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    ^ Madison Square Garden, New York

    Ricky: Welcome to the closeout show of Zero Gravity before our long awaited PPV...In Justice for Brawl.

    Stanley: News gt leaked last that Erick Alexander went directly to JBW Management and asked he face all his potential challengers in a Fatal 4 Way at In Justice for Brawl, Olivia has been quiet about this decision and we'll hear from her now....

    Olivia heads to the ring, mixed reaction greets her upon reaching center stage in the ring and having a mic in hand wastes no time in speaking....

    Olivia: It's not how I would've liked for it to be known but nonetheless Erick Alexander has made up his mind and decided he needed to face Sagittarius Blue, Seth 13 and Kyojin at In Justice for Brawl with the JBW Superfly Championship on the line. This should be a match for the ages and now we'll hear from all participants starting with.....

    The fans explode with cheers as Kyojin explodes onto the stage. He runs to the side of the stage and begins to jump on the spot to get the crowd pumped. He runs to the opposite side of the stage and does the exact same thing. He makes his way to the centre of the stage again and looks around in awe. He runs down the ramp and slides into the ring, asking for and receiving a microphone.

    Kyojin: So this Sunday is In Justice For Brawl, and I’ve got a shot to become the JBW SuperFly Champion. I’ve got a chance to become known world over as the best highflyer in the business, and it’s a chance I’m not going to let slip.

    The fans cheer loudly.

    Kyojin: Four of the very best in the same ring, and it’s time to actually address these men for the first time properly. You see, there are three men who I’ve gotta get past this weekend, I’ve gotta beat them all and pin one of them to the canvas.

    First of all, Seth 13.

    The fans boo at the mention of Seth.

    Kyojin: Seth believes he’s an example of the average bloodthirsty wrestler. He believes he’s the true notion of hardcore wrestling and he believes that he’s the best that this show has to offer. In all honesty Seth, we all think you’re a psychopath.

    The fans explode with cheers again and a Kyojin chant begins around the arena.

    Kyojin: You can bring as many lighttubes as you want this Sunday, you can bring as many fake fangs, capes, any sort of prop you want to use to try and look as intimidating as you want. But it’s not going to mean a thing. This Sunday, you won’t stop me.

    Because this Sunday Seth, you may think I’m going to look at you and be scared- and yeah sure, you beat me last week- but all I’m going to see when looking at you is a target. A man in my way that I have to get past in order to win.

    And I will get past you.

    The fans cheer loudly once again and the Kyojin chant gets even louder.

    Kyojin: Secondly, there’s Sagittarius Blue.

    The fans pop for the mention of Blue.

    Kyojin: Now I like Blue, I like his ability in the ring, I like his attitude in the back, I like his creativity, I like his whole demeanour. But my only problem with Blue is that he’s not ready yet. This kid has only just burst onto the scene and he’s got a shot at the SuperFly Championship? Blue, like Seth, is pretty unproven.

    But that just means that I’m going to have to give him a reality check. Blue, you’re a good kid but you’re out of your league with me.

    The fans give a mixed reaction, Blue’s fans booing while Kyo’s fan cheering.

    Kyojin: And then, there’s the SuperFly Champion Erick Alexander.

    The fans cheer for the mention of Erick Alexander.

    Kyojin: Erick, I said to you that I’d love to face you again, and I stand by that claim, I’m looking forward to standing across that ring from you with that SuperFly Championship on the line. But in my eyes, I’ve already proven I’m better than you. You see, fair enough- you beat Avidico.

    But I destroyed him.

    The fans explode with cheers.

    Kyojin: And this Sunday, with that SuperFly Championship on the line Erick, if I have to- and something tells me I’m going to have to- I’ll destroy you.

    The House of Jabe comes to life with enthusiasm as Pisces Pink comes out first, jumping excitedly at all the attention, then posing to herald the coming of Sagittarius Blue. The Royal Rockstar steps into view, pulls down his hoodie and yells "NOW OR NEVER" to the joy of the fans. He takes off, racing like an azure blur down the ramp, and slides into the ring. He stands balancing on the middle rope, posing for the fans as Pisces comes to stand at his side in the ring. He gets down and is handed a mic by Pisces, then walks over to Kyojin...

    Sagittarius Blue: I won't lie to you, Kyojin - I am "unproven." At least to you and the others here. I'm the new kid in gym class, and all the jocks are looking at me and thinking "That skinny little twerp doesn't belong here." Nothing new to me. And I'll let you in on something, guy - 'cause I like you too... leans in close as if he's sharing a very important secret Everyone is unproven at some point. pauses to let that sink in As sucky as it sounds, we're all that new kid in gym class at some point. We all "aren't ready" to some people. Know what else? pauses, looking at Kyo No really, guess what else. Kyo shrugs and says "What?"

    History doesn't always wait until we're "ready" to go. We don't get to say "Hold on, So-and-so doesn't think I'm ready!" And that's the whole beauty of what we do.

    Right now, I can tell - you're wondering what the hell this 130-pound loose cannon is doing jumping into a fight with a legendary technical grappler, a psychopath, and the current champion. The answer is simple: shock and awe. Like you said, I'm unproven. That tells me that you and the other guys don't know much about me. Sure, you had a match with me. One. But can you learn everything there is about me from one match? Like I said: I'm the new guy. You don't know what I'm capable of. Seth doesn't know what I'm capable of. Alexander doesn't know what I'm capable of. Unlike you guys, I have to prove myself here.

    I am the underdog. That means I have to pull out all the stops and do what I do best: the impossible. Heh... you won't believe what 130 pounds of sheer amazing can do in any situation. At In Justice For Brawl, the stars will align for us
    softly grabs Pisces by the waist and pulls her close and a NEW JBW Superfly Champion will rise!

    SilverGhost was supposed to cut a promo talking about being misunderstood and that he does the things he does because he has no boundaries, no limits and that's what a Superfly should have. Adding how he wouldn't lose to Alexander, Kyo and Blue and win the gold.
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    Alexander appears on stage raising his JBW Superfly Championship, high in the air before heading to the ring at great and sliding under the ropes before he is handed a mic and quickly speaks...

    Alexander: Now, now, boys. As much as you all you wanna make about you. You are all wrong because In Justice for Brawl is gonna all about me and this championship I hold in my hands.

    Alexander flaunts the gold to his challengers

    Alexander: That's the problem in a nutshell for you all, you want what I have. What I earned. What I've put on the map because none of you could it like I could. Like an Alexander could.

    An Alexander chants starts

    Alexander: I knew from the start, I needed to put myself and this championship on high notice and seeing no better way to do so then to face all three of you because, you're the best challengers I could beat to solidify my reign as the greatest of all time.

    Fans cheer

    Alexander: By beating the like of Kyojin, a star anywhere he goes. Sagittarius Blue, who'll see stars like never before once I'm through with him and Seth 13....what can I really say about you. You're weird, I beat you once, I'll do it again. See In Justice for Brawl is gonna be a day remembered for many, many things including the massacre of Juarez by my primo, Jason but I can promise it will not be remember as the day my reign came to an end.

    Once again an Alexander chant ensues

    Alexander: I'll be known as the best highflyer in the fucking world when I walk in as the champion and having you 3 to remain the champion.

    Alexander drops the mic and all men bicker as to why they will win before Olivia intervenes

    Olivia: Hold on a minute...before you all go killing yourselves, ave for the PPV but I'll give all a hance at some in ring tonight as Alexander will face Mike Muir and you three points towards the challengers directionwill headline tonight's show in a triple threat match.

    All men stare down before they exit the ring and head to the back, Seth first, followed by Bue, Kyojin not far behind and Alexander is the last to leave.

    Ricky: We got blockbuster matches already set up for tonight and we got hear from each participant in the Fatal 4 Way matchup at In Justice for Brawl. I cannot wait to see that match take place.

    Stanley: Not as much as I want to Lansdale defeat Rage at the PPV but right now we are going to take a quick commercial break and when we return we'll see some exciting tag team action.
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    Darren Black: The following contest is a tag team match set for one fall, introducing first weighing in at a combined 585 pounds, they are are the team of Tyler Jones and Usain Kingston...The Predators in Paradise!!!

    Jones and Kingston are met with a mixed but positive reaction as they to and soon after enter the ring awaiting their opponents

    Ricky: This match is a chance for Azrael as 2 weeks ago he was defeated by Jones and Kingston in a handicap match but now has brother Michael to team with.

    Stanley: Like HolyJose wasn't enough? Now we got two more "sons of the Holy Father". What a load of crap, Predators in Paradise are gonna maul them down.

    Darren Black: And introducing their opponents, weighing in at a combined 550 pounds, they are the team of Michael "The Archangel" and "The Angel of Death" Azrael....they are God's Judgment.

    Michael is first to reach th stage hyping everyone soon followed by Azrael and they head to the ring locking eyes with their opponents.

    Stanley: Oh yeah, like that's supposed to scare anyone.

    Ricky: It does give a tinging snsation to see such formidable teams clash here in JBW.

    God's Judgment (Los Guerreros) vs Predators in Paradise (Hardy and Moore)

    Start at 1:54 - Stop at 6:35

    Stanley: Yes, he has it!

    Azrael kicks out of Kingston pinfall attempt

    Ricky: He almost had him right there.

    Stanley: Damn right he did but that stupid Azrael keeps kicking out, damn him.

    Jones now enters the ring and looks to double team Azrael alongside Kingston, both men putting the boots to Azrael and hurting his ribcage a bit.

    Ricky: That's gonna make breathing for Azrael difficult, smart thinking. That could be done in their match against The Elite Bloodline and Black Blooded to help them win.

    HolyJose enter the ring but Jones sees this and plants him with a Big Boot all the while Azrael shows signs of life as he begins stand even when being kicked, Jones tries to join in again but Azrael explodes punching away at both men as HolyJose begins to rise to his feet.

    Stanley: Oh for crying out loud, do something useful, Jones.

    Jones punts Azrael in the gut once again hitting his ribcage to stop his assault but HolyJose is and takes the fight to Kingston throwing hard punches that force Kingston towards the ropes, HolyJose backs up a bit and clotheslines Kingston out of the ring as Azrael headbutts Jones and he stumbles onto the center of the ring....

    Ricky: Desperation move by Azrael to get Jones off him

    Stanley: Oh no....

    Azrael and Michale now execute The Eternal Banishment as Michael hits the Savior's Way STO and locks on a submission chokehold while Azrael locks in the Ticket of Death which is the Laso from El Paso and Jones has no choice but to tap.

    Darren Black: Here are your winners, God's Judgment!!!

    Ricky: What a win for this new team.

    Stanley: Fuck them, in fact fuck The Predators in Paradise too, the only team that matters in JBW is Black Blooded. Now we'll take a small break and when we return we'll see the Superfly Champion, Alexander take on Muir.
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    Darren Black: The following contest is set for one fall, introducing first weighing in at 225, from Mississippi, being aompanied to the ring by April Snow....he is Mike Muir!!!

    Boos reign on Muir as he heads to the ring, his valet Snow in tow when they reach he makes Snow reach the ring apron and hold open the ropes so that he may enter before she swiftly follow and they await the challenger.

    Ricky: What a "gentleman" , who knew Muir could treat women like this?

    Stanley: HE treats everyone the way they deserve which is why Alexander is gonna lose tonight.

    Darren Black: And introducing his opponent, fighting out of Caguas, Puerto Ric, weighing in at 185 pounds, h is the current JBW Superfly Champion.....Erick Alexander!!!!

    Fans are on their welcoming the champions as he appears in stage and soon with great speed enters the ring now raising in the face of Muir

    Stanley: What a "humble" champion we have, it disgusts me.

    Ricky: Oh shut up, you hypocrite. Lansdale flaunts a title that' not his around all and you love it so why can't Alexander do the same? Let's just get to the match.

    Alexander (Hammett) vs Muir (Glover)

    Start at 4: 12 - Stop at 11:52

    Ricky: Ouch!!!

    Elbow from Muir leaves Alexander down and out in the turnbuckle.

    Stanley: Now that elbow knocked Alexander out cold, Muir has to capitalize.

    Ricky: Now is his chance

    Muir turns to the opposite turnbuckle and builds momentum running towards Alexander looking to connect a huge dropkick to the sternum of Alexander but Alexander moves forcing Muir to crash hard into the turnbuckle.

    Ricky: Great move by the champion.

    Muir is lifted off the floor by Alexander who begins to pummel Muir with stiff right forearm shots before bounding him off the ropes and connecting with a big spinebuster but mid move Muir latches onto Alexander's head and plants him as well with a DDT.

    Stanley: Now that was a sick move. It seems they're both down and out.

    Ricky: This could be the determining factor of the match right here.

    Both men down, the ref starts the count reaching 6 before both men show signs of life and Alexander reaches his feet at 8 while Muir does the same at 9. Muir shows the more valor and goes for and connect with a near decapitating clothesline and covers......1......2.....-Alexander kicks out.

    Stanley: Why do people kick out when they clearly don't need to, Muir had this in the bag yet Alexander kicked out.

    Alexander uses the ropes to pull himself up as Muir stalks him looking to punt him in the gut for The Redneck Ride but a rising knee from Alexander stuns Muir enough for Alexander to grab the head of Muir and execute the Pure Terror Brainbuster

    Stanley: Holy Hell!

    Ricky: What impact!

    Alexander covers.....1........2........3!!!!

    Darren Black: Here is your winner......Erick Alexander!

    Stanley: A lot of good that win did. Muir had this match won but-

    We see the Jabetron light up show a camera man trying to rush backstage where we see Gillz and Darius brawling like animals, Darrison comes in to try and separate them but Diamond blindsides him and now they too begin to brawl like avages. Both rivalries getting heated as hit after hit not one person is backing before we see Depri$e and a few other heel stars as well as Jamie Evans with other faces come in to keep these men apart. Both sides are having trouble containing the situation but nnetheles keep the peace as we head back to ringside.

    Ricky: Holy crap, things are getting too intense in this show, In Justice for Brawl may not contain these men. We'll return soon.
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    We return backstage to see things have calmed but now seem to heat up as the XBombshellsx Champion, Faith LeFlur spots Vivica and walks right up to her and begins to speak

    Faith LeFlur: Vivica- you got my attention when you first arrived here, yet you did it the unhonourable way. You attacked me from behind- but you being from IWA and the company you keep I shouldn’t be surprised. But last week on Zero Gravity, you and your friends got put in your place courtesy of me and my friends in Elite Bloodline and at In Justice for Brawl, it will end the same.

    I’ll pin you to the mat One Two Three and walk out with my belt. And my friends in Elite Bloodline will walk out with belts of their own when they beat your friends. So deal with it bitch

    Vivica skips around Faith, a far away look in her eyes as she absently toys with her IWA Vanity Championship, finally she stops, looking at Faith, still smiling

    Vivica: Unhonorable? Daddy says you gotta do what you gotta do to get ahead, cause aint no one gonna do it for ya. You asked for a challenge, and I just knew that you had to mean me! See, I been watching, and I know that you and I are almost like sisters. At least, that is how alike we are. See cause while you have been teaching all these girls here how to be a real wrestler, I've been showing those IWA whores what a Good Girl can accomplish.

    Vivica stops, her smile vanishing into a scowl of disappointment

    Vivica: But with you it was all lies, cause while you may have the strength of a Good girl, you don't yet understand your place...

    LeFlur gets in Vivica's face

    Faith LeFlur: The only whore that I know of in IWA is you little girl- the rest of the ladies there are ready to be brought up to the big times here in JBW or in BITW. And I'll have to let you know- me teaching the women up here how to be real wrestlers- thats false- if anything, I've learned from them. Nikki, the person who held this belt before me was the best damn wrestler period- actually she still is even if she has moved on from here.

    So I know my place girl, I know I have to prove myself worthy of being a champion of her caliber. Am I there yet? No, I admit that, but by God I'll do my best to get there and beating your ass once again will sure get me there. That plus not only will it shut you up, but it just may teach you some manners

    Vivica laughs, a little girl sound perverted by the sultry look of the woman making it.

    Vivica: Teach me? My Daddy teaches me all I need to know, he teaches me through his love and through my pain. I had hoped that as a fellow Princess of Wrestling, a fellow Champion, you would understand me, that would know that all these people out here are just lying, greedy demons that will take everything you have.

    Vivica struts around the ring, a musing expression on her face, seemingly ignoring the jeers and chants of "Crazy Bitch" coming from the audience.

    Vivica: Maybe it's just because, talented though you are, you don't have a Daddy to teach you how to be a Good Girl! Or maybe it's all a lie, and you are just another whore...

    Vivica stops, peering at Faith with a measuring look.

    Vivica: Well now, we'll find out, in fact why wait? Let's see tonight whether you are better on your feet or on your back!

    LeFlur is fuming

    Faith LeFlur: Me a whore? HA! Do you see me hanging with two biker guys and calling one of them ‘daddy’? I’m sure your ‘daddy’ treats his ‘little girl’ like all of the women he ‘owns’. He pimps you out just like the rest. So how much you charge Vivica? I’m sure you can make a few bucks backstage with the guys. I’m guessing its 20 bucks a fuck right?

    Faith reaches into her top, and removes a roll of money. She unrolls it, and takes out two $20 bills and tosses them at Vivica’s feet.

    Faith LeFlur: That should take care of your best costumers- you know, your pimps in Black Blooded

    Vivica looks down at the money, then back up to Faith and can’t believe whats coming out her mouth

    Faith LeFlur: Oh, you know I’m kidding Viv, I know you give it up for free for them. Seriously though, you want a fight tonight, right now? Lets do it bitch- you won’t even make it to the PPV after I’m done with you

    Both girls sneer at another before walking away leaving their actions for the ring, since their match is....up next!!!
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    Stanley: Oh yeah, we gonna see some intense girl on girl action!!

    Ricky: Let's get started!

    Darren Black: The following contest is a special non-title grudge match set for one fall with a 10 min. time period, introducing first, the IWA Vanity Champion.......Vivica!!!!

    Vivica heads to the ring spinning around while laughing hysterically as frightens the children sitting near ringside before she enters the ring and awaits LeFlur

    Ricky: She sure is a unique kind of gal.

    Stanley: Get your eyes of her, less you death by Mr. Black.

    Darren Black: And introducing his opponent, fighting out of New Orleans, weighing in at 112 pounds..she is the JBW xBombshellsx Champion

    LeFlur heads to the ring like a woman on a mission and immediately goes to confront Vivica. Both women have their eyes on the xBombshellsx Championship.

    Stanley: That's the prize. Vivica is sure to get it as she always gets what she wants.

    Ricky: Not if LeFlur has her way and she just might.

    Vivica (Lita) vs LeFlur (Kim) (Ignore heel/face)

    Start at 2:20 - 7:45

    Ricky: That was close.

    LeFlur kicks out.

    Stanley: Vivica has to keep the momentum going.

    Vivica is outraged but knows to be smart and try to finish the match by picking LeFlur of from the mat and delivers a good series of forearm shots to Leflur before sending off to the ropes , which LeFlur reverses but Vivica uses to her advantage as she connects with a Hurricanrana.

    Stanley: Yes, now this match is Vivica's, no doubt.

    Ricky: Not quite yet...

    LeFlur recovers to her feet off the momentum that the hurricanrana she received gave her only walk into a kick to the gut as Vivica tries to connect a Twist of Fate but somehow LeFlur pushes Vivica off crashing into the nearby turnbuckle with force.

    Ricky: Nice instincts by LeFlur, we're near the 8 mark though they need to settle this soon.

    Vivica stumbles back into LeFlur who plants her down to the mat with a neckbreaker and covers.....1......2.....- Vivica powers out

    Stanley: Great kick out by Vivica.

    Ricky: Now you're all about the kick outs aren't you, you prick?

    Vivica and Leflur show signs of fatigue but both reach their and begins to brawl exchanging shots...


    Vivica goes for one last shot at 9:49 mark but LeFlur ducks under and hurries towards the ropes hoping to gain momentum but a reverse spinning heel kick from Vivica is enough to stop her from doing so though the fatigue from both girls is apparent as Vivica covers...1....-

    Darren Black: Time has run out and this match is called a draw.

    Vivica snaps realizing she had the match won and pushes the ref or not pinning fast enough before stomping the holy shit out of Leflur enough to lave LeFlur out cold and bleeding from the mouth.

    Stanley: Now that's what I like to see, I hope to see it again at In Justice for Brawl.

    Ricky: We'll see indeed and now speaking of In Justice for Brawl we are about to see our main as Seth 12, Kyojin and Sagittarius Blue square off. So be sure to come right back folks.
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    Stanley: Now the wait is over, 3 challengers now clash to gain some last minute momentum before they all fce the champion, Erick Alexander at In Justice for Brawl.

    Ricky: Should be quite a match.

    Darren Black: The following contest is a triple threat match set for one fall, introducing first weighing in at 200 pounds, he is Setttthhhhhh 13!!!!

    Seth appears on stage, boos rain down on him as he heads to the ring. Entering shortly and awaits his opponents

    Ricky: He needs a big win tonight. He gained some momentum last week but he needs more tonight

    Stanley: He'll get it.

    Darren Black: And introducing his opponent, fighting out of Chicago, Illinois, weighing in at 220 pounds, he is....."The Noble Warrior".....KYOJIN!!!!

    Fans explode as Kyojin runs towards the ring and slides in between the middle ropes before posing for the fans.

    Stanley: Overrated nobody, I know he's gonna lose tonight.

    Ricky: Just keep quiet ad admire the talent in front of you. He's amazing.

    Darren Black: And introducing their opponent, fighting out of Athens, Georgia, weighing in at 130 pounds, he is....."The Royal Rockstar".....Sagittarius Blue!!!!

    When hitting the ramp, Blue comes out with a custom jacket on with the hood up, and stands still, looking around with his face slightly hidden by the hood. He then drops the hood down and yells “NOW OR NEVER” while raising the rockstar hand sign (just like Edge) before rushing the ring. He plays to the crowd and uses the hand sign yelling N. O. N.

    Stanley: I don't know what the crowd finds in this guy.

    Ricky: He's the future of the business, simple as that.

    Seth (Lynn) vs Blue (Sabin) vs Kyo (Daniels)

    Start at 1:57 - Stop at 12:22

    Kyo breaks up the pinfall attempt by Seth on Blue

    Ricky: Kyo just saved the match right there.

    Kyojin now picks Seth off the ring floor and goes for a Brain Buster but mid move Seth rakes Kyojin's forcing Kyojin to drop his hold on Seth.

    Stanley: Great move by Seth.

    Ricky: He raked Kyojin's eyes like a coward.

    Seth now tries to attack Kyojin but a recovering Blue catches Seth by surprise with the Sagittarius Slam (A souped-up uranage; sambo stye like suplex) before hitting Kyojin with The Sagittarius Shot (High angle dropkick where Sag coils up in midair, making the impact more powerful) and the crowd is loving it.

    Ricky: What a comeback from Blue.

    Blue stalks a recovering Seth and goes for The Sign of the Archer (Half nelson lifted and dropped into a knee lift to the opponent's face) but Seth fights out of the Half Nelson Hold throwing vicious elbows to Blue leaving him staggering before Seth delivers a stiff kick to the side of Blue's head and goes to the top rope.

    Stanley: Come on, Seth. Finish this.

    Seth looks set to fly hoping to connect with his Double Moonsault but before he can Kyojin comes out nowhere and leaps off the ropes hitting Seth with The Truth Hurts (Beautiful Disaster) and Seth falls from the top rope onto the floor outside. Kyojin now looking at the opportunity in front of him as he now climbs to the top rope.

    Stanley: Fuck, why the hell did Kyojin have to steal Seth's thunder. Jealous piece of shit.

    Ricky: Every man for himself.

    Blue is still down as Kyojin adds insult to injury by telling Seth on the outside: "This is how it's done" and leaps off the ropes hitting The Rising Sun (Double Rotation Moonsault) on Blue and hooks the leg

    Ricky: He's got it and now the count....




    Darren Black: Here is your winner Kyojin!!!

    Stanley: No, no, no!!! This was Seth's moment to shine. Luckily the show is not over yet. There may yet be hope that show be saved by Lansdale.

    Ricky: We'll see, this is our final commercial break and we'll hear from Rage and Lansdale after after the break.
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    Stanley: The night is almost over and now we'll hear from Rage and the real JBW Underground Champion, Lansdale.

    Ricky: The ral JBW Underground Champion is Rage! Get that through your thick skull.

    Stanley: Looks like we have Rob Rage out here to close the show! I hope he's used to not having the Underground title by now because there's no way he's getting it back from Lansdale!

    Ricky: The title is rightfully his, Lansdale stole it and has been parading himself around as a false champion for weeks now!

    Stanley: You saw the injustice at Resurrection! Lansdale was cheated and he corrected the issue by taking what was rightfully his!

    Rage heads out to the ring with an intense stare on his face, the fans cheer loudly as he walks around the ring to the announcers table where he grabs a mic. He hops up into the ring and looks around at his admiring fans as they continue to pop for him before he raises the microphone to speak.

    Rob Rage: It's time..

    Waves of boos crash around the arena, echoing off the walls as Arthur Lansdale music hits. Lansdale himself walks out onto the stage with an angry glare on his face, the fans continue to rain abuse down upon him but he seems undetered as he raises the Underground Title above his head. Rage stares up at him, beckoning him to the ring but Lansdale shakes his head and raises his microphone.

    Lansdale: It is time for you to shut your craw and listen to what I have to say, because it is so desperately clear that after your pathetic performance last week you could use a refresher course on just who runs the show. Your time is over Robert.. the second I arrived in JBW the game changed, no longer do the rabble and septic scumbags of this roster have free reign to do as they see fit. Think of me as the Overlord.. sitting atop his throne with the Underground title belt that I so deservingly possess whilst yourself and the rest of the dessicated, dim witted peasants work beneath me in the hopes that scraps of my benevolent rule may occasionally fall your way.

    Lansdale sneers down at Rage who rolls his eyes, still beckoning for Lansdale to get in the ring.

    Lansdale: Your arrogance.. your infuriating need to undermine me was all too obvious last week when you cost me victory over my inferior foe. How dare you lay your hands on me.. how dare you feign impartiality? I wish I could say it was the first time I had been affected by such shoddy and unprofessional behaviour from a so called referee.. but I simply cannot, can I? You blame me for taking 'your' title when you should be blaming the referee that you colluded with to cheat me the last time we fought.. he is the reason I enacted swift justice upon you.. you only have yourselves to blame.

    Lansdale almost hisses at Rage as the anger bubbles over inside him.

    Lansdale: As a consequence of your actions last week you have raised my ire Robert.. I am a man of tolerance.. a man of honour and respect..

    The fans boo at the hypocritical words Lansdale uses to describe himself.

    Lansdale: But even a man of my stature has his limits.. and you crossed a line into some very dangerous territory. Your incessant need to hound my every step.. to stick your nose into all of my business leaves me with no choice.. I have to put you down like the rabid dog that you are.. and it really is your own fault. You could have accepted my rule.. accepted that you were wrong and that I am the TRUE Underground champion.. but it really is too late for that. I refuse to wait Justice For Brawl.. Justice must be done right here.. and right now..

    Rage smiles widely as Lansdale throws his microphone down, the fans cheer as they're about to get what they want to see.
    S.E. Zero is now Luizero. Look him up

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    Ricky: They're about to get it on! We don't have to wait! Get him Rage!

    Stanley: Rage is in big trouble now, i've never seen Lansdale looking so focused!

    Rage backs off to the far side of the ring and Lansdale charges down the ramp, sliding under the ropes. He stands and rushes towards Rage with the title raised above his head to smash him with it but is taken down! Rage mounts Lansdale and begins clobbering him with lefts and rights as the fans get behind him! Rage stands and taunts Lansdale who slowly stumbles to his feet before turning around into a big forearm!

    Rage backs him into a corner and whips him across the ring, following him and nailing a big clothesline! Rage stomps a mudhole in Lansdale as he falls down into the corner before backing away and calling for a Rage Bomb!

    Ricky: This is it! Rage is going into Justice For Brawl on a high! Lansdale better watch out!

    Lansdale crawls out of the corner slowly towards Rage, Rage makes to drag Lansdale up but is caught completely off guard with a low blow! Rage doubles over in pain as Lansdale regains his composure slowly, standing up before looking down at Rage with anger oozing from every pore.

    Stanley: That's right! Lansdale was just toying with Rage all along! This is going to be good!

    Lansdale bends down and slaps Rage across the face, and again! He steps away momentarily before spotting the title belt and smiling, the fans boo as he picks it up before stalking Rage. Rob gets to his feet slowly, turning around and is thumped flush in the face with the Underground title by Lansdale! Lansdale smirks down at Rage who appears to be out cold, before throwing the title away.

    He walks around Rage before dragging him up to his feet, he slaps Rage again and again before looking at the fans and placing Rage in the Lansdale Lockdown! He cranks up the pressure, attempting to choke Rage out completely before he throws him back to the floor, laughing at him and shaking his head.

    Ricky: This is too much! Get someone out here to help him! Lansdale's trying to make sure he doesn't make it to Justice For Brawl!

    Lansdale gloats at the fans before returning to Rage, grabbing one of his legs before dropping himself backwards, twisting Rages foot to the side whilst firmly gripping him around the heel and ankle!

    Stanley: Class Dismissed! Lansdale's variation on the heel lock! One of the most dangerous holds known to man!

    Rage is instantly snapped out of unconsciousness as he tried to claw his way free but within seconds he's tapping out! Lansdale refuses to break the heel lock, instead cranking it up a notch as Rage yells in agony, trying to break out but with no effect. Lansdale smiles through the yells approvingly before finally letting get and kicking Rage out of the ring.

    He grabs the Underground Title once more and climbs a turnbuckle overlooking Rage, raising the title to taunt him before the Zero Gravity logo flashes up and the cameras fade to black.
    S.E. Zero is now Luizero. Look him up

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