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    Leonard Ray Beauregard is sitting in the back of his Redneck Express pickup truck, tossing back some cold ones, and staring at the JBW Southern Heavyweight Championship when new JBW Reporter Colin Hobert runs up with a camera man.

    Colin Hobert: Lenny Ray, I have just received word that due to you heinous actions last week that JBW Board of Directors is willing to make a compromise with you. The Board of Directors has decided that they will officially sanction the JBW Southern Championship as a real title with a real title history, but your loss to Sleeper will stand. They are giving you a chance to "regain" your title. Anything to say to that?LRB: LOSS!?! LOSS?!? GOD DAMN...SON OF A...MOTHER... Lenny Ray takes a breath. You know what little man?

    Lenny Ray grabs Hobert by the hair and drives his head into the dumpster nearby.

    LRB: I’ll just go right out there and tell everyone what I got to fuckin’ say about this shit.


    Lenny Ray Bearegard

    Lenny Ray’s Kick it in the Sticks theme hits as he doesn’t waste any time walking out to the ring carrying the newly sanctioned JBW Southern Championship with him. The paparazzi go into a frenzy at the sight of the gold.

    Chuck: This guys the pits, Rock. He is a thief, and he has no place carrying that belt. I'm telling you, if The Sleeper didn't get fired, he would be right in this hillbillys face taking back what is rightfully his.

    Rock: Haha, I hope LRB doesn't watch this show, because if he hears what you just said, he will surely strangle you to death, o'bro o' mine. This guy is the absolute toughest person in JBW, and the sooner management realizes that the better. Oh, and, for the record, I have it on good word that The Sleeper privately quit JBW looonng before he was publicly fired on the Jabe thread.

    @RockisaMarvel: bring back @ThaLOCO1so @GoodOlLRB can kick his little masked head in #bringhimbacknow.

    LRB grabs a mic from ringside and climbs into the ring.

    LRB: Y’all listenin’ to this shit that I got to put up with round here. Some no talent hack steals a fuckin’ win from me, and I fix his lil’ red wagon and Jay Bee Dubya tries to cut a deal with me? Listen here y’all, I didn’t give a damn about whether or not Jay Bee Dubya wants to recognize this..

    Holds up the title

    ...or not. This is about me gettin’ my fair shot. So I’ll say this about them suits in the back. You wanna recognize the most prestigious title there is in Jay Bee Dubya, that’s fine by me. If you wanna say that I "lost" this fuckin’ title last week even though I was standin’ tall, lookin’ good, and walkin’ out with the belt, I say whatever helps you sleep better at night. If’n you wanna throw some damn sheep to the slaughter so I can formally "regain" my title, go right ahead and send the lil’ bitch out. Their blood is on y’all’s fuckin’ hands. Y’all sit there an’ try to stop this here Civil War, well guess what. Y’all better save that Confederate currency, cause the South shall rise again.

    Throws the microphone down.


    Chuck: Strong strong words from our resident redneck.. So, who'd ya' think his mystery opponent is, Rock?

    Rock: I'm begging for it to be Sleeps. Begging.
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    Gregory Samuels: Aaaannd Lenny Rays opponent, he is here on WARFare, but he is representing... SHOWDOWN!.. He hails from Somewhere in Outback, Australia, he stands six feet, five inches tall, ladies and gentlemen, I give you... Diiiiinnnngoooo Mac'aaaaaa!!!!

    Dingo walks through the JabeCurtain with a mic in one hand and a koala holding two beers in the other. He holds up the mic

    Chuck: I don't believe it, Rock, it's Dingo freaking Mac! I love this guy, trust me, he ain't no Bushwacker in that ring.

    Rock: Hey! I loved those guys!

    @RockisaMarvel: I really hope @GoodOlLRB shows this dude from a place down under @DrunkenDingo #bushwackersoverdingomac
    Dingo: it's my time! I may be new but that doesn't mean a thing I have myself a title shot and mate, I'm going to take full advantage of it. Dingo Mac attacks tonight and when he's done he's leaving warfare with the JBW SOUTHERN HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!

    Dingo throws the mic down hard and grabs a beer from his koala Bazza, he opens it takes a quick swig and hands it to an attractive lass seated on the side of the stage before taking the other drink and skulking it. He gets to the ring and places Bazza on the steps before readying himself before he enters the ring.

    As Dingo Mac gets into the ring to a loud ovation, LRB is leaning up against the ropes talking smack to him; now drinking a beer of his own. Dingo is barely in when LRB goes on the assault and kicks Dingo in the head with blunt force. As Dingo falls out of the ring the referee runs over to LRB and starts yelling at him.

    Dingo is on the ground trying to recover when LRB pushes the referee away and slides under the bottom rope. He picks up Dingo and throws him into the steel steps across from them. He methodically walks over to Dingo and picks him up. He’s mouthing off at him the whole time. He then drags Dingo over to the announce table where the Marvel brothers are sitting and tweeting their asses off.

    @RockisaMarvel: This is the greatest day of my life! #bestwfever 
    @ChuckyMarv: The legends are true! LRB does smell of old stilton. #hatethehillbilly the aussie smells just as bad #ithinkitskoalalove

    LRB slams Dingo’s head against the table while Rock leans in and snaps a shot of the action on his Android for FaceBook. LRB goes over to the ringside cooler and sits down. He opens a beer and pours it into his mouth while the crowd goes ballistic. He does it a second time while Chuck now takes a picture of him for Twitter.

    After LRB poses, he grabs two more beers and gets up. He makes his way over to the still almost unconscious Dingo Mac and nips him with the toe of his boot. He begins laughing and opens both beers. He pours one in his mouth while pouring the other one on top of Dingo. The crowd is going ballistic as the Marvel brothers are seen jumping up and down with excitement.

    Rock: This is great, Chuck! I'm gonna forget the previous abortion we just witnessed, and I shall be naming this as our first official match as announcers!

    LRB picks Dingo up and walks to the ring and goes to shove his head into the mat when Dingo counters and slams LRB’s head instead. The crowd comes alive as Dingo crawls over to LRB and begins punching him in the face repeatedly. Quickly LRB becomes a bloody mess and a couple referee’s come out to check on both men.

    As both men stand up, they punch the ref’s and do the same to each other as they finally get into the ring. Both men are winded already and looking at each other while the ref asks both men if they want the fight to start finally. They both nod, not taking their eyes off of one another. The ref calls for the bell and this one is officially under way.

    LRB hits The Trailer Hitch and goes for the pin…






    Chuck: KICK OUT!!

    Dingo is bleeding form everywhere and so is LRB. After the kickout they both lay there not being able to move. The ref begins counting…





    LRB starts to move but doesn’t get up.




    Dingo begins to stir. LRB moves as well when he sees Dingo moving.



    Right before the 10, Dingo kips up and goes on the offensive on LRB. He begins pounding him until LRB decks him in the jaw as hard as possible. Dingo falls backwards into a heap on the ground as LRB sits up looking at him. Finally LRB crawls over and pulls Dingo’s leg up for the pin…





    Chuck: No way! I can't believe it! This can't be happening.

    Rock: Oh, believe it, brother, that did indeed just happen.

    LRB throws his arm up and falls back onto the ground bleeding and coughing up. He asks for the ref to come near him and when he does, he brings the Southern Championship along with him. LRB grabs the Championship and pulls the ref up to him and whispers to him.

    The ref shakes his head yes and slides out of the ring onto the floor. He goes to the ringside cooler and grabs out two beers. He brings them into the ring and opens the cans. LRB grabs one and clangs it against the Championship and pours the beer all over himself.

    He sits up and pours the second one into his mouth and salutes the crowd with the can. Finally he stands up and raises his arm high with the Southern Championship on his shoulder.


    Rock: What a match! But, dear brother, I can't believe you wanted it to go down any other way--it would suck to see a SHOWDOWN! guy win a title that was born on this show. Congrats to the two time, two time, JBW Southern Heavyweight champion, Lenny Ray Beauregard; a man who would be my hero if I were born in the South.

    Chuck: But you wasn't, you was born in Boston, just like me. Anyway, everybody here in the arena knows they just saw a match for the ages. Theres a few fast rising stars here in JBW, but Dingo Mac just put himself on the Map of Jabe with that fantastic performance.

    Rock: Oh, I'll give him that for sure. Fantastic doesn't even come close to how good Dingo Mac is gonna be here in JBW.

    Chuck: That was big of you. Now, after that awesome display of, um, brutality, we now have to go backstage, where -get this- the bossman is about to interview one of the tag teams in tonights mega fatal four way for the number one contenders spot for the FOUR SETS of vacant tag titles we have here in Jabe. Take it away, Ka$h!
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    Ka$hDinero: Thanks, um, (mumbles) Ch-Ro-Uck. Firstly, I wanna thank the pair of you for taking the time out of your preparation routine to shoot the shit with Uncle Ka$h.

    Manabu: Whatever you've got make it quick because I'm no mood for fooling around

    Snair, who is tapping his wrist for his match, decides to break the hostile environment

    Snair: Aye Kash, we agreed for an interview not for a 3some for you to be so happy about. Like Mana said tonight business picks up but still we figured we could allot some time for an interview but on one condition..

    Ka$h:What would it be?

    Snair: Make it quick and as dumb as possible.I know it wouldn't be much of a problem.

    Ka$h: You've been talking to my girlfriend, ain't ya'? Haha, anyway, recently the pair of you have had a little bit of bad luck. What can you attribute this too?

    Snair:There's no such thing as luck in this business.You work your ass off and if your opponent still comes out on top all you could do is sit on your butt and applaud.

    Manabu: If you ask me its more like not getting the act together.I still believe we haven't given our best in any of these matches because if we did .....thing would've been way different.

    Ka$h: Well, tonight you have the chance to redeem yourselves. What's the game plan for tonight fellas?

    Snair: I'll tell you the plan, we go out there soak in the applauds from the crowd then we do what we best that laying waste to anyone who stands in our way get the Unified Tag Team belts and then walk home happy and still sleep like babies.It's nice n easy plan that I've developed over the most of the time.

    Manabu: Thats more or less what I had in mind.We'll redeem ourselves by putting our opponents through never before seen pain and misery.

    Ka$h: Almost as soon as you lost the JBW World Triple Crown Tag Team Championships to Two Of A Kind, I fired them. I know its kinda bad for me to say this, but, well, surely that has to be a bit of a kick in the bollocks, eh?

    Snair: Well..

    Snair is rudely interrupted by Manabu

    Manabu: Well Kash thats what you get when hire MONKEYS working for PEANUTS but you are the type of guy who never learns from his mistake.We were robbed that night,we were better and deserving winners than those punk ass clowns.

    Ka$h: Easy, tiger, don't make me break out the ol' PubFu on a boy, haha.. OK, before I allow you to continue with your preparations, let's hear your thoughts on your opponents tonight, starting with Oli and Karl--The Panzer Division.

    Manabu: I could care less about my opponents,all I care about is delivering pain in the most voilent way.I don't intend to I can't be stopped not by opponents not by the officials not even by my partner standing next to me.I'll stop after causing utter chaos in worst possible way.There's no better feeling than making your apponents taste their own blood.

    Ka$h looks on. As a deep rage fills Manabu's eyes, even Snair is caught off guard his indifferent behaviour.

    Snair: Well I wasn't aware that JBW has got a panties division as well.I guess its true when they say EXPECT EVERYTHING IN JBW but seriously we never crossed paths and when we do tonight there'll be fireworks on display because I know for one thing that those two can bring it.

    Ka$h: Now let's hear what you think about their fellow countrymen, and alcoholics, but almost polar opposites in all aspects--Hans and Markus Beerstien.

    Manabu: I think already told you how I feel about my opponents....

    Snair: Calm down Mana you're getting worked up no apparent reason.
    And about Markus? Yeah I do remember him in FSA,while all of other members were kicking ass,bending rules, setting new standards week in week out...All Markus could do was pick petty fights with HolyMoses.That's low even for even for Markus and then he gets his ass kicked again by HOLY MOSES and decides to be a crybaby by going over to the OTHER COMPETITION.Now that he has that beer bottle shoved up his ass again by his brother he just made the decision to get humbled by DEFINITION OF DEFIANCE.

    Ka$h: Heh, yeah, I'm not too fond of them either. God knows why I hired them fools back. Anyway, let's move on to your final opponents in tonight's number one contenders match--Rob Rage and Connor Chaos AKA Apocalypse UK.

    Manabu doesn't bothers to answer the question and is clearly hating the interview.

    Snair:Well they are always up for a fight,they beat their drum which is fine because talent alone will get you nowhere in this business you need thrashing attitude to work your way to top.But if decide to come to DOD with their attitude then we'l have no problem in handing their asses back to them as a show of TRUE SPORTMANSHIP.

    Ka$h: Right, now, juuust before I let you go, tell me how the pair of you are getting along these days. I know you had a little falling out after you were eliminated from The Gold Rush Rumble at the draft show... Getting along better now?

    Manabu: It was not a fall out but mere mutual agreement that we failed to get the job done when it mattered,there's excuse for hiccups tonight.I'll plan on walking out by making a point loud and clear.I'm gonna change the way people look upto me.

    Manabu walks off as Snair and Ka$h looks on

    Snair:Nobody likes second position Kash,its one thing to have talent and other to translate it into performance.Me,Mana doesn't like losing especially after showing the world that we belong to top of this company.So tonight is not about petty fights,tonight is about taking one more step closer on our way back to glory.

    Ka$h: Thanks again, guys, now let's get back to Chuck and Rock Marvel at the announce booth.

    Snair: I forgot to ask you one thing,have you been working out nowadays.Because you clearly look jacked up...impressive I must say

    Ka$h: I'd love to go gym and workout but I never get past that Mcdonalds on my way to gym.

    Snair takes a close look at Kash from all angles.

    Snair: Exactly what I thought. Your body still look like a bloated baloon, I guess its my brand new Snair t-shirt holding you in shape.

    Snair walks to the back while Ka$h looks at the screen and laughs. He pulls up his shirt to reveal a six-pack.. Of Bud.

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    Chuck: Thank you, Ka$h, and, it's cool you don't know our names yet. First day on the job and all th-


    Chuck is cut off by the sound of a familiar theme tune. Kevin Mathews walks through the Jabe curtain fist pumping in a babyface-like manner, but the instant the fans realize who it is, they turn sour.

    Rock: Kevin is back!! I can't wait to hear what he has to say.. These fans are just hating on him for no reason. Let him talk is what I say!

    Kevin Mathews makes his way down the ramp, and the boo's intensify, rapidly growing once he gets in the ring.

    The crowd are booing profusely as Kevin begins his promo.

    Kevin Mathews: OK, people, settle down... See, I'm here to answer the million dollar question that's been running through the minds of the people in the wrestling world since the last time you saw me, why oh why did I decide to come back after everything I've said and everything I did.


    Well it's plain and simple, I knew for awhile that I wanted to return, hell as a matter of fact I didn't want to retire, but at one point I said to myself what the hell!


    As you may recall, I was "fired" from this company at the beginning of the cross promotion war, at the same time I was putting up with the politics of another company I was working for believe me when I say this, I liked the company where I worked when I was "fired" from this place, I just hated the people in charge.


    After awhile I grew tired of not doing anything interesting, so I decided to air my dirty laundry on the internet causing me to get barred from competing in every wrestling company in the United States.


    During that time I flew my ass back to Canada and decided to work a 9-5 job.


    I got real bored real fast.


    One night during my break, I turn on the TV and coincidentally it was wrestling and it was a show from a company that I worked for. After seeing the garbage that was fed to the audience on that show, I decided to grow a pair and fly to JBW headquarters and apologize like a man to Ka$hdinero.


    And you know what, he accepted my apology and decided to sign me to a new contract in the company.


    I made a promise to myself and that promise was that whenever I returned to national television, I would not feed the audience that BS that's seen on other wrestling shows, and I was to save the dying sport of professional wrestling with the help of the other men and women who work their asses off day in and day out, on the road and away from their loved ones to entertain the hell out of you!


    I am here to make this fun again for everybody.


    Yeah I may sound out of my mind, but I am here to speak for you, I will make sure that your voices are heard and that we will give you the best damn wrestling show there is to offer on American soil.

    See, I can't change this business by sitting on my couch in Ottawa, and it seems that my return couldn't of been timed better than this. I am not here to put down any other wrestler in the JBW locker room, but here's a message to all of you, it's time to step our game up and bury the competition around us and prove to the world that we are still the number one wrestling organization in the United States today! I know that everyone is tired of that same old shit, well now is the time to end that, and without you we can't make it happen.

    Kevin drops the microphone, and starts to leave the ring when....

    Chuck: Wait a minute, Rock, is that who I think it is jumping over the barrier?!

    Rock: HolyJosesSweatyJockstrap, Chuck! I think you're right!

    A huge muscular man never before seen on JBW television slides under the bottom rope and blindsides Kevin with a powerful forearm to the back of the skull, causing him to crumple to the mat.
    He then kneels down and picks up the microphone that Kevin had not a minute before discarded. Rising--he begins to speak.

    ???: For those of you who don’t know who I am: my name is... Spencer Churchill...


    Spencer Acknowledges the reaction, before continuing.

    I have been on hiatus recently, awaiting an opportunity to arise for me that I deemed to be worthy of my unparalleled ability and skill.

    I wasn’t going to return just yet but when I heard that Kevin Matthews was going to get yet ANOTHER opportunity, to show off his over inflated ego and below par skills, I frankly couldn’t stand by anymore and watch this circus roll on again.

    Spencer stomps on Kevins back with force to a huge pop.

    That’s when I decided to take up a contract offer from JBW, that would allow me to put this peasant in his place – PERMANENTLY!

    Another boot.


    This is merely a beginning, a beginning of things to come! I have destroyed this ingrate tonight and I will continue to destroy him at every future opportunity, until he learns his place. Until he learns he is nothing special, he never has been and never will be. For while I am around, he will be nothing more than a joke from the past.

    I am going to take great pleasure in showing you colonial peasants, what a pathetic, washed out and talentless waste of space your wonderful Kevin Matthews really is. While showing you the superiority of a product of the, New Empire.

    The Rise has come to JBW. The Rise of Spencer Churchill begins a-new, here, tonight and all shall kneel before The Greatest Briton.

    Spencer raises Kevin onto his shoulders. He holds him there for a second before spinning him around and bringing him face down onto the mat with the move known as ‘Hope & Glory’ to a huge pop from the fans in attendance.


    Rock: Oh my, what a brutal display of power! This is my hero right here, people! I've followed his career, and let me tell you that he is not to be one to be messed with!

    Spencer Churchill throws his hands in the air to a loud ovation and leaves Kevin laying in the middle of the ring.

    Rock: I loved that. Man, guys, we have to take a commercial break but when we come back, we will be hearing from another team in our huge fatal four way later tonight.

    Chuck: Yes, people, we'll be hearing from none other than my favourites to win tonight.. The Panzer Division

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    Chuck: OK, folks, we're back, and as promised.. Here's The Panzer Division.

    Out back of the arena, a JBW camera man catches up with Karl and Oli Panzer cooking up ribs and chicken on a BBQ Pit- there is a eighteen wheeler backed up right near them. It’s back doors are open and you can see cases and cases of beer- all brands.

    Karl: (looking towards the camera man) You seen our Aussie friend?

    The camera man nods NO

    Oli: He got so piss drunk last night, it will probably take him a day to drink it off- er I mean sleep it off.

    Karl: I think you had it right the first time my brother. (looking at the camera man again) I guess you want us to talk about the tag match to name new number one contenders for the , er, what are they called again?

    Oli: Unified JBW World Heavyweight Tag Team Belts. It’s us versus Apocalypse UK versus Manabu and Snair versus The Beerstiens.

    Karl: Beerstien’s? More like the Queerstain’s. Those guys are a disgrace to our country. Hell they are a disgrace to this sport. We will make it our point, once we win the match, to rid the world of the Beerstien name. Or at least run them all out of Germany. Those motherfuckers breed like rabbits.

    Oli: Karl, chickens done

    Karl: (Looking towards some fans, mostly teenagers) Hey, you two kids- if you take care of the chicken and the ribs, there is a case of beer each with your names on them

    The two kids are let through the barricades and take care of the food.

    Karl: Sorry about that man. Where was I?

    Oli: Dissing the Beerstiens- always a good thing.

    Karl: Ah yes. And lets see, Snair and Manboobs, what a name- Manboobs

    Oli: It’s actually Manabu. And Snair, well he used to be the WARfare World Champ here in JBW.

    Karl: That doesn’t mean shit to me.

    Oli: Me neither, but I hear they have trust issues with each other- its either that or some lovers quarrel.

    Karl: I’m thinking lovers quarrel. Snair probably wants a cooler name like Manboobs

    Oli: Manabu

    Karl: I’ll just call him Manboobs. I understand Apocalypse UK is made up of Rob Rage And Conner Chaos. If so, those two are our only real competition.

    Oli: I agree. That Conner, he is one tough fucker

    Karl: I have a lot of respect for him. Been looking forward to meeting him in the ring. And Rob Rage? Rob Fucking Rage! Ah, I hate that Brit. Don’t get me wrong- great wrestler. One of the best in the sport. Just hate him personally.

    Oli: Yeah, I’ve been wanting to kick his ass forever- just never had the opportunity until now here in JBW. And he is not that bad of a guy

    Three more eighteen wheelers back up near the other truck and one of the drivers gets out and walks over to Karl and Oli.

    Karl: Send in the beer from one trucks into the arena for the fans. The other two stay back here for us.

    Oli: (Talking to the camera man) Yeah, we’re going to have to cut this thing short. Be sure to take a case with you

    The camera man turns the camera off and the audio/video feed goes blank

    Chuck: Well, it's fair to say that Oli and Karl will be a sober as Lindsay Lohan once that fatal four way starts. That mat-

    Music hits and... Gillz swaggers down to the ring to the surprise of the fans.

    Chuck: Well what the hell is Gillz doing over here? He’s supposed to be over on Octane.

    Rock: Hey, after the beating he handed over to Deprise in the ring last time, he’s probably looking for some new competition not that I blame him, we got the best guys right here on WARFare.

    Gillz: Well i bet none of you people expected to see the living, breathing definition of greatness in this ring right now did ya?

    Merciless boos are heard.

    Well you see after one week on Octane i grew a little tired, you see i beat that sack of crap Depri$e in no time!
    And, let’s be honest there was no one else of that roster that even came close to my.. greatness.
    So that brings me here, WARFare,
    Now I realise that I'm better than Octane and let’s face it I'm probably better than the people on this roster too.
    but it comes down to two things..
    More Money..
    and a bigger audience.
    Because the more people that get to witness greatness before them,
    the more money I get!
    So all of you fans can get used to seeing me on a weekly basis, because Gillz has officially joined WARFare
    Oh, and, by the way, all of your so called champions are on notice, Gillz is here and that means Gillz is ready to ass more titles to the cabinet.
    Now Deal with that!

    Rock: Thats telling 'em, Gillz! As a former world champion, we all know Gillz can back up what he says. Man, I can't believe Gillz is on WARFare now! Now thats a coup for us for sure!

    Gillz drops the mic and gets ready to leave when music hits.


    Chuck: Well who’s this now? Wait.. It looks like GodOfWar has taken issue with Gillz’s words.

    Rock: GodOfWar? You mean that no-talent jobber who can’t even look good when stood next to PrimusSucks as part of their pathetic Tag Team?

    Chuck: Hey now Rock, GOW’s no pushover, he’s on the roster for a reason.

    Rock: Yeah, to job. This should be a cakewalk for Gillz,

    GodOfWar enters the ring and stares down Gillz. Grabbing the mic from him he says a few simple words...

    GodOfWar: You wanna get on this roster, you gotta get through me.

    He drops the mic and squares up with GIllz as a ref runs down the red carpet and starts the match.

    Match: Gillz(Shannon Moore) vs. GodOfWar(Paul London)

    (Watch til 7:00)

    Chuck: This has been a great match so far, GodOfWar has manaed to stay in this against a great competitor like Gillz.

    Rock: Please, GIllz is just warmin’ up. As soon as he starts trying this will be over in 30 seconds.

    Gillz gets up after his large dropkick, while GodOfWar is staggering up himself. , Gillz starts laying in with kicks and punches, driving GOW back to the corner. GOW tries to go for a kick to the midsection, but Gillz catches his foot and delivers his own vicious kick to the back of GOW’s head. GOW is laid out as GIllz climbs the turnbuckle and hits The Dead Memories with ease, going for the cover...




    Rock: Told ya! Complete domination from the one and only Gillz.

    @RockisaMarvel Easy win for @SgtGillz over @GodOfWarisWARFare.. good to have him on the roster #WarFareRepresent

    Chuck: Well you might say that, but I think GodOfWar did well here tonight.

    Rock: Ahh, he didn't do bad, but he was never gonna beat my man Gillz. That guy can do it all in that ring, and soon enough everybody in Jabe will find that out.
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    Chuck: OK, people, I'm being told that in a moment, we're going to be having a match between none other than Kevin Mathews and Spencer Churchill, with the winner getting a contract, and the loser hitting the bricks! Wow.. Before that, though, we're going to hear from another team in our fatal four way later on tonight. Guys, lets hear from the beast-men that are Connor Chaos and Rob Rage. Lets hear from Apocalypse UK.

    The camera cuts to the backstage area where AUK have been stopped by a cameraman and Colin Hobert seeking a promo.

    Rage: Beersteins, you bloody cunts! Now I get why you did it, you were coming to this here land of Jabe, and you wanted to make an impact. So you did so by attacking the two fastest rising superstars in the whole company. Pretty logical plan right? Wrong! There’s a reason we’re two of the fastest rising stars in the company, we don’t take shit from anybody. If you slap us around the face we’ll get straight back up and kick you in yours.

    Chaos: I mean come on you two look at yourselves. Typical German bastards, never want to meet on even terms do ya? Here's the thing about Apocalypse UK! We didn't join up just cause we're from the same country. We joined up because we both loved two things: Kicking arse and causing chaos. And you guys just painted a target on your bratwurst-munching, cheap beer swiggin behinds prime for our boots to be shoved up them.

    Rage: Beersteins, we’re going to end you. Your return to JBW is going to finish before it’s even bloody started. We’re going to pick you up, we’re going to throw you around, and then we’re going to take you out. The beauty of it all is we get to kill two birds with one stone. You see, we’ve got you boys in the ring with us in a fatal four way for a shot at the unified tag titles. So not only do we get to beat you up, we get to take one step closer to our rightful place as tag team champions.

    And make no doubt about it, we are going to win. Sure, there’s some quality opposition in this match, but Apocalypse UK is going to rise above and move onto the next stage. We’re in there against Snair and Manabu. Two veterans of the sport. Two former world champions. No doubt they’re impressive, but to be quite honest I don’t care. The Apocalypse express can’t be stopped. You could have two current world heavyweight champions for all I care, and they still couldn’t derail us. Shit, they could barely even slow us down.

    Chaos: Then there's the Panzer Division. Man, this is match is becoming a proper German sausage fest isn't it? Anybody else hear those guys last week, talking about how they hate Brits just because they blame good ol' Winston Churchill for the deaths of their dear old grand-mum and pop. Well first off, if it wasn't for that little Austrian, uneducated, mustachioed, bigoted idiot your country voted into power in the first place, our good man Winston wouldn't have needed to go kick some Nazi keister, never mind getting Frankie Roosevelt in on it. Secondly, us Brits have accomplished a hell of a lot more than your country could hope to achieve, and that's a fact. So it's also a simple fact that we'll be reaching those belts long before you guys ever get a glimpse of them.

    Rage: And then there are the Beersteins. You’ve actually been the only team to ever get the upper hand on us. Sure it was a post-match attack from behind, but still impressive none the less. Pretty good achievement. The only problem is that it’s going to be your last achievement.

    Chaos: You guys like smashing bottles lot huh? The first thing you can do is stop stealing Beer Money's gimmick, even if they are no longer a team, have some originality. The next thing is keep clear of us in the match, or I'll be smashing a bottle off your skull, then sticking the jagged end so far up your shitspout you'll be picking it from your teeth in the morning.

    Rage: So the Apocalypse is going to move on through these three other teams. We’re going to finish the Beersteins, then we’re going to win the four way and move onto the tag team title match a the next PPV.

    Chaos: Too right, and once we get those belts, no-one's getting them for a long time. We'll hold these belts through whatever people think they can throw at us. Armageddon hath come upon JBW, and with myself and Rage at the helm, it ain't stopping any time soon.

    Rage: Nobody can stop the Apocalypse. Not the Panzer Division, not Manabu and Snair, especially not the Beersteins. Not #SHAG from SD! Nobody can stop Apocalypse UK. All you can do is slow us down.

    Chaos: Except how do you slow down an unstoppable, unrelenting and dominating superpower? Guess we'll never know.

    AUK walk off screen.

    Hobert: OK, Chuck, take it away.

    Chuck: Thank you, Collin. You've certainly had an eventful night so far, haven't you? Anyway, folks, it's time for a match up that has the potential to steal the show here tonight.

    Kevin Mathews vs Spencer Churchill. [Winner gets a contract]

    Kevin Mathews

    Kevin Mathews walks through the curtain and fistpumps in babyface like fashion.

    Gregory Samuels: Introducing first, from Ottawa, Canada! He stands six feet two inches and weighs in at two hundred and forty eight pounds... He has returned here tonight amidst controversy and drama--the type that typifies his whole career.. Ladies and Gentlemen, I giiiivveee yooouuu... Keviiiiiinnn Maaaaatheeeewwss!!


    Rock: These fans here just won't give Kevin a break! Surely getting your ass handed to you in a sneak attack would entitle someone to a little sympathy cheer from these fans, but, I guess things are different when it comes to Mr Mathews.

    @RockisaMarvel: Jeez!@KMathewsis a changed man. #givehimabreak

    Chuck: Well, as we said earlier, the winner of this match gets a full time contract and not just the short term one that they both signed to appear here tonight.

    Rock: Yeah, apparently both men have got more than they bargained for with this match, but I doubt either one of them thought they were going to have to fight for their contracts.

    Chuck: Clearly the fans haven't missed Kevin, though, this reaction he's getting is brutal!

    @ChuckyMarv: Wow@the hatred for@KMathews #hollywoodisbrutaltonight
    Spencer Churchill



    Spencer Churchill walks though the JabeCurtain and is swamped by the paparazzi who are relentless with their picture taking. Spencer is wearing a scowl that says he cares little for the press or the cheers from the audience.

    Gregory Samuels: Aaaannnd his opponent, from London, England, he stands a vast six feet eight inches, he weighs in at a monstrous three hundred and thirty pounds, ladies and gentlemen, get ready for the debut of Speeeeennnnceeeerrr Chuuuurrrchiiilll!!!


    : I think I just peed a little from excitement. Not really, but you get the idea. #marking

    Chuck: Just look at this guy. You can tell that he's got some evil thoughts running through his mind right now.

    Rock: This match has been a longtime coming. Not Kev vs Spencer, but Spencer's debut in JBW! I bet the guys in eWN chat are going crazy right now!

    Chuck: Yeah, SilverGhost and Robstar are marking out right now somewhere, for sure. All those threads speculating why he never originally joined Jabe a few months back, but whatever the reason its irrelevant now as he's here now. Whether he stays or not is up to him, as right now, he has to face a veteran worker in Kevin Mathews who just so happens to be a former World Champion. To tell the truth, I don't like his chances against Mathews.

    @RockisaMarvel: @TheGreatestBritonis gonna eat@KMathewslike beans on toast for breakfast! #markingout
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    The referee calls for the bell and this one is underway.

    Chuck: I can't believe that Spencer Churchill has been able to go hold for hold with Kevin in this match up so far, Rock. I expected to see more of his trademark power moves, but I am so impressed with this guy right now.

    Rock: You've gotta think that he's saving those high impact moves. This is a great strategy so far by Spencer. He's clearly in great shape, and has been wearing Kev down with submissions so once the big moves start rolling, they'll be that much move devastati- Holy crap! There ya go!

    Spencer hits Kevin with a spinning side slam that knocks the wind out of him.
    He makes the cover.




    Kevin barely kicks out, but Spencer argues with the referee; claiming that it was a three count.

    Chuck: Spencers getting a little frustrated here, Rock. He wants to be careful. Kevin's coming around.

    A groggy Kevin crawls up behind Spencer, who's attentions are still on the referee. He grabs him by the trunks and gets him in a school boy roll up.

    Chuck: Kev may get this here!




    Chuck: Holy hell that was close!! I thought we had seen the last of Spencer!

    Rock: That would have been a crime.

    Kevin gets to his feet, but is a little shakey, however Spencer springs to his and with militant aggression, he swings a neck jarring lariat that causes Kevin to hit the mat hard. Spencer wastes no time in following up his onslaught by dragging him to his feet and scooping him up into a tombstone postion and dropping him down on the top of his head in a sickening display of the ruthlessness that Spencer Churchill brings with him every time he enters the ring.

    Chuck: Kevin is out, Rock. No way he's getting up from that.

    Spencer stands back and orders the referee to count Kevin out.








    Chuck: I told ya, people, Kevin is out!


    Spencer breaks the referees count, and laughs to himself as he drags Kevin to his feet one more time before lifting him onto his shoulders and hitting him with the move he used earlier tonight, "Hope & Glory".
    Spencer nips up and places his foot on Kevin's chest.




    Chuck: Mercifully, this one is over. If that's the sort of behaviour that Spencer brings to the table, then the rest of the roster is in trouble.

    @RockisaMarvel: He came, he saw, he kicked that $h!+ out of @KMathews! #revoloutionstartsnow

    Rock: We've just witnessed the birth of the future, and, well, like most births, it wasn't pretty. I pity the fool who has to face this guy next!

    Chuck: OK, folks, we gotta go to a commercial, but, the time has finally come to hear from the bossman. See you back here in a few minutes.
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    Rock: Welcome back, people, and, like.. Here comes the bossman.

    Ka$hDinero walks through the JabeCurtain, and down the red carpet. The paparazzi snap away at the JBW chairman, but he isn't really playing up to them as much as he would normally in this situation. He walks up the ringsteps with purpose, and a the stagehand who is wearing the "Bring Back The Sleeper" T-Shirt hands him a mic. Ka$h takes one look at his T-Shirt and slaps the taste ouf of his mouth. The stagehand hits the mat hard and rolls out of the ring.

    Ka$hDinero: Heh, wow, sorry about that... Anyway, a lots happened here tonight, eh?


    Yeah, well, what the hell did you expect? This is the first WARFare since the draft--things were bound to get a little messy around here. There's a lot of behind the scenes craziness been going on as well, and, well, I guess I'm here tonight to tell you all straight.. Zap Alderman has been fired as JBW President, and until we find a new boss to run things around here, I'll be keeping an eye on things. I would ask my buddy R(ob) to help out, but he's too busy playing bossman of SBW to be bothered with us, guys.


    As Zapph was in charge of The xBOMBxSHELLx Division, I have to put that on hold until it is relaunched at the next PPV. Anyway, I'm not out here to talk completely about bad news, I'm also out here to talk about something extremely exciting happening very soon here at JB-

    The JBW Chairman is interrupted when the JabeTron™ comes alive, and a shot of outside the building is shown. Suddenly Ka$hDinero's hummer drives past with The Sleeper hanging out of the passenger window holding up an unidentifiable championship. With his other hand he then pulls a Mac 10 Uzi out of the window and empties the clip into the sky. Everybody in the vicinity drops to the floor, as the hummer speeds off down the road.

    Back in the arena.


    Chuck: These fans here are cheering for Sleeps! I can't believe it. Just what the hell does he think he's playing at?!

    Rock: I dunno, Chuck, but that was absolutely hilarious--Ka$h got carjacked by The Sleeper!

    @ChuckyMarv: Are you kidding me--@ThaLOCO1 JUST PULLED OUT A GUN #onlyinjabe

    @RockisaMarvel: @Ka$hisJabe just got carjacked #bringbackthesleeper #now

    Ka$h: What the fucking hell was that?? Like, oh my God! Did that little mask wearing fackface just nick my hummer? Are you kidding me, that thing was a rental for fucksake! I ca- uh.. ahem.. And, I would like to apologize on behalf of all of us here at JBW for allowing footage of one of our former employees pulling out a gun in a public place and firing said weapon into the air. I'm sure the proper authorities will be on the case as soon as possible.


    Where was I? Oh, yeah, that's right.. Here in JBW I have been working behind the scenes to get a little project of mine off the gr-

    The JBW Chairman is once again interrupted as the JabeTron™ once again cuts him off. The crowd pop as the JBW Unified World Heavyweight Champion appears on screen.

    @RockisaMarvel: Its the champ! #godansweredmyprayers #thankyougod

    Camera focuses in on Rome in what looks to be a locker room, visibly naked from the waist up.
    Rome: Yo, Ka$hdipshit! How's it hanging brother? Me? About 8 inches. Long time no see! How ya been? How's yer wife and my kid, hmm? Enough idle chitchat--you talkin' shit about me behind my well-toned back? Is the Roman One going to have to march his tan, fine ass down to that ring and beat some sense into you? I have my reasons for not wanting to face TDA for my title! He hasn't deserved it! Sure, not a single damn person in the locker room has earned the right to face me, but my contract says I gotta defend it once every 30 days, so fuck all if I'm going to tarnish my reign by beating just one man into a bloody pulp!

    That's why we've got Proph and Kayden James lined up! Sure, they've got half a brain between them and even less talent, but they've earned a shot just as much as TDA! And besides, they're SHOWDOWN! boys! So even if by some magical screwjob by you, the title would still stay on Showdown where it belongs! This magnificent title shouldn't be on the same screen as the disgraceful programs called Warfare and Mayhem. Now if you excuse me, The Roman One's got a bit of frumunda cheese to remove.
    Ka$h: Yeah, you go remove that, ya little batty licking poser, cause you better believe you're gonna need a little practice when it comes to removing things after TDA gets a hold of you regardless of whether you're the champ or not. That dude is a near seven foot monster who flies like a cruiserweight and has defied time like no other. Win loose or draw after the next PPV, TDA will be coming for you all guns blazing. Speaking of the next PPV--here is one of the announcements I am out here for.


    Yeah, that dude is awesome, right? ANYWAY!


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    People in the back, throw up, the poster for JBW: Kingdom Come.


    Yep, its bloody brilliant, right? That was the last thing R(ob) did for me before he fucked off. As you can see, there's no date set yet, but, the date will be decided very very soon, people, I promise. Well, I guess that's about i- oh, no, wait, I almost forgot the one thing I've been dying to announce since I got out here..


    Right, now, as everybody knows, when it comes to creativity, JBW is actually number one in all of EFedding, and well, this announcement is about to take things to the next level. As I said earlier, I've been working behind the scenes to get this project up and running, and I wanted tonight to be the night to announce it. Why? I hear you ask. Well, what better place than HOLLYWOOD to introduce the world to the latest idea to come out of the House of Jabe! So, without any further fuss, I give you... Studio Jabe...

    Ka$hDinero is sitting in a directors chair cross legged, smoking a cigar. The area behind him is blackened out, but it is clear there is a huge group of people standing behind him.

    Ka$h: Everybody, I want you to all listen up, and listen up good. After working diligently behind the scenes, and sitting through meeting after meeting, I have finally obtained the rights to create a Justifiably Badass Wrestling TV station. That's right people, I give you, Studio Jabe...

    Studio Jabe will at first have a limited schedule, with all JBW wrestling shows being transferred to the station, and our very own television shows created by our own members of the roster.

    The Redneck Diaries is our premier show, and will be debuting after WARFare.

    From there on out we will be announcing new shows left right and centre, ranging from talk shows, to shoot interviews, to dramas, to comedies, to old school classics, to matches where your favourite JBW wrestlers will go one on one with some of their most hated celebrities--yes, this shows will be featuring some of your favourite celebrities alongside all of you favourite Jabsters.

    Trust me, people, Studio Jabe will set us apart from the rest. Mark my words.

    The lights come on and standing behind Ka$h is HolyJose, HeelTurn, Whatsy, Black Falcon, Zapphoman, Rated_R(ob)KO, Poot-Hair, JMan, Sau, RomanFlare, Rehmix, Leggo, DUBS, Straights, B-Mac, Destruction, Robareid, Automatic, JHorton, CGBigMan, Chunkkynutzz, Asherderlampyr, 68WPayne, PandaMassacre, Eddie, SilverGhost, TheDevilsAdvocate, SouthernBlood, NightWolf, and SEZ.

    Ka$h: Studio Jabe is a part of the future.

    He turns around and looks at all of his fellow Jabesters.




    Ka$h: Yes, that's it, people, Studio Jabe is gonna own. I already have Poot and SEZ and Chunkkynutzzz working on something special, but JBW's official television station launches after WARFare, and, yeah, ya won't be disappointed with the first episode of Redneck Diaries starring Lenny Mutha fuckin Ray!


    Damn bloody right ElAreBee! Trust me, this show is gonna be a great start to what will be a great TV station once it picks up ste-

    Chuck: Rock, look! Its Mayhem General Manager Dudley?! What does this assmunch think he's doing?

    Rock: Hey, Dudley was the greatest announcer to have ever called a match, and is now running a tight ship over on my second favourite JbW show.

    @RockisaMarvel: My idol is in the house.

    Dudley walks through the JabeCurtain™ and down the red carpet as the members of the paparazzi feverishly snap away at their cameras. He walks up the ring steps and enters the ring with purpose. I has a mic in his hand and is about to speak, when Ka$h cuts him off.

    Ka$h: I'm gonna have to stop you right there, ya greasy looking walrus. You utter one word and trust me, fat boy, it'll be your last around here... I know why you're out here, and, I told you we was going to deal with this.. But, as you're out here, in my face like some kind of walking tapeworm, I might as well make ANOTHER announcement. But, first, I need you to get out of the ring, Dudley, you've just burnt a few bridges.. Bruv.

    A flabbergasted Dudley leaves the ring to laughter from the crowd.


    As of this moment, I am putting a hold on the Horrorcore Division and am suspending all those that are associated with it. Those guys are spiralling out of control, and I ain't got the time to deal with them. With R(ob) gone, I have no one to babysit them idiots, so, yeah, fuck all them blood thirsty pre Madonnas... Now, as I leave the ring, I would like for the guy in the back to somehow "magically" read my mind and put up a list of the following Horrocore guys that are currently on suspension.... Laters, people.
    Horrorcore Champion NightWolf

    Samson and Chainsaw

    Silva, Anomander Rake, and Demonic.

    H.A.T.E (Tad Locust, The Ice Cream Man, RamJam, Black Tear)

    The Butcher


    Brick "The Bastard" Godslayer and Damian Icarus..

    Just before Ka$h walks through the JabeCurtain™ he looks up at the JabeTron™ and shrugs his shoulders.

    Chuck: Oh my lord! That was all too much to take in. The HC-Div is suspended! Man, that's some drastic action on the chairman's part there. I seriously hope those guys will take that lying down.

    Rock: Yeah, that's not gonna happen. As much as I love Dudley, he needs to be careful, those sick sons of guns have got rich history here in JBW, and Ka$h needs to also realize he's playing with fire--or flaming tables, as it were.

    Chuck: And you're playing with fire talking about the bossman like that on your first day on the job. Let's cut backstage, where our former world champion is waiting to say a few choice words, and when we come back live to the arena we shall have ourselves our fatal four way.
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    The JabeTron cuts to the locker room where we see Jman sitting at his locker with his head bowed down.

    Jman: *still not looking at the camera* What do you want, man?

    Colin Hobert: They told me to get your thoughts on losing at the draft…

    Jman slowly raises his head up to the camera and, by the scowl on his face, we can see he’s not happy.

    Jman: *in a gruff tone* What are my thoughts? Well, mister fucking Ho-Bear!!! Let me ask you a question. How would you feel if you lost something you worked ten long, tiring years to get? Would you just move on? Forget about it? No, you’d be just as pissed as I am. The most frustrating part of this is that I don’t know when I’ll get another shot. TDA knows that, in the next few months, he’ll get his opportunity; I’m not guaranteed anything now. But, in a way, that’s refreshing.

    Hobert: How?

    Jman: Unpredictability. As champion, you go out there every week, represent the company as best you can, play the political game back here, rinse, repeat. I’ve been a good little employee for damn near a year now and….hahaha!....I don’t have to be that guy anymore, do I?

    Hobert: Ummm…

    Jman: It was a rhetorical question, asshole. I can finally show these fans who I really am and, if I know anything about our fanbase, I think they’ll love what they see... now, get out of here, Hobs!

    The camera follows Collin Hobert leaves JMan on his own. Just as he walks out of his locker room, Hobert runs into Markus and Hans Beerstien, who are on their way to the ring for their fatal fourway match.

    Hobert: Um, guys, can I catch a few words before your match?
    Markus Beerstien: Nien!

    Markus pushes past Hobert, then, just as Colin Hobert takes his eyes off of him, he swings his beer bottle and it conects flush with Hoberts head as we cut to a commercial.




    Chuck: Oh my god, we are back from the commercials, and we just witnessed our new Reporter here on WARFare get a bottle smashed over his head. He has been rushed to hospital, and I for one am hoping that Collin Hobert is gonna be OK--there was an awful lot of blood coming out of that wound Markus gave to him.

    Rock: You're not wrong, brother, that thing was gushing pretty bad, but we don't have time to focus on that, we've got ourselves some number one contenders to crown,

    Definition Of Defiance vs The Beersteins vs Apocalypse UK vs The Panzer Division

    [Number one contenders fatal four way]

    Gregory Samuels: The following match is a Four-way Tag Team Match for the Number 1 contendership to the Unified JBW World Heavyweight Tag Team Championship.

    The Beersteins


    Gregory Samuels: First approaching the ring, from Hanover, Germany, weighing in at a combined weight of over siiix huuunndred pounds, I give you.. Hans and Markus, The Beeeeeeerrrrrrsteeeeeeeiiiiinnnnnsssss!!!!!!!!!!!


    The boos throughout the arena are obvious in response for the way these men behaved the last time they saw them, Markus and Hans clearly don’t care as they smirk on their way to the ring.

    Chuck: This is these guys first match since they left JBW almost a year ago. They were quite the dominant force back then, and I doubt that much will have changed much now. They're still as huge as ever, and just as mean looking to boot.
    I mean, they're just as nasty as ever, as evidenced by what we saw earlier.

    Rock: You can say that again, poor Collin Hobert can truly attest to that, brother, and Apocalypse UK are gonna find out the hard way that The Beersteins are well and truly back!

    @RockisaMarvel: @HoberttheJBWreporter got pretty messed up by @MarkusBeerstein1Drunk #justlikeoldtimesinjabe

    Oli and Karl: The Panzer Division


    Gregory Samuels: Next, from Berlin Germany, at a combined weight of 580lbs, Karl and Oli, The Paaaaanzzzeeer Diiiiviiiisioonnn!!

    The Panzers look nothing but determined as they head down to the ring. They crack open a couple of bottles and drink swiftly as they make their way down the red carpet. They hand the empty bottles to a pair of paparazzi and get in the ring.

    Chuck: Rock, do you realize just how important this match is to these two teams in the ring right now? The fact that these two legendary teams are together in that ring is a huge deal for their fellow countrymen back in Germany. The newspapers have been fighting each other to get interviews with these guys, and Oli and Karl actually visited back home for a few days to promote tonights show.

    Rock: Yeah, these guys are bigger than David Hasselhoff in their home country. But Markus and Hans have got these two guys numbers no problem. They're bigger, meaner, and can drink more beer too!

    Chuck: That is quite the bold statement there, Rock. Oli and Karl would likely tke great offence at that.

    @ChuckyMarv: @DrunkGermanBrothersSayFrivkenSieAllies will show these bullys that when it comes to fighting, they won't be taken lightly


    Rob Rage and Connor Chaos: Apocalypse UK


    Gregory Samuels: Next, From England, at a combined weight of 488 lbs, Connor Chaos, Rob Rage, Apocalypse UUUUUUUUUUKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!


    To say Connor and Rob look pissed is an understatement. Despite the cheer of the crowds they focus solely on The Beersteins in the centre of the ring, never taking their eyes off them.

    Chuck: Wow, these two just might be the most over members of the WARFare roster. Road warriors in your prime eat your heart out!!

    Rock: I'll back you up on that, Chuck, the noise in here is deafening. I can barely hear myself think! I'm telling you, though, Chuck, no matter how much these guys are loved by these fans, they will be no match for The Beersteins.

    @RockisaMarvel: @BobRobRage and @ChaosTheory are going to find @MarkusBeerstein1Drunk and @HansLovesBeer are ready to hurt them #prayforyoursouls

    Manabu and Snair: Definition Of Defiance



    Gregory Samuels: And finally, from Tokyo Japan, and Bombay, India, respectively, they are.. Deeeeffffinitioooon Of Deeeeeefffiiiiiaaaannnnccce... Manabuuuuuuu aaaaaaannnnddd Snaaaaaaaiiiiiirrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!


    Chuck: Wow, these fans are being quite hard on these two former world heavyweight, and tag team champions here tonight.

    Rock: These JBW fans are the most fickle fans on the planet, Rock. Thats why I could care less about what they think. Manabu and Snair are two icons here in JBW and these fans are being nothing but disrespectful.

    Chuck: I actually think that most of the venom being spewed from this crowd is being directed at Manabu, Rock--I can see a hell of a lot of fans wearing Snair's new black superman tee here tonight.

    @ChuckyMarv: How long will @LionheartSnair put up with @ManabuisIchiban for? #snapsnairsnap

    Manabu and Snair come out to loud mixed reaction--Snair is soaking up the attention from the paparazzi, but Manabu looks nothing but focused. They contiue down the red carpet, and enter the ring, staring down the other teams. The referee manages to get the teams into their corners without incident, and the match starts with Manabu matching up against Hans Beerstein.

    Rock: Oh yeah, here we go!!!

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