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    JBW presents: Resurrection!

    Location: Houston, Texas

    Patrick Riley: Welcome ladies & JBW Resurrection! We are live from a sold out Reliant Astrodome in Houston, Texas! I’m Pat Riley and I’d like to welcome my broadcast partner, Dudley Erickson! Duds, what match are you most looking forward to?

    Dudley Erickson: It’s gotta be the main event Pat, Three JBW veterans fighting it out for the JBW World Heavyweight Championship! We’re gonna see HolyJose and Ryusuke ‘Shuriken Blade’ Serra challenge TheDevilsAdvocate for his gold! What a match that’s set to be!

    Patrick Riley: Well, don’t forget we’ve got many matches on the undercard, but perhaps none as personal as Eddie Juarez against Jason Alexander!

    Dudley Erickson: Finally, after all the waiting, we’re gonna see these two go at it for the very first time!

    Patrick Riley: We also have seven championships on the line, and perhaps the most looked forward to match will be for the Underground Championship!

    Dudley Erickson: That’s right Pat! Arthur Lansdale and Rob Rage will be squaring off for Rob’s belt!

    Patrick Riley: But what match do we begin with? The Intercontinental Championship match!

    Dudley Erickson: Three of the top future superstars in JBW will battle it out to see who is the best!

    Patrick Riley: Well let’s start with Darius.

    Dudley Erickson: This guy debuted in the Six-Pack Challenge at Blood Harvest, and very nearly won.

    Patrick Riley: But he was beaten to the punch.

    Dudley Erickson: Darius beat Chris Divine in a non-title match to earn this shot tonight.

    Patrick Riley: Well let’s move onto Van Hooligan X!

    Dudley Erickson: Van won the six-pack challenge at Blood Harvest last month and as a result was gifted a shot at TDA for the main event of the first ever KillZone.

    Patrick Riley: But he came up short. Ever since then, him and Divine have been having issues with each other.

    Dudley Erickson: And Van was granted this shot by Jman for that reason.

    Patrick Riley: And finally, the Champion.

    Dudley Erickson: Chris Divine won the title last month at Blood Harvest, beating NVON and The Sleeper.

    Patrick Riley: Divine has openly spoken badly of Van Hooligan X since the first KillZone.

    Dudley Erickson: And after losing to Darius, Divine isn’t one to back down against another challenger.

    Darren Black: The following contest is a triple threat match set for one fall and it is for the JBW Intercontinental Championship! Introducing first, the challenger, from Albany, New York, weighing in at 235 points. The Innovator of Insanity! Darius!

    Patrick Riley: A hell of a competitor right here.

    Dudley Erickson: Darius is the current TWE Champion, but that’s not exactly the biggest of feds.

    Patrick Riley: Hey! Any World Championship reign is impressive.

    Dudley Erickson: Okay Pat.

    Darren Black: And his opponent, the second challenger, from Leeds, England, weighing in at 216 points, Van Hooligan X!

    Patrick Riley: This guy has won an amazing three World Championships in his career so far.

    Dudley Erickson: Van Hooligan X is the future of this company.

    Patrick Riley: He could well be.

    Dudley Erickson: Oh no, he is. Tonight, he’ll beat these two and then go on to the main events.

    Darren Black: And their opponent, weighing in at 225 pounds, he is the current JBW Intercontinental Champion, Chris ‘So Fine’ Divine!

    Patrick Riley: This guy is definitely one to watch.

    Dudley Erickson: We actually have a backstage interview from Chris Divine to show now.

    The camera's focus on the back, where we see Stacy Mitchell standing backstage.

    Stacy: Ladies and gentleman, about to join me is...

    Stacy is cut off, as a hand from off screen appears, taking the mic from her. The camera pans, and we see Chris Divine, to a big chorus of cheers.

    Divine: About to join you is someone who is Oh So Fine, One of a Kind, Born to Shine, Always on Time, Never Been Slapped with a Fine, Will beat the piss out of a mime, the one...the only..Chris So Fine Divine!

    The fans cheer, as Divine stands next to Stacy, smirking. He hands her back the mic.

    Stacy: Thanks for taking a moment to speak with me Chris. Tonight, you face Darius and Van Hoo...

    Divine takes the mic from her for another time.

    Divine: Yes, Yes. Van Hoolie X. Mr Roman Numeral. X Marks the Spot. Mr Rail Road Crossing Ahead. The man that has been that proverbial thorn in Divine's side since winning this Intercontinental Championship on Divine's shoulder. Now, Divine has witnessed Hoolie rise to the top of different companies, only to drive them into the ground. Let Divine settle anyone's concerns. Van won't be using this championship as a stepping stone to the World title. Hoolie won't be getting a chance at ruining this company. You see, with people like TDA and Divine as champions, we are working to resurrect this company from the hole it was in months ago. And listen...

    The fans are chanting Divine's name over and over, and we can tell it's a large crowd

    Divine: See...the fans are coming back in droves. It's because they want to see people like TDA, Darius, and Divine. Speaking of Darius, Divine has this to say to you. Divine has seen each side of your coin, so to speak. Divine isn't sure if you are merely coming off as a good guy to try and pull the wool over Divine's eyes, or if you are genuinely turning a new leaf, but either way, Divine is set on one thing happening tonight. Walking into this match champion, and walking out champion. If Divine has to drop you on your ass to do that, then so be it.

    Divine hands the mic back to Stacy.

    Stacy: Do you feel that it being a triple threat match is a...

    Divine takes the mic a third time.

    Divine: Hell no! Divine doesn't care if it's a triple threat, fatal fourway, battle royal. Do you think it matters to Divine how and when he defends?

    Divine pauses, letting Stacy speak.

    Stacy: I...

    Divine: OF COURSE IT DOESN'T MATTER! Divine is the definition of a fighting champion, and tonight, Divine proves it. Divine knows that tonight he goes out to entertain the billions......

    Fans: And billions!

    Divine: Oooh..that gave Divine goose bumps. Lets do it again.....the billions.....

    Fans: And billions...

    Divine: of Divines fans the only way Divine can. Now Stacy, go get yourself some pie, sit back, turn on the heated blanket, and be prepared...because Divine is going to kick some rooty pooty ass!

    Divine hands the mic back to Stacy, as he turns, walking off.

    Patrick Riley: Strong words from Divine, can he back them up?

    Dudley Erickson: We’ll see now!

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    Darius (Edge) vs. Van Hooligan X (Christian) vs. Chris Divine (c) (Randy Orton) for the JBW Intercontinental Championship

    (from 4:25)

    Patrick Riley: And a snap suplex from Van to Darius!

    Dudley Erickson: But here comes Divine!

    Divine lays into Van as Darius rolls to the outside. Divine pushes Van into the ropes and begins to unleash left and right hands into Van’s gut. Divine drags Van across to the corner and slams his head into the turnbuckle. He whips Van across the ring hard and Van slams into the opposite corner back first, walking forwards slightly, right into a superkick from Divine! Divine drops down and covers Van.



    Van kicks out as Divine can’t believe it. Darius slides back into the ring and grabs Divine from behind, twisting him around and lifting him up, delivering a scoop slam on Divine right onto Van! Divine bounces off Van, and rolls to the apron as Darius grabs Van and drags him to his feet. He whips Van across the ring into the ropes and hits a big boot on the way back.

    Darius turns around and heads across to Divine who is rising on the apron. Darius grabs Divine but Divine grabs Darius by the head and drops to the floor, driving Darius’ throat into the top rope, sending him to the ground in the ring. Divine rolls back into the ring but Van is climbing up across the ring. Divine runs at Van but Van hits a dropkick to Divine’s knee.

    Van follows up the dropkick by driving his forearm into Divine’s neck, sending Divine to the ground. Van quickly steps over Divine and grabs his legs, stepping back and turning around and going to drop down but Darius is back up and hits a vicious Spear to Van! Van lets Divine go and slams into the canvas, as Darius covers him!




    Van throws the shoulder up as Darius can’t believe it. He climbs to his feet and backs up to the ropes as Divine is beginning to stir. He grabs hold of the ropes as Darius stalks him. Divine finally reaches his unsteady feet and turns around to be met with a kick to the stomach. Darius lifts Divine up, going for the Hell Fire (Dominator) but Divine manages to slip through and as Darius turns around, hits Divine Intervention (RKO)! Divine is too tired to cover though as all three men remain on the floor. Divine is first to move and manages to drape an arm across Darius.




    Van breaks the pinfall up with what must be his last bit of energy. Divine backs up slightly and Van rolls across to him. Both men begin to lean on each other as they climb to their feet, trading shots every so often.



    Van manages to get to his feet first, but Divine is quick to follow and goes for another right hand but Van blocks it and follows up with his own right hand. He follows up the first with a second that sends Divine backwards into the corner. Van follows it up by running forwards and delivering the high knee! He stands on the second rope as Divine is groggy in the corner. Van begins to deliver right hands as every shot is turned to a boo for the fans, with a small section counting along.


    As the tenth right hand is landed, Van drops down to the canvas and grabs Divine, hitting a vicious belly-to-belly suplex! Van scowls as he turns around and grabs Divine, and drags him up. He kicks Divine in the gut and drags him up to his shoulders, before dropping Divine with the Vanhammer! Van rolls Divine over and covers.




    Darius breaks the pinfall up as the fans cheer loudly. Darius grabs Van and drags him up to a standing position. He delivers a massive elbow shot to Van’s temple, before dragging him up and delivering the Hell Fire! He drops down and covers Van.




    Patrick Riley: Somebody pulled Darius from the ring! Who is it?

    Dudley Erickson: It’s Gillz! He’s attacking Darius!

    Patrick Riley: This is all legal! Don’t forget that!

    Gillz throws Darius into the fan’s barricade at ringside before throwing Darius back into the ring. Van has begun to get up as Gillz climbs back into the ring and Gillz hits a big boot that sends Van from the ring. He turns around and grabs Darius, he picks Darius up and delivers a vicious G-Bomb! He turns around and climbs out of the ring, leaving both Darius & Divine laying there in the centre of the ring, with Van at ringside.

    Dudley Erickson: What business did Gillz have out here?

    Patrick Riley: I don’t know Duds! I just don’t know.

    Dudley Erickson: Well who can capitalize?

    Chris Divine is climbing back to his feet, and he quickly scouts where Van and Darius are, before throwing himself on top of Darius!



    Patrick Riley: Not this way! Not this way!



    Patrick Riley: Divine wins, but are you even certain he knew Gillz was in the ring?

    Dudley Erickson: I think Divine did what any Champion would do!

    Patrick Riley: I agree Dudley, but Gillz is the main reason right now that Divine retained tonight.

    Dudley Erickson: And I believe we’re now heading backstage!

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    Stacy Mitchell: I'm standing here, with one of JBW's up and coming stars. Ladies and Gentlemen, please give it up for the Rapid King..Shaz!

    *Mixed reactions from the crowd- however more cheers are heard.*

    Shaz: Well, first of all. Stacy, thanks for the introduction babe. But one more ting before we get into the serious business- here's my number. You're looking absolutely buff tonight, and you deserve some recognition for it.

    *Shaz hands Stacy a piece of paper which contains Shaz's phone number on it.*

    Stacy: Why thank you Shaz. So Shaz, tonight, you will be going one on one against the Demonic Cyborg, Ano Doom. How do you feel going into that match?

    Shaz: Hold on a sec Stacy, you've made a mistake- but don't worry babe cause it ain't your fault. The mistake was how you described Ano Doom..the Demonic Cyborg. I don't approve, because for starters, this guy isn't demonic at all. I don't think he even knows the definition of demonic. Demonic means evil. Ano Doom is no way near, evil. And he's been proving that for several weeks, by attacking me from behind. He wants to prove a point, but attacking me from behind all the fucking time isn't going to prove any point at all. It's just going to make matters worse for Doom. Because every single time, he touches me, every time he lays a hand of me. I snap inside. I get that urge, to hurt him. To make him suffer. Because I don't take any shit that any JBW superstar gives me. Believe it or not. I've suffered throughout my entire life, and the only consequences I have vowed to cook out of it- is to make my enemies suffer. And Ano Doom, well. He's just become another enemy hasn't he? Waiting for his jaw to be shattered. So to answer your question, I'm hyped. Hyped because I know for a fact, that Ano Doom won't leave Resurrection victorious. I've been training so hard for this bout, and if I don't leave victorious. Not only will I let everyone else down, I'll let myself down. Because I know that I don't deserve to face talentless pieces of shit like Ano Doom, especially on PPV's. However, if it means shutting him up for good, proving his claims wrong- then so be it.

    Stacy: Strong words there Shaz. Now last week- Ano Doom made a massive claim, which you took offense to. Media reported that apparently, you had trashed your locker room, and went mental- after Ano Doom stated- that you Shaz, weren't in his league.

    Shaz: Wow, media must be absolutely thick, more thicker than Ano Doom perhaps? First of all, you check my locker room out now- and it's spotless. And second of all, I think this is the first time that Ano Doom hasn't talked a bunch of crap- in a LONG time. I actually agree with this zombie. I am not in his league. No way near his league. Because as far as I'm concerned. He's at the bottom. He's way below the jobber status. The only matches he has won so far, is the matches back at another fed- squash matches. Squash matches don't make you look strong at all, it just goes to show that you simply aren't ready for the main roster. Doom isn't ready for the main roster, thus I'm not in his league. I'm in the Premier League, top of the world. I am a current world champion. I'm main eventing PPV's. I am higher than Doom is when he smokes weed! I'm making massive waves. Doom's career is failing, and it's even more lame than his mic skills, and that's a fact.

    Stacy: Thank you Shaz, and just one last question- any other words you want to say to Ano Doom before your match tonight?

    Shaz: Indeed there are, plenty of words. Words, that I will speak and shove them up his pussy. Each time he messes with me, it comes to a point. It comes to a boiling point, where I just wanna grab a knife, and stick it inside his heart. But that wouldn't make a difference, as he probably doesn't even have a heart let alone some hair, and a brain. So listen Doom, listen clearly- make sure you clear your ear-wax out, because you wouldn't wanna hear this. Doom, your time is up. It's time, for a badass to step up. Unfortunately, that badass ain't you. It's me. Your career is in jeopardy, and once you step into the ring- I'll make sure you never step foot in a ring every again. Your career will be shattered like a fat women is shattered after a minutes worth of exercise. Doom, make sure you digest the following words, because I don't want you to go bitching, and moaning about the fact that I didn't warn ya. I'm going to make you experience, your first, and FIRST ever pain that you have ever felt in your career. But for now I'm off, thank you for having me Stacy.

    Stacy: Thank you Shaz for your time.

    *Shaz winks at Stacy before heading off, out towards the ring for his match.*

    Pat: And folks it's now time for Shaz vs Ano Doom in what is sure to be a very physical match.

    Dudley: I'll say. Doom is sure to send that thug back to whatever hood he came from.

    Pat: I doubt it Dudley, Shaz has proven himself to be a threat everywhere he has gone and impressed quite a few people in JBW. A win here tonight could kickstart him into the next level.

    Dudley: Well I guess he can kiss that push goodbye because Doom is just a physical beast.

    Darren Black: The following contest is set for one fall, introducing first from London, Brixton, weighing in at 215lbs, the Best in the World, Shaz!

    Pat: Shaz interacting with the fans to get them pumped for his match.

    Dudley: He's not interacting with them, he's just trying to get them to feel sorry for him, since they won't be seeing much of him once Doom tears him limb from limb.

    Darren Black: And his opponent, from the Netherworld...ANO DOOM!

    Dudley: Now here is the man that is going to rock Shaz and the rest of the JBW roster.

    Pat: I agree Doom has been impressive as of late, but don't underestimate Shaz. He can find his way out of any situation, no matter the odds.

    Doom (Kane) vs Shaz (CM Punk)

    (Stop at 9:22)
    (Ignore Bryan)

    Doom has Shaz at the top of the turnbuckle and looks to hit an exploder suplex on him. However, Shaz starts to regain consciousness and starts to go off on Doom. But Doom does just gets angrier and they begin to trade blows.


    Shaz is looking around at the crowd and starts to smile before facing Doom again.

    Dudley: Doom snap out of it, that thug is up to something and nothing he ever does is good.

    Pat: Shaz is picking up momentum again and is winding up for the Shaz-Ma-Taz knockout punch. If he hits this it may be over.

    Shaz starts to yell best in the world and hits Doom with the Shaz-Ma-Taz right in the center of his face. As Doom falls back onto the ground, the camera closes in on his face to find him busted open. Shaz still worn out from the attack rests for a few seconds before he perches himself on the top turnbuckle. Shaz does a quick pose for the crowd and goes for the 630 Splash, only for Doom to sit up and raise his arms to catch Shaz!

    Dudley: Amazing! Doom has caught Shaz right before he connects. Come on Doom finish him!

    Pat: We all thought Doom was out cold from that punch, but who knows what's fueling him right now.

    Doom gets up still holding Shaz, lowers him on his shoulders and attempts to hit Cold Blooded Murder, but Shaz wraps his arms around Dooms neck and gets in the Shaz Mission. Doom is still on his feet however and starts to wobble. Shaz starts to yell "Sleep" but Doom runs into the turnbuckle with Shaz on his back and rams him into the corner. But even though Shaz is in pain he is still holding on. Doom continues to ram Shaz into different turnbuckles repeatedly but slows down with each move.

    Pat: Shaz is still holding on despite all the abuse Doom is putting him through. I will tell you Dudley, both of these men have brought everything to the ring tonight.

    Dudley: That's true, but Shaz is only postponing his own demise and causing himself pain. If he were smart he would have given up in the first place to avoid this beating. Doom has proven that nothing can keep him down, not even the Shaz Mission.

    Doom does one more ram to the turnbuckle but falls to the ground before he can connect. The ref starts to check on Doom to find that he is not moving and starts to count.




    Dudley: Doom get up now, Shaz can't beat you, he can't beat anyone!



    Darren Black: The winner of this match by KO, Shaz!

    Pat: Shaz has beaten the odds here tonight and beat Doom.

    Dudley: Agreed, this was an electrifying match and the fans are still cheering for that low life. Doom is not going to be happy when he wakes up thought.

    Pat: But for now Shaz is victorious and is going to sleep like a king tonight knowing he toppled the monster. Now let's move on to create more historic moments for JBW.

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    Stacey Mitchell: Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m standing with the former JBW TV Champion, Malcolm Cage.

    Cage: What’s good, Stacey.

    Mitchell: Mr Cage, over the past few weeks The Prophecy has been hounding you and pressuring you around JBW. Why do you feel this is?

    Cage: I honestly have no idea Stace. The Prophecy usually runs in his own little world. He only tends to rear his ugly head when something he doesn’t like happens, so it seems that this time it just happens to be me losing the title to Hawk. He has been badgering me all month long and I’m about fed up with it.

    Mitchell: Why do you think the Prophecy felt the need to approach you after your loss?

    Cage: My guess is that he just saw a wounded animal, and figured he could come out here like the Undertaker once a year and get an easy win, against a weakened opponent. But you see Stace, he has no idea what I have been through.

    Mitchell: And what have you be through Mr. Cage?

    Cage: For half a year, I reigned as JBW TV Champion. I had one thing to worry about, and that was my TV title. I held that title with pride, and honor. And then, in an instant, it vanished. In a moment, everything I was, everything I had, was gone. Do you know how it feels to lose everything Stacey?

    Mitchell: That seems a little extreme for a Mid-Card Title.

    Cage: It wasn’t just a Mid Card title to me Stacey! It was who I was! It was what I had worked so hard for this whole time. Prophecy doesn’t know what it feels like to lose it all, but at Resurrection, he will.

    Mitchell: And how is that Mr. Cage?

    Cage: At Resurrection, I will take on the Prophecy. The Prophecy wants to push? The Prophecy wants to make an example out of me? The Prophecy wants more from me? Is that what he wants? That’s fine, but I want something from him. I want the Prophecy to know what it is like to fight for everything he has, for everything he is.

    The Prophecy doesn’t have a title to lose, like I did. So at Resurrection I’m going to take the only thing The Prophecy has left. At Resurrection I want the Prophecy to put HIS CAREER on the line against me. Maybe then he will know what it is like to fight for everything that you have left. Malcolm Cage vs. The Prophecy! The future ain’t looking to bright for ol’ Proph. And when I’m done with him, the Prophecy will know what it is like to lose EVERYTHING!

    With that, Cage leaves the interview set and starts walking up the hall to a mixed reaction. A familiar voice from off camera, though, stops Malcolm dead in his tracks.

    ?: I’ll do it on one condition…

    The camera pans to, obviously, reveal The Prophecy. Proph continues to speak.

    Proph: One condition. If I’m putting my career on the line tonight, so are you. Whoever loses never wrestles in JBW again. Time to put up or shut up, Malcolm.

    The crowd pops as the camera pans back to Malcolm, who still hasn’t turned to face Proph. Cage waits a beat before responding.

    Cage: You got it.

    With that response, Malcolm walks away and we fade back to ringside action with a shot of a smiling Proph.

    Pat: Wow!

    Dudley Jeez, somebody’s getting retired tonight.

    Pat: A big name, too.

    Dudley: Yeah, so what’s next?

    Patrick Riley: Well next Duds, it's time for our JBW Superfly Championship match!

    Dudley Erickson: Oh I'm looking forward to this one!

    Patrick Riley: Seth Thirteen was the receiver of a fortuitous distraction from Avidico and he beat Kyojin & Depri$e to earn this shot!

    Dudley Erickson: Erick beat Avi in a Superfly Championship match to make certain he would get to this point.

    Darren Black: The following contest is set for one fall, and it is for the JBW Superfly Championship! Introducing first, the challenger, weighing in at 200 pounds, Seth Thirteen!

    Patrick Riley: Seth is a hell of a competitor for sure!

    Dudley Erickson: He's gonna dethrone Erick tonight! Mark my words.

    Patrick Riley: That's a tough ask Duds!

    Dudley Erickson: He can do it.

    Darren Black: And his opponent, weighing in at 185 pounds, he is the current JBW Superfly Champion, Erick 'The Latin Terror' Alexander!

    Patrick Riley: Erick has been champion since Blood Harvest II!

    Dudley Erickson: He was lucky to have beaten Kyojin and Avidico.

    Patrick Riley: He deserved that victory.

    Dudley Erickson: Well, Seth will deserve this one.

    Seth Thirteen vs Erick Alexander (c) - JBW Superfly Championship Match

    (Ultimo/Seth, Mysterio/Alexander, skip at 3:53)

    *Seth Thirteen then goes onto pick Alexander up, before going for a Dropkick, however Alexander ducks, and jumps off the Springboard to strike with a Pele Kick! And he covers Thirteen, but Thirteen get's his foot on the ropes, as Alexander pulls him back into the middle! He jumps off the top rope, before striking with a beautifully launched Moonsault! He goes for the cover.*




    *Alexander and Thirteen slowly get up, as Thirteen goes to poke him in the eye, but Alexander grabs his hand and strikes with an Enzugiri! Alexander then get's on the top rope, and motions Death from Above, but Thirteen quickly get's up, and hits a Dropkick on Alexander as he goes flying outside of the ring! Thirteen runs from a side to another, and jumps off the springboard to strike with a Missile Dropkick! But unfortunately for the two, the ref immediately begins counting*

    1...Thirteen picks Alexander up


    3...Thirteen goes for a Spear but Alexander jumps high up in the air! Thirteen loses control and smashes his head onto the steel steps!



    6...Alexander picks up a weak Thirteen, and lays him out with a Brainbuster!


    8...Alexander picks Thirteen up, and rolls him into the ring, as Alexander get's on the ropes! He jumps off the springboard and strikes with a Moonsault but Thirteen moves out of the way! Thirteen slowly get's up, and he doesn't look 100%, he get's up on the top rope, as Alexander slowly get's up, he's up and Thirteen strikes with a Dropkick! Thirteen goes for the cover!*



    Thr-But Alexander kicks out!

    *They both slowly get up, as Alexander goes for a Flying Clothesline, however Thirteen ducks, as Alexander runs straight into a Huricanrana! Thirteen motions Spear, and he hits it- as Alexander flies on the canvas! Thirteen then moves him to the middle of the ring, and get's up on the turnbuckle to hit a Double Moonsault! And he launches but OUCH! Alexander moves out of the way, as Thirteen lands head first onto the canvas! Alexander takes the advantage by going for the cover!*



    Thr..But Thirteen has hit foot on the ropes as Alexander get's frustrated!

    *Alexander goes to the ref, and he starts complaining but he turns around and rapidly ducks a blow from Thirteen, Alexander replies with a kick to the gut, and lays him out with a Future Shock DDT! Alexander motions Super Kick, as Thirteen starts to slowly get up, Thirteen is up, as Alexander is off, but Thirteen ducks as Alexander's foot is on the top rope! Thirteen wastes no time by replying with an Enzugiri! He goes for the cover!*




    *Thirteen get's up, and he picks Alexander up as he taunts him by pulling the bird! He hits him with a Facebreaker, but Alexander keeps hold of Thirteen before laying him out with a sick Spinebuster! Alexander rans from a side to another, but Thirteen slowly get's up! Alexander jumps off the top rope, and strikes with a DDT! Alexander goes for the cover, but Thirteen rolls him up, and vice versa. Alexander rolls him up again, but Thirteen manages to bite the ropes, thus Alexander has to break the pin! Thirteen turns around and hits Alexander with a Bulldog, before striking with a vicious Leg Drop as mixed reactions are heard from the crowd! Thirteen get's up the top rope for a Shooting Star Press, and he launches but Alexander rapidly get's up- reversing it into a sick Jumping Cutter! Alexander get's up the top rope and shouts Death From Above, before hitting it, but Thirteen moves out of the way! Thirteen covers Alexander!*




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    *Thirteen is in shock as he awaits Alexander to get up, and he strikes with a Superkick, but Alexander grabs his foot and drops it onto the canvas before striking with a Spear! Alexander picks Thirteen up- sending him to the top rope! Before going for a Dropkick however Thirteen moves out of the way, and strikes with a Spear! Thirteen then goes up the turnbuckle, as he picks Alexander up in the process, and he sets him up for a Suplex! Thirteen jumps off the top rope and strikes with the Suplex!! He goes for the cover, but decides against it- deciding he wants to make Alexander tap out..he locks him in an Armbar as Alexander goes to crawl over to the ropes- that's when Thirteen increses the pressure, to inflict as much pain as possible, as Alexander starts screaming. But he uses his leg, to kick Thirteen in the head, and he does again as Thirteen let's go off the hold! They both do a kip up, as Thirteen goes for a Spear, but Alexander jumps, before laying Thirteen out with a DDT! He get's up on the top rope as Thirteen will face meeting Death from Above...he launches and hits it as the crowd go mental with a massive pop! He goes for the cover*




    Darren Black: Here is your winner...and STILL JBW SuperFly Champion, ERICK ALEXANDER!

    Patrick Riley: Erick did it Duds! He did it!

    Dudley Erickson: What a fluke!

    Patrick Riley: No way, Erick deserved it!

    Dudley Erickson: Let’s just move on with the show. Cut to backstage or something.

    *Hawk is backstage warming up as his camera crew gets around him. Hawk then takes out a comb to fix his hair and waves his hand to signal the crew to start filming.

    Hawk: The show tonight is a period piece set in ancient Rome. The glorious emperor (played by yours truly) has just saved Rome from the cruel reign of the last emperor (Cage) and ushered in an era of wealth and culture. But all is not well in the empire as the last emperor's advisory (played by Punk) looks to overthrow the emperor and disrupt the piece he brought in just to bring his name glory. But as the people of Rome start to suffer, the emperor leaves his protection to confront the traitor and put an end to the suffering once and for all.

    *Hawk takes a bow as the crew around him and start to applaud.

    Hawk: Thank you all for the ovation and tonight I am going to cut Punk from the cast once and for all. I know he was expecting this all along, but he thought he was going to get his own show. Yet all he and his fans are going to get is disappointment and heartbreak when I cut his career short and send him home. I am not here to be a charity case and help the less fortunate break into the big time, I am here to grace the ring with moment after moment of pure class and establish myself as not only the greatest Television Champion in the world but the best in history.

    So Punk, bring your jokes, bring your fans, and bring every ounce of skill you have at your disposal. Because when lights go up and the cameras start rolling, I am going to outdo you in every way imaginable and more to prove that I am the only one fit to hold the Television title. As for my adoring public, get ready because the greatest show on earth is about to begin and you wouldn't want to miss me in all of my glory now would you. Cut, Print, Mayhem!

    *Hawk leaves his crew backstage as he makes his way to the ring with his title.*

    Patrick Riley: And now, as The Champ says, it’s time for the JBW Television Championship match!

    Dudley Erickson: Mike Hawk beat Malcolm Cage for the title on the first JBW KillZone!

    Patrick Riley: And on the same show, KJ Punk earnt this shot right here.

    Dudley Erickson: KJ Punk isn’t good enough. If Ano Doom hadn’t got involved in that match, he would never have won.

    Patrick Riley: Doom got involved long before Punk was even in the match!

    Dudley Erickson: Well Mike Hawk is going to pick up the victory tonight either way.

    Patrick Riley: I don’t think we can write KJ off just yet.

    Dudley Erickson: Oh we can, and I will.

    Darren Black: The following contest is set for one fall, and it is for the JBW Television Championship! Introducing first, the challenger. Weighing in at 240 pounds, from Mississippi, KJ PUNK!

    Patrick Riley: Here comes the challenger! KJ Punk beat four other men to get this spot.

    Dudley Erickson: But he was helped by Ano Doom.

    Patrick Riley: Well that’s not true. Doom attacked Shaz long before Punk even entered the match.

    Dudley Erickson: Well he hasn’t got what it takes to beat Hawk.

    Darren Black: And his opponent, from Tokyo, Japan- he is the current JBW Television Champion! MIKE...Mayhem...HAWK!

    Patrick Riley: Hawk has really taken the idea of the TV Champion and taken it on board.

    Dudley Erickson: We all know how damn good this guy is. He ended the long reign of Malcolm Cage on the first KillZone and is looking more and more impressive by the day.

    Patrick Riley: I agree that Hawk is impressive, but he faces tough opposition in KJ Punk.

    Dudley Erickson: This will be the eye opening performance Hawk needs to show he’s on the top level. Mark my words.

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    KJ Punk vs. Mike Hawk(c) for the JBW Television Championship

    (Punk= Punk) (Hawk = Ziggler)
    (Ignore Johnny & Vickie)
    (10:21 to 21:00)

    Patrick Riley: And Hawk kicks out!

    Dudley Erickson: Of course he did, he’s the Champ!

    Patrick Riley: That was a huge elbow drop though, that was nearly it!

    Punk climbs to his feet and backs up to the ropes. He leans against them, looking around the arena as Hawk begins to stir on the ground, rolling onto his front and crawling towards the ropes. Punk rushes forwards, knowing he’s gotta stay on the offensive. He stomps down hard on Hawk’s back, before dragging Hawk to his feet.

    He backs Hawk up to the corner and lifts him up to the top rope. Punk looks around again and smiles as the fans realise what he’s about to do. Punk grabs Hawk and steps up to the second rope, lifting Hawk up to a standing position in the process. Punk steps up to the top rope and delivers a devastating SuperPlex to the TV Champion!

    Both men crash to the canvas and Punk rolls over onto his back. He crawls across as fast as he can and covers Hawk, hooking a leg.




    Hawk somehow stays in it by throwing the shoulder up. Punk shakes his head in shock before climbing to his feet. He backs up to the corner and runs a hand through his hair, looking at Hawk on the ground, who has begun to climb to his feet. Punk slaps his elbow a few times, signalling what is set to come.

    Hawk climbs to his feet and turns around slowly, as Punk rushes forwards with his spin, but Hawk ducks under, runs forwards and uses the second rope as a springboard to hit a moonsault, as Punk turns back around, to get nailed! Hawk backs up to the ropes rolling out and you can see the determination on his face as he scowls and rushes forwards, slamming two right hands into a rising Punk’s head.

    Hawk follows it up with a swift kick to the gut. He continues with a couple more kicks to the gut, before grabbing Punk’s head and dragging him up to a standing position. He hits a vicious DDT that has Punk laying. Hawk rolls Punk over and hooks the leg again.




    Punk kicks out as Hawk can’t believe it. He backs up to the ropes as Punk begins to get up. Punk turns around and Hawk begins to unload left and right kicks to Punk’s thighs. Hawk bounces off the ropes and hits a running DDT! He stands up and looks at the top rope. He quickly climbs through the ropes and up to the top, turning around. Hawk jumps and goes for, and delivers the Phoenix Splash! He quickly covers Punk.




    Punk somehow kicks out! Hawk can’t believe it again and begins to complain to the referee who argues back that it was just a two. Hawk turns around and grabs Punk, lifting him back up to his feet. He grabs Punk and shoves him down between his legs, before looking up with a sadistic smile. He grabs Punk by the side but Punk grabs his arm, twists out and hits a vicious elbow shot that sends Hawk backwards. Punk follows it up with the Rolling Elbow! He drops down and covers Hawk.




    Dudley Erickson: Hawk kicked out! What a Champion!

    Patrick Riley: How many guys have ever kicked out of Punk’s Rolling Elbow? Amazing!

    Punk can’t believe it as he backs up to the corner. He stands up and looks at Hawk who is on the floor. Punk rushes forwards and goes for the Southern Discomfort, but Hawk rolls through to a roll up!




    Punk kicks out again! Hawk has found a second wind and manages to climb to his feet first. Punk stands up and Hawk kicks him in the gut. He grabs Punk and delivers the Mayhem Driver! He drops down and covers Punk.




    Darren Black: Here is your winner...and STILL the JBW Television Champion...MIKE MAYHEM HAWK!

    Patrick Riley: Hawk did it!

    Dudley Erickson: YES! What a victory for the best Champion on this show!

    Patrick Riley: What a match! These two just put everything on the line!

    Dudley Erickson: This PPV just keeps on getting better!

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    Darren Black: The following contest is set for one, introducing first...Vulgar!!!!

    Vulgar head to the ring to great support from the crowd as he enters the ring and poses a bit
    for the fan before turning to the ramp to await his opponent.

    Patrick Riley: Vulgar seems to have won over the crowd with misconstrued and sometimes, living true to his name sake, vulgar raps but that's what you gotta love about the Jabe crowd.

    Dudley Erickson: We'll see how well they receive Mr. Smyth and then we'll talk.

    Darren Black: And introducing his opponent....standing in 5' 8", weighing in at 222 pounds.....from Birmingham, England.....he is......Mr. Smmmmyyyyttttthhhhh!!!!!!

    Smyth heads to the ring, suited up to the to as the crowd boo him with great intent as he enters the ring and locks eyes with Vulgar.

    Dudley Erickson: See? They don't like Mr. Smyth, how could they not like Mr. Smyth? He's the future of this business.

    Patrick Riley: Future or not, his actions have not been appreciated by the crowd but in this world you'll either be loved or hated for achieving success in your own way and that's what will happen as these men clash up next.

    Vulgar (Cena) vs Smyth (Taker) (Ignore Face/heel)
    Start at 4:29

    Stop at 3:55

    Riley: Smyth with the clothesline to Vulgar

    Erickson: Smyth is exhausted though.

    Smyth is exhausted but wastes no time going to work on Vulgar's right knee, lifting it and kicking away at the inner thigh repeatedly as Vulgar cries out of pain before Smyth drops his right elbow onto the knee of Vulgar.

    Dudley: Smyth is doing the smart and prepapring Vulgar for what is likely to be his submission the Texas Cloverleaf. Smart inside and outside the ring, this guy has it all.

    Smyth applies great pressure to the knee of Vulgar. The crowd starts to rally to motivate Vulgar to fight out of th hold which Vulgar tries to do hitting Smyth with shots to the head again and again but Smyth maintains the hold and applies greater forcing Vulgar to lie back in pain as the ref asks if Vulgar wants to continue. Vulgar nods.

    Riley: What a fighting spirit within Vulgar but will it come back to haunt him?

    The crowd once again rallies and push Vulgar to try one last thing....clubbing Smyth's head with the tip of left elbow with force....this forces Smyth to let go of the hold as Vulgar crawls towards the ropes as Smyth stands up staggering before drops of blood pour down his face.

    Dudley: He busted Smyth open with those shots to the head.

    Riley: The blood is really pouring now.

    Vulgar uses the ropes to bring himself up and an irate blood covered Smyth sees this charging towards Vulgar but instead gets back body dropped as Vulgar stumbles forward a bit however he lands on the apron soon using the ropes to slingshot himself into the ring landing a shoulder block on the knee of Vulgar who doubles over in pain.

    Riley: Great plan of attack by Smyth once again attacking the leg.

    Smyth now locks in the Texas Cloverleaf hold and Vulgar is screaming as he tries to reach the ropes but he is nowhere near them. The referee asking of he wants to quit, but Vulgar says no and continues to fight to reach the ropes but myth pulls to the center of the ring each time and Vulgar looks like he's about to tap.

    Dudley: This coud be it right here.

    Vulgar in a last attempt to fight out of the move actually rips the suit of Smyth. Smyth's face upon hearing the rip was...that of a man possessed as he lets go of the hold and checks his suit and screams out seeing the tear before glaring at Vulgar who's now on his feet before trying to connect with a clothesline on Vulgar but he's caught off guard with a kick to the side of the head!

    Riley: Vulgar can win this right now!!!

    Vulgar covers.....1......2.......- Smyth kicks out.

    Dudley: No way Vulgar was ending the match with that move.

    Riley: Looks like he wants to finish the match with this move, can he do it....?

    Vulgar is still in pain but picks up Smyth off the mat. He now calls for the end and goes for the High C but Smyth sidesteps the move kicking the knee of Vulgar forcing him to kneel and meet Smyth eye to eye, as Smyth spits in his face before picking up Vulgar with all his strength into a fireman's carry position and completes The Rule with the Sitout facebuster.

    Riley: The Rule!!! Many have to fallen to it and it looks like Vulgar will as well.

    Smyth covers.....1............2.................3!!!!!!!

    Darren Black: Here is your winner.....Mr. Smmmmyyyyyyttttthhhhhhhh!!!!!

    Patrick Riley: Smyth did it! What a win for Mr. Smyth!

    Dudley Erickson: YES! Great win.

    Patrick Riley: What can Smyth do to build on this now?

    Dudley Erickson: I'm not sure yet, but let's move on!

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    Darren Black: The following contest is set for one fall, introducing first...standing at 5' 8'' tall and weighing in at 130 pounds...from New Mexico, he is "The Flaming Star........Avidiiiiccccooooo!!!!!!

    Avidico hits the ramp and the boos rain down upon him as soon as he does before he makes his way to the ring with a look of intent in his eyes as he waits Kyojin.

    Patrick Riley: Avidico looks to make a statement as to why he should've never lost the JBW Superfly Championship and why he feels he is the better man against Kyojin here tonight.

    Dudley Erickson: That he is but Kyojin is not a man he should take lightly his fame across the wrestling world has even earned a Superstar of the Year award, so you know this is just as good if not better than people may ever think.

    Darren Black: And introducing his opponent....standing in at 5' 9'' tall, weighing in at 220 pounds, from the Isle of Japan fighting out of Chicago, Illinois......"The Noble Warrior".........Kyojin!!!!!!!!!

    The crowd comes on fire as Kyojin head to the ring at rapid speed looking to catch Avidico off guard but Avidico exits the ring and stare at Kyojin before the ref, pushes Kyojin back and Avidico enters the ring to begin the match.

    Dudley Erickson: Kyojin tried to surprise Avidico but he was having none of it, now things have settled a bit and...

    Patrick Riley: Let's get the the high flying going.

    Kyo (Taka) vs Avi (Christian)
    Start at 2:37 - Stop at 7:32

    Patrick Riley: Avi misses the move off the top and both men are down.

    Dudley Erickson: Kyojin is first to his feet what will he do now?

    Kyojin rallies the crowd before he picks up Avidico and has him in place for a Brainbuster.

    Dudley Erickson: This could be it...

    Avidico reverses out of the move hitting a Tiger Feint kick right after as Kyojin takes the hit hard and falls to the mat. Avidico covers......1......-Kyojin kicks out and the frustration in setting in for Avidico as punches the ring.

    Patrick Riley: This is what Avidico has to avoid, making a bad judgment based of frustration.

    Avidico regains his composure and waits for Kyojin to stands and bounces off the ropes connecting a picture perfect Hurricanrana and taunts the crowd by saying: "This is your fallen hero" before he heads up the ropes signaling for the end....

    Dudley Erickson: Oh boy, here comes the 630 splash!!!

    Patrick Riley: No!!! Kyojin surprises Avidico with a missile dropkick right to the jaw!!!

    The crowd is now fired up as Kyojin stands up himself and soon lifts up Avidico, he's clearly dazed still as Kyojin calls for it and bounces off the ropes.....

    Patrick Riley: The Turth Hur-

    Dudley Erickson: Avidico avoided it!!! How did he see it coming?

    Spinning heel kick to Kyojin out nowhere from Avidico as the crowd can't help but go oooohhhhhh and aaaahhhhhhh at the kick Kyojin just took. Kyojin falls hard into the ring mat.

    Dudley Erickson: Wow!!! Kyo might be out as Avidico covers.....

    1............2.........-Kyo kicks out and Avidico is upset as the crowd is still on Kyo's side, Avidico argues with referee but in doing so leaves Kyojin open to get up as the crowd cheers and motivates their favorite star to reach his feet.

    The crowd is behind Kyojin but Avidico sees this and tries to clothesline Kyojin but misses big time as Kyojin now successfully bounces off the ropes and connects the Truth Hurts (Beautiful Disaster) that has laid Avidico out cold.

    Patrick Riley: Avidico is out like a light. Kyo is now going up top, we know what he's going for!!!!

    The crowd goes berserk as Kyojin nods knowing he's got this match in the bag but signals to the crowd he's not done yet, as he lifts Avidico once again dazed and stumbling to stay in his feet before Kyo once again bounces off the ropes and nails Avidico with The Truth Hurts for the 2nd time getting into Avidico's face once he falls to the mat hard saying: Payback's a bitch!!!

    Kyo is now heading to the top rope and the crowd is on the edge of their seats as they what's coming. Kyojin signals towards Avidico and with a smile on his fae goes for and connects The Rising Sun (Double Rotation Moonsault). The crowd on their feet as Kyo goes for the over, the crowd chanting along with with the ref.......1....................2.................. 3!!!!!

    Darren Black: Here is your winner "The Noble Warrior"......Kyojin!!!!!

    Patrick Riley: Kyojin did it!

    Dudley Erickson: Massive victory for Kyo but I would have preferred to see Avi win the match.

    Patrick Riley: Well the fact remains, Kyo won! Where does he go from here?

    Dudley Erickson: Home hopefully. Can we move on?

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    Darren Black: The following contest is set for one fall and it is for the JBW World Tag Team Championships!!!!!, Introducing first...the challengers....from Berlin Germany.....Karl and Oli.....The Pannzzzeeeerrrr Divvvviiiisssiiiooooonnn!!!!!

    The Germans head to the ring to a great reaction from the crowd, alcohol evident in their breath but their composure is strong and they look focused to win the gold tonight.

    Patrick Riley: The Panzers look to prove being drunk and working your ass off can be enough to get you the gold here in Jabe.

    Dudley Erickson: Trouble they expect to do so against Black Blooded this is surely not going to end well.

    Darren Black: And introducing their opponent....they are the current, reigning and defending JBW World Tag Team Champions.....Mr. Black and Mr. Blood.....they are.....Bllllaaaacccckkkkk Blloooodddeeeddddddd!!!!!

    Revving of motorcycles soon make the crowd boo as Black Blooded minus Vivica head to the ring circling the ring before parking their motorcycles and entering the ring as the rowd boos with more intent as they flaunt the tag team gold in front of The Panzers.

    Dudley Erickson: The champs are here and look to show why they are the pinnacle of tag team wrestling today here in JBW.

    Patrick Riley: That's right, so let's get the action started right now.

    Start at 8:27

    Stop at 5:56
    BB (Taker and Kane) vs PD (Austin and HHH)

    Patrick Riley: Both Mr. Black and Oli are down, it's anyone's match right now.

    Mr. Black is the first to reach to reach his feet and make the tag to Mr. Blood as Oli is still down in the ring. Mt. Blood picks up Oli and attempts a Double-armed DDT but Oli Mr. Blood's foot with great intensity forcing him to break the hold before Oli hits a jawbreaker.

    Dudley Erickson: Here come The Panzers making a comeback.

    Oli quickly makes the tag to Karl who comes in off the hot tag and storms the ring hitting Mr.Blood with clothesline after clothesline after clothesline and the crowd is wild as Karl looks on fire picking up Mr. Blood and going a suplex, stalling him in the air for well over 10 seconds before completing the suplex to the roar of the crowd.

    Patrick Riley: Karl has really lit up the crowd.

    Dudley Erickson: Let's see what he'll do next.

    Karl now waits for Mr. Blood to reach his feet. Karl goes for a neckbreaker and connects going for the cover....1..........2...........Mr. Black breaks up the pin.

    Mr. Black stomps the head up Karl before Oli enters the ring charging at Mr. Black but his own momentum leads to Mr. Black hitting him with a Black Hole Slam rolling out of the ring.

    Mr. Black now helps Mr. Blood to his feet. The two look towards Karl and nod as Mr. Black hoists Karl up on his shoulders while Mr. Blood goes up top.

    Patrick Riley: Here it comes....

    Mr. Blood delivers a perfect dropkick to Karl as he falls from the shoulders of Mr. Black...

    Dudley Erickson: It's the BBD, they may have finished the match with that but this is Black Blooded known for their savagery, who knows if they'll continue the attack on the Panzers.

    Patrick Riley: I think we have our answer.

    Mr. Black heads to the outside seeking out Oli but he removes the protective padding off the concrete floor first now grabbing Oli and with a smirk that ignites the crowd's rage he connects the Black Death Drop (Implant Buster) on the bare concrete floor.

    Dudley Erickson: My god!!! Oli is done for.

    Mr. Blood is still in the ring as the legal man along with Karl who is now barely getting to his feet before being kicked in the gut, placed between Mr. Blood's legs and locking him arms in a double underhook fashion to complete The Blood Drop (Pedigree).

    Mr. Blood covers.....1............2.............3!!!!

    Darren Black: Here are your winners and still the JBW World Tag Team Champions.....Blackkkkkkkk Blooooddddddeeeeeedddddd!!!!!!

    Patrick Riley: A great showing from The Panzer Division but Black Blooded reign supreme!

    Dudley Erickson: Great win for those guys! They deserve to be champions!

    Patrick Riley: I have to agree Duds, these two are pretty damn unstoppable right now.

    Dudley Erickson: Well folks we have five matches left! And up next is the Bombshells Championship match!

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    Darren Black: Welcome back everyone the following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the JBW Bombshells Championship. Introducing first the challenger from New Orleans Louisiana. Faith LeFlur!

    Patrick Riley: Well everybody it is time for our Bombshells match up tonight. As Darren Black just announced out first she is to challenge the dominant Niki Belzova tonight. LeFlur wants to make a name for herself and if she picks up the win tonight and be the first to take the Bombshell’s championship off Niki it would solidify her in her career!

    Dudley Erickson: No way! Nuh uh! Niki is the most dominant Bombshell on the roster. No way LeFlur will beat her tonight. She’s just some insignificant opponent for Niki.

    Darren Black: And introducing next she is the current reigning JBW Bombshells Champion. Niki Belzova!

    Dudley Erickson: Now here is a champion. She has held on to that belt for over a year and has just dominated the competition. No way LeFlur will beat her. Niki Belzova for life!

    Patrick Riley: Say what you will but LeFlur is looking determined to get the win here tonight. Let’s see!

    Niki has been dominant for the most of the match. She has LeFlur in a side headlock looking for the submission. LeFlur begins to fight out of it and throws Niki into the ropes but Niki bounces back and hits her with a hard clothesline. Niki picks up LeFlur and hits a suplex leaving LeFlur laying flat on the mat. Niki climbs the top rope and hits a big moonsault and goes for the pin.



    Thre…..KICK OUT!

    LeFlur kicked out at the very last minute. Niki looking frustrated picks LeFlur up again but this time LeFlur goes for a small package.




    Niki kicked out at two and is looking furious and LeFlur. Niki charges after LeFlur but LeFlur ducks sending Niki into the ropes as she bounces back LeFlur hits Niki with the Lil Boot! The crowd cheers as she goes for the pin




    Darren Black: Here is your winner and NEW JBW Bombshells Champion. Faith LeFlur!


    Dudley Erickson: You gotta be kidding me! They're wringing the old JBW out!

    Patrick Riley: No, she just deserves the title!

    Dudley Erickson: Belzova was much better.

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