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    JBW KillZone: Episode 6

    Location: Atlanta, Georgia

    Patrick Riley: Welcome ladies & gentlemen to JBW KillZone! We are live from a sold out Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia- and what a show we have lined up for you tonight!

    Dudley Erickson: That’s right Pat. Tonight, we’re set to see some great matches, including our main event where we will see HolyJose team with Tommy Thunder to take on their opponents for In Justice For Brawl, Ryusuke ‘Shuriken Blade’ Serra and JBW World Heavyweight Champion TheDevilsAdvocate.

    Patrick Riley: We’re expecting more matches to be announced as the night goes on, but kicking us off will be the match announced last week, Elite Bloodline taking on Predators in Paradise!

    Dudley Erickson: And during the week, Jman officially made this match a number one contenders match for the JBW Tag Team Championships!

    Patrick Riley: That means the winners of this match will move on to face Black Blooded at In Justice For Brawl with the titles on the line!

    Darren Black: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the number one contendership to the JBW Tag Team Championships! Introducing first, at a combined weight of 585 pounds, the team of Tyler Jones and Usain Kingston...Predators in Paradise!

    Patrick Riley: These two men debuted as a response to Black Blooded’s open challenge. Black Blooded not only went on to win, but also decimated Predators in Paradise, leaving them on the shelf.

    Dudley Erickson: They got what was coming to them. Neither of these teams have what it takes to beat Black Blooded.

    Darren Black: And their opponents, at a combined weight of 442 pounds, the team of William Hastings and Anthony Bennett...Elite Bloodline!

    Patrick Riley: And these two, the current TWE Team Combat Champions, are making their JBW debut!

    Dudley Erickson: Once again, another team who just don’t have what it takes to beat Black Blooded.

    (from 2:27 to 4:34)
    (Usain=Kofi, Tyler=Truth, Hastings= Ziggler, Bennett= Swagger)
    (Ignore Vickie)

    Patrick Riley: What a crossbody from Usain! If it wasn’t for Bennett breaking up the pinfall attempt, I believe we’d have our victors right now!

    Dudley Erickson: Hastings & Kingston remain the legal men!

    Bennett drags Hastings up and props him against the ropes, before climbing out, allowing his tag team partner to take the fight to Kingston. Hastings rushes forwards and kicks Kingston in the chest. He drags him back to his feet and begins to pound away on Kingston’s head, sending him back to the ropes. Hastings whips Kingston across the ring and connects with an arm toss as Kingston returns.

    Hastings stands back up and grabs Kingston by the hair, dragging him up. He backs Kingston into Elite Bloodline’s corner and tags in Bennett. Bennett runs in, bouncing off the ropes and connects with an elbow shot to Kingston’s head. Kingston falls to the ground and Bennett covers.



    Tyler Jones is back in to break it up as Hastings slides back into the ring and runs at Jones, who backs up to the ropes and pulls the top rope down, taking Hastings completely out of the ring. Jones turns back to Bennett, who connects with a Superkick, sending Jones over the top rope. Bennett is distracted by Jones, allowing Kingston to roll him up!




    Bennett kicks out as Kingston can’t believe it. Both men are back to their feet and run at each other, connecting with a double clothesline.

    Patrick Riley: Both men are down, centre of the ring!

    Dudley Erickson: This is the most exciting part of the match so far.

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    Neither man is moving as a huge roar is heard and two bikes come out to the stage, Black Blooded sitting atop of them, with Vivica sitting on Mr. Black’s lap. Their JBW Tag Team Championships are hanging around their necks as they make their way down the ramp.

    Patrick Riley: Oh no, what are they doing out here?

    Dudley Erickson: No, THIS is the most exciting part of the match so far!

    Black Blooded stop their bikes at the bottom of the ramp as Vivica hops off and slides into the ring, immediately headed off by the referee, who tries to convince her to leave. He backs down as soon as Mr. Black slides into the ring, a lead pipe in hand. Bennett is beginning to get up and runs at Mr. Black, who slams the lead pipe into Bennett’s chest, sending him back down to the canvas. At the same time, Mr. Blood has begun to beat down on Kingston.

    Blood climbs out of the ring as Black hits Kingston in the back with the lead pipe. The referee calls the match off and runs away up the ramp as Blood climbs back into the ring with a steel chair. Hastings is back up and he slides into the ring, running at Black, but Blood swings the steel chair and smashes Hastings in the face. Jones climbs back into the ring and runs at Blood but Black catches him off guard with a clothesline, sending him down to the canvas. Black drags Jones up and hits him with the Black Death (Implant Buster)!

    Patrick Riley: What a devastating attack!

    Dudley Erickson: What a devastating tag team!

    *Black Blooded stand over their fallen victims, bloody weapons in hand as they survey the carnage, all 3 members seeming pleased at the destruction. Mr. Black turns, signaling to Vivica who slips out of the ring. Stalking seductively towards the timekeeper with a bloody chain in one hand, she slaps the chain down hard on the ring bell, scaring the timekeeper as she demands microhpones be given to her men. A terrified crew member is dispatched, approaching the ring cautiously. Mr. Black reaches down, grabbing both microphones in one huge fist before booting him away, a smirk evident even under his black leather mask. He turns, handing a microphone to his partner, who begins to pace around the ring, shaking his head*

    Mr. Blood: This is the best you got? This is the sorry ass fucking excuse for competition that we are expected to put up with? Fuck that. We said it last week and it is even more tru now, there is not a single fucking team out there that has what it takes to beat us. We are the Dominant Fucking Predators of this industry, and the rest of you ain't nothing but prey. Just look the hell around, here we got two jackasses that want to call themselves Elite, as well as these so called Predators in Paradise, and one of these teams is expected to provide a decent fucking challenge for our Tag Team Titles?

    Mr. Black: No fucking chance.

    Mr. Blood: You know you boys got a hell of a lot in common, all four of you are such lousy fucking excuses for wrestlers that you hoped and prayed teaming with someone else could save your careers, all four of you came here to get the belts we already own, and all four of you aren't good enough to lace up our fucking boots.

    *Mr. Blood looks down at the fallen men, a look of contempt on his face.*

    Mr. Blood: Oh, almost forgot. All fucking four of you are going to be spending the rest of your increasingly shorter careers in agonizing pain and humiliation, for daring to think that either one of your pathetic fucking excuses for teams really has what it takes to face us.

    *Mr. Blood stops, walking over to where Tyler Jones is just starting to stir, he stomps his head hard into the mat.*

    Mr. Blood: You, you wanna walk around here with your little ganja boy and call yourself a predator? Do you even know what that fucking word means? It means that you are a force to be feared, something badass enough that nobody willingly tangles with you. What it doesn't mean is laying on your back, staring up groggily at your betters for a second time. Face it, you are a fucking joke, and your boy there is about two joints away from blowing his fucking mind out. We took you out the first time because we knew you were the weak link, and nothing has changed.

    Mr. Black: Fucking Pathetic

    *Mr. Blood spits on Tyler, kicking him again he walks over to where Bennett is laid out. Bennett sees Mr. Blood coming, and puts his arms up, but Vivica runs in, slamming her knee directly into Bennetts groin with all of her weight. He screams hoarsely, clutching at himself as Mr. Blood puts his boots to work, stomping Bennett back down.*

    Mr. Blood: You listen to me when I'm talkin boy, now sit still. See somehow you and your little boyfriend got it in your heads that winning those developmental belts put you on our level. Well let me correct that little misconception up for you right the hell now. We are champions on a brand that neither of you fucks are good enough to even be a part of. we are the JBW tag team champions after beating down three other teams at once, and as shitty as they are all any of them would whip your asses.

    Mr. Black: Fucking Pathetic

    Mr. Blood: Two teams and not a real man among you. That is fucking pathetic. I mean, how the hell would we even get a fucking workout facing either one of you teams? So here is what we are going to do, we're gonna go ahead and pre-empt that jackass Jman and make you both famous at once.

    *The crowd stops booing, unsure what Mr. Blood is getting at*

    Mr. Blood: That's right you sister-fucking rednecks, your wet dreams are coming true, once again you will get to see why Black Blooded is on the top of this fucking mountain! Come Justice For Brawl, assuming the four of you morons manage to survive, we'll take you all on at once. Hopefully that will at least provide a bit of a challenge for us.

    Mr. Black: I fucking doubt it.

    *Black Blooded all raise their arms high, to a fresh chorus of boos as the fans are chanting "You Suck". They throw their microphones down, exiting the ring and walking at a leisurely pace up the ramp, their heads held high as we head to commercial.*

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    *The camera shoots to the back to a full shot of TDA. A mysterious hand is seen extended outward holding a microphone. TDA begins to speak without a single ounce of hesitation being shown.*

    TDA: I just wanted to get this load off of my mind and tackle a few things that have been circulating inside of my brain for quite awhile now. Firstly, my victory over Mike Hawk did not come all that easily. We had a good fight, but I proved once again that experience plays a major factor in most of these matches. Tommy... I showed you exactly what I was capable of last week and tonight I will continue to show you why you have made the biggest mistake of your life. The clock of your career might still be ticking at the moment but eventually it will cease to do so.

    *TDA snatches the microphone away from the mystery interviewer.*

    TDA: At In Justice for Brawl... I will take you to a place that you have never been to before Tommy.. I am going to take you to a height you have never witnessed. I am going to take you straight to hell and I am going to make you suffer and cringe as your ears fall victim to the sound of your bones crunching beneath my feet and sheer strength. I plan on giving you a glimpse of what is in store for you tonight. I will give you the most wildest ride of the life time, son!

    Tonight... Tommy... You are going to be paired with a former partner of mine in the form of HolyJose. Jose and I go wayyyyyyy back the days of Supernova and even then we had a little bit of friendly competition. Tonight will make no difference and I expect Jose to give it his all. But will he be victorious against me this time unlike the last? That will remain to be seen! But I am being stuck with yet another partner... Shuriken? I do not even like the guy. I do not even need his help. It really boils my blood.. But I will unfortunately have to make this work.

    *TDA throws the microphone and shoves the mystery interviewer away and against the wall. As TDA walks away the camera zooms out to reveal that the mystery interviewer is actually a JBW security man decked out from head to toe in protective gear before we return to ringside.*

    Patrick Riley: TDA is ready for tonight’s main event, and you’ve gotta expect him to be ready for the match with Tommy Thunder at In Justice For Brawl!

    Dudley Erickson: He’ll lose tonight, just like at In Justice For Brawl.

    Mr. Smyth walks through the curtain onto the staging area to an eruption of boos, followed by Aidan Black and Lindsay. With Smyth leading the way, the trio walk down the ramp and enter the ring without ceremony. Mr. Smyth and Lindsay stand in the middle of the ring as Aidan Black grabs a mic for them. Black walks back to his bosses, and gives them the microphones.

    Lindsay: So one week later, and the memories are still fresh in all of our minds. The memories of Aidan Black destroying another human being in this very ring as a showcasing event to demonstrate the new acquisition to this programme. The innovative and inspirational programme, which is the brainchild of the most iconic businessman in the world, Mr. Smyth.

    The fans boo as Lindsay starts to applaud. Black nods approvingly, while Mr. Smyth remains impervious.

    Lindsay: Aidan is due a performance review from Mr. Smyth this evening and because he feels so confident that the review will be a positive one, Aidan has asked that his review be done in view of the public.

    The fans boo again, as Mr. Smyth brings the mic up to his lips.

    Mr. Smyth: Before we get into this, I want to make something clear. Aidan is not here as a bit of dumb muscle. He’s not my bestest friend in the whole wide world. He is an asset to this business. He is my employee and under my guidance as CEO of Atlantis Incorporated and a dual champion, Aidan will deliver strong and consistent results.

    Mr. Smyth turns to Aidan.

    Mr. Smyth: That’s my expectations of you, Aidan. While I was not here in person last week, I took the time to review your showcasing event and I have to say I was both very impressed and extremely disappointed. You proved your efficiency in taking out DrunkJose. You completed your task to an acceptable standard, but I did not bring you into JBW for ‘acceptable’. I bought you here for ‘exceptional’.

    Your showcasing event last week was an opportunity to demonstrate your skills – every one of them, and you didn’t do that. There is plenty more for you to show. I have invested time, money and knowledge into you and all you did was give me ‘acceptable’.

    Aidan’s gaze drops to the floor.

    Mr. Smyth: But it’s fine. There will be other opportunities to showcase Aidan Black and there is no way I am going to give up on an individual who I have invested so much into. I don’t expect you to give up either, Aidan.

    Aidan is yet to look up again.

    Do not feel downhearted by this. You should take this feedback and look to develop yourself. I will give you the opportunities, I will help you in every way that I can to aid you in your development plan, but you have to make it happen. You have to take those steps on that path to immortality. You have the skills, Aidan and the potential is there. You just have showcase what you do every day. You have to make people talk about you. You need to-

    *The crowd pop, as the Specialist appears on the stage. He runs down ringside and slides into the ring, however Smyth and his clients hold their ground. He goes over to Smyth, and removes the mic from his hand*

    Vulgar: You know what Smyth, y'know you're just like Judas.
    No-one cared about you, but when you hurt a white guy, it was like you ruined Christmas

    You moan through the day, you moan through the night,
    But what comes out of your mouth is totally shite.

    You stand in the clear, you run in the mist,
    But with one lucky pinfall, you made a white rapper pissed.

    And Lindsay's so fit! Even if what comes out of her mouth is just leaking gas,
    But if you're on the blob girl, then it's going in your ass!

    Lindsay's a bird, and Aidan's your duck,
    But on behalf of Jabe, we don't give a fuck.

    With all these performance reviews, you act like the king,
    When actually, your sexual interests are similar to an old guy wearing shell suits and gold bling.

    I know your secret Smyth, to your dismay,
    You're someone who wanks over Fifty Shades of Grey.

    I consider Aidan beating DrunkJose a good, dominant match,
    But compared to facing Vulgar in the ring, it's like in the park making a catch.

    And come In Justice for Brawl, Vulgar win win that's a guarantee,
    You'll be begging for mercy Black, but you'll lose 1...2...3!

    *Vulgar drops the mic, and stares at Black. He turns to Lindsay, and blows her a kiss, before leaving to the apron as we head to commercial.*

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    We return from commercial to see Stacey Mitchell standing backstage with Israel Pamich.

    Stacey Mitchell: I am here with the newly appointed star of Killzone Israel Pamich, and Israel after the controversy surrounding your match and subsequent thoughts what are your thoughts?

    Israel: Stacey you want my thought? Chase and I competed on HWA:TR and we were both climbing to the top of the podium and truth be told I was excited about that on the grandest company of all the EWN Cable networks that we would come together once again and ride through memory lane and share the moments we competed together with the KillZone fans, unfortunately for Chase Walker his memory was a little skewed and he seems to think that had HWA not gone under that he infact would have won the first series when everybody here knows that Israel Pamich would have taken out series 1 and gone on to cash in my title shot and become the next big thing in HWA!, instead I am a debutant on KillZone of all places having to get rid of this thorn on my arse better known as Chase Walker.

    Stacey: It does not seem like you have a lot of respect for Chase Walker, do you think that’s the reason you couldn’t get the job done last fortnight?

    Israel: Show some integrity Stacey and instead of being handed a sheet and reading questions of it why don’t you actually watch the match that I was dominate in and then have the nerve to ask me such a ridiculous question.

    Stacey: I am just doing my job Izzy

    Israel: Well if you did a little research Stacey you would actually be good at your job and don’t you ever call me IZZY again

    Stacey: I’m done I do not have to put up with the likes of you

    *Stacey Mitchell drops her microphone and walks out, Israel gives Stacey a stern look before picking up the Microphone*

    Israel: I do not need some amateur reporter asking me about my thoughts and feelings in regards to some wannabe reality show drop out named Chase Walker.

    Chase you need to listen to what I am about to tell you as it may just save you a lot of time and heart ache, you can’t wrestle.
    You decided to come out here and brag about your time in HWA: TR and you made the biggest mistake in your career when you failed to recognize who was truly the brightest up and comer in this company Israel Pamich.
    You have the nerve to attack me and try and take me out well I commend your effort and commiserate your execution because here I am Chase and I am here telling you that your thuggery will not be rewarded here in JBW and your lack of intelligence in attacking me will end with me standing over your lifeless body proclaiming that I Mr Integrity and I am here to take over KillZone

    *Israel drops the Mic and leaves the backstage area as we return to ringside.*

    Patrick Riley: Welcome back to KillZone! Strong words from Israel Pamich there and we're expecting to hear from Chase 'The Ace' Walker later!

    Dudley Erickson: Can we move onto somebody I want to hear from?

    Patrick Riley: Like this guy?

    Dudley Erickson: Definitely like this guy!

    *Van HXs music blasts through the arena and he walks out in no rush whatsoever and takes his sweet ass time to get to the ring. He has a smug look on his face as the JBW audience gives him a piece of their mind, nothing new here though. He finally gets inside of the ring but not before picking up the mic that was left on the steel steps. The music stops and the full force of the crowd can be heard.*

    Van: Pathetic! Truly, truly pathetic!

    I realised as soon as I began my career that the crowd that follows this federation were delusional as fuck but this goes beyond comprehension. You all do seem to forget who I am? I am The Vanity. I wasn't used for 4 god damn months and still dragged you assholes in the awards show with best newcomer!

    The very least you all could do is give me the credit that I truly deserve! I am not only JBWs biggest threat! I am not only the best this place has to offer! But I am going to end Desperate Divines title reign at the next pay-per-view.

    The reason I am out here is to tell that idiot that you all call a JBW legend, JMan. To get off his ass and give me a 1-on-1 match with him. The only reason he didn't do this in the first place is because of the fact he fears me being 1 of his champions. Just like all previous legends his dump made fear me. No exceptions!

    *Needless to say, VHX is getting very deeply under the crowds skin. They continue to boo at him with damn near everything they have.*

    You fools! I literally speak the truth. Open your minds to reality and you live in denial. I could face any 1 of your legends and make them tap like a bitch. I don't want to sound like JBL when I say this but I'm not just a wrestling deity, I am a god! Above each and every single 1 of you pathetic excuses. This goes for the unemployed bums in the crowd, the whores, the kids, the staff at this dump of an arena, the roster, the management, etc.

    When I save this title, you will all realise the mistake you've made in your lives and convert to your new god. But I'm getting a head of myself here.

    JMan, come out here. Announce the rightful match and then get the fuck out of my ring!

    Thinking Jman might actually take Van up on his offer, the crowd pops like crazy as Back in Black hits. J, in a In Justice For Brawl T-Shirt and jeans, walks onto the stage with a mic in his right hand. Van is fired up as Jman begins to speak.

    Jman: Ohhh, Van, you don’t know how badly I want to run down there and kick your ass up and down the city of Atlanta.

    The crowd pops again but J motions for them to quiet down.

    Jman: But, y’know, that’s not my job anymore.

    Boos of sympathy fill the arena and Van looks disappointed.

    Jman: It’s good we’re talking, though, Vanity. See, at In Justice For Brawl, I have a little surprise for you and Divine. Someone whom I trust very much is going to officiate your match. It’s someone, Van, who deserves the utmost respect and it’s someone you and Divine know well. No spoilers from me, though.

    With that, J walks off and leaves Van looking confused as the crowd cheers.

    Patrick Riley: Well folks, I’m hearing that Jason Alexander is on his way to the ring and we’ll hear from him right after this!

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    We return from commercial to see Jason Alexander is in the ring, mic in hand, ready to speak even as the fans cannot stop cheering and chanting his name.

    Alexander: Last week, for the first time in a very, very long time truths were spoken and emotion was put forth in this ring like never before when Juarez and I finished this show off with a level of respect that I foolishly believed Juarez would uphold but when he ruined that moment with that shove, I knew he yet to really respect and more so fear me.

    Alexander fans cheer excited as Juarez's fans boo Alexander

    Alexander: You still think you stand a chance against me. Oh, how I'm going to enjoy our Death Row match at In Justice Brawl. No restrictions, no mercy and no more Juarez is what's on my mind.

    Come In Justice For Brawl.......Alexander!!!

    Fans cheer at Alexander

    Alexander: That's the last thing you'll hear, Juarez. This ends only one way, Juarez. Embracing the fact that you could never be even half the man that I am.

    A chant for Juarez comes up but is soon drowned in the Alexander chant that follow.

    Alexander: Now....-Alexander turns deadly serious-...TDA...Thunder....enjoy your games, because no matter which of you ends up as champion after In Justice for Brawl, I'm coming for the JBW World Heavyweight Championship. That's no promise nor a guarantee, that's a vow.

    I'm going to be the next champion and nobody, beginning with Juarez is going to stand in my way, if they do....they only to look at the massacre Juarez will go through to see what I'll do to get the job done.

    Alexander starts his pre-match stretching when Jman, sitting comfortably in his office, appears on the JabeTron. The crowd pops as J takes a sip of water before starting to speak.

    Jman: Jason, I’m glad you are out there. See, I’m not stupid. I do things for reasons and after the finish to the show last week, I had an idea. Tonight, we're going to see you two team up in a rematch of HWA Do or Die, the night you two first came into contact.

    The fans explode with cheers.

    Jman: I know, if this were just a normal tag team match, you guys would have absolutely no problem losing the match if it meant getting your hands on the other guy. If I were in that situation, I’d be thinking along those lines. But, that’s not how tonight is going to go.
    No, tonight, Jason Alexander and Eddie Juarez must coexist.

    Jason doesn't look too pleased with that as J continues.

    Jman: Why? Because, if they do, if they work as a unit to defeat Karl and Oli Panzer tonight, then the Death Row Match at In Justice For Brawl will be a number one contender’s match for the JBW World Heavyweight Championship.

    The crowd pops like crazy at that and Juarez and Alexander looked pleased as well.

    Jman: Don’t fuck this up, hombres.

    With that, our general manager is gone.

    The fans immediately begin to cheer as The Panzer Division walk out onto the stage for the first time since Resurrection. Both men hold up beer bottles to the crowd who roar their approval. Jason Alexander looks angrily at the ramp as he waits for Eddie Juarez to walk out.

    Patrick Riley: Well this is a rematch of the match that took place in HWA where the rivalry between Alexander and Juarez began!

    Dudley Erickson: I don’t give a damn about HWA. This is JBW and tonight, Eddie Juarez and Jason Alexander have to co-exist!

    Patrick Riley: Can they do it? That’s the real question.

    Dudley Erickson: Only one way to find out.

    The Panzers reach the ring and stare at Alexander across the ring. Alexander stands back and awaits his partner.

    The fans react with a mixed reaction, with definitely more booing than cheers as Eddie Juarez walks out to the stage. He smirks as he makes his way down the ramp. He slides into the ring and walks across to Alexander. They stare down for a few seconds before Alexander climbs onto the apron and Juarez gets ready to start the match.

    Patrick Riley: These two are going to Death Row very soon! I can’t wait!

    Dudley Erickson: They’ll be going through hell and the winner will deserve the JBW World Heavyweight Championship shot that awaits them!

    Patrick Riley: Well, both TDA & Tommy Thunder will definitely be watching this match, scouting their possible opponents for Monarchy of Aggression!

    Dudley Erickson: I think they’ll just be bothered about their own match at In Justice For Brawl first.

    (Juarez= Guerrero, Alexander= Mysterio, The Bashams= The Panzers)
    (from 3:56)

    Patrick Riley: Alexander has been completely stopped from tagging in Juarez!

    Dudley Erickson: Terrific teamwork by The Panzer Division!

    Karl continues to lock in the Full Nelson on Alexander as Karl continues to lock in the pressure. Alexander kicks back, managing to connect with Karl’s gut. Alexander runs forwards and bounces off the ropes, hitting an Enziguiri! Both men are down, centre of the ring.

    Patrick Riley: Great move from Alexander! He can now get the tag!

    Dudley Erickson: If he can bring himself to tag in Juarez!

    Karl begins to move across to his corner as Alexander uses the ropes to climb to his feet. Juarez holds his hand out at Alexander, who looks at it angrily. Karl manages to get the tag as Juarez screams at Alexander to tag him in. Alexander runs forward and Oli smashes him down with a forearm as Juarez is angry on the apron. Oli grabs hold of Alexander’s hair and drags him up, backing him into the ropes and bouncing him off, hitting a side walk slam on the return. Oli goes for a cover.




    Juarez breaks it up! Juarez dropkicks Oli as he climbs up and Oli backs up into Karl, who falls off the apron. Juarez drags Alexander across to their corner and climbs out, tagging himself in. Juarez climbs back into the ring and runs at Oli, going for a hurricarana but Oli catches Juarez and goes for a Powerbomb but Juarez drops over Oli’s shoulders.

    Oli turns around as Juarez kicks him in the gut and goes for a vertical suplex, landing it! He flips the hips and hits a second vertical suplex, before completing the three amigos! Juarez points at the top rope as the fans begin to cheer.

    Patrick Riley: Juarez is going for it!

    Dudley Erickson: Here it comes!

    Juarez climbs to the top rope and goes for a Frog Splash, landing it! He grabs his ribs as he climbs back to his feet and backs up to the corner, where Alexander tags himself in! Alexander climbs up as Juarez sees Karl trying to climb back into the ring. Juarez runs forwards and kicks Karl back through the ropes with a baseball slide. He turns around as Alexander lands Your Worst Nightmare (Inverted Twisting Shooting Star Press)! He covers Oli.




    Darren Black: Here are your winners...the team of ‘The Most Dangerous Man in the World’ Eddie Juarez and ‘The Puerto Rican Nightmare’ Jason Alexander!

    Patrick Riley: They did it! They co-existed!

    Dudley Erickson: Well, sort of.

    Eddie turns to Jason, who is celebrating on the turnbuckle. Jason drops down and turns around to be hit with The Darkest Nightmare (High Impact Knee to the Face)!

    Patrick Riley: Juarez just hit Alexander with his own finisher!

    Dudley Erickson: I knew it! This was always going to happen! They can’t co-exist!

    Patrick Riley: But it’s after the match! Jman never said anything about after the match!

    Juarez looks down at Alexander. He turns around and asks for a microphone, which he swiftly receives.

    Eddie Juarez: I told you nine months ago esse, I will get you back. Tonight, this is just the beginning of that happening. In just two weeks time, we’re going to step into one of the most hellacious matches ever devised. And I’m going to finish you Jason. I can promise you that.

    All of these months I’ve been waiting, praying for a match like this where you and I can finally let loose all of the hatred and anger that both of us have inside to put each other through hell. This match will be completely barbaric, it will leave each of us in such a state that neither of us will ever want to go through something as inhuman again.

    The fans give a mixed reaction.

    Eddie Juarez: It’s a little bit ironic isn’t it Jason? A feud beginning in HWA ends with a match that was created and born over there in HWA. For years, the men who were housed in that prison, they went through merciless pain, but compared to what I’m going to put you through, they had a walk in the park.

    Jason, in just two weeks time, the diabolical pain that awaits you will be the very worst pain you have ever felt. And who will it be dished out by? None other than myself. Eddie Juarez.

    Eddie throws his head back as the fans give a mixed reaction. Some fans join in with the next few words, as the rest of them boo.

    Eddie Juarez: REMEMBER THE NAME!

    Eddie throws the microphone away as he laughs and we head to commercial.

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    We return from commercial to once again see Stacey Mitchell backstage. This time, her guest is the JBW World Heavyweight Champion Tommy Thunder.

    Stacy Mitchell: Please join me in welcoming my guest at this time; Tommy Thunder.
    Tommy, last week we saw you in a match against KJ Punk. How was it for you to go against Punk?

    Thunder: Well I'm not going to lie to you Stacy, KJ Punk is a talented individual, and he put up a good fight. But as usual, someone trying his hardest and giving his all, and giving it his best shot against me wasn't good enough. I am a division 1 superstar, the only division one superstar in this entire company. KJ Punk is firmly in division 3. To put it in simple terms for you; KJ Punk is good, but he's not good enough.

    Mitchell: Now there were several incidents in the match where Punk could have won. He had you on the ropes for periods of the match and could have even pinned you when the referee was tending to the blood coming from his nose, courtesy of your flailing elbow...

    Thunder: What? Are you seriously suggesting that Punk could have won that match? Are you suggesting that I deliberately knocked the referee down?

    Mitchell: Well you did barely get your shoulder up after that rolling elbow, and the referee was slow to make the count, it could have been...

    Thunder: Allow me to make something very clear. I did not deliberately knock the referee there, it was he that was badly positioned, and he should know better. Perhaps that the powers that be will think twice before putting that referee in a match involving me in the future. And even had the referee been in position to make the count instantly, I would still have got my shoulders off the mat and I would still be standing here before you this evening as the winner of that match.

    Mitchell: Ok, well moving on, you also ended that match by sending a clear message to The devils Advocate after you finished Punk off with the World Champ's finishing maneuver. What was your purpose in sending that message?

    Thunder: The purpose? The purpose was to make it clear to TDA that I'm coming for him. He is a marked man, and not just by me. He's the Champion, but more than that, he's one of the main reasons that this company is wallowing in the mediocrity that it's in. I am in JBW to save us from TDA, and that's exactly what I'm going to do, make no mistake about that. And I'm going to do that by beating him at In Justice for Brawl and become the new JBW World Heavyweight Champion.

    Mitchell: Finally, tonight, we're going to see you teaming with HolyJose to face the team of Shuriken and TDA. Your thoughts on that match?

    Thunder: Simply put, I know that I have the better partner in Jose. He's a fantastic talent, and like me, he's on course to success here in JBW. In contrast, TDA is teaming with a coward. A man that runs away when he sees a challenge in front of him. A man that doesn't face up to the reality that he is nothing more than an overrated fool. Combined with the never was, shell of a human being that is TDA, it's hard to figure out who the winners tonight will be, and it's not hard to see why.

    We return to ringside where Pat and Dudley are shown.

    Pat: Welcome back, folks, and, you're not gonna guess who's standing in the middle of the ring right now!

    The view switches to the hard camera, and Ma$$Dinero and Dave are shown standing in the middle of the ring.

    Ma$$ is dressed in a pair of black denim Versace jeans, a pair of white Reebok Classics with the toffee grip, and a black t-shirt emblazoned with the words "Ma$$Dinero's Badass Wrestling" on the chest, with an "MBW" logo on the shoulder.

    Dave is dressed in his usual black suit, black shirt, and smart black shoes.

    Ma$$Dinero lifts his platinum and diamond encrusted mic to speak.

    Ma$$: That's right, people, at home--no long drawn out intro, just straight up in ring promo shit. See, I'm about to take up enough of your time without padding things out with my and Dave's journey from the car park to the ring.

    Dave: Before we continue, I must point out that you all missed out on seeing what would have been one of our most entertaining entrances yet.

    Ma$$: Yep. That stare down with TDA was pretty intense, for sure, but, oh well, I guess you lot will have to wait for that face off. Right now I'm actually out here at the request of management, who PM'd me to tell me that I'll be coming out here to rip the roster as usual, and wait to be interrupted by someone who I'm not at liberty to reveal right now.

    Now, I'm not one to blindly follow orders, but, the offer to rip the roster carte blanche was kinda too hard to resist, soooo, like, here we go.

    Dave: That's right, folks, it's time for..

    Ma$$Dinero's Top Ten Wankers

    Ma$$: Before we actually start, I just want everyone to know that JMan won't be on this list. JMan can't be a wanker, because he doesn't have a penis.

    Number 10

    Van Hooligan X

    Ma$$: Yes, people, Vee 'aitch X. Anybody with an X in his name has to be either a mutant, or a straight up wanker. Like, what the fuck does the X even stand for anyway?

    Dave: X-fluffer?

    Ma$$: X marks the steroid spots on his back?

    Dave: X-citing as being forced to watch the entire run of Killzone so far back to back?

    Ma$$: X-ceptionally good at knitting his own ring tights?

    Dave: X-treme to the max and deodorant free?

    Ma$$: X-pected to retaliate to this on the Jabe Thread™?

    Dave: X-ample of interbreeding?

    Ma$$: X-aggerated reputation?

    Dave: Boom.

    Ma$$: That last one has to be right, because I've yet to be impressed by the hype. After hearing a ton of things about this guy, it's a shame that the vanity this guy walks around with is completely unfounded. A wanker this vain has to be the wrestler equivalent of the idea that this place doesn't need Ka$h. In other words, short sighted. Consider me as disappointed as S.E.Zero's girlfriend every time they fuck. As for the rest of his name, as in, the Hooligan part. Well, all I can say is, I know hooligans, Van, and you know as much about hooliganism as eddie does about JBW. Trust me, son, if you ever want a real life lesson in being a hooligan, come with me and my mates to a Millwall vs West Ham game--you'll never wrestle like you don't wanna break a finger nail again.

    Dave: Next!

    Number Nine


    Ma$$: This guy is a walking lawsuit as far as I'm concerned. As in, I feel like suing the fuck out of JBW every time he's on screen. Why the fuck management feel the need to have this rapping abortion on the roster when I'm here I'll never know. The moment I jumped over the ringside barrier at that poorly named PPV, and sent that waste of air Proph packing from Jabe in style, they should have repackaged this goon. I mean, like, I know I don't roll with that gimmick anymore, but the fact that I could break out in a rap at any moment has to be a good enough reason to let this guy go. He's bringing this show down to levels it really doesn't need to be right now.

    I'll tell you what, in an effort to persuade the JismMen and EddieEdwards of this company to just basically do what I'm asking, check this out.

    Clears throat.

    OK, I could tell Vulgar was a homo from his very first promo,
    But he was a master of camouflaging it, even better than JoMo..
    Speaking of promos, his promos make him sound like the retarded love child of C.G.Bigman and SoBlo,
    Every word that he spits is a no no..
    Every show he's booked on we all hope he's a no show, cause his matches all appear to be happening in slo mo..
    A guy as bad as Vulgar could be put in a dark match, before the arena even opens and still stink up the whole show..
    I sincerely don't know why someone ever hired him,
    Whoever it was, I swear I'd love to be as high as him!
    His matches with Smythy have bored the fucking piss out of me, but secretly I'm rooting for ol' Smythy to retire him..
    I wanna ask Robstar to ban whoever his user is,
    and get Frank to IP Ban him to ensure this fake arse Ludacris,
    won't have no one to write that straight up school yard stupidness,
    that that twat with the backwards cap spat last week for you bootlickers.

    The crowd begin booing at that last line

    Your boos only add credence to the fact that melt has lowered the bar around here to the point that I almost tripped over it. Having just raised it back up to levels that are the norm when I'm about, all I can say is.. de nada, amigo.

    Dave: Which leads us into...

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    Number Eight.

    Eddie Juarez

    Ma$$: Here he is, guys. The Worlds Most Dangerous Man, apparently... Yeah, right! This wanker is about as dangerous as Drunk Jose on the fourth day of a three day bender.

    Dave: Uh, that's impossible.

    Ma$$: Nothings impossible for Drunk Jose when he's on a three day bender, Dave. Anyway, the focus here is Edward HhhuuWaaaRezzzz, and for claiming to be the most dangerous person on the whole planet, he is number eight of the list of top ten wankers in JBW. Does he realize just how many people are on this planet? Is he that fucking arrogant that he thinks he's the most dangerous person out of, like, billions of fucking people? Man, fuck that shit, ese, I know Moroccan mother fuckers from Ladbrooke Grove that would make him shit his pants. I know Poles in Brixton who would break his kneecaps for twenty fucking quid, t'rasklart! The only way that I would ever consider him to be dangerous, is the fact that his stinky burrito breath is actually quite bad for your health. Other than that, the only person he's a danger to is himself. He's as clueless in that ring as he is clumsy out of it. I hear that he's such a clutz around the house, all of the corners and edges of his furniture had to be rounded off, and he's only allowed to eat meals with plastic utensils.

    Dave: I heard he once nearly drowned himself while opening a carton of milk.

    Ma$$: Hahaha, yeah, that doesn't surprise me, Dave. Admittedly, those milk cartons are a bastard to open, but, I never knew that in the wrong hands they could be lethal.

    Dave: Live and learn, Ma$$. Live and learn.

    Ma$$: I learn something new every time I step foot in a Jabe arena these days. I learn how not to go about things. I also learn that no matter how big of a wanker someone is, there's always a bigger wanker out there. Right, Dave?

    Dave: Yup. Like the next guy on this list.

    Number Seven

    Jason Alexander

    Ma$$: I won't lie, I've always thought while he gives off that dreaded Indy wrestler vibe like no other, I've always kinda liked this guy.. BUT, years from now, historians will remember him for his god awful feud with Juarez. In my book, if you choose to be associated with a wanker, then that makes you an even bigger wanker, hence his placement on this list.

    Number Six

    Chris Divine

    Ma$$: No way a list like this could be compiled without adding this mackerel.

    Dave: Agreed, and then some, but tell the people why, Ma$$.

    Ma$$: Maybe it's all the talking in third person bullshit that booked him a place on this list, 'cause if you're talking in third person and your names not The Rock or Istvan Gretzky, then you're a wanker.

    Dave: That definitely makes him a wanker, but enough to be placed this high on a list above others?

    Ma$$: How's about the fact that he's the Intercontinental Champion, and he's already made his aspirations to ditch that title and become the World Heavyweight Champion crystal clear. Like, it's cool to have dreams and all of that, but... Wow, talk about reaching for the stars. If this guy wins the JBW World Heavyweight Championship in twenty thirteen, there will have to have been some awfully short title reigns in the interim because there's a list longer than this one of guys who're more worthy of the the big one. In fact, I'd rather see Lenny fooking Lightning as world champ before I saw that sack of shit lift Jabes number one title.

    Dave: I'd prefer to see Lenny as Intercontinental Champ, but it is what it is. Someone somewhere has a hard on over this guy.

    Ma$$: Yeah, a hard on that ol' Christopher has had a proper nosh on, no doubt. Need any more reasons? How about the fact he wears sunglasses indoors? Or the fact that he acts holier than thou, and is a hero to fans all across the world, but behind the scenes is a bigger meth head than X-Pac ever was. I hate to bring guys out like that, but hypocrisy really gets stuck in my craw.

    Dave: Yeah, he's like the Perry Saturn of Jabe.

    Ma$$: Speaking of guys who resemble others...

    Number Five

    Tommy Thunder

    Ma$$: I'm at a bit of a loss where to even start with this one, Dave.

    Dave: How's about his lifted personalities?

    Ma$$: What, like, how the first time he ever showed his face around these parts he thought he was Ken Kennedy?

    Dave: Yeah, something along those lines, and then go from there.

    Ma$$: OK, well, let's talk about the next time he showed his face around here he thought he was CM Punk, and had adopted the Pipe Bomb as his own.

    Dave: When was that?

    Ma$$: It was during EWNCW's invasion of JBW, which, I might add that -asinine backstage politics aside- JBW won one to zero. In fact, if memory serves me correct, I believe it was Thomas himself that was the deciding loser in that one.

    Dave: Yeah, The Sandman royally slaughtered him and the show ended with him walking to the back with his head hung low while all the Jabe wrestlers laughed at him.

    Ma$$: Yeah, where was his Pipe Bomb to help him then? Anyway, now he's once again shown his face around here, but, like, in an official capacity, he thinks he's Jericho, and, with his Jesus like super powers he's gonna save us all.

    Dave: Yeah, I really feel he should have just stopped emulating guys after Kennedy.

    Ma$$: Yeah, as ridiculous as that was, at least he wasn't punching above his weight there. As for saving folk, he couldn't save a cat stuck in a six foot tree if he had four fire engines and a bag of catnip. The fella's here to save his career from a life of week in week out mediocrity in that fed that I wouldn't be associated with if TBOZ came back and paid me a million quid a match. And how does he begin his crusade of self preservation? By verbally attacking the former owners of this shithole when he knows as much about the actual facts of things on this side of the eWN that he might as well have read about it in an online report by Ryan Clark himself!

    Dave: Yeah, Meltzer Ryan ain't.

    Ma$$: Man, fuck Meltzer as well. That guy gave Ma$$ vs K-Jammin at Wembley Stadium only four stars on account of the fact that PandaMassacre made an appearance.

    Dave: Dude has to be the only person that saw that match who thought Panda debuting in JBW was a bad thing.

    Ma$$: Anyway, as I was saying... Saviour? No. No way. Never. Laughable. Or, to put it in a way that the little number one Jerichoholic might understand.. RICOCKULOUS! Wanker? Of course. Naturally. Absolutely. Definitely. See, you may all hate the very air I breathe, people, but Tommy ain't here to save any of you--he's here to wank himself off in front of us all and encourage anybody watching to give him a hand. Sadly, I fear that there's more than a few out there willing to oblige this ePreadator. Like the next wanker on this list.
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    Number Four


    Dave: Holy shit! The JBW World Champion?!

    Ma$$: ##SPOILER## TDA is gonna lose the strap to Tommy. Need I say anymore?

    Number Three


    Ma$$: That's right. Not only did he get totally punked out a couple of weeks ago by Dave, S.E.Z also happens to be the biggest wanker on the management team around here bar none. With him around eddie doesn't have to lift a finger, if you get me. S.E.Z is a guy who earned his stroke around here by being on hand to stroke everyone from Jose to Whatsy. Except JMan--remember, kids, JMan doesn't have a penis. S.E.Z on the other hand has no balls, so, while he may be a wanker of wanktastic proportions, he's actually harmless. So, next time you see S.E.Z on the street, or at an arena, make sure you call him a wanker knowing for sure that he won't do anything about it. Plus, his straight edge gimmick is a lie. CrackHeadZero is more like it.

    Dave: All I've got to say is.. Hashtag, gutless wanker. Hashtag, do something about it.

    Number Two

    Malcolm Cage

    Ma$$: Enough has been said about this never-will-be, so all I'll say is, for thinking he will beat me at In Justice For Brawl, he's almost the biggest wanker in Jabe. Almost

    Number one


    Ma$$: Yes, you guessed it, there's not a bigger wanker in Jabe right now, than this fella. Probably got the biggest thing between his legs than anyone on that list, as well. Obviously, I'm not insinuating that Athena has a penis, but after the wicked amount of 'roids it's injected into it's arse, its clit has enlarged to the point that it swings freely below the knee, or, so a certain Godslayer told me--he reckons he's seen it first hand. This arrogant bastard is walking around this company claiming to be too good to face women. Well, I doubt Athena could even beat PandaMassacre, let alone any one of the guys in JBW. so, for punching above its weight, and not acknowledging its true status in life, Athena has been nominated as the number one wanker in all of JBW.

    Dave: Great choice.

    Ma$$: Damn right, great cho-

    Pat: Oh boy, here we go!! It's Athena!! She's not gonna take this insult lying down!

    Athena walks down the ramp with a pissed off look on her face. She is greeted with cheers as she makes her way into the ring and grabs the mic off Ma$$' hand forcefully.

    Athena: Well look at you big men running your mouths about me when I'm not even in the ring. Have something to say now?

    Athena moves the mic over to Ma$$' mouth so he can speak.

    Ma$$: Well actually...

    Athena pulls the mic away and interrupts him.

    Athena: Yea I didn't think so. You see you think you're sooo funny calling me a man, making fun of the way I look just because I'm not some kind of plastic blowup doll with giant boobs, but see what you two idiots don't seem to know is that women come in all shapes and sizes.

    The crowd starts cheering loudly and the 2 men look annoyed.

    Athena: I'm no less of a woman just because I have the strength to kick both of your asses, all that makes me is a bitch you don't want to fuck with.

    Once again the fans cheer loudly.

    Athena: In fact there was nothing you idiots said that I haven't heard a million times before. *She mocks Ma$$' voice* Oh she looks so ugly, oh she looks looks so manly, oh she's such a freak, *she switches back to her normal* who the hell cares what you think?

    Ma$$ looks angry at how Athena mocked him and the fans continue cheering.

    Athena: When it comes to my gender I have nothing to prove to you idiots. I'm a real woman, I'm all woman, in fact I'm more woman than you can handle. The only thing I have to prove is how tough I am and what I can do in the ring so how about we get a ref out here and I'll show you right now?

    A referee comes hauling ass down the ramp as Ma$$ and Athena head to opposite corners.

    Pat: Folks, I’m getting word that this match is official.

    Dudley: No shit? Is that why a ref just flew out here?

    Pat: Bite me.

    Dudley: Ha! Well, without much hype, I guess it’s time for Ma$$’ return to singles competition in JBW.

    Pat: Yup. In the year or so since Ma$$ wrestled in Jabe, a lot has changed. For example, I hate him now.

    Dudley: You’re rooting for the scary chick, then?

    Pat: As a matter of fact, yeah. Go Athena!

    With that, the bell sounds and Ma$$ initiates the lock up with Athena.

    Pat: Well, Athena’s had her moments, but Ma$$ is controlling this one pretty handily.

    Dudley: No surprise there.

    After an Irish Whip from Ma$$, Athena is stuck in the corner with “Mr. JBW” going to work with lefts and rights on her. The ref drags Ma$$ away for a moment, but he’s back on Athena before she can recover. Again, senior official Willie Willie pulls Ma$$ away but, while he doing so, Dave King takes advantage of the distraction by tripping Athena.

    Pat: Oh come on! Look at Ma$$ laughing like an idiot!

    Dudley: Hahaha! This is beautiful.

    Pat: Hey! Athena!

    From out of nowhere, Athena charges out of the corner and looks for a spear on Ma$$. Instead, though, Kid Cannibus sidesteps The Amazon and she winds up spearing poor ol’ Willie. Seeing his opening, Ma$$ walks over to Athena and starts pulling her up by the hair. Like a true FemiNazi would, though, Athena goes right for the balls.

    Dudley: Ohhhh, Jesus! Athena has a vice grip on Ma$$’ yambags! This isn’t right!

    Pat: I hate to agree with you Duds, but I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.

    With one last mighty squeeze to the biggest grapefruits in the business, Athena sends Ma$$ to the mat writhing in pain. Problem is, there’s no referee. Athena tries to rectify that problem by shaking Willie awake, and that seems to work. Willie begins to stir as Athena turns her attention back to a still hurting Ma$$. She signals for the Amazon Slam, to the cheers of the crowd, before starting to pull Ma$$ up. Just then, tough, a picture perfect MFWTLAAIGWTBSTS, complete with brass knucks, connects flush on Athena’s jaw and knocks her out cold.

    Pat: Come on!

    Ma$$, miraculously healed from his ordeal a moment ago, hops up, throws the knucks at Dave’s head, and starts doing jumping jacks. After a set of ten and some ferocious booing from the crowd, Ma$$ sees Willie getting to his feet and slides into a lazy cover.


    Pat: Not!


    Pat: This!


    Pat: Waaay!

    Dudley: Hahaha! We’re not worthy!

    To nuclear heat, Ma$$ gets to his feet and reaches into his trunks.

    Pat: What the-?

    Dudley: Ha! Ma$$ was wearing a cup! He didn’t feel any of that squeeze! Brilliant!

    Pat can’t do anything but sigh on commentary as Ma$$, in typical Ma$$ fashion, disposes of his cup by dropping it onto Athena’s face. Ma$$ has one leg through the ropes now and is about to leave the ring when something occurs to him. He steps back through the ropes, mounts the still unconscious Athena and starts hitting her with stiff lefts and rights to the face.

    Dudley: That’s it, Ma$$, get her!

    Pat: This is ridiculous! Somebody stop this! Stop it no-Malcolm Cage!

    Indeed, the crowd pops like crazy as Cage zooms down the ramp. That pop, though, also serves to give Ma$$ a chance to sneak out the back door. With Ma$$ on the floor nearest the announce table, Cage can only kick the cup out of the ring to take out his frustrations. Ma$$ backs his way around the ring and up the ramp, laughing all the way, as Cage grabs a mic.
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    Cage: Yea that's right, run away you little snake! You and your little pet better fucking run away! Cage starts to check on Athena mid thoughts and then stands back up in anger. Did you get your point across yet? What are you trying to prove, that you know how to kick someone while there down? You still don't get it do you? You think the more people you take out, the more people are going to... do... what exactly? Respect you? Fear you? Honor you? Place you back on your pedestal? You think you earned that? You think you deserve that right through your recent actions?

    You still think this is your playground. You're just another bully on the jungle gym, making others do your bidding and working over those that don't. But like those that play in a playground, you're a child! Like a child, you quit when things get to hard, and then when everything gets back to normal without you, you just come back and pick up where you left off, as the top dog, once again running the show. The world doesn't work that way here. You don't get any privilege, you lost any privilege that you had long ago.

    You still think that you are the king of JBW. But it seems to me that your just another jester to the throne. Nothing more than the laughing stock, a humiliation, a fake, a fraud, and a failure. Unoriginal? Me? You think you're any different then the other big bad wolfs that I have ran up against? You're just a knock off of the original knock off of that other show! I don't need all the bells and whistles to be great, I can do that all on my own.

    Cage takes another look over at Athena who has refs and paramedics checking on her now.

    JBW! Look at what your Prodigal Son has done! Look at what he has become! He is nothing more than a monster and a coward! Don't let Ma$$ fool you. He is not here to save you or to prove anything. He is a CANCER! He is a festering m@$$ that will only cause harm to the company and those associated with it. His sole purpose is to destroy the company he helped to build from the inside, to take down what he used to love; Cause if Ma$$ can't have it, then nobody can! Isn't that right Ma$$? Well I'm not going to let him do that... Not without a fight!

    Crowd cheers as they know what is coming next.

    Ma$$ you have pushed to far and now it is time that JBW pushes back. You don't want to challenge me, so instead I'm going to challenge you. It's been a long time coming that I have wanted to kick your ass, so I challenge you to a match at In Justice for Brawl! No excuses, no barriers, no mercy! One-on-one, Me vs. You, Ma$$ v. Cage! The match that everyone wants to see but you, because you know you can't win!

    At In Justice for Brawl, Ma$$ will have no where to run, no where to hide, just me and him and the ring. I will do everything I can to save this company. I will not let him take what we have built, he won't take credit for what has come after him. I will kill this disease, I will squash this infection. I'm going to be JBW's kemo therapy, cause at In Justice for Brawl, I'm going to destroy this CANCEROUS MA$$!

    Cage throws the microphone away but before he can leave though, the hooded man we’ve seen around the last few weeks comes through the curtain. Malcolm stares the man down and the man smiles at Cage, claps for him and walks back through the curtain. Malcolm takes a second to let what he just saw sink in before climbing out of the ring and walking away up the ramp.

    Patrick Riley: Just who is this hooded man?!

    Dudley Erickson: I'm not sure Pat, but he seems to be scoping everybody on the damn roster!

    *The cameras cut to the backstage interview area where Stacy Mitchell is standing. She has a mic in hand and then begins to speak*

    Stacy Mitchell: My guest at this time, Chase ‘The Ace’ Walker!

    *Chase comes into view of the camera, he has a smile on his face and the fans cheer.*

    Stacy Mitchell: Well you seem to be in a good mood tonight.

    Chase Walker: And why wouldn’t I be? I mean I’m here in JBW!

    Stacy Mitchell: Speaking of you being here in JBW, two weeks ago you made your debut here on Killzone, the first time anyone had seen you since Total Resistance. So how was it to come back? And, how does it feel to be here on Killzone in JBW?

    Chase Walker: It was great! I mean I was sitting at home for the longest time, working out, working hard, chomping at the bit to get back. I couldn’t wait, I tried and tried to get work, but it wasn’t happening for me. Then one day I got the call from JBW Management, the call that they were interested in bringing me in and having me here on Killzone. And let me tell you it was everything and more, it was surreal to see the reaction I got. To be completely honest I didn’t know if anyone would remember me I was gone for so long, but when I saw people had remembered me, it made my debut that much more special.

    Stacy Mitchell: Well your debut was cut off by a fellow Total Resistance member, Israel Pamich, but this man has also done a lot more in the world of wrestling than you have thus far in your career, he is a former champion in IWA. Care to share your thoughts on him cutting your debut short.

    Chase Walker: I never got a chance to address this two weeks ago because I was in a match with him immediately afterward. Israel he said some things that stuck with me. He first came out acting like he had changed his attitude and all, and then promptly reveals his true self by criticizing me of apparently taking his spotlight. Taking his spotlight? Seriously? Last time I checked I was the first one out there making my debut, and then he cut me off, if anything he was trying to steal my spotlight. Then I am informed of a match I have with him and he has the audacity to say he doesn’t think I have it anymore.

    Stacy Mitchell: Well you did have a match with Israel two weeks ago, and it ended in a brawl between you two, in which you ended it by hitting him with Ace in the Hole. Care to comment on the brawl.

    Chase Walker: See Pamich, he doubted me, but he should know by now that I use that doubt as my motivation, motivation to prove the doubters wrong, and two weeks ago Israel was that doubter. So he wanted a brawl? A brawl is what he got. I may be known for my amateur background and style of wrestling, but if I need to brawl, I can brawl with the best of them. I am a former Navy Seal, I have that instinct, and that instinct came out two weeks ago. Israel questioned whether I belong here, well Israel how did that work out for you? I know and you know I belong here, and you know I’ll end your so called ‘dynasty.’ See Israel I don’t treat this like a job, I do this because I love this, I do this for all of those people who believe in me, and I do this to take those doubters and make them believers. Israel you are one of those doubters, and I am going to make you a believer.

    *Walker walks off the set as Stacy Mitchell lowers the mic and just looks at Walker, who is shown walking down the hallway as the camera heads to commercial.*

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    Birmingham, UK
    We return from commercial where Stacy Mitchell is once again shown backstage.

    Stacy Mitchell: Good evening ladies and gentleman, I am joined by The Ass Kicking Machine! The Rapid King! The Baddest MOFO....SHAZ! Good evening Shaz!

    Shaz: Now I ain't even gonna lie, THAT was a sick introduction and a bloody half! Evening to you too Stacy!

    Crowd explode with cheers as Shaz begins to smirk.

    Mitchell: Okay, Shaz vs Ano Doom at In Justice for Brawl has officially been announced. What do you think about this?

    Shaz: Right now Stacy, it's 1-0 to me. I've defeated him before, and I honestly despise the fact that I have to face this twat again! The only reason I accepted this damn challenge was because I wanted to prove him and everyone else wrong, after everyone started chatting a load of shit on how I defeated him via luck.

    Mitchell: How do you think your match at In Justice for Brawl will end?

    Shaz: To be honest, right now I am in literal panic mode!! It's not the matter of IF I'm gonna beat him, it's the matter of HOW I'm gonna beat him! I don't know if I should knock him out again by hitting him with the Shaz-Ma-Taz! But that finisher was the downfall last week, as he reversed it!

    Or I could make him tap out like the bitch he is! I'd grab him by the neck, and lock him in the Shaz-Mission! He'll be begging me to stop, as I'll put him through so much pain. And he'll cry so bad that his tears will come out through his nose instead!

    And then there's the usual shit, pinning him one two three. I have no problems in pinning him, and I will if that's the only option.

    Mitchell: Last week, after your strong words against Doom. You went on to attack Doom, however you suffered a bad beating from Doom. How are you after this?

    Shaz: I'm completely fine! All he did was lay me out, but I was 100% okay afterwards! Hence why I'm out here tonight, you see unlike Doom- I'm a real man! If I get injured during a match, I always get back up and carry on doing what I'm doing! And as for Doom, well-

    *Boos explode almost with a mixture of shock and awe, as Ano Doom steps into the shot...Literally taking up almost the entire screen...Not much of Shaz or Stacy can be seen past Doom's, shaking, chiseled from stone, gigantic frame, that resembles Ray Bradburry's Illustrated Man, no less. The full images of ALL of his tattoos can be seen closely, he truly looks like a walking work of art...One stands out on his neck , reading "DESTROY, KILL THEM ALL", in large red old English style. Doom raises one arm calmly, as more wild ink shows now, and its immediately evident its bigger than Shaz's entire neck. Stacy is certainly unsure how to take the presence of The Demon Cyborg, as he stands rippling with uncanny intensity and rage. One would think Shaz is really, really, REALLY, getting carried away with trying his luck running his mouth so much to and about his giant, real life killer of an opponent. He breathes hard and its visible as it appears the room just colder.*

    Ano Doom: Just stop it. Lose the arrogance. Lay off the ego. Drop the confidence, the self assurance, and YOU, Stacy, stop stroking his ego. I've had e-fucking-nough of your damn mouth , little boy. You heard me right, you're nothing but a conceited, wretched youngster to me who has a lot to learn. I DIDN'T pass out. Let's just say, "Someone liked you behind the scenes, more than me that night." Yea, I went there, what's wrong? Don't like when someone steals one of out of your book , narcissist ? YOU CAN NOT BEAT ME. You're nothing but some little head boosted moron who punched me a few times, and not mention had Malcolm Cage save your ass one time as well when he threw me out the ring from the blind side no less. THAT ISN'T OVER EITHER CAGE, but that's neither here nor there right now, no I'm talking to you at this moment. "Shaz-Ma-Taz" ? What the hell is that anyways? Oh, right, that must be that so called "Knockout Punch", you and everyone else thought put me out at Ressurection, only to get caught like it was nothing when you tried that 630. There's a pattern developing here, Shazis, don't you see it? Its the fact that you aren't who you think you are, and I'm not either. You try to go for a big spin flip, only to get caught. You tried to hit me with such arrogance and nonchalance, "Oh sure I'll just hit this inhumanoid slayer like it aint no thing at all," only to get stopped with this hand ,look at it by the way, (Lifts hand and extends palm to the screen.) its bigger than BOTH of your faces, yours and the little interviewer. You talk so much and think luck's gonna get you so far, but its about to run out. I smashed that Bozo looking fool mother fucker on last KillZone and that's gonna be you at IJFB. And also, to play on your words a slight bit, In typical Shaz fashion, you say things that don't matter here, "Ano Doom kills a nobody and thinks he's something, Typical of you." That's nothing to do with this place you fool. THIS PLACE is JBW, which you're gonna soon find out is the LAST place you will want to be, after I show you a true knockout at IJFB. Then I will be SOMEBODY, and that's the embodiment of thing you fear and loathe, I'm gonna change your perspective on LIFE, let alone in-ring competion. And oh, try and Jump on my back, I want you to, I'm almost waiting for that moment so I can elbow all 32 of your teeth down your throat. Its gonna be, Devil's Flame, Cold-Blooded Murder, Kick of the Ancient Curse...Then its gonna be you who goes to the hospital for a concussion and major brain damage. I'm DONE FUCKING WITH YOU. Remember that.

    *Ano Doom now takes another deep breath as it appears the temperature returns back to normal, as he walks off, nearly ready to cause a nuclear explosion from the Intensity he's full of, leaving Shaz and Stacy in somewhat stunned silence.*

    Patrick Riley: Welcome back to KillZone where we’re expecting to hear from the JBW Television Champion soon.

    Dudley Erickson: Mike Hawk is a hell of a competitor!

    Patrick Riley: That’s true, but he’s got a massive challenge at In Justice For Brawl when he defends the JBW Television Championship against KJ Punk once more!

    Dudley Erickson: Well he beat KJ once, he can beat him again!

    *Hawk makes his way out with his camera crew filming him as walks to the ring. Along the way, Hawk signs some JBW pamphlets along the way and stops after signing about 5, pissing off the rest of the fans that didn't get an autograph. Hawk unstraps the belt and raises it up to the fans around him and yells "I'm the champ and I can do whatever the hell I want" before getting in the ring.*

    Hawk: Wouldn't want to sign everything now would I and devalue my own autograph. No, a few days from now, those lucky few are going to make a fortune thanks the greatest star that ever lived. Now for those of you wondering, yes that was me on the red carpet at the Oscars and no I am not leaving the silver screen because my reign as your TV champion of the world is never going to end. There will be no spin offs, no Reunion specials, and no future series set years later, my show is immune to cancellation, buy outs, and any form of strike, because as long as I am here, there will be no end.

    But don't worry, I know we are in the dark days now because Punk is playing the antagonist once again and lets be honest, what show with only one enemy is interesting? But I am willing to work with Punk so that his performance this time will not be as dreadful as it was at Resurrection, but he will not be anywhere near my level so don't get your hopes up. And this time when Punk comes on as my guest star, I will make sure that is the only role he will ever get on my show because it's about time I find some new talent before you all think that hack is a regular.

    Now to be serious for a moment, at Resurrection, I took down Punk without breaking a sweat. Whatever makes him think this time will be different is anyones guess, because deep down he knows he can't stand toe to toe with me and keep up with my pace. Punk is going to end up just like his friend Kyojin, who I defeated to win the 2nd Grand Prix tournament, broken and scarred. But enough bragging, this is the part of the program where Punk tells me I'm wrong and he's going to kick my ass in 5..4..3..2..1...

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