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    Pyro goes off, Saliva's Survival of the Sickest blares over the PA system, and the lights come up to begin Killzone.

    Pat: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the second episode of JBW Killzone! I'm Patrick Riley and....

    Dudley: I'm Dudley Eriksson!

    Pat: As if there were ever a doubt. Ready for some Jabe action, Duds?

    Dudley: Always, Pat. Question is, is TDA ready for whoever keeps sending us these cryptic videos?

    Pat: Fair question. Another video interrupted a Devs championship celebration last week. Whoever this guy is, he's aiming high.

    Dudley: And the main event last week is a perfect example of why. TDA was on the ropes against VHX last week. I'll contend Van should be champion right now.

    Pat: TDA won clean, Duds.

    Dudley: No argument here. But, with Jose getting a much deserved title match at Resurrection, the champ shouldn't get too comfortable.

    *TDA theme hits*

    Pat: Speak of the devil!

    Dudley: Oh, boy...

    TD wals down the ramp to a thunderous pop. The champ looks to be all business tonight as he steps over the top rope and into the ring and hastily grabs a mic.

    TDA: Normally I would tell all of you a little story, but tonight I plan on getting straight to business. Resurrection is just around the corner and I am going to be put inside of the ring with two men. Do I like them? Hell no! I am going to do everything in my power to hold on to this Championship that I fought so long for. I do not expect either of those two men to hold back either which is rather beneficial for all individuals involved. The only ending I am interested in seeing is the one where I, the champion of the world, comes out of this standing taller than the tallest tree in the forest.
    ~Crowd pops~

    Now on to these cryptic videos that keep ruining every single one of my celebrations at the end of the shows I have been on.. I have no idea what this Morgan Freeman nut-hugger has planned nor do I care. When this person finally shows his mug I will gladly introduce my fist to his face. TDA is not somebody you will want to mess with during your first or second or third or fourth or fifth or sixth or seventh or eighth or ninth OR tenth run here! I am not a stepping stone. I am that giant force that will knock you off of your feet like a strong tornado in a wide open field.
    ~Crowd begins to chant TDA's name~

    I back down for NO man! Keep that in mind if you wish to ever throw your hat into the ring and give it the old 'One-Two-Three' competition. I have main evented more JBW shows than I would like to admit and I did not get that way by being weak or inferior. No, no, no, nooooo! I got that way by busting my ass and I sure as hell do not plan on stopping ANY time soon. Mark my words... My reign as your champion has only just begun. Hop on a dark horse and gallop behind me into the night. You will enjoy the sights you see..

    Pat: That's a lazer focused champion right there! He's going to be on top of this company for as long as he wan-

    *After about 10 seconds or so of the video plays, Morgan Freeman's voice can be heard saying:*

    "In the bible, the word of God, the Lord himself challenged Abraham to sacrifice his own son, to show that he was a true believer.
    In the same fashion, a sacrifice must be made to show that these plains are truly embracing change. To show that these parts are to be saved from a life of eternal darkness and misery.

    A sacrifice must be made. One man will be sacrificed."

    *The screen goes black after a few seconds, the following fades in:*

    1st Coming



    Pat: Again? This guy is unbelievable! We'll be right back!


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