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    *Punk’s music hits as he makes his way from the back with just a huge smile on his face. He climbs into the ring and takes a microphone and faces Hawk*

    Punk: You think you’re so clever don’t you, Hawk? Well I’ll play along. I’m not another guest star. I am a regular in your little TV program. I’m not the man next door. I’m not your co-worker. I’m your nemesis. I’m the guy that’s going to be there every turn you make, making sure you have to go through me in every path you try to go in. I’m the guy that almost beat you at Resurrection. I’m the guy who beat four other men to become the Number One contender for the TV championship again.

    The crowd pops for Punk

    Punk: Yeah you might have gotten the best of me in our first encounter. I wasn’t quite sure how good you are. But now I know that you have the chops to be one of the best. But I’m better. I’m going to take that TV Championship off your shoulder at In Justice For Brawl. I’m going to cancel your little program that only the immediate family of Mike Hawk care about. Sure you managed to achieve the highest moment of your career by winning the TV Championship, but I’m going to give the alternate ending to Resurrection. The one where KJ Punk walks away with the TV Championship and proclaims WINNER WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!

    KJ drops the mic as the crowd chants “CHICKEN DINNER!!!!!!” as Punk smiles at Hawk, who has had enough of KJ, drops the JBW Television Championship, and runs at him, tackling him to the floor. Hawk begins to unload on KJ but KJ manages to flip over and get on top of Hawk. He begins to throw right and left hands at Hawk but Hawk kicks out into KJ's stomach, pushing him backwards. Hawk gets to his feet and grabs Punk, throwing him between his legs, signalling for the Mayhem Driver.

    He goes for the jump but KJ manages to remain on his feet and drives Hawk into the ground. Hawk, holding his back, begins to climb back to his feet. Punk runs forwards, twisting and connecting with the Rolling Elbow! Punk smiles down at the unmoving Hawk as he walks across and grabs the JBW Television Championship, lifting it up in the air infront of Hawk's TV cameras.

    Patrick Riley: KJ Punk just proved his credentials for In Justice For Brawl!

    Dudley Erickson: How dare he attack Mike Hawk, this man should be arrested!

    Patrick Riley: Hawk attacked Punk! Punk just fought in self defence!

    Dudley Erickson: Are you watching the same show as me Pat?

    Patrick Riley: Yes I am, what are you insinuating?

    Dudley Erickson: I’m saying that you’re-

    The commentary team is cut off as we head backstage where Chris Divine is shown, with the Intercontinental Championship firmly on his shoulder. He turns, looking at the camera.

    Divine:'s official. Divine vs Van Hooligan X. 1 on 1, mano e mano. Nose to nose, the whole shebang! Vanessa has been wanting this match, well now she got it. See Van, that is the problem you have before you now. You have a challenge before you, that is like none other that you have faced. Not Artemis Eclipse, not Kyojin, not Darius, not Antonyo Angelo, not Greed, none of them. You have the Divine One, the only One, The Oh So Fine One, Chris Divine.

    The fans cheer, as Divine grins.

    Divine: See Van, at In Justice for Brawl, you will learn a lesson. That lesson is, don't bite off more than you can chew. See, you think that big ole savory taste in your mouth is something you want, but when you try to swallow, you'll end up choking. You know all about choking though. Now, Divine could sit here, and talk about all the times you've choked, but Divine won't. No, instead Divine is going to focus on the more important thing at hand. That being this special guest ref.

    Divine lowers his glasses, looking into the camera.

    Divine: Divine doesn't know who this special ref it, and Divine doesn't care. The fact remains, Divine is going into In Justice for Brawl as the champion, and Divine is going to walk out of the ppv as the champion. This special guest referee could be Ryan Wells, it could be Carlos Alberto Ramon, hell, it could even be Jman's grand mother from south jersey...and the results will be the same. Know this though...whoever it is...if they try and screw Divine out of his championship...well.Divine may have to put his hands on the ref.

    Divine raises his glasses.

    Divine: So Vanna White prepared...because Divine is coming to In Justice for Brawl, for a fight.

    We head to commercial for the final time.

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    Patrick Riley: Welcome back to KillZone folks and soon, we’ll have our main event- but even though we still have one KillZone left before the show, we’re just going to quickly run through the card so far for In Justice For Brawl!

    Dudley Erickson: That’s right Pat, no match is bigger than the main event. With the JBW World Heavyweight Championship on the line, the champion TheDevilsAdvocate takes on Tommy Thunder for the very first time ever!

    A promo shot for the Thunder-TDA match is shown.

    Patrick Riley: One of the most personal rivalries, perhaps of all time, is Eddie Juarez against Jason Alexander. These two will settle their differences in a Death Row match, and the winner will move on to Monarchy of Aggression and take on the JBW World Heavyweight Champion!

    A promo shot for the Juarez-Alexander match is shown.

    Dudley Erickson: Another massive rivalry will be settled as Ryusuke ‘Shuriken Blade’ Serra takes on HolyJose!

    A promo shot for the Shuri-HJ match is shown.

    Patrick Riley: Speaking of massive rivalries, it’s official as of tonight, we’re going to see Chris Divine defend his Intercontinental Championship against Van Hooligan X, with a mystery special guest referee in the middle of them!

    A promo shot for the Divine-VHX match is shown.

    Dudley Erickson: Speaking of championships, we’re going to see KJ Punk try and take the Television Championship from Mike Hawk!

    A promo shot for the Hawk-Punk match is shown.

    Patrick Riley: Another championship that will be on the line will be the Tag Team Championships as Black Blooded take on both Elite Bloodline and Predators in Paradise in a triple threat tag match! Can anybody stop these monsters?

    A promo shot for the BB-EB-PIP match is shown.

    Dudley Erickson: Talking of monsters, Ano Doom goes one-on-one with Shaz!

    A promo shot for the Doom-Shaz match is shown.

    Patrick Riley: And another monster in action will be Aidan Black. He takes on Vulgar!

    A promo shot for the Vulgar-Black match is shown.

    Dudley Erickson: And don’t forget Brock Edwards goes one-on-one with Athena!

    A promo shot for the Brock-Athena match is shown.

    Patrick Riley: And what about Zero Gravity? Perhaps no bigger match has ever come from that show as Arthur Lansdale taking on Rob Rage for Rage’s Underground Championship!

    A promo shot for the Lansdale-Rage match is shown.

    Dudley Erickson: And don’t forget about a feud that really took a turn at Resurrection as Darius goes one-on-one with Gillz!

    A promo shot for the Darius-Gillz match is shown.

    Patrick Riley: And of course, two newcomers go one-on-one as Hearst Darrison faces Chris Diamond!

    A promo shot of the Darrison-Diamond is shown.

    Dudley Erickson: And don’t forget about the Bombshells Championship match! The champion, Faith LeFlur goes one-on-one with Vivica!

    A promo shot of the LeFlur-Vivica match is shown.

    Patrick Riley: There are two more Zero Gravity’s and the final KillZone are to come yet before In Justice For Brawl, so there could still be some great matches to come! Including Ma$$’s reaction to the Malcolm Cage challenge tonight!

    Dudley Erickson: But that’s next week, right now...

    Pat: We’re in for a hell of a main event tag team match here, Duds. Two dream teams are about to go at it.

    Dudley: No doubt.

    Darren Black: Introducing first, from our nation’s capital; HolyJosee eee!

    Pat: Jose will get Shuriken one on one at In Justice For Brawl, but you have to imagine they’ll be looking for each other here tonight as well.

    Dudley: Shuriken’s in for it tonight. He’s got major history with both of his opponents.

    Pat: He also has the World Heavyweight Champion watching his back.

    Dudley: If you ask me, the rightful holder of that title just slid into the ring.

    Pat: Please.

    As Jose takes a seat on the top rope and waits, it’s unclear whether the boos filling the arena are for him, or in anticipation of…

    Darren Black: And his partner, from Colorado Springs, Colorado; “The Storm” Tommy! Thunder!

    …the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship. Thunder soaks in the heat for a moment before walking down the ramp.

    Pat: Like him or not, Tommy Thunder gave the Jabe fateful a look at just how good he is last week. KJ Punk threw everything at The Storm and he still couldn’t pick up the win.

    Dudley: I’m glad you recognize how great Tommy was in that match, Pat.

    Pat: I do, but in the same breath, I don’t think Thunder beats Devs at IJFB.

    Dudley: Of course you don’t.

    Thunder, without more than a nod in Jose’s general direction, slides into the ring and heads to his corner as the crowd begins to buzz.

    Darren Black: And their opponents, first, from Los Angeles, California; Ryusuke “Shuriken” Serraaaaa!

    The crowd pops big for Serra, but he quickly quiets them with an index finger to the lips before motioning back toward the curtain. With that, TDA’s pyro explodes.

    And his partner, the JBW World Heavyweight Champion; TheDevilsAdvocateeee!

    When the heavy smoke from TDA’s pyro clears, we see Shuriken and Devs are already walking down the ramp in lock step. The old rivals have a little conference at the base of the ramp, crowd cheering like crazy around them, before sliding under the bottom rope in unison. Apparently that little meeting of the minds was to decide who would start things off, because TDA quickly heads out to the apron. On the other side, without a visible conversation being had, it seems Tommy will be the one to start things.

    Pat: EWNCW marks, eat your heart out. Thunder versus Shuriken will start us off here in the main event on KillZone!

    Pat: Wow. They haven’t shown any outward signs of it, but Tommy and Jose are working great as a unit. Shuriken has yet to tag in TDA and he’s in no position to do it now.

    With Jose putting 300 pounds of weight on a downed Shuriken as he applies a headlock, that’s a fair statement from Pat. The crowd are doing all they can to get Serra going, but it’s not working. And then it is. Shuri’, fueled by sheer force of will and the roars of the crowd, stars to stir. First to one knee, then two, then to his feet, then, with everything he’s got in the tank, Serra lifts Jose up and slams him down with a big back body drop.

    Shuriken, knowing this is his chance, starts crawling toward TDA. Devs’ is about ready to explode into the ring when Serra, only an arm’s length away from making the tag, gets pulled back to the opposite corner by a newly legal Tommy Thunder.

    Pat: Crap.

    Thunder, though, makes a mistake by pulling Serra back by the foot. That allows Shuri’, savvy veteran that he is, to spring up and connect with an enzhsiguri to the side of Tommy’s head. With the crowd going nuts, Thunder flops through the middle rope and onto the floor. Shuriken quickly crawls his way over to TDA and, to a tremendous pop, makes the tag.

    Dudley: Oh, no.

    Devs flies into the ring and, not really caring if he’s the legal man or not, runs to the opposite corner and flips Jose over the ropes and into the ring. Jose nips up quickly, but is sent back down just as fast with a clothesline. Devs’ sends his former protégé’ down again after Jose nips up. The third time, though, Jose is ready for the clothesline, ducks it and goes for one of his own. TDA, however, ducks that and responds with a straight right to Jose’s nose. Holy is staggered, but he fires back.











    Jose gets the upper hand, but from nowhere, Shuriken hits Holy with a massive Boma Ye to the temple!

    Pat: My god, he killed him! Woah, Thunder with a Shining Wizard on the champion!

    TDA had to go into a catchers squat to avoid the flying Serra and, when he did, Thunder used the chaos around him as a diversion, snuck back into the ring and nailed the Wizard.

    Dudley: Here’s the cover!



    Here comes Shuriken!


    Darren Black: Your winners, HolyJose and Tommy Thunder!

    Dudley: Tommy Thunder just pinned the World Heavyweight Champion !

    Because of Shuriken’s bum knee, due to hurting it on Jose’s skull, he wasn’t fast enough to break up the cover and Tommy picks up the huge win. We end this sixth episode of KillZone with a shot of the winners, both a little worse for wear but heathly enough to gloat, sitting in one corner and the losers, Shuriken on his good knee trying to talk TDA awake, in the other.

    Dudley: What a war, what a win, what a show!


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    Too many fillers!!!
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    So, yeah...gonna be a good show.
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    Night is young...actually it's not but whatever
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    This may take a while, internet is iffy right now.
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    I'll try to at least finish the fillers and start posting the show later today, sorry folks but if it's taking em this just for fillers. The show would take hours.
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    Just a few more to go
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    Looks like a day full of Jabe shows, later today. Gonna be a good day.
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    Show will be up later today.
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