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    JBW Zero Gravity: Episode 1

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    Ricky: Welcome ladies & gentlemen to Zero Gravity! We’re coming live from a sold out Staples Centre and what a show we have lined up!

    Stanley: That’s right, Resurrection is just around the corner and how could we enter the PPV without some highflying action?

    Ricky: I don’t think we can!

    Stanley: We’re also expecting the fallout of Blood Harvest tonight. We need to hear from the NEW JBW Superfly World Champion Erick Alexander.

    Ricky: We’re also expecting to hear from Avidico, and the man he attacked at Blood Harvest, making his JBW weekly-

    Stanley: Well every other week.

    Ricky: Yeah, JBW every other weekly-

    Stanley: Well, when Jose pulls his finger out.

    Ricky: Let me just finish my sentence! He attacked Kyojin, okay?

    Stanley: I know Ricky, I watched Blood Harvest.

    The crowd comes alive as Erick Alexander appears on stage proudly signaling to his waist to show off his newly won JBW Superfly Championship before heading to the ring, jumping on the apron and climbing the nearest turnbuckle and posing for the fans, who cheer and take plenty of pictures of the young Alexander. He soon drops down to the ring and is handed a mic by a stage hand before waiting for the crowd to settle down and then speaking....

    Alexander: Man, this feels good!!!

    Crowd cheers excitedly

    Alexander: Now I know how my cousin, Jason, felt when he too was the top highflyer in the world back in his AWF days. This championship marks me as the #1 highflyer in the world today. An honor I will cherish always and will live up to because that Alexanders do.

    They rise to great heights and sore beyond any expectations of what people think any normal man can do when you're in the air leaving each and everyone of our doubters in awe. That's why love or hate, the name Alexander is one people always remember and as your reigning JBW Superfly Champion, my reign will be one to remember.

    Crowd cheers intensely

    Alexander: I know, damn well Avidico must be lingering around somewhere to ask for a rematch after losing at Blood Harvest in the match with myself and Kyojin, who you should all take notice of if you haven't already. Being in the ring with both of those men and walking out the winner was no easy feat and trust when I say if I have to face either man one on one or blow the roof off the stadium where we may be in another triple threat, I'll be ready for the challenge and ready to once again be the victor to continue my reign.

    So Avidico, Kyojin or anyone out there who wants their shot at me and this championship can come on out here right now because I'm ready for anything you got and then some porque yo soy El Terror Boricua (because I am The -Boricua is another word for Puerto Rican- Terror) y yo soy el mejor volador en el mundo (and I'm the best highflyer in the world).

    About a minute or 2 into the song, Avidico Comes out. He is no longer dressed in his flaming star attire but dressed in a black hoody and black tights with a crimson red lightning bolt running down the legs. Avidico slowly puts back the hood of his hoody to reveal a brand new mask

    He starts to walk town to the ring. Boos From the crowd are heard all around the arena.
    One fan jumps the barricade and goes to punch Avidico, only to end up out cold on the ramp. Once in the ring, Avidico signals to the stage hand to give him a mic.

    Avidico goes to speak but the crowd drown him out with boos and a "We Want Kyojin"

    After several attempts to speak, Avi finally able to get a word in

    Avidico: Shut the fuck up all you Pathetic overgrown inbreeds, its my turn to talk. I suppose all you Losers want me to explain why I did what I did to Kyojin. Well, the reason i attacked that asian fuckwit is simple.

    He has been given everything on a golden fucken platter. He never earned that spot in the showcase. He never earned a thig in his single career. He was practically given the ICW world title in a "Feel Good moment" for the company. That little asian hasn't earned a thing.

    Now onto Erick. Boy, give me my title back. You got lucky, Your cousin couldnt ever beat me in AWF, And you cant ether. That Useless fucken ref fucked it up.

    That pin I had on kyojin was a 3 count. The ref was just to slow. He should be fired.
    So boy, if your really a fighting champion like you say you are, you will give me my rematch, Right here Right now.

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