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    WARFare pre-show-hype

    The show begins without an opening video, and from the offset we are treated to a wide shot of The Chinese Theatre.


    There is a huge crowd of hardcore JBW fans standing behind a pair of barriers that are on either side of a red carpet that leads up to the entrance of the building. A limousine pulls up, but before we get a view of who is in it, the camera cuts to the red carpet where an intelligent looking man in a sharp suit is seen smiling and holding a microphone, replete with a jBw logo. He is wearing an oversized name-tag that reads "Collin Hobert". As the fans can be heard chanting "JAY BEE DUB!"

    Colin Hobert: Hello everyone, and welcome to WARFare, as you can see by the oversized name-tag I am currently sporting over the breast pocket of my suit, my name is Colin Hobert. Yes, that's pronounced, Ho-Bear, thank you very much, and I am Justifiably Badass Wrestling's brand new reporter. And its plain to see that I have one of the best jobs on the planet right now. I'm actually here on the red carpet a mere hour before showtime and I have had the opportunity to speak with some of the celebrities that will be in attendance here tonight. Let's see a few quotes from some of those that are already here at the world famous Chinese Theatre.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jay and Silent Bob
    J: Yeah, boy, me and lunchbox here may be representing Octane with our boy Brandon Smithston, but you know we gots to grace this show when there's so many smoking hot Hollywood chicks walking around here. I'm here to see my main man Method Man and smoke a few mad blunts, you know what I'm saying? Tell em, lunchbox.
    SB: .... ... .. .
    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Rock
    This shit is fancy! You cant bring niggas to places like this! White people are afraid of what we gon' do!! I like this carpet. Wonder how much it cost?... See? Thats tha nigga in me wantin' to steal shit!!
    Quote Originally Posted by Method Man
    I don't know what thoshe two crazy white boysh are on about, I'm jusht here to shee ma boy Shhuri get shome retribution on that ashhole Ma$$h
    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie Sheen
    I'm sorry, but what's a WWE?
    Quote Originally Posted by One Direction
    We just wanna say thanks to HolyJose for hooking us up these with tickets! He's an awesome super guy, but we hate hanging out with him cause all the ladies ignore us when he's about.

    Back on the red carpet JBW reporter Colin Hobert -mic in hand- approaches the latest celebrity to step out of a limousine--Christopher Walken.

    Christophers security stop Colin from getting anywhere near him and Mr Highlander walks past the fans as they bow down and chant "We're not worthy!".

    Hobert: Well, folks, that was Christopher Waken, and, how's about some of those quotes, huh? Its clear to see that JBW's WARFare: Live at The Chinese theatre is the hottest ticket in town. These people know that only in JBW can you witness the type of hard hitting action mixed with pure unadulterated entertainment that they're going to witness here to-- oh, look, another limousine has just pulled up, I can't wait to find out who it is!

    The door to the white limo opens, and out steps a pregnant Megan Fox. The fans behind the barriers begin the obligatory catcalls as the camera zooms in on Megan, allowing the viewer to read what is on the stomach area of her tight white T-Shirt.

    "Alphas Pup!"

    Collin approaches Megan--his eyes bulging a little as he too learns what is printed on her tee.

    Collin: Wow, that's quite the statement you've made here tonight, Ms Fox.

    Megan Fox: Are you staring at my tits?

    Collin: Uh, what? No, they, I mean, I wa-was just a l-l-little taken aback at what is embl-blazoned on your T-Shi-

    Megan: Haha, I'm just fooling ya, you can stare all you want; they are the money makers after all! Now, where's The Alpha Dog?

    Collin: Um, Ms Fox, The Alpha Dog isn't scheduled to appear here tonight, he is in fact now a member of the Mayhem roster, an-

    Megan: Look, little man, I haven't got a clue what you just said, but I'm going to find that man tonight--you mark my words.

    Megan walks off, in the direction of the building as the paparazzi's cameras flash and the catcalls continue.

    JBW Reporter, Collin Hobert watches Megan for a second or two, then turns around and finds himself face to face with Paul Heyman and his long time friend -and client- Brock Lesnar.

    Collin: *mouths* Wow...

    Brock Lesnar: Ya' darn freakin' right, wow, little man, Brock Lesnar is here to watch some freaking JBW action! They don't play around here, and as far as I'm concerned, this place has got the toughest freaking wrestlers on earth!

    Collin: That is certainly true, Mr Lesnar, and, yes, this is indeed a wow moment, but, is that the only reason you're here tonight? Could there be a meeting with Kas-

    Paul Heyman: Uh, I think I'll take it from here, Brock--this interview is ov-

    Brock: No, Paul, I'll take this! I'll take this scrawny little runt and shove his head up his ass for trying t'start rumours!

    Brock grabs Collin by the front of his suit, crumpling his oversized name tag, and pulls him towards himself.

    Do you really think its a smart idea to start rumours you little ass-

    ???: Hey, Brock, why don't you pick on someone your own size, ya bully! We just came here to have a good time; why'd ya' have to act some kind of albino gorilla?!

    Brock lets go of Collin and spins around -as does the camera- he sees Ken Shamrock.

    Brock: Whoa, what?! Who you think you're talking to ya' washed up has-been? I'm about to kick your ass waaaay worse than Tito ever could!

    Brock makes a dash for Ken, but before he can reach him there are a dozen or so security between them. Brock seems to not care and attempts to bulldoze his way through them.

    Ken does the same and the security team are in trouble.

    Suddenly, JBW Chairman, Ka$hDinero gets out of a black hummer and runs over towards the ruckus.

    Ka$hDinero: WHOA! WHOA! Easy, boys!!! Brock, Ken, calm the fuck down! What the hells going on around here?!

    Brock: He started it!

    Ken Shamrock: Only because you was picking on Collin!

    Brock: He was starting rumours!

    Collin: I was not!

    Ka$h: Shut up, Collin! Brock, Ken, I don't even
    wanna hear it. I've invited you guys here to watch what is gonna be a great show, and all you wanna do is hog the limelight and make it about yourselves?! Man, that's not on fellas. Brock, you said you couldn't wait to get here, and now you're here you act like this? Come on, dude?! How am I meant to let you in now? And as for you, Ken, you're old enough to know better! Now, the only way The Doors To The House Of Jabe will only be open for you guys if you apologize to one another right here right now.

    Brock: What?!

    Ken: No way?!

    Brock: I ain't saying sorry to no one! Uh-uh-no-way!!

    Ka$h: Well, I'm sorry, but I can not in good faith let you in, bruv.

    Brock: Ah, but I really wanna see the show, Ka$h. Ahh, what the hell.

    Brock sheepishly looks down to the ground as he mumbles a quiet and softly spoken 'Sorry, Ken.'

    Ken accepts his apology and also mumbles that he's sorry and extend his fist.

    Brock meets his fist, and Ka$h puts his arms around both men's shoulders and says...

    "Only in Jabe! Come on, guys, let's go watch ourselves a little WARFare!"
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    The camera begins to pan around the beautifully designed arena, and WARFare's new set.

    The first thing we notice is the ramp to the ring is gone, and in its place is a red carpet that runs all the way to the ring. On either side of the red carpet there are members of the paparazzi, crouched down with their expensive cameras in hand, poised and ready to catch a shot of their favourite JBW SuperStar. The ringside barriers are gold plated, and the ringside mats are black, with each panel bearing the JBW logo.

    The cameras focus on the area underneath the JabeTron™ where a set of red curtain are hanging, with a golden rope tied to each one. A hot looking model is standing either side of the curtain, each holding onto one of the lengths of rope.
    A spotlight shines down, and WARFare host, Ron Burgundy, walks through the JabeCurtain™ to a huge pop from the many celebrities, and hardcore JabeFans™ in attendance--each one of them seated with a perfect view of the ring.

    Ron has a huge smile on his face as the paparazzi spring to their feet and begin snapping away. Ron soaks it up for a couple of seconds before continuing to the ring. Once inside a stagehand wearing a "Bring Back The Sleeper" T-Shirt hands him a microphone.

    Ron Burgundy: Good Lord, have mercy on my soul! JBW has finally gone... HO-LEE-WOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!

    The fans and celebrities in the arena go wild.

    Yes, people, yes! Let me feel your love! Let me feel your adulation and passion!! Let me feel what you feel for the greatest wrestling promotion on ALL of the internet! Let me feel your lust for... JAY... BEE... DUBBAYOU!!!

    Again, the loud buzz, that has been emanating from the crowd as they began entering the building, becomes a huge prolonged pop. Clearly the fans in attendance love JBW.

    Yes! I can feel it, my fellow Jabsters, and it is wonderful. I personally can not tell you how happy Justifiably Badass Wrestling, as a whole, is to be here, and I can think of no better place than right here in beautiful Hollywood to show off WARFare's brand new set.


    The camera once again pans around the arena.

    As I look around at the worlds most famous theatre turned worlds most famous wrestling arena, I have to say that the guys and gals have done a fantastic job of transforming this place for tonights WARFare... Let's give it up for our production crew, people. C'mon, show some more love!

    The head of the production team, Wilson Wade, walks through The JabeCurtain™ and waves to the fans. The paparazzi rush over and the cameras are about to start snapping away but stop short when it becomes apparent that -in their eyes- Mr Wilson is nobody of worth.

    The fans and celebrities alike, however, are shown showing their appreciation.
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    Why, Ma$$, Why?
    I miss Siaki : (
    I miss George!!
    JMan: Best Ex Champ Ever.
    Lenny Ray Stole My Pig Feed
    Juarez > Alexander
    Manabu San is a Japanese Demon
    Jason Alexander is the future of Jabe--Ka$h told me!
    Baba Snair is an Indian God!
    I paid to see The Two Steves get beaten up
    Panda got fucked up!
    ^was screwed
    Where's The SuperFlys?!
    Jose WISHES he was on WF
    Anyone seen Zapph?
    Its Time For A Change!
    The Futures Bright: The Futures Jabe
    WTF is MDK?!?
    Hire Tommy Thunder!
    Germany in ze house!
    Bow down to Rome for he is your Emperor
    Dingo Mac Made Sweet Outback Love To His Koala On A Crocs Back At A BBQ As He Drank Fosters While Men Down Under Played In The Background.
    Come Back W(ob)!
    Come On England!
    Its Kev... Psyche!!
    Shuriken Should Be Champ!
    This Aint Street Fighter, Shuri
    Malcolm Cage is the champ of TV's!
    Jason Alexander = The New Kiddson

    Yes, people, well done for that bunch of hilarity and support!
    Now, how's about we hear about what we have in store for you all tonight, eh?

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    OK, well, as it has already been announced, we are going to be treated to a fatal four way to determine who will get the right to challenge to become the very first Unified JBW Tag Team Champions!


    That's right, people, after Two Of A Kind and Broc and Sully were released from their contracts and we was left with four sets of tag titles without no one to hold them. We will see which team will represent WARFare, at the next PPV in the three way dance that will crown the new champs, out of Manabu and Snair..


    Oli and Karl--The Panzer Division..


    The Beerstiens--Markus and Hans..


    And, Connor Chaos and Rob Rage--Apocalypse UK


    OK, people, settle down. Save that kind of reception until they get out here because lord knows they deserve it!

    We will also see everybody from our World TV Champion, Malcolm Cage, to Shuriken Blade tonight, not to mention the true number one contender to RomanFlare's Unified World Heavyweight Championship, TheDevilsAdvocate in action later on here tonight. Speaking of RomanFlare, we will be hearing from JBW Chairman, Ka$hDinero, later on tonight, and I'm sure he will be addressing that man, among other things when he comes out here and tells us all straight.


    But, before we move on, we have to address our announcer situation. Many of you here in attendance may have noticed that out announce table is empty. That is because The Family Guy team have decided to move on and leave JbW, but before we introduce our brand new dynamic and innovative announce team, Peter, Joe, and Quagmire would like to say a few last words--please avert your attention once more to the JabeTron™.
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    Peter, Joe, and Quagmire appear on the JabeTron™. They are backstage standing in front of a TV screen showing the last episode of the last season of Family Guy.

    Quagmire: Hi, everybody, we may be leaving, but there was no way we were going to depart without saying goodbye, and thank you. Thank you for the great matches, and all the fantastic xBOMBxSHELLx's especially. If ever you're caught short for an announcer for a xBOMBxSHELLx match, then I'll gladly drop whoever I'm doing and man up for the job!

    Joe: Good god, Quagmire, would you stop being a sleaze for just one minute. This was supposed to be a classy send of

    Peter: Hahahaha, shut up, Joe, look at the TV--this is the part where I kick that no good bastard chickens head in for real!

    The guys look at the TV screen for a second or Two and laugh at the fight going on.

    Peter: Yeah, I really showed that fat bird who the real Colonel is and Kentucky fried his ass and left him to crown at sea.

    Joe: Then why, pray tell is he standing BEHIND YOU?!?

    Peter turns around to find himself standing face to face with the same talking chicken he believed to be dead.

    Peter: Ahh, not again! Well, if we're gonna do it, then let's do it, ya fat Cuntucky Fried feather brain!

    Peter launches himself at his arch nemesis and the two begin trading punches to the face, giving each other instant black eyes. Peter pokes Chicken in the eye, momentarily blinding him. He uses this opportunity to ram his head into a wall, before grinding his face across the rough surface, grazing his face.

    Peter then grabs him by the beak and begins to walk with him towards the Gorilla Position, where road agent Eric Bischoff is waving his hands in an attempt to stop them.

    Peter ignores his pleas, and throws Chicken through the JabeCurtain™ causing him to roll down the red carpet while the paparazzi snap away.

    Peter comes running out into the arena and doesn't stop until he punts Chicken hard in the head to a loud reaction from the crowd.


    Peter drags him towards the ring and throws him under the bottom rope. He then climbs to the top rope and jumps off--coming down hard with a double axe handle on the top of a rising Chickens head.


    Peter goes to the top rope again, but apparently Chicken was playing possum because as soon as Peter is about to leap, Chicken leaps up and pecks him in the balls, causing him to lose balance and fall to the outside with a nasty sounding crunch.


    Chicken himself then climbs the top rope and jumps off, landing feet first onto Peters stomach. Peter coughs up a little blood as he rolls onto his side.

    Chicken let's out a victorious clucking noise and raises his wings in triumph.
    Peter clearly has a few more rounds left in him because no sooner are Chickens wings up, Peter has sweeped Chickens legs out from underneath him. Peter mounts him and begins punching his face in. Tiring of this, Peter gets up and throws Chicken over the ringside barrier and follows him by springboarding off of it and catching him with a vicious shoulder tackle.

    The two continue fighting through the crowd until they reach the back wall.
    Peter throws Chicken through a fire exit and out into the carpark before following him through.

    Chicken hurls Peter with shocking force through the fire exit and follows him outside. Peter regains his senses and catches an oncoming Chicken with an uppercut to the beak...

    Chicken, staggers back and bumps into a production truck in the parking lot. Peter rams him into the truck with his shoulder, then goes to do it again, however, Chicken sidesteps and slams Peter headfirst into the truck. Chicken twists Peter’s arm behind his back and presses him into the truck. Peter slams his other elbow into Chicken’s gut winding him, before running up the side of the truck and flipping himself over Chicken. Since Chicken still has hold of his arm, Peter uses the momentum to throw Chicken over his head, sending him flying into a limo and bouncing off the hood. As Peter vaults the hood to follow, he is suddenly smacked by a swinging tire iron. Chicken goes for another shot, but Peter blocks it with another tire iron. They begin duelling, the tire irons sparking off each other, as they come over to the garage door leading out of the parking lot. Chicken trips Peter’s legs and knocks him into the door, stunning him briefly. Chicken smirks and runs back into the parking lot.
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    Peter stirs uneasily, looking up to see Chicken driving a car straight at him. Having little time to react, Peter spots the door release for the garage, and throws his tire iron towards it. It shuts and the garage door opens just in time for Peter to dive out and to the side. Chicken’s car just misses him, and skids to a stop outside the arena.
    Chicken gets out of the car and looks around, when Peter pops up behind him and kicks him in the back, sending him crashing to the gravel.

    Tearing half of the skin off of his already heavily grazed face. He comes to a halt when he hits face first into a huge rock.

    Peter approaches him with speed, but Chicken is faster and he grabs a hold of the rock and hurls it at Peters head.

    Peter is knocked unconscious

    Quote Originally Posted by A Dreaming Peter
    Peter is seen rummaging through Stewies toys when he comes across a small box that has the words

    "Press me when you need to go home"

    Over a small red button. Peter shrugs and puts it in his pocket.

    Peter suddenly comes to and realises Chicken has his hands around his throat, trying to strangle him. Peter thinks quick and bites down hard on Chickens wrist causing him to let go. Peter then judo throws Chicken over his shoulder, before reaching into his pocket. He pulls out the small box from his dream and presses the button.

    He suddenly begins to fade away, but not before Chicken manages to grab onto him--the pair of them fade away together.

    They reappear on Spooner St, where Peter so happens to live. As soon as Chicken realizes where he is, he pulls out his mobile phone and begins dialing. He clucks and skwarks at someone on the other end of the line for a few seconds then throws the phone in the face
    of an oncoming Peter.

    Peter hits the floor holding his nose, and Chicken begins kicking him in the ribs hard.

    Suddenly, Cleveland Brown, who was visiting his old neighborhood tackles Chicken to the floor and saves his friend from any further punishment.

    Peters eldest children Meg and Chris then join in and begin putting the boots into Chicken. They are soon followed by more of the family guy cast, including Tom Tucker, Herbert, John Woods, Mayor Adam West, The Cool Aid Guy, and more...

    The beating continues until an old looking truck pulls up, and from out of the back jumps Chicken Little, Foghorn Leghorn, Red from Chicken Run, The Red Rooster, the chicken off of the Kellogs Cornflakes box, andthe fighting rooster that played Big Red in the second season of Kenny Powers.

    A crazy battle royal commences on Spooner St, and Peter is seen taking a bite out of a chicken wing as the scene cuts to Stewies bedroom.

    Stewie is sleeping, but stirs and begins to open his eyes. He stretches for a minute, then sits up sharp after realizing he was awoken by the sounds of the ruckus going on outside his house. He runs to the window and when he sees what is happening an angry look creeps across his face.

    He rushes to his cupboard and pulls out a Death Ray.

    He rushes back to his window, opens, it, and with precise aim he begins to shoot.

    The Kellogs Chicken is incinerated just as he is about to swing a crowbar at Herbert.

    Chicken Little is next, with Foghorn Leghorn, and The Red Rooster close behind him.

    Stewie struggles to get a shot at Big Red until the fighting rooster jumps up into Tom Tuckers head and begins pecking his eyes.



    Big Red disappears in a cloud of claret and feathers, Red from Chicken Run disappears in a similar manner seconds later, leaving just Chicken left. Chicken looks around and
    realizes what has happened and breaks down in tears.

    Peter looks on and understands that he has won. He gives Chicken a remorseful look before heading towards his house.

    Chicken remains on his knees sobbing for his fallen friends for a second, then suddenly a look of anger fills his face and rushes towards a seemingly unaware Peter. Peter opens the door of his house, and swiftly steps to one side where Stewie is seen with a different gun--this time a teleportation ray--and he fires it at Chicken. The sizzling lazer blast hits Chicken and he instantly disappears.

    A bruised and battered Peter drops to his knees and crawls into the house as Stewie casually walks back upstairs to his bedroom.

    Peter drags himself onto the couch and lays his weary head on the arm rest. He grabs the remote control and is just about to change the channel when Lois walks in an says..

    "Don't you change the TV over, I'm watching CSI: Quayhog!"

    Peter: Haha, no way, Lois, WARFare is about to start, and I've just got to see who they've got to replace us at the announce booth!

    Peter changes the channel just as the opening graphics for WARFare begin.
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    After the intense opening fireworks display, the camera pans around the arena, once again showing off the lavish new WARFare set up.

    The fans are going wild already as the camera swoops down to the announce desk where the new WARFare Announce team, Chuck and Rock Marvel are waiting to introduce themselves. They are a pair of smartly dressed men in their very early twenties, almost identical in height. The slightly taller Chuck is sporting a short back and sides with a slick looking side-parting, while his brother, Rock, is styling a spikey hairdo with jBw shaved on the right side of his head.

    Chuck: Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen watching us here around the world live, I'm Chuck Marvel, and this here is my younger brother, Rock Marvel, and we would like to welcome you to the greatest show on earth,
    Justifiably Badass Wrestling's flagship show--WARFare! We have an absolutely great atmosphere here, and the word on the eWN is that this show will change everything.. Take it away, Rock.

    Rock: Thanks, Chuck, and, yes, thats right, JBW is LIVE AT THE CHINESE THEATRE!! There is like a thousand celebrities here tonight, and from what I have heard, JBW show's will be featuring a lot more actors, sportstars, comedians, and musicians..and I have to tell you, guys and gals, we've been watching JBW from day one, and theres not a damn match-

    Chuck: Or -to be fair-
    thing, that has happened in JBW that we don't know about. To be here live at The Chinese Theatre on the day of the launch of the new WARFare is a dream come true for us.

    Rock: Ok, Chuck, enough about us for now--take it away, Gregory Samuels.

    : I'm marking out for @GregorySamuelsJBW even though as the heel I'm not meant to #ooops #sohappyrightnow

    Steve Austin vs Steve Orton

    Gregory Samuels: Ladies and Gentlemen, this is our opening contest of the evening, and it is set for one fall.

    Steve Austin

    Gregory Samuels: Making his way towards the ring, is a man who has been a long time jobber, but feels that now may be his time to shine, he weighs in at twooo huuundred and thiiirrty fiive pooouuunds, he hails from the great state of Texas, he is, Steeeeevvvveeee Aaaauuuuussssstiiiinn'a!!!!


    Chuck: Well, he may claim that this is his time to shine, but, well, we probably all know that that more than likely won't be happening. Not even against his equally jabronified tag team partner.

    Rock: I can't believe that our first ever match announcing for WARFare is gonna be between a pair of losers like this.

    : Wheres the *'s at??? @TheRealSteveAustin???#gimmieabreak

    Steve Orton

    Gregory Samuels: Aaaaannnnd his opponent, he is also a long time jobber, but has been a part of JBW from day one. He is here tonight to face his tag team partner, he weighs in at a slim two hundred and fifteen pounds--he is, Steeeeeeevvvveee Ooooorrrrtonnnn!


    Rock: This guy has won very few matches in his JBW career, but his chances of success here tonight have gotta be at least fifty-fifty.

    Chuck: My money is on Orton in this one. He seems to have the fans on his side and sometimes that can make the world of difference.

    : I love ya @StevieOrtonRulez but please wake me up when its over! #jobberbotmatchessuck

    Rock: OK, referee Willie Willie has called for the bell, and, as Pat would say--this one is underway!

    Chuck: Great, I'm sure we're about to be treated to a fourb and a half star classic.

    Both men circle each other for a second or two before locking up with a collar and elbow tie up. The stronger Steve Austin easily overpowers his smaller tag team partner and pushes him into the corner of the ring. Playfully, he gives him a little tap on the side of Ortons face and smirks at him. Orton gets a look of surprise on his face and angrily pushes Austin in the chest hard. They lock up again, but this time Orton uses his superior wrestling ability, and pulls Austin into a side headlock. Austin quickly pushes him off, and after Orton has bounced back, puts him on his back with a shoulder block.

    Steve Austin flips off the fans to another massive round of indifference.

    A megasized Sprite flies from out of the crowd and hits Austin on the side of his head.


    Rock: In answer to these fans question, I believe it was Ka$-
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    Chuck: Wait, Rock.. Whats caught these fans attention over to the left of the arena?!

    Rock: OH, MY, IT'S MY HERO!! He's making his way through the fans, who're really getting in his face--they better be carefull or they're gonna find themselves on their ass with a broken face!

    Chuck: You're right, but he's far from a hero, Rock. They don't call Jason Alexander, "The Puerto Rican Nightmare, for nothing.

    Jason Alexander hops over the gold plated ring barrier, and slides under the ring. He is on his feet swiftly, and runs towards Steve Austin and hits him with a picture perfect dropkick, whilst also using his chest as a springboard to filp backwards and hit a moonsault on the downed Steve Orton, also with picture perfect precision.


    Rock: Yep. That's my main man. Picture perfect in every way.

    Jason then grabs both men by the hair, and pull them both to their feet. While he still holds onto their hair, he then runs towards the ropes and hurls both men over the top rope.


    Ohhh, that's why Ka$h booked that shit. So his golden boy @PRNightmarecould do a run in and shine. #rockknowsall

    Jason orders Gregory Samuels to pass him his microphone.


    Now the initial shock of Jason's entrance and subsequent destruction of a match no one wanted to see has worn off, the fans turn on a man who has been nothing but disrespectful towards them.

    Chuck: He is certainly not a fan favorite but Jason Alexander has taken center stage and looks to speak his mind.

    Rock: PIPEBOMB!!!! Fuck yeah, now shut up. I wanna hear what Jason has to say.

    @ChuckyMarv: Really hope @RockisaMarvelis through sucking up to @PRNightmare.

    @RockisaMarvel: @ChuckyMarv,
    go #fuckyourself. @PRNightmareis the future of #JBW
    Jason Alexander: God, I love that sound.
    Fans boo.

    Jason Alexander: It tells me I'm doing my fucking job right, however....

    Points the titantron where a video of his elimination from the Gold rush Rumble where Malcom Cage eliminated him.

    Fans laugh and cheer at the footage.

    Rock: What the fuck are these idiots laughing at? They should be outraged Alexander didn't win the Gold Rush Rumble.

    Chuck: It's their right to what they want, besides TheDevilsAdvocate won it and is a great contender to the champion, RomanFlare

    @RockisaMarvel: @PRNightmare
    could do a better job than @DevilsAdvisory in defeating@EmperorRomeany day.

    #whatever, @DevilsAdvisoryvs @EmperorRomehas greatness written all over it.

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    Jason Alexander: Because of that man, Malcolm Cage, I was not able to get my job done and win the Gold Rush Rumble. I entered as the #1 entrant and made all the way to the end, I even eliminated that tool Kiddson along the way but because of Cage my goal of winning the Gold Rush Rumble could not happen and believe me I made sure he wouldn't do it either.

    Shows the footage of himself attacking Cage after he was eliminated from The Gold Rush Rumble.


    Jason Alexander: You think so? Tell me something, what makes you winners?

    The crowd grows silent.

    Jason Alexander: I thought so.


    Chuck: Amazing how the crowd went silent for a bit there.

    Rock: They had to. Jason speaks the truth

    @RockisaMarvel: #JBW Crowd got #OWNED by @PRNightmare
    @ChuckyMarv: Gotta give that one to @PRNightmare.

    Jason Alexander: See though I lost the Gold Rush Rumble I've had nothing but success everywhere I go and here on JBW it will be no different.

    One loss doesn't define you as a loser, aunque todos ustedes ignorantes lo son (although all you ignorant fools are); it's actually staying down after that loss and not fighting back to be back on top that does and that fight in me is endless.

    So to begin my success in JBW given that Cage feels he's a top tier champion here on WARFare then why not make sure he faces a top tier talent such as myself?

    So Cage let's see if you have the valor to face Your Worst Nightmare for the WARFare TV Championship

    Rock: Fuck yeah, an awesome challenge from Jason to Malcolm, let's see if he accepts.

    Chuck: I'm sure he will, Cage is a fighting champion.

    @ChuckyMarv: Let's see what @UnCAGEd has to say towards @PRNightmare's challenge.
    @RockisaMarvel: @UnCAGEd ='s @PRNightmare's #victim


    Cage's music hits to a loud roar. Cage has a mic in one hand and the TV title over his opposite shoulder as he walks out onto the ramp.

    Chuck: Here is the champion himself and what an ovation from the crowd.

    Rock: Bunch of idiots, they cheer for losers.

    @ChuckyMarv: @RockisaMarvel you call @UnCAGED a #loser but he wears the #gold so he is definitely a #winner.
    @RockisaMarvel: @ChuckyMarv The only #winner in sight in @PRNightmare. #rememberthat

    Cage: Jason Alexander. Man it is great to see you in JBW finally. With all that hype around you, I was wondering when you would finally get here. And let's just say you haven't disappointed. You've lived up to all the hype, that is if the hype was that you would be utter shit!


    Cage: You think you're real big shit don't ya Alexander? Where do you think you get off coming into JBW and challenging whoever you want all willy nilly? Why do you think you get special treatment? You see this title?

    Cage holds up the Warfare TV Championship for Alexander, and the crowd, to see.

    Cage: It took me a whole year to get a shot at this title. I had to claw my way from the bottom of the company to even get a chance. And now that I have it, I don't plan on giving it up, especially to some arrogant prick who just fucking got here.

    You are certainly making a good first impression Alexander, not only have you pissed off the fans, but you pissed of the guy who's Championship you want. This is JBW! You don't just come in and call out people for their titles.

    Rock: You can if you're Jason Alexander, you're just trying to find a way to bitch out.

    Chuck: He's stating the obvious, you gotta work to get what you want here in JBW. He did just that. Jason has not.

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    Ma$$Dinero... We're shootin' now, bruv!

    Quote Originally Posted by Wade Barrett 1979 View Post
    Kash; calling it 4 years before Robbie.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dennis View Post
    Bodom is our John Cena.
    Quote Originally Posted by A Dismal Jester View Post
    I hate you.
    Quote Originally Posted by Robstar View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by TheDevilsAdvocate View Post
    Nerds are awesome though!
    Quote Originally Posted by Wade Barrett 1979 View Post
    Are you going for some kind of sig quote world record?
    Quote Originally Posted by Robstar View Post
    You can choke on a big bag of dicks, good sir.



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    @RockisaMarvel: @ChuckyMarv, always trying to defend #JBW's "heroes". @PRNightmare needs to be the #villain to make change happen.

    @ChuckyMarv: @RockisaMarvel the #villain always loses in the end.

    But I am a true wrestler and I never turn down a challenge. You want a shot at my title, Alexander? Well you got it...

    Jason Alexander start rubbing his hands together and starts hyping himself up to get ready for a match.

    Cage: You got it...later tonight. Yea, I'm going to make you wait for it.

    Alexander is visibly angry about having to wait

    Rock: Why not face him now? Are you scared, Cage?

    Chuck: Why would he be scared, he just accepted the challenge. Just on his terms. Is that so hard to believe?

    @ChuckyMarv: To see @UnCAGEd vs @PRNightmare later tonight will be amazing.
    @RockisaMarvel: @PRNightmare is gonna make @UnCAGEd wish he was never born.

    Cage: Know this Jason Alexander, I'm giving you the chance to face me, not because you deserve a TV Title shot. You don't deserve a shot. No, I'm giving you the opportunity to face me because you deserve to have your ass kicked. And the fans deserve to see me kick beat you senseless. Consider it a welcoming present from me, and the fans here at JBW, to you.


    Cage: Sounds like the crowd wants me to, what was it, "Kick Your Ass"? I guess I might have to kick your ass right here right now.

    The crowd starts cheering as Cage heads down the ramp but right as Cage gets to the base of the ramp he looks at Alexander, who puts the mic back to his mouth but Cage interrupts.

    Cage: Haha. You know what Jason, shut the hell up! I want you to be up to full strength, fully prepared for what's coming, so say goodbye to the TV Championship, Alexander cause this maybe the closest you ever get to it.

    Chuck: Way to go Cage, daring to shut up Jason. Great confidence from the champion.

    Rock: How dare he shut up Jason, I hope Jason hits him in the face with his knee so hard that they will have to make sure Cage eats and drinks through a straw.

    @RockisaMarvel: #Nightmare. That's all @UnCAGEd will be able to say once is @PRNightmare through with him.
    @ChuckyMarv: @UnCAGEd is gonna dominate @PRNightmare and prove why he is the #champion.

    Alexander finally takes to the mic.

    Jason Alexander: You're gonna see why I deserve to be where I am to this day and get what I want when I want as I break your skull in half with a knee to your face before I make you face Your Worst Nightmare when I take the WARFare TV Championship off your hands and actually make it a worth while championship that people actually look forward to seeing on a quality star such as Jason Alexander.

    Prepare to face defeat later tonight.

    Rock: All right, this match has main event written all over it. JBW would be idiots not to showcase this match as the main event.

    Chuck: It has the potential of that, you can bet on that.

    @RockisaMarvel: #JBW fans, make it happen use #Wewantthatmainevent if you wanna see @unCAGEd vs @PRNightmare for the #gold headline #WARFare.
    @ChuckyMarv: #JBW will see the potential in this match and make it happen. #ThefutureofJBW are @UnCAGEd and @PRNightmare. #Wewantthatmainevent

    @RockisaMarvel: #JBW fans, make it happen use #Wewantthatmainevent if you wanna see @unCAGEd vs @PRNightmare for the #gold headline #WARFare.

    Rock: Oh my gawd!! The bossman just retweeted me!!

    Chuck: OK, folks, while Rock attempts to conceal his trouser tent, we will go to our first set of commercials of the evening. When we return we shall hear from that theif, Lenny Ray Beauregard.
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