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    Broc Flucker & Dave Sullivan vs. Ka$hdinero & Eddie Juarez

    Broc climbs onto the apron as Sullivan & Ka$h will begin the match. They square up and Sullivan takes the first move, slapping Ka$h across the face hard. Ka$h backs up slightly before smirking and throwing out a right hand into Sullivan’s nose. Sullivan falls backwards as Ka$h is immediately on him, throwing right and left hand after right and left hand. The referee stands back and lets the punches go, knowing better than to stop a Ka$hdinero beatdown.

    Ka$h picks Sullivan up and places him in a neutral corner. He slaps the chest of Sullivan and laughs as Sullivan squirms in pain. He does it a second time, before whipping Sullivan across the ring, following him across and hitting a huge clothesline. He stands up and picks Sullivan up once again, throwing him into the corner with Juarez.

    Ka$h tags in Juarez, before throwing Sullivan to the ground. Juarez throws himself over the top rope with a slingshot somersault senton onto Sullivan. He rolls through and stands up. He walks across to Broc and slaps him across the face. Broc climbs into the ring as Juarez backs up. Broc runs at him but Juarez moves at the last second and Broc Spears his own cousin! Juarez laughs and grabs Broc by the hair, throwing him over the top rope.

    Juarez picks Sullivan up as Ka$h has gotten back into the ring with a steel chair. Juarez feeds Sullivan to Ka$h who swings and smashes Sullivan in the face with the chair. He sets it up in the centre of the ring as Juarez climbs out of the ring himself. He goes underneath the ring and pulls out a trashcan full of weapons. He rolls it into the ring before going back underneath and pulls out a table. He pushes it into the ring and slides in after it.

    Back in the ring, Ka$h has Sullivan set up between his legs. Juarez stands back as Ka$h climbs onto the top rope with Sullivan between his legs still. Juarez moves the chair closer to the turnbuckle as Ka$h jumps and delivers a huge Butterfly Piledriver through the chair! Sullivan is out cold as Juarez laughs at the sight of him.

    Broc Flucker climbs back into the ring and runs at Juarez but Juarez jumps up and hits a big hurricarana that sends Broc into the corner. He backs up and Juarez turns him around. He kicks him in the gut and goes for a vertical suplex but Ka$h stops him, emptying the trashcan and placing it behind Juarez. Juarez delivers the first suplex onto the trashcan! He swings the hips and sets up a second suplex but again, Ka$h stops him.

    This time, Ka$h climbs out of the ring and grabs a ladder from underneath. He slides the ladder back in the ring and tells Juarez to go. Juarez hits the second suplex onto the ladder! He swings the hips and sets up the third suplex but once again, waits for Ka$h to kick the trashcan out of the way and pick up a bag of tacks, which he pours all over the floor! Juarez delivers a third suplex to complete the third amigos, driving Broc into the tacks!

    Ka$h picks Broc up again as Juarez picks up a road sign. Ka$h feeds Broc to Juarez, who smashes Broc in the face with the road sign. He tosses it aside as Ka$h picks up a different weapon, a lead pipe. Juarez picks Broc up and feeds him to Ka$h who smashes him in the face with a lead pipe. Broc is now laid out next to Sullivan, who is moving once again.

    Ka$h & Juarez head back across to the pile of weapons and each find a set of brass knuckles. Sullivan finally reaches his feet and turns around as Ka$h smashes him in the face with the brass knuckles. Teeth fly everywhere as Sullivan turns around and Juarez hits him back to Ka$h. The two of them hit Sullivan as he turns time and time again as the fans cheer every blow of the almost comic book like beatdown.

    Finally, Ka$h takes one massive swing with an uppercut, sending Sullivan to the ground. Blood is all over the canvas as Juarez & Ka$h toss their brass knuckles aside. Juarez lifts Broc up again and Ka$h stands back as Juarez hooks the leg, and delivers a belly-to-belly suplex lifted twisted into a piledriver to complete ‘The Most Dangerous Move in the World’! Ka$h laughs at the look on Broc’s face as he sets the table up.

    He points to the corner for Juarez as he picks Broc up with one arm and Sullivan with the other. He places Broc on the table, before placing Sullivan on top of him. Juarez stands on top of the corner and delivers a huge Frog Splash!

    Juarez covers Sullivan as the referee makes the count.





    Sly: And Ka$h & Juarez just kicked their asses!

    Larry: That was a fuckin’ massacre!

    Back in the ring, Ka$h has a microphone and he brings it up to his lips to talk once again.

    Ka$h: Haha, didn't even break a sweat. Anyway, yeah, see Juarez ain't the only new guy around here backing me up. No, see there's another guy back there who really ought to just come out here and show his face. People.. Make a little noise for the Number.. One.. Eddie Fan.. Get out here, Eddie, and tell these people whats really going on here.


    Eddie comes strolling out. He’s wearing jeans, a casual white t-shirt and a jacket over the top. He continues the walk down the ramp as he climbs in, accepting Ka$h’s offer of a microphone. He looks around at the crowd before looking down at Broc & Sullivan in the debris of the table. Finally, he begins to talk.

    Eddie: How’s that for a goodbye you fuckin’ tossers?


    Eddie: Now, what exactly is going on here, is that I’m now part of this company. Along with Juarez, we’re here to be the very best. Whether it means taking down jobbers such as Steve Orton and Steve Austin, whether it means taking down tag teams like The Panzer Division and #shag, whether it means taking down mid-card champions such as Malcolm Cage, whether it means taking down the top guys, like Roman Flare, the very top guy. Or maybe, just maybe, it means taking down Jason Alexander.

    I’m not here to make up the numbers, going forwards, I’m going to be a strong part of this company, whether I’m doing other things or not, I will be a part of this company. Along with Ka$h, along with J, all of the good guys in creative, we’re going to make this company what it once was- the very best!


    Eddie: So whether it’s these two tossers, or another more prominent enemy, very soon, JBW will rise again to become the the world.


    Eddie throws the microphone down as Juarez and Ka$h join him in leaving the ring. The three of them walk away up the ramp as the fans cheer loudly all over the arena. JBW
    JBW WARFare World Television Champion-1 time
    JBW WARFare World Tag Team Champion-1 Time
    First Dual Champion in JBW History
    Alpha Revolution North American Heavyweight Champion-1 time
    EWNCW Blacklist Champions-1 Time
    JBW Champion-1 Time

    JBW WARFare World Tag Team Champion-1 time
    EWNCW Blacklist Champions-1 Time

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