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    Jman and Shuri are both on opposite sides of the ring both looking exhausted and unrelenting. Both men look up and run towards each other and hit a double punch sending both men rocking back to the ropes. Jman and Shuri both run the ropes and both hit each other with another hard punch to side of each other's heads and again rocking back down. Jman goes down on one knee and Shuriken hits Jman with a buzz saw kick to the side of Jman's head. Shuri goes for the pin.



    Thre...KICK OUT!

    Dubs: That's the Jman I know and gave a world title shot to. Come on don't let him over power you!

    Jman kicks out of the pin. Shuriken gets up in frustration and goes to the turnbuckle and waiting for Jman to get up. Jman stirs up and gets on one knee and Shuriken runs and hits Jman with a Boma Ye! Shuriken goes for the pin again.




    Shuriken looks at the ref and starts arguing with him. Jman stirs up and gets up to his feet groggily and turns around and pulls Shuriken and around and punches him in the gut. Shuriken holds his gut and Jman hits a rolling elbow on Shuriken. Jman then takes a step back as Shuriken takes a step back and hits a "Good Match, Let's Eat" and goes for the pin.

    Dubs: IT'S OVER IT'S OVER! Jman go for the pin! Rarely does anyone ever kick out of that super kick.



    Thre….KICK OUT!

    Shuriken kicks out with a force. Jman is looking furious. He get's back up and as Shuriken is getting back up he hits another "Good Match, Let's Eat" and goes back down this time rolling out of the ring. Jman follows Shuriken to the outside and goes to pick up Shuriken but Shuri ducks under Jman and whips him into the steel steps. Shuriken walks over and tosses Jman back into the ring. Shuriken follows Jman into the ring. Jman gets up to one knee and Shuriken hits him with a Boma Ye! Jman stagers back but still stays on one knee. Shuriken runs and hits Jman with another Boma Ye! Jman still on one knee and starting to bleed with a cut over his eye. Shuriken hits one last Boma Ye and as Jman falls down face first Shuriken grabs ahold of Jman and locks in a gogoplata submission on Jman. Jman is struggling and refusing to tap. The ref sees Jman's body go limp. He lifts Jman's arm as Shuriken continues to squeeze and the arm drops once. The ref does it again and the arm drops twice. One last time the ref lifts up Jman's arm and the arm drops for the third and final time. The ref calls for the bell and and Shuriken gets up and the ref raises his arm in victory.

    Darren Black: Here is your winner Ryususke "Shuriken Blade" Serra!

    Pat: What a match. Shuriken getting the victory!

    Sly: Impressive from both men but Shuriken was the better man tonight!

    Dubs: I'm disappointed guys. Shuriken used to be the symbol of the rival when I was in charge. He was their champion and Jman well Jman was my guy. The guy I wanted to be the face of the company and seeing him lose tonight. it has disappointed me. Good win Shuriken but I don't know if Jman has still got it. Maybe it's time he just retires and leaves. That's just my opinion great match from both men!

    Shuriken is in the ring celebrating while Jman who has regained consciousness is sitting on the turnbuckle looking dejected. He groggily and painfully gets up and makes his way over to Shuriken and extended his hand. Jman and Shuriken shake hands and Jman lifts Serra's arm in victory still looking dejected and gets out of the ring making his way to the back with his head held low while Shuriken celebrates in the ring. Before Jman heads to the back he goes over to Dubs to shake his hand. Dubs looks at him in disappointment and shakes his head. Jman looking irritated he extends his hand one more time but this time Dubs takes off his headset and walks off before Dubs walks off Jman turns him around and hits him with a "Good match, Let's eat" and walks away in anger still looking dejected after losing.
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