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    JBW Presents: Blood Harvest

    Location: Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan

    Sly: Welcome ladies & gentlemen to JBW: Blood Harvest! Tonight marks the beginning of a new era for this company as we kiss goodbye to every broken promise of the last year- and we get JBW back on track! I’m Sly Slyvesterstein alongside the man with no second name, Pat! What a night we have lined up tonight Pat!

    Pat: You got that right Sly, a huge night planned, with plenty of surprises along the way, but none more than the addition of TheDevilsAdvocate to the main event here, in place of Kayden James. Not only will RomanFlare have to defend against The Prophecy, he’s also got to face a giant of a man in TDA!

    Sly: Well TDA won the Gold Rush Rumble for his opportunity and he deserves it, but after a whirlwind few weeks, we’ve also got a JBW Unified TV Champion in Malcolm Cage! He defends his title tonight in a triple threat match against new guy Eddie Juarez and a mystery man. Let’s see where that goes.

    Pat: And who could ever forget Jman taking on Shuriken Blade? These two put on a hell of a show the last time, and it seems they’re set to do it all over again here tonight!

    Sly: Well we’ll also name a new JBW Intercontinental Champion, and new JBW Tag Team Champions, as the rebirth begins tonight!

    Pat: Well kicking us off, we’ve got a six-pack challenge featuring five regular Octane performers, and a brand new superstar- with the winner gaining a shot at Avidico later on in tonight’s proceedings for the JBW Superfly Championship.

    Sly: I actually believe the match will take place immediately after.

    Pat: You got that right Sly. Can’t wait for this now.

    Darren Black: The following contest is the 6 way octane exhibition.

    Making his way to the ring From the Slums of Mexico, The Flaming Warrior

    Infernio sprints down the ramp sliding into the ring

    Pat: Infernio looks ready for the 6 way tonight.

    Sly: Big opportunity for this man right here.

    Darren Black: Making his way to the ring the homicidal High-Core star Seeeeeth Thirteen.

    Seth walks out with a crazy grin on his face. He walks slowly and he is carrying a lighttube and as he reaches towards one of the members of the crowd, he bites the lighttube and spits it at the crowd member. The guy in the crowd wanted to fight Seth but he gets ejected. Seth, again, walks slowly with a grin on his face and enters the ring.

    Darren Black: Introducing… Depri$e

    Pat: He may be a former AWF Superfly champion but these days he is nothing more than a glorified jobber.

    Sly: You’re wrong, just wait and see.

    Darren Black: On His way to the ring.. Jack Phenix

    Pat: Here is my pick!

    Sly: Good choice, but I gotta go with Seth Thirteen!

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    Darren Black: Ladies and gentlemen Erickk “The Latin Terror” Alexander

    Pat: Here comes the cousin of Jason Alexander, the former AWF World Champion.

    Sly: Who's the final guy?

    Pat: It’s Kyojin! Kyojin is in JBW! What an addition!

    Sly: Wow! The final ICW Champion is here! I think I’ll have to change my pick.

    Pat: Same here.

    All men are in the ring and ready, when a woman walks out onto the stage.

    Pat: It’s Octane GM Olivia Galloway

    Olivia: Hello all you male pigs and sexy ladies
    Its me, your Octane general manager Olivia Gollaway
    Now, I have been thinking all day about this match and I think it needs something to zest it up.
    So, this 6 way match is now a 6 way elimination match.

    Pat: There we have it folks, this match will now be contested under elimination match rules.

    Match 1: Infernio vs. Seth Thirteen vs. Depri$e vs. Jack Phenix vs. Erickk Alexander vs. Kyojin in an Octane Showcase- with the winner gaining a shot at Avidico immediately afterwards

    Pat: And we are now left with just Kyojin and Erickk Alexander.

    Sly: After Kyojin eliminated my man Depri$e and the veteran of the match Infernio, while Erick eliminated Phoenix.

    Pat: And Seth got himself DQ by hitting everyone with a lightube.

    Erick and Kyojin lock up with both struggling to get one up on each other
    Finally, Erick manages to one up Kyojin as he whips kyojin into the ringpost.

    Pat: What a great Irish whip that was from Erick.

    Erick grabs Kyojin and puts him on top of the post then follows him up and starts throwing some massive punches.

    Sly: Some big hits from Erick there..

    the crowd starts counting the punches

    Crowd: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

    Before Erick gets to ten Kyojin responds with a massive kick to Erick’s head

    Pat: My god, Erick just fell to the concrete floor

    As Erick lies on the ground, Kyojin sets up for a Moonsault


    As both men lay on the concrete floor, unresponsive, the referee begins to count
    Both Kyojin and Erick are still unresponsive on the ground.
    Kyojin and Erick both begin to stir.
    Kyojin slides under the bottom rope.
    Erick finally manages to make it into the ring.
    As he does Kyojin locks in a triangle choke

    Pat: And Kyojin locks it in!

    Sly: Look! Erick has him in a pin!

    Ref: 1...2...

    Erick taps out to the choke the same time the referee counts 3

    Pat: Wha-What do we do now?

    Sly: I-I-I’m not sure….

    Erick Alexander and Kyojin are both in the ring looking dumbfounded. Both men have gone to a draw not knowing who will get the shot at Avidico’s JBW World Superfly Championship. Avidico gets up from the announcers booth and begins to walk away letting those two argue before knowing who he will face. As he reaches up to the top of the ramp Eddie from JBW Management walks out with a mic in hand

    Eddie: Well it seems here we have a dilemma. Avidico the JBW World Superfly Champion doesn’t have an opponent and both Erick and Kyojin tied in the showcase. So after reviewing the footage both Kyojin and Erick deserve a shot at the JBW Superfly Championship.

    Crowd cheers

    Eddie: Now Avidico if you want to prove you’re the best Superfly in the business you’ll face them in a triple threat match.

    Avidico looks at Eddie and mouthing “bring it on”

    Eddie: I’m glad you’re excited because the triple threat match is now! Let’s get a ref in the ring and you better make your way on over.

    Both Erick and Kyojin look at each other and Avidico rushes down and slides into the ring. All three men shake hands and the ref runs down and signals for the bell.

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    Match 2: Kyojin vs. Erick Alexander vs. Avidico(c) for the JBW Superfly World Championship

    Avidico tosses Erick out of the ring. He turns his attention to Kyojin. Avidico rushes at Kyojin and Kyojin ducks under and hits Avidico with a roundhouse kick. Kyojin runs the ropes and hits Avidico with a hard clothesline. Kyojin heads up to the top rope and hits a corkscrew moonsault and goes for the pin.



    The…BREAK UP!

    Erick Alexander breaks up the pin. Erick and Kyojin begin to brawl and exchanging blows.


    Avidco breaks up the exchange with a huge flying crossbody on both men. Avidico sets Erick and Kyojin in a certain position. He heads up to the top turnbuckle and hits a flaming star on both men. He goes for the cover on Kyojin.



    Thre….KICK OUT.

    Avidico turns his attention to Erick and goes to pin him.



    Thre..KICK OUT!

    Erick kicks out. Avidico gets up and argues with the ref. As he argues with the ref Kyjoin and Erick are up and both run the ropes and hit a double flying cross body on Avidico. Kyojin tosses Erick out of the ring and suplexes Avidico and climbs the top rope and hits the Rising Sun (Double Rotation Moonsault) but before he can go for the pin, Erick comes out and hits a superkick on Kyojin. Avidico stirs up and Erick hits him with the darkest nightmare. He goes to the top rope and hits the Your Worst Nightmare and goes for the pin on Avidico.





    Darren Black: Here is your winner and NEW JBW World Superfly Champion ERICK ALEXANDER!

    Erick is in the ring celebrating with the championship in hand and Avidico looks distraught. Kyojin is back in the ring and congratulates Erick on the victory. Erick leaves the ring holding the championship up high. Kyojin goes to congratulate Avidico on a good match and extends his hand. Avidico shakes Kyojin's hand but doesn't let go. Avidico then hits Kyojin with a hard right knocking Kyojin down. Avidico begins to beat down on Kyojin stomping and kicking him. Avidico tosses Kyojin to the outside and places him on the announcer's table. Avidico goes under the ring and pulls out a 15ft ladder and sets it up. He goes back and continues to punch and beat on Kyojin until he lays motionless on the table. Avidico climbs up the ladder and hits a Flaming Star on Kyojin. Both men are down but after a few minutes he gets up and refuses medical attention and walks back to the locker room area leaving Kyojin lying motionlessly on the ground.

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    Darkness is shown...Then stars become visible and its then obvious the darkness previously shown was outer space...The camera is looking down at the planet Earth...Eons and eons away...The camera slowly begins to move down,closer and closer and closer as it draws nearer to steadily moves closer until life is visible...Birds fly,dogs bark,men walk in suits and briefcases...Then the camera shifts again...Outside of the JBW arena as the letters:"JBW" stand out on top of the building.

    The camera then begins moving once more...Going downwards and downwards,as life changes with it accordingly...Until it finally stops in a remote the very inside of the Earth,on the absolute bottom of the core.Flames burn all around in the background as lakes of fire flow to and fro as well.

    In the middle of the location we see a group of sinister,evil beings;Witches,Necromancers,Shamans,Druids, and Magi. All stand in a circle with intent looks on their face as they appear somewhat happy,even though the cold evil in their faces almost masks it...Their is ten of them total,two of every type. In the middle of them stands Ano Doom,waiting for any battle instructions and orders to be carried out. Morgana and Melissa,the Witches...Deckard Baal and Lephisto The Raiser,The Necromancers....Blue Wolf and Ice Crow...The Shamans...Gena Redroot and Richard Bluesky,the Druids...The Conjurer Isaiah and The Ageless Mordecai,The Magi...Together they all make up The Order Of Cruciartus...These are the ones who were selected to create The Demon Warrior...And tonight he is home,for a meeting with the Masters as they guide him with the battle plans for setting the ultimate goal underway:ELIMINATE the Lighter Side,one by one ,piece at a time.

    Ano Doom kneels on one knee with his head bent with a fist on his forehead,deeply listening for any words.

    Melissa:Rise, Creation.

    Ano obliges and immediately stands up straight and nods in her direction.

    Morgana:Well my fellow members,I must say I don't think there was ever any way we could have outdone ourselves here...Look at him...He is just what was needed to end this war once and for all! Who shall stand a chance in stopping him?

    Deckard Baal:I agree 100 % Morgana,Tonight marks only the beginning of his path of destruction he is about to be sent on...The man known as Azrael case just does not realize what is coming his way on this dark evening...When the Weapon gets him in his grip...There will be no salvation and no escape.

    Lephisto The Raiser:My associates,The poor man The Demon Cyborg is going to rip in two will wish that he never showed up...The War Machine is going to leave him behind as he fulfills the first part of the plan. They call him The Angel Of Death...Well tonights he's going to be the one feeding Ano Doom's lust for crushing everyone in their tracks!

    Blue Wolf:The night when he was created will go down in our history as the night The Lighter Side never even realized what we were up to,I've grown so sick of them always trying to thwart our missions and get in our way...And they thought they had him stopped the last time when they falsely imprisoned him In The Desert Of Levitcus,thinking they could force him to remain in Unther! HAHAHAHAHAH!

    Ice Crow:They are truly slipping from their old ways,You are right,Blue Wolf. The Zachurum Priests have gotten way too accustomed to just shutting us out and dealing with us easily every time...This time,there is going to be no stopping us,It is this moment we have slaved for for centuries,Finally it is upon us!

    Gena Redroot:They don't even have any idea that our Machine isn't in Unther anymore...Remember,I placed a spell on his former tomb that would serve as a mislead to their tracking device...The very device that makes them THINK he is still hidden and locked away in The Desert...How foolish have they gotten now-a-days?

    Richard Bluesky:Gena is absolutely right,I will show us all the tomb right now..."Waves a hand and then a pyramid far,far,FAR FAR away reveals itself in front of them,as if the floor became a crystal ball" See this green light above the Chamber? It means "He is still there",as far as they know...If it were to turn red...As it should have when we freed him...Then it would mean he is gone and away from Unther. An alarm would sound in their realm,and they would swarm his tomb,But they are none the wiser to what we unleash tonight.They have gotten much too comfortable with things. And this shall be our advantage and their downfall.

    The Conjurer Isiah: They are completely unaware that we are ready to strike again,and have no idea that he is so close to transcending upon the Upper World once again. It is perfect,We have really done the excellent job this time,and this will be the last time...For soon we shall bask in the success when they crumble before us,by the time they know he is free,again walking the Upper World,it will be too late.

    The Ageless Mordecai:Indeed,The Creation is on the top of his craft,as are all of us,no divine beings from above shall sabotage us ever again,The first thing we worry about is making sure he ABSOLUTELY BRUTALIZES the one called AZRAEL tonight in front of all those human beings tonight. None of them will ever know that they are looking at the one who shall cause the end of their eternal happiness. Creation,YOU LISTEN TO ME NOW AND HEAR FULL WELL WHAT I SAY TO YOU...DESTROY THE ANGEL OF DEATH DESTROY AZRAEL DO NOT STOP UNTIL YOUR HUNGER FOR DESTRUCTION IS FILLED DESTROY HIM SO VICIOUSLY HE CAN NOT STAND ON HIS OWN!

    Melissa:But before he goes,I have thought of one more thing we must make sure of...When he is upon the Top Realm,destroying bodies and causing mayhem and tears,surely eventually The Lighter Side will pick up on it and acknowledge him...That CAN NOT HAPPEN! So because of that,I shall take action now to cloak him and hide him from their view...Even though Gena has them fooled into thinking he still rests in Unther...This is just one last precaution.

    All nod in unison of agreement.

    Melissa:War Machine,drop to both knees and prepare for my blessing!

    Ano Doom obliges ,only nodding as he slowly kneels with his head bent,shaking as he pulsates with almost terrifying intensity from head to toe.

    Melissa lifts her staff into the air above them all,and points it at The Creation...

    Melissa:Atrum filiolus audite mihi now,audite ut meus fomes. servo nostrum partum ex umquam sic vigilo specto per inimicus teneo hoc occultus procul totus sumptus quod unable futurus tracked,ENIM INFINITIO!

    She brings the staff forward and taps Ano on the top of the head,and a green lights illuminates the dim room and The Weapon slowly begins to rise,shaking his fist as he comes to one knee,then slowly comes up to a near half crouch,then a squat and he jumps to his feet as the new power rushes through him...He slowly spins a few times with his arms outstretched,then nods to Melissa as he bows his head in gratitude.

    Baal The Raiser:Very,very well,Melissa. That is exactly what he needed. Now The Zachurum's fate is sealed,let alone the man that wants to take everyone's soul,AZRAEL..

    Gena Redroot:It is all done for now. Go forth and destroy,Weapon,Do our will and return the moment it is over. We will be watching.

    Ano Doom bows his head to all of The Order at once,then disappears in a burst of flames and is gone.

    Morgana:It has just begun.

    The next shot shown is Ano Doom,shaking violently as he seems ready to overload with the constant lust for destruction intensity that drives him,outside the JBW arena.

    He can be heard echoing the Creators' orders aloud "DESTROY DESTROY DESTROY!",quietly to himself,,as well as "Tonight the hunger is quenched...Azrael...You're first on a long list....DESTROY." FEED ME MORE. We get a final shot of the beast, before we cut back to the arena.

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    Pat: Well that was weird.

    Sly: I’m not sure what to say to that so we’ll just move on with the show.

    Pat: Okay Sly, what’s up next?

    Sly: It’s actually Doom’s match.

    Pat: Really? Oh fuckin’ hell. Let’s get this over with.

    Azrael heads out to the ring to a big ovation from the JBW faithful as he cracks his knuckles menacingly, seemingly unfazed by the promo moments before.

    Sly: Azrael looks ready for a fight.

    Pat: Gotta agree, but Doom is going to destroy him.

    Sly: We’ll see Pat, we’ll see.

    Pat: Mark my words Sly- this is Doom’s night.

    Ano Doom marches out angrily as the fans boo loudly. He makes his way down the ramp and slides into the ring, staring across from Azrael.

    Match 3: Azrael vs. Ano Doom

    (stop at 4:49)

    Sly: A huge clothesline from Azrael! What a move!

    Pat: Come on Doom!

    Azrael drags Doom to the centre of the ring and covers him.




    Doom kicks out! Azrael knows it’s the closest either monster has come to winning yet as he pounds the canvas with frustration. He picks Doom up and immediately sets him up for a Tombstone Piledriver but Doom manages to struggle his way out and to a knee. He punches Azrael in the gut that sends him backwards. Doom flies forwards and connects with Demon’s Trick (Discus Elbow Strike)! He drops down and covers Azrael.




    Somehow, Azrael throws the shoulder up. Doom can’t believe it as he screams in anger. He grabs a hold of Azrael’ head and slams it backwards into the canvas. He once again goes for a cover but Azrael rolls through with a crucifix pin!




    Doom powers out as he immediately uses the ropes to reach his feet, kicking a rising Azrael in the side as he tries to climb up to his feet too. Azrael rolls through to all fours again as Doom stays hanging on the ropes. He notices his chance and runs forwards, going to connect with the Kick of the Ancient Curse (Orton Punk Kick) but Azrael moves at the last second, climbing to his feet as Doom turns around, and hitting a huge clothesline.

    Doom doesn’t go down though, merely backwards into the corner. Azrael runs forwards and connects with another clothesline, trapping Doom in the corner. Azrael ducks down and drives his shoulder into Doom’s ribs. He does it a second time before standing up straight once more and hitting a huge right hand to Doom’s jaw that has him shaking. Doom stumbles forwards as Azrael backs up, bouncing off the ropes and connecting with a flying lariat that takes Doom down. Azrael covers.




    Doom kicks out as Azrael screams in fury and punches himself square in the face. He does it a second time before drawing blood on the third punch. The fans are in shock as Azrael climbs back to his feet and begins to stomp around the ring as Doom begins to move. Azrael storms across to Doom and drags him to a standing position. He hits a massive left hand that has Doom stumbling back once more. Azrael follows up with a right hand that has Doom sprawling.

    Doom backs up to the corner as a bloodied Azrael backs up and runs at Doom, going for a splash but Doom moves at the last second and Azrael hits the corner. He backs up and turns right into Doom’s grip, who lifts Azrael above his head with amazing strength before transitioning into the World’s Strongest Slam to complete the Annihiliater! Doom drops down and goes for a cover on Azrael.




    Azrael powers out and immediately gets a second wind, driving an elbow into Doom’s temple before Doom can get up entirely. Azrael grabs Doom around the neck and drags him up to a standing position from behind. He immediately twists Doom around and kicks him in the gut. He grabs both of Doom’s arms and connects with a double arm DDT, driving Doom’s face into the ground.

    Doom immediately rolls to the outside as Azrael is furious at himself once again, hitting himself in the shoulder, before climbing out of the ring and dragging Doom to a standing position, but Doom pushes Azrael backwards into the fan’s barricade. He runs forward and connects with a big boot that sends Azrael to the floor. He picks Azrael up and rolls him into the ring.

    Doom climbs to the apron as Azrael begins to get up. Doom begins to climb through the ropes but Azrael kicks him in the face, he grabs Doom by the head and drags him through going for another DDT but Doom powers out and sends Azrael over his head, to the canvas!

    Doom turns around and grabs Azrael by the head, dragging him up to a standing position. He traps Azrael underneath his arm, before lifting him up into a Shell Shocked position, he walks around in the ring with Azrael on his shoulders, before running forwards and dropping to the ground, driving Azrael into the canvas to complete the Cold Blooded Murder! Dooms turns around and covers Azrael.




    Darren Black: Here is your winner...Ano Doom!

    Sly: Doom did it! What a battle!

    Pat: I told you! I said he would do it!

    Sly: You did Pat, congratulations!

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    Pat: And now it’s time for our next triple threat match where Jason Alexander will take on Shining Light and Zeus Apollo!

    Sly: Come on Shining!

    Pat: Zeus Apollo will massacre both of these men right here!

    Sly: Alexander is great too, but with both Malcolm Cage and Eddie Juarez backstage, will Jason be able to concentrate?

    Sly: Here comes the Puerto Rican Nightmare!

    Pat: I have to admit, Jason Alexander is impressive and, if I’m being honest, he’s probably the most naturally gifted guy in this match.

    Sly: Here comes Shining Light in what is set to be his final JBW appearance!

    Pat: Another impressive talent, this match is sure to be great.

    Sly: This guy has got everything necessary to win!

    Pat: I agree, this guy is an ex-ShowDown! World Champion!

    Zeus Apollo's music hits as the fans cheer loudly for his arrival.

    Sly: And this guy is just scary.

    Pat: Zeus Apollo has got a lot of ability.

    Sly: But he’s all strength.

    Pat: Zeus Apollo has everything for the win here!

    Match 4: Jason Alexander vs. Shining Light vs. Zeus Apollo

    (stop at 21:16)

    Pat: How did Zeus kick out of that!?

    Sly: I thought Jason had him there! Shining is still out at ringside, though!

    Pat: What a match this has been!

    Alexander backs up to the ropes as Apollo begins to get up. Apollo reaches all fours and Alexander runs forwards with a dropkick, sending Apollo under the ropes to the apron. Alexander backs up again and runs for another dropkick, but Apollo moves and Alexander goes flying to the floor. Apollo turns around, drops down and grabs Alexander by the hair, dragging him up to his feet.

    Apollo pushes Alexander back into the ringside barrier, before slapping him across the chest, to which the entire crowd of marines cheers loudly. He grabs Alexander and throws him into the ring. Apollo follows him in and backs up to the corner, waiting for Alexander to stand up, which he finally does and turns around, right into a huge clothesline from Apollo. He drops down and covers Alexander.




    Alexander is saved by Shining Light, who comes out of nowhere to break up the pinfall. Apollo angrily grabs at Shining but Shining dropkicks him in the leg, sending him down to a knee. Shining runs forwards and hits an Enziguiri! He covers Apollo.



    Apollo throws Shining off and immediately begins to use the ropes to get up. He grabs Shining by the throat but Alexander comes out of nowhere with a clothesline to Apollo’s leg. Shining & Alexander back up together before hitting a double dropkick to send Apollo out of the ring. Alexander turns back to Shining and hits a quick poke to the eye.

    Shining backs up as Alexander kicks him in the gut. He backs up and goes for a Superkick but Shining ducks underneath and grabs Alexander on the rebound. He goes for Eternal Salvation but Alexander elbows Shining in the back of the head, sending him into the ropes. He backs up and runs forward, going for The Darknest Nightmare, but Shining ducks underneath, and goes for a roll-up!



    Alexander rolls through, twists and locks in the Sharpshooter! Shining begins to grab and claw at the canvas as Alexander screams for Shining to tap.

    Sly: Is Shining going to tap?

    Pat: This could be it right now!

    Sly: Nooo! Come on Shining! Hold on!

    Pat: Where the hell is Zeus Apollo?

    Shining looks set to tap out but Zeus Apollo is back up and slams his forearm into the back of Alexander’s neck, sending him down to the floor. Apollo grabs Shining and goes for a double handed chokebomb but Alexander comes out of nowhere with a low blow. Shining and Alexander throw Apollo through the ropes once again.

    Shining turns back to Alexander and kicks him in the gut. He grabs Alexander and goes for Eternal Salvation but Alexander reverses into a vertical suplex. He quickly lines Shining up and goes up to the top rope. He stands up tall but out of nowhere comes a man, who pushes Alexander down from the top rope onto the ropes. The man climbs into the ring.

    Pat: It’s Eddie Juarez!

    Sly: Well we knew this was going to happen eventually!

    Juarez grabs Alexander and hits a big right hand, sending Alexander backwards into the corner. Juarez just continues to pound on the head of Alexander, before grabbing him and hitting a vertical suplex. He hits a second vertical suplex, before completing the Three Amigos. He picks Alexander up and connects with The Most Dangerous Move in the World!

    Juarez looks down at Alexander as Shining begins to use the ropes to get to his feet. Juarez looks at Shining before climbing out of the ring and walking away up the ramp. Shining looks down at the unmoving Alexander and covers him.




    Pat: Shining wins in his final JBW appearance! Thank you Shining!

    Sly: All because of Eddie Juarez!

    Pat: What a match!

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    Sly: And now, it’s time to name the inaugural JBW Intercontinental Champion! We’re not sure who will be joining Nico Von Orangie-Nassau and The Sleeper in this match, but we’re told he’s a huge signing for JBW!

    Pat: Well we can only hope, but with The Sleeper in this match, I can’t wait to see it!

    Sly: Blood Harvest has been a great show so far, but now we’re going to find out a brand new champion!

    Pat: The Sleeper has got this in the bag.

    Sly: NVON could steal one!

    Pat: No way, The Sleeper all the way.

    Sly: What about the new guy?

    Pat: I don’t care who he is, he’s not got a chance of beating The Sleeper.

    NVON heads out to the stage as the crowd gives him a mixed reaction. He looks around at the base, shielding his eyes from the sun as he makes his way down the ramp. He slides into the ring and awaits his opponents.

    Sly: This is the biggest match of this young man’s career for sure!

    Pat: And he’s going to come up short!

    Sly: Well that’s not for certain, he may work better under pressure!

    Pat: I doubt it.

    The JBW Mexican Champion makes his way out to the stage as the entire base begin to boo him. He holds his title up high, staring down at NVON in the ring as the crowd continues to boo him. He begins to make his way down the ramp, laughing at the fans in the front row, mocking them. He slides into the ring and hands his JBW Mexican Championship to the referee for the final time, win or loss. He looks at NVON before both men turn to face the ramp.

    Sly: The Sleeper is a hell of an athlete, but is he ready?

    Pat: I think we both know the answer to that Sly.

    Sly: The thing is Pat, I actually think we don’t. I think we’re about to find that out though.

    Pat: And he’ll prove me right, and you wrong.

    Sly: I haven’t even said he isn’t ready!

    Pat: Yeah but you were thinking it.

    Sly: Actually, I’m just wondering who the final guy in this match is.

    Pat: I can’t wait to find out who it is!

    The unfamiliar music gets next to no reaction from anybody in the base as smoke blasts out of the curtain as the marines, NVON and The Sleeper all await the arrival of whoever is making up the lineup for this match. A light blasts out from behind the smoke, showing the silhouette of a man, who is holding both of his arms above him in an X shape.

    Sly: Do you know who that is?

    Pat: I have no idea Sly!

    Finally, a full minute after the music hits the speakers, the man steps through the smoke and the marines explode with cheers as the man is revealed to be Chris Divine!

    Sly: It’s Chris Divine! He’s here in JBW!

    Pat: Who the hell is this guy?

    Chris Divine looks down at The Sleeper & NVON in the ring with a smile on his face, mimicking the Intercontinental Championship around his waist. He makes his way down the ramp, high fiving a few marines on the way, before climbing up to the apron and into the ring, ready for the next match of the night.

    Sly: Chris Divine is a hell of a talent and he’s finally here in JBW!

    Pat: I don’t like his chances against The Sleeper.

    Sly: I have to say The Sleeper is a talent but Divine will give him a run for his money for sure.

    Pat: Well remember folks, the JBW Intercontinental Championship is on the line!

    Match 5: Nico Von Orangie-Nassau (Dibiase) vs. The Sleeper (Rhodes) vs. Chris Divine (Orton) for the JBW Intercontinental Championship

    (stop at 10:50)

    Sly: A massive double DDT from Divine to both NVON and The Sleeper!

    Pat: Divine in control, but never count The Sleeper out!

    Divine turns over and covers NVON.




    NVON throws the shoulder up but Divine is unfazed, turning to cover Sleeps.



    Sleeps kicks out angrily as Divine shakes his head in frustration. He grabs Sleeps by the hair and drags him to his feet, throwing him across the ring into the corner. Divine runs forwards for a clothesline but Sleeps hits a forearm to Divine’s throat, sending him backwards into the centre of the ring. Sleeps follows up with a dropkick that has Divine on the canvas.

    NVON is back to his feet and before Sleeps can cover, he begins throwing punches at Sleeps. Sleeps tries to cover up but NVON gets through with a big uppercut that sends Sleeps sprawling into the ropes. NVON runs forwards for a clothesline and sends Sleeps over the top rope to the floor below.

    NVON turns around and Divine is back up. NVON kicks him in the gut and goes for a DDT but Divine twists out and goes for Divine Intervention (RKO) but NVON reverses again and hits a reverse DDT! He covers Divine.



    Divine throws the shoulder up and turns onto his back as NVON is pissed. He elbows Divine in the small of the back, before dragging him to his feet, and whipping him into the corner, sending him over the ropes and onto the apron. NVON runs at Divine but Divine ducks inbetween the ropes and hits a shoulder to NVON’s gut, sending NVON back.

    Divine goes to springboard up over but out of nowhere, Sleeps grabs Divine by the foot and pulls him down, causing Divine’s jaw to crack off the apron. Sleeps slides into the ring, as Divine sinks to the floor, and hits a massive clothesline on NVON. He backs up to the corner as NVON begins to get up, and begins to signal for the All Up In Yo Grill!

    NVON stands up and turns to Sleeps, who lays him out with a huge Superkick! He covers NVON immediately.




    The referee notices NVON’s foot on the ropes and Sleeps can’t believe it. He gets up and runs his hands through his hair as NVON begins to use the ropes to get up. He turns around and Sleeps picks NVON up, ready for SLEEPYTIME, but out of nowhere comes Chris Divine and as Sleeps holds NVON on his shoulders, hits a massive Divine Intervention on The Sleeper!

    NVON rolls out of the ring as Divine covers Sleeps.





    Sly: Chris Divine did it! He’s the new JBW Intercontinental Champion! On his debut!

    Pat: I can’t believe what I just witnessed!

    Sly: This is the future of JBW folks!

    Pat: I don’t know about that Sly.

    Sly: It’s true Pat! Blood Harvest is the beginning and people like Chris Divine make JBW’s future a bright one!

    Pat: Okay, well what’s next?

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    Sly: It’s time for another triple threat match! We’ve got a lot tonight!

    Darren Black: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first standing at six feet tall, weighing at 200 lbs, all the way from the land down under, Australia; ladies and gentlemen, here is Dannniiiieeellllll Maaayyyyy!!!!!

    Daniel May comes out to a fantastic pop and cheers from the crowd as he walks down to the ring and slides into the ring getting set for action.

    Pat: May is a great competitor who's been in JBW for a long time and been a World Champion so he could win tonight.

    Sly: Doubt it, he;s facing a beast of a man like Churchill and a much more experienced Jabester like HolyJose. He has no chance.

    Darren Black: Aaaannnd his opponent, from London, England, he stands a vast six feet eight inches, he weighs in at a monstrous three hundred and thirty pounds; ladies and gentlemen, get ready for the force that is Speeeeennnnceeeerrr Chuuuurrrchiiilll!!!

    Spencer Churchill walks though the JabeCurtain showing very little emotion other than intensity as he enters the ring and stares down May as the crowd gives him a mixed reaction.

    Sly: Churchill is a huge man with a lot of power, it will work to his advantage if he plans to win here tonight.

    Pat: Everyone wants to win tonight, this is JBW.

    Darren Black: Aaaannd last but certainly not least from Washington, D.C., he stands in at six feet tall, Weighs in at 285 lbs; ladies and gentlemen, please welcome.......HolyJoseeeeee!!!!

    HolyJose receives a standing ovation from the crowd as he enters the ring and poses for the crowd, signaling to both May and Churchill that he will tonight.

    Sly: HolyJose's confidence is incredible and could be his ace in the sleeve towards winning this match.

    Pat: He is in my opinion the favorite to win this. He's got a great future in JBW ahead of him.

    Ref calls for the bell and this one is underway

    Match 6: HolyJose vs. Daniel May vs. Spencer Churchill

    Sheamus (HolyJose), Henry (Churchill), Christian (May)
    Start 2:04 - Stop 10:37

    Pat: HolyJose has put one hell of a performance, he's taken down Churchill and almost had beat right there.

    Sly: Almost is for losers, Holy Jose needs to better to win this match.

    HolyJose and May turn to each other and begin to trade lefts and rights until HolyJose's brute strength overpowers May and he sends May bouncing off the ropes and soon delivers a big tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and goes for the pin…



    May kicks out

    Sly: Again he almost had him right there.

    Pat: HolyJose just needs to focus on the task at hand and continue the assault on May.

    HolyJose is quick to his feet and drags May to his feet soon after. HolyJose locks May in a sleeper hold and it in tight forcing May to fade away when just as the referee checks May, Churchill storms into the ring and blindsides HolyJose and May almost knocking down the referee in the process but he now stands over a fallen May, picking him up and putting in a big bearhug applying pressure to May's ribs forcing him to scream out in pain but May wises up pushes away on Churchill's chest giving him enough space to strike Churchill's jaw with an open palm allowing Churchill to loosen his grasp.

    May drops down and hits a dropkick on Churchill's right knee forcing the big man to kneel and allow May to hit a series of huge roundhouse kick to the skull of Churchill who finally falls down to the mat practically unconscious and May goes for the cover.




    HolyJose interrupts the count.

    Pat: May almost had it. HolyJose just saved the match for himself.

    Sly: True and all these men know what's on the line so they know this win is huge.

    HolyJose grabs and drives May to the nearest turnbuckle where he climb to the top turnbuckle dragging May with him securing his place on the second turnbuckle latching onto May's head with great force and connects The Final Judgment (Rolling Cutter) on May to the crowd's delight and goes for the cover....




    Darren Black: Here is your winner.................HolyJose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Pat: He's been in JBW for quite some time and is a bound to become this company's World Champion soon, his performance here as quite great.

    Sly: Indeed now let us continue the action as only JBW can.

    Pat: Well what’s up next?

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    Sly: Another triple threat match! Shaz, Gillz and Flameheart fight it out!

    Darren Black: The following match is a triple threat match and it’s schedule for one fall. Introducing first, from London. He weighs in at 215 pounds. He is Shaz.

    *Shaz's music hits, as there is mixed reactions from the crowd. They chant SHAG but Shaz comes out in his street clothes, wearing a new t-shirt which seems to be a "Pissed Mode" looking like a devious thug*

    Shaz: No! SHAG is over! Istvan has left me dry, and hanging the dirty son of a bitch! I honestly can't believe, that I can considered this son of a bitch as my so called "friend". He's just as pathetic as our gimmicks! He tried to ruin my career, and if he was here right now! I'd make him pay! Istvan's gone by the way, shows how much of a pussy he really is! He obviously doesn't realize that Shaz has gone into pissed mode!

    *Crowd cheer Shaz, as he looks at the people*

    Shaz: Istvan, I hope you're watching this. And I'm warning you. Ever come near me again, and you'll feel the wrath of my Best in the World finisher. I'll finish you off, like I should have done in the first place. No one, and I mean NO ONE disrespects Shaz like that! I am the best in the world, and I deserve all the respect that every single person in the JBW roster owes me! Cause I'm that damn good!

    But do you know what? He can go and SHAG himself! This is the new era for Shaz! But ya'll wanna know something that is just as pathetic as Istvan Gretzky? Oh yeah, it's you people. Booing me when I slide into the ring. I then diss someone all of you people hate, and then suddenly it's WOO! WOO! WOO! GO SHAZ! Well guess what, I've had enough! You people need to make your bloody minds up!

    This is the beginning of the Shaz Era! I'm the best in the world. All the likes of Jman,
    Shuriken Blade have absolutely nothing on me! I'm here to make my mark, and I've got the ball. Now I'm gonna take it, and become the next world champion! And you people have always tried to stop me from doing that! And hell, that's just one fact that makes you people pathetic!

    Trust me, I can go on and on about how pathetic you people really are. But I'm not gonna waste my breathe on you lot, that is another fact on how pathetic you lot are.

    *Crowd boo Shaz as he smirks*

    Shaz: Bitch please! Boo me all you want, just shows how good I am at doing my job. But, enough about you mongrels. Tonight, after a change of plan. I'll be facing Gillz and Flameheart. While I may not know much about Flameheart, he sounds like a right twat. And his name proves it, in fact. Am I the only one who's come to a conclusion, that his name sounds like a Pokemon attacking move? Jheeze.

    But Gillz, yeah, me and him have had a lot of backstage beef in another efed. But I honestly am shocked. SHOCKED, on how he's an actual 2 time world champion. He's absolutely terrible in this ring, he's terrible on the mic. Jesus. I am the best that JBW has to offer, and I can guarantee you all that this guy won't pin me, or make me tap out. You don't believe me? Well, I'll just back it up in this ring.

    Gillz, I really do hope you're watching this man! If not, get your lazy ass backstage and watch the screen. Do you wanna know what you really are? A hooligan. So you can wear kilts, and eat haggis all day long, but that won't change the fact that you're terrible in every single aspect. You have no positive attributes whatsoever, and I'll prove that tonight.

    So Gillz, and Flameheart! Get your asses down in that ring right now, because I'm hungry for some damn competition! Cause I am the best in the world at what I do! And there is nothing! And I mean NOTHING! That can take that away from me!

    *Crowd boo the hell out of Shaz as he smiles, and he waits for Gillz and Flameheart to come out into the ring*

    Darren Black: His opponents first from Glasgow, Scotland. He weighs in at 208 pounds. This is Gillz.

    Just like Shaz Gillz comes out determined. He slowly makes his way to the ring. Once he gets in the ring he points at Shaz to get in. Without backing down Shaz gets in the ring and both men start badmouthing each other. Just then Flameheart’s music sounds off and you see Flameheart running to the ring However, Flameheart stops abruptly and slowly gets in the ring with Shaz and Gillz

    Match 7: Shaz vs. Gillz vs. Flameheart
    (Start at 3:16, End at 10:00)

    (Shaz=Rhodes, Gillz= DiBiase, Flameheart= Randy)

    Flameheart rolls out of the ring and tries to grab hold of Shaz. Instead Shaz grabs hold of Flameheart’s tights and pushes him into the barricade.

    Sly: That has to hurt.

    Pat: Who cares? This is JBW “Where The Action Lives”.

    Shaz then rolls back in the ring he waits for both men to get back up. As soon as both men are somewhat up Shaz charges to the ropes and hits a flying crossbody. Shaz quickly gets back up to his feet. This time he takes Gillz by the head and drags him into the ring. He quickly heads over for the pin, but only gets a 2.

    Sly: That was a real close call.

    Pat: Come on Shaz you have this in the bag.

    With this believe in his face Shaz rolls over to the corner and awaits for Gillz to get up. Once Gillz is up Shaz hits a spinning heel kick. He then runs over to the top of the turnbuckles and gets ready to hit an elbow drop. Shaz then launches himself, but misses due to the fact that Gillz moved out of the way. Both men slowly get as they get up they see Flameheart getting up and starting to get up in the ring apron. Both men look at each other and decide to hit a double enzuigiri.

    Sly: That was awesome, but unfair.

    Pat: Like it matters at all. We got a double enzuigiri from Shaz and Gillz.

    Both men then look at each other and they start hitting each other with close punches.


    Shaz tries for another close shot, but Gillz blocks the punch. Gillz then punches Shaz in the stomach. Gillz quickly tries to hit a suplex, but Shaz gets out of it and locks in Shaz-Mission.

    Sly: This might be it.

    Pat: I might have to agree with you for this one.

    Flameheart tries to get back in, but cannot stop the submission as Gillz taps out.

    Darren Black: Here is your winner by submission Shaz!

    Sly: What an awesome bout.

    Pat: I’m glad the right man won this.

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    Newly hired JBW commentator Fok Mi Yu, a very cute Asian woman dressed in a business suit, walks down to official JBW xBOMBxSHELLx commentator desk and takes a seat. She is soon followed by the JBW xBOMBxSHELLx Champion Nikki Belzova- looking very hot. She sets her title on the desk and takes a seat- then plops her Dr Martin covered feet on the desk.

    Fok Mi Yu: So very nice to meet you Ms Belzova. Tonight we will have a battle royal to determine a new number one contender to your xBOMBxSHELLx title. Twelve xBOMBxSHELLx’s, some new to the company, are vying for that chance. The rules of the match are simple- each person who is sent over the top rope and to the floor is eliminated- the last woman standing in the ring will meet you somewhere down the line for a chance at your belt. The woman taking part in this match come from all over, all walks of life. Well lets get the battle royal started. We will send it to Darren Black for ring introductions

    War is a Bitch

    Darren Black walks out to the official xBOMBxSHELLx’s theme.

    Darren Black: Welcome, welcome welcome. Tonight is the official relaunch of the xBOMBxSHELLx Division here in JBW. The winner of this battle royal will get a future title shot against Nikki Belzova.

    The crowd cheers at the mention of her name

    Darren Black: Introducing first- members of Anti Diva Army- Sasha, Tracey, and Rashida

    Sasha, Tracey, and Rashida all walk out and down the ramp arm in arm to a chorus of boos. They all enter the ring and just stand around a chat a bit

    Darren Black: Introducing next- Ayako.

    Ayako, a small and very cute Japanese woman, rushes down the ramp, to a pretty nice pop, and hops on the ring apron

    Darren Black: Introducing next- Selenia

    Selenia, a very sexy looking woman, walks down the ramp, plays to the crowd, then climbs to the ring apron and enters the ring to cheers

    Darren Black: And the next competitor is Katie

    Katie, also very cute in an All American kind of way, makes her way down to the ring to a pretty big pop from the crowd

    Darren Black: Introducing next- Belladonna .

    Belladonna runs down to the ring and slides right in wasting no time getting in Katies face

    Darren Black: And the next opponents are Barbie Panzer and her younger sister Sasha Panzer

    Both Barbie and Sasha Panzer, two stunningly hot German women, walk out on stage and Barbie yells at her sister telling her to stay put while Barbie makes her entrance down the ramp by herself, them enters the ring getting in the face of Selenia. Sasha Panzer finally makes her way down to the ring to some cheers as the JBW crowd doesn’t know her.

    Darren Black: Introducing next- Faith Leflur

    Faith, super hot, walks down the ramp waving to the JBW fans. She gets a pretty good pop from the crowd. She enters the ring and Barbie, a former friend of hers, gets in her face. Sasha Panzer gets inbetween them and shoves her sister back

    Darren Black: And the next competitor- April Snow

    April, a former stripper, walks out on the ramp and teases a striptease- drawing cheers from the fan. Instead of stripping she just smiles and makes her way down the ramp and into the ring

    Darren Black: And introducing the final competitor- Bertha Ray

    Bertha Ray- dressed much like and acting like ODB, walks down the ramp with a cup in her hand. Once down to the ring, she spits her tobacco into the cup and throws it into the crowd- drawing the loudest boos of all the women.

    Fok Mi: That chick is nasty

    Nikki Belzova: It seems like a wonderful card!! All of these girls are very talented and I am really hoping for the best when it comes to their futures. They all have come out here tonight to win the number 1 contender spot for my xBOMBxSHELLx Championship. Anyone going into this match will have to give it their all. You can not going into this match doing everything half ass'd.

    Match 8: xBOMBxSHELLx Battle Royal- to name the number one to the xBOMBxSHELLx Championship Title

    Before the bell is even rung, the women start fighting

    Ding Ding!

    Fok Mi: And the match has officially begun

    Nikki Belzova: Stating the obvious, right?!

    Sasha, Tracey, and Rashida immediately go after the newcomers- targeting one in particular- Faith LeFlur, easily overpowering her and tossing her over the top rope.

    Fok Mi: And then there were eleven

    Nikki Belzova: You will get another chance next time, girl! This is literally a moment that would make any girl sad, but she should really feel proud that all of those other girls had to team up just to eliminate her.

    Fok Mi: Great way to look at that.

    Sasha and Rashinda turn around only to eat a double clothesline from Sasha Panzer-sending them both over the top rope and to the arena floorr- eliminating them both. They both argue with Sasha Panzer for a bit before finally heading off backstage

    Fok Mi: Now nine

    Nikki Belzova: Eliminated bitches! Go to the back now so you can exchange your tampon for something a little better!

    Tracey kicks Sasha Panzer in the gut bringing her down to the mat. Tracey starts kicking Sasha Panzer while she is down. Ayako runs up behind her, lifts her up and pushes her over the top rope- eliminating her. Tracey walks off to the back

    Fok Mi: And its down to eight now.

    Nikki Belzova: These girls are just getting eliminated like flies!

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