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    *We'll get a logo one of these days, pwomise. *

    The pyro goes off, a heavy metal guitar riff plays, and the crowds loses their collective mind as Pat's voice welcomes us to the show.

    Pat: Ladies and gentlemen, alongside Dudley Erikson, I'm Patrick Riley and thiiiss iiiissss KillllllZoooooonnnn-

    TDA's pyro cuts Pat off and the champ, despite his win at Resurrection, doesn't seem happy.

    Dudley: That was rude.

    Pat: Maybe, but I get Devs' anger here. He's got to be sick of this mystery man stalking him.

    The World Champion enters the ring and calls for a mic
    . He has to wait for the "TDA!" chants to die down a bit before speaking in .

    TDA: I told everyone what to expect when I went into Resurrection as the World Heavyweight Champion of JBW. I said I would get the three count and I did just that. Shuriken and Jose were both equally powerful opponents and I have seen points in that match where I felt like my reign was fixing to come to an end. I applaud both of them for their efforts, but I retained and I am currently standing here as the Champion. Not for myself, but for all of my Devils in attendance!

    Now on to more pressing matters at hand.. There is this man that has been targeting me ever since I have been strapped with Gold. I have no idea what this goal he has that he wants to achieve but if it involves me in any sort of way then you can bet your ass that I will put up my fists for a good fight if it is needed. So I am demanding that you show your face before I go backstage and start beating up anyone who looks at me suspiciously.. I will not sleep until' I find you!

    *After about 10 seconds or so of the video plays, Morgan Freeman's voice can be heard saying:*

    "Repent! The first coming is imminent. It is upon us!

    He comes to rid the world of all that is evil and bad in the world. He comes to right the wrongs so that the earth can be re-created pure once more.

    He comes to strike down with great vengeance and furious anger on those those who attempt to poison and destroy our brothers.

    A sacrifice must be made. One man will be sacrificed.

    The first coming, is upon us.
    The first coming is coming, to Save us.
    The first coming, is, now."

    *The screen goes black after a few seconds, the following fades in:*

    1st Coming


    Break the code.

    *The feed comes back with the whole arena in excitement and TDA looking on at the tron frustrated and egging whoever's back there to come out. Then suddenly, the lights around the tron flash on in a blinding fashion as the crowd cheer. As the blinding light becomes tolerable and the tron can be seen again, the familiar code starts to decode.*


    *The crowd cheer loud again before the countdown begins*

    Did you break the code?

    *At about the 30 second mark, a man can be seen standing, back to the arena, arms wide apart in a crucifix like fashion, a bright light making him look like a silhouette.
    At the 40 second mark, the man spins around so that the crowd can see him as the crowd go wild*

    Pat: Oh...oh my god! It's TOMMY THUNDER! Tommy Thunder is here in JBW!

    Dudley: That's insane! What the hell is he doing here?

    Pat: I don't know Duds! But my god, Tommy Thunder is here!

    *Thunder stands at the top of the ramp with a big smile on his face as the crowd surpassingly give him a big ovation. He's wearing black jeans with a pair of black boots and a sleeveless jacket. TDA is standing in the ring, leaning on the ropes in pure shock. Thunder goes to play to the crowd on both sides of the arena as his music plays out. He has a mic in hand, and after settling in the middle of the stage again and letting the music die down, he prepares to speak.
    As he raises the mic to his lips, another cheer roars around the arena, so Thunder plays it up and drops the mic again before firing up the crowd again.
    After the fans die down again, Thunder smiles and hushes the crowd before he raises the mic again*

    Thunder: Goooooood evening KILLZONE!! LIVE, from Phoenix, Arizona!

    *The crowd cheer*

    Thunder: And good evening to you, especially, T. D. A.

    *Thunder this time gets a slight mixed reaction as he smiles away at TDA in the ring before continuing.*

    Thunder: And this is a good evening indeed. This is a huge evening, this is a historic evening. Because this is the evening that 'The Storm' came to JBW baby!!!

    *the crowd cheer loud again*

    Thunder: But I hear you all asking all sorts of questions. I hear you, TDA asking all sorts of questions. Well allow me to try and answer some of them for you.
    First of all, why choose this moment? In fact, why choose every moment that concerned you TDA? Well allow me to tell you. Allow me to tell all of you. Hear me when I say this and hear me well; there is NOBODY in this entire business that I respect more than that man, that maverick that's standing there in that ring in front of you. This man right here has bent over backwards for this company and has given everything for all of you. And today, he stands before you, finally as the JBW World Heavyweight Champion. Finally!! After so long, he achieves his ultimate goal. And for that, I think we all here tonight need to take a step back and give this man the standing ovation he deserves, so let's give it to him.

    *Thunder puts the mic under his arm and leads the crowd in a standing ovation. TDA simply looks on with a mixed look of confusion and suspicion on his face. Thunder then grabs the mic again.*

    Thunder: So I chose this moment, because I had to get this man's attention Because I had to come here and I had to come out like this and give the man that I look up to more than anyone else the dues he deserves. And now that I've got to do that, I feel that a small part of me has been completed. So thank you TDA, for being an inspiration for me.

    *The crowd cheer*

    Thunder: But let's face it, that's not the only reason I've come out here. I didn't come out here just to give this man his due. No. This is no figment of your imagination. This isn't some joke. This isn't a mirage. This is real! This is DAMN real. Tommy Thunder is in JBW, Tommy Thunder is on Killzone, and Tommy Thunder is here to stay baby!!!

    *The crowd cheer*

    Thunder: But another question I hear you all asking is what are you doing here? The promos prophesied about the first coming, about saving. And that's exactly what I intend on doing. I intend on saving all of you.

    *another mixed reaction is given*

    Thunder: And I don't mean that in the same light as Damien Sandow for example. No. So allow me to...... no, not beg your indulgence, allow me to further elaborate on what exactly I intend on saving you from.
    Over the past 12 months, this company has been destroyed. Over the past 12 months this once great company has been raised to the ground. Over the past 12 months, this company, it's wrestlers, it's loyal fans, it's production crew, it's writers, it's referees, it's God damn everything have been treated like dirt. Have been cheated. Have been played for fools. You people, who stuck by this company were rewarded for your loyalty with a handful of shows in 12 months. And that's not good enough.

    *fans cheer in agreement*

    Thunder: So to put it in simple terms, Tommy Thunder, Tommy Thunder is in JBW to SAVE JBW, to bring it back from the brink of extinction!! And with Tommy Thunder alongside the mass of talent that is already here, we WILL make it the company it once was once again!! Not for us, but for all of you!!

    *the fans cheer*

    Thunder: And mark my words. TDA you can mark my words. Pat and Dudley over there can mark my words. Everyone in the back can mark my words. All of you fans in attendance can mark my words. All the people watching at home and around the world can mark my words. The entire population of planet earth, the heavens above, the galaxy, the crab nebula, the universe itself!!!!!

    *crowd cheer*

    Thunder: You can all mark my words that JBW will never.

    *fans: "EVER!"*

    Thunder: Ever!!!!

    *fans: "EVER!"*

    Thunder: EEEEVER!!!

    *fans: "EVER!"*



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