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    *We'll get a logo one of these days, pwomise. *

    The pyro goes off, a heavy metal guitar riff plays, and the crowds loses their collective mind as Pat's voice welcomes us to the show.

    Pat: Ladies and gentlemen, alongside Dudley Erikson, I'm Patrick Riley and thiiiss iiiissss KillllllZoooooonnnn-

    TDA's pyro cuts Pat off and the champ, despite his win at Resurrection, doesn't seem happy.

    Dudley: That was rude.

    Pat: Maybe, but I get Devs' anger here. He's got to be sick of this mystery man stalking him.

    The World Champion enters the ring and calls for a mic
    . He has to wait for the "TDA!" chants to die down a bit before speaking in .

    TDA: I told everyone what to expect when I went into Resurrection as the World Heavyweight Champion of JBW. I said I would get the three count and I did just that. Shuriken and Jose were both equally powerful opponents and I have seen points in that match where I felt like my reign was fixing to come to an end. I applaud both of them for their efforts, but I retained and I am currently standing here as the Champion. Not for myself, but for all of my Devils in attendance!

    Now on to more pressing matters at hand.. There is this man that has been targeting me ever since I have been strapped with Gold. I have no idea what this goal he has that he wants to achieve but if it involves me in any sort of way then you can bet your ass that I will put up my fists for a good fight if it is needed. So I am demanding that you show your face before I go backstage and start beating up anyone who looks at me suspiciously.. I will not sleep until' I find you!

    *After about 10 seconds or so of the video plays, Morgan Freeman's voice can be heard saying:*

    "Repent! The first coming is imminent. It is upon us!

    He comes to rid the world of all that is evil and bad in the world. He comes to right the wrongs so that the earth can be re-created pure once more.

    He comes to strike down with great vengeance and furious anger on those those who attempt to poison and destroy our brothers.

    A sacrifice must be made. One man will be sacrificed.

    The first coming, is upon us.
    The first coming is coming, to Save us.
    The first coming, is, now."

    *The screen goes black after a few seconds, the following fades in:*

    1st Coming


    Break the code.

    *The feed comes back with the whole arena in excitement and TDA looking on at the tron frustrated and egging whoever's back there to come out. Then suddenly, the lights around the tron flash on in a blinding fashion as the crowd cheer. As the blinding light becomes tolerable and the tron can be seen again, the familiar code starts to decode.*


    *The crowd cheer loud again before the countdown begins*

    Did you break the code?

    *At about the 30 second mark, a man can be seen standing, back to the arena, arms wide apart in a crucifix like fashion, a bright light making him look like a silhouette.
    At the 40 second mark, the man spins around so that the crowd can see him as the crowd go wild*

    Pat: Oh...oh my god! It's TOMMY THUNDER! Tommy Thunder is here in JBW!

    Dudley: That's insane! What the hell is he doing here?

    Pat: I don't know Duds! But my god, Tommy Thunder is here!

    *Thunder stands at the top of the ramp with a big smile on his face as the crowd surpassingly give him a big ovation. He's wearing black jeans with a pair of black boots and a sleeveless jacket. TDA is standing in the ring, leaning on the ropes in pure shock. Thunder goes to play to the crowd on both sides of the arena as his music plays out. He has a mic in hand, and after settling in the middle of the stage again and letting the music die down, he prepares to speak.
    As he raises the mic to his lips, another cheer roars around the arena, so Thunder plays it up and drops the mic again before firing up the crowd again.
    After the fans die down again, Thunder smiles and hushes the crowd before he raises the mic again*

    Thunder: Goooooood evening KILLZONE!! LIVE, from Phoenix, Arizona!

    *The crowd cheer*

    Thunder: And good evening to you, especially, T. D. A.

    *Thunder this time gets a slight mixed reaction as he smiles away at TDA in the ring before continuing.*

    Thunder: And this is a good evening indeed. This is a huge evening, this is a historic evening. Because this is the evening that 'The Storm' came to JBW baby!!!

    *the crowd cheer loud again*

    Thunder: But I hear you all asking all sorts of questions. I hear you, TDA asking all sorts of questions. Well allow me to try and answer some of them for you.
    First of all, why choose this moment? In fact, why choose every moment that concerned you TDA? Well allow me to tell you. Allow me to tell all of you. Hear me when I say this and hear me well; there is NOBODY in this entire business that I respect more than that man, that maverick that's standing there in that ring in front of you. This man right here has bent over backwards for this company and has given everything for all of you. And today, he stands before you, finally as the JBW World Heavyweight Champion. Finally!! After so long, he achieves his ultimate goal. And for that, I think we all here tonight need to take a step back and give this man the standing ovation he deserves, so let's give it to him.

    *Thunder puts the mic under his arm and leads the crowd in a standing ovation. TDA simply looks on with a mixed look of confusion and suspicion on his face. Thunder then grabs the mic again.*

    Thunder: So I chose this moment, because I had to get this man's attention Because I had to come here and I had to come out like this and give the man that I look up to more than anyone else the dues he deserves. And now that I've got to do that, I feel that a small part of me has been completed. So thank you TDA, for being an inspiration for me.

    *The crowd cheer*

    Thunder: But let's face it, that's not the only reason I've come out here. I didn't come out here just to give this man his due. No. This is no figment of your imagination. This isn't some joke. This isn't a mirage. This is real! This is DAMN real. Tommy Thunder is in JBW, Tommy Thunder is on Killzone, and Tommy Thunder is here to stay baby!!!

    *The crowd cheer*

    Thunder: But another question I hear you all asking is what are you doing here? The promos prophesied about the first coming, about saving. And that's exactly what I intend on doing. I intend on saving all of you.

    *another mixed reaction is given*

    Thunder: And I don't mean that in the same light as Damien Sandow for example. No. So allow me to...... no, not beg your indulgence, allow me to further elaborate on what exactly I intend on saving you from.
    Over the past 12 months, this company has been destroyed. Over the past 12 months this once great company has been raised to the ground. Over the past 12 months, this company, it's wrestlers, it's loyal fans, it's production crew, it's writers, it's referees, it's God damn everything have been treated like dirt. Have been cheated. Have been played for fools. You people, who stuck by this company were rewarded for your loyalty with a handful of shows in 12 months. And that's not good enough.

    *fans cheer in agreement*

    Thunder: So to put it in simple terms, Tommy Thunder, Tommy Thunder is in JBW to SAVE JBW, to bring it back from the brink of extinction!! And with Tommy Thunder alongside the mass of talent that is already here, we WILL make it the company it once was once again!! Not for us, but for all of you!!

    *the fans cheer*

    Thunder: And mark my words. TDA you can mark my words. Pat and Dudley over there can mark my words. Everyone in the back can mark my words. All of you fans in attendance can mark my words. All the people watching at home and around the world can mark my words. The entire population of planet earth, the heavens above, the galaxy, the crab nebula, the universe itself!!!!!

    *crowd cheer*

    Thunder: You can all mark my words that JBW will never.

    *fans: "EVER!"*

    Thunder: Ever!!!!

    *fans: "EVER!"*

    Thunder: EEEEVER!!!

    *fans: "EVER!"*



    2x HWA Supremacy World Champion

    2x JBW WARfare Tag Team Champion (with thedag and Ryusuke "Shuriken Blade" Serra)

    JBW WARfare World Heavyweight Champion

    AWF IronMan Champion

    Worked for IWA, EWNCW, HWA, SWA,
    JBW, EWA, ICW, and AWF

    EWN E-Fedding Hall of Famer

    A proud member of the EWN E-Fedding Community

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    It's Tha Baws!

    TDA and Tommy are about to leave the ring when Back in Black hits and Jman, with a huge smile on his face, bursts through the curtain and down a good part of the ramp. Devs and Thunder are back in the center of the ring as J slides in and pops up quickly. Before getting himself a mic, J takes a moment, as do the fans, to soak in this moment. The crowd break into a chant of “This is history!’ as the GM exchanges a handshake with his world champion and his newest acquisition. Jman gets his mic and returns to the center of the ring, still grinning like an idiot, before starting to speak.

    Jman: Ladies and gentlemen, give a hearty JBW welcome to EWNCW, HWA, and all around professional wrestling legend, the current EWNCW Champion; Tommy Thunder!

    The crowd launches into a tremendously loud “Tom-my Thunder!” chant and Jman has to wait for them to quiet down before speaking again.

    Jman: And give it up for the JBW World Heavyweight Champion, the man who dispatched of two legends in their own right at Resurrection; TheDevilsAdvocate!

    The crowd and the general manager repeat the same process as a moment ago, this time with a “TDA!” chant.

    Jman: So, as a GM, I look at you two, the two biggest names in our sport right now, and, obviously, I get pretty damn excited. So excited, in fact, that I’m overwhelmed by the amount of awesome shit I could do with just the two of you. First and foremost, I could book Tommy Thunder versus TDA right here, right now; head backstage and fucking retire from the general manager post on that alone.

    The crowd pops like crazy and Thunder and TDA give Jman a quizzical look as if he might be crazy enough to do that.

    Jman: Buuuut, c’mon, any old GM could do that. I don’t want to be any old GM.

    Clearly, the majority of the crowd didn’t realize J was kidding and they actually start booing him.

    Jman: Instead….Ohhh, I got it! Instead of that dream match, let’s build a dream team. Boys, Black Blooded are pretty damn good, right? Better than good, actually. They’re one of the best tag teams in the world right now and, without a doubt, they’re the best team in JBW. But I can guarantee you they’ve never faced a team like the one I’m about to assemble.

    The crowd sees where Jman is headed with this and they’re buzzing as he begins to speak again.

    Jman: Heh, tonight, in the biggest main event in KillZone history, it’ll be the JBW World Tag Team Champions; Black Blooded versus the first-time-ever team of the JBW World Heavyweight Champion; TheDevilsAdvocate and the EWNCW Champion; Tommy Thunder!

    The crowd goes absolutely batshit at that as Thunder and TDA nod in approval. Jman leaves the ring and, with the crowd still going wild, Devs and Tommy shake hands. We fade to commercial on that incredible sight.

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    Jason Alexander is backstage, a mass of boos along with cheers from of his faithful fans being heard all the way to the back before he grabs the mic handed to him and despite the crowd reaction speaks freely and with intent.

    Alexander: I'm sick and tired of this, Juarez. Time and time again neither of us has been able to get the job done. Resurrection, we couldn't even finish our match because we hate each other so much that we can't even get in this ring and hold the composure necessary to have our scheduled match as professionals but you know what? I'm glad we didn't.

    Crowd boos Alexander but some are intrigued as to where he's going with his words.

    Alexander: I'm not just content with beating you in this ring for the 1-2-3 or making you tap like a little bitch anymore. No, no, no. This has gone beyond being the better man, it's now about being the one who gets to destroy the other and I'm done with this shit. I'm going to be giving my all, no matter the match, no matter the place, no matter the time the JBW officials decide for us to have because as far as from over as our issues are, I'm not one to continue wasting my time on you when JBW needs me to make it the best it can be.

    Cheers actually overwhelm the boos emanating towards Alexander.

    Alexander: I'm an Alexander. Always destined for bigger and better things than any person put before me and right now that's you, Juarez. I'm ending this sooner rather than later and make my legacy in JBW one that people will never, ever forget, unlike you when I wipe your sorry of the face off mi casa (my home).

    Tonight however, I have a match with Brock Edwards. The Brock Lesnar wannabe, who can't find anything better to do in JBW than to pick a fight with the she-male known the world 'round as Athena.

    The crowd's laughter at his last comment can't be contained but some continue to boo Alexander

    Alexander: Edwards, I wanna welcome you to Jabe, with a bang. In fact I wanna do it with a good knee to the face, to knock some sense into your thick headed skull for even thinking you can be somebody in JBW while I'm still here. Tonight, I destroy your dreams of beating me before that thing, Athena, completely destroys you at just a fraction of how I'll destroy Juarez.

    Be warned, Juarez. The worst is yet to come and you'll wish that you hadn't dragged this out as much as you have. I'm your worst nightmare come to life and this ends on my terms, with me ending your career.

    Alexander gives an intense look which sends chills to the spines of many before he drops the mic and walks away.

    Pat: What an opening to this show! This has been amazing! We finally found out who the guy behind the videos is! It’s Tommy Thunder!

    Dudley: And he’ll be getting his ass kicked in the main event tonight when he teams with our prestigious World Heavyweight Champion TDA to face our Tag Team Champions Black Blooded!

    Pat: Well we’ve got a hell of a show lined up for you tonight, and it’s nearly time for our opening match!

    Dudley: What match is it Pat?

    Pat: Right now, Duds, it’s time for the JBW debut of Brock Edwards.

    Dudley: Yep. It’ll be no easy test for him, though. He’s facing a very angry Jason Alexander.

    Pat: Absolutely. Clearly, Jason is chomping at the bit to get another shot at Eddie Juarez after what happened at Resurrection, but Edwards might feel the brunt of that anger tonight.

    Darren Black: Introducing first, making his JBW debut, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, The Next Big Thing; Brock Edwards!

    Pat: This guy, partner, is an absolute beast of a human being. He’s a former bluechip MMA prospect and that shows in the way he wrestles.

    Dudley: No doubt. Power, power and more power; that’s Edward’s game.

    Pat: Thing is, a grizzled veteran like Jason Alexander has been in plenty of matches against these kinds of guys. One mistake from Brock could cost him.

    The fans have been booing Edwards all the way down the ramp and, as he makes a familiar looking leap onto the apron, those boos get a tick louder. Brock steps through the ropes and turns to face the ramp.

    Darren Black: And his opponent, from Caguas, Puerto Rico, The Puerto Rican Nightmare; Jason Alexander!

    Alexander gets a genuine face pop as he comes through the curtain. Jason looks surprised by that as he walks down the ramp, but we quickly see him refocus on Edwards as he nears the ring.

    Pat: As Jason Alexander enters the ring here, you have to wonder if he’s one-hundred percent after that nasty brawl with Juarez at Resurrection. If he isn’t, that fact will be exposed by Brock Edwards right now.

    Indeed, the match is a moment away from starting when the spotlight turns our attention to the staging area. It’s there where we see a man, his face concealed by the hood of his black sweatshirt, standing on the stage and holding what appears to be a ticket to tonight’s show.

    Dudley: Who the hell?

    Pat: I dunno. This can’t be good for Alexander or Edwards, though.

    The hooded figure, his head bowed slightly, makes his way down the ramp and around the hard camera side of the ring. From there, just to the inside of the ring steps, he jumps the railing, walks five rows deep into the crowd and takes a seat. The camera cuts back to Jason and Brock, who have one eye on each other and one on the man, before turning its attention to the confused looking referee calling for the bell. Knowing they both have a match to work, Alexander and Edwards, albeit hesitantly, lock up.

    (Stop at 18:39)

    After a five count, Edwards and Alexander both roll back into the ring and start chain wrestling. Edwards starts it off with a big running clothesline, Alexander nips up quickly and responds with a picture perfect standing dropkick, and Edwards gets up and locks in a side headlock before dropping to the mat. To get out of that, Jason scissors Brock’s head and, with that, both men get to their feet again. Alexander tries to fire a punch at Edwards but Brock catches Jason’s fist, gets double underhooks and pulls off a nasty looking belly-to-belly suplex that sends Jason halfway across the ring.

    Pat: It was an even matchup to this point, Duds, but I think Brock Edwards has just taken control.

    Dudley: This kid is impressive. I’m starting to think Alexander can’t hang with him.

    Pat: You would think that.

    Edwards waits for Jason to get up before backing him into a corner and throwing wicked lefts and rights to his ribs. Jason is forced to take a seat in the corner and that allows Edwards to shove a size 13 boot into Alexander’s windpipe. Brock stops his assault as the referee gets to a count of three and a half, but he quickly picks up Alexander and loads him into powerbomb position. Edwards slams Jason down once, doesn’t release the hold, picks him up again, and connects with a second vicious powerbomb that he bridges into a pin.



    T-! No! Alexander powers out right at two. While he’s leaning over Jason, Brock takes that opportunity to land a nasty elbow on Alexander’s forehead. Feeling confident, Edwards plays to the crowd as he waits for Alexander to get up.

    Pat: F-5 time?

    Dudley: F-5 time!

    Indeed, Edwards has just gotten Alexander into position for the The Next (his name for the F-5) but Jason elbows out of it, lands on his feet, spins Edwards around and nails him with the Superkick.

    Instead of going for the cover, though, Alexander is dragging Edwards’ limp body to the corner of the hooded man, who hasn’t done a thing all match, and is now climbing the turnbuckle. Before Jason can leap and try for his finisher, the hooded man walks back through the crowd, jumps the barricade and lands just behind the turnbuckle Jason is perched on. Alexander looks back, but the hooded man just motions for him to jump.

    With Edwards still out of it beneath him, Jason oblidges. The Your Worst Nightmare (Inverted Shooting Star Press) connects flush, and, as the hooded figure heads up the ramp without so much as a glance back at Alexander, Jason slides into the cover.

    Pat: One! Two! Three!

    Dudley: Damn…

    Darren Black: Your winner, Jason Alexander!

    The crowd pops for Jason but he barely celebrates the win. Instead, he’s too busy staring out at the ramp, more confused than angry, trying to figure out who the man in the hoodie was. Alexander perks up when he sees the curtain flutter again but, when Athena appears on stage, he leaves the ring, knowing she isn’t out here for him.

    Pat: Oh boy, things just went from bad to worse for Brock Edwards. Here comes Athena!

    Dudley: He’s in no condition for a fight with Athena here, Pat. This is ridiculous!

    As Athena steps ominously into the ring, Edwards is forced to fight. He runs at Athena but, for his efforts, she catches him and loads him into position for the Amazon Slam. Three powerful strides later and Athena connects with her patented running pump-handle slam.

    Pat: My god, what power from Athena!

    Dudley: I don’t know whose worse, Alexander or Athena.

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    *We cut backstage again where Mike Hawk is posing for his camera crew when the JBW Crew approach him ask for his thoughts.*

    Hawk: What you all saw at Resurrection was a failed attempt by some obscure actor who thought he could upstage me and take my position. But what he failed to realize is that I am in the prime of my career and the only way you are going to get rid of me is for me to retire. But for all of you who missed the big event, let me recap it for you.

    In the 9th inning of the world series, the Flaming Hawks have the bases loaded and need one more point to win. But the Chicago Punks have their star pitcher (played by KJ Punk) out to make sure they win. However, up to bat for the Hawks is their star batter (played by Mike Hawk) and the two face off in an epic showdown. Punk throws two balls but thanks to Hawks eyes, he doesn't fall for the bait. Punk gears up for his ultimate rolling ball and throws it at Hawk. Hawk steps back and hits the ball with the Phoenix swing and gets a home run. The arena explodes and Punk falls to his knees in disappointment.

    Now I may have exaggerated a bit because there was no way Punk got that close to beating me. But I can guarantee you all one thing and that is that Punk will never get another shot at me while I hold this title. There may be no one worthy enough to take this off of me, but I am sure there are plenty people that are at least better than Punk because....

    ???: Did I hear that right?

    *KJ Punk walks into frame as the crowd pops for the former contender.*

    Punk: Did I hear that Mike Hawk passed on two balls? Are you sure? I’m quite positive that you’ve never passed on two balls in your life!

    *The crowd laughs at KJ’s joke*

    Punk: And how appropriate that in your made up baseball scenario that you’re team name was the Flaming Hawks. Oh you’re flaming all right, Mike. But you see Mike, there’s something you’re wrong about. I came very close to taking that TV Championship off your little shoulder. You were this close *KJ holds up his thumb and index finger* from being a former champion. That’s not a good sign for someone who says he’s going to retire with the belt in his first defense.

    And as for me not getting another shot? Hmm, apparently nobody around here tells you nothing. As you can see, I’m ready to wrestle tonight. Jman has made a match tonight. A match that you should be very concerned with. You see it’s a number one contender’s match for that JBW TV title. In one corner, there’s Shaz. In another corner there’s Vulgar. In another corner there’s Mr. Smyth. And in another corner there’s K! J! PUNK!!!!! So after I have my hand raised and it’s chicken dinner time, I’ll be coming back for seconds for that TV title!

    We return to ringside as Punk walks away from Hawk.

    Pat: Blockbuster match there! I can’t wait for that! Four of KillZone’s future stars battling it out to face Mike Hawk at In Justice For Brawl!

    Dudley: Four future stars? My dear Pat, only Smyth is a future star of KillZone. The rest will lose tonight.

    Pat: Well we’re all entitled to our opinions, and that match will be a little later on as KillZone rolls on!

    *The music hits of an unfamiliar tune to the JBW faithful, out comes Chase ‘The Ace’ Walker recognized by everyone from his time in HWA Total Resistance. Walker has a smile on his face as he slaps hands with a few audience members, and he gets in the ring and receives a mic.*

    Chase Walker: Wow… this is unreal right now, I am here in JBW!

    *The JBW faithful let out a loud cheer for the mention of their favorite company, as Walker looks around the arena.*

    Walker: Yes finally I am back at it, after months off, Chase Walker is back, in JBW, on Killzone!

    *The fans once again roar in approval as Walker smiles.*

    Walker: See the last time any of you saw me I was in that company on a show called Total Resistance. *Fans boo* And while you might not like that company, that is where I got my break. That was my chance to shine, to show what I could do to the entire world, and apparently I impressed the JBW brass enough that a few weeks ago, I got a call. A call to see if I was interested in coming here to JBW, and I said yes, yes because JBW recognized that I was not just good enough to make it, but to succeed. I wasn’t the most talked about star on Total Resistance, hell I wasn’t even considered a favorite, but that’s alright by me because that is when I’m at my best. But that’s the past and that’s where that will stay, now I’m about the future, and my future in JBW. See people have doubted me from the beginning, doubted me wining Total Resistance, and doubted me getting a job in professional wrestling after Total Resistance, but I’m here aren’t I? But I’m not just happy being here, hell I’m not happy with just winning. Everybody always says it’s about winning and about championships, but I’m not about that. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m here to win, and I’m here to win championships, but I’m about much more than just that. See I’m here to not only win, but to become the guy that takes JBW to the top, makes JBW the best company in professional wrestling, and the one other companies model themselves upon. And there will be those who doubt I can do that, and that’s fine because I’m used to it. I’ve been doubted my whole life, but that’s what I thrive upon, that’s what makes me tick, and that’s what’s going to make me successful and achieve every goal I want to achieve. See I owe it to you and JBW management to make this company successful, because they’ve given me this shot here and now. And when it’s all said and done, everybody in JBW and all over the world will remember, Chase ‘The Ace’ Walker.

    *Walker drops the mic and raises his hand in celebration as the fans cheer loudly. But those cheers quickly turn to silence as more unfamiliar music hits and the JBW faithful are interested in seeing who it is.*

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    *Through the curtain comes Israel Pamich, and the silence is drowned out with boos as Pamich has broken up Walker’s celebration with the fans.*

    *Israel stands at the top of the ramp and stares down Chase Walker, then he smiles and seems to encourage Chase 'The Ace' Walker and signals to get on the ropes and raise his hand again and eventually Chase obliges.*

    *Israel then proceeds to enter the ropes and into the squared circle, Chase walks up to Israel with a cautious yet dominating stance and Israel offers to shake the hand of Chase Walker who hesitantly obliges*

    Israel: Ladies and Gentleman Chase Walker!!!

    *fans are cheering for Chase Walker*

    Israel: Chase 'The Ace' Walker... It seems like you do not want me out here that maybe I might be here to ruin your debut here in JBW, The fed with all the biggest stars to ever embrace the EWN Cable network and the proving ground for every superstar alive. Sir I assure you that is not the case in fact I am here to share the moment because I to got a phone call on JBW asking to join there company and to join KILLZONE.

    *Cheap plug works as the crowd are actually chanting Israel right now*

    You see Chase Walker we have had very similar backgrounds as we both joined HWA: Total Resistance and we both went very far in the show until HWA's demise, We were both not expected to last and both not expected to be seen again but look where we are now. We are in JBW and more importantly you and I are debuting in KILLZONE.

    *Chase nods his head in agreement and is starting to feel what Israel is saying*

    We were trained by the Legendary Tommy Thunder and we both absorbed and listened to what was taught to us on TR and here we are face to face sharing the spotlight on KILLZONE

    *Fans are shocked at the Israel they are seeing and are now cheering both these men on their respective debuts and Chase seems pumped nodding in approval with a great smile on his face*

    *Israel is just as excited and has a huge smile on his face that last about 20 seconds and then the smile slowly turns to represent more of a smirk and a glee in Israels eye, a glee suggest Israel is back to his old tricks again*

    Unfortunately though it seems that you Sir are stealing my Spotlight.

    *Fans start to boo as Chase Walker gives Israel a stern Look*

    You see Chase as much as we appeared on the same training show and are now in the same ring about to debut things could not be any more different between you and me.

    Since HWA: Total Resistance I have gone on to bigger and better things in my career and as always I have excelled from nearly securing the IWA Endurance title to becoming the very first EWNGP champion which by the way features stars from most brands and am now about to take KillZone hostage and become JBWs newest grand Commodity and through my Principles of Honesty and Integrity have made myself a Champion and a Superstar worthy of appeasing these fans while you Sir have obscured into Oblivion and only by some mistake that somebody here crossed your path while Youtubing wrestling clips have you been able to recieve a contract here Chase but here is the problem you face now, You are about to debut here and have your first match Post TR and try to recapture that glory you so called had which would have ended when I inevitably would have won that season just like I won the EWNGP and you have to prove you belong here, and quite frankly CHASE I dont think you do because you seem to treat this like a job when for me This is my Dynasty.

    *Israel drops his mic and mimics Chase by raising his hand which is followed by a chorus of You Suck's by the fans here.*

    Pat: Two newcomers marking their patch!

    Dudley: I quite like Israel. I've never even heard of the other kid.

    Pat: Well I've just been informed by management that these two will go one-on-one right after this break!

    Israel Pamich (Cesaro) vs. Chase Walker (Riley)
    (Start 1:53, End 6:06)

    Pamich charges at Walker and goes for a stiff forearm in the corner, but Walker sidesteps Pamich and drops his face into the top turnbuckle hard. Walker pushes Pamich up against the turnbuckle and then Walker backs up a bit, then charges Pamich and hits a hard knee to Pamich's chin against the turnbuckle! Pamich drops to the mat holding his jaw while Walker dives down onto Pamich and locks him a headlock from behind and applies pressure to Pamich's neck. Walker twists his arm a bit, and then hits Pamich with a stiff elbow to the face.

    Patrick: Walker is using some of his amateur college wrestling knowledge against Pamich here tonight, this kid has a bright future.

    Dudley: Hey now, don't take any credit away from Israel Pamich! That man has true talent, I love it!

    Pamich claws at the ropes but Walker just applies more pressure. The referee asks Pamich if he wants to give up but Pamich declines. Pamich slowly starts using his strength to get to his feet with Walker still on his back, and then he finally stands on both legs with Walker still hanging off of his back. Pamich runs at the turnbuckle and then slams his back into it, crushing Walker between him and the turnbuckle! Walker loses his grip and then Pamich puts him on the top rope and backs up a bit, stalking walker.

    Patrick: What is this guy planning?

    Dudley: Something big I'd imagine, he wants his first match to be remembered!

    Pamich charges Walker and jumps up onto the second rope and clotheslines Walker hard, but both men get sent from the top rope down to the floor of the arena below! The crowd chants holy shit loudly as both men lay nearly lifeless on the floor below!

    Patrick: Oh my god! That was crazy!!

    Dudley: I don't think that went as he had planned, Pat. Did you see the way they landed?!

    The referee begins the count as both men still lay still on the ground.

    One! Two! Three! Four! Five!

    Pamich gets to his feet, and then Walker does as well!


    Both men start to trade hard blows on the outside!

    Pamich! Walker! Pamich! Walker!

    Seven! Eight! Nine!

    Both men are too caught up in the brawl! Pamich goes for the Little Integrity, but Walker avoids the shot!


    Darren Black: The result of this match...a double countout!

    Pamich & Walker stop brawling as they begin to realise what just happened. Neither man can believe it and they even begin to argue again. Pamich pushes Walker in the face but Walker delivers a crashing right hand that sends Pamich back into the fans barricade. Pamich comes forward with his own shot and once again, the two men begin to brawl.


    Pamich clearly has the upper hand as Walker is backed up against the fans barricade. Pamich backs up and runs at Walker but Walker quickly uses an amateur takedown and Pamich smashes into the fans barricade. Pamich backs up and Walker hits the Ace in the Hole (Olympic Slam) onto the floor! Walker stands tall as we head to commercial.

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    We return from commercial and immediately head backstage. Stacey Mitchell is shown waiting. She smiles as the camera focuses on her.

    Stacey Mitchell: Stacey Mitchell reporting backstage and I’m here with Malcolm Cage.

    Cage is standing next to Stacey with a slight smile on his face. He chuckles a little before he speaks.

    Malcolm Cage: What’s up Stacey?

    Mitchell: Malcolm, at Resurrection you took on Prophecy in a career ending match. What lead to your challenge?

    Cage: Like I said that night Stacey, The Prophecy needed to know what it was like, what it felt like to lose everything and so the challenge was placed. Proph knew what was at stake! He wanted to up the ante and he paid for it. He wanted to prove a point? he wanted to prove that he can phase me, when all he did was dig his own grave, I just covered the coffin with dirt. The Prophecy ended his own career, I was only the catalyst that progressed the inevitable.

    Mitchell: How did it feel when you beat Prophecy?

    Cage: You know at first it felt good. He had the gall to try and take me out. I would have hated losing that match, but in the end, someone’s career had to end, and I was happy it wasn’t me. But then I remembered everything that we had gone through. Two originals, two guys who have been through the up and downs of JBW, through all the management changes, we had been through it all. I realized what the situation was, one of use was done, and even though it wasn’t me, it was one of the guys who helped to build this company. I was just happy I got to be a part of all of it.

    Mitchell: What do you have to say about Ma$$Dinero’s action after your match at Resurrection?

    Cage: Well if it isn’t the question on everyone’s mind right now, I have my own questions for Ma$$, Stacey, Aand soon he will have to answer for what he has done. Not only did he rain on my party, but he crashed JBW’s big night. Not many of the new people know this but Ma$$ and Cage go way back.

    Ma$$ was one of the first guys I met in JBW back when I debuted. He took a liking to me, and I got plenty of professional advice from that guy. I looked up to Ma$$, I hoped to have a status like he had here in JBW. But then what happened, huh? HE LEFT! He took his stuff and went elsewhere. Where did you go Ma$$? Where was my mentor, where was the guy who I came to when I need some help, WHERE WAS MY FRIEND!?!? He left everyone! He left his home, and for what?

    Cage take a second to catch himself and straightens up.

    Cage: And now he things that he can come back and start trouble, get involved like nothing ever happened? He thinks that he can get involved in MY match and think that it is all okay? Well guess what Ma$$, I won’t let you do whatever the hell you want like you used to do. You ain’t the boss around here anymore! You lost that privilege when you left.

    The clock doesn’t just pause when you up and leave, and then un-pause when you feel like coming back. No, the clock restarts. You don’t get to jump in the deep end like you used to, you have to start in the kiddy pool like everyone else has had to do, just like I had to do. I have worked too hard for too damn long to get here and I won’t have you, the person I USED to look up to fuck it up for me.

    Cage grabs the mic from Stacey and looks right into the camera.

    Cage: Ma$$, I used to look up to you, I used to respect you! But not anymore, you lost all that when you reared your ugly head at Resurrection and added insult to injury to two of the few people who actually liked you, two originals, just like you! So if you want something from me, Ma$$Dinero, then you know where to find me. Just know that I’m not going to give up anything easily to a coward like you.

    Cage drops the mic and walks away. The camera stays placed on Stacey who hurriedly bends down and picks up the mic as the shot cuts back to ring side.

    Pat: Strong words from Cage there! And we’re expecting the arrival of Ma$$dinero to the arena any minute! We’ll head out to the parking lot as soon as he arrives!

    Dudley: It’s great to see Ma$$ back in the company.

    Pat: Causing havoc as usual.

    Dudley: Look, I’m just glad he’s back.

    Patrick Riley: And up next, it’s time for the number one contendership match to the TV Championship!

    Dudley Erickson: I am looking forward to seeing who can pick up the victory and face Hawk at In Justice For Brawl.

    Patrick Riley: Well we have Vulgar, Mr. Smyth, Shaz and the man who lost to Hawk at Resurrection, KJ Punk!

    Dudley Erickson: I can’t see past Smyth. That guy has the ability to win it.

    Patrick Riley: While I agree he is good enough, we can’t write off Vulgar, Shaz or Punk. All three men will be itching to get a shot at Hawk!

    Dudley Erickson: Only Smyth could take the title off Hawk, and that’s not even for definite.

    Patrick Riley: Don’t forget, this match is elimination rules!

    Dudley Erickson: That’s right, you have to beat all three of your opponents to earn this shot.

    Patrick Riley: Well here comes Vulgar!

    Dudley Erickson: This guy lost to Smyth at Resurrection, why does he now get a number one contendership shot?

    Patrick Riley: Well he’s a fantastic talent and Hawk would have his hands full if it came down to it.

    Dudley Erickson: That doesn’t answer my question.

    Patrick Riley: Here comes the man who lost to Mike Hawk at Resurrection!

    Dudley Erickson: Again, another guy who doesn’t even deserve a shot at the number one contendership. What is Jman playing at?

    Patrick Riley: Punk pushed Hawk all the way and deserves a chance to get another shot- I’m certain on that.

    Dudley Erickson: I completely disagree.

    Patrick Riley: You would.

    Patrick Riley: And here comes somebody who won at Resurrection, Shaz!

    Dudley Erickson: Not without controversy though.

    Patrick Riley: Are you ever actually pleased?

    Dudley Erickson: Not when Jman books matches like this.

    Patrick Riley: And here’s the final member of the match, Mr. Smyth!

    Dudley Erickson: Finally, somebody who DESERVES a shot at Hawk.

    Patrick Riley: Actually, we’re about to find out if he does.

    Dudley Erickson: Shut up Pat.

    The four men are getting ready in the ring, in opposite corners as the referee turns and calls for the bell. They approach the centre of the ring and Smyth immediately begins to trade blows with Vulgar, but Punk comes in and throws Smyth from the ring, following him out. Shaz goes to grab Vulgar but lightning strikes the stage and Shaz turns to see Ano Doom standing on top of the stage angrily. Out of nowhere, Vulgar rolls Shaz up.




    Darren Black: Shaz has been eliminated!

    Patrick Riley: Quick elimination!

    Dudley Erickson: We’re down to three!

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    (Punk= Orton)(Smyth= Trips)(Vulgar= Cena)
    (stop at 10:18)

    Patrick Riley: What a knee to Vulgar from Smyth!

    Dudley Erickson: This is why Smyth is the future of JBW!

    Smyth goes to grab Vulgar but Vulgar punches out into Smyth’s gut. He follows up with an elbow strike to Smyth’s face as he climbs to his feet and hits a snap suplex. Vulgar begins to feel it and begins to stalk Smyth. He goes for the High C (Mandible Claw) but Smyth kicks out into the gut of Vulgar.

    Smyth picks Vulgar up and looks for The Rule but Punk is back in and hits a big boot that sends Smyth to the ground. Punk grabs Vulgar and throws him into a corner, before turning around and grabbing Smyth, sending him into the opposite corner. Punk follows Smyth and hits a knee to his face, before whipping him across into Vulgar, who explodes out of the corner with a clothesline! Punk goes for Vulgar but Vulgar kicks him in the gut and delivers a big DDT that has Punk rolling to the apron.

    Vulgar turns around, drags Smyth up and locks in the High C! Smyth has no choice but to tap out!

    Darren Black: Mr. Smyth has been eliminated!

    Patrick Riley: And we’re down to two!

    Dudley Erickson: NO WAY! That’s bullshit!

    Vulgar lets Smyth go and goes to grab Punk but Smyth is back to his feet and complaining to the referee. He climbs out of the ring and grabs a steel chair, before going to climb back in, but the referee stops him. They begin to argue on the outside as a man climbs over the fan’s barricade. He slides into the ring as Vulgar looks shocked and looks around for security, but the man hits a swift jab to Vulgar’s face that shows he is ready for a fight. He kicks Vulgar in the gut and lifts him up, turning him round as he slams him down to the canvas in a modified Brainbuster!

    Patrick Riley: Who the hell is that?

    Dudley Erickson: I don’t know but I like him!

    The man climbs out of the ring and climbs over the barricade once again, staying there as Smyth drops the steel chair and is shown frustrated at ringside. The referee climbs back into the ring as Punk is climbing back to his feet and sees a motionless Vulgar. He seems conflicted but covers regardless.




    Darren Black: Here is your winner and the NEW number one contender to the JBW Television Championship...K...J...PUNK!

    Patrick Riley: What a match!

    Dudley Erickson: So we get to see Hawk kick Punk’s ass again? Suppose it isn’t all bad!

    Back in the ring, Punk is celebrating, but leaves the ring and walks away up the ramp as the man returns to the ring, looking down at Vulgar.

    Patrick Riley: What’s he doing now?

    Dudley Erickson: He’s sending a message to Vulgar!

    The unknown man stands over Vulgar, raises his arms in celebration as the fans boo. The camera cuts to Mr. Smyth & Lindsay, who are watching from the outside. Smyth has an expressionless face, whereas Lindsay has a beaming smile. Smyth grabs a mic from the timekeeper, climbs the steps and gets into the ring. Smyth walks over to Vulgar, who is still on the floor, crouches down and begins to speak.

    Mr. Smyth: I bet you think that this is because you made me tap out, don’t you?

    The fans boo. A small ‘Vulgar’ chants begins as Lindsay climbs into the ring, but stays to one side away from Smyth and the unknown man.

    Mr. Smyth: Well, you are wrong. This is something that has been in the planning stages for a long time now. You see, it’s not a secret that I am an advocate of providing individuals with opportunities and giving them a chance to develop themselves. It’s why I have been successful in life, and in business. Sure, I could jump on the bandwagon of big names and make myself an immediate success in the present, but what about the future? Who will I be working with in ten years time, because those big names won’t be around then?

    If I built my business on the here and now, I will have nothing to leave to my children when they grow up. The same mentality is relevant to the wrestling industry – you need to look to the future, and that is what I instructed Lindsay to do.

    Some wolf whistles can be heard from the crowd as Lindsay smiles and basks in the results of a job well done.

    Mr. Smyth: Lindsay went through my extensive talent pool with a fine tooth comb and found exactly what I was looking for. The timing of this man’s introduction is suspect, I’ll admit that, but the reason he has been bought in now is because it what’s best for business. The fact that we have chosen you to be laid out is just incidental. Collateral damage.

    Mr. Smyth stands up and begins to address the crowd.

    Mr. Smyth: Ladies and gentleman, allow me to introduce to you ‘The Weapon’ Aidan Black.

    The crowd boos as Aidan Black raises his arms again.

    Mr. Smyth: You don’t need to know much about this man right now, but I will tell you this. This individual used to be considered an up and coming star within MMA. All that potential, however, got put to waste when he ended up in a fight to defend a lady’s honour. As a result, Aidan was sent to prison. During his prison days, he would partake in unsanctioned, no holds barred MMA style fights with the other inmates and he often came out on top.

    After prison, Aidan was left with nothing. No MMA company would touch him, so Aidan had nowhere else to go but like many people before him, Aidan was introduced to my company’s programme of giving disadvantaged individuals an opportunity to show that they are assets to the world. Unsurprisingly, Aidan excelled at my company’s wrestling school.

    But why is he here? It’s for the future. I have taken this man under my wing and while he is under my guidance, he will excel and become the greatest thing in JBW, and he’s not the only one. There are many others who are learning from me and there have even been a few guys around JBW, IWA, TWE & EWNCW who have asked for my assistance and my guidance. This is the beginning of something big, and believe me when I tell you that Aidan Black will be the launching pad of future generations.

    And that...well, that's what's best for business.

    The fans boo as Mr. Smyth and Aidan Black stand motionless in the ring. Aidan Black goes towards the ropes and separates them, allowing Smyth to climb though. Black then separates the second and bottom rope to allow Lindsay to climb through. Black finally climbs through the ropes himself and the three, led by Mr. Smyth, walk up the ramp and through the curtain.

    Pat: Well that was a hell of a debut for Aidan Black!

    Dudley: He’s aligned himself with Mr. Smyth, smart thing to do right there!

    Pat: And you’ve gotta think that with Black, Smyth is pretty much untouchable right now.

    Dudley: Exactly! It’s brilliant strategy by Smyth. Black does all the dirty work and Smyth keeps his hands clean!

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    HolyJose walks out with an angry look on his face making his way down to the ring to a chorus of boos. He gets into the ring and goes over to the stage hand demanding a mic. The stagehand gets him the mic and HolyJose snatches it out of his hands.

    HolyJose: SHUT UP! Let me take you back to the very first Killzone. I won my own right to face TDA at Resurrection for the JBW World Heavyweight Championship. I alone beat Shuriken but no because Jman had to be honorable and shit he added Shuriken into the match. I went into the match focused on one thing and one thing only. Becoming the NEW JBW World Heavyweight Champion. Did that happen? Obviously no. Why? Because Shuriken, who had no right to be in the match in the first place, went and got himself pinned. I swear had Shuriken NOT been involved in this match I would have walked out your champion. What this comes down to is Shuriken. Ever since last September of 2011 you have been a pain in my side. Because of you I went on a losing streak. Because of you I ended up losing my JBW WARFare World Tag Team Championships. Because you feel like you are superior to me in every shape and form. You’re not! For some reason you have set out to cost me what I rightfully deserve. For over a year you have been the one saying I deserve nothing. I work for everything I get. You? You were handed your first World Title opportunity in JBW and again you were handed a World Title opportunity at Resurrection. You had no right to be involved and because of you I did not win. Note I did not lose either no that distinction goes to you Shuriken. You got yourself involved and you got pinned by TDA. The way I see it this was your entire fault. My opportunity taken away from me because of your jealousy! I don’t care what these fans think, I don’t care what the men at the top of the ladder think, I don’t care what TDA thinks and I certainly don’t care what you think Shuriken. That was my chance and you blew it!

    Shuriken comes out and the crowd pops loud with his appearance. Shuriken walks down the ramp and looks at the whole sea of JBW fans, giving a slight smile at them. He climbs the steps of the ring, looks at HolyJose and shakes his head in disgust. He gets in the ring and asks for the mic.

    Shuriken: *walks around the ring while being drowned in "LET'S GO SHURI'" chants*

    *clap clap clap*
    *clap clap clap*

    Shuriken: My....this crowd is hot!

    *crowd pops*

    I don't know if its really me or it's because some idiot in this ring that wants to put the blame on someone and won't shut up about it.

    *crowd pops louder*

    Listen, Jose. You were in the match too. You ALSO lost in the match. You didn't win. I do not see the belt on you. Just like me, you left with nothing on that night. Then you have the audacity to blame that fact, the fact that you do not have the World Heavyweight Championship, on me. I do not like that one bit. I believe that we have an issue here that needs to be addressed.

    It was your failure in the match. You could have stopped the pin and who knows? Maybe you could have won that match and you would a champion here in this ring now. But you didn't. So....if you want to blame on ANYBODY, blame yourself. Not me.

    *crowd pops*

    But....since you are angry at me and don't like me....I feel the same for you. Jose, I don't like you and the sight of you pisses me the hell off. Since we are at each other's throats.....why not a match?

    *crowd pops loud with excitement*


    *crowd goes crazy*


    HolyJose: Heh, the sight of me pisses you off. Well then if you want this match then the next sight you’ll see is me getting my hand raised in victory. I don’t care that you’re fucking Shuriken Blade the legendary ninja who won so much in EWNCW carried it during it’s early days and then jumped ship here to JBW. You and your “I’m better than you” attitude pisses me off. I’ve beaten you once already so I don’t see how beating the ever living hell out of you once again could hurt me. Shuriken I’m not afraid of you I’ll fight you wherever I have to. I have no respect for you what so ever.

    HolyJose then spits in Shuriken’s face and get’s out of the ring quickly headed to the back locker room.

    HolyJose: ANYTIME ANYWHERE SHURIKEN! I’ll make you regret asking for this match

    For the second time tonight, Back in Black hits and Jman, mic already in hand, walks through the curtain and out onto the ramp. It’s unclear why, but our general manager doesn’t seem nearly as happy to be out here now as he was earlier. The JBW original runs a hand over his head before starting to speak with a certain edge to his voice.

    Jman: You two want this?

    Jose and Shuriken respond by continuing to stare one another down.

    Jman: Fair enough. How ‘bout you, live crowd?

    The crowd pops and Jman nods his understating.

    Jman: Good enough for me. Jose, Serra, you’ll get your wish at In Justice For Brawl in the greatest godamned city on earth. Jose, if you lose, you’ll have nobody to blame but yourself. If you fall, Shuri’, you’ll have to listen to Jose tell you how great he is and how he deserves the moon. Either way, boys, settle it in Philly.

    The crowd pops for that as J heads to the back and we leave the scene with a shot of Jose and Shuriken staring at one another.

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    Dudley: Up next, partner, is a match made on our last episode of KillZone.

    Pat: That’s right. Eddie Juarez was complaining about a lack of TV time to our general manager on that show, so J booked Juarez versus Ano Doom for tonight.

    *A loud, giant, massive sounding thud is heard and it is clearly immediately noticable that it was Ano Doom VERY forcefully knocking his way into the arena through the back door. Doom punched the door to enter,and the impact all but completely took it right off the hinges. How its still on no one knows. Walking in with the hood on,Doom drops it so his eyes are seen. They are more driven, determined, and focused than ever, Just when it seemed that wasn't possible. They are practically ALIVE with fire burning in them, coupled with a furious intensity. It is obvious he is on the lookout for Juarez tonight, because as always, Doom can not wait to start the match, the urge driving him more than EVER now. He grabs a glass from the table next to him that someone was drinking from before, And shatters it across his face, Never showing pain or reaction for that matter. Someone must have left a Baseball bat lying around after using it, And its picked up and SNAPPED right in two pieces like its a very small twig, As Doom continues the walk and hits the stage.*

    Doom appears on stage as he walks down the ramp, completely furious and somehow even MORE intense than when he was on the way out here. Its gotta be getting closer to the ring that's doing this to him.

    The look in his eyes as he approaches the ring is enough to cause a man to faint as he makes it down the ramp quicker than usual.

    He jumps from the floor the apron and gets right into the ring.

    Ano Doom: (*Closes eyes for a split second out of intensity and fury.*) For weeks and weeks, I have been on the hunt,waiting for the chance to have a match against someone in this ring, To briefly sustain me when it comes to the desire to break every one I face. Never mind the fact that I had not one chance to have any matches since the last PPV, but when I fought Shaz...Somehow...Someway...He managed to escape me with his body intact and walk away on his own. So fucking what. My first night here I arguably stomped Azrael flat, So in that case I'm 1 out of 2 in JBW. As I said,What does one loss that was ridiculous in the end matter anyways. Now Resurrection is over, So on to tonight. EDDIE JUAREZ. You have said before you want more matches and competition...Well tonight you got what you want,As do I. See, you're scheduled against someone who wants NOTHING but competition. I THRIVE off of being out here and taking down everyone I have the chance to . And tonight, You're up. I heard what J-Man told you after he made this official...Yes "How is that for competition?" You're looking at someone who was declined what he wanted on that PPV. And that's beating the living hell out of someone. Tonight you're up, and you wont be as lucky as Shaz was. It ends tonight for you.

    The fans give a huge mixed reaction, with more cheers than boos as Eddie Juarez walks out of the curtain. He makes his way down the ramp, not taking his eyes off Ano Doom in the ring, before sliding into the ring. He walks past Doom and asks for a microphone, which he swiftly receives. He turns back and begins to speak.

    Eddie Juarez: Three guys. I’ve got three guys to talk to right now. First of all, you.

    Juarez looks straight at Doom who doesn’t move a single step.

    Eddie Juarez: You claim yourself as competition, I see you as simply a distraction. Jman gave me this match for two reasons, one as punishment, and two as a proving ground. Well the punishment shall be all yours and the only thing proven is that Eddie Juarez is better than you.

    The fans explode with cheers as Doom cracks his knuckles menacingly. Juarez turns back to the cameraman on the apron and invites him into the ring.

    Eddie Juarez: Secondly, Jason Alexander.

    Another huge mixed reaction is heard throughout the arena as Juarez looks down the camera.

    Eddie Juarez: You and I. This is far from over. What happened at Resurrection proved one thing to me, a wrestling match between us will NEVER happen. If you and I are going to have a match, we’re going to need to go to the extreme esse! But since both of us are pre-occupied tonight, we can talk about that next week.

    In fact, that’s a great idea. Next week, I’ll invite you out to this ring and I’ll speak to you man-to-man. If Jman doesn’t want that to end in a fight, I would suggest having an army of security between us.

    The fans explode with cheers once again and a Juarez chant is heard throughout the arena. Juarez holds a hand up to the camera to instruct the cameraman to stay there, and climbs out of the ring. He goes underneath the ring and pulls out a t-shirt. He slides back into the ring and folds the t-shirt out, before putting it on- showing the camera that on the t-shirt, there are the words ‘The Genius’.

    Eddie Juarez: And thirdly, I’m going to address Best In The World.

    A massive amount of boos are heard throughout the arena, and a huge JBW chant begins.

    Eddie Juarez: Not the entirety of BITW, just one man. A man who decided he was going to have a few shots at me, at JBW and at HWA on their one show to date- Kingdom Come. I’m talking of course, about the little bitching concha that is Artemis Eclipse.

    Another huge series of boos echoes around the arena. Juarez strokes a hand across his face before continuing to speak.

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    Eddie Juarez: That’s right, Artemis Eclipse showed us two things last week at Kingdom Come, one- he’s got a big mouth. And two, the guy is in denial. He seems to claim that first of all, the claim that HWA was the best was entirely about Broc & Sully. No, it was entirely about me. I’m the guy that made it the best efed around here. I don’t care how egotistical that sounds. The truth always does.

    You can talk all you want about Broc, you can talk all you want about Sully. Let’s get something straight, they did things their way, but before I became active, HWA was a lowly third to JBW and EWNCW. And it was a long way off for a while. It was only when I began to book shows and write shows that HWA started it’s rise.

    You wanna claim it sucked? How about I turn your attentions to the efed awards 2012? There were a total of 15 awards given. HWA won 7, all of which I nominated- and was a part of building up. JBW won 3. Out of those 3 JBW awards, I was one of the 3 winners, and the other 2 were both relevant only AFTER you left and I joined. So all in all, I was the reason 10 awards were given to HWA and JBW. How many awards did you win again Artemis? Oh that’s right- none.

    What else did you say? Oh that’s right, JBW is gonna turn into HWA 2.0. You wanna talk about feds becoming clones of others? How about you look at your own fed? BITW is just old school JBW 2.0. You’ve even got the same stable headlining the place. I don’t know if that was Kash’s idea, and don’t get me wrong, I’m looking forward to seeing how it does play out- but with you in there, it’s going to be one thing- a failure.

    You turn everything you have to utter shit. SRW, remember that? My guy, Kyojin, was set to open up the first show. And then you turned into the egomaniacal son of a bitch that we all know. HolyJose was set to win the SRW World Heavyweight Championship- fair enough, but who would he have fought against? Oh that’s right, you.

    And why? Because you can’t keep yourself from being in the main event. You HAVE to be the talk of the show that you book, because you know you don’t have the credentials to do anything else. You shot insults at Van Hooligan X, why? Because you couldn’t beat him. He beat you because you weren’t fuckin’ good enough. And who ended up dethroning Van? Well that would be my guy again.

    And since I’m talking about guys, let’s look at your guys. The Sandman did something impressive last week at Kingdom Come- he managed to end Nightwolf’s unbeaten streak. I’m willing to bet you booked it. Once again, your ego comes into play.

    How about The Butcher? He won and will now feud with The Sandman over the Horrorcore Championship. Again, your ego! Actually, considering it’s horrorcore, that’s about right- nobody else gives a fuck about horrorcore, apart from your buddy in the ring with me. But Ano, I’ll fight you in a minute because I’m still not done. I’ve got a hell of a lot to get through yet.

    It’s interesting that I talk about horrorcore, and you spoke about how things ended with JBW, because as soon as I said nobody gives a damn about horrorcore, and everybody that actually matters agreed with me, you fuckin’ quit like a little bitch. I’m actually surprised that you didn’t make a huge thread about how you’re ‘done’. Again.

    You really do love little bitching sessions don’t you? Look back at HWA when I was barely involved, when The Butcher was a guy there. You threatened to SUE Broc & Sully if they used Butcher at Victory Point. Let me repeat that, you threatened to SUE them. Who the fuck do you think you are? Aloisick?

    And as for what you said about sacrificing so fuckin much for JBW, well guess what- all the best in your future endeavours. J & I never wanted you as part of this company and you never will be. It’s no wonder there’s so many people on the feds that fuckin’ dislike you to the point where I’ve been told they will never work with you should I suggest it.

    You call me The Genius. You’re damn right I’m The Genius. It’s a fitting nickname. I did what I did so well in the Be The Booker section that when you had your little spell with SBW, you practically begged me to fuckin’ give you some feedback- because you knew exactly what I do and how fuckin' good I am.

    Also, how can I be JBW 10th in command and run this fed? Surely running the fed means I’m number one? Once again, you’re wrong though, I’m number two. The guy in charge of this fed is Jman.

    You can bitch and moan so fuckin’ much but the fact is, nobody gives a fuckin’ damn about you. Without Kash, you’d be fuckin’ nothing. You didn’t work your way up, you were given a one way ticket to the top fed. I worked my way up by ‘becoming’ Vince McMahon, by being a backup guy in HWA, by writing the developmental show, by writing the second show, and then by writing the first show. I made HWA into what it was- better than ANYTHING you could EVER put out on your own.

    Blood Harvest II sucked? Actually no, Blood Harvest II was a complete success. It proved that the guys leaving were what was wrong with this company. I have no issue with Kash but the fact I was part of JBW for three months without a show before we finally got rid of you. And then it took us a week to actually get a good show out.

    Let me tell you right now, we’re building JBW back up from the fuckin’ shit state you left it in. Bang, bang Artemis. You want a war? I’m fucking waiting. How’s that for a pipebomb?

    Juarez throws the microphone down as the fans absolutely explode with cheers and a massive JBW chant is heard throughout the arena.

    Pat: Eddie Juarez is in complete control here, Duds.

    Dudley: No doubt. He’s used his speed to confound Doom all match. Now he’s got the big man set up for The Three Amigos!

    1 Amigo!

    2 Amigos!

    3 Amigos!

    Staying on the attack, Juarez mounts Doom and fires off some stiff punches to Ano’s face before the ref can pull him off. Doom is able to get to his feet as the official and Juarez exchange a few words and, when Eddie regains his focus, he’s met with a big right hand from Doom. Fighting back, Eddie throws a left hook of his own and the two men start slugging it out.


    Ano lands one more shot before whipping Juarez into the ropes. On the rebound, Eddie is able to duck a clothesline but, after bouncing off the opposite set of ropes, he runs into a big Black Hole Slam from Doom. Ano slides into the cover.



    Th-! No! Juarez gets the shoulder up just after two.

    Doom, clearly with something In mid, allows Juarez to stagger to his feet. Just as Eddie gets up, Doom charges at him with four long, powerful strides and nails Juarez with a vicious spear that nearly folds Eddie in half. With that, Doom pops up and starts calling for the Cold Blooded Murder (Shellshock).

    Pat: Uh-oh, Duds, Juarez is in big trouble here.

    Dudley: The Cold Blooded Murder is purely academic here. This one’s over.

    Doom drags Juarez up by the hair, gives him a menacing look, loads him into position for his finishing move and begins to march around the ring with Eddie on his shoulders. Just then, though, Juarez deftly slides down Doom’s back and schoolboy’s him.




    Pat: Juarez got him! Juarez caught Ano Doom!

    Before Darren Black can announce Juarez as the winner, however, Doom attacks Eddie. A stiff knee to the head of a kneeling Juarez starts it off. Doom follows that up with by kicking Juarez before pulling him to his feet and, once again setting him up for Cold Blooded Murder. This time, Ano connects and Juarez’s body bounces off the mat with tremendous force. Before any more damage can be done, however, Shaz comes flying down the ramp to a big pop. The Resurrection opponents meet in the center of the ring and, with a few stiff punches, Shaz quickly gains the upper hand.

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