open it up.

    *Siaki opens the package, and slowly lifts up the contents, revealing a blouse. Moreover, it is a blouse that is frequently worn by Melissa Mendez. Moreover again, it is a blood stained blouse that is frequently worn by Melissa Mendez. Siaki is absolutely fuming as he heads to the ring with George*

    A few moments pass before…

    Siaki and George make their way to the ring…
    Pat:…and neither one of them looks very happy at the moment. Who could blame them. I just hope Melissa’s okay. St. George grabs a mic and speaks.

    George: Hello me China’s sorry I’m not all shits and giggles like normal, but I just got some disturbing news a moment ago, so I’ll try to make this brief so Siaki can get on the stick. I just want Derrick to know that Theo is all better now, and he’s assured me that he’s gonna be in my corner for our match tomorrow. It’s only right considering that I’m not only gonna beat you to smithereens for me’self, but also for Theo. You see Derrick, I was once legitimately a fan of yours. Yeah, that’s right, St. George was a hardcore Eric Bischoff fan. But you know what, that’s why everything was so unbelievable in my eyes. I found it hard to believe what you had become. I can't believe that Eric Bischoff has turned into someone who is just as sick as Chainsaw, doing his bidding for him week after week. But what I can’t believe the most is that Eric's legacy has gone from being the hall of fame all time wrestling bad guy, to kissing Iron Ape's ass and being this generations stooge. Eric, you’re gonna be remembered for getting Iron Ape's Rosie lea, and nothing more, and that makes me actually feel some semblance of pity for you. That’s why I’m gonna be doing you a massive favor by beating you as bad as I’m gonna beat you at Monarchy of Aggression. First of all, I’m gonna beat you so badly that I might actually knock some sense into you, but also because right here and now I’m challenging you to a loser leaves faction no DQ match. Think about it, if you can somehow beat me, like I’m no doubt sure you think you will, I’ll be out of V-3 forever. It’s an offer you can’t refuse Bischoff, so don’t refuse it. I’ll be awaiting your response. Now I’m gonna hand the mic to Siaki, and I know he has something important to say to Chainsaw. *hands the mic to SIaki*

    Siaki: The piece of shit we all know as Chainsaw wants to put Melissa's torn and bloody blouse into a package.. I told you if you ever laid a finger on her beautiful body it would be over for you Goth Vader.. *laughs maniacally* Well now you've set you're demise in stone dear Chainsaw.. You will be as torn and bloody as this blouse is.. Fuck Monarchy Of Aggression, the time is now Chainsaw, get your Undertaker fan club ass out to this ring right now.. Someone please call the authorities as soon as im finished, im willing to turn myself in for the murder of Chainsaw but let the act happe-...

    *an image of Chainsaw appears on the titantron, and interrupts Siaki in mid sentence*

    Chainsaw: Hello Siaki. *crowd boos at Chainsaw* Sorry I couldn’t be there in person to greet you properly, but I’ll be arriving a little late to the show tonight so it couldn’t be avoided. I am watching intently though. I’m so glad you got my package too, an award should be administered to whoever ended up giving it to you. Yes Siaki, the contents of your package did indeed belong to our good friend Melissa. She’s with me right now you know, and even though she’ll never admit it, I’d say she’s enjoying herself so far. Well, at least in comparison to the feeling she’s going to feel once we’re done with her. Just know that she’s alive and mostly well. You see I’m having way too much fun right now to end it so soon, and I’m thinking I should wait until after the PPV to finally put her out of her misery. You know, as a post victory celebration of sorts. *laughs as the crowd boos*

    Siaki: Get the sand out of your vagina Chainsaw.. No one likes a decrepit pussy.. You always play the titantron game whenever you're out of the arena.. You don't really want to face the repercussions.. Basically you don't want any part of facing me, man to man.. You would rather play games for your own sick perverted pleasure.. You think you've got into my head, but what you really got yourself into is a pine box.. You proved the same shit last week and the Tampon Kid Roman Candle had to face my wrath instead.. You're a coward leading the blind, the cult leader of JBW's very own Heaven's Gate.. Little do your followers realize is that all ends with a mass suicide.. V3 is the cyanide to your Heaven's Gate.. We will be the end to all of those who claim The Eye, and they will accept us willingly.. Irony is a funny thing aint it?? You send me a package to light my fuse and Im gonna bury you away in a package six feet under.. A bloody blouse in exchange for a bloody and battered Chainsaw.. Fair trade if may say so myself..

    Chainsaw: You’re lucky it isn’t her fucking head in that package! Oh Siaki, you really do think I’m afraid of you don’t you? You insignificant flea. You may be a tough guy Siaki, but I am evil personified, and there is simply no way someone of mere flesh and blood can ever intimidate me. You really want a preview of Monarchy of Aggresion? Well I’ll be there later on tonight, and if you really want to do this I’m more than happy to oblige you. Until then Siaki, I’m going to have a little more fun with our favorite girl. *laughs as he goes off screen*

    Pat: Well I don’t know how we’re supposed to follow that, but up next here we should have a nice treat for you all, as the four tag-teams that will be facing off with one another for the Mayhem tag-titles will be having their official contract signing in the middle of the ring.

    Dudley: Yeah let’s just hope those Jackasses don’t try to pull some shit like they do every other time they’re on screen.

    Pat: Well Dud’s I’m just hoping a big brawl doesn’t go out, because we know what happened the last time these four groups were in the ring, and we also know how most contract signings go. Well, the ring is set up now, so let’s bring out the teams!

    Here come the Mayhem Tag Champs!
    Pat: The Silver Bros are first out to the ring for this one, and they look to be in good spirits after Iron Ape allowed this 4 way match to happen at the PPV tomorrow. Are you at all surprised that this is what The Silver Bros actually wanted Dudley?

    Dudley: Of course not Pat! Haven’t you been listening? The Silver Bros are the best tag-team in the world today. There’s no way any of these teams can beat them.

    Pat: Okay but don’t you think the percentages go down with the more teams involved? I mean, the Silver Bros have to face 3 more teams now instead of just one. They’re titles just might be in the most jeopardy they’ve ever been in.

    Dudley: 0% chance times 3 is still 0% Pat.

    The Underscores are next out to the ring!
    Pat: here come the Underscores and they look pretty happy with themselves. Why shouldn’t they be happy? I mean by all accounts they probably didn’t think they were gonna be fighting for the tag-titles again after the match with the Silvers last week got thrown out.

    Dudley: They shouldn’t be happy because they still have to face the best tag-team in the world to get to the titles, and they know there is no way they can beat them.

    Pat: We’ll see.

    GoldDiggers make they’re way out to the ring next.
    Pat: Here come The GoldDiggers and they’re getting heavy heat from this crowd. Do you think there’s still a possibility that The GoldDiggers and Silver Bros may work together in the match tomorrow?

    Dudley: Look, I’ve talked to Wes Goldman about just that, and he assured me that all ties between him and the Eye are done forever. I don’t think that’s a wise move, but you have to commend his boldness.

    Jackasses are last out to the ring and they get a big pop from the crowd
    Dudley: God I hate these guys. They’re the dumbest pieces of shit I’ve ever seen in my life, and I’ve seen Ma$$Dinero.

    Pat: Well the fans love these guys. They’ve definitely lightened the mood up around here lately and they have kept the whole lockerroom loose in the back. Plus they put on a show for the fans and that’s always a good thing.
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    WWE resigned Punk, and everything I've said has come true on these things, so WWE, keep Punk a badass face. He will become a legend if you do.

    JBW is so good, even the most cynical member of the IWC couldn't complain about it. Check out or most recent shows here!

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    Dudley: THEY CAN”T WIN A MATCH! They shouldn’t be in a title match at a PPV. What have they done to deserve this?

    Pat: The fans love them Dudley. The crowd wants to see them compete for the titles, and I’m sure they are the team the crowd will be rooting for the most tomorrow.

    Dudley: Well these fans are idiots. They need to start rooting for winners instead of these jokers.

    Pat: Quiet down dud, SilverDust has a mic.

    SilverDust: You guys know why you’re out here right? I mean I don’t have to explain anything to you correct? Just sign these papers saying you’re willing to get beat by us at our game and then you can all take the rest of the night off.

    Wes Goldman: I’m not signing shit until all of you listen to our proposal. These teams here, we’re all gunning to be the best team in the world, and to do that we all have to fight it out at the PPV and see who comes out victorious.

    SilverLace: No shit sugar. You’re lucky you’re cute because damn you’re slow.

    Wes: Don’t catch a beat down Lace. You stay as far away from me as possible. Besides, you didn’t let me finish. We all have to face each other for the top spot in the tag-team world, but all 8 of us can agree that we’ve gone way beyond the point of just having a normal match. No, what we’re gonna have tomorrow is a 4 way submissions match for the titles. Now that is a PPV match!

    Scottland: Damn right, and the best part about that is, there isn’t one of you guys that can even come close to our technical ability. We can probably make all of you tap at the same time!

    Yes_I_Am: Oh yeah, you would choose your specialty match wouldn’t you? Yeah well, there’s no fucking way we’re gonna agree to that.

    The_Crippler: Yeah but they did get one thing right YIA, there’s no way we’re gonna have just a normal match together. We have some unfinished business to get through besides the tag-titles. So how about this: a No DQ falls count anywhere match? Do you fans want to some hardcore action at the PPV? *crowd pops* The crowd has spoken gentleman and SilverLace.

    Red Ryda: Wait a minute there Crippler. Yeah, I’m sure they want to see some hardcore action no doubt, but me and Gabs have been discussing it and we thought that maybe a different type of match is what the fans really want to see. Tell ‘em gabs.

    El Gabo: A fatal four way tables….ladders….chairs *crowd pops loudly* Yeah, the fans have really spoken now. So is it settled?

    All other teams: *arguing at the same time*

    SilverDust: Shut the fuck up!!! We already have the stipulation for the match. It’s right here in the contract. All you have to do is sign. You don’t think we discussed this with Ape? The match is a 4 way gauntlet match, with The Jackasses vs. The Underscores first, then the winner of that match faces The GoldDiggers, and then the winner of THAT match gets to face us for the titles. That’s the agreement people. Like it or leave it.

    All other teams: *arguing again*

    Wes Goldman: Wait. I know a way we can settle this. The main event tonight, it’ll be a fatal four way singles match with one representative from each team. The winner of the match gets to pick the stipulation for the PPV match. Unless your all chicken shit scared of a little competition, then you will make this happen. Scottland’s already booked for a match tonight so I’ll be the guy from the GoldDiggers.

    The_Crippler: Oh if you’re in it then you bet your ass I am.

    Wes: You wanna go right now tough guy?

    Crippler: *squares up*

    Yes_I_am: Hold on crip. You’ll get your chance tonight.

    Red Ryda: Do you mind if I take this one Gabs?

    El Gabo: Go right ahead man.

    SilverLace: I want in on this. 3 rugged guys like you all on me, sounds like hella fun!

    Scottland: More like it sounds like an average Tuesday for you.

    SilverDust: Who the hell gave you permission to speak? Lace are you sure you wanna do this? I mean, we don’t have to. We have the match in the bag anyway.

    SilverLace: This is happening bro.

    SilverDust: Fine. You have your match then. Make sure you win though Lace.

    Pat: Wow what a main event tonight! It’s always nice to see some fresh faces in the main event scene isn’t it? Especially when the match means so much.

    Dudley: This is bullshit Pat! The Silver Bros shouldn’t have to partake in this match. They had the perfect stipulation already set up.

    Pat: Dudley, their stipulation was by far the most unfair. I think everyone is hoping that SilverLace doesn’t win so they don’t have to see that type of match at the PPV.

    Dudley: Not me. SilverLace better win tonight.

    *we cut backstage now and Ma$$ has just walked out of Ape's office, and now he is wearing a deadpan expression that gives away nothing of the conversation he just had with a man who has made it his lifes ambition to make his life one of pure misery. K-Jammins fiance (who let her backstage?!?!) approaches Ma$$ and it appears that she has been crying.*

    Katie: Ma$$Dinero! I'm so glad I found you! I-I wanted to... I-I... It's just th- PLEASE GET K-JAM HIS JOB BACK! He's been unbearable since he got fired, and his sporadic mood swings are insufferable. Hi-His mental stability is increasingly deteriorating and subconsciously he's been unleashing his frustrations on me!

    MD: Look. You can use all the big words all you want, but K-Jams just been re-hired *the crowd pop*... The match is back on *The O2 Arena goes mental!!!!*.. Now, cuck off, ya nasty lickle sketel 'fore I catch suttin dirty.

    *Katie runs off squealling with delight. Mass then gets on his iPhone and walks down the corridor. He's still talking on his phone while he walks out of the exit, as the door closes he can be heard saying 'I have to Siaks, it's part of the deal, I know you got this..'

    We go to ringside where K-Jammin has been watching the whole thing on the JabeTron. Far from looking elated he too gives nothing away as he jumps over the barrier. One brave fool also jumps the barrier but K-Jam floors the dude with one punch and continues walking up the ramp. The crowd pop like crazy, but K-Jam flips them off as he walks through the backstage curtain*

    Back at ringside now…

    Match 2: Hardcore rules match Anomander Rake vs. Brandon Smithson

    Brandon Smithson
    Theme song: Give Peace a Chance
    Pat: Brandon Smithson makes his way out to the ring to a booming response from the people.

    Dudley: Well these people would cheer for him wouldn’t they?

    Pat: I’m not sure I follow…

    Dudley: Hello, we’re in the 02 arena in London, England. John Lennon…

    Pat: Oh come on Dudley. Brandon is one of JBW’s most popular superstars everywhere we go. You’re ridiculous. Smithson has a mic in his hands and is getting ready to talk.

    Smithson: Hello London! *crowd pops* I’ll tell you, it’s great to be here in the 02, and I can tell that you guys are already pumped for what’s going down tomorrow night, but I especially requested this match tonight. I did so for two reasons. One being that Anomander Rake ruined my match last week against Avidco, and he needs to pay for his actions. And two being that I’ve already beaten Demonic in this ring, I’m about to beat Anomander right now, and me and Parker are most certainly gonna beat Aerial and Loki tomorrow night. That way all of The Apostles will have fallen to Mr. Amazing, and then it’s one on one with the ruler, the kingpin of violence in JBW, Chainsaw. Now I didn’t want to his match to be hardcore rules, but that was the only way they were gonna accept this match. So Anomander, come out to this ring and I’ll beat you in your own game. Getting hardcore might not be my style, but I can damn sure teach you that the peaceful way is the only way, even if I have to do it by force.

    Anomander Rake
    Theme song: Dark Ritual

    Pat: Here comes Anomander and he has to be a little madder than usual after listening to what Brandon just had to say about Chainsaw and the rest of The Apostles.

    Dudley: You know Pat, I think this guy is my favorite Apostle. He just seems to have a lot of personality to him. He’s not as big or as overpowering as the other Apostles, but he might just be the meanest of them all.

    Pat: This one is underway

    Pat: Brandon Smithson wins the match. What an impressive victory over Anomander just 24 hours away from the match against the other Apostles at the PPV.

    Dudley: Yeah but it was stupid to accept the hardcore stipulation when he has a huge match tomorrow night.
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    WWE resigned Punk, and everything I've said has come true on these things, so WWE, keep Punk a badass face. He will become a legend if you do.

    JBW is so good, even the most cynical member of the IWC couldn't complain about it. Check out or most recent shows here!

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    Pat: That may be a good point Dudley. It’s about time you made one. Anyway, JBW’s newest signing, the international sensation Daniel May, has been all over the news lately for all the right reasons. He’s taken the huge signing bonus that JBW has given him and has donated a good portion of it to underprivileged children in his home town of Sidney Australia. May has been a busy body lately too. With loads of press-conferences, radio shows, endorsement deals, and other public appearances, May has a little taste of what it’s like to be a JBW superstar. Big things are certainly expected of Daniel May here in JBW, but he seems like he is going to thrive under that pressure. Here’s a quote from Daniel May when he was asked about the newfound pressure of being in the global spotlight: “Well it’s all about the fans. If they like me and enjoy what I bring to the table then I have no doubt that I can handle the responsibilities of being a JBW wrestler. The global spotlight has never bothered me though. I’ve competed all over the world in places like Japan, Mexico, England, and obviously Australia, and everywhere I’ve gone the fans have always been behind me. As long as I have their support then I know I can thrive in JBW.” Those are some strong words by May, but you have to admire his bravado. I for one cannot wait to see what this guy brings to the table, and I know I’m not alone. In fact, I’ve heard that since Daniel May’s signing went public, our viewership worldwide has skyrocketed. That’s pretty impressive stuff for a guy who hasn’t even had a match yet here in JBW. I’m getting word that we’re cutting backstage. I wonder what this is all about?

    We cut to the back where we’re in Iron Ape’s office, and Eric Bischoff comes strolling in.

    Ape: *smiles at Eric*

    Eric: *returns the smile*

    Ape: What did I tell you?

    Eric: Haha. I KNEW they would fuck up sometime, I just didn’t think he would put the nail in his own coffin.

    Ape: I know! And he actually thinks this is some sort of an advantage for him! That’s what is so great about it! That stupid sonofabitch even made it no DQ. This is like a wet dream.

    Eric: I know, all we have to do is win the match, which we already know I’m going to, and we’ve successfully taken apart V-3!

    Ape: Oh and you haven’t even heard what the deal is with Mass yet, he actually…

    Eric: Hold on, not to cut you off but we have the camera right here, and I wanted to say a few words to St. George personally.

    Ape: Go right ahead.

    Eric: *looks into camera* So George, you can’t believe what I’ve “become” and you were an “Eric Bischoff fan,” well these two little snippets simply don’t go hand in hand. You can’t have followed my career, and been surprised when I turn heel on you. You stupid little cockney fuck. I’m glad Theo’s better, and I’m glad he’s gonna be in attendance when I beat this piss out of you and kick you out of V-3 personally. Maybe then I can pay you a little visit in the hospital, eh Boy George?”

    Ape: Haha. Boy George. I love it.

    Eric: Yeah I just came up with that one on the fly. Listen, tell me about Mass later when there aren’t cameras around. I have to go. You know I have Siaki one-on-one soon. We’re still on for MoA though right?

    Ape: Oh yeah, all systems are still go. Cya Eric. Good luck against Siaki. We’ll talk on the phone after the show. Great job on Warfare btw. It got one of the highest ratings ever.

    Eric: Thanks man, I’ll talk to you soon.

    Pat: Well that doesn’t sound good for George.

    Dudley: But it sounds great to me. Music to my ears!

    Pat: Calm yourself Dudley. Time now for…
    Mayhem’s Move of the Week
    Presented by Snickers who would like to remind you that Snickers satisfies.

    Pat: This amazing move by K-Jammin last week against Jman wasn’t quite enough to put him down, but it was a sensational move that brought the crowd to it’s feet. Too bad the poor sap had to go and ruin his moment by attacking Jman with a chair afterwards to get himself disqualified. Then he went on to attack MassDinero and got himself fired. Oh well though, at least he lit up the crowd with the Mayhem move of the week.

    Match 3: RedDevilSativa vs. Scottland

    Pat: This next match is a long time coming between these two, as RedDevil feels that Scottland derailed his career by kicking him out of The GoldDiggers.

    Dudley: Hey can you blame Scottland though? I mean Wes needed an actual competitor to have his back out there. I like RedDevilSativa, but he’s no Scottland. At least not yet.

    Theme: Burn in my light
    Pat: RedDevil makes his way to the ring, and this one is gonna be personal.

    Theme: Braveheart
    Pat: Here comes Scottland and these two are going at each other right away. Collar and elbow tie up to start, and Scottland goes behind and takes him down with a wrestling slam. Scottland has RedDevil on the ground now, and wait a minute, what the hell we have a jumper! Security! Wait, that’s not a jumper!

    Dudley: That’s RomanFlare! What the hell is he doing out here?

    Pat: RomanFlare grabs a chair and both Scottland and RedDevil take notice of this. Roman gets in the ring with the chair, but who is he after? This can’t be good in any case. Roman turns, and slams the chair right into RedDevil’s stomach. And now his back! Oh what a sickening thud that was! Scottland looks on as this match has been thrown out, but wait, Roman now turns and hits Scottland with the chair! What the hell! What is his problem? Back and forth, RomanFlare is hitting both Scottland and RedDevil with the chair repeatedly. Once both are unconscious from pain, Romanflare kicks them out of the ring and grabs a microphone from a stagehand. Romanflare unfolds the chair and sets it down in the middle of the ring, sitting down on it. He leans back against the metal, folding his right leg over his left like a half-Indian style. Roman now speaks.
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    WWE resigned Punk, and everything I've said has come true on these things, so WWE, keep Punk a badass face. He will become a legend if you do.

    JBW is so good, even the most cynical member of the IWC couldn't complain about it. Check out or most recent shows here!

    And join in on the discussion here. We will welcome you with open arms. Please join now by PMing me or WWTNA Mark!

    Horror movie tournament final: The Shining vs. Silence of the Lambs vs. Halloween...coming very soon.

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    RomanFlare: Mr. Benadryl is going to lose his title tomorrow night. There are no ifs or ands. No “buts” to defile my victory. It is a foregone conclusion, ordained from the highest power known to man-kind—Me. The outcome doesn’t have a thing to do with backstage politics. Backstage politics got me my job. Like every interviewer I had to kiss ass to get hired. Then I had to kiss ass to get on TV—what they were paying me for. Now, Dreamie and the Virgin3 seem to have taken an adherence to my “backstage politicking”. They claim I’ve kissed ass to push me to the top, becoming good friends with the people in charge. And I won’t deny that. Despite what you people seem to think, I’m not a completely vile guy. I have friends in that locker room and I have friends in management. But because I took advantage of my connections, something everyone from you moronic sapiens in the crowd to the Snoozefest wearing the TV title seem to despise because “it isn’t moral. You should earn your way!”

    SHUT UP ABOUT IT. People bitch and moan about what I did, practically coddling IronApe’s balls to get into the Eye—the most influential group in this company. You wanna know why you people hate me so much? Because you don’t have the spine to do what I did! You gutless Neanderthals aren’t smart enough to see the shorter roads to the top! Every last one of you mutts in the stands and half the guys in that stinking locker room ALL don’t have the where-with-all to raise to the top. You “played by the rules” and it makes your blood boil to see someone zoom by you like I did. I am the personification of that deepest part of your mind, the Jungian Shadow. All this hatred, and this disrespect, ALL OF IT stems from the fact that I did what you all deep down secretly wanted to do! And I did it better than any of you could! You were too scared to act and I blew you all by!

    But getting there isn’t even half the battle. Even I realize that, with the way that I snaked my way to the top, I still had to prove myself when I got there. You can talk yourself up to the major leagues, but if you “can’t hang, kid”, your ass will be on the first train back to insignificance. But this kid can hang. Over the last several weeks, I have proven myself to be a superb in-ring performer. I have proven myself to be a technical mastermind. In most sports you hear about the “team” watching “game-tape”. I might be the only person in that locker room who bothers to watch matches involving their opponent for that night or upcoming show. And yet, I don’t think a single waste-of-skin in that hell-hole of a locker room respects what I can do in the ring! And I know none of you inbreds filling the seats “like” me because I’m not your prototypical, crowd-pandering, mic jockey. No, almost everyone despises me because of my talent. They’re all jealous—not only because I’m BETTER than them, but because I talk shit and they all know that I’m better than them. They’re too scared to risk losing to me, so instead they fire pathetic insults and attack me backstage! Am I’m the villain? I am upfront about what I do and I do not try to pretend like what I’m doing is somehow morally right.

    You people villainize me. People seem to hate me for insignificant actions and words that I speak. So I’m giving you a reason to hate. You all witnessed me beating two of this company’s talents with this chair I’m sitting on. But, unbeknownst you any of you, that’s not the worst thing I did today. I’d describe it to you, but I have the security footage from earlier to just show you! Roll it!

    The screen shows a parking lot in the trademark green of security cameras. We see a nice Chevy Impala roll up and park in the middle of the screen.

    The car sits for a second and the lights turn off. The door slowly opens, and Helmsley pokes his head out as the crowd pops. A man rushes into the picture from the side, running full steam into the car door, slamming Helmsley’s torso in the door. The man backs up and rams into the door again. And again. And again! Finally he reaches down and grabs Helmsley by the head and drags him out of the door. As Helmsley lays there on the concrete, the man looks up at the security camera: It’s RomanFlare! He gives the camera a small wave and then goes nuts bashing Helmsley’s face with right jabs. The assault continues for almost a minute before Roman lets up. He takes a step back, admiring his handy-work. Then he pulls Helmsley up to his feet and sends him head first through the side window of the car! RF yanks his victim out by his legs, and we can see Helm’s face just dark with blood. RF drags Helm over, bounces his head off the car hood, then lifts the dead weight up onto the hood. He climbs onto the car himself, and drags Helm onto the roof. Roman looks at the camera again, and holds up his thumb sideways, like he was asking the “crowd” if he should let Helm go or finish him. The crowd is libid, booing their lungs out as the thumb wavers up and down. Finally, Roman gives a thumbs up, saying he’s going to spare Helmsley, and the crowd dies down a little. But RF lifts the thumb and drags it across his throat! He pulls Helmsley into a powerbomb position! He lifts him up! He turns and POWERBOMBS HELMSLEY OFF THE TOP OF THE CAR! The crowd is in shock as Helmsley looks to be bent in half on the ground below. RomanFlare stands on the top of the car, looking down at Helms. He slowly climbs down from the roof, and bends over Helmsley, visibly yelling at him. RF turns his attention to the camera again, and begins a slow walk towards it. He gets real close, his face taking up almost all of the screen. He begins yelling at the camera, but the sound quality was bad enough that they included subtitles:


    The focus shifts back to RomanFlare sitting in the middle of the ring, a sick smile on his face. The crowd is hailing him with boos, a vague “You’re a Psycho” chant being drowned out by the hatred.

    That. That was just a small taste of what I can do. I maybe be a psycho, I may be a monster. I might even be the physical and mental incarnation of a demon. But. You. Will. Respect Me. Or you will suffer a worse fate than Helmsley—Remember, he was only guilty by association! Your imagination cannot fathom what I will do to someone who truly deserves to experience a living hell.

    With that, Roman throws his microphone out of the ring, and sits there. He licks his lips and gives the camera one last smirk before the feed goes to commercial.

    Back from commercial now, and we’re backstage with The Jackasses who walk into The Underscore’s lockerroom.

    Red Ryda: Hey guys, we need to discuss something about the match tomorrow night.

    Yes_I_Am: *scoffs* Right now you guys are our number 3 enemy in the company, and you want to chit-chat with us?

    Red Ryda: I didn’t say ‘hey let’s be best buddies” I said we need to discuss something.

    The_Crippler: What’s that in your hands?

    El Gabo: What this? *holds up brown paper bag* Catering.

    The_Crippler: *thinks* Let me see. *takes bags out of El Gabo’s hands*

    El Gabo: What the fuck are you doing man. It’s just our dinner!

    YIA: We don’t trust you for a second.

    The_Crippler: *opens bag’s contents and checks them thoroughly* Nah they’re good. Here. *hands food back to El Gabo*

    El Gabo: Well shit I don’t want it now. You had your dirty ass hands all over it.

    YIA: What do you two want then?

    Red Ryda: we need to discuss the possibility that The Silver’s and GoldDiggers aren’t trying to trick us here. What if Goldman still has some ties to The Eye, and he’s just putting on a big performance? We could be going after each other all out, and then when we’re both down and Hulk Hogan “finger poke of doom” could happen, just so the Silver’s retain easily.

    TC: So what are you suggesting?

    Red Ryda: What we’re suggesting is that if we don’t see The GoldDiggers and Silver Bros go after each other for real in the match, we go after them. With us focusing on The Silver Bros, and you focusing on The GoldDiggers. After we win those battles it’ll be you vs. us, and then we can see who the better team is from there.

    El Gabo: How about that for a strategy?

    YIA: You guy are a lot smarter than you look you know that?

    El Gabo: Do we have a deal then? *The Underscores nod* Alright I think that’s it then. *jackasses begin to leave*

    YIA: Wait, what about your food?

    Red Ryda: You eat it. We’ll get another batch. Consider it our treat for negotiations.

    TC: Alright then guys.

    *Jackasses leave the room, and snicker to themselves*

    Red Ryda: That was WAY easier than I thought it would be. Why do people keep trusting us Gabs?

    El Gabs: Because the lockerroom is filled with fucking idiots.

    Red Ryda: I almost died when you told him you didn’t want the food after he touched it. That was so well played.

    El gabo: How about when you told them to eat it as part of the negotiation? What the fuck was that? Hahaha

    Red Ryda: Haha. I don’t even know but they totally bought it. You should be thanking MassDinero for that one though, he gave me the inspiration to fuck with the food, the sneaky bastard.

    El Gabo: You’re gonna get Mass back right?

    Red Ryda: Oh yeah, I already have shit planned for him. How long until the drug takes effect though Gabo?

    El Gabo: About ten minutes. Then they’ll be out for 45 minutes.

    Ryda: Perfect.
    WWE resigned Punk, and everything I've said has come true on these things, so WWE, keep Punk a badass face. He will become a legend if you do.

    JBW is so good, even the most cynical member of the IWC couldn't complain about it. Check out or most recent shows here!

    And join in on the discussion here. We will welcome you with open arms. Please join now by PMing me or WWTNA Mark!

    Horror movie tournament final: The Shining vs. Silence of the Lambs vs. Halloween...coming very soon.

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    Dudley: Those sneaky bastards.

    Pat: Oh come on that was pretty funny.

    Dudley: What the hell are they gonna do to them next?

    Pat: We’ll just have to wait and see I guess. Anyway, back to much more serious business. We’re backstage in the medical facility now with Roland Butter who is standing by with The Sleeper and a still injured Helmsley.

    RB: Sleeper what do have to say in response to what RomanFlare has said tonight and to what he has done to your friend Helmsley ?

    Sleep: You want to know what I have to say Butters, I'll tell you what I have to say to that piece of shit RomanFlare. Tomorrow at Monarchy of Aggression I'm gonna kick your ass from post to post in the ring and send you on that train to insignifigance. When I destroy you tomorrow I will "PROVE" that you are nothing but talk. Attacking Helmsley when he is getting out of a car and not aware some pussy is hiding in the shadows doesn't prove a damn thing to me or anybody. My girl, Christy Hemme, could kick your ass if she blindside attacked you. And I don't give a fuck how much tape you watch of me, I change shit up every day. I don't need to watch tape of you to study you, I knew all I needed to know about you from the look in your eyes when I first met you. And your actions only re-affirmed to me who you are. Your a scared little child who has no natural talent to move up in this company so he, in your words, "coddles IronApes balls" to move up in this company. And you hide behind his power and talk loud like your some kind of badass. You attack people when their not looking because your to scared to fight them face to face like a man. But tomorrow you will have no chance to blindside attack me. You see, I am the champion and you are the challenger which means you will be coming out before me. So let us see what happens when meet a true champion face to face.

    RB: Mighty powerful words from an intense Sleeper. Back to the ring now for some singles action.

    Match 4 Chris Parker vs. Demonic

    Chris Parker
    Theme Music: I aint your savior
    Pat: Chris Parker makes his way out to the ring, and much like his tag-team partner for tomorrow night Brandon Smithson, he will be facing an Apostle in a singles match, but it won’t be one of the guys he faces at Monarchy of Aggression. We’ll see if he can have the success Brandon has earlier against Anomander Rake.

    Dudley: Oh and I bet you would like that wouldn’t you?

    Pat: I just hope for a good clean match here between these two goliaths.

    Theme song: Dark Ritual
    Pat: Demonic makes his way out to th ring with a sick smile on his face. He steps through the ropes and Parker and Demonic go eye to eye for a moment. The bell rings and this one is under way.

    Pat: This match is thrown out because Demonic wouldn’t stop slamming Parker’s head against the steel steps. It was like he didn’t even care about the match! Parker is now busted open and is barely conscious after the assault from Demonic. What’s this? Aerial and Loki appear on the titantron and they are in some sort of remote location. Loki speaks.

    Loki: Parker! You know you fucked up right? Hahaha. Oh you fucked up bad. Did you forget who you’re dealing with here?? Maybe this will restore some fear back into you Parker. Remember this is what this all was about? You don’t fear us! Well you should. This match with Demonic, we ordered him to take you out at any cost. I hope your still awake though, because we want you to see this. We want you to see what happens when you pry into The Apostle’s business. Remember your friend here? The one you’re in a relationship with? Tell him your name sweetheart. *picks up a limp, hogtied body*

    Girl: In-India.

    Loki: India what?

    India: India De Beaufort.

    Loki: Well India, do you care for Chris Parker? Do you love him? Do you think love is going to save you right now? Do you think Chris Parker can save you right now?? No one can save you! We’re going to bury you alive tonight, right here, right now.

    * india de beaufort tries to wiggle away, to no avail*

    Loki: HEY! Stop squirming you bitch! You’re going in the ground tonight….and that’s all there is to it.

    Then this happened. Pleas watch
    (please disregard after 4:44)

    Pat: Oh my God. That is just sick! Someone needs to help that poor girl! She only has a couple of hours of oxygen left. Who knows where they are though? The Apostle’s could have taken her anywhere.

    Dudley: Man and Parker is fuming at ringside. Brandon Smithson is out to try to calm him down, but Parker will have none of it. He pushes Smithson out of the way and heads backstage, to do God knows what.

    Pat: Well I gotta assume he’s gonna go out and look for India somewhere. This is beyond sick. Anyone who has any sort of issue with Chainsaw or his gang better not have anything or anyone to lose, because clearly there are no restrictions to their inhumanity.

    Dudley: I don’t know how we can just transition from that, but I’m getting word in now that Roland Butter is standing by with Daniel Truth to interview him. We’re gonna cut backstage to show you what’s going down now.
    WWE resigned Punk, and everything I've said has come true on these things, so WWE, keep Punk a badass face. He will become a legend if you do.

    JBW is so good, even the most cynical member of the IWC couldn't complain about it. Check out or most recent shows here!

    And join in on the discussion here. We will welcome you with open arms. Please join now by PMing me or WWTNA Mark!

    Horror movie tournament final: The Shining vs. Silence of the Lambs vs. Halloween...coming very soon.

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