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    Barbie Panzer grabs Selenia by the hair, yanking her down, then stomping on her face. Belladonna and Katie then doubleteam Barbie. They both lift her up, carry her near the ropes and are about the throw her over when Sasha Panzer and Bertha Ray run up behind them and push them all over the top rope. Barbie and Belladonna drop to the floor and are eliminated while Katie catches herself on the ropes and quickly slingshots herself back over the ropes into Bertha Ray- knocking her clear across the ring and quickly starts pounding the shit out of her. Belladonna, still on the arena floor, is pissed and starts arguing with one of the refs on the outside. Finally she walks over to Fok Mi and Nikki Belzova at the announcing table- grabs the title, pats it and throws it on the floor before finally walking off. Nikki is pissed

    Fok Mi: What the hell did she do that for? She lost her chance at a title shot

    Nikki Belzova: What an idiot.. if she wants a shot then she can have one when she gets better. This championship is not going to be defended against sassy complainers like that. Not a chance!

    April Snow goes up behind Katie, pulls her up and drops her with a scorpion death drop- pretty much knocking Katie out. April goes to pick her up and body slam her over the top rope when Ayako kicks April in the back of her leg causing April to drop Katie to the mat.

    Fok Mi: Katie just got lucky, she…

    Barbie Panzer is also still out on the floor shouting at her sister Sasha. One of the stage hands tries to get her to go to the back but Barbie just halls off and hits him. She then climbs back on the ring apron and grabs her sister Sasha by the neck and spits in her face. Sasha responds in kind with a head butt to Barbie’s face. While this is going on, Selenia has gotten to her feet and pushes Sasha Panzer over the top rope where she crashes to the floor with her sister Barbie where they continue fighting. Selenia turns around and eats a superkick from Ayako, knocking her into the ropes. Ayako quickly follows that up by lifting Selenia up and throws her over the top rope where she falls to the ring floor and is eliminated. Selenia walks backstage and security has finally broke Sasha and Barbie up and have dragged them backstage

    Fok Mi: These girls really mean business- they aren’t wasting any time. Its down to Katie, Ayako, April and Bertha Ray.

    Nikki Belzova: Good luck to these last few! Bertha and April have the chance of a life time to take over the leading reigns of veterans like Katie and Ayako.

    Katie tries to pulls herself up by the ropes but Bertha Ray punts her in the head, knocking her down once more. April and Ayayo look at each other, then look at Bertha Ray and rush towards her, lift her up and throw her over the top rope but Bertha catches herself with the ropes, and stands on the ring apron- grabs April and Ayako by their heads and bashes them together- knocking them both to the mat. Bertha then re enters the ring, pulls April up by the hair then knees her in the head. She then tries to pick her up to throw her over the top rope but April grabs onto the rope. Bertha is pissed so she just drops April, rips April’s skirt off and starts kicking her in the ass

    Fok Mi: That is uncalled for

    Nikki Belzova: Kick that ass, baby! HARDER.

    Bertha is still kicking away at April’s ass when Katie and Ayako, both up now, rush at Bertha and start pounding on her. Soon April gets to her feet and joins in on beating down Bertha. All three women then pick Bertha up and toss her over the top rope and she finally falls to the arena floor and is eliminated and heads backstage arguing with JBW fans on the way back

    Fok Mi: About damn time

    Nikki Belzova: Why argue with the people who pay your salary? She is not very intelligent in the least.

    While April is trying to look for her skirt, Katie runs up behind her and pushes her over the top rope where she falls to the floor and is eliminated heads backstage after a ring attendant gives her something to cover with. Katie turns around and doesn’t see Ayako at first. Ayako had climbed to the top turnbuckle in the corner to the left of Katie. Katie turns around enough to see Ayako airborne and flying right at her. Somehow Katie grabs her in mid flight and slams her to the mat taking the wind out of her.

    Fok Mi: Down to two now and looks like Katie has this one wrapped up

    Nikki Belzova: Ayako and Katie! No matter who the winner is I know that I can take on both of them.

    Katie pulls Ayako up, whips her into the ropes- Ayako bounces off the ropes and is met by a beautiful drop kick that knocks Ayako into the corner. Katie follows that up with a spear. Ayako finally falls to the mat. Katie pulls Ayako up and tosses Ayako over the top rope but Ayako catches herself, positions herself on the ring apron, reaches over the ropes, grabs Katie and pulls her over the top rope too but Katie grabs to ropes too, stopping her from falling to the floor- barely. Ayako tries pushing Katie down with her feet, but is unsuccessful- Katie just has too strong of a grip on the ropes. Katie finally pulls her up enough to where she is a bit safer on the ring apron. Ayako goes to try to push her down again with her feet but Katie pushes back causing Ayako to lose her balance and fall to the floor- Ayako has been eliminated

    Winner- Katie

    Katie rolls back into the ring where she is met by the ref who raises her hand in victory. Katie walks over to the ropes and motions to Nikki Belzova that the xBOMBxSHELLx title will soon be around her waist. Katie exits the ring where Ayako is still standing. They hug and Ayako raises Katies arm to cheers from the JBW crowd and finally head backstage

    Fok Mi: Well there you go Ms Belzova, Katie will meet you for the title in the near future. What are your thoughts on that? I understand you have a history with her.

    Nikki Belzova: Congrats Katie! I do have a history with her and because of this win our history with each other will just continue to grow!

    Fok Mi: Again, thank you for joining me out here Ms Belzova.

    Nikki picks her title up off the ground, bows to the crowd and heads backstage to a loud pop. Fok Mi Yu follows closely behind.

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    Sly: Well, Pat, it’s finally time to get some clarity in our much maligned tag-team division. No matter what, we’ll have unified champions in just a matter of moments .

    Pat: Yes sir. And with four legal men in this match at all times, we should be in for a wild one.

    There is all but a smattering of boos of L.M.M as they appear at the top of the ramp.

    Pat: First up, from Octane, is La Mafia Mexicana. These two are heavy underdogs here tonight but anything can happen.

    Sly: Yeah but, even without knowing who the fourth team is, I can already tell you that these guys are going to be lucky to make it out of here under their own power.

    Pat: That’s a bit harsh, Sly.

    Sly: Maybe. But when a team like The Panzer Division are gunning for you, it doesn’t bode well.

    Pat: True. Karl and Oli have been everywhere and seen everything in this business. For the brothers, this stage is a comfortable situation. They’re intimidated by nothing and they have the pedigree to justify that. Plus, the crowd loves them.

    Sly: Jeez! Talk about love from the crowd! Listen to this reaction for Chaos and Rage!

    Pat: Why wouldn’t the crowd love these guys? Rob Rage has proven to be one of the most well liked guys In our business, on top of being extremely talented, and Connor Chaos is a budding superstar.

    Sly: No argument here, Pat. Now, let’s see who this mystery team is…

    Darren Black: And the final team is………


    Pat: Is that…..?

    Sly: No way…..

    Pat: It is! Black Blooded! Black Blooded is in JBW!

    Sly: Wow! Well, for the most part, this crowd is booing but there’s no denying Blood and Black are a phenomenal addition to the roster.

    Pat: Vivica, too. Look how good she looks on the back of Blood’s bike.

    Sly: Easy, Pat.

    Indeed, as Black and Blood drive their bikes down toward ringside, we see Vivica, their manager, is hanging tight to Blood’s waist. Black Blooded get off their bikes, have one last meeting of the minds with Vivica, and step into a JBW ring for the first time. The referee holds the title high above his head as the teams figure out who’s going to start this thing off.

    Pat: Well, here we go. It looks like it’ll be Vanquero, Oli, Chaos, and Black to start us off.

    Match 9: La Mafia Mejicana vs. Apocalypse UK vs. The Panzer Division vs. Black Blooded for the JBW Tag Team Championships

    As Rage gets a tag in to Connor Chaos, Mr. Black also gets a tag in to Mr. Blood. Connor Chaos runs right towards Karl, as Blood stands back in the corner. As Chaos runs at Karl, Karl jumps up and hits a hurracanrana, sending Chaos to the ground. He then runs after Mr. Blood and hits him with a running drop kick, which sends him to the outside. As Connor turns around, he walks right into a big boot from Vanquero, who then picks up Connor and hits him with a scoop slam. Vanquero goes for a cover, but it gets broken up by Oli at two. Vanquero makes it to his feet, and tries to throw a punch at Oli, but he's able to duck it. He tries an elbow, but Oli also ducks that, and then hits Vanquero with an enzenguri which backs him up to the ropes. That's when Connor Chaos gets back up, as the him and Oli look at each other, and then both go running at Vanquero, and hit him with a double drop kick sending him to the outside.

    Oli celebrates, but took his eye off the prize, as Connor throws him to the outside while his back is turned. Chaos then turns around to be met with a big boot by Mr. Blood, who is going to try to put things away here. Mr. Blood raises Chaos up, and is going to attempt a choke slam. Chaos jumps off though, and then nails Blood with a kick to to the back, followed by a kick to the head, which is getting Blood down, when Mr. Black runs into the ring and begin a double team. The two take a few punches, and are about to attempt a double choke slam, until Rob Rage runs in and breaks it up. Rage clotheslines Mr. Black over the top rope, and follows up by nailing Mr. Blood with a kick to the back of the head, before getting back in his corner.

    Connor picks up Blood and drags him towards Rage. Rage tags Connor on the back, and then grabs hold of Mr. Blood, holding his hands behind his back. Connor attempts a running drop kick at the helpless Mr. Blood, but it turns out he wasn't so helpless as Blood ducks, and Connor ends up nailing Rage in the face with a running drop kick. The ref instructs Chaos to leave, as Rage gets up, and walks right into a huge choke slam by Mr. Blood, who goes into the cover. 1...2....3!

    Winners, and new JBW Tag Team Champions: Black Blooded

    Pat: Black Blooded did it! On their first night in JBW, Black Blooded are Tag Team Champions!

    Sly: Albeit, they had some help from Connor Chaos.

    Pat: True. Still, though, it’s an amazing feat to do what they just did.

    Clearly, by the way Blood, Black, and Vivica are celebrating in the ring, they are pretty damn impressed with themselves, too. Meanwhile, Rob Rage and Connor Chaos are arguing their way up the ramp.

    Pat: So what’s up next?

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    Sly: Over to Darren Black to introduce us to JBW’s newest superstar as he introduces the next match!

    Darren Black: The following contest is a Triple Threat Match scheduled for one fall and it is for the JBW Unified World Television Championship, introducing first standing at five feet eight inches tall, weighing at 225 lbs, from Tokyo, Japan; "The Bird from Hell" Mikkkkeeeeeeee Hawwwwwkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!

    The crowd boos heavily as Hawk heads down the ramp and enters the ring ready to make an impact.

    Sly: Hawk is a newcomer to JBW but has impressed many officials with his in ring and verbal skills that he has been granted a shot to win his first JBW Championships here tonight.

    Pat: That's right. He's a guy you definitely need to keep an eye on.

    Darren Black: and his opponent, standing in at 6’1’’ tall, weighing in at 220 lbs, from The Most Dangerous City in the World....Juarez, Mexico.....he is "The Most Dangerous Man in the World" Eddiiieeeeeeee Juarrrrreeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!

    Juarez makes his out to the ring with great presence that the fans hate but can admire as he looks for action here tonight.

    Pat: Juarez is definitely a wildcard in this match, the guy is crazy.

    Sly: Damn right he is, he cost Jason Alexander a win earlier tonight, He must have a death wish but that wont stop his focus tonight as he could win his first JBW Championship.

    Darren Black: and finally introducing your JBW Unified World Television Champion, standing in at six feet tall, weighing in at 230 lbs.; from Oakland, California here is.........................Malcolllllmmmmmm Caggggggeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The crowd is on their feet receiving Cage with cheers and applause as he heads to the ring proudly his JBW Unified World TV Championship around his waist before entering the ring and taking it off, lifting it and then handing it off to the ref.

    Pat: Cage has been quite the champion and looks to continue being champion after tonight.

    Sly: He has to deal with Juarez and Hawk tonight, his reign may be over after tonight.

    The ref raises the JBW Unified TV Championship high in the air and calls for the bell and this match is now officially underway.

    Match 10: Eddie Juarez vs. Mike Hawk vs. Malcolm Cage(c) for the JBW Unified TV Championship

    Hardy (Cage) vs Christian (Hawk) vs Guerrero (Juarez)

    Start at 2:17/End at 6:23 (Juarez frustrated over Cage kicking out of pin)

    Juarez argues that the ref did not make the pin fast enough and begins to stomp on Cage.

    Sly: Juarez is pretty much in total control of this match, He can't be careless.

    Pat: It's Juarez we're talking about, he wont be.
    Juarez stomping Cage when he sees Hawk fly into the ring and attempt to connect an enzuigiri but Juarez is quick on his feet and sidesteps making Hawk miss only to walk right into a big boot from Juarez and Juarez is celebrating being the only man standing in the ring.

    Pat: Juarez should not get so cocky. I bet he's still riding the fumes of what he did to Jason Alexander earlier.

    Sly: I bet he is and it's made him walk to this match with booming confidence which is why he is dominating this match.

    Juarez sees Cage standing up and proceeds to kick him in the gut and lock his head in place, place his left shoulder over the back of his head and calls for....

    Sly: The 3 Amigos, one of the classic move Juarez uses in honor of Eddie Guerrero.

    Juarez connects the last of his 3 Amigos suplexes and calls for the end and heads to the top rope.

    Pat: This means the match is over and Juarez will be our new JBW Unified World TV Champion.

    Juarez looks set to connect the Frog Splash when he gets blindsided by an irate Jason Alexander who delivers a stiff kick to the side of the head of Juarez which the ref clearly sees and decides to end the match with a DQ.

    Darren Black: Ladies and gentlemen your winner and still JBW Unified World champion as a result of a disqualification...........Malcolm Cage!!!

    Pat: Son of a bitch! Alexander got his measure of revenge by costing Juarez the win right now, but it looks like he's not finished just yet.

    Juarez falls hard near the center of the ring which Jason Alexander sees and heads up to the top rope himself before mockingly slapping his chest and does the Guerrero style shoulder shimmy prior to connecting Juarez's finisher the Frog Splash on him and the crowd is livid booing Alexander for his disrespectful actions towards Guerrero as Alexander walks out of the ring with a pleased look on his face.

    Sly: This rivalry between Juarez and Alexander has reached a boiling point, Juarez will look to hurt Alexander after mocking the person which Juarez idolizes but we must congratulate our champion Cage for retaining and we know Hawk had a great showing and will have a great future here in JBW.

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    Sly: And now it’s time for our newcomers six-pack challenge!

    Pat: Oh well here we go. Like I can stand six new guys coming in and trying to take over.

    Sly: I’m excited! We’re about to see the future of JBW right here!

    Pat: Well this is Blood Harvest, this is about the past, not the future.

    Sly: I disagree Pat, after all of the troubles recently in this company, looking to the future is the best thing for us.

    Pat: I don’t think so. Why change something this great?

    Sly: We both agreed that the change was good for JBW.

    Pat: I know but not this way, these six men don’t deserve a spot on the card if they’re just walking into the company.

    Sly: Well let’s see who these six are before we make a decision.

    The fans from TWE, ICW & IWA in the crowd immediately begin to boo as Mr. Smyth walks out onto the stage with his briefcase. He looks around with an angry look on his face, before making his way down the ramp and climbing into the ring, ready for his opponents.

    Pat: Okay, who the hell is this guy?

    Sly: Mr. Smyth from TWE & IWA! He’s a hell of an in-ring talent but he’s a massive dick.

    Pat: I may enjoy his time then, but I don’t like how I don’t know him.

    Sly: Well, let’s see who else makes their way out here.

    The HWA & ICW fans begin to cheer as Vulgar walks out onto the stage with a smile on his face. He begins to make his way down the ramp, slapping the outstretched hands of fans on the way. He climbs into the ring and stands opposite Smyth, who has a look of disgust on his face.

    Pat: And again, who the hell is this guy?

    Sly: Vulgar, an ex-HWA & ICW superstar. I’m guessing JBW snapped him up before anybody else could.

    Pat: Is he any good?

    Sly: He’s great in-ring and really connects with the fans on their level.

    KJ Punk walks out onto the stage as the fans all cheer, knowing the ex-IWA World Champion. He raises his arms in the air as the fans pop huge. He begins to make his way down to the ramp as the fans can’t get enough of KJ.

    Pat: Wait, I know this guy. He isn’t a newcomer!

    Sly: I think he is, I think KJ Punk is a different guy now.

    Pat: What? So he suddenly changed identities?

    Sly: Pretty much.

    The fans immediately boo as the recognisable face of Van Hooligan X makes his way out to the stage. The ex- ICW, TWE & HWA World Champion walks down the ramp slowly as Punk, Vulgar & Smyth await his arrival in the ring.

    Pat: Oh I know this guy too! He’s got a hell of a talent!

    Sly: I think he’s a dick.

    Pat: Well boo-boo, too bad.

    Sly: Don’t turn into a Van Hooligan X wannabe.

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    The music is immediately met with a huge cheer as Darius walks out onto the stage. He smiles around at the fans as they give the TWE World Champion a great reception. In the ring, a scowling Van Hooligan X is shown.

    Pat: Another recognisable face, but I don’t like his corniness.

    Sly: This guy is a great talent!

    Pat: He’s got something for sure, but you can tell he’s not all that.

    Sly: I think these people disagree.

    A massive boo occurs around the base as AJ Dixon walks out onto the stage to complete the line up. We get a quick look at KJ Punk in the ring, who is angrily looking at the man who took the IWA World Championship from him only days before.

    Pat: A great guy to add to the roster right here!

    Sly: I agree in terms of his in-ring talent but this guy is arrogant!

    Pat: He’s the IWA World Champion! He deserves to be!

    Match 11: Newcomers Six-Pack Challenge: Mr. Smyth (The Miz) vs. Vulgar (R-Truth) vs. KJ Punk (CM Punk) vs. Van Hooligan X (Dolph Ziggler) vs. Darius (Chris Jericho) vs. AJ Dixon (Kofi Kingston)

    Sly: Everybody but Punk & Van are laid out outside the ring!

    Pat: What a series of events! After Vulgar sent Smyth flying, he jumped over taking Smyth down, only for Dixon to jump onto a rising Darius as well as Vulgar & Smyth on the outside! All four men down!

    Sly: And Punk just took down Van inside of the ring!

    Pat: Come on Van!

    Punk begins to feel it and pumps himself up to the crowd. The whole base begins to cheer as Punk holds back, waiting for Van to get up. He runs forwards, going for the Rolling Elbow but Van ducks under and hits a quick neckbreaker, dropping Punk to the canvas. He goes for a cover but Punk kicks out before the referee can even make the count.

    On the outside, Darius is beginning to make his way to his feet again, climbing up to the apron as Van grabs Punk by the hair and drags him up. Van goes to whip Punk towards Darius but Punk reverses and Darius ducks, holding the rope down, sending Van to the outside. Darius climbs in and goes for a Spear but Punk jumps out of the way.

    Darius turns around and Punk goes for a Rolling Elbow but Darius ducks and kicks Punk in the gut, hitting a quick DDT. He goes for a cover.



    Punk powers out as Darius nods his head, expecting it. He grabs Punk’s arm and locks in an armbar, as Smyth begins to climb back into the ring. He runs across and kicks Darius in the back of the head, making Darius let go of Punk. Smyth rolls Darius away with his foot, leaving Darius on the apron. Smyth turns around but Vulgar is back in the ring and he lays Smyth down with a big clothesline.

    He picks Smyth back up and throws him into the corner, beginning with the right and left hands to Smyth’s gut but Smyth reverses and hits a knee to Vulgar’s gut, backing Vulgar up. Smyth jumps onto the second rope and hits a diving Spear on Vulgar! He quickly covers.




    Vulgar powers out as Smyth can’t believe it. He goes for another cover.



    Before the referee even goes to slap the mat for two, AJ Dixon is back in the ring and he drags Smyth off Vulgar as the two count happens. Dixon throws Smyth across the ring and picks Vulgar up, throwing him over the top rope. He turns back around but out of nowhere, KJ Punk hits a huge Rolling Elbow on Dixon! He covers.




    Smyth just manages to make the break up as Dixon rolls away out of the ring. Smyth drags Punk up by the hair but Punk reverses with a snap suplex. He drags Smyth up and backs him up to the ropes, whipping him across and hitting a belly-to-belly suplex on the return. Smyth manages to uses the ropes to get up again and launches himself forwards, hitting a big right hand, but Punk begins to come back with his own.


    The final shot sends Punk back into the ropes. Smyth backs up and clotheslines Punk out of the ring. He turns around to look around the ring and sees Darius on the apron. He grabs Darius and drags him back into the ring. He goes for The Rule but Darius elbows him repeatedly in the head to stop it from happening.

    Smyth drops Darius, who backs up to the corner, and as Smyth turns, hits a massive Spear! He covers Smyth with nobody in sight!




    Van Hooligan X drags Darius out of the ring and whips him into the ringpost! He climbs into the ring and covers Smyth.




    Darren Black: Here is your winner....Van Hooligaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan X!

    Pat: Van Hooligan X did it! He won the Newcomers Six-Pack Challenge!

    Sly: What a hell of a match Pat!

    Pat: I agree Sly, and a worthy winner right there!

    Sly: Well I disagree about that, Darius had the match won and Van stole the victory.

    Pat: That’s just being good at his job!

    Sly: Oh whatever Pat, let’s move on.

    Pat: Actually, we’re going to head backstage!

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    Backstage we see Jason Alexander flashes by with a cocky smile before he begins to speak.

    Alexander: For HolyJose's sake. Did you people just see what just happened not long ago towards someone wanting to be of notice in JBW? That's right that little bitch, Juarez. His revenge against me? Hahaha, truly pathetic.

    Crowd can be clearly heard backstage as they give Jason's statement a mixed reaction that is slightly more cheerful than negative.

    Alexander: I call myself among other things The Most Dangerous Man in the World because that's what I am. I'm not only dangerous on a physical manner, my ability to play mind games like those you yourself fell prey for are on a level, you could only dream of.

    So why bother setting yourself up to fail when in the end, you'll be a victim. A victim of the ruthless beating at my hands that will make you reconsider ever thinking you could ever be better than me, that could end my career and that you can be The Most Dangerous Man in the World, when every fiber in your being knows you cant hold a candle to me.

    So why do you this Juarez?, tell me why it is you feel that you can be the one to end my stint if the world of wrestling when so many have tried and failed, only to see me return better than ever?

    Eddie Juarez walks into the scene getting right in Alexander's face.

    Eddie Juarez: Pathetic? Are you forgetting what you did Jason? You’re the one that came to a supposed indie league and attacked this upcoming star- and don’t get me wrong, you’ve got balls, but the one thing you don’t have is a brain. Because you’ve just walked out here and got into my face for the very first time since Do or Die.

    I should rip your head off.

    The fans give a mixed reaction, unsure of whom to cheer for here.

    But don’t worry, you’re safe. You see, I’ll wait. All I’m telling you right now, is that I’m gunning for you- and as I said all those months ago when you did attack me. And you put me down for the count. Had we been in a boxing match or an MMA match, that would have been it right there.

    Fortunately, it was a wrestling match where we happened to be on the same side, so you gave me the win. I’m thankful for that, but I’m also damn determined to not let you get away with it homes.

    I will always be there Jason. You call yourself a nightmare but you’ll find yourself haunted by the image of me.

    You started this esse, when you came after me. Soon, I’ll be the one to finish it. When I put you on that canvas and beat you so badly, you regret every single thing you’ve ever said or done that has been negative towards me.

    I’m Eddie Juarez. REMEMBER-

    Alexander interrupts

    Alexander: Shut the fuck up.

    Crowd is riled and cheer expecting a fight to break out soon.

    Alexander: I'm here to prove that your little charade of thinking you're someone of note here in JBW is just as pathetic as you are. I am here to face the "man" who clearly doesn't know when to know when he's been outsmarted, outperformed and clearly outclassed.

    You should rip my head off? Maybe I should crack your skull with my knee for good measure, it would make that brain tumor you have to believe you are better than me finally be exposed.

    The crowd is excited and actually begin to chant "P.R. Nightmare"

    Alexander: Those dreams you have about become my nightmare, are going to be destroyed because I am The Destroyer of Dreams that anyone has of defeating me. You'll be no different. Soon I'll be sure to take some time aside to really put down pedazos de basura (pieces of trash) like you porque vale la pena (because it's well worth it).

    You really should quit while you're ahead, Juarez, because if anyone is gonna end this it's me and believe me that when I say that I will end this, it really means I'll end your miserable life.

    Eddie Juarez is a name to remember? Hahaha please, the name that people never forget is and always will be Jason Alexander!!!!

    Alexander and Juarez both throw the first punch and begin to brawl and the crowd loves it.

    Sly: I knew this guys would want to kill each other soon.

    Pat: This could end badly the way these guys hate each other.

    Alexander gets the upper hand and begins to land solid right hands to Juarez's face, effectively connecting with his nose repeatedly until Juarez starts to bleed from the nose and Alexander lands a big left that sends Juarez down.

    The Puerto Rican Nightmare celebrates besting Juarez and pointing his fists up in the air with Juarez's blood on them but his celebration is short lived as Juarez is recovered and connects a low blow on Alexander that brings him to his knees before Juarez begins to stomp away at Alexander.

    Juarez stops his stomping before immediately dragging Alexander along with him before trying to send crashing into the catering area but Alexander reverses the attempt by Juarez and uses the momentum to send Juarez crashing into the tables himself. The crowd is excited at the violence they are seeing before they see Alexander follow up on attacking Juarez backstage.

    Pat: Alexander is on fire.

    Sly: Juarez can still come back from this.

    Alexander pulls Juarez by the hair and kicks solidly in the head to leave him wobbling before he folds a nearby steel chair and whacks Juarez in the head with it. The crowd cheers excitedly at this.

    Juarez seems to be out but Alexander lifts him to strike him in the head again but Juarez somehow ducks under the second chair shot attempt managing to kick Alexander very hard in the midsection, leading to Alexander dropping the chair out of his grasp and leaving him exposed for Juarez to pick up the chair and driving it right into Alexander's spine.

    The crowd chants: This is awesome as Juarez smacks Alexander with the chair to his while he is on the concrete floor. Juarez now picks up a weakened Alexander and moving through the backstage the area they arrive near the JabeTron area, where after one more chair shot this time to Alexander skull which busts Alexander open and blood begins to pour down his face, Juarez gets a few tables stashed behind the JabeTron.

    Juarez now sets up the tables and signals to the crowd that Alexander will go through them.

    Sly: Uh oh. Those tables could mean big trouble.

    Juarez looks to set up Alexander on the tables but Alexander still has life left in him and begins to trades blows with Juarez until he spits blood in Juarez's eyes and connecting him with a Superkick that leaves Juarez catatonic and Alexander finds an access way to climb to the top of the Jabetron dragging Juarez along with him.

    Pat: Oh my Jabing God. They're gone off the deep end they're climbing to the top of the Jabetron.

    They arrive at the top of the Jabetron, Alexander landing a few right hands to Juarez before lining up at the edge of the Jabetron where the tables Juarez himself placed are and begins to back up ready to take Juarez down.

    Pat: HolyJose, ladies and gentlemen if Alexander connects his next move that's over 50 foot drop to the tables below!!!

    Sly: This is what JBW is all about!!!

    Alexander charges towards Juarez but Juarez recovers and launches Alexander into the air with a backbody drop but Juarez is taken back as well as Alexander grabbed on to him by his tights on his way down sending both crashing down through the tables in horrid fashion leaving both men are seen coughing up blood, barely moving in the debris of the smashed up tables as the crowd chants "JBW" repeatedly in awe of the act of lunacy they witnessed.

    Sly: This brawl both men initiated has taken a turn for the worst as both men are now practically dead after a catastrophic 50+ foot drop onto the tables below.

    Pat: One can only wonder what else these guys will do next because you sure as sure as hell bet this is far from over.

    Stagehands rush around the Juarez-Alexander debris and begin to save them from the carnage.

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    Sly: Here comes JBW Executive Eddie!

    Pat: I wonder what he’s got to say to all of these people!

    Sly: Well Eddie made his debut on the last episode of ShowDown, after the fall of HWA.

    Pat: It’s great to have such a creative guy onboard here!

    Eddie swaggers his way out to the stage as the fans pop politely for him. In his hand is a chain, and he pulls at it, revealing a man with a paper bag on his head, and his hands handcuffed behind his back. The fans are shocked as Eddie begins to lead the man down to the ring.

    Sly: What the fuck?

    Pat: What the fuck?

    Eddie leads the man up the steps and lets the man climb into the ring. He places the chain down and the man goes to run away. Eddie tackles the man down and drags him back to the centre of the ring. He asks for a microphone and a chair, and is swiftly rewarded. He places the man under the chair and sits down. Finally, he begins to speak.

    Eddie: Phew. That was a bit of a different entrance hey?

    Now I bet you’re all wondering what the fuck I’m doing here with a guy I’ve taken hostage- kind of like a prisoner of war? Well I’m going to take you all back to a day in August. It was August 29th to be precise, a day that I’d gotten up early for the first time in a while. I got into the office in HWA and realised that something big was going down.

    Something that ultimately lead to the downfall of HWA.

    And well, I came here, I came to JBW. But there was something that always ate away at me. There were three people involved directly in the downfall of HWA: Broc Flucker, Dave Sullivan and...

    Eddie lifts the bag from the man’s head, revealing his face.

    Johnny Hot.

    The JBW crowd absolutely begins to hate down on Hot, booing him and beginning a huge JBW chant.

    Eddie: Now I got my own back on Flucker & Sullivan when Juarez & Kash beat the shit out of them, but Johnny Hot here, well he got no punishment whatsoever. So what I did, was I went to his house and as you can see, I took this motherfucker hostage. I carted him here because as far as I’m aware, he needs punishing.

    And who better to do that than one of the best HWA superstars of all time, and a very well loved JBW superstar?

    Oh and Hot, since you were the final HWA Supremacy World Champion, have a look over there.

    Eddie points at the ringside area, where the timekeeper stands up with the HWA Supremacy World Championship.

    Eddie: Yeah, that title will be on the line right now.

    Ladies & gentlemen, this guy right here, Johnny Hot- always hated this company. And the real reason? Because Johnny Hot was never welcome here. Well Hot, you’re going to make your debut right now. And yes, you’re going to be handcuffed. And yes, I’m going to be the special guest referee.

    Your opponent? This man.

    The entire crowd explodes as Rob Rage makes his way out of the curtain, smiling all the way down to the ring.

    Sly: Wow, so the final ever HWA match will take place right now?

    Pat: I believe so! The HWA Supremacy World Championship is on the line too!

    Sly: But will that become the JBW Supremacy World Championship?

    Pat: We’ve JUST unified all our World Championships and we’re getting another one?!

    Match 12: Rob Rage vs. Johnny Hot(c) for the HWA Supremacy World Championship with Hot’s hands tied behind his back, and Eddie as the special guest referee.

    Rob immediately begins to stalk Hot as Hot attempts to get away, but Eddie trips him up! He picks Hot up and feeds him to Rage, who hits the Fisherman’s Powerbomb! He covers Hot.




    Eddie grabs a microphone from ringside.

    Eddie: And here is your winner...and the LAST EVER HWA SUPREMACY WORLD CHAMPION...ROB RAGE!

    And by winning that title Rob, here’s the surprise, that title, going forward, will be known as...the JBW Underground Championship!

    Ladies & gentlemen, the first ever JBW Underground Champion...Rob Rage!

    Rob grabs the title and jumps onto the turnbuckle in celebration as the crowd goes insane. Eddie smiles before turning back to a rising Hot, who clambers through the ropes and falls to the floor below. Eddie climbs out after him and picks him up. He throws Hot into the marines and rubs his hands together like he’s just taken out the trash to another massive pop from the fans.

    Sly: And there goes Hot!

    Pat: Unbelievable! Rob Rage is the first ever JBW Underground Champion!

    Sly: What a moment for this young man!

    Pat: Oh, look out!

    Sadly, Rage wasn’t looking. As the new Underground Champion turned to leave the ring, he ran into a massive chair shot to the head from his tag team partner earlier in the night, Connor Chaos. Chaos, with the crowd booing like crazy around him, hammers away at Rage’s back with a half dozen stiff shots with the now dented steel chair. Chaos takes a long look around at the scene he’s created, both in the ring and in the crowd, and smirks. Clearly, he’s enjoying this. Chaos then leans down, picks up Rage’s head by his blood stained hair, and yells “That’s my Championship!” into Rob’s face.

    With Conner now on the second rope, taunting the fans, who in return are booing the hell out of him for assaulting the man that moments ago everybody assumed was his partner, Rob begins to stir. At first he just shakes a bit, and then seems to come back to consciousness. For a few seconds he just looks around, not quite sure where he’s at. Then it all comes flooding back as he looks over at the man he thought was his friend, and a snarl spreads across his face.

    Rob’s face is a bloody wreck, with there barely being a patch of skin on his face that isn’t covered by the red liquid flowing out of his many wounds. His hand reaches up to his nose, and he winces as he touches it. It’s clearly broken; a chair to the face will do that to you. Rage makes a brave attempt to pull himself up, but only gets a few centimetres up before he lets out a loud grunt and collapses back down.

    This gets the attention of his former partner, who turns back around to face Rob, and watches as Rob yet again attempts to get to his feet, only to collapse back down before he even gets halfway. Conner laughs. A sick, demented laugh, laughing at the helplessness of the man lying before him. This causes Rob to look up, and upon seeing his former Apocalypse UK comrade, a determined snarl crosses his face. Using his arms, Rob manages to drag himself back into a corner, and uses the bottom and second turnbuckle to sit himself up.

    Rob then turns away from Chaos, and gesticulates over to one of the ring attendants to bring him a mic. Almost reluctantly, for fear that something he’ll say will bring more pain to himself, she passes him the mic.

    Rage: I never thought it’d be you Conner. Never thought it’d be you.

    Rob shakes his head, before exploding into a coughing fit, with Rob ending up coughing up blood. When it finally recedes, he begins to speak again.

    Rage: I never thought it’d be you. Of all the people, you’d have been the last one I’d suspected. But you know what they say, keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. Seems I misjudged which one of them you were, didn’t I Conner. We could have been really great. We were great, and we were destined for glory.

    What was going to stop us? What could have stopped us? Together, we were unstoppable. Well, turns out that wasn’t true, didn’t it. Tonight we found the one thing that could stop us… ourselves.

    Jealousy… That’s what it’s all about Conner, isn’t it. You just couldn’t bear to see me become a world champion before you. You just couldn’t let me have my moment of glory, something I’ve strived for my whole life, something we’ve both strived for.

    Greed. Greed and jealousy. That’s what this is all about. You want what I have. You want my World Championship. My Supremacy Championship. Well Conner, if a title shot is what you wanted, all you had to do was ask. Ring the damn bell, this title’s being defended tonight!

    The ref just stares at Rob in amazement. He wants to defend the Supremacy Championship after the beating he just took? The ref comes in close to Rob and tries reasoning with him, but Rob just pushes him away and pulls himself up to his feet with the aide of the top rope. The ref stares questioningly at Rob, but Rob just shouts at him to “do it!”, so he turns away, biting his lip, and picks up the fallen Supremacy Championship and lifts it above his head. He then pauses; gives Rob one last glance, then, against his better judgement, calls for the bell to be rung.

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    Match 13: Conner Chaos vs. Rob Rage(c) for the JBW Underground Championship

    Bloody, battered, Rob Rage is lying at the feet of Connor Chaos. It’s clear Rage’s insistence on having this match was born from nothing but anger and he’s paying for that knee-jerk reaction right now. Slowly, as if to savor the moment, Chaos drags Rage to his feet and sets him up in a powerbomb poistion but, sensing this may be his last gasp, Rage punches out of it with a few right hands to Connor’s face.

    Chaos unceremoniously drops Rage to the groud but Rob is able to get to his feet quickly and pounce on what, more than likely, is his one opportunity to win this match by hitting a nasty German Suplex on Chaos. Instead of letting go, though, Rage keeps his grip on Connor’s waist, pulls him up, and hits another suplex. Rob follows that up with a third German before finally letting go of Chaos.

    Connor grogily gets to his feet, turns around, and walks into a huge Double R spinebuster from Rage. The crowd pops as Rob collapes to the ground next to a downed Chaos after exhurting himself so much tonight.

    Pat: Rage is crawling! Drape the arm over, Rob!

    Sly: Easy, Pat…

    Indeed, Rob is crawling toward Chaos and, with every ounce of effort he has left, Rage drapes his right arm over Chaos’ chest.

    Th-! No! Connor gets the shoulder up!

    Now, with both men zapped of all their strengh, it’s a race to see who gets up first.

    Rage is to a knee
    Chaos is using the ropes to pull himself up.
    Rage is up.

    Rob is a bit unsteady on his feet but he’s able to walk over to Chaos, who is still using the ropes to get up, and pull him up by the hair. For his efforts, though, Rage eats a kick to the gut from Connor. Chaos follows that up by looking for a chokeslam on Rob but Rage boots out of that and, in an incredible feat of strength, Ragebombs the 6’10 Connor Chaos. Rage collapses into the pin.

    Darren Black: Here is your winner and STILL JBW Underground Champion: Rob Rage!

    Pat: My god, what a match!

    Sly: This place is going berserk!

    Indeed, the entire crowd is standing and applauding the two men in the ring. The noise only gets louder as both men make it to their feet and the referee hands Rage his championship. The cheers reach a fever pitch as Rob extends a hand to his old partner but quickly turn to boos when Chaos slaps Rage’s hand away and goes nose to nose with him.

    The referee attempts to break things up but it’s unnecessary as Rage just takes his title and steps through the ropes and onto the apron. Then,suddenly, Rage hustles back into the ring and nails Chaos with what used to be the HWA Supremacy Championship. Rob raises his head to the camera and we see he has a crazed look on his face.

    Pat: Rage has lost his damn mind!

    Not finished, Rob goes to the outside and grabs a chair. Rage comes back in the ring and, just as Chaos is getting to his feet, hits Connor in the head with a vicious chair shot. To a huge pop from the crowd, Chaos collapses and Rob drops the severely dented chair. Rage seems to have snapped out of hiss, well, rage because his demeanor is far more relaxed as he grabs a mic from a stagehand. We get one last look at Chaos’ bloody face before Rob begins to speak.

    Rage: And then… it died. In all its glory and splendour, it fell, and it died. And then there was nothing but fire. Nothing but the burning flames of destruction. But then, out of the ashes, it rose. And when it rose it was even more beautiful and glorious than before. Out of the ashes it rose a new. Out of the ashes, the phoenix was born.

    Now I don’t even know if that quotation was correct, it’s probably not, I was never very good at recitals. But that doesn’t matter. What matters is the essence, the meaning, the feeling. Because that’s how I feel right now. Right now this is what I think of when I think of the wrestling world… of our world.

    Destruction and rebirth. That’s what it’s all about, and damn don’t I know it: there’s been enough destruction. Just tonight, something very near and dear to me died. Tonight, something that was great, but destined for even more, met it’s ended. Apocalypse UK found its time to be destroyed was today. Apocalypse UK was destined for immortality, but today it had its life sucked out of it before it could reach such heights. And I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t upset.

    Conner Chaos killed Apocalypse UK. He crossed me, and he paid the price. He killed Apocalypse UK, he crossed me, he attacked me… and now look at him. Hopefully he’ll have learnt his lesson not to cross me now, but then again it doesn’t really matter now. For him at least, it’s too late.

    I find it kind of ironic that the night I finally become a world champion, something I’ve strived to be and worked to get to this point for so long, that this is the night that I release it. But that’s just how it has turned out.

    He lifts up his newly won title, now covered in both his and his former partner’s blood, and wipes it clean. He then stares deep into it, and when he begins to talk again, it seems that he’s talking to the title more than anything else.

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    You see, as great as it is to finally win the belt, as good as it is to finally reach those heights, to conquer those mountains, to grasp that brass ring and to find that it’s not imaginary, but it’s very real and you can achieve it, you have achieved it… As great as all that is, there’s one problem.

    Because as great as it is to be a champion of a company as great as HWA was, that’s the very problem. HWA was great… but HWA is no more. I am a champion, but I am a champion of a dead company, this belt is the pinnacle of a fallen mountain, and I don’t want to be champion of a dead company.

    So… As much as it hurts to say this, that’s why it has to be done. Tonight at Blood Harvest, not only am I winning the HWA Supremacy Championship… I’m retiring it.

    As Rob says this, he’s on the verge of tears. For a few seconds he just stares at the belt that has meant so much to so many, then suddenly pulls it into one last embrace. Then, almost reluctantly, he lifts the belt above his head, one last time, before dropping it down to the mat, symbolising its end.

    And that brings me to another topic of destruction. HWA itself. The Hardcore Wrestling Association. HWA was where the best in the world came, and it’s where they came to fight!

    Now when HWA first started, it was a mere blip on the radar between two mountains. It was a mere pawn in a game of chess between the two giants of the day, EWNCW and here, JBW. But through the hard work of a select group of individuals, that changed.

    The first big change to the way HWA was looked at, and perhaps one of the biggest, went by the name of Tommy Thunder. That’s right, the Tommy Thunder. The EWNCW legend, former world champion, and in my humble opinion, Mr EWNCW; this guy was, and still is, a big deal, and when the storm came to HWA, people sat up and took notice. Now I’m sure some people viewed it as TT lowering himself, but that wasn’t how I saw it. How I saw it was that Tommy Thunder was raising HWA.

    And after him a whole stream of big names from the big two began to ply their trade in HWA. Guys like Jason Alexander, The Sleeper, Rich Cranium, Holy Jose, Hans Beerstein and JMan, they all came to HWA, and they all helped raise the bar. You know what, even Kevin Matthews, as temperamental as he was, helped at least bring attention to HWA, and who knows, maybe without that JMan may never have joined HWA, and the Black Angel may have never become the star that he did.

    But HWA wasn’t just a place for the establish stars from elsewhere to battle, one of the strongest parts of HWA was its ability to build up stars. Don’t I know it, I was one of them. Although JBW was the first place I came to when I ventured into the big leagues, and then, now and forever will be my home, HWA for a long time was the place that I really thrived. I went from a guy jobbing on the first match of a PPV to Alex Kidd, to winning the Universal Championship at HWA’s biggest PPV of the year in the culmination of a feud that had lasted nearly half a year, to go onto become the longest Universal champion that there will ever be, to going to war with a heel mega faction, to main eventing a PPV… and look at me now, tonight I became a World Champion under the HWA banner, and the last ever world champion in that lineage. I think it’s fair to say I’ve climbed the ranks.

    But I wasn’t the only one who was made over in HWA, oh no, far from it. Andy Amazing, Dave Sullivan, AJ Dixon, Luke Jameson, Alex Kidd, Johnny Hot, Van Hooligan X, Carlos Alberto Ramon, Dingo Mac, Chainz, KJ Punk, Brandon Medeiros, Chris Divine, Erebus, Damien Icarus, Brick Godslayer, Vincent Tyler, Ano Doom, Sweet Jones, Matt Christopher, Jack Nickolas, Black Angel, Anonymous, Ali Kazam, Paul Pharaoh, Black Blooded… the list goes on and on. All of them rose to prominence, at least in part, in HWA. Now obviously not all of them went on to achieve mega stardom, or at least haven’t yet, but I can count around 10 world champions in that list. HWA knew how to create stars.

    There’s one thing I’m yet to mention yet though, and that’s the guys behind the scenes. Now there’s a lot of controversy surrounding these guys, but how can you talk about HWA without talking about the creative team, most notably Broc and Sully. Now as I’ve said, there’s a lot of controversy surrounding these two, as it was the situation involving these two that caused HWA to die. Now I’m not going to start pointing fingers, and I’m not going to go on a “side”, that’s not what this is about. Everybody has their own opinion, and I’m not going to come out here and try and change it. We all know what happened, but if there’s anybody that doesn’t, what happened was shit went down and HWA died, which was a damn shame.

    But that’s not how I want to remember Broc and Sully’s contribution to HWA. I want to remember them for the shows they put out, for the storylines they crafted, for the effort they put in. Them and the entire creative team, including guys like Eddie, AYS, KJ, Asher and anybody else who I’ve forgotten, and I probably have because my memory ain’t the best, they all put so much effort in, and made HWA an awesome place to be. That’s how I want to remember HWA.

    But however you look at it, HWA is now dead. All its bright lights have faded to black. But with the death of one, comes the rebirth of another. From the ashes of Apocalypse UK, will rise the Rob Rage, better than ever. From the ashes of my hunt for the Supremacy Championship, will rise a new found desire to claim a living world title, more determined than ever. And from the ashes of HWA, will rise JBW, brighter than ever.

    Because with the rise of HWA, simultaneously came the fall of JBW. When HWA came into existence it was a molehill between two mountains, but by the time HWA had grown into a mountain, if we’re honest JBW had fallen to the degree that it was now closer to molehill state than that of a mountain. But tonight is the time for that to change. Tonight, here at Blood Harvest, begins the rejuvenation of JBW, coming back bigger, brighter, stronger and better than ever!

    Now I may have been away for a while, but let me tell you something right here right now. I’m still Double R, the Best of British and I’m still the longest reigning Universal Champion there ever will be, and that’s a fact. Now, well now I’m a World Champion, I’m the last ever HWA Supremacy Champion! I may no longer be one half of the baddest tag team on the planet Apocalypse UK, and I may no longer be the Heart and Soul of EWA or Mr HWA, but I’ll tell you what I am. Now listen close, and listen well, because what I’m about to say right now will define your future. I am Rob Rage, and I’m JBW’s next big thing.

    HWA, rest in peace, and JBW… watch out, because Rob Rage is back, and he’s here to stay!

    Sly: Wow! What a moment! Rob Rage beats Connor Chaos!

    Pat: What a night this has been!

    Sly: And we just have two more matches!

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    Pat: JBW:Blood Harvest has so far been one spectacular show! We've got a lot more to come

    Sly: Damn right and up next we have a match. A match that happened a year ago at JBW: New Horizons. They have their rematch tonight.

    Pat: You're right a year ago two titans in the wrestling business went one on one for the then JBW WARFare World Heavyweight Championship. Jman the up and coming challenger at the time rose above all and challenged Ryusuke "Shuriken Blade" Serra for the WARFare World Heavyweight Championship.

    Sly: Jman came out the victor and has been a two time world champion once here in JBW and once in HWA. Two former world champions clash once again who shall be the victor let's find out!

    Darren Black: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first from Los Angeles, California. Ryususke "Shuriken Blade" Serra!

    Serra walks out with a determined look on his face. As if something to prove. The former two time EWNCW World Heavyweight Champion and one time JBW WARFare World Heavyweight Champion is focused and prepared for this match as a video package is shown on the JABETron

    Shuriken is seen in Philadelphia and walks around the cold streets.

    Shuriken: This city was the battle ground between Jman and I. The place where Jman won the Warfare World Heavyweight Championship from me in a brutal match.

    Scenes of Philadelphia are shown as the final scene shows Shuriken inside the city.

    Shuriken: This city is know for one thing: Brotherly Love. Fitting name for a great city with a bloody past. That is what I thought I had when Jman and I were friends. Close as brothers. So to have this city for our championship match in the past was very fitting. Now.....Jman is no longer a brother to me. Jman is a target to me, nothing more nothing less. I'll make him pay for what he did and he will not beat me in our upcoming match. Just like this city's past, I will make Jman's and I history....very bloody.

    Shuriken then walks in the city's shadows, disappearing within the darkness.

    Pat: Look at Shuriken! He is determined tonight.

    Sly: That's an understatement. Shuriken is looking to avenge his lose against Jman a year ago and go back to his former status as the top star in JBW.

    Darren Black: And introducing his opponent from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Jman!

    Jman walks out to a mix of cheers and boos. Jman pays no attention to the fans as he has his glare set on Shuriken.

    Sly: Both men determined here tonight neither may budge let's face it this match may end up with one or both men knocked unconscious. But wait? Who is that walking out of the curtain. No it can't be. it is!

    The founder of JBW Dubs walks out and makes his way down the ramp over to the announcers booth and picks up a headset

    Dubs: WOO! It's great to be back in JBW. How's it going Pat? Sly?

    Pat: Wow welcome back Dubs! How does it feel?

    Dubs: GREAT! And you know I wasn't booked this match last year and it's an honor to come back and call alongside you guys. So how about it let's get to it!

    Pat: That's how it may end up being. Let's find out…NOW!

    JBW WARFare World Television Champion-1 time
    JBW WARFare World Tag Team Champion-1 Time
    First Dual Champion in JBW History
    Alpha Revolution North American Heavyweight Champion-1 time
    EWNCW Blacklist Champions-1 Time
    JBW Champion-1 Time

    JBW WARFare World Tag Team Champion-1 time
    EWNCW Blacklist Champions-1 Time

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