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    Barbie Panzer grabs Selenia by the hair, yanking her down, then stomping on her face. Belladonna and Katie then doubleteam Barbie. They both lift her up, carry her near the ropes and are about the throw her over when Sasha Panzer and Bertha Ray run up behind them and push them all over the top rope. Barbie and Belladonna drop to the floor and are eliminated while Katie catches herself on the ropes and quickly slingshots herself back over the ropes into Bertha Ray- knocking her clear across the ring and quickly starts pounding the shit out of her. Belladonna, still on the arena floor, is pissed and starts arguing with one of the refs on the outside. Finally she walks over to Fok Mi and Nikki Belzova at the announcing table- grabs the title, pats it and throws it on the floor before finally walking off. Nikki is pissed

    Fok Mi: What the hell did she do that for? She lost her chance at a title shot

    Nikki Belzova: What an idiot.. if she wants a shot then she can have one when she gets better. This championship is not going to be defended against sassy complainers like that. Not a chance!

    April Snow goes up behind Katie, pulls her up and drops her with a scorpion death drop- pretty much knocking Katie out. April goes to pick her up and body slam her over the top rope when Ayako kicks April in the back of her leg causing April to drop Katie to the mat.

    Fok Mi: Katie just got lucky, she…

    Barbie Panzer is also still out on the floor shouting at her sister Sasha. One of the stage hands tries to get her to go to the back but Barbie just halls off and hits him. She then climbs back on the ring apron and grabs her sister Sasha by the neck and spits in her face. Sasha responds in kind with a head butt to Barbie’s face. While this is going on, Selenia has gotten to her feet and pushes Sasha Panzer over the top rope where she crashes to the floor with her sister Barbie where they continue fighting. Selenia turns around and eats a superkick from Ayako, knocking her into the ropes. Ayako quickly follows that up by lifting Selenia up and throws her over the top rope where she falls to the ring floor and is eliminated. Selenia walks backstage and security has finally broke Sasha and Barbie up and have dragged them backstage

    Fok Mi: These girls really mean business- they aren’t wasting any time. Its down to Katie, Ayako, April and Bertha Ray.

    Nikki Belzova: Good luck to these last few! Bertha and April have the chance of a life time to take over the leading reigns of veterans like Katie and Ayako.

    Katie tries to pulls herself up by the ropes but Bertha Ray punts her in the head, knocking her down once more. April and Ayayo look at each other, then look at Bertha Ray and rush towards her, lift her up and throw her over the top rope but Bertha catches herself with the ropes, and stands on the ring apron- grabs April and Ayako by their heads and bashes them together- knocking them both to the mat. Bertha then re enters the ring, pulls April up by the hair then knees her in the head. She then tries to pick her up to throw her over the top rope but April grabs onto the rope. Bertha is pissed so she just drops April, rips April’s skirt off and starts kicking her in the ass

    Fok Mi: That is uncalled for

    Nikki Belzova: Kick that ass, baby! HARDER.

    Bertha is still kicking away at April’s ass when Katie and Ayako, both up now, rush at Bertha and start pounding on her. Soon April gets to her feet and joins in on beating down Bertha. All three women then pick Bertha up and toss her over the top rope and she finally falls to the arena floor and is eliminated and heads backstage arguing with JBW fans on the way back

    Fok Mi: About damn time

    Nikki Belzova: Why argue with the people who pay your salary? She is not very intelligent in the least.

    While April is trying to look for her skirt, Katie runs up behind her and pushes her over the top rope where she falls to the floor and is eliminated heads backstage after a ring attendant gives her something to cover with. Katie turns around and doesn’t see Ayako at first. Ayako had climbed to the top turnbuckle in the corner to the left of Katie. Katie turns around enough to see Ayako airborne and flying right at her. Somehow Katie grabs her in mid flight and slams her to the mat taking the wind out of her.

    Fok Mi: Down to two now and looks like Katie has this one wrapped up

    Nikki Belzova: Ayako and Katie! No matter who the winner is I know that I can take on both of them.

    Katie pulls Ayako up, whips her into the ropes- Ayako bounces off the ropes and is met by a beautiful drop kick that knocks Ayako into the corner. Katie follows that up with a spear. Ayako finally falls to the mat. Katie pulls Ayako up and tosses Ayako over the top rope but Ayako catches herself, positions herself on the ring apron, reaches over the ropes, grabs Katie and pulls her over the top rope too but Katie grabs to ropes too, stopping her from falling to the floor- barely. Ayako tries pushing Katie down with her feet, but is unsuccessful- Katie just has too strong of a grip on the ropes. Katie finally pulls her up enough to where she is a bit safer on the ring apron. Ayako goes to try to push her down again with her feet but Katie pushes back causing Ayako to lose her balance and fall to the floor- Ayako has been eliminated

    Winner- Katie

    Katie rolls back into the ring where she is met by the ref who raises her hand in victory. Katie walks over to the ropes and motions to Nikki Belzova that the xBOMBxSHELLx title will soon be around her waist. Katie exits the ring where Ayako is still standing. They hug and Ayako raises Katies arm to cheers from the JBW crowd and finally head backstage

    Fok Mi: Well there you go Ms Belzova, Katie will meet you for the title in the near future. What are your thoughts on that? I understand you have a history with her.

    Nikki Belzova: Congrats Katie! I do have a history with her and because of this win our history with each other will just continue to grow!

    Fok Mi: Again, thank you for joining me out here Ms Belzova.

    Nikki picks her title up off the ground, bows to the crowd and heads backstage to a loud pop. Fok Mi Yu follows closely behind.

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