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    Ricky: Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to Zero Gravity. I'm Richard "Ricky" Donahue alongside my broadcast partner, Stanley Miller.

    Stanley: That's right and what a show we have tonight for you all tonight. With the fall out of Resurrection still in the minds of many, including the champion Erick Alexander defeating Seth Thirteen.

    Ricky: Avidico is in JBW no longer after losing to Kyojin at Resurrection and we have great new talents to star here tonight in Zero Gravity.

    Stanley: But first we'll hear from Seth Thirteen.

    Seth slowly walks out carrying his trademark light tubes but he doesn't have that sadistic smile on face. He isn't in a good mood. As he makes his way to the ring, a fan tries to hit Seth but gets punched in the face. As security tries to get the fan, Seth smashes his light tube on the attacker's head. As security takes the attacker away, Seth grabs a big shard and cuts himself on this chest then enters the ring and asks for the mic.


    Crowd shows heat


    Crowd's heat increase


    Seth twitches a bit and comes back to his senses


    Stanley: Seth deserves another shot. Management should make the right call and give it to him...

    Ricky: Looks like Kyojin, disagrees with Seth...

    The fans immediately begin to cheer as Kyojin makes his way out to the stage. He stands on top of the ramp and looks around, before looking down at Seth in the ring. He begins to make his way down the ramp, slapping the hands of some fans, before sliding into the ring. He asks for, and receives a microphone, before turning back to Seth and immediately beginning to speak.

    Kyojin: And what, exactly, have you done to earn another shot? You lost at Resurrection Seth! You walked out there, took on Erick Alexander, and got your ass kicked in defeat. Whereas, I walked out to the ring and took on Avidico and did EXACTLY as I said I would- I dealt with him.

    In fact, I dealt with him so badly that I finished him off. Avidico is no longer a part of this company and I said last week to Erick that I would happily take him on as soon as I did what I said I would to Avi. So just like you’ve come out here throwing your hat into the ring, I’ll do the exact same.

    I want a one-on-one match with Erick Alexander for the SuperFly Championship, because let’s face it, all of these people would much rather see Erick & I tear the house down than see you once again do absolutely nothing.

    The fans explode with cheers and a massive Kyojin chant bellows through the arena.

    Kyojin: Last week, I said that being the SuperFly Champion meant you were the top dog on this show, and I was right at the time, but after this draft, I stand corrected. Being the SuperFly Champion means that you are the best highflyer in this industry today.

    Erick Alexander is currently the best highflyer in this industry. But if I get a shot to go up against him, no matter how much respect I may have for him, I’m taking that title from him.

    So Seth, I think you oughta step aside.

    Kyo steps forwards, getting into the blood soaked face of Seth.

    Kyojin: Before I make you.

    Another massive cheer echoes through the arena.

    Ricky: Tension is in the air between these two.

    Stanley: Oh come on, him too?

    The arena is on its feet as Sagittarius Blue makes his entrance. The Royal Rockstar comes out in a blue custom hoodie with the hood up as he looks directly at the men in the ring... he pulls his hood down, his intense stare still not changing. Then he he cups his hands around his mouth and yells "NOW OR NEVER!" as his fans begin chanting those words over and over as he heads down the ramp towards the ring. He gives out high-fives as he passes - and even takes the time to hug a little kid who is wearing a little "The One And Only" Sagittarius Blue T-shirt. Sagittarius makes his way into the ring and asks for a mic from one of the attendants...

    Sagittarius Blue: Excitement.
    *dramatic pause* That's what all of us have in common as we stand in this ring. That's what we are all about. Excitement. That jolt in your pulse. That adrenaline rush that makes time stand still. That's what we're looking for, one and all. And that's why we are all gunning for the SuperFly title.

    (To Seth) You have your own special brand of excitement, Seth. Look at you... with your light tubes. Your excitement is pain. Blood. Carnage. Whether upon yourself or your opponent. And I can tell this just from looking at you. You're a sadist. Far be it from me to judge, but your passion, your poison... is suffering. For you, the SuperFly Championship would be your ticket to agony, a tool you would use to leave a wake of bloodshed the likes that this world has never seen.

    (To Kyojin) And you... well, who doesn't know of Kyojin?
    *crowd pops for Kyo* See what I mean? Your name is worldwide. Your name is also synonymous with "pure wrestling skill." Your excitement is simply from being able to do things that most wrestlers in the world could barely even dream of. You electrify crowds with little to no effort - and your skills in-ring... are damn near immaculate. For you, the SuperFly Championship would be yet another title in your no-doubt illustrious career.

    So... what brings me to the table? Where's my horse in this race? Well, gents, it's pretty simple. Ambition. My thrill comes from challenging the odds. I believe that fortune favors the bold. I may be a newcomer to the House of Jabe, but don't assume I'm a half-assed wannabe; I won my debut match here. I can get it done. See, I am a fighter.

    *clenches his fists and gets in the ready position* and literally. I know that to gain respect, you gotta do the work. I'm damn sure ready to put my work in... and what better way than to compete for - to win - the SuperFly Championship? The title that defines high-octane, high-powered, high-impact action! And understand this... *pauses and looks at both men* just because I'm "the new guy" doesn't make me a non-factor here. If anything, I'm the x-factor.

    Both of you may be veterans, may have done this dance more times than anyone can count... but you're still human. Mortal. *steps closer to both men* FALLIBLE. One slip. One shot. That's all it takes. I'm bringing unconventional warfare to the hunt for the SuperFly Championship, gentlemen... and I don't take any prisoners.

    Stanley: So who the hell besides Seth, deserves this shot? one. these other idiots got nothing.

    Ricky: I don't know about that.

    All men look like they're about to square off when ZG GM Olivia appear on the Jabetron

    Olivia: Now, now gentlemen. I've heard all your pleas as to whyh you challenge Erick Alexander but rather than talk about it, I want to see how you want that shot.

    So I'll make a ruling that each of you will face each other across various shows in different combinations and whoever impresses me the most will get a shot at Alexander come In Justice for Brawl.

    Tonight it will be Blue vs Kyo as the main event and just so Seth doesn't feel left out, he'll face Depri$e up next.

    Blue and Kyo exchange looks, before leaving the ring and Seth is left waiting for his opponent.

    Ricky: We'll there you have it folks, 3 possible contenders to the JBW Superfly Championship, only one to be chosen to face Erick Alexander at In Justice For Brawl. 2 will be in the main event, the other will be in action when we return.
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    Stanley: We're back, folks and it will Seth Thirteen vs Depri$e up next.

    Darren Black: Ladies and gentlemen, this is the opening contest for Zero Gravity tonight and this bout is scheduled for one fall introducing first, already in the ring weighing in at 200 lbs, standing at 5' 10"; SETHHHH THIRTTEEEENNNNN!!!!

    Seth bites one of the light tubes and spits the shards right at ringside in the fans' faces embedding them into the fans' faces. Seth laughs as the fans get medical treatment.

    Ricky: What a sick human being and you feel he deserves a shot at the gold?

    Stanley: Of course, he is just misunderstood. He's the next big thing in Zero Gravity, mark my words.

    Darren Black: And introducing his opponent, he is simply.......Depri$e!!!!!

    Depri$e makes his way down the ramp as fake money begins falling down from the rafters. The fans are cheering as the money falls down only to take a look and see that the money has Depri$e face on it. Depri$e walks down laughing and gets in the ring.

    Stanley: Hahaha, bunch of idiots. Like Depri$e is gonna waste real money on them.

    Ricky: It sure hasn't gained him any fans but he looks focused on getting the win here tonight.

    Depri$e (Malenko) vs Seth 13 (Guerrero)

    Stop at 6:36




    Depri$e kicks out.

    Ricky: Seth almost had him there.

    Stanley: He should've won already.

    Both men are now on their feet and locked up in the middle of the ring and Depri$e gets the upper hand and tosses Seth into the ropes and hits a hard knee to the gut to Seth and hits Seth with a snap suplex. Depri$e poses for the crowd and they cheer! Seth is recovering and Depri$e goes back on the attack and hits Seth with a hard kick to the back of the head and goes for the pin.



    Thr…KICK OUT!

    Ricky: Now it's Depri$e who almost had him.

    Stanley: He is not winning this. Seth is better in every way.

    Seth kicks out and the crowd is booing. Depri$e picks up Seth and Seth knees Depri$e in the gut and kicks the back of his head. Seth heads to the top rope and does a shooting star press onto Depri$e. he goes for the pin



    Thre…KICK OUT!

    Stanley: How the hell did he kick out of that?

    Ricky: Depri$e has a lot of heart.

    The crowd pops as Depri$e kicks out of the pin. Seth begins to stomp on Depri$e as the crowd boos. As Depri$e is getting up Seth is punching hard onto him. Seth runs the ropes and is met it a right hook. Depri$e climbs the ropes himself and before he can do anything Seth gets up and hits an enziguri dropping Depri$e. As Depri$e lays on the ground, Seth is up the ropes and hits a double moonsault onto Depri$e and goes for the pin.




    Darren Black: Here is your winner. Seth Thirteen!

    Stanley: See. That's what heart gets you. Defeat. Skill is what wins and Seth has the skill to win here tonight and to beat Erick Alexander if he gets another shot at him, soon.

    Ricky: Enough of that. When we return we'll see Darius and you know he's itching for some answers from Gillz.
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    Ricky: Welcome back everyone, Darius is set to appear next.

    Stanley: Waste of air time. Let's get this over with.

    Darius: Alright, I can imagine that most of you know why I am out here right now. At Resurrection, I had the JBW Intercontinental championship won. I was going to be the new champion, but like always, I was fucking screwed. But this time was a shocker to me ... This time, I honestly never would have thought that this person would do this to me.

    That person of course, is known as Gillz. Over on TWE, I had an EWNCW Proving Grounds match against Gillz, and it was one of the best matches I have had in a while. But guess what, I was screwed out of that victory as well. What I am just not able to grasp is Gillz's reasoning behind screwing me out of the win at Resurrection. I had the utmost respect for Gillz up until that day because he is one hell of a performer, but after that little incident at Resurrection ... Well, lets just say, someone is about to feel how hot Hell really is when I bring them down with The Hellfire.

    So Gillz, why don't you get your ass out here and explain yourself. And then let me show you how a real man fights, you son of a bitch.

    Gillz heads to the ring and grabs a mic placed for him on the ring steps before enters the ring looking towards Darius

    Gillz: You think i have to explain anything to the likes of you, your either a real comedian or unbelievable stupid to even think something like that, but it doesn't matter whether i have the right to an explanation or not its whether i even feel like telling you and you know what, why not, its not like your doing anything important, see not to long ago hear in JBW we had a match, i challenged any green ass rookie to come and take a chance at greatness, now when I made that challenge I was expecting some sorta fairness not some fluke newcomer.

    Thats right, that win you got was a complete fluke and for you to take pride in it is shameful, you should feel completely ashamed of yourself to even believe that your better than I am, no one is better than I am, from the World Champ down to a lowly insubordinate like you.

    You were damn right to respect me, everyone in the back should respect me, but you see when I get fluked over in a match I expect some sort of payment or lets say revenge for such an action, thats why I cost you a shot at that puny belt. For you to have held that belt would have made it worthless and I couldn't stand for it, so I exacted my revenge and in turn protected that belt from becoming just another trinket

    Now that I have what I wanted, I don't have time for you boy, so with that I bid you goodbye.

    Fans boo Gillz starts to leave the ring, when Darius grabs Gillz shoulder, stopping him from leaving

    Darius: Oh, no you don't, you stay right here you son of a bitch.

    The crowd pops for Darius loudly

    Darius: You say the victory I picked up on you was a fluke? Are you kidding me? I love how you failed to mention your win over me on TWE a few months ago! You see, if anyone has a fluke win, it would be you Gillz because unlike you, I was able to beat you without any assistance! You on the other hand, whether you planned it or not, had Gaileo's help in order to defeat me! You dare come out here and say I'm the fluke? Well listen here Mr. "Former World Champion", let me let you in on a little secret, I am the CURRENT, TWE World Heavyweight Champion, and I have been for four months now!

    None of my victories are ever "flawed", but can you say the same, Gillz? No, you can't, because you're nothing but a good for nothing son of a bitch! You call the JBW Intercontinental championship a “puny belt”, and yet I don’t see you with it around your waist! To me it sounds like you are just jealous that I was about to be the new champion! You are jealous that I am a brand new star here in the JBW, and I was just three seconds away from the gold! So you went and fucked me over.

    Gillz, you have talent, you’re an amazing performer, but if you’re going to be a jealous prick who is going to screw me over just because I am better than you … Well then, Gillz, maybe I should shove my foot straight up your sorry ass, and then pull my boot from your throat, and bitch slap you with it!

    Darius slams his microphone down to the mat and gets in Gillz face, but Gillz pushes him back a bit and raises the microphone to his lips

    Gillz: You're right.

    The crowds mood changes slightly at the unexpected sentence

    Gillz: I am an amazing performer, I've done things very few people could even hope achieve, and that belt is fine as long as you're not the one with it round your waist, if I had the chance you had I'd be standing here right now the Intercontinental Champion, I wouldn't have been stopped because I simply cant be stopped, I don't waste the chances i get

    But I wasn't given the chance to hold that title, and you know at this moment that doesn't bother me, there are bigger championships to be held and it wont be too long until I am the Champion and I prove to all these morons that I'm the best in the business, but thats for the future, right now theres a giant pain in the ass standing right in front of me that doesn't know when to shut his mouth

    Since you are so intent getting one more shot at me why don't we make it official, right here right now I'll kick your ass and then these fans will see how truly pathetic you are, a weakling like you doesn't even stand any chance against me, and if it will take an ass kicking to prove then why the hell not, and since you even dared to put your hands on me I'll make sure to shove mine down your throat, just so I don't have to hear your annoying whiny ass voice ever again.

    Gillz slams the mic down and gets ready to fight

    Ricky: Here we go they're gonna fight.

    Stanley: Finally something good came out of this.

    Both men actually begin to brawl for a small bit before a security team enters the ring quickly and separate the two as Olivia soon enters the ring.

    Olivia: I will not have this senseless brawling going in my brand. You want to fight each other? Fine. You can do it at In Justice for Brawl. Tonight however each of you face a new Zero Gravity Superstars in their debuts. Gillz you'll face Hearst Darrison while Darius faces Chris Diamond.

    Olivia looks at her security team

    Olivia: Now get them out of the ring.

    Darius and Gillz exchange foul words as they are taken out of the ring and continue to be separated.

    Stanley: Fuck you Olivia. You should've let Gillz kick some sense into Darius' ass.

    Ricky: You wanna get fired? Fine by me. I like Olivia's decision, we get to see some great matchups including one right after this commercial break.
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    *A man is seen sitting in the back, he is vaguely remembered as Hearst Darrison. He looks at the cameras and smiles*

    Hearst: How does one define a revolution? To me, it is a positive and radical change to a society or organization. Most Revolutions are started by individuals who are chastised by society and labeled anarchists.

    *Hearst gets up and starts walking*

    Hearst: The Revolutionizers are the people remembered for doing things nobody would dare dream to do. Whether it be speaking their mind, performing an action, or taking a risk. Me? I plan on doing it all. I plan on changing the world by changing JBW. Changing it through actions, through speaking my mind and risking my life.

    When I came to JBW, I knew I would be it's rebirth. I would it's awakening. Through the darkness JBW has suffered a light shines. I will expose the light and bring JBW to limits never before seen and never before thought of.

    *Hearst stops*

    Hearst: I am the Revolutionizer, The Anarchist. My name is Hearst Darrison and I am the change you have been waiting for. Tonight, Gillz becomes the first to experience this revolution. I promise it will be unlike anything he has ever experienced before.

    *Hearst smiles as he goes out the curtain*

    Stanley: Great another person who think he;s change the wrestling world forever. I hope he gets his ass kicked by Gillz.

    Ricky: I think he's going to have a tough time at that with Darrison.

    Darren Black: The following contest is set for one fall introducing first, from Hawthorne, California, standing at 6' 3" tall and weighing in at 248 pounds, he is Hearst Darrison!!!!

    Darrison get a mixed reaction from the crowd but remains unfaced as he heads to the ring, a look of great intensity in his eyes as he awaits Gillz.

    Ricky: Not much is known about this newcomer other than he wants to lead a revolution.

    Stanley: And will fail in doing so, if he thinks he has a chance against Gillz.

    Darren Black: and his opponent, from Glasgow, Scotland, standing in at 6' 1" tall and weighing in at 208 pounds, he is.....Gillz!!!!

    A wave of boos fly off toward towards Gillz as he heads to the ring at great speed getting right in the face of Darrison before the referee steps in to separate them.

    Stanley: That's right, Gillz. Put some fear into this punk.

    Ricky: Let's see if he can beat him. The match begins now.

    Start at 5:33 - Stop at 14:04

    Darrison (Styles) vs Gillz (Danielson) Ignore title

    Ricky: Darrison and Gillz at a stalemate, this has been quite the matchup between newcomer and veteran.

    Stanley: Gillz has the edge in my eyes.

    Both men lock up once more and it's Gillz who now has Darrison in a side headlock and is cranking up the pressure before Darrison manages to begin ffighting off Gillz pushing him towards the Gillz rebounds...Coughin' Up Blood (Spinning Heel Kick) from out nowhere. Gillz is down and looks to be out of it as Darrison covers.....1..........2......- Gillz puts his foot on the ropes which the ref sees and stops the count.

    Stanley: The experience of Gillz was key for placing his foot on the ropes. He has excellent ring awareness.

    Darrison is up and soon lifts a dazed Gillz up off the mat before Darrison looks Gillz dead in the eye before he steps back going for a rolling elbow but Gillz ducks under and immediately makes use of his surprise evasion by locking Darrison in the G - Lock (Triangle Choke).

    Ricky: What a surprise move from Gillz

    Darrison is fighting but Gillz has the hold in tight. Darrison begins to fade and fast as the refs raises his arm and it drops leaving a count of 1 in the air. The ref oncw follows in raising Darrison's arm and it drops again to raise the count to 2, now the ref raises the arm once more but as it drops Darrison shows signs of life as he struggles against the hold and manages to place his foot on the nearby ropes to force the ref to break the hold.

    Ricky: Veteran move from the rookie, guess you can't judge a book by it's cover, eh, Stanley?

    Stanley: Whatever, Gillz is still going to win this, no problem.

    Gillz breaks the hold at the count of 4 from the referee leaving Darrison gasping desperately for air. Gillz looks to surprise Darrison with the G - Bomb (Package Piledriver) but Darrison fights out of the hold by pushing Gillz off with a backbody drop.

    Ricky: Gillz almost had him there.

    Gillz now raises himself off the floor using the ropes for leverage now standing backfirst near the turnbuckle, a chance Darrison does not fail to seize to charge towards Gillz and connect with A Dropkick to Choke Upon A Dropkick To Choke Upon (Running Dropkick to turnbuckle) before Gillz falls lifeless onto the mat and Darrison wisely makes the cover.


    Darren Black: Here is your winner, Hearst Darrison.

    Ricky: What a win for the rookie. Darrison looks to be a force to be reckoned in JBW.

    Stanley: One win and he's a force? Ha. Get of your high horse. Let's just go to a commercial break.
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    Ricky: Well folks, up next, we have a Bombshells Match!

    Stanley: Faith LeFlur stole the title from Nikki Belzova at Resurrection, and tonight, she’ll have her hands full with April Snow.

    Ricky: Faith cleanly won that title Duds.

    Stanley: Against the greatest Bombshell ever in JBW? I don’t think so.

    Darren Black: The following contest is set for one fall, introducing first, from New York, weighing in at 130 pounds, April Snow!

    Snow heads to the ring, a bog ol' smile on her face as she enters the ring and awaits LeFlur.

    Ricky: This young lady has a lot of potential and she could be a permanent fixation for the Bombshell Division.

    Stanley: Personally, I believe she’ll be nothing as will LeFlur.

    Darren Black: And her opponent, from New Orleans, weighing in at 112 pounds, she is the current JBW Bombshell Champion, Faith LeFlur!

    The champ appears on stage title around her waist shining like never before she heads to the ring at a great pace lifting the gold in the air once in the ring before facing Snow and looking for some action

    Ricky: The CURRENT Bombshell Champion. This woman could well be the future of this division.

    Stanley: You can't be sure on that one yet, Ricky. Other Bombshells can probably do better but nevertheless let's begin the match.

    Faith (Trish) vs Snow (Victoria)

    Stop at 4:57

    Ricky: Faith kicks out of the big knee!

    Stanley: April is in control here!

    April stalks Faith and kicks her in the gut, setting up the DDT but Faith twists out of it, keeping hold of April’s hand. She delivers a stiff clothesline that drops April. Faith goes for an elbow drop but April rolls out of the way. Both divas are quickly back to their feet and April kicks Faith in the gut again, this time delivering the DDT! She goes for a cover!




    Stanley: What a kickout by the champ, she may not be so bad after all.

    Faith gets the shoulder up as April can’t believe it. She backs up to the ropes in anger and begins to line Faith up, who is beginning to get up. April goes for the bodyslam but Faith quickly reverses with an elbow to the back of the head. April backs up to the ropes and runs at Faith who hits a quick dropkick. She backs up to the corner as April begins to get up. Faith runs forwards and delivers Lil’ Boot (Big Boot)! She covers.

    Ricky: This could be over.




    Darren Black: Here is your winner...Faith LeFlur!

    Stanley: That's a fantastic win from LeFlur, though any Bombshell would've done in a better fashion.

    Ricky: Looks like she's not quite done yet.

    Faith gives April a hug after their match, then April leaves the ring. Faith is then handed her Bombshell belt- she then hoists the belt high over her head to the cheering crowd. After soaking in the cheers for a minute or so, she finally ask for a mic

    Faith LeFlur: What a match. April is one tough girl- she brought me to the limit. Knowing her from our EWA days, I've seen her grow to become one of the elite women wrestlers of today and I am sure she will be in the running for this belt sometime soon

    Faith points to her Bombshell belt

    Faith: Speaking of this belt- Since I've won it at Resurrection, my life has been a whirlwind. Photo shoot after photo shoot, interview after interview- its been non stop. Now I know thats part of being a champion- but what I really want is to live up to the standards of the lady I won this belt off of.

    Nicole held this very belt over a year. In this day and age, you hold a title for that long, people take notice, promoters take notice- you get to headline the big shows. Thats what I want to do- Now I know a woman's match will never headline a show here in JBW- but I can still dream. And anybody wants a shot at this belt- you know where to find me- right here on Killzone each and every week.

    Vivica runs out, charging straight at faith with her own championship held high, she rolls into the ring, and seemingly without missing a beat slams Faith hard in the side of the skull with the IWA Vanity title. Faith falls to the ground like a sack of flour, dropping the microphone, which Vivica picks up, roughly rolling Faith onto her back as she does so

    Vivica: Daddy said, Daddy said that two is always better than one. My daddy and unca are already the tag team champions, and I beat 5 different whores to get this belt but you? They let you play with your friends and laugh and dance.... Well now I get to play with you, but Daddy says I don't play very nice.

    Vivica throws the microphone and title aside, picking Faith up roughly by her hair. She grins evily, turning and stepping up the turnbuckle for the Acid Drop! Faith fights her off, managing to throw her off and over the ropes. Faith drops to her knees, not seeing Vivica catch herself on the apron, before sliding back in the ring!

    Ricky: Vivica looks to be on a rampage

    Stanley: Let's see if LeFlur can come back and actually show why she's the champion.

    Faith turns, running at her assailant, but Vivica has a plan, as with a grin she kicks her title up to her hands, catching Faith in the head with it once more, knocking her hard to the mat, her own momentum adding to the damage. Vivica looks down, a self-satisfied smirk on her face before she picks the microphone back up, standing over her fallen opponent.

    Vivica: Daddy says I don't play nice, and soon all your toys will be mine.

    With one last smile, almost that of a little girl, Vivica puts her title back around her waist, and, rolling out of the ring, skips up the ramp, whistling to herself.

    Ricky: Wow, Vivica has made her claim that he wants to be next in line for a shot at the gold.

    Stanley: She may very well get it. For now we must take a quick commercial break and when we return, we'll see more action here on Zero Gravity.
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    We go backstage, and the music of an unknown superstar plays....There is no-one in shot until a black haired handsome young man comes into the shot of the cameraman, microphone in hand. Most don't remember the young man, with cockiness resonating off him, but some recognize him as the self proclaimed prodigy who worked for a short time in HWA, TWE and IWA. They remember the disrespectful brat that he was and begin to boo him.

    Diamond: Ahh... I see some of you fools remember me. If you don't, and how you don't is beyond me, I am 'Your Prodigy' Chris Diamond, and for those of you who don't know, I am a pretty amazing wrestler. I always stand by the motto 'Fuck you I won't do what you tell me'..... ya know why?? Cause every company I've ever worked for has screwed me over, one way or the other. I was in the middle of a good run in HWA, they closed down...TWE the stupid bastards didn't recognize my potential. And of course WWE, the empire of Vince McMahon, they screwed me over too. So why do I keep coming back?? I'm a winner, that's why. And winners never give up. Now, I'm not gonna spew crap about how I think I'm a hero, and try to make you people love me, cause honesty, I couldn't give a crap what you people think of me. I don't need you or anybody's help to succeed in this company!

    Now the whole crowd begin to boo Diamond, but he just laughs

    Diamond: You honestly think that your opinions have any adverse effect on me? Do you even know what adverse means? Thought so. I'm 99% sure that the guys in charge of JBW are jackasses that will try and use me as their puppet, and they'll try to make me say things that I really don't mean, but I'm here to tell them personally, that won't happen! I do what I want, when I want, and I'll be so damn good in that ring, on this microphone, that they can't ignore me, no matter how much they want to!

    The crowd begin to chant 'YOU SUCK!' but Diamond brushes off their hate

    Diamond: Tonight, I face Darius... an expierienced wrestler, no doubt, a good wrestler yes, but World Class, on my level? Bitch, please!! Gime a break, no-one is on my level, no-one in the back never mind Darius, can match my talent! I'm a golden nugget. In these gloomy times, I am the shining light. I am the Next Big Thing! Forget Kyojin, The Devils Advocate, Tommy Thunder, forget all of them...because I promise you, in 3 months time, you won't be talking about them, you'll be talking about me, Chris Diamond!

    The crowd boo again and begin chanting 'TDA! TDA! TDA!'

    Diamond: Yeah, go ahead, bow down to the propaganda machine and chant for your hero. You people are all being used as puppets and you don't even know it. It makes me sad to tell you this, but you're all idiots. You have been brainwashed by the idiots at the head of this company and you believe everything your beloved jman tells you! Well, that is my mission, to break the mould, go against the norm and become the Champion here on Zero Gravity, become the face of Zero Gravity, become the face of this company, and by God I'll do it whatever fucking way I want to! Darius, tonight, I will defeat you. I know it, you know it, everybody hear knows that Chris Diamond is better than you, punk!

    The crowd boo louder than ever, as Diamond just laughs and the camera goes black.....

    Ricky: Diamond is quite the talker, let's see if he can his debut here tonight.

    Darren Black: The following contest is set for one fall, introducing first tanding in at 6' 1" tall and weighing in at 228 pounds, He is "The Prodigy" Chris Diamond!!!!

    Diamond comes out to raucous boos. Screams into the camera 'F*** you, I wont do what you tell me!' Stands in the middle of the ramp and stretches his arms out as fireworks erupt behind him (ala MVP). Rips off his coat and camera swivels round to see the words Fuck you I wont do what you tell me' on the back as he heads to the ring and looks ready to put on a show.

    Ricky: Cocky little shit, ain't he?

    Stanley: Those are the ones who make it in this business.

    Darren Black: And his opponent from Albany, New York. Weighing in at 235 pounds, he is "The Innovator of Insanity".....Darius!!!!!

    Darius heads to the ring confident as can be set to make a state in JBW with Diamond

    Stanley: He's got quite the future ahead of him but Diamond has this in the bag.

    Ricky: Darius, is not one to go down, so my money's on him. Let's see who wins as the match begins now.

    Chris Diamond (Hardy) vs Darius (Edge)

    Stop at 9:49

    Both men are up, as Darius goes for a Clothesline, but Diamond ducks and goes for a Superkick, as Darius lands on the top rope. Diamond goes for a Spear, but Darius moves out of the way and replies Big Boot as Diamond get's dizzy, Darius has him right where he wants him, and he begins to motion Spear, Diamond turns around, but Diamond jumps, and strikes with a Missile Dropkick! He goes for the cover, but Darius is one step ahead of Diamond as he places his foot on the ropes!

    Ricky: Great thinking by Darius.

    Diamond doesn't look to happy, so he decides to grab Darius' leg before repeatedly kicking it as Darius shouts in pain. Diamond runs from one side to another, to strike with a Leg Drop, but Darius moves out of the way before striking with an Atomic Drop! He gets up on the top rope, and he jumps off- before going for a Spear, but Diamond reverses it into a Facebreaker! Darius begins to get up, and turns around- as Diamond puts his middle finger up, before Darius kicks him in the gut, and lays him out with a DDT!

    Stanley: Come on, Diamond, get back in this.

    Diamond is in massive pain, as Darius looks proud with what he has done! Darius motions Spear, as Diamond is slowly getting up, Darius goes...but Diamond moves out of the way as Darius' head crashes onto the turnbuckle, Darius turns around into a Spinebuster as Diamond then beings to taunt the crowd! He gets up on the top rope, and he puts his middle finger up, before launching at hitting Darius with a 450 Splash! He motions Diamond Cutter, as Darius slowly get's up...DIAMOND CU-NO! Darius pushes Diamond, and replies with a Roundhouse Kick! Before going for the cover...




    Ricky: The match was just about over right there.

    Stanley: You're telling me, I almost lost my composure there.

    Both men get up slowly, before they have a massive staredown. Darius smirks at him, before Diamond puts his middle finger up- as he hits him with a strike to the jaw! Darius flips, and does the same, as they both start to exchange vicious strikes!

    Stanley: Here we go!

    Ricky: Back and forth they go!


    Darius goes for another strike, but Diamond grabs Darius' hand- before kicking Darius in the gut, and he sets him up for the Powerbomb! Diamond goes to hit him with it, but Darius manages to grab onto the ropes! Darius let's go off the ropes, before repeatedly punching Diamond in the head, as Diamond let's go, Darius goes for a Spear, but Diamond reverses it into a Diamond in the Rough! He goes for the cover...



    Thr-But Darius manages to get his foot on the ropes!

    Ricky: Again Darius manages to save the match.

    Diamond can't believe it, and he goes to complain to the ref! He puts his middle finger up at the ref, before pushing him! However, Diamond turns around...SPEAR! Darius goes for the cover!

    Stanley: NO!!!!!!




    Darren Black: Here is your winner.....Darius!!!!

    Ricky: Way to keep your composure there, Stanley.

    Stanley: Shut the fuck up and let's just go to our commercial.
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    Stanley: Now folks we'll....

    AJ Dixon’s music plays throughout the arena and, as he usually does, walks down the ramp to the ring showered by boos from the crowd. Primetime hops in the ring and rips the mic from the stage hand.

    Dixon: So it seems that some of y’all have forgotten about Primetime. And that makes sense, seeing as how you ain’t seen me on JBW TV in forever! And why is that you ask? Well that’s because JBW don’t want me on TV! That must be the reason... Why else would the Primetime Superstar, the best thing in JBW today, be left off of JBW networking?

    If JBW wants to survive in primetime, then JBW needs to start using Primetime, get what I’m sayin’? JBW needs to recognize what it is letting slip away from them. I’m perfection, I am talented, and I’m the best thing to happen to this company and I aim to take the top spot from those aging hacks you guys call legends!

    The JBW crowd starts to boo as Dixon starts in on their favorite wrestlers. Many of the fans hold up the signs they have brought to the show, showing off names of some of the greats. Dixon notices all the fans reacting.

    Dixon: You have all this love for the weakest of us, while the strongest of us thrive. You don’t even know what you cheer for anymore. I see your signs, I see the names you praise. You sheep! You can’t get past what was. You can’t even see the future is already here in front of you.

    I will prove to you, I will prove to ALL of you how wrong you all are. I will show you what you are all missing, what All of you are forgetting, what you are neglecting. I’ll take on anyone, any person that thinks they are Primetime enough to take on AJ Dixon. I will show you all the future that y’all are avoiding. The future is here, and you are just prolonging the inevitable. So this a call to the locker room, to the backstage area, to the fans here in these here seats.

    Whoever thinks they got what it takes to take on Primetime AJ Dixon, come on down and try to take my spotlight.

    Stanley: Well before he rudely interrupted, I was gonna introduce Dixon but he's taken care of that and issued a challenge, let's see if anyone will answer it. Doubt it.

    Ricky: We got someone, Stanley

    Jack Phoenix stands on he stage being cheered on by the masses before he speaks with a mic he already has in hand.

    Phoenix: Man, do you ever shut up?!

    Crowd Cheers

    Phoenix: I just hate it when whiners like you get time on the mic, all you do is bitch and moan about how you cant take your own opportunities, about how you want everything handed to you on a silver platter, is freaking terrible I got here through determination, I had to fight my way off the streets of Chicago just to get any sort of shot in this business and I'm incredibly lucky to be in one of the biggest companies here today.

    So you know what I do. I don't whine when I don't get a shot at a title or get to be on the main event, as long as I get to come out here every week and give these fans matches they will tell there grandsons, hell even there great-grandsons about, its a privilege to be here and im just gonna take whatever shots I get, starting with this open challenge your offering.

    I think beating you should at least get me somewhere and hell it will be fun as hell to put a whiny ass bitch in his place, I don't care how talented you think you are because from what ive seen your pathetic. I mean you haven't won anything in, hell I don't know but I think dinosaurs roamed the planet at the time so theres a rough idea, now I'm gonna give oh lets say 10 seconds to get ready for the aerial onslaught of the one and only Jack Phoenix, so I suggest you let those tiny little balls drop and get ready to have you ass kicked around this arena.

    Hell, screw the time, I'm coming for you right now.

    Jack drops the mic and sprints towards the ring, a ref not too far behind him and we have ourselves a match.

    Start at 2:56

    Stop a 2:45

    Dixon (Homicide) vs Phoenix (Red) Ignore West

    Dixon argues with ref over 3 count.

    Stanley: That's right, Dixon fight the ref. He was too slow.

    Ricky: Are you insane? He's just doing his job. Phoenix is recovering so Dixon needs to focus.

    Phoenix is on his feet dazed, Dixon notices this and tries to clothesline Phoenix but Phoenix ducks under and in a swift kicks Dixon in the gut and sets him up for a Cradle DDT, which he connects before going fo a quick cover....




    Dixon kicks out

    Stanley: Oh sure, for Phoenix the ref does a fast count. Luckily Dixon is too good to stay down.

    Phoenix is not one to waste time and picks up Dixon, signaling for the ReBirth (Leg trap sunset flip powerbomb) but Dixon comes alive pushing Phoenix back and goes for a Super Kick but Phoenix catches his foot and Dixon is hopping about in the ring.

    Ricky: Dixon's in trouble.

    Dixon tries to swing at Phoenix but can't, Phoenix smiles before pushing Dixon back and he hits his head hard against the mat. Phoenix leaps towards the top rope and prepares for the Phoenix Star Press but the fans sudden ooohhhhsss!!! overcome the arena as Phoenix holds on to his groin after Dixon recovered and kicked the ropes.

    Stanley: That's more like it.

    Ricky: Dixon has to finish this now.

    Dixon now climbs to the top rope and picks up Phoenix, both men now balancing one another on the top turnbuckle before Dixon shouts: It's Primetime!!!! and goes for The Mug Shot (Jumping Reverse STO) off the top rope. It connects!!!!

    Dixon covers...1.........2..........3!!!

    Darren Black: Here is your winner...."Primetime" AJ Dixon!!!!

    Ricky: Dixon has impressed many with that win. Phoenix did a good job, though.

    Stanley: Good job? What are we in Kindergarten? He lost. Dixon won. Plain and simple. Now when we return we'll see our main event as Kyojin and Sagittarius Blue square off.
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    Ricky: It's now time for our main event of the evening folks, Blue vs Kyo.

    Darren Black: The following contest is your Zero GravityMain Event of the evening!!!!! It is scheduled for one fall and introducing first from the Classic City of Athens, Georgia, standing at 5' 8" and weighing in at 130lbs, he is "The Royal Rockstar"......Sagittarius Blue!!!!

    Blue hits the ramp, to the roar of the crowd wearing his custom jacket on with the hood up, he stands still, looking around with his face slightly hidden by the hood. He then drops the hood down and yells “NOW OR NEVER” while raising the rockstar hand sign (just like Edge) before rushing the ring. When playing to the crowd, he uses the hand sign and yells out: "Now or Never"

    Ricky: Blue certainly has some charisma and knows how to make an entrance.

    Stanley: He can enter how ever he wants, Kyojin as well for that matter. This match is gonna suck.

    Darren Black: And introducing his opponent originally from Hiroshima, Japan and now residing in Chicago, IL. Standing at Five foot Nine and weighing in at 220 pounds, he is "The Noble Warrior".....Kyojin!!!!

    Kyojin appears on stage and the arena explodes with cheers as the Japanese sensation heads to the ring and meets Blue in the ring stretching out his hand in respect and Blue accepts.

    Stanley: What is this, Ring of Honor?

    Ricky: It's called respect Stanley, you'd know what it is if you ever actually gave some to the competitors in the ring. Enought of this though it's time for our main event, right now.

    Blue (MVP) vs Kyo (Nakamura)

    Stop at 7:00

    Blue has an armbar on Kyojin and Kyo is fighting the hold with all he has before he finally reaches the rope in front him and Blue breaks as Kyojin holds him arm in pain. Blue however wastes no time at all and goes up top.

    Stanley: I hope crashes and burns.

    Sagittarius is on the top rope waiting for Kyojin to get up. As Kyojin is getting up Kyojin hits a corkscrew leg drop onto Kyojin and Sagittarius goes for the pin



    Thre..KICK OUT!

    Kyojin kicks out right before the three count!

    Ricky: That was close, Blue almost had it.

    Sagittarius is dumbfounded and waits for Kyojin to start getting up and hits him with a few kicks. Kyojin is feeling them but he catches one of the kicks and hits an enziguri of his own to the back of Sagittarius’ head!

    Ricky: What a kick to Blue's head.

    Stanley: I bet he sees those stars he always talks about now.

    Kyojin then gets up and picks up Sagittarius and goes for a big suplex! Sagittarius is somehow able to land on his feet, kicks Kyo's leg forcing him to kneel and Blue's speed helps in him seizing the moment to connect Kyo with a Shining Wizard! Blue covers Kyo....




    Kyo once again kicks out.

    Stanley: Not bad at all.

    Ricky: Are you enjoying this match, Stanley?

    Stanley: Shut up!


    Blue now stands up and picks up Kyojin who stands a bit dazed in the middle of the ring before looking on to the crowd and yelling out “NOW OR NEVER!”. Blue now goes for a High-angle dropkick called The Sagittarius Shot but Kyo sidesteps the move falling hard to the mat.

    Stanley: I think this may be over soon. Thank goodness.

    Blue is getting up again and this time Kyojin hits the Truth Hurts (Beautiful Disaster) laying Sagittarius out.

    Ricky: Blue is out cold!!!

    Kyojin now has the fans on his side as he signal that he will climb the top rope, doing in a swift motion before looking down on Blue and on to the crowd nodding, he positions himself and hits the Rising Sun (Double Rotation Moonsault) going for the pin immediately after.




    Darren Black: Here is your winner Kyojin!

    Ricky: Fantastic win for Kyojin, this puts him in a great place to challenge Alexander soon.

    Stanley: Whatever, up next we hear from what may very well be the hottest acquisition Zero Gravity has right now, Arthur Lansdale...when return from this final commercial break.
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    Zero Gravity returns to the air and the peace is broken and the fans erupt into an ocean of boos, wave after wave crashing and rebounding off the walls. The crowd tonight have more reason to hate Lansdale after his post match assault on Rob Rage at Resurrection and the 'theft' of the Underground Title on the Jabetron before.....

    Right on cue, Lansdale strides out slowly from the back, the Underground Title wrapped around his waist. He smirks at the fans who bay for his blood and simply raises a finger to his lips with further raises their ire. He looks down at the belt and nods in complete satisfaction, clearly convinced of his own perceived divine right to wear a belt that he believes is rightfully his.

    Lansdale heads down towards the ring, climbing the steel steps before stepping through the ropes and unbuckling the belt. He slowly raises it above his head with both hands and looks up at it as if looking at his most prized possession before bringing the belt back down and resting it on his shoulder. A "Lansdale Sucks!" chant breaks out as he reaches into a jacket pocket and pulls out his personal microphone, but undeterred he speaks.

    Lansdale: Never.. and I mean never, make a promise that you have no intention, or ability for that keep. Week upon week, day after day, the stagnant, putrid bile spewed forth, gushing like a great tainted and diseased geyser from Robert Rages mouth.. hollow words fell flat and lifeless. Rage, the deluded fool.. promised all of YOU, that he would walk in and out of Resurrection as the Underground Champion.. promised all of YOU that he would beat me in this very ring.. promised HIMSELF that he would walk away from Mr. Arthur Lansdale's school of class unscathed.. and all of you, like sheep to the shepherd.. followed him. Oh how foolish do you feel now? How utterly misguided you were..

    Lansdale's smirk turns into a sneer, clearly angered by the disrespect the crowd show him through the boos and jeers.

    Lansdale: Where I on the other hand.. kept my promises. I tore Rob Rage limb from limb.. I drove him into the very dirt and ground his hopes, his dreams and his aspirations into dust. So desperate to cling to the final threads of his false reign was he that my assault, my unstoppable attack.. drove him to enlist the aid of an inept.. gutless.. crooked malcontent in the guise of a referee. So distraught was he that I, Mr Arthur Lansdale remained stalwart, refusing to fall to an inferior.. that he cheated me out of my crowning glory.. my victory.

    Make no mistake, do not fall to ignorance.. Robert Rage and this 'referee' DID indeed conceive a plan of collusion to stop me from taking what was rightfully mine. The cameras do not lie.. my foot was placed upon the rope before the count reached three.. that match was NOT over. And yet.. I sat there in the ring.. deprived of all fairness.. but not devoid of fire and a yearning for justice.

    Lansdale looks around him as the fans quieten down, no one can really argue against his case that he was wrongfully beaten, even though his claims of corruption are unbiased.

    Lansdale: I keep my promises.. the lies and malevolence of a corrupt referee would not defeat me that day. I ascended to a higher place.. justice had to be done and I smote my foe down with a great vengeance that would make the titans themselves quake in terror! I took what was rightfully mine.. this belt.. this title is mine, and with it the right to call myself Underground Champion. Rob Rage is a footnote.. he is an echo of a long forgotten past.. as far as I am concerned he is dead and rotting in the ground.. this title is MINE.. my.. compensation for the injustices I experienced!

    Lansdale holds the title up again and begins laughing to himself quietly as the fans raise their voices again.

    Lansdale: And so my reign begins.. so a new opportunity to reach the masses with my word.. with my vision rises. In the name of the Underground Championship I shall delve into the grimy deeps of depravity and degradation you parasites are addicted to.. and I shall deliver you into the light where once and for all you shall bask in my glory.. and realize me as the saviour that I truly am. The road will be long.. it will be hard.. challengers will come.. they will stand against me.. but as YOUR paragon for civility.. for honour.. for justice.. I will never.. NEVER allow anyone to cloud your eyes again. You will all see CLEARLY and recognize that your lives.. your pathetic.. amoebic existences.. are all for nothing. And that only I.. Mr Arthur Lansdale.. can give you meaning..

    Crowd chants: "Lansdale sucks" while another section of the crowd chants: "We Want Rage!!!" before this theme is heard...
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    The crowd comes alive as the JBW Superfly Champion, Erick Alexander heads to the ring to the surprise of Lansdale before entering the ring with great energy climbing his nearest turnbuckle and lifting his championship up high to the roar of the crowd before dropping down hoisting the title on his shoulder looking towards Lansdale as grabs a Mic handed to him by a nearby stage hand before he speaks.

    Alexander: Sorry I'm not Rage but I just couldn't go on hearing the bullshit that spewed out of Lansdale's mouth any longer.

    Crowd cheers excitedly

    Alexander: See, I can't stand people going about saying they're champions without actually earning the right to be called one.

    Lansdale stares coldly at Alexander

    Alexander: You think holding that championship makes you the rightful champion? Let's put that theory to the test, here...

    Alexander removes the title off his shoulder and stretches it out towards Lansdale to grab hold of but Lansdale finds no humor in Alexander's actions and dismisses him only for Alexander to give a small laugh before putting the title back on his shoulder and continues to speak.

    Alexander: It's no fun simply taking things that don't belong to you without the person actually worthy of carrying them being on the floor because you attack them like a it?

    Lansdale looks pissed

    Alexander: You have no honor, you got no heart and you have no right to call yourself the JBW Underground Champion, that's a title fitting of the man who actually is Rob Rage.

    He is more of a champion, JBW superstar and even more of a man than you'll ever be and that's what kills you, Lansdale. Knowing you'll never be better than Rage and so you take what doesn't belong to you simply because you feel you deserve it. You have nothing and you are nothing. You know it yourself and -

    Lansdale has heard enough and in a fit of rage attacks Alexander with the JBW Underground Championship hitting him in the side of the head with it before beginning to stomp the back and ribcage of Alexander with great ferocity and the look of a man possessed as he's yelling out: "I'm nothing??!!! You are nothing next to me!!!" and continues his assault on Alexander without seemingly no end before we hear....

    Lansdale turns to see Rage sprinting towards the ring in a mad dash to get his hands on him, but Lansdale is having none of it and hightails it out of the ring with the JBW Underground Championship in his possession, as Rage just barely manages to grab hold of Lansdale by the hair, leaving an irate Rage in the ring who screams out of the top of his lungs that he's gonna kick Lansdale's ass very soon before he calms down a bit and offers a hand to Erick Alexander in the ring helping up in the process before they each now face Lansdale who's up on the stage raising the JBW Underground Championship up high and yells out: I AM THE CHAMPION!!!! as Zero Gravity goes off the air.
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