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    We get a peek around The Palace of Auburn Hills and the new JBW Killzone set before a very familiar voice greets us.

    Pat: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the first ever episode of JBW Killzone! I’m Pattrick Riley and my partner, for now and forever, apparently, is Dudley Erikson.

    Dudley: D’awwwww, you know you missed me!

    Pat: Honestly, yeah, I did. I’ve also missed this! The crowd, the atmosphere….JBW is back!

    Dudley: Indeed it is, Pat. I must say, I’m impressed with all the new talent being brought in. Especially the likes of Van, Black Blooded, and Mike Hawk.

    Pat: Well, for all this new blood, our World Champion is a JBW legend. You might not like TDA, Duds, but you had to happy for the guy at Blood Harvest.

    Dudley: No, I wasn’t. Roman should be champion.

    Pat: Oh, Christ………

    Dudley: Wha-

    http://<a href="</a>

    Dudley’s feigned innocence is interrupted by those legendary first few chords of ACDC’s rock anthem and the appearance of Jman at the top of the ramp. The JBW original, dressed in a Killzone T-shirt, jeans, and a baseball cap inscribed with a Philadelphia Phillies logo, makes his way down the ramp to a thunderous pop.

    Dudley: Well, I guess it was too much to ask that Jman be gone in all the turnover, huh?

    Pat: Actually, as awful as I think it is, you might get your wish. Rumors have been circulating all day that Jman is retiring tonight.
    Dudley: Really? Yes!

    Clearly, something is on Jman’s mind because, after grabbing a mic from a stagehand, he leans on the ropes with a thoughtful look on his face. Finally, after a long moment, he begins to speak in a somber tone.

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    Jman: For the last 14 days, I’ve been bombarded with one question. “Why, J, did you attack Dubs at Blood Harvest?” Well, it’s simple. I attacked Dubs because what he said is based in a very real, very painful reality for me.

    The crowd murmurs as Jman continues.

    Jman: Before we get too far down that road, though, let’s get one thing straight…If I wanted to, I could stand here right now and say I’m challenging TDA for the World Heavyweight Championship at Resurrection and that match would steal the show and be an early favorite for 2013 Match of the Year.

    The crowd pops hard but J just keeps going.

    Jman: But that’s not what I want to do. It’s not what I’m needed for in JBW anymore. Blood Harvest changed my role in this company forever. For better or worse, the new era of JBW is here and now is my time to take a step back and let all these new faces strut their stuff.

    There’s a mixed reaction as Jman continues.

    Jman: So, was Dubs right in saying I had lost a step? No, absolutely not. But then there was his assertion that I retire. That’s what got me thinking. With all this change around me, with fellow old school Jabesters parading out the door in droves, with new blood filling the locker room…The only logical question I could think to ask myself after Blood Harvest was “Am I needed here anymore?” The answer I came to every time I asked myself that question in the last two weeks was “No.” An unequivocal, resounding “No.” Why, I told myself, would I want to take air time, publicly, or a spot on the card from someone who actually needs it. Ego? No. Money? No. Championships? No. those guys in the locker room are family. Nothing gets in the way of family.

    Crowd: Please don’t go! Please don’t go! Please don’t go!

    Jman: So, after the scheduled entertainment was finished for tonight, I was fully prepared to come out here, say goodbye, and go home. Then, when I got here this morning and told my old pal Eddie what my intentions were, he made me an offer. An offer, as my people might put it, that I couldn’t refuse. It was the perfect opportunity. I’d get to be a part of JBW, a place that I love dearly, on a daily basis and my concerns about getting in the way of the next generation were squashed. To make a very long story short, I’m the General Manager of Killzone.

    The crowd pops like crazy for that news and Jman is clearly relieved to have gotten all he had to say off his chest. The new GM visibly relaxes before continuing to speak.

    Jman: So, now that I’m done rambling, let’s get down to business. Ever since we debuted the TV title, I’ve always thought we should, y’know, have it defended on TV more than once in a blue moon. Now that I have that power, I’m going to make that happen. So, tonight, it’ll be the World Television Champion Malcolm Cage versus the man he didn’t score the pin over at Blood Harvest; Mike Hawk.

    Then, with me joining Pat and Duds on commentary, ‘cause I can, it’ll be HolyJose versus the man who beat yours truly at Blood Harvest, Shuriken, in the main event. The winner of that match will go on to face TDA at Resurrection.

    The crowd pops again.

    Jman: We’ll have a bunch of other fun stuff going on too but, right now, I’d like to bring somebody out here; somebody who should’ve opened this show. The new Justifiably Badass Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion and my good friend; TheDevilsAdvocateeeeeeeeeeeee!

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    The new World Heavyweight Champion comes out to a deafening pop. The usually solemn TDA seems to be enjoying this as he walks down the ramp. He acknowledges Jman as he enters the ring before grabbing a mic.

    TDA: This JBW World Heavyweight Championship feels nice laying over my shoulder!

    *Crowd pops*

    After all the pain and suffering I have put toward my journey to acquire this I feel relieved to stand here Tonight as YOUR Champion. Without the support of all of you I most certainly would not be here right now sharing this moment with all of you. I have had a lot of foes and a lot of friends and whether or not dislike exists between them and I… I would like to extend my hand in thanks to them for providing me with enough fights to last me a life time in regards to story-telling long after I am retired. That is going to be a long time coming though as my journey as a World Heavyweight Champion has just begun! In late 2011 I told all of you that change was coming.. That change is now. So buckle down your seats and enjoy this roller coaster ride going forward!

    *TDA reaches into his pocket then pulls out a mugshot of himself from his SuperNova days. A camera zooms in on it for all to see.*

    I wanted to get to this moment so badly that I was never concerned about getting arrested. We were all a little crazy back then and it has became considerably obvious by now that the tides are steadily changing. If you refuse to change when these very same tides roll on by then you WILL get swept under and held under until’ your career drowns. You have to mold yourself into whatever the current mold is at that specific point in time. You can not just come in here with your balls swinging around in every other direction and stating that you are the best thing going today because you will get bitch slapped and check mated in this industry. Go in small and build your way up. Learn from the mistakes of others and keep going for as long as you possibly can. Like me, you could become a World Heavyweight Champion.

    I joined JBW with dreams of achieving so much, and I never once thought that I would literally achieve my every dream in this business. It is quite amusing to me that I debuted on JBW’s Blood Harvest and achieved this dream of mine at the second Blood Harvest. That pay per view will always be apart of me since it holds so many wonderful memories for me. Tonight, tomorrow, or any other day after this you will all see a new me. I will perform like I have never performed before. I will give it my all until’ my dying breath! Your eyes will be opened to something that you have not seen in years. I will give you exactly what Roman Flare failed to provide you!

    Jose and Shuriken? I am going to be brutally honest here. I am hoping that Jose pulls the win on this one because Shuriken has had opportunities thrown into his lap since he started. But no-matter who wins tonight I will give them a run for their money and I will make them regret ever getting inside of the ring with me. I have seen all the shit they keep talking about and I will take both of them on and I can easily take both of them down. Mark this down! … Whoever wins… I will guarantee everyone here tonight that I will walk out of that match as the winner.

    The crowd pops again as Devs is about to leave but..

    ???: Now hooold everyone for just 1 second!

    *Van Hooligan X then walks outside to a chorus of boos and the arrogance S.O.B seems to be feeding off it. He walks down the ramp and into the ring whilst speaking.*

    Van: Let's get 1 thing straight here. TDA, you're no doubt 1 of JBWs biggest legend. Hell, some would argue the biggest! But that's why I'm out here.

    See, The Vanity needs someone just like you to properly make an impact around here and I can't think of a better target then the man holding that shiny title right now. See, the worst kept secret about the PPV just gone was my match against the rookies. I'm not a rookie. I'm THE rookie. Hell, if your stupid ass marks watched anything other then this show and american idol they'd know just how accomplished I am and how much of a threat I will be in this fed like I have everywhere else.

    The mighty Juh-Buh-Wuh, hmm? Once a fed to fear and now just a place that couldn't get shows out. A fed that is like it's other fed EWA but unable to let it off of life support. See, that's the thing that massively put me off this place. All of your old timers arrogance. I mean, I've been cocky a couple of times in my short career so far but you guys!? Holy hell!

    I can tell you right now that thanks to new management you've kept your biggest signing of the year. I can tell you right now that you legends that remain should count how many grains of sand you've got left before rookies like me replace your pitiful legends and create a new era that JBW will be feared and be known as the era of change.

    But alas, those are just spoilers right now, for now. I'd like to give you an offer TDA.

    You. Me. Ring. That shiny title. Tonight.

    But don't worry, I'm sure declining this offer won't damage your rep in the slightest. I'd be a scared little bitch too if I had to face a rookie like me.

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    TDA is about to answer but Jman cuts in instead.

    Jman: Y’know, Van, I like that. What better way to kick off the new era of JBW than giving a championship opportunity to give one of the young guns a title shot? So, hell, since I’m fully capable of making that happen, here’s what we’re going to do. Tonight, it’ll be TheDevilsAdvocate versus Van Hooligan X for the JBW World Heavyweight Championship.

    The crowd, despite their feelings for Van, is happy to see a title match here tonight. TDA, ever the fighting champion, and Van both seem content with J’s decision too. That doesn’t stop them from squaring up to one another as we fade to break, though.

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    <span class="messageBody" data-ft="{&quot;type&quot;:3}"><span class="userContent">

    *The fans pop, as Vulgar comes out from the curtain. He has a mic in hand, and sprints down to ringside. He slides into the ring, before raising his arm to the crowds pop*

    Vulgar: So, so, so Vulgar is here in Jabe!
    And his comeback more anticipated than WWE's Wade!

    I was in ICW, I was in HWA
    I'm the master in the ring, I make all my dawgs obey

    So I'm in the number one contenders match for TV Title!
    Against 4 other men, and a victory is vital.

    We have that Shaz fella, the man who can't decide if he's bad or good
    You should know that man, you could be from the hood!

    That's where I grow up, and now Killzone is like a soccer pitch
    I'm the captain, the best on the team, while you are just my bitch!

    Shaz your goal in life is to get laid, but a girl won't go near you.
    Only men like you, so your ass may have a boo boo

    Now what about AJ Dixon, I mean he's Primetime!
    The only people who want his picture is the police when he's just committed a crime

    The ex-IWA Champion, thanks to two of his nerdy friends.
    Why don't you follow the trend of my opponent, and for other men just bend!

    But you might already do that, is that how you became champ?
    You think you're the best in the world, but you're only best a being camp.

    What about KJ Punk? In the building, he's the only one I respect here!
    However though K, we can all tell you're queer

    Your posture is poor, and so is your wrestling skill
    You're not on top of the world, the only thing you're on is the pill

    I may respect you J, but that doesn't mean I like you,
    I belong here in JBW, when you belong in a zoo

    We have Mr. Smyth, how you ended up here I don't know
    I've got more talent than you in my little toe.

    You call people retarded, when you're the one who's dumb
    After I whip your ass so bad, you'll go back crying your mum

    You think you're the best we have to offer, but you can't be further from the truth
    You should be scrubbing toilets, and after you're beaten, poof!

    You'll be straight back in your mummy's house, whilst struggling to stand
    You won't be tooting your own horn, except the one in a band

    So who do I pin out of these four? I got a pick!
    But all of you can suck my-

    ???: Will somebody please cut this guy's microphone off?

    The crowd immediately begin to boo as Mr. Smyth makes an appearance on the staging area.

    Mr. Smyth: You see, nobody wants to listen to a rapping half-wit like...

    Mr. Smyth pauses, blinks heavily and exhales.

    Mr. Smyth:...whoa! Deja vu. It's almost as if I have debuted elsewhere before and ended up doing a promo about the vulgarity of Vulgar.

    Mr. Smyth gestures, as if to say 'maybe', and walks slowly towards the ring.

    Mr. Smyth: Regardless of that, you sir are the epitome of what is wrong with JBW - dated, out of touch and unable to see the bigger picture. It's down to poor business management that JBW ended up nearly going out of business. In fighting, lack of leadership - it was all very SRW, if you ask me. It's no surprise that I'm here now. This ship needs someone like me to be the captain and now that I have arrived on the scene - to steal a catchphrase - business is going to pick up

    The crowd boos as Mr. Smyth climbs the steps and gets into the ring. Vulgar leans against the opposite turnbuckle, clearly amused.

    Mr. Smyth: You may stand there and smile gormlessly, but it's true. Wherever I go, and whatever project I take on, it turns to gold.

    The fans start to chant "You Suck!" as Mr. Smyth awaits for a moment before he continues.

    Mr. Smyth: Luckily for you, Vulgar, I am in a giving mood. So much so, in fact, that today is your first step to becoming a better man. This thuggerish way of's just not working out for you, is it? The rapping will simply get you nowhere for two reasons: reason one being because there is very little success in the world of rap music. Secondly, and most importantly, what you do is not so much rapping, but a bit more like telling a nursery rhyme.

    The crowd boo heavily, as Vulgar remains leaning in the corner.

    Mr. Smyth: The rap music scene is also one of thuggery and dim-wittedness. You, as a result of your career choice, are a retarded thug who goes from pillar to post telling your nursery rhymes about Mary and her little lamb whilst acting like a big man.Rap music is all about drive-by shootings, taking drugs and a strange obsession with gardening.

    Mr. Smyth turns to the crowd.

    Mr. Smyth: Hoe. See, that was a little joke there. Helps lighten the mood when you're in the process of telling someone that their entire life is worth less than what I flushed away in the toilet this morning.

    Crowd boos as Mr. Smyth looks back at Vulgar, who is no longer leaning against the turnbuckle.

    Mr. Smyth: See, what you should be is an upstanding member of society. Someone with vision. Someone who others look up to. Someone who knows how to handle a situation, and turn a negative into a positive. Essentially, you want to be someone like...

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    http://<a href="http://www.facebook....6OkLZ5K76s</a>

    *Many Men by 50 Cent hits on the PA System, and out comes Shaz, wearing a blue New Era hat, along with a white Pissed Mode t-shirt, and a blue Ralph Lauren hoodie.*

    Shaz: You people ought to shut up! Because now that I'm am in the ring, you people have to listen! And don't even think about giving me attitude you punks! Because I swear to god, if you two do! There will be serious consequences! Consequences, such as me, the best in the world kicking both of your asses to oblivion! Attitude is something that I don't accept, unless it comes from me!

    *Crowd boo Shaz, as Mr. Smyth and Vulgar look pissed*

    Shaz: Hey there Vulgar! Remember me? It's Shaz! I can't belie- Oh dear god, you don't remember me do you? Okay, let me just do a little brainstorm so you can get these facts into your thick head! Remember ICW? Where in my first ever match, I pinned you, and used ropes for leverage? Man, that was a good moment! Remember when we had our last match? Where I made you say the following words...."I Quit"...

    Yeah, I thought so! Now you remember, I made you say the words I Quit, and yet you still have the audacity to come out and chat shit to me! You see, I was never good. Because I was always bad. I was always a tough son of a bitch! Born and bred in the streets of Brixton, and I'm repping them streets! I take it you don't know what that means huh? Shows how hood you really are.

    Don't ever, and I mean, ever come out here, trying to act like a gangster! Because you, will never be one! You're just a poor mans Lil Wayne, and Drake! Pussy ass rapper, with no soul! Trying to act all big, by spitting! But no, rapping doesn't make you a gangster! It makes you look like a fool! You see, I'm the definition of a gangster! And I'm proud! You really wanna be a gangster?

    Then go and brutally attack someone! And get arrested for GBH! Go and get bullied in prison! Go and stay in your cell for a year, and use that year by trying to get more strong and hench! And get out of that cell, and attack the bullies! Because that's what I've done! I've stabbed people, I've brutally attacked people during my time as a gangster! And that's what makes me a gangster! Not coming out here, trying to act like Eminem, with your pathetic bars!

    *Crowd boo as they chant VULGAR!*

    Shaz: Which leads me to Mr. Smyth! Hey Smyth! Now let me also ask you a question! How does it feel man? How does it feel, knowing that you are the worlds because troglodyte that ever lived? Huh? I'm pretty sure you'd like to tell the whole world! Because every single night, you make an appearance, if it's IWA, ICW, or whatever, you always seem to bore the hell out of me!

    No lie Smyth, seriously! All your words, I'll admit I don't understand. Because I wasn't the good ol' goodie two shoes in school! But you're full of it! Full of words! Cause that is all you do Mr. Smyth! You talk the talk, but you can't walk the walk! You can't back it up, and you've proved that in several other Efeds! And oh god, don't even get me started on your wrestling ability.

    So I've been told, that in this 5 man match to determine the new number one contender, as well as you two mongrels..we also have KJ Punk! And AJ Dixon! Now, hear me out. KJ Punk, was the first IWA World Champion! But the only problem is, he lost it a months later! Now THAT just goes to show, that he isn't worthy enough of winning the big one, let alone a match that contains a Television title shot!

    And then we have AJ Dixon! The current IWA Champion! The guy, who can't decide if he is English or not. In fact, another guy, who thinks he is all hood! Well, I'mma kick that thought out of his head tonight! Because no one, and I mean NO ONE THINKS THEY ARE HOOD EXCEPT ME!! Selfish I know, but that is how the best in the world rolls, why? Simple! Because I just can!

    I am absolutely SICK, and TIRED of these mongrels in JBW, acting like they are from the hood! I've had enough! They've never felt the pain, like me! They've never felt the experience that I felt. And to them to come out, and have the cheek to act like this, turns me from normal..into PISSED MODE! Cause I am the best in the world at what I do! And there is nothing! And I mean NOTHING! That can take that away from me!

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    *KJ Punk makes his way from the back wearing a “Chicken Dinner” t-shirt, as the crowd pops loudly for him. He has a microphone in hand as he is walking down the ramp*

    Punk: Jeez, is everybody nowadays from da hood? We got Shaz from da hood, we got Vulgar from the hood, we got AJ Dixon from da hood and then there’s Smyth who ain’t from da hood.

    *Punk climbs into the ring and steps through the ropes*

    Punk: I ain’t from da hood either Smyth. I’m from the woods. I grew up scratching and clawing for everything. Everything I’ve earned, I’ve fought tooth and nail for. You think everything should be handed to you like it’s Jabe’s obligation to give it to you. Well you see, that’s not how things happen in this business. Opportunities are earned, and only those that are deserving get them. You ain’t deserving. These people here can’t stand you! They would instantly turn the channel if you were to come on screen as their TV Champ!

    *The crowd pops as KJ turns to Vulgar*

    Punk: Then we have this Dr. Seuss wanna be. Well I got a rhyme for you Vulgar, it goes a little something like this:
    I’m KJ Punk, a gladiator of this arena
    After I beat you chumps, I’ll be laughing like a hyena
    Vulgar please stop with these rhymes, they’re getting old fast
    It’ll be tough to rap when you’re wearing a full body cast
    You act like a G, with your bling and spinner
    But after I win the fans’ll chant WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!

    *The crowd laughs as KJ laughs at himself*

    Punk: What? I know that was bad! It was my first shot!

    *Punk turns to Shaz*

    Punk: Now Shaz, me and you are starting to get a little familiar with each other. Our paths have crossed a few times and I’m sure they’ll cross many more before we’re through. You’re right, I won the IWA Championship and lost it in my first defense. But you see, it took three men to hold me down and to take the title from me! You know what that’s like don’t you? You’re used to having men hold you down aren’t you?

    *The crowd pops*

    Punk: Now that brings me to A.J. Dixon. I don’t really care about winning this match. My goal here is to make sure that sonovabitch doesn’t walk away with the number one contendership. AJ, I’m going to beat the shit outta you and without you’re little buddies here to protect you, you don’t stand a chance. So why don’t you walk your little gangsta ass out here so I can beat you all the way back to da hood!

    http://<a href="</a>

    AJ Dixon’s music plays through the arena as the Primetime superstar comes out to a crowd full of boos. Dixon is extremely pissed off as he sees Shaz standing in the ring.

    Dixon: Everyone shut da fuck up. No one cares wat da fuck y’all hafta say. None of y’all are shit fa real. I haf been doin’ this longer dan any of you clowns. I deserve dis shot way more dan any of y’all. You all are pathetic wastes of skin, and if I had it my way, none of y’all would be here. JBW ain’t primetime material while y’all are here, and I plan on solving dat problem very quickly.

    Dixon turns and looks at Vulgar

    I don’t even know what to say about you man, youz a joke and haf never been anything. You ain’t even da best rapper in wrestling much less in da world. You are a sorry excuse for a wrestler and don’t deserve to be in da same match as me.

    Dixon turns to Mr. Smyth

    I can’t hate you Mr. Smyth, I agree in your idea, we hafta figure out wat is best for business, right? But I’ll be honest, da best thang for business isn’t Mr. Smyth. No da best thing fa business is Primetime. Dat Primetime spotlight is da only thang dat is best fo business. And in order for business ta boom is ta haf Primetime on top.

    Dixon turns to KJ Punk

    My main man KJ. We’ve known each other for how long now? Man it feels like ages. And it seems if it ain’t one of us, den it is da otha’. You know wat Punk I, don’t care about you anymo’. You ain’t my issue. I’ve already proven myself against you. I am da clear best between us. I’m glad to know dat I am your goal, cause when I destroy you and everyone else, it will hurt even more for you. Insult to injury.

    Dixon then turns his attention to Shaz

    And you... all I have to say to you is that you should probably stay away from me in dis match. Cause if I get my hands on you, I WILL FUCKIN’ KILL YOU! Dat ain’t a threat, dat is a promise. Once I get my hands around your neck, I won’t let go. You took da only thing dat mattered to me, so now I don’t care wat happens. I will make you beg for your life. How about dat for hood you punk ass bitch!

    Dixon is in a frenzy as he continues.

    I can’t believe dey got me out here wif you punks. Especially afta’ what happen to me dis week. It’s like dey want ta drag me out here and parade me around like a fucking dawg!

    “Oh look at Primetime, ain’t he sorry? He can’t even keep a title for two weeks!”
    “Oh look at AJ Dixon, da fucking laughing stock of wrestling!

    I’m fuckin’ pissed off and y’all picked da wrong night ta put me in a match. I got nothin’ ta lose at this point fellas. So you all betta watch da fuck out.

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    Stop at 19:06

    Smyth (Morrison) vs Vulgar (Truth) vs Shaz (Orton) vs Punk (Cena) vs Dixon (Ziggler)

    (Ignore Nexus, but not Ryan)

    Dudley Erickson: What a match this has been so far, we've seen Dixon best Shaz at the start of this match by grabbing his tights and then the vicious attack on Shaz by Ano Doom for no good reason.

    Patrick Riley: Vulgar has shined in this match though eliminating Dixon and Smyth to now be in that ring battling it out with KJ Punk to see who will be the next #1 contender to JBW Unified World TV Championship at Resurrection.

    Both men are now getting back to their feet. Punk first to the roar of the crowd and charges toward Vulgar with a clothesline, which knocks Vulgar but he quickly gets back up receiving yet another clothesline and again he rises to receive a final clothesline from Punk and the crowd is on fire.

    Punk nows goes for the Southern Discomfort (Anaconda Vice) but Vulgar fights him off with kick to the head.

    Patrick Riley: That could've been the match right, how is Vulgar still in this?

    Vulgar now rises to his feet and locks in The High C (Mandible Claw) and the rowd is not pleased but Punk is fighting it with every inch of his being.

    Vulgar is trying to apply more pressure Punk is still in this before resorting to headbutting Vulgar hard to release The High C.

    Dudley Erickson: What a desperation move. Punk has to capitalize right now.

    Punk is coughing loudly but soon gains his composure and bounces off the ropes to gain speed and twists to perform his patented Rolling Elbow!!!! Vulgar is out!!!! Punk covers....




    Darren Black: Here is your winner and now #1 contender to the JBW Unified World TV Championship!!!! KJ!!!! PUNK!!!!!!!!

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    Pat: We're back and it's time for to head backstage and hear from Shuriken.

    Dudley: Oh, goody.

    Shuriken is seen in the back as Stacey Mitchell comes up to him with a question.

    Stacey Mitchell: Shuriken, you are scheduled to face HolyJose for the number one contendership for the JBW World Heavyweight Championship. Your thoughts on this?

    Shuriken: My thoughts? My thoughts is that I get another chance of the championship and I am very grateful that JBW has given me the opportunity. My opponent however....we don't like each other. We cannot stand each other. HolyJose is the type of guy that needs a beating before he can begin to understand anything. We have faced each other a few times but it was always me coming out on top because I am the better man. HolyJose, once again this knee here....will break your face!

    Serra is about to walk away when
    HolyJose walks up and stares down Shuriken

    HolyJose: Let me take you back to September 2011. I was both the JBW WARFare World Television Champion and the JBW WARFare World Tag Team Champion when the almighty Shuriken made his debut and automatically won the WARFare World Heavyweight Championship. A few weeks later we faced off and you humiated me. I vowed one day to come back and face you in a rematch with the only difference being is that I will come out the victor. Now over a year later I get that wish. Shuriken you've had everything handed to you since arriving to JBW. Hell even Van Hooligan X earned his shot against TDA. Since we've been on hiatus what have you done Shuriken? End Siaki's career? End Jman's career in JBW? They were weak anyways. Nothing you can do will stop me, especially you Shuriken. For my whole career the one shot that had eluded me was the World Heavyweight Championship. My eyes are set and I don't care if it's VHX or TDA, who I personally hope he retains because either way their reign will be brief. Tonight though I accomplish the promise I made myself that before I get a shot at the world championship, I'll beat you first Shuriken. I'll see in the main event.

    HolyJose walks off looking determined and focused.
    The crowd boos as we fade back to ringside.

    Pat: What a match that's going to be tonight, Duds.

    Dudley: Absolutely. Jose's got it, though.

    Pat: We'll see.

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    Your anus, K2. Ring is a euphemism for anus.

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    Chris Divine's music hits and he walks out from the back to a big pop from the fans. He has the Intercontinental Championship on his shoulder, smirking, as he poses. He stretches his arms out, as green pyro's fall behind him. He makes his way down the ramp, as he smacks a few of the fans hands. He rolls into the ring, and climbs the nearest corner, as he raises the title above himself with both hands. He drops it back onto his shoulder, as he reaches through the ropes for a mic. He turns back to the center of the ring, as his music fades.

    Divine: Soak it in....just let it sink it, what you are seeing right now.

    The fans are chanting Divine over and over, ferociously, as Divine grins.

    Divine: That's right....Divine is in JBW! On Divine's first night in this company, Divine came to that ring, Divine kicked ass, took names, and walked away as the first ever Intercontinental Champion!

    The fans are now chanting Divine is JBW, as Chris grins even more.

    Divine: Now, this is a new place for Chris Divine, and with a new place, comes some new faces, and not so new faces. Let's take a look shall we?

    Divine points to the tron, as we see an image of Jman, to a mix of big pop.

    Divine: Ah yes, the son of JBW, Jman. Divine has crossed this man one other time, and when it occurred, Jman walked away the better man. That was another place, and another time. Things have changed since then, and Divine is not the same man he was before. The next time Jman and Divine step into this ring, Divine can guarantee you a few things. It will be a 5 star classic, there will be a moment where the fans will be in total shock, and Divine will walk away the winner. Shame he's corprate now, that woulda been fun for Divine.

    The tron changes images now, as we see an image of Rob Rage, to a huge chorus from the fans.

    Divine: Ah, the new Underground Champion, and the final HWA Supremacy Champion. This is a guy Divine has yet to face in the ring. Divine saw his work in HWA, and Divine got to witness the fight he went through at Blood Harvest. Divine can say this, when...not if...but when Rob Rage and Divine step into the ring against each other, or teaming with each other, you fans will always remember it...because when you have someone as great as Rob Rage in the same company as The Divine One, it's only a matter of time before our paths cross.

    The images change once more, as we see an image of Mr Smyth, to boos from the fans.

    Divine: Now, for those of you who aren't aware of who Mr Smyth is, that's ok. It doesn't mean you are living under a rock, no...because the relevancy of Smyth is like the relevancy of Christmas in August...there is just nothing relevant about it! Now if you were wondering who Chris So Fine Divine is, you'd be living under a rock for sure. Now, Divine saw Smyth in the six pack new comers match, and Divine must say, Divine hopes to step into the ring with this chumperino. The reason is, is because someone needs to teach this fool a lesson in the ways of wrestling. Divine can do that for sure.

    The image changes once more, as we see Van Hooligan X now,, to the biggest boos out of the group.

    Divine: Now...the person that Divine came out here for...Van Hooligan X. A former HWA World Champion, a former ICW World Champion, and the next chumpette to get curb stomped by the Divine One. See, Divine doesn't just dislike VHX, Divine hates Hoolie. Do you all know why?

    The fans all chant Why.

    Divine: Because he is to wrestling, what Lindsay Lohan is to acting..cancer. He is the thing the sucks the joy and excitement out of wrestling, and make it that distasteful piece of trash you have in your mouth when you eat something disgusting. Divine has sat by idly watching as Van has run rampant on HWA, and ICW, and he is now in IWA and JBW. Divine isn't going to let Hoolie just do what he wants when he wants, because that's how the Clique occurred. Do you all want to see the Clique 2.0?

    The fans all cheer no!

    Divine: Exactly. VHX, Divine knows you are listening in the back, to open your ears, clean the wax out, stick your vibrator in there and clean it out nice and good, and listen closely. Divine is putting you on watch. One step out of line, and Divine will be heading for you, you chumpette cracker, and when Divine comes for one....Divine means...

    The fans chant NO ONE!

    Divine: Will be able to stop Divine from putting a thrashing on you.

    Divine drops the mic, as his music blares once more. He raises the belt high into the air, looking into the camera, mouthing, "You're on watch Van."

    Pat: I'm on the Chris Divine bandwagon, Duds.

    Dudley: You would be. Me? I'm on the bandwagon of a guy we're about to hear from.

    The JabeTron cuts backstage to Mike Hawk. He's training as a camera guy comes and asks for his thoughts on the title match.

    Hawk: At Blood Harvest we saw a lot of new blood and in my opinion, none of them can hold a candle to me. Sure I did not win a title on my first night like Divine or Black Blooded but I wasn't involved in the decision process in that triple threat match and there was outside interference so the way I see it, Jman made the only rational decision possible giving me a rematch. Tonight is the beginning of the era of Mayhem and Malcolm Cage is the only obstacle left that needs to be dealt with before I can take Jabe with full force.

    Now on to the future of JBW. At Blood Harvest everyone witnessed the beginning of a new era with new faces coming in and old faces are stepping up. All of the higher ups know that competition is going to be tighter now and are looking for the next big stars. Well tonight I am going to point them in the right direction as I take that title off of Cage and bring it into the present and future. I am going to give everyone a reason to know my name, to buy my gear and to watch my matches. There is only one outlet suitable for my presence and that is Television because you can't see the Lord of the Skies in action anywhere else and I am going to justify that tonight when I become the new face of JBTV. Cage, expect nothing but pure and utter mayhem in the ring tonight. I am "Mr. Mayhem" and I am your next TV champion whether you like it or not.

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    Your anus, K2. Ring is a euphemism for anus.

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