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    ^ Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Chicago, Illinois.

    Stanley: Welcome to Zero Gravity, here in the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Chicago, Illinois. I'm Stanley Miller and with me is my poor excuse for a broadcast partner, Richard "Ricky" Donahue.

    Ricky: Thanks for that intro, asshole. We got a lot action in store as Sagittarius Blue faces Seth 13, Darius and Darrison team up to face Diamond and Gillz but right now we are expected to hear from the JBW Superfly Champion...Erick Alexander.

    Stanley: Here comes our illustrious champion. Wanting to waste TV time by wnting it out to the crowd and unfortunately us.

    Ricky: Us meaning you? Cause I for one look forward to hearing what the champ has to say.

    Alexander heads to the ring his JBW Superfly Championship around his waist somewhat distant to the crowd and their praise before he is handed a mic and speaks...

    Alexander: Lansdale, last week you took upon yourself to try and humiliate me, doing so like a coward by attacking me because my words seemed to hit you where it hurt the most...but you know what I've come to terms with the attack and now the only thing I want is for you to come out not to explain why you did it but to face the consequences of what you did when I kick your ass here tonight.

    Fan explode at the challenge.

    Alexander: I know these fans are t enjoy it and so will I, so are you gonna be a little bitch hiding in the back or come out to face me here and now.

    A long silence invades the arena as they await the theme of Lansdale but this theme plays instead....

    Rage's fans erupt cheering as he heads to the ring mic in hand, entering the ring soon after greeting Alexander before he speaks.

    Rage: Sorry to not be the one you were expecting, mate but I have to speak my mind on the Lansdale matter myself.

    Fans cheer

    Rage: While I understand your reasons for wanting to kick Lansdale, you must also understand mine and how they are, not to be rude, greater than yours.

    Fans give a mixed reaction to this

    Rage: Lansdale took what is mine, the JBW Underground Championship and to see Lansdale parade it around like he's the champion when in reality, he's not makes it so that In Justice for Brawl when I face once more for the gold, I make sure he never steps foot in this ring ever again and I regain that which is mine.

    Fans cheer

    Rage: I can't have you doing the same ahead of myself so I'm going to respectfully ask that if anyone kick Lansdale's ass it be me. Can we agree to that?

    Rage finishes to let Alexander speak

    Alexander: No. We cannot.

    Fans boo

    Alexander: At least not under those terms....see, I'll be sure to have my moment with Lansdale and when I do not even you will stand in way but I can where you're coming from in deserving to get the chance to kick some sense into Lansdale first, just remember not step in my way when I face Lansdale.

    Fans give a mixed reaction to this

    Alexander: Although.....I'm already ready to compete and I see you are too, so what do you say tonight this Chicago crowd gets a treat in seeing Erick Alexander face Rob the main event?

    Rage sees no problem in this and agrees to the match.

    Alexander: I'll see you later tonight.

    Alexander leaves the ring to cheers lifting his championship as Rage looks on.

    Ricky: What a main event we have set for everyone. Alexander vs Rage!!!

    Stanley: This show might not be so horrible but come on, both of these guys have picked a fight they can't win in Lansdale. He's the future of Zero Gravity but enough of that we are gonna be right back after this commercial break.
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    Azrael is backstage chilling, as the Predators in Paradise appear with the crowd exploding with cheers. Kingston is smoking as usual, whereas Azrael and Tyler Jones exchange the eyeballs.

    Usain Kingston: Holy shit, man didn't know this guy still had a job! Yo Azrael man, how's it going fam? With all due respect, man thought that you were future endeavored! You never really did have the abilities that your other brothers did fam!

    Tyler Jones: Look Azrael, I know this may hurt- but Usain is completely right. But you know what they say man. When there is a pair of stars in the making, there is only one that star stands out. As much as I hate to say it, that star, is none other than HolyJose.

    Kingston: While he is out main eventing Killzone, being the bitch that he is, getting a monster reaction full of boos. You're coming out with no reaction whatsoever from the live crowd. You're not really making a name for yourself man.

    Jones: So all in all, I's basically a miracle that you're still in JBW let alone the Zero Gravity roster. Now, move out of the way dude. I've gotta get my soda.

    Kingston blows a puff of weed in Azrael's face, but Azrael blocks Jones' path.

    Azrael: I see you like cracking jokes...let's just see you like me cracking your skulls in myself later tonight.

    Azrael walks away as Kingston smokes his weed and Jones shrugs off Azrael threat.

    Ricky: We got ourselves an additional match tonight, seems we'll Azrael take on The Predators in Paradise in a handicap match later tonight.

    Stanley: That's Azrael's funeral, I can guarantee you that. Let's see what the first match will be.

    We come back to the ring to see Phoenix standing in it ready to compete and we hear...

    Olivia heads out to the stage, mic in hand and a smile on her face as she is met with a mixed though mainly positive reaction before she speaks.

    Olivia: Thank you for accepting the calling I made to you, Phoenix. I was very impressed with you last week and how you manned up to face Dixon.

    Crowd cheers and a Phoenix chant starts

    Olivia: And though you lost -fan boos-, I saw something I liked in you, so much so that I want to put you in action against a man of former EWA fame and who's been itching to get in the ring for quite some time now and I can't find a better opponent for him than you. So please welcome one of our newest additions to Zero Gravity.....Mike Muir!!!!

    Crowd boos as the 6'5", 225 pounder from Mississippi appears on stage next to Olivia, who nods to him before he heads to the ring ready to kick some ass.

    Olivia: Have fun, boys....-smiles devilishly-

    Start at 4:01 - Stop at 17:21

    Phoenix (Sabin) vs Muir (Williams) (Ignore the title and Demore)

    Running Powerbomb from Phoenix to Muir!...1......2.......-Muir kicks out!!!

    Ricky: What a match up between these two. Muir and Phoenix are bringing out the best in one another.

    Phoenix is fatigued and can't believe the match is still going on. He gets to his feet trying to catch a breath but Muir is doing the same and soon both men lock eyes and go forward to one another exchanging shots in a clinch, neither man giving an inch.

    Stanley: Now this is getting good. Come on Muir.

    Muir finally begins to come out on top as he has a great series of right of hands that send Phoenix back towards the ropes. Muir pushes Phoenix further to the ropes for the rebound and sends him hurdling to the other side of the ring and awaits for Phoenix, hoping to strike his midsection with a knee to his gut but Phoenix is just a step quicker and rolls through the attempt and has Muir in his comes Phoenix with a Double Knee Facebre-

    Ricky: Wait a minute Muir is countering Phoenix mid move and has him in position....

    Stanley:....Redneck Ride!!!! (Styles Clash), Muir has him beat.....

    1........2............-Phoenix barely, barreeelllllyyyyyy kicks out!!!

    Ricky: Phoenix is one to keep rising from the ashes when defeat seems to be in his way, he's got a lot of heart.

    Muir argues with the ref even poking him in the chest a few times before he's surprised with a roll up from Phoenix....

    1......2.........-Muir kicks out!

    Stanley: Muir better not let his emotions get the best of him again or Phoenix will try to cheat his way to a win like he did just now.

    Muir stands up Superkicking Phoenix out cold before taunting the crowd but as he goes for the cover, Phoenix delivers a staggering kick to the head of Muir...

    Ricky: He was playing possum!!! That Superkick must not have connected as well as it should've if at all!!! Phoenix has to seize this chance.

    Stanley: Like a no good rotten cheater that he is, you know what? Screw Phoenix.

    Phoenix is now on his feet and Muir is still spinning in the ring before Phoenix effectively connects with the Double Knee Facebreaker. Muir is down but Phoenix hears the pleas of the fans and that of his own accord and heads for the top rope...

    Ricky: Phoenix is gonna take flight and you know what that means...

    Stanley:...I can't even look.

    Phoenix launches off the ropes and we see the beautiful move that is The Phoenix (Shooting) Star Press, connect....

    Phoenix covers....1...............2.............3!!!!

    Darren Black: Here is your winner.....Jack Phoenix!!!!

    Stanley: What a way to kick off the show. I'm not pleased Phoenix won, this was Muir's time to shine but what a match.

    Ricky: Indeed, Stanley. We got more action to come as we build Rage vs Alexander in the main event tonight after this commercial break.
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    The camera cuts backstage where a man is shown lacing up his boots. The camera pans out and the fans explode with cheers as Kyojin straightens up and smiles at the camera. He begins to talk straight away.

    Kyojin: Last week, Olivia made the good call to allow myself, Seth Thirteen and Sagittarius Blue prove ourselves worthy of becoming the JBW Superfly Championship number one contender. I believe it’s a great chance to really show JBW what I’m all about.

    You see, I may be a former-World Champion, known all over the world by many fans but I’m still a relative newcomer to the JBW fans, so I’m going to have to prove myself all over again.

    It’s something I thrive under.

    The fans cheer loudly again and start a Kyojin chant.

    Kyojin: But tonight, it’s all about this city. Because tonight, Zero Gravity is brought to you live out of the city I grew up in, the city I call my home from home. Tonight, we are live from the city I proudly hold as the place I fight out of. Tonight, we are live in CHICAGO!

    The fans go nuts as Kyojin smiles and a thunderous Kyojin chant is heard.

    Kyojin: And tonight, I get another chance to prove myself worthy as a shot at Erick Alexander. Tonight, I get to face AJ Dixon.

    The fans boo loudly for Dixon.

    Kyojin: I know, I know, I don’t like him much either. Which is why tonight, his so called dominance of JBW is finished. AJ Dixon has the most uphill battle of his entire career tonight. This guy and I actually go way back- all the way back to HWA Redemption.

    For a while, I was building myself up and there at the top was one man- AJ Dixon. Everybody wanted to be him and he carried that brand for a long time. But he was arrogant. The person you see on-screen is exactly the same backstage. He believed himself as better than anybody else on that brand- better than the new guys, better than any guys with any success elsewhere.

    Unfortunately for Dixon, his bubble is burst tonight.

    The fans cheer loudly.

    Kyojin: Because tonight, it’s all about one man. Me. The Master of True Wrestling tonight will prove his worth and regardless who wins of Seth Thirteen and Sagittarius Blue- I will go on to face Erick Alexander.

    And get that JBW SuperFly Championship.

    The fans explode as Kyojin walks off screen and we return to ringside.

    Ricky: Powerful words from Kyojin, he's gonna be action next.

    Stanley: Dixon is gonna murder him tonight.
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    Darren Black: The following contest is set for one fall introducing first weighing in at 235 lbs., from Atlanta, Georgia...he is "Primetime" AJ Dixon!!!

    Dixon heads to the ring to boos of the crowd and he shows little regard for it as he is seen entering the ring and awaiting for Kyojin.

    Ricky: Kyojin vs Dixon. Has the potential to be a great, great match up.

    Stanley: Only if Dixon wins.

    Darren Black: and his opponent.....fighting out of....CHICAGO!!!!!
    Fans go nuts!!! Weighing in at 220 lbs....."The Noble Warrior".....Kyojin!!!!!

    The fans give Kyojin a standing ovation welcoming the Chicago Phenom that is Kyojin as he heads to and soon enters the ring, an intense look in his eyes.

    Ricky: These fans are excited to see Kyojin in action next.

    Stanley: Let's just get this over with.

    Start at 7:49 - Stop at 19:42

    Kyo (Okada) vs Dixon (Anderson)

    Kyojin kicks out of a huge superplex from Dixon.

    Ricky: How did Kyojin kick out of that superplex?

    Stanley: I know Dixon better get up first and put some pressure on Kyojin soon, if he wants to keep his momentum.

    Dixon is on his feet holding his back in pain as Kyojin is on his knees trying to stand up himself but Dixon charges towards Kyojin and delivers a swift and powerful kick that has his opponents rolling in the pain in ring.

    Stanley: What a kick to Kyojin's ribs, he must have trouble breathing right.

    Kyojin is raised to his feet by Dixon who scoop slams him onto the mat and signals Kyo is done but fakes the crowd as if he were going to up top only to drive his knee into the face of Kyojin, doing so again and again before further mocking the crowd.

    Ricky: He sure is a cocky little prick.

    Kyojin stirs in the ring and Dixon continues his attack on Kyojin, stomping him before the ref steps in and separates them. Dixon is annoyed his attack was stopped and pushes the ref aside trying to reach Kyo and stomps him a few more times before the ref once again steps in and separates them but this time Dixon tosses the ref over the ropes knocking him out on the process.

    Stanley: Dixon is right to take that stupid ref ut, if he wants to continue hurting Kyojin, he damn well should.

    Ricky: What the hell is wrong with you, without a ref, who's gonna control the action in the ring now?

    Stanley: No one. That's what I love!

    Dixon now goes to the outside and gets a chair out of the ring as Kyojin finally starts to get to his shaking his head t shake off some the damage caused by Dixon, who is now in the ring chair in hand. Dixon goes forward swinging the chair towards Kyojin and finds nothing but air as Kyojin ducks under bouncing off the ropes and in great speed delivers a missile dropkick onto Dixon forcing him to drop the chair he had in hand.

    Kyojin picks up the chair and contemplates using it on Dixon as the crowd is torn wanting violence but also wanting Kyo to win the right way and after the punishment Kyojin took, hitting him with the chair was the one thing he wanted to do but he choose not to and heads to the outside waking up the ref.

    Ricky: Now we'll some order in this match. Kyojin is a noble man doing the right thing.

    Kyojin and the ref enter the ring, Dixon on his feet near the ropes as Kyojin goes toward him but get a thumb to the eyes which the ref warns Dixon not to do again or he's disqualified but Dixon doesn't care and punches Kyojin with a hard right but Kyojin comes right back with a giant left punch and both men are staggering Kyojin looking to hit a clothesline but Dixon evades and goes for a roll up using the ropes for leverage and as the ref counts.....1.......2....the ref sees Dixon trying to cheat and tells him he wont finish the pin.

    Stanley: Kyojin clearly paid off the ref.

    Ricky: Just shut up.

    Dixon lets go off Kyojin and stares coldly at the ref walking towards as the ref back up into the nearest corner but the ref finds some valor and stands up to Dixon, pushing him back which Dixon takes offense to and tries to hurt the ref only but.....

    Ricky: The TRUTH HURTS (Beautiful Disaster)!!! Out of nowhere!!! Kyojin just saved that ref's life.

    Kyojin covers and the ref gladly counts....1..........2...............3!!!!!!!

    Darren Black: Here is you winner.....Kyojin!!!!

    Ricky: Kyojin pick up the win in front of his Chicago crowd!!! He gains great momentum for a shot at Alexander.

    Stanley: Only because that ref had it out against Dixon, he should be fired and then put 6 feet beneath ground by Dixon for this outrage. I'm glad we got a commercial break cause I'm about to go berserk up in this MOTHA-

    Stanley's mic is cut off as we go to commercial
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    We return to see The Predators in Paradise are already in the ring with their music going and just look down the ramp waiting for Azrael to appear.

    Stanley: Oh boy, there is nothing better than coming back from a commercial to watch a massacre. Predators in Paradise are already in the ring waiting to tear Azrael up for disrespecting them.

    Ricky: Both of these guys are intimidating buy Azrael is no push over either. If anyone can take on The Predators in Paradise on by themselves it would be Azrael.

    Stanley: Well Kingston and Jones look like they are in no hurry tonight. I bet they are going to savor every second of the beating they are going to deliver.

    Darren Black: Making his way to the ring from Washington D.C, weighing in at 300 lbs, The Angel of Death, Azrael!

    Stanley: I sure hope he finds a good doctor, because once Kingston and Jones are done playing with him tonight, no one is going to recognize him,

    Ricky: Azrael does have the odds against him but if he made the challenge then he must have a plan tonight. Wait a minute what is he doing!

    Azrael runs straight into the ring and starts hammering away at the Predators

    Azrael (Undertaker) vs Predators in Paradise (Kingston (Big Show) and Jones (A-Train))

    Start at 4:58 - Stop at 12.30

    Ricky: Azrael going for another corner splash but Kingston stops him with a big boot.

    Stanley: The only reason the match has lasted this long is because the Predators aren't satisfied yet. They are going to make sure Azrael pays and if Azrael was smart, he would have never shown up.

    The aim for a double chokeslam on Azrael, but he starts to elbow their skulls and disrupts the moves. Kingston goes to the corner to re cope but Jones goes back on the offensive, delivering blows to Azrael. Azrael blocks the third one and starts to trade blows with Jones.


    Jones is sent reeling back with the last blow and turns around around to meet the a vicious clothesline. Azreal immeadiatly follows up with the Ticket of Death (Lasso from El Paso) and the fans are going nuts.

    Stanley: Jones get out of it now, you guys can't lose tonight I put a ton of money on you!

    Ricky: Azrael is doing all he can to end this match because the longer this goes, the more it favors the Predators in Paradise.

    Kingston nails Azrael from behind and sends him into the ring post. Kingston immediately turns Azrael around and hits him with the High Road (Brainbuster). Kingston puts Jones on top of Azrael and demands the ref start counting.


    Darren Black: Here is your winner, the Predators in Paradise!

    Ricky: Hard fought battle between these three but in the end the numbers game caught up with Azrael.

    Stanley: Maybe now Azrael will think more before he disrespects one of the greatest teams in JBW, who won't beat Black Blooded for the gold even on their good days but if they win it won't be so bad. Hopefully the doctors will pick up the trash in the ring before we come back from the break.
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    Azrael is seen in the back looking dejected after losing to the Predators in Paradise when his phone rings and he picks it up.

    Azrael: What do you want? Wait, you’re here? Alright I’ll let you into my locker room. Hold on.

    Azrael walks over to the door and opens it and standing there is the 21 year old younger brother to Azrael and HolyJose. Former EWA star Michael the Archangel and the crowd is heard cheering

    Michael: I saw your match out there. What happened?

    Azrael: What’s it look like that happened? I lost. How could I a monster like myself the goddamn Angel of Death, lose to nobodies like the Predators in Paradise. I was feared and now I’m here on Zero Gravity losing to nobodies. What the hell happened?

    Michael: Whoa, big bro calm down. That’s why I’m here. Yeah, you’re 300lbs and 6’3 but you’re still just one man. The numbers game got to you. Tell me in singles career or tag career which one have you gained more success in?

    Azrael: He looks over to his bag that holds the Blacklist Championship Tag team. As part of God’s Grace here in JBW and EWNCW.

    Michael: Well big bro, I have an offer for you. God’s Grace is no more in JBW. HolyJose is off doing his thing and good for him but right now you need help. What do you say? We bring back God’s Judgment for all of JBW to fear? You and me could redefine the tag team division. What do you say?

    Azrael: I don’t know. Let me think it over. I’ll call you and let you know.

    Michael: I look forward to the call.

    Michael and Azrael hug as Michael leaves the dressing room. The wait is short as Michael checks his phone seeing a text from Azrael saying “Let’s do this”. Azrael walks out of his dressing room, wrapping his arm around his brother's neck and they both walk out smiling.

    Stanley: Oh, for God's...

    Ricky: Stop that. We just the rise of a brand new tag team here in JBW as Azrael and his brother Michael have decided to team up as God's Judgment. This is huge for the tag team scene in JBW and you just saw it here in Zero Gravity. Suck it, Killzone. Now we hear from....

    Stanley: Really? Blue? What's Olivia thinking?

    Ricky: He's a strong competitor and wants a shot at Alexander, he deserves to be heard.

    Sagittarius Blue's music hits, and the crowd is looking for him on the ramp. But he doesn't appear on the ramp... instead, a spotlight catches him walking down through the crowd, high-fiving fans en route to the ring. He slides into the ring and stands up to look around at the arena as the fans cheer for him... then asks for a mic from a nearby stage hand...

    Sagittarius Blue: What's poppin', Jabe? Crowd responds enthusiastically I know, right? It's an exciting night we're looking forward to! I mean, this is Zero Gravity, so OF COURSE it's gonna be a hell of a show! But there's another reason tonight's gonna be off the chain...

    Sagittarius looks around at the fans in a moment of faux suspense...

    Sagittarius Blue: See, it's all about these three guys in pursuit of something special. The Superfly title. The symbol of high-flying, high-octane, high-performance excitement. To hold that belt signifies that you are the most energetic, most dynamic, and most must-see wrestler in the business today. And if you were tuned in last week, sports fans, you saw that three guys want a shot at the man who holds that belt. Now, can anybody name the men who want the Superfly title? Come on, let's start with one... I'll give you a hint: Rising Sun!

    The fans respond "KY-O-JIN! KY-O-JIN!"

    Sagittarius Blue: BINGO! That's right - the international sensation, the legend of today, the master of pure wrestling, Kyojin himself! The man I had the pleasure to wrestle last week - and I lost, yeah I lost - but the things I learned from that match more than make up for it. Okay, that's one guy - now name another one! I'll give you a hint: NOW OR NEVER!

    The fans respond "SA-GIT-TA-RIUS! SA-GIT-TA-RIUS!"

    Sagittarius Blue: YES! Man, I love hearing that smiles Me, the Royal Rockstar! The heart-stopping, mic-rocking, hard-hitting, no-shitting Unconventional One. Need I say more?

    Fans cheer at length for the Classic City Saint excitedly.

    Sagittarius Blue: Okay... now there's one more guy... can you tell me who he is?


    Sagittarius Blue: ... Anybody?

    Lone guy in crowd yells "Seth 13!"

    Sagittarius Blue: There you go! Yeah! But I can't blame anybody... I was trying to think of a hint to give you, but honestly... I don't know a damn thing about the guy.

    Crowd laughs

    Sagittarius Blue: I know I'm the new kid on the block of badassedness, but I legit do not know item one about Seth. Other than he goes to Home Depot whenever he wants to get ready for a fight. Light bulbs? Light bulbs to a fight? Tell you the truth, I'm waiting for him to bring in a dishwasher at some point. I'm sure he's a preferred customer at Lowes. But honestly, all I really know is that Seth is a pain junkie. He loves to receive pain and give pain.

    And as crazy as it sounds... I understand him a little. When I made my bones as a cage fighter, that was all I had to look forward to: knowing that you were going to get hit in the mouth or kicked in the ribs or somehow otherwise getting fucked up. That was life. And as hard as it was... I miss it. So... maybe I can go back to that a little bit when Seth and I get in the ring.

    But wait... does anybody know if it's going to be weapons legal or something? Because I didn't stop by Home Depot on the way here!
    Crowd laughs again at Blue's joke Anybody got a stapler or some spare light tubes? Oh wait, that's right... Sagittarius' face goes from jovial to stone cold serious.

    I don't need them. My most dangerous weapons are these...
    holds up his fists ... these... pats his elbows .... these... shows off a couple of kicks ... and ESPECIALLY these... pats his knees.

    These have put many men to sleep... and the tradition will continue tonight. So Seth can bring his light tubes or lead pipes or ceiling fans... hell, bring the kitchen sink while you're at it... because tonight, the stars will align... I will go on to compete for the Superfly title... And the stars are all you'll be seeing come match's end!

    Blue exits the ring, heading to the back as the crowd cheers him and chants Blue repeatedly

    Ricky: Blue just blew everyone away with great force! His message to the rest of the combatants fighting for a shot at Alexander's gold and more directly to Seth 13 who he faces later tonight, has certainly impressed me.

    Stanley: Not me, I hope Seth is the one to get the shot at Alexander just prove all these overhyped wannabe Seths wrong. We're taking a break but when we return we got us some tag team action as Darius and Darrison face Gillz and Diamond.
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    Stanley: This is the chance for Diamond and Gillz to get a well deserved win after their losses on the last show.

    Ricky: We'll see if they can up next.

    Darren Black: The following contest is a tag team match is set for one fall, introducing first at a combined weight of 485 lbs. the team Darius and Hearst Darrison!!!

    Darrison and Darius appear on stage to the praise fo the crowd, Darius takes it in but Darrison does not care as they head and enter the ring stretching as they await their opponents.

    Ricky: This is an awaited match up as Darius who'll face Gillz and Darrison who'll face Diamond at In Justice for Brawl compete in tag team action.

    Stanley: This favors Diamond and Gillz and it damn well should.

    Darren Black: and their opponents, at a combined weight of 436 lbs, the team of Gillz and Chris Diamond!!!

    Diamond and Gillz are met with boos the second they hit the stage. They head to the ring with intent and face off with their opponents in the ring.

    Ricky: The fans may not like them but the talent they possess cannot be denied, so this will be quite the match.

    Stanley: It will be now, let's get this started.

    Darius and Darrison (MCMG; Darius (Sabin) and Hearst (Shelley) vs Gillz and Diamond (Speed Muscle; Gillz (Doi) and Diamond (Yoshino))

    Start at 1:25 - Stop at 6:06

    Darius and Darrison hit one another with Gillz in the ring and Diamond on the outside.

    Stanley: I'm so glad those idiots finally fucked up now Gillz can capitalize and end this now.

    Gillz connects with an Enziguiri to the side of the head of Darrison before turning his attention to Darius as they trade hots in the ring.


    Darius starts to come back and gets the upper hand on Gillz but Diamond blindsides Darius with a clothesline to the back of the head.

    Ricky: What a vivious shot to Darius. that was sick.

    Diamond and Gillz now stomp the hell out of Darius.

    Stanley: Yeah, beat the holy hell out of Darius.

    Ricky: This is a pack of wolves mentality, they are not letting up.

    Darrison comes in to make the save and attacks Diamond, now the tide turned Darius makes his way up but still defending against the onslaught of Gillz. Diamond and Darrison now engaged in hitting one another with vicious shots as the ref tries to dictate some control in the match up.

    Stanley: Let them, fight it out ref.

    Gillz now takes out now takes out Darius with a Sitout Jawbreaker, rolling him out of the ring for good meaure before trying to to get the numbers gain on Darrison but Darrison sees Gillz coming his way and hits Gillz solidly with a Rolling Elbow that has Gillz seeing lights as he stumbles to the floor.

    Ricky: Darrison has knocked out Gillz with that elbow.

    The distraction was all Diamond needed as he kicks Darrison in the gut and connects with The Diamond In The Rough (Diamond Cutter) and covers....1..................2..................3! !!!

    Darren Black: Here are your winners Gillz and Chris Diamond!!!!

    Ricky: What a win for Gillz and Diamond, they really made sure their losses last week were not gonna dictate the rest of their time in Zero Gravity.

    Stanley: Damn tright they didn't. This should've been the main event instead of Alexander vs Rage but I'm not running the show, so what's to be expected? Let's go to a quick commercial break.
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    LeFlur is seen backstage talking to various crew members, each shaking their heads no as the audience wonders why, soon she is close to the mic in the camera recording her picks up her saying...: Have you seen, Vivica?

    The audience now knowing her quest cheer as they hope she finds Vivica to get some payback for her actions on the last Zero Gravity.

    LeFlur's frustration grows more as the person she asked says no but she has no time to vent them as she gets struck from the side by Vivica herself, who stands over a fallen LeFlur, an innocent yet sadistic smile on her face as she says:
    Here I am.

    Vivica now drops down to beat the holy hell out of LeFlur but as she does so, LeFlur shows signs of life and begins to fight back ensuing in a good fashioned...

    Crew Member: CAT FIGHT!!!!!!!!

    The entire backstage gathers to see these Bombshells fight until surely a security team comes in to break up the fight causing everyone to groan because the fight was over as we head back to the ring

    Stanley: Damn security. We got a good ol' fashioned cat fight and they gotta ruin it.

    Ricky: I'm not gonna lie, I would've loved to see them go at it a little more but I'm sure they'll get a chance to do so on the next show. Right now we'll Sagittarius Blue face Seth 13!

    Darren Black: The following contest is set for one fall, introducing first weighing in at 130 lbs., from The Classic City, Athens, Georgia.....he is "The Little Big Problem".....Sagittarius Blue!!!!

    When hitting the ramp, usually comes out with a custom jacket on with the hood up, and stands still, looking around with his face slightly hidden by the hood. He then drops the hood down and yells “NOW OR NEVER” as the crowd cheers him on.

    Ricky: What a reaction "The Little Big Problem" stirs into this crowd.

    Stanley: He stirs one in me but if I say it; I've been told I'll be fired. So I'll keep quiet for now.

    Darren Black: And his opponent, weighing in at 200 lbs. from parts unknown.....Seth Thirteen!!!!!

    Seth 13 appears on stage carrying his signature light tubes which he smashes across his head and eats some of it as he heads to the ring and stares down with Blue.

    Ricky: The intensity between them in thick. These two are really gonna go at it.

    Stanley: Seth better win.

    Start at 1:38 - Stop at 8:06

    Seth (Red) vs Blue (Lethal) (Ignore title)

    Seth tells the ref to move out of the way as Blue tries to reach his feet.

    Ricky: What's Seth trying to do here?

    Stanley: Something amazing, of course.

    Seth launches himself off the ropes and hits with a crossbody, hooking Blue's leg in the process and gos for the pin........1...........2..........-Blue kicks out.

    Ricky: Blue cut it just a bit too close on that one.

    Seth now reaches his feet and screams before driving his elbow right into the sternum of Blue causing to gasp desperately for some air before Seth locks in a sleeper hold.

    Stanley: Smart thinking by Seth, forcing the air out Blue and now using the sleeper to keep it out.

    Seth's got the hold locked in tight as the ref asks Blue if he wants to quit. Blue shakes his head furiously and says no showing no signs of quitting anytime even more so when the crowd begins to cheer him on and he slowly make his way up from the ring mat and begins hitting Seth's ribs forcing him to loosen his hold.

    Ricky: Blue can fight his way back into this.

    Seth releases the hold and Blue tries to make a dash for the ropes but Seth grabs Blue's dreadlocks causing to wince in pain but Blue use the heel of his boot to hit Seth's knee and this works effectively as Seth kneels and releases Blue letting him seize the moment and rebound off the ropes and connects with a huge Shining Wizard using his knee!!!

    Blue goes for the cover......1...............2..............-Seth barely kicks out.

    Stanley: Whew!!! That was close, come on Seth get up.

    Blue stands up first and picks up Seth soon after, hitting him sqaurely in the face whih sends Seth down and Blue now goes towards the ropes as Seth begins to reach his feet and knocks him right back to the mat and does so 2 more times before yelling out: "Now or Never"

    Stanley: Oh, SHUT UP!!!!

    Ricky: I take it you love his catchphrase

    Blue now has Seth in a half nelson position looking to complete The Signs of Archer but Seth wrestles out of the hold looking to go on the assault but Blue stops him dead in his tracks with a shotgun dropkick at point blank range to Seth's chest.

    Ricky: What a dropkick.

    Blue locks in the Bow of Sagittarius (modified version of AT arm submission) immediately attacking Seth as he's lying down, grabs his arm and contort in ways nature did not design it for. Seth tries to hold on but the pain is too much to bear and Seth taps out.

    Darren Black: Here is you winner via submission......"The Classic City Saint" Sagittarius Blue!!!

    Stanley: Fuck! Seth should've won.

    Ricky: Yeah..well he didn't Blue did and he's now one step closer to facing Alexander. Speaking of Alexander he faces Rage in the main event up next after this commercial break.
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    Ricky: Here we are folks, main event. Rage vs Alexander. What a blockbuster match.

    Stanley: It has no Lansdale. #worstmatchever

    Ricky: Did you really just use a #?

    Stanley: Why do you care? Just call the match.

    Darren Black: This match is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring weighing in at 185lbs, from the isle of Puerto Rico....the JBW Superfly Champion, Erick "The Latin Terror" Alexander!!!

    The crowd explodes as Alexander makes his way to the ring raising his title high for the crowd to see.

    Ricky: This should be an exciting champion vs champion match between two of the most well respected men on the roster.

    Stanley: Whatever, the only good about this match is they are fight for the honor to face Lansdale. Alexander is just jealous Lansdale never came after him in the first place.

    Ricky: Alexander has proven to be a force on Zero Gravity facing anyone who challenges him and tonight he will be taking on Rob Rage

    Darren Black: Making his weigh to the ring weighing in at 238, he is the JBW Underground Champion, "The Best of British" Rob Rage!

    Rage heads to the ring to a huge pop from the Chicago crowd as he heads to the ring and meets Alexander extending his hand out of respect, which Alexander shakes extnding his respect to Rage also.

    Ricky: Rage is pumped for this match up and these fans look like they are having a field day watching two of the biggest stars in JBW face off.

    Stanley: I don't think you could call this a champion vs champion match since Rage doesn't have a title.

    Ricky: Lansdale stole that title and Rage is going to be getting it back really soon. But it looks like the match is underway.

    Rage (Wolfe) vs Alexander (Pope)

    Start at 4:00 - Stop at 11:34

    Alexander comes back with a blow and then another blow and lands a devastating kick to the side of Rage's head. Alexander is exhausted however and slowly crawls over to Rage to get the cover.


    Ricky: And a kickout by Rage as this physical match goes on. You just have to wonder how much these guys have left in them after going at it at full speed for the entire match.

    Stanley: I don't know but if they keep killing each other at this pace then Lansdale won't have any trouble dealing with the winner.

    Both men are now up and Rage charges at Alexander with a lariat but Alexander moves out of the way and pushes Rage into the turnbuckle face first. Alexander starts to clap to get the crowd going and runs towards Rage and nails a beautiful dropkick to Rage's back. Alexander quickly follows with a german suplex but Rage holds on to turnbuckle to block the move.

    Ricky: Great show of experience form Rage right there.

    Rage counters by elbowing Alexander in the head until he lets go and the forth shot sends Alexander backwards in a daze.

    Rage waits for Alexander to turn around before nailing him the Double R Spinebuster and the crowd goes nuts. Rage quickly covers...


    Stanley: My misery continues, damn you Alexander for kicking out!!!

    Rage is in shock as he is unsure of what to do next.

    Stanley: Just get on with it. Alexander is down so really what else is there to do then to beat his ass into next week?

    Ricky: That has to be the key to this match because if Rage can stop Alexander from gaining speed, then he won't be able to hit his impact moves, Rage has to know when and where to deploy a move from his vastarsenal.

    Rage picks up Alexander and goes for the Fisherman's bomb but midway into the move Alexander counters into a vicious DDT. Alexander quickly gets Rage up with whatever strength he has left and nails Rage with the Pure Terror Brainbuster.

    Ricky: Alexander hit one of his most powerful, the snap sheerdrop Pure Terror Brainbuster.

    Stanley: Whatever, I just hope this ends soon. It's bad enough having to do my job with you, seeing a match I can't enjoy just kills me inside.

    Ricky: I hope it does. You asshole, just call the match like a damn professional.

    Tired, Alexander slowly climbs to the top as the crowd gets on their feet because they know what's coming next.

    Ricky: Alexander looks like he is going for Death from Above but does he have enough left in him to connect.

    Stanley: I don't know but... wait second who is that!?

    Lansdale emerges from the crowd and pushes Alexander from the turnbuckle to the outside of the ring and starts assaulting Rage as the ref calls for the bell.

    Ricky: No, Lansdale has ruined this amazing encounter and now assaulting Rage when he is down.

    Stanley: Lansdale is doing what he needs to to make sure he keeps that title and I don't blame him one bit. He really is the highlight of this show. That's all the time we have for you all.

    Lansdale raises the Underground title high as he stands over Rage to a thunderous boo from a rioting crowd as Zero Gravity goes off the air.
    S.E. Zero is now Luizero. Look him up

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    Been a rough week, so I apologize for the lack of show until now.

    It should be up in it's entirety tonight but I've barely slept over the last few days so if I only get some of it up, I do apologize in advance.

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