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    JBW KillZone: Episode 5

    Location: Chicago, Illinois

    Patrick Riley: Welcome ladies & gentlemen to JBW KillZone! We are live from a sold out United Center here in Chicago and what a way to end last week’s show.

    Dudley Erickson: That’s right, Tommy Thunder attacking our JBW World Heavyweight Champion TDA and just going off on one about this company.

    Patrick Riley: Well we’re expecting to hear from both Tommy Thunder and TDA tonight, but what else do we have in store Duds?

    Dudley Erickson: Well after blasting BITW and Artemis Eclipse last week, Eddie Juarez will be face-to-face with nemesis Jason Alexander- separated by a wall of security!

    Patrick Riley: That’s sure to be intense! We only have two matches announced so far for tonight. We’ll see Ano Doom face a mystery opponent and Aidan Black’s in-ring debut against DrunkJose!

    Dudley Erickson: Black made a hell of a debut last week, let’s see if he can back it up in the ring.

    Patrick Riley: Here comes the JBW World Heavyweight Champion!

    Dudley Erickson: There’s only one person on his mind right now!

    TDA walks out of the curtain but it’s clear he’s angry. He quickly makes his way down the ramp and slides into the ring, lifting the JBW World Heavyweight Championship in the air. He asks for, and receives, a microphone.

    TDA: I am out here to talk about that batrachophagous known as Tommy Thunder! He came straight out here and strutted his stuff and we had a good old fashion tag team match. Everything was going well until Tommy Thunder struck me over the head with my very own World Heavyweight Championship. Standing out here right now I can already hear the brontide coming in! There is so many definitive words to describe what people may think of you but I believe the word 'Cachinnation' describes how all of them may feel. Now I know exactly what you may be thinking... You might be thinking, "Gee.. TDA is not letting this one go". Damn right I am not going to let this one go. I am going to give everything I have into this fight. I just want to know Tommy.... Is your ass ready for this or not?

    Whether or not if you are ready I have no problem standing out here in the middle of this ring just running my mouth. But when you finally do collect your balls and come out here to this ring and stand toe to toe with me while the millions upon MILLIONS of my little Devils look on at that historic moment where their eyes will all fall on the sight of me raising up my middle finger straight in front of your face. Then when all of the fans are gasping with their lungs in complete shock about what had just transpired I will wrap my fingers around your throat then choke slam you straight to hell before you even know what hit you. But sadly you are not out here right now so we all can not be choosers of such moments, right?

    But that moment is inevitable Tommy! You will be slammed down to the mat by yours truly eventually and when that happens I will bring you down harder than I have ever slammed anyone before. I will make you regret the day that you ever came into JBW and did what you did to me... I am just dying to get my hands on you. One way or another I will get even with you. Even if that involves going over to EWNCW and getting the satisfaction that I truly deserve. The satisfaction of bringing the so called 'best in the world' Tommy Thunder to his knees!

    *there's a big pause for a while before the music eventually hits*

    *Tommy Thunder makes his way out and heads straight to the ring. He's wearing a suit and has a slight smile on his face, a smile that HWA fans might remember very well as a Jericho-esque shit eating grin. The crowd are in uproar, as some even throw some rubbish towards him, but he doesn't seem to care. He climbs the steel steps and enters the ring, before demanding to be given a mic from ringside. He then steadies himself in the middle of the ring before going to talk.*

    Thunder: Well, you wanted me to "collect my balls and come out here", so here I am!

    *Thunder pauses as TDA looks on with anger*

    Thunder: Oh you were finished? Well then allow me to retort! Does that man there look like a bitch?

    *Thunder points to a man in the front row wearing a TDA t-shirt*

    Thunder: Well? And what about that guy?

    *He points out another who's holding up a TDA sign*

    Thunder: And what about him? And that guy? And him, and him and those bunch of nobodies there? Hmm?! Do they look like a bunch of bitches?!?! Of course they do!! Because they are all YOUR bitches!!!!

    *the crowd boo loud*

    Thunder: Too long have you TDA hung around here, hanging on to past glories, past glories that you don't actually have in the first place!! These people, these... sheep, adore you and worship you as if you're the best thing since sliced bread!! Well you're not!! You're nothing! And the fact that you chose to continue with this charade is sickening. What exactly have you accomplished here in JBW? Hmm? What exactly have you got to your name? Oh, that's right, just ONE World Heavyweight Championship. The mere fact that you are the so called champion of this company is the entire reason that it's in the dire state that it's in right now!!

    *the crowd boo*

    Thunder: I am here in JBW to save us TDA. I am here in JBW to save us from you, and that means that I have to take that Championship from you. What I said last week about respecting you wasn't actually any further from the truth than the fact that Mr Kashdinero and Mr Rated R(ob)_KO destroyed this company. However, that championship seems to have gone to your head, and now, you chose to string these mindless sheep along with you into thinking that you are the best ever. Well that, will not fly with me. I am the best in the world at what I do. And I have no qualms in taking that Championship from you.

    *the crowd boo*

    Thunder: One thing you did say there though was actually correct. You said that you were "dying to get your hands on me", well, you are right in saying that you are dying. You've been dying for a very long time now, it's just that you don't chose to accept that inevitability. But if it takes me to actually put you out of your misery once and for all, and to open these peoples eyes to the truth, the reality, and the facts, then so be it.

    *the crowd boo*

    Thunder: What is wrong with you people?! Just because I chose to target this shell of a human being you suddenly chose to boo me?! Is that it? You're all nothing by a load of hypocrites, who just blindly follow whoever panders to you most. And that is exactly why I have to beat you TDA. You're pulling the wool over these people's eyes. You're blinding them from the reality that this company isn't suddenly right as rain again now that you're the champion. Everything isn't bright and rosy again because you're the top dog. Somebody needs to open these sheep's eyes, somebody needs to save them from you, and that person, whether you like it or not, is going to be me.
    Do you understand what I am saying to you right now?

    Jman comes through the curtain, mic in hand, knowingly nodding his head. He waits for the big pop that greeted him to subside before starting to speak.

    Jman: How did I ever allow myself to think it wouldn’t come to this? For one solitary moment last week, everything was right in my little world. Tommy Thunder and TheDevilsAdvocate were teaming up on my show. Ask any booker; that’s a dream. And then…boom.

    The crowd boos at J’s reference to Thunder’s attack of TDA last week before the GM rolls on.

    Jman: I’ll give you credit, Thunder, that was a brilliantly calculated move you pulled. You knew everything would happen the way it has, didn’t you? You knew, like all of us did, that Devs wasn’t going to let that little attack of yours slide. You knew he’d want you in a one on one match because of that. And, heh, you probably know what I’m going to do right now, don’t you?

    Thunder nods and the crowd gets fired up as they too sense what’s coming.

    Jman: Ladies and gentlemen, in three weeks at In Justice For Brawl in the greatest city on earth, it’ll be, in my estimation, the biggest main event in JBW history. EWNCW Champion Tommy Thunder versus JBW World Heavyweight Champion TheDevilsAdvocate for the JBW World Heavyweight Championship.

    A deafening pop fills the arena but J puts a finger in the air to quell it.

    Jman: But, that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun tonight. In a champion versus champion match, Devs, you’ll be taking on the World Television Champion Mike Hawk. And for you, Thunder? The number one contender to Hawk’s TV title; KJ Punk.

    The fans explode with cheers as TDA & Thunder stare each other down and we head to commercial.

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    We return from commercial and Stacy Mitchell is shown backstage with a microphone in hand.

    Stacy Mitchell: Ladies and gentlemen, KJ Punk!

    KJ Punk comes into frame as the crowd pops for him.

    Stacy Mitchell: Last week, you won a number one contenders match for the TV Championship. How do you feel about getting a rematch against Mike Hawk?

    Punk: I knew I was going to get another shot. I came awfully close from taking the title off Hawk’s shoulder in my first match against him. He claims how great he is and how much of a star that he is, then he comes and almost loses the championship in his first defense. That wouldn’t make for a very long lasting tv show now would it?

    Stacy Mitchell: I guess not. Tonight, Mike Hawk will be taking on the JBW World Heavyweight Champion TheDevilsAdvocate. What are your thoughts on the match?

    Punk: It’s going to invaluable for me. I’m going to get to watch the best in this company dismantle the guy I’m going to be facing. He’s going to show the path to beating Hawk and I’m going to follow those at IJFB to take my first championship in this company.

    Stacy Mitchell: Tonight, you will be facing Tommy Thunder in his historic first match in JBW. How do you feel?

    Punk: I’m not going to lie. I’m nervous. I’ve never been in the same ring as Tommy. He’s one of the greatest of all time. This will probably be the toughest match of my career because he’s just that damn good. But this Thunder isn’t the Thunder we are all used to. This is a more aggressive Thunder, a more dangerous one. So tonight, I’m not preparing for a match. I’m preparing for a fight. And these fans are going to see two men beat the hell out of each other. I can guarantee that.

    Stacy Mitchell: Thanks for your time, Punk.

    Punk pats Stacy on the back and walks away, as we return to ringside.

    Pat: Right now, Duds, it’s time for Ano Doom to get back on track.

    Dudley: Yeah, Ano’s JBW career has been a struggle to this point, but, heh, if he can’t beat his opponent tonight, there’s a problem.

    The crowd begins to boo as familiar music comes over the PA system. For a moment, there’s pitch darkness in the arena before Ano Doom’s pyro shoots out of the ringposts and his theme begins to play.

    Darren Black: Introducing first, from The Netherworld, The Demon Cyborg; Ano Doom!

    Doom comes out onto the stage to big boos and they get louder as he walks down the ramp.

    Pat: For weeks now, Ano Doom has been consistently one-upped by Shaz. Shaz beat him at Resurrection and has gotten the better of him before and since that match in various encounters.

    Dudley: That’s why I almost feel sorry for the man who’s about to come out here. He’s dealing with an angry monster tonight.

    Doom steps over the top rope and into the ring before turning to face the ramp.


    Darren Black: And his opponent, making his return to JBW, RamJam!

    Dudley: Jeez, did J actually sign this guy?

    Pat: Hahaha! It’s the least he could do for beating him at Monarchy of Aggression 2011.

    Dudley: I totally remember that match. We’re old.

    Everybody’s favorite deranged clown gets a (sarcastic?) pop from the crowd as he slides into the ring. Ano Doom, however, doesn’t seem pleased.

    The ref calls for the bell and, immediately, Doom charges RamJam. With surprising skill, though, RamJam is able to sidestep Doom and roll him up!



    Th- No! Doom powers out just after two, nips up and crushes RamJam’s short lived moment in the sun with a vicious clothesline.

    Pat: Welp, that was fun while it lasted.

    Dudley: Yeah, it’s all but over now.

    Doom waits for RamJam to get up before lifting him high above his head, pressing him a few times, dropping him, catching him in midair and slamming him down with authority.

    Dudley: Wow! Doom calls that the Annihilator.

    Following up the Annihilator, Doom drags RamJam to his feet and loads him into position for the Cold Blooded Murder. Three giant steps from Doom later and RamJam comes crashing back down to the mat. Doom,mercifully, sidles ihnto the cover.

    Pat: One….Two….Three….

    Dudley: So much for that return, RamJam.

    Doom drags RamJam to his feet and throws him over the top rope. He demands a microphone and is quickly given one.

    Ano Doom: (Shaking with intensity as always, Though Shaz doesn't him in exactly a good mood from last week's surprise, unwanted attack. He seems ready to explode with intensity and determination. More in that state of mind than usual.) SHAZ! Listen to me now and listen good! You really think I'm playing around with you? You honestly think you can stop me when it counts? You've beaten me once, by sheer bullshit luck, and come down to be that superhero, save the day, yahoo I'm here to help, type a few times, and all you did when it happened was throw me over the damn ropes and hit me a few times! Big deal! You really think you've kicked the shit out of me that bad? You can talk me down and lambaste me all you want, but the fact is, you, like MANY OTHERS around here...just don't know what you're messing with. You say I'm nothing, this that and the other...The fact is you're an idiot for even wanting to avenge what happened when I first dumped you on your ass in that TV Title match. Why would you wanna continue to go after someone like me?! My arms are bigger than your neck! I don't think you realize what you're up against at all...Or you would never have stopped me from totally putting Juarez down and out for good last week out here! Now speaking of that...That brings me to my next point...I may breath and live off on crunching the bones of others, but that doesn't mean I'm not smart enough to realize a moron with a death wish when I see him. You came out here and got in the way of what possibly could have and most likely would have ended a man's career, and for that...I simply can not let you get away. You talked about settling the score at Resurrection by beating me, so you did with your lucky sleeper...But then why would a can do no wrong type like you come after me again? Simple...As I said, You must have a dream of being ripped limb from limb, for all I know you're a masochist. At IJFB...I send you to the hospital.

    ???: Shut the hell up you fool.

    Crowd cheer as Shaz comes out with a mic in his hand. He talks as he heads into the ring.

    Shaz: First of all. You say that I beat you, by "sheer bullshit luck!" What kind of drugs you been smoking this time you bastard?! I made you pass out like a bitch, I defeated you by KO! This is what I despise about people like you!

    Every single time you get defeated, you begin to make pathetic little excuses on how lucky the winner was, and how you will defeat the winner next time! If you have the ability to defeat the winner next time, then why couldn't you finish the job in the first place?

    Crowd cheer Shaz as they know he is talking real. He slides into the ring.

    Shaz: Let's face it Doom! You can't defeat anybody of note! I mean- do you really think that RamJam is a fuckin' threat? Well, this is typical Ano Doom isn't it? Thinking you're suddenly the best after defeating a case of jobbers!

    So consider your challenge, accepted! I'm going to put you to the test once again! Shaz vs Ano Doom, at In Justice for Brawl! This match, isn't even going to be a real match. It's going to be the last word of the PPV name...a brawl. A brawl will do us justice!

    Just watch Doom! All your bitching, and moaning, and whining won't pay off whatsoever! Because right now, all of my energy is being put inside this rampage! You may have cost me my match last week, but I simply don't care! All I care about, is you! All I care about, is putting you in intensive care! Just watch Ano Doom. At In Justice for Brawl, I'm going to finish you off once and for all!!

    Shaz drops the microphone and throws a punch but Doom sees it coming. He catches the fist and forces Shaz back, delivering his own right hand. Shaz falls back into the ropes and bounces off, but Doom catches him and delivers a spinebuster. Shaz gets back to his feet but Doom kicks him in the gut. He picks Shaz up and hits the Cold Blooded Murder! Doom stands tall over Shaz as the fans boo loudly and we head to commercial.

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    Patrick Riley: Welcome back to KillZone folks! Before the break, Ano Doom lay waste to Shaz!

    Dudley Erickson: That’s right Pat! We still have Aidan Black’s in-ring debut to come, as well as KJ Punk vs. Tommy Thunder and TDA vs. Mike Hawk!

    Patrick Riley: What a show we have had so far.

    Dudley Erickson: We'll also see a confrontation between Eddie Juarez and Jason Alexander!

    *Brock Edwards immediately comes out and is greeted by tons of boos. He comes out with a microphone in hand.*

    Brock: Cut my music! I said cut it!

    *Brock's then stops and he continues to talk while walking into the ring.*

    Brock: Much better. Last week, I made my in-ring debut here in JBW.

    *The crowd start chanting at Brock, "You got schooled", while he gets inside the ring.*

    Brock: Oh my god! Can you shut the hell up or do I need to get out of this ring and beat the shit out of each and single one of you? Cause trust me, I'm already pissed off at this moment, so I wouldn't mind blowing some of my steam at you guys and gals. Now, as I was saying, I made have not won, but that's okay. I know that doesn't sound like "Brock Edwards" to you, but it's reality speaking. I might have not won, but who cares about that Jason Alexander guy. I certainly don't cause that loss is not going to effect me in my overall plan here in JBW. I mean, odds are he won't have the career I'm going to have here in JBW. However, there is one person who is going to be a bother to me at this moment. That person is Athena.

    *The crowd start chanting, "Brock's A Pussy".

    Brock: I'm a pussy, huh. Let me see about that. I'm the one who is standing in the ring and risking my career in here, not you people. So, I think I'm much more brave than all of you combined. And talking about bravery, Athena you showed bravery coming to this ring last week and attacking me. I'll give you credit, you wanted to make an impact and you did. I mean, you picked the biggest and baddest superstar to go up against. But, poor Athena, you chose the wrong man. However, even for all her bravery, I think this is a woman who is beyond a freak of nature and that's coming from me. This little bitch now thinks she's tough shit, but she clearly ain't an I'll prove that to hear. So, Athena get your sorry little an your tail between your feet cause I challenge you to a match. A match at In Justice For Brawl. Come on sweetheart, I don't got all day for this.

    *Athena's music hits and she comes out to loud cheers from the crowd*

    Athena: You know what Brock you're right! If there's one way to make an impact it's to pick the biggest dog in the yard and lay him out as a test of your strength and dominance and that's exactly what I did last week.

    *The crowd cheers loudly*

    Athena: I am no bombshell and there was no way I was going to be stuck fighting a bunch of little bitches when I would much rather be fighting a big bitch like you!

    *Brock looks furious and the crowd starts chanting "holy shit"*

    Athena: For years insecure weak men like yourself have called me names trying to keep me down, trying to hold me back, trying to keep me from my destiny. They've called me a freak, a tranny and a man.

    *The fans begin to boo and Brock chuckles and mouths "that's right"*

    Athena: But my time has come, this is my destiny. It took me forever to get here and now that I'm here I will not be held down by pathetic men like yourself. I will do whatever it takes to reach the top and I'm starting with you.

    *Athena delivers a strong right hook to Brock's face and he falls to the ground. She slides out of the ring and points at him as he gets up angrily. The camera cuts away to show Mike Hawk is training backstage and kicks the head of a training dummy with TDA's picture on it.*

    Hawk: Tonight I am going to make history. I will bring in new era when I defeat TDA in an epic champion vs champion match and show everyone who the real star of JBTV really is. to give you a little preview off tonight here's A little synopsis of the show.

    A new surfer (Mike Hawk) enters the biggest competition in the world to show everyone he deserves to be there. However the local champion (TDA) uses his connection to put obstacles in the heroes path to make sure he doesnt compete. However he overcomes these obstacles and meets TDA in the finals and challenges him to a fair surf off for honor. Will our hero overcome the beach bully and prove he can hang with the big dogs or will he let the obstacles consume him?

    I will ride you to the top old man and prove to the world that all you are now is a local fossil. You don't run this place anymore and Thunder is going to prove that when he defeats you right after he crushes Punk under his heels and opens the gate for the revolution to begin. Cut Print Mayhem.

    The fans are booing as we return to ringside.

    Pat: Well Mayhem is ready for his main event match, but I wouldn’t wanna be in the way of TDA tonight.

    Dudley: Hawk is more than ready.

    The cameras cut backstage where they show Tommy Thunder walking down the corridor.

    Pat: Up next, Tommy Thunder against KJ Punk! Stay right there!

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    Pat: Welcome back to KillZone!

    Dudley: This next match, partner, is gonna be fun.

    Pat: Yup. It’ll mark the singles debut of Tommy Thunder in JBW and it’s a huge opportunity for KJ Punk to build some momentum heading into In Justice For Brawl.

    Dudley: No way Punk wins. JBW is The Storm’s domain now and, at In Justice For Brawl, he’s going to become World Champion.

    Pat is about to come back with a retort to that when, just as he did last week, a man dressed in a black hooded sweatshirt walks through the curtain and out onto the stage. We still can’t see his face but, once again, we see he has a ticket stub in his hand. The crowd, hopeful Chicagoans that they are, apparently is taking the man’s black hoodie as a sign that it’s CM Punk who’s under the hood. That’s the chant that rings throughout The Madhouse on Madison as the hooded figure jumps the barricade just to the left of the ring steps and takes his seat.

    Dudley: Chicago is stupid. There’s no way that’s CM Punk. He’s too big.

    Pat: Our guy does seem to be a bit more imposing than the rightful WWE Champion.

    Dudley: Mark.

    Pat: Ha! Takes one to know one.

    Darren Black: Introducing first, from St. Louis, Missouri; K! J! Punk!

    KJ Punk, new theme tune and all, makes his way out onto the ramp to a mostly positive reaction. A minority of fans, though, start up a “Let’s-Go- Cub-bies!” chant directed at JBW’s resident St. Louis Cardinals’ fan. Punk smiles at that as he steps through the ropes and into the ring.

    Pat: I don’t know why, Duds, but I like KJ’s chances tonight.

    Dudley: You’re just as stupid as this city is, then.

    Darren Black: And his opponent, from Colorado Springs, Colorado; Tommy Thunder!

    Thunder, his signature “shit eating grin” plastered on his face, cockily strides through the curtain to immense heat from the crowd. A faint “Tom-my-Thun-der!” chant can be heard but the boos overwhelm it. Thunder just keeps smiling his wicked smile as he slides into the ring and squares up to Punk.

    Dudley: How lucky are we to have “The Storm” in JBW, Pat?

    Pat: We’re lucky, but we’d be even luckier if he wasn’t being such an ass.

    Dudley: He’s Tommy Thunder, man! He can act however the hell he wants. And, what, are you really expecting KJ “Don’t call me CM” Punk to stop Tommy? No way.

    Pat: Yes way. KJ Punk is about to shock the world.

    As the ref calls for the bell, we begin to see if Pat’s bold prediction is going to come true.

    (Start at 3:00; Stop at 9:45)

    Pat: Thunder crashed and burned on that crossbody attempt and now both men are down.

    The ref is up to a four count and neither man has moved.


    Punk starts to stir at six!

    At a count of seven, KJ starts pulling himself up by the ropes and Thunder starts stirring.

    The ref just gets past an eight count when Punk reaches a vertical base. Thunder, too busy pulling himself up with an assist to the ropes, doesn’t see KJ charge him until it’s too late. Punk connects with a clothesline and Tommy goes toppling onto the floor. The crowd gets even more into this one than they already are when they see Punk get a running start, dive between the middle and top ropes and connect with a huge suicide dive on Thunder just as he gets to his feet.

    Pat: What a chance Punk just took there! He hit the suicide dive perfectly and Thunder’s head bounced awkwardly off the ringside barrier. Tommy hasn’t moved since.

    Dudley: Now that’s he’s in the ring, Punk has a decision to make. The ref is up to five, Thunder hasn’t budged and, if he wanted it, KJ could seemingly have the count out victory here.

    Pat: He could, but he won’t!

    Indeed, Punk slides back outside and, with some effort, gets Thunder back into the ring. With that, KJ goes for the cover.


    Tw-No! Tommy gets the shoulder up at two. Punk allows a look of frustration to pass over his face before refocusing on the task at hand. Punk gets up, waits for Thunder to do the same and hits him with the Rock Bottom! The crowd actually boos Punk for his ode to the WWE Champion but they quickly get on his side again as KJ starts to head to the top rope.

    Dudley: KJ is gaining my respect by trolling the hell out of this crowd. First he gets booed for the Rock Bottom, now he’s being cheered for looking to hit the CM Punk/Macho Man-esque elbow drop.

    Pat: Haha! Yup. KJ calls his version of this move, simply, The Tribute. Here it com-Oh! Thunder hits a beautifully timed, beautifully executed standing dropkick to the side of KJ’s head! Here’s the cover!



    Thr-No! Punk landed close to the ropes and, out of pure instinct, he gets a foot on the bottom rope at the last possible second. Immediately, Thunder explodes to his feet and berates the referee for what he thought was a slow count. As the argument continues, Punk is able to get to his feet and, as an unsuspecting Thunder turns around, hit the Rolling Elbow! Speaking of elbows, Tommy caught the official with one right on the bridge of the nose as he was going down. The ref didn’t fall, but the blood gushing from his shonz distracts him from making the count immediately after Punk hooks the leg for a pin. After KJ yells at him, though, the ref slides into position.



    Thre-No! Thunder just gets the shoulder up!

    Pat: The injury to JBW senior official Willie Willie gave Thunder the extra time he needed to kick out of Punk's patented Rolling Elbow!

    Dudley: Chicago has one thing right, this is awesome.

    Pat: No doubt.

    Slowly, Tommy rises to his feet where KJ is waiting for him. As Punk looks for another Rolling Elbow, though, Thunder is able to execute a drop-toe hold on him and, after bouncing off the ropes facing away from Punk to build up speed, nail KJ in the back of the head with a Clothesline from Hell! Punk’s face slams off the mat with force as Tommy rolls him over and slides into the cover.




    Pat: Ugh. Thunder picks up the win and he does it with TDA’s finishing maneuver. What an effort from KJ Punk, though.

    Dudley: Yes! That’s how you send a message.

    To huge boos from the JBW faithful in Chicago, Tommy Thunder celebrates in the ring. As he does, however, the hooded figure jumps the barricade. The crowd pops as they think he’s about to attack Thunder, but they’re disappointed when he heads up the ramp. As we prepare to fade to commercial, we, as well as the number one contender to the world title, see the hooded man pause at the top of the ramp, turn around and begin applauding Thunder with a wild smile on his face. That’s how we enter the commercial break.

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    Patrick Riley: Welcome back to KillZone! It’s time for Aidan Black against DrunkJose!

    Dudley Erickson: I’m looking forward to it!

    Patrick Riley: We’re actually going to be stepping aside for this match as Vulgar and Mr. Smyth take to the airwaves!

    *The crowd pop, as the Specialist comes out to ringside. He walks straight down to the ring, before taking a mic off the timekeeper*

    Vulgar: Deja Vu, KJ Punk beat me once more,
    In a number 1 contenders match, for JBW's core.

    But due to one man, I don't get my hands on Mike the TV Title Holder,
    Aiden Black, what the hell did you do?! Mr. Smyth was afraid of me, his feet were getting colder.

    So he got Black on me, cost me my opportunity.
    But don't think you're invincible Smyth, you have no immunity.

    I've pinned you twice on Killzone, you pinned me once on pay-per-view,
    So I say at In Justice for Brawl, we have pay-per-view number 2.

    You're not better than me, Michael, Derek, John, Miz,
    Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, Koothrappali, whatever the hell your first name is!

    In fact, I don't doubt that Smyth, DrunkJose has more talent than yourself,
    So when he proves it against your apprentice tonight, Black'll be put on the shelf!

    Your chances of beating me Smyth, is just like your private bits,
    It's small. thin, and no-one can imagine it.

    What I can imagine though, is Lindsay, your little witch,
    But if she's up for more cash than you give her, I'll make her my bitch!

    And Mr. Black, Aidan, you'll have to dive for cover,
    It's not right to sleep with your cousin, let alone your brother.

    I get to choose the High C or the Out of Tune, I myself, get a pick
    Your cheekbones won't be useful anymore, so you can just drop down and blow my-

    The crowd erupts with boos as Mr. Smyth’s entrance music vibrantly plays across the arena. After a few moments, Aidan Black walks through the curtains, followed by Mr. Smyth’s PA, Lindsay, but there is no Mr. Smyth. Lindsay stands next to Aidan on top of the staging area, microphone in one hand and an iPad in the other. After the music dies down, the fans start to “Lackey & Whore!” and it is a while before the noise level to drop, by which point Lindsay starts to speak.

    Lindsay: The TWE IronFist Champion, IWA Endurance Champion and the Chief Executive Officer of Atlantis Incorporated, Mr. Smyth, cannot be here tonight as he has a prior engagement to attend.

    The fans let out an ironic “Whey!” Black looks onto them with venom in his eyes and makes a move towards them, but Lindsay places a hand on his arm and he stops.

    Lindsay: But Mr. Smyth has asked me to speak to you on his behalf. He understands your frustration, Vulgar, and he does appreciate that you would like an opportunity at redemption. However, since he has already beaten you in a one-on-one match - on Pay-Per-View no less - Mr. Smyth has now moved onto other projects and will not be able to accommodate you at this point in time.

    The fans boo, as Vulgar looks up the ramp in frustration.

    Lindsay: You see, Mr. Smyth is currently focusing on building for the future of this industry. He is a visionary, Vulgar. He can plan and execute with great success and I have learnt very quickly that if Mr. Smyth believes that we need to build for the future, then we need to build for the future.

    The start of that future is ‘The Weapon’, Aidan Black. From there...well, I wouldn’t want to reveal too much too soon, so let’s focus on the present. Tonight, Aidan will be competing in his first match in JBW against DrunkJose. This was organised by Mr. Smyth as a showcasing event to demonstrate the abilities and work ethics of Aidan.

    The good news for you, Vulgar, is that Mr. Smyth has suggested that when Aidan dispenses of DrunkJose, he is willing to offer you the opportunity of redeeming yourself by taking on his newest recruit.

    But before you make up your mind, it is strongly suggested you watch this match over the next few minutes as Mr. Smyth is certain that it will hold a strong influence on your final decision.

    Lindsay hands the mic off to a stagehand as Smyth walks out onto the stage. He follows Aidan Black down to the ring for his debut match, accompanied also, by Lindsay.

    Pat and Dudley take seats next to Darren Black as Vulgar and Smyth sit down at the commentary table. The In Justice For Brawl opponents put their headsets on as DrunkJose’s theme hits.

    Blissfully unaware of the beating he’s about to receive, DrunkJose stumbles onto the satge, margarita in hand, grinning from ear to ear.

    Smyth: My friend Aidan is about to destroy your cousin up there, Vulgar.

    Vulgar: Dat ain’t no cousin of mine, bitch. We drink Bacardi.

    Smyth: How lovely for you. Ever try a nice bottle of mid-century Pinot Gratiot?

    Vulgar: The fuck is that?

    Smyth: That’s what I thought.

    DrunkJose slides into the ring and reluctantly hands his drink over to the ref. The official hands the drink off to a stagehand, returns to the center of the ring, checks on both wrestlers and calls for the bell.

    Like any good MMA fighter would, Black immediately shoots for a takedown on DrunkJose. Not surprisingly, ‘Jose goes down without much of a struggle and Black is able to transition into the full mount with ease.

    Smyth: Here comes the so-called “ground and pound”.

    Vulgar: Shiiiit, man, I don’t need to hear what you do in da hotel room wit’ dat dude.

    Smyth: You are a vile human being, Vulgar.

    Black uses every ounce of the referee’s five count to rain down stiff shots on ‘Jose’s head before dismounting. Aidan doesn’t seem concerned about having to leave his dominant position. No, he just gets up, drags a newly bloodied DrunkJose to his feet, and starts showing off his striking game.

    Smyth: Oh! Oh! Oh! That’s it, Aidan, keep hitting him.

    Black keeps the punches and kicks coming but, after one especially wicked kick to his alcohol filled kidney, ‘Jose crumbles to the floor. The crowd are booing heavily as Black turns to Vulgar on commentary and mouths “Watch this!”

    Vulgar: Dis’ fucker think beating up a drunk is gonna scare me? He be crazy.

    Smyth: No, Vulgar, you are the less than sane one here if you aren’t intimidated by Aidan. Watch.

    With that, Black drags DJ up again and gets him in a clinch. Black starts firing off some devastating looking knees to ‘Jose face. With a sick smile on his face, Aidan releases the clinch and, as ‘Jose is falling backward, he executes a picture perfect spinning heel kick that connects right behind DrunkJose’s left ear and knocks him out cold.

    Smyth: Aidan calls that the Knock Out Kick and, Vulgar, I think that particular KOK was just for you.

    Black makes sure to look Vulgar dead in the eyes as he makes the academic cover.




    Smyth: Aidan “The Weapon” Black, ladies and gentlemen.

    With that, Smyth gets up from the commentary table and joins his pal Aidan in the ring. Smyth triumphantly raises Black’s arm in the air and they stare down a still unimpressed Vulgar as we fade to break.

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    Uncaged hits the speakers as we return from break and the crowd cheers as Malcolm Cage comes out onto the stage. Cage starts to high five the fans as he is walking down the ramp towards the ring. As he is walking down he sees two fans with signs. One sign reads "Muck Fa$$" and the other reads "Cage is JBW". Cage stands in between the two fans a posses at the camera as the two fans go crazy waving their signs. Cage high fives both guys and proceeds to slide into the ring. Malcolm Cage posses on the turnbuckle for one last hoorah from the fans as he steps down to grab a mic from the ring hand.

    Cage: How is everyone feeling tonight? Good reaction from the crowd. Well that is about what I expected from an amazing crowd like this. So last week Ma$$ managed to face up against everyone. You all saw it right? He took fist-to-jaw to half the locker room! Seems like a Ma$$ thing to do.

    "Cause you know me and Dave don't give a fuck!" In mimicking fashion.

    Yea Ma$$ decided to take JBW into his own hands during Killzone and many paid for it. He decide he wanted to face off against JBW. But Ma$$ never face off against me! Yea the guy that called out Ma$$ never saw his face. And you know what? That's about as much as I expected from you Ma$$. What's your excuse this time Ma$$, did it just get too tough for you. Did something "get in the way" again, Huh? What was it?

    The fans are still waving their signs and clapping as Cage continues.

    You seem to have just fallen back into the same pattern Ma$$. You avoid the important stuff and head up against the easier. Whatever the ridiculous reason is, you didn't face me, even though I called you out, even though I made it known that I was looking for you. You knew what was going on and as usual, you ran the other way, just like you always do. You continue to avoid the blatant and obvious because you can't handle it.

    Do you think that if you avoid it enough that it will just go away? You think that this problem can be solved by turning a blind eye. Ignorance will be your downfall, Ma$$. I'm used to being over looked, it is what half of my career has been built on, but that other half was built on showing those who over looked me what I was capable of, something that you taught me, something you saw in me...

    Cage stops as the fans cheer for him to continue.

    Cage: And while you were off "finding yourself," or whatever the hell you want to call it, I was here. Always have and always will be! I have been here from the beginning, just like you, only difference is... I don't quit!

    The audience is cheering at the verbal low blow.

    I won't let you come in and hold JBW for ransom. We aren't the two timing bitch you beat around to prove a point to... YOU ARE... and I won't let you treat my home like that, I won't let you treat my friends like that, and I won't let you treat me like that.

    Another roar from the crowd as Cage starts coming to a close

    So pay attention Ma$$. I doesn't matter about what I've done, cause what I'm going to do is save you from yourself. I will not let you burn down something that you helped build, something that many people, whom you used to care about, call home. I'm doning playing around Ma$$ cause when it comes to my friends, my family, my home... no one will protect it like I will.

    Pat: Well, here comes a rebuttal.

    Dudley: Yep. Calling out Ma$$ is career suicide for this guy.

    The camera focuses on the stage for a few moments as Ma$$Dinero's theme tune blasts out across the arena, when -Ma$$Dinero's manager- Dave King walks through the curtain to a chorus of boos. Dressed in a sharp black suit, with a black shirt and tie, Dave walks into the centre of the stage and stops. After absorbing the heat for a couple of seconds, Dave points towards the ring, and lifts his microphone to speak.

    Dave King: Hello everybody, and welcome to another episode of THE ONGOING ADVENTURES OF MA$$ AND DAVE!!!! I'm Dave King, and in a moment you'll all be honoured by the presence of the main man himself! God I wouldn't want to be Malcolm "I just done gone and fuuuuuked up" Cage Before that man standing in the ring is addressed, though, I have to say..

    Dave begins to point around the arena.

    How dare all of you people in this arena react in that manner when I walk out here! Now, I'm not stupid--I know that the only reason I'm getting booed is because of my association with the man who will be coming out here in a few short moments, but that's what makes it worse. After all Ma$$Dinero has done for this place, you all ought to feel ashamed of yourselves. He may not have debuted on the very first show, but he was here for the second, and has done more for this god damned company than any other person has, is doing, or ever will. So, before I bring out my client, I need to tell you all that no matter what people may be saying, he is only in JBW to help. Please remember that when he walks through that curtain..

    The boos begin.

    Ladies and gentlemen, can you please put your hands together...

    The boos intensify.

    For my number one client, and very good friend.. From London, England..

    The fans begin to reach fever pitch.

    Please, give it up for.. MA$$! DIN! EEEERRRROOOOO!!!

    Ma$$Dinero walks out onto the stage and the hatred from the fans boils over, and the boos become deafening. Bottles, mega sized slurpee cups, and half eaten hotdogs are thrown by the crowd in the direction of the stage. Ma$$ laughs to himself, and flips the crowd the bird. After ducking an oncoming piece of trash, Ma$$ lifts his personalized platinum and diamond microphone to speak, while staring a hole through Malcolm Cage..

    Ma$$Dinero: Fight for your friends, will you, Maaaalcolm? Fight for your family, will you, Maaaaaalcolm? Fight for your... Home, will you, Maaaaalcolm?

    Ma$$ laughs to himself as Malcolm stands defiantly in the middle of the ring and nods his head.

    Fight who, Malcolm? Me? Are you fucking insane, bruv?

    Ma$$ shakes his head, and rolls his eyes.

    OK, lemmie back up here. Firstly, good on you for wanting to fight for your friends. I'm sure that each and every one of them would do the same for you. Secondly, naturally you'd fight for your family. If I had one, I'm pretty damn sure I'd do the same. Thirdly, and lastly, you'd fight for your home? Bruv, I'm glad you feel that this place is home for you, but, please, make absolutely no fucking bones about it, this right here? This. Is. My. House.

    You, of all fucking people, should know that, Maaaaalcolm, and whether I took a week off to see if I could break the record for the worlds longest wank, or ten years off to find myself in the Himalayas under the tutelage of Raza Guls transvestite father, it's inconsequential to the fact that the moment I step foot in a Jabe arena, I am walking back into a house that I built, son! There may have been a bunch of new wankers that have burst on the scene since I've been gone, but, it's as I always say, a wanker is a wanker, and if I'm honest, there's never been as many wankers walking around this gaff as there are right now. As far as I'm concerned they're nothing but dirty squatters making the place look untidy. See, I don't give a shit that I left for a couple of months, and now that I'm back the scenery has changed. There may be new players in the game, as it were, but the rules ain't changed one bit. The cards may have been shuffled, but it's still my deck--I'm still dealing here. The more things change, the more they stay the fucking same, and don't think you're an exception to that rule, Maaaalcolm.

    See, last time I was here, Maaaalcolm, you was a whiny little bastard with a championship belt that made you the champion of all the TV's in the world. Now it appears that you've lost said championship, yet, you're still a whiny little bastard. Despite losing your gold, your status around here has risen a bit, though, which is probably due to the fact that you're one of the "old guard", yet you've still yet to find yourself an actual personality. You just had a chance to show the whole world what you're made of, and you put the very people you're trying to win over to sleep with the same old prattle that you've specialized in throughout your entire sub par and mediocre career.

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    Ma$$ pulls a face to make it appear that he's crying, and puts on a whiny voice, mimicking Cage.

    "Boohoohoo, why doesn't nobody but my mother love me?"

    "Waaawaawaaa, why don't I get the respect that I deserve even though I'm the longest reigning TV champ of all the times?"

    "Snifflesnifflecroctears, why o why has the fearsome and nasty Ma$$Dinero come back to terrorize my beloveth JayBeeDubbaya?!"

    "Blubberblubberblubber, and why for the love of all things eFedding did you have to attack me when you first came back, Ma$$Dinero?!!? You hit me so hard you made me piss my pants, you big meanie!!"

    Ma$$' demeanor changes, and his voice adopts a serious tone.

    Motherfucker, the fact that it was you in that ring that night means nothing to me! You and Proph could have been anyone that night, and I mean that sincerely. The only fucking reason I got involved after that three star match you had with Proph was because the new JBW boss was at the announce desk. There's no better way than to let the new guy in charge know, that the real daddy is back in town, than to destroy one of his brand new toys right in front of him. I was hoping that he was going to show his spotty little face during a match featuring someone with a little bit more backbone, but, as you all know, my fist knows no discriminations when it swings, and a knock out is a knock out, and, son, you got knocked the fuck out. Why you want to repeat that scenario again only you and God know, but if your face is asking for it, my fist will gladly oblige it a second time, a third time, and even a fourth time, if that's what it takes to get you to realize you're punching above your weight here.

    You wanna act the big shot? You wanna be the top dog around here? You wanna be 'Mr Cage, Jabes Number One Babyface'? Bruv, you couldn't be top babyface if you was the only babyface in the whole of JBW and they had you wrestle AJ fucking Dixon! See, you may be rising, Maaaaalcolm, but I'll gladly prove that it's only because you're full of waaaay too much hot air. Being one of the "old guard" will only get you so far, cuntchops, and I wanna let you know that you're on shakey ground. You better be ready to back that talk of yours, because if I were to accidentally on purpose push you off of that perch you've found yourself on, there won't be no one there to catch you. It's no secret that the only member of creative, on any creative team that's ever handled you, that actually gave a shit about you was Ka$h, and where is he now? That's right, Maaaalcolm, he's doing his thing in BITW where the stupid bastard actually booked you in the main event of his second show!! But, he's not here now, and it's no coincidence that you lost your title less than a month after he'd left. Flash fucking forward to the here and now, and management clearly have no problem with allowing you to become my first real victim. You better pray to the lord above that you make a good showing of yourself against me, and don't melt like the ice cream that I, and many others, think you are, otherwise you could find yourself jobbing to that man whore thing Athena in "special attraction" matches on the JBW house show circuit until you quit from embarrassment.

    What you are looking at when you stand in that ring and look at me, Maaaalcolm, is the measuring stick. The glass ceiling. The biggest and best thing going today, and someone that you've been blessed to be facing. When I see you I see a mere stepping stone on my path to finally winning the JBW World Heavyweight Championship. You're right about what you said earlier, though, you are someone who I'm doubting, but I'm willing to bet a lot of fucking money that I'm right to doubt you, and you're not someone who I need to lose any sleep over. Prove me wrong, 'com. Prove me wrong.

    Now I've addressed this little situation we've got going on here, I think I'll be leaving. See ya' 'round, sunshine. Try to not suck next time we meet, and keep an eye out for that personality--it's out there, somewhere, you've just gotta find it.

    Dudley: Ouch. That went exactly like I thought it would go.

    Pat: Malcolm Cage better get ready for the fight of his life, Dudley. If ever there was a time that he was an underdog it was now.

    Ma$$ and Dave turn to leave, but Ma$$ stops himself.

    Pat: Hey, what gives, what's Ma$$ up to?

    Ma$$: Before I go, I just need to do something.

    Dudley: *whispering * is this part of the script?

    Ma$$ begins to walk down the ramp, but stops half way, and jumps down to where the fan who brought the "Muck Fa$$" sign is sitting. The fan looks horrified.

    Pat: Oh dear, I think we may have a situation here.

    Ma$$: Damn right you look horrified, boy. What? You think you can come into my house and bring a derogatory sign?

    Pat: We need security down here fast!

    The fan attempts to run, but Ma$$ grabs him by the scruff of the neck.

    Ma$$: Whoa, where'd you think you're going buddy?

    Ma$$ then grabs the fan who brought with him the "Cage is JBW" sign, and drags the pair of them over the barrier. Both land hard on the concrete. Out of the corner of his eye, Ma$$ spots several members of security running towards him. He let's go of the two innocent fans, and kicks each of them in the ribs, before readying himself for a fight.

    Malcolm surprises Ma$$ with a strike to the back of the head with a vicious looking elbow.

    Ma$$ stumbles forwards a couple of steps, but catches himself from falling. He spins around, and makes a dash for Malcolm, ducking low, and catching him with a double leg takedown. He unleashes a pair of punches to Malcolms face before security reach them, and tackle Ma$$ to the floor. After a huge scuffle, both Ma$$ and Cage get to their feet, and clash in a flurry of fists. The two continue brawling until more members of security, and even eddie and S.E.Z, arrive and finally manage to separate the pair.

    Pat: Oh my god, it's broken down out here!! I'm being told by none other than JMan himself, we've got to cut to a break!

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    Chris Divine walks out from the back, with the Intercontinental Championship on his shoulder. He proceeds down the ramp, and right into the ring. He goes to the corner, where he grabs a mic.

    Divine: Cut the music it, cut it now.

    The music is immediately cut.

    Divine: Divine didn't come out here to listen to his music, nor did he come out here to waste peoples time. Last week, Divine had a little chat with a man known as Van Hooligan X.

    The fans immediately starting booing, a Vanessa chant also starts.

    Divine: Yes...Vanessa. Now, Divine told Vanessa that if she wanted a shot at Divine's title, that all she had to do was get the word from management. Well, Divine found out in the last few days, Van's request was denied. So Divine has to ask management..why? Why don't you want to see Divine vs Van? Why don't you want that money maker match featured on In Justice For Brawl? Hmm? Can you answer that for Divine?

    Divine waits, but nothing.

    Divine: Exactly like Divine thought. There is no valid reason to deny the fans, this match. So, with that in mind, Divine wants Jman to get his rooty pooty ass down here, and make this match official. Think about it. This is Divines chance to go 1 on 1 with the Vane One. This is Divines chance to put Van in his place. On top of that, this is the match the fans want! So...Divine is not leaving this ring until Jman gets out here and makes this match official! And the Divine Truth!

    Divine stands, waiting.

    HolyJose walks out to a chorus of boos from the crowd. He is wearing a leather jacket, jeans, a plain white tshirt and black all stars and a pair of sunglasses and looks at Divine and makes his way down to the ring. He passes by a fan holding a Shuriken>HolyJose sign and looks at the fan smacks him across the face and tears the sign apart. He then spits on the fan as he continues his way down to the ring. He gets in the ring and demands a mic from the stagehand and snatches it away from him.

    HJ: Divine do me a favor and shut the fuck up!

    Divine goes to speak but Jose interrupts him

    HJ: Good Lord you and your third person speech is getting on my final nerve. But the reason I came out here other than to stop hearing you talk about yourself in third person and calling out a man, who might I add would kick your ass in seconds so why you’re calling him I don’t know but logic was never your cup of tea. Who in the blue hell do you think you are coming into my show, into my ring and making demands? I have been here since pretty much the start of the company I have made this place mine and you bow down to me! So Divine why don’t you and your insignificant Intercontinental Championship go and have yourself your nightly jack off since that’s the only action you’ll ever get in your lifetime.

    Crowd Boos

    HJ: oh shut the fuck up! No why I am out here is to call out Shuriken! Last week you demanded a match at In Justice for Brawl and I accepted your challenge. We finally get that rubber match hold on a second everyone take a look at the JABETron for a moment.

    *Ryusuke and HolyJose stare each other down as the ref calls for the bell*
    Click here for match!


    Quagmire: That was a hard fought match for both sides and the audience is letting them know it. The excitement is felt all throughout the arena.

    *After celebrating his victory, Ryusuke heads backstage.*

    Joe: That was an amazing match and a great way to end Warfare, so we will send it over to Ron to c…
    HJ: Ah yes. See I lost to Shuriken a few years ago albeit at the time I was just a rookie but I was the FIRST JBW Dual Champion the only man who can hold that distinction and make no mistake about it I will be JBW’s first Triple Crown as well. Hell maybe even Grandslam when I take that Intercontinental title off you Divine but let’s go back to the next match Shuriken and I had.

    Shuriken comes out with microphone in hand and walks down the ramp while the crowd cheers. Shuriken has an irritated look on his face and stares a hole into Jose as he enters the ring.

    Shuriken: Jose, I am sick and tired of you now. I am sick and tired of your whining and bitching. I am sick and tired on you saying that you will win championships but you have shown nothing that proves that you are ready, let alone championship material. And finally.....I AM SICK AND TIRED OF SEEING YOU IN A PRO WRESTLING RING!

    *crowd cheers*

    I can't wait to inflict as much pain on you. You are one of the few people I hate here and when In Justice for Brawl, when the smoke clears....the only thing you will have is an early retirement. I will put you on the shelf for a very long time. In our fight....IN OUR BRAWL! JUSTICE WILL BE SERVED! THE COMPLETE ERADICATION OF HOLYJOSE FROM JBW!

    *crowd cheers loud*

    You have been in my sights for a very long time. You were always close in breaking the glass ceiling. You want some bad news, Jose? It is your own stupidity that is not letting you win the big one. It has been the case for a quite the while. And like I said: as long as I am around, you will not break the glass ceiling until you prove to THE HELL OUT OF ME!!!!

    *crowd cheers even louder*


    Van: Well, well, well. Isn't this just a get together of what JBW today stands for.

    *The crowds volume has just gone into another level. You can tell VHX isn't very liked around here*

    2 pathetic excuses for a champion that are coming to an end of the title reign very soon and 2 wrestlers to be champions incredibly soon. The winds of change are definitely upon this dump. See, this is my problem with this joint in all honesty. The legends around here see to have an ego the size of Russia. You don't actually have 1 respectable champion or legend in this joint. It's pathetic!

    *The JBW faithful really don't like what he's saying and let him no it's him vs the world in the arena tonight with the boos.*

    Desperate Divine, a man who rides off just 1 or 2 victories as if he's accomplished so, so much and yet, hasn't really done anything truly worth while. At 1 point I honestly thought whether or not I should just end me toying with you...Since I have absolutely fuck all to prove when I beat you. But I've decided to accept your challenge and take your shiny title away from you.

    But be warned, surviving a triple threat with me in it is 1 thing, beating me is a whole different story. I'm not going to just beat you...No. I'm going to obliterate you!

    Once I save that title from that god awful wrestler though, I have no problem taking your world championship away from you HolyJose when you beat Shuriken for it!

    You JBW faithful need to learn your place and that's exactly what The Vanity is going to accomplish!

    The four men are about to go at it when Jman, who’s sitting in his office, appears on the JabeTron to a nice pop.

    Jman: Woah, woah, woah! Easy, boys! You’ll all get your chance for that tonight.

    Serra, Divine, Jose and Van all relax a bit, but it’s obvious they’re still ready to go at the slightest provocation.

    Jman: At the risk of my being that General Manager, let’s have ourselves a tag team match. In fact, let’s have it right now. It’ll be Ryusuke “Shuriken” Serra and Chris Divine teaming up for the first time ever to take on another new pairing; HolyJose and Van Hooligan X.

    The crowd pops as a referee comes down the ramp at a dead sprint. He slides in and is about to ring the bell when J starts to speak again.

    Jman: Oh, Divine, Van, here’s a little extra fire for you two in this match. At In Justice For Brawl, it’ll be Chris Divine versus Van Hooligan X for the JBW Intercontinental Championship.

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    Patrick Riley: Well this is an impromptu tag match we got going on here!

    Dudley Erickson: What a dream team HolyJose and Van Hooligan X is.

    Patrick Riley: Against another dream team of Chris Divine and Ryusuke ‘Shuriken Blade’ Serra!

    Dudley Erickson: And this is why Jman is a great General Manager!

    (Orton= Divine, Rey= Shuri, Punk= Van, Rhodes= Jose)
    (stop at 8:35)

    Patrick Riley: Big hurricarana from Serra to Van! Can he get the tag?

    Dudley Erickson: More importantly, can Van get Jose back into this match?

    Both men are down as Serra begins to use the ropes to climb to his feet. He goes to rush across to tag in Divine but Van is back up and hits a big kick to Serra’s back and drags him back across the ring to Van’s corner. Van tags in Jose and holds Serra so Jose can kick him in the gut. Jose follows it up by grabbing Serra by the head and throwing him shoulder first into the corner.

    Divine is itching to get in as Jose shoots a smirk at him. He grabs Serra again and pulls him towards the centre of the ring. Jose holds Serra at arm’s length, teasing allowing him to get a tag but pulls him back and lays him out with a clothesline. Divine is furious and goes to climb into the ring but the referee stops him, allowing Jose the chance to pull Serra closer to his own corner and Van to get involved, both stomping on Serra. Van stops just as the referee turns around.

    Jose pulls Serra back into the centre of the ring and sets up the Final Judgement but Serra twists out and hits a massive enziguiri! Both men are down, centre of the ring. Divine begins to stomp on the steps, making the crowd come alive with claps. Serra begins to crawl, as does Jose. Jose gets the tag to Van just as Serra jumps...and gets the tag!

    Divine comes flying in and drops Van with a clothesline. Van is quickly back to his feet but Divine drops him again with another clothesline. He backs up as Van once again climbs to his feet, just as Jose jumps back onto the apron, but Divine drops him with a Superkick from nowhere! The distraction from Jose allows Van a way back into the match and Van kicks Divine in the gut and lifts him up, going for the Vanhammer but Divine drops down and goes for Divine Intervention as Van turns, but Van pushes him away.

    Van hits a belly to belly suplex on Divine and grabs his legs, turning him over to lock in the Vantastic Clutch! Divine can’t escape and looks set to tap out but he’s saved by his tag partner, Serra diving in using the top rope as a springboard to kick Van away. Serra goes for a clothesline as Van is against the ropes, but Van pulls the top rope down and sends Serra flying to the floor.

    Van stumbles forwards and grabs a rising Divine, but Divine twists out and hits Divine Intervention! He drops down and covers Van.




    Darren Black: Here are your winners...the team of Ryusuke ‘Shuriken Blade’ Serra and the JBW Intercontinental Champion Chris Divine!

    Patrick Riley: Divine & Serra win!

    Dudley Erickson: Only because Serra got involved illegally.

    Patrick Riley: Van & Jose had been doing that all match! Serra was saving his team mate.

    Dudley Erickson: I completely disagree.

    Patrick Riley: You would.

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    *Black Blooded ride out to a chorus of boos, the JBW tag championships around their waists as they circle the ring. before parking and getting in the ring*

    Mr. Blood: Last week we got screwed, but then, not as bad as our "Champion", eh? now that's over and what is left? Who is there for us to face? Once again we return to a division where the best that can be offered is a couple of germans so drunk off their asses that they don't even know what fucking country they are in, there is not a single team out there worth facing us in JBW, so I guess that means that these belts? Well they will be ours for a long, damn, time.

    Mr. Black: Damn Right!

    Mr. Blood: I will say this real fucking plain, so that all of you ignorant sister-fucking rednecks can understand it. There is not a team here that have the fucking balls to face us, and not a damn one of those morons backstage is worthy of washing our bikes. From the moment we have arrived here we have shown without question that we are the Dominant Predators here, and there is nothing on God's Green Earth that can stop us! In fact-

    ???: Woah, woah, woah! Shut your bloody mouth!

    The crowd are confused as to who is speaking, but the Predators in Paradise come out to a chorus of cheers. Jones is speaking, and he begins again.

    Tyler Jones: The Predators in Paradise have had enough! People may be coming out here, wondering why the Predators in Paradise are out here interrupting you two. Are we out here because y'all attacked us from behind? Nope. We're out here for one thing!

    Usain Kingston: And that is revenge man! You may think you have gotten away with attacking us, but don't think for a second that we haven't forgot about you two man! Our revenge will be a dish served cold man!

    Jones: And your claims of you two being the most Dominant Predators in the JBW are absolutely garbage! The only beast, the only dominant wrestler, the only predator around the JBW, is none other than Tyler Jones!!

    Kingston: It's only a matter of time Black Blooded! A matter of time where you two lose those belts man! Because I know that one day! One day, the Predators in Paradise will be announced as NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD MAN!

    The crowd come alive as the the infamous tune of William Hastings and Anthony Bennett, known as The Elite Bloodline hits the airwaves and the TWE Team Combat Champions head to the ring mics already in hand. They tell the crowd to settle down before they finally speak.

    Hastings: Hello, JBW!!!!!

    Bennett: The Elite have come to play among the best and JBW is as good as it gets.

    Crowd cheers them on

    Bennett: We've come to establish more dominance across the tag team scene and add yet another set of tag team championships to prestigious collection.

    Hastings: See if anyone should be next in line for a shot at the champs -points to Black Blooded-, it should be a team that actually prove their worth as tag team champions and that -rubs his TWE Team Combat Championship- would be us.

    Fans cheer Bennett and Hastings on

    Hastings: So run along kiddie and enjoy wasting your brain cells smoking your garbage and you let a true team give Black Blooded, a real challenge.

    Bennett: Challenge to them? No, no, no, brother. They will be a challenge to us. There is no team out better than us, no team can bring tag team championships to a level fit of only those who are elite but us and we will do just that when we become the JBW World Tag Team Champions. Hell if we enough of a ruling we'll pin Black Blooded twice and become the EWNCW Hardcore Tag Team Champions.

    Hastings: More gold is never a bad thing and in the hands of the Elite Bloodline those championships will be simply the most sought tag team championships in the world and we will carry the fate of so, so many companies with the pride and talent that they deserve and only Anthony and I are capable of giving them.

    Bennett: So enjoy your title reign Black Blooded, it will be short lived with The Elite Bloodline finally in JBW.

    The three teams stare each other down for a few seconds before we head to ringside.

    Patrick Riley: Well all three of these teams are staring each other down and I’ve just been informed to my headset that Elite Bloodline will face Predators in Paradise next week on KillZone!

    Dudley Erickson: Great announcement. Two boring tag teams. Can’t we just stick them in there with Black Blooded and get them destroyed?

    Patrick Riley: I don’t think so Duds. Regardless, after this break, it’s gonna be our main event time, and we still have the Eddie Juarez-Jason Alexander confrontation to come yet! Don’t go anywhere!

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