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    Jman wraps K-Jammin in a full nelson, lifts him to his feet and off them, then slams him back down to the mat. Jman looks down at K-Jammin and raises his arm as the crowd cheers. Rome clubs Jman’s back and head with his forearm, breaking up the minor celebration. He grabs Jman by the pants and lifts him up into a back suplex, but the champion reverses and bulldogs the masked man down onto his former tag partner. Jman drags Rome off, breaking the pin. He lifts the man up, but Rome sweeps his legs and tries to apply the cloverleaf, failing as Jman thrusts a foot at his face. As Rome backs up, K-Jammin school boys him, the count broken at 1 by Jman.
    Jman and K-Jammin go at it again, trading hooks. Rome drop kicks Jman in the back, sending him crashing clumsily into K-Jammin. K-Jammin is the first to his feet and charges a gasping Rome, but gets lifting into a flapjack, his neck dropping down onto the rope.

    Pat: And just like that, Rome takes control! The only man in this match without a title and he’s in the driver’s seat!

    Rome drags K-Jammin into the middle of the ring and applies a single-legged Boston Crab. Rome leans backwards, torqueing the knee as he sits on the champion’s back. He breaks when he sees Jman get to his feet, and one dropkick to the knee later, Rome has the crab on Jman. Satisfied with the damage, Rome lets up and drags Jman by the ankle towards the ropes. Placing Jman’s leg on the bottom rope, Rome bounces off the second rope and lands ass-first down on his knee. Jman jerks back in pain, rolling around grabbing his knee.
    Rome makes his way over to K-Jammin, stomping on his former tag partner’s knee. Rome grabs lifts the champion up onto his feet and pushes him back into the ropes. On the rebound, Rome catches K-Jammin and swings him around in a powerslam, planting him hard on the mat but only getting a 1 count and part of another. Slapping the mat in frustration, Rome turns his attention back to Jman. A quick snapmare, Rome hits the ropes and plows the Warfare wrestler with a low-angle clothesline.

    Pat: There’s the patented Baseball Slide-Clothesline combination from Rome. He’s got the match under control, don’t you think Dudley?

    Dudley: K-Jammin is just buying his time to up end that backstabber.

    Rome tries to lift K-Jammin up to his feet, but the champion launches the challenger over his head with a back body drop, Rome crashing hard on his back and rolling onto the apron to catch his breath. K-Jammin pulls Jman into the corner. A right jab and Jammin lifts Jman up onto the turnbuckle, setting him on the top rope. K-Jammin climbs onto the second rope and hooks the arm, but Rome grabs K-Jammin by the pants and throws him over the rope out to ringside. He jumps onto the second rope and grabs Jman in a ¾ Headlock. Patting his chest twice, Rome leaps forward towards the center of the ring.

    Pat: TOP ROPE CUTTER! Rome hits a big move and goes for the pin!

    Dudley: BREAK IT UP, JAMMIN!

    Pat: ONE! TWO! KICK OUT! Jman kicks out to stay alive!

    Rome pounds the mat in frustration. He pops Jman with left and heads for the turnbuckle again. Rome climbs onto the second rope and stares down at the prone Jman. He makes a wide, sweeping motion around his waist, mouthing the words "your title is mine". He points his arms to the sky, only to be interrupted by K-Jammin. Standing on the apron, the champion blasts Rome in the side of the head, knocking the wrestler off the turnbuckle and ragdolling down onto the ringside mat.


    Pat: The Mayhem Champion might’ve just KO’d Rome!

    K-Jammin makes his way around ringside towards Rome. He lifts the masked man by head, slapping him as he gets to his feet, following that up by throwing him into the steel steps. As Rome lays on the ground, breathing heavily, K-Jammin starts to dismantle the announcer desk.

    Pat: What is he doing?!

    Tossing the cover to the side, K-Jammin pulls Rome over to the table and tosses him recklessly onto it. He heads back towards the ring and climbs onto the apron.

    Dudley: Move Pat! MOVE!

    K-Jammin holds onto the top rope, jumps, bounces off the middle rope and lionsaults out across ringside, landing on Rome and shattering the announcing table. K-Jammin staggers to his feet and swings his arms wildly as the crowd explodes at what they just saw. Jman sprints across the ring and flies through the ropes, Jammin barely ducking. Jman crashes onto the mat and the mayhem champion is the only one left standing. The crowd tries to start an array of different chants , but each one fizzles out.

    Pat: Hello? Can you hear me? It’s chaos down here!


    Pat: Apparently we are still broadcasting live! Ladies and Gentlemen, this is chaos! K-Jammin is the only one left standing as Jman and Rome are sprawled out in front of us!

    K-Jammin tries to drag Jman back into the ring, rolling him under the ropes and sliding in for the pin. Unfortunately he takes too much time as Jman kicks at two. Brushing his hair to the side, the Mayhem champion grabs Jman by the knees and slingshots him into the corner post. Jman bounces off the turnbuckle and turns into a standing dropkick—and another! A flying elbow as the pace quickens, another to drop Jman in the center of the ring. The crowd pops as K-Jammin heads for the ropes—a jump off the second rope and a lionsault onto Jman! The champion is fired up, measuring Jman up. The crowd’s mood darkens as Rome hops onto the top rope and springboards into the ring, clotheslining K-Jammin to the mat.
    Rome leans into the turnbuckle, catching his breath as K-Jammin staggers to his feet. Rome kicks his former tag partner in the gut and throws him shoulder first into the corner post. He turns his attention to Jman, but the Warfare star quickly grabs Rome and hits a T-Bone Suplex, bridging the pin. The ref hits the mat and starts counting.

    Pat: One! Two! Nooo! Rome kicks at 2 and a half.

    Dudley: Too close! Too close!

    K-Jammin bursts forward and leaps into a drop kick, but leapfrogs Jman and nails Rome in the side of the head as he tries to get up. Jman jumps onto K-Jammin’s back, snapping on the sleeper hold and putting his body weight on his opponent’s back. The two stagger around the ring, K-Jammin grabbing ropes to hold them up. Rome throws up a big boot, nailing Jman and separating the two champions. K-Jammin bounces off the ropes, trying to catch his breath, and runs straight into Rome, spearing the masked hero to the mat. He hooks the leg and the ref counts it.


    K-Jammin and Jman get to their feet, turn to see Rome climbing to his own, and look back at each other. As Rome stands up, the champions jump forward and deliver a double Superkick to the chin, sending Rome falling into the ropes where he gets tangled and slowly slides to the floor mat. Jman and K-Jammin stand nose-to-nose again, trading harsh words. They tie up in a shoulder and elbow lockup, but jump back into a neutral position after a few seconds. They reach forward and try it again, but get the same result. K-Jammin adjust his pants as the two champions circle the ring, looking at each other.

    Pat: The two champions are at a stand off! With Rome still lying in front of us, Jman and K-Jammin are one-on-one!

    Dudley: My money’s on K-Jammin!

    Pat: Your money is always on K-Jammin…

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    K-Jammin goes for another tie up, but Jman snap kicks him in the gut. Applying a front headlock, Jman slowly rotates K-Jammin over and drops him in a neckbreaker. Jman gets to his feet and drops a jumping elbow on Jammin’s chest followed by a quick kip up. Jman points to the turnbuckle and heads that way. The crowd goes nuts as the warfare star climbs to the top rope. Raising his arms above his head, Jman leaps into the air and drop a flying elbow right on K-Jammin’s face. He goes for the cover.

    Pat: One! Two! And there goes the ref! Rome just pulled the Ref out of the ring!

    Rome walks around the corner post as the Ref berates him, Jman staring him down from the middle of the ring. Rome slowly climbs onto the apron and ducks under the top rope, Jman focusing in on him. K-Jammin wraps his arms around Jman’s waist, throwing him backwards with a German Suplex, holding tight as he goes for the bridge pin. The Ref counts to 1 by the time Rome double stomps Jammin’s gut, breaking it up. Rome pulls K-Jammin by the head, double underhooks the arms, and lifts the champion up into a powerbomb position. He then turns and chucks his former tag partner into the turnbuckle.
    Jman gets to his feet, but Rome pops a high kick and floors the champion. The crowd boos as the masked man wraps his arms around Jman’s legs, twisting him over into a cloverleaf. Rome cranks the legs back high into the air, dropping his knee on the back of Jman’s head, bending him into a bow-like shape. The ref drops to ask Jman if he wants to submit. The crowd cheers as K-Jammin fishhooks Rome by the lip, breaking the submission. As Rome turns, K-Jammin pops him with a left and right, a back elbow followed by a jumping knee to knock Rome to the ground.

    Pat: Twenty-Five minutes! These men have been going at it for almost half an hour!

    Jman pulls himself up in a corner, his chest heaving. K-Jammin runs over and throws a clothesline, but Jman ducks under. He turns Jammin around and back elbows him. He lifts K-Jammin onto the top rope and starts to climb the turnbuckle. He gets to the second rope as K-Jammin headbutts him once—twice! Jammin turns and grabs Jman, lifting him into a fireman’s carry on the top rope. K-Jammin stands up on the second rope as the crowd cheers in anticipation. K-Jammin bends his knees and thrusts back up and throws Jman out of the ring with a takeover slam (F-U), sending the champion crashing to the mat as the crowd chants "Holy Shit!".

    K-Jammin staggers off the turnbuckle and grabs Rome by the hair. He lifts his former tag partner to his feet and draws back. He swings a big right hand, but Rome ducks under. Rome grabs K-Jammin from the back and lifts him into a back suplex. At the apex of the lift, Rome swings around and side slams the Mayhem World Champion into the mat. Rome hooks the leg as the ref counts the pin and the crowd chants along.
    One! Two! THREE!


    Dudley: He looked out of it from the beginning--like he was tired! JMan and K-Jam dominated most of the match!

    Pat: But all he needed was that second wind to prove he's the greatest wrestler in the business today!

    The Ref hands Rome the titles as he stares at them before kissing them both. He holds them up to a roar of boos from the crowd. Rome smiles and yells "HOW DO YOU LIKE ME NOW?" at them. After a few seconds his lowers his arms, his smile contorting into a smirk as he soaks in the crowd. He motions to a ring worker, who hands him a microphone.

    Rome: Here, take these while you're at it.

    Rome hands the titles down to the man and walks into the center of the ring, facing the stage.

    Rome: I'm not done yet--oh no. I'm only just beginning. CAESAR! Get your arrogant, smug face down here. I'm taking your title tonight!

    Seconds go past as silence echoes from the stage.

    Rome: I'm not kidding. Don't make me go back there and drag you out by your hair. YOU AND ME, ONE ON ONE! ALL THE MARBLES!
    Pat: I think Caesar's already left the building!

    Rome: Don't fuck with me, Caesar. Get--

    Rome tosses the mic down and crouches, waiting.
    And waiting.

    Almost thirty second go by, just music.

    Then something starts lowering from the rafters. A solo spotlight appears in the middle of the ring, as Caesar's music continues to play.

    Dudley: It's.. It's..


    Dudley: WHAT?!

    Rome stares up at the title, watching it lower. It stops, hanging at eye level with him. He slowly reaches up and unhooks it. He stares at the title and begins to buckle it around his waist as the hook goes back up.

    Pat: What's the meaning of this!?

    Dudley: I think Caesar knew he couldn't win! RomanFlare is unstoppable!

    Rome looks down at the title around his waist and then up to the crowd. The crowd is absolutely stunned.

    Pat: What a gross misuse of conduct! RomanFlare probably paid off Caesar!

    Rome takes a lap around the ring, arms in the air, celebrating his "win". He jumps into the center of the ring and falls to his knees. He raises his arms to the ceiling as the spotlight shines down upon him. Then he slowly reaches back behind his head and...

    Pat: RomanFlare is removing his mask!

    Dudley: Finally we get to see face!

    Rome unties his mask and holds it against his face for a few seconds as the crowd stares in wonderment. He slowly peels it off and shakes his head.


    Dudley: You mean Caesar is RomanFlare!

    Pat: It doesn't matter--they're one in the same!

    Rome smiles to the crowd as he tosses his mask aside. He grabs the nearby mic and holds it to his lips, smiling.

    Rome: Guess who, peasants! IT WAS THE ROMAN ONE!

    Rome rises to his feet and walks forward, leaning on the ropes.

    Rome: Two title matches--back to back. Two matches in one night, almost no break in between. Do you know how fast I had to hustle to my locker room to change? But it doesn't matter. What does matter--Rome has finally proven himself the greatest wrestler in the world. There is NO DENYING my ability at this point. The man you see before you has competed on two different brands for months--often pulling double duty at pay-per-views. All the while--while RomanFlare was dominating the Mayhem brand, Caesar was skyrocketing up the Showdown Brand. Then it happened--the very time I had proclaimed for myself. I had a shot at not one, not two but THREE world titles on one night!

    And I did what no mortal man could do--I WON! THE MAN YOU SEE BEFORE YOU IS YOUR UNDISPUTED WORLD CHAMPION! No man in this business has the talent, the charisma, or the endurance to stand toe-to-toe with me. Not one man in that locker room had the where-with-all to understand the wool I was pulling over their eyes. Not a single one of you peasants at ringside or watching on your boobtube could tell the difference. I worked two different styles for months—the bruising Caesar and the technical wizard that is RomanFlare. Not one man in this company could’ve stopped either—and now they are one. The man who stands before you is the alpha AND the omega. I. AM. ROME.

    Rome motions to a ring-side assistance for his titles. He sets the mic down and takes the titles, climbs the nearest turnbuckle, and holds the Warfare and Mayhem World Titles high above his head. The arena fills with half-hearted booing as must of the crowd sits in stunned silence. Rome jumps off the turnbuckle, slings the Warfare title over his shoulder, and grabs the mic.

    Rome: Now every single brand comes through one man. A solo man sits atop the hill, striking down the mortal peasants that claw at his feet, jabbering nonsense about "how they deserve the titles". Not one other man could do what I just did and that, knuckledraggers, is why I will not be moved from his perch. You see, anyone can proclaim to be the "best in the world" and then go on and knock off the top man in the company. It has happened before, it’ll happen again. But no man has ever backed up that claim by beating the best three opponents this business has to offer on the same night—until I. After my world shaking night, after I send you all home with much more than you deserve for the ticket prices, and after I go into the back and receive a whirlwind of death threats and insults—I’m going to leave you with some final, parting words. Now, do yourself a favor, shut up, hit the blabbering kid next to you, and—this goes especially for all the mules in the back—open your ears.

    The Emperor has arrived and he won’t let his empire crumble before him. Before you challenge me, ask yourself this one question: "Am I willing to wrestle a God?"

    Pat: Wow. Ladies and gentlemen, I guess we're back... with a bang! God I love JBW
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    Kash; calling it 4 years before Robbie.
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    Bodom is our John Cena.
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    I hate you.
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    Nerds are awesome though!
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    Are you going for some kind of sig quote world record?
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    The credits roll for the best show in the history of the eWN

    Brought to you by Kash, Zapph, Rome, R(ob), SilverGhost, JMan, K-Jammin, SEZ, WPayne, and more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wade Barrett 1979 View Post
    Kash; calling it 4 years before Robbie.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dennis View Post
    Bodom is our John Cena.
    Quote Originally Posted by A Dismal Jester View Post
    I hate you.
    Quote Originally Posted by Robstar View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by TheDevilsAdvocate View Post
    Nerds are awesome though!
    Quote Originally Posted by Wade Barrett 1979 View Post
    Are you going for some kind of sig quote world record?
    Quote Originally Posted by Robstar View Post
    You can choke on a big bag of dicks, good sir.



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    For my faithful Jabesters--Ka$h loves you all, and this is for you.

    Pat: Ok, folks. The shows over, and the crowd are still buzzing over what they have seen here tonight. I don't know who is actually listening to this right now as, well, the show has stopped broadcasting, but I've been told we're to stay out here anyway
    Ryusuke "Shuriken Blade Serra

    Peter:Oh, boy, it's Shuri!!! Of all the people I expected to come out and emcee for the crowd as they leave, he would be last on that list. I wonder what he wants to say..
    Shuriken grabs the microphone while the crowd roars.

    Shuriken: You know....there comes a time where wrestler's fame gets too big that it is impossible to share the spotlight with other wrestlers. Then there comes a time where those wrestlers HAVE to wrestle each other in front of a huge audience.

    Crowd cheers loudly

    Ladies and Gentleman, fans of JBW.....this is NOT one of those times.

    Crowd boos loudly.

    I'll tell you why: Years ago, I was at the other promotion but I did meet up with one of JBW's finest.

    Crowd cheers.

    Psycho Siaki

    Crowd cheers loudly.

    He and I decided to have a match one day. That one day is a day that I was looking forward to for a long time. I came to JBW for that reason. To face Siaki in a match. After what has transpired here tonight, I now realize that I can't continue until that match happens.

    Crowd goes crazy.

    Yes....that is the match that everyone would love to see. It was talked about for a long time as well. But.....I found out that Kash, DID NOT have plans to make this match anytime but earlier this evening Kash said that if I want Siaki and Shuriken then it would would be a dark match. I think he thinks I was messing around.

    Crowd boos loudly.

    THIS IS NOT WHAT I CAME TO JBW FOR KASH! I CAME HERE TO HAVE A BATTLE WITH SIAKI! A world championship can wait....BUT THIS CAN'T! So......Kash....Management....I am here to sweeten our match so EVERYONE in the world can see.

    Crowd grows silent


    Crowd goes ballistic

    THERE YOU HAVE IT! Kash and Management, what do you say? Now do you want to book this match? Looks like everyone whats to see it. So....are you gonna pretend this conversation never existed? Or are you gonna give me and Siaki our match?

    Crowd chants "Let's go Siaki!" Let's go Serra!" Let's go Siaki!" Let's go Serra!"..
    Psycho Siaki

    Siaki walks out onto the stage wearing his game face. The challenge is accepted

    Pat: Man oh man oh man oh..

    Dudley: Man oh man oh man oh...

    Sly: Man oh man oh man oh..

    Larry: Man oh man oh man oh..

    Joe: Man oh man oh man oh..

    Quagmire: Man oh man oh man oh..

    Peter: Boy oh b- I mean, man oh man oh man! This is what EFedding is all about! I can't believe this match is about to happen!

    Pat: I can't believe that this match isn't being shown on TV!

    Joe: Well, Kash did seem like he was pushed into a corner by Ryusuke. Perhaps Shuri threatened to quit if it didn't happen.

    Quagmire: I think it was more a case of Shuri feeling that he had to somehow "get the monkey off his back".

    Peter: Sheesh, that's one big freaking monkey! King Kong eat your freaking heart out!

    Larry: I've tried monkey heart. When I was on tour with Power Uti's promotion in Nigeria they served it to us while it was still beating. Boy, there isn't a finer aphrodisiac on earth--except maybe monkey penis, but only when they're circumcised.

    Peter: God, I love Larry.

    Larry: Hey, you're not too bad yourself, fatty. The cripple and the pervert I could do without, though.

    Quagmire: Hey, I'm no perve- oh, wait, I forgot, I am... Well, at least I don't go around eating circumcised monkey penis.

    Joe: No, you just stick them in your ass. Oh, and the prefered term is handicapped, Larry, and if you don't want me to show you how handicap-able I can be, you'll keep that filthy mouth of yours firmly closed.

    Pat: OK, folks, lets settle down here.

    Quagmire: If this is just a dark match, how come we're all out here? Like, just who are we meant to be announcing for?

    Pat: That's a good questio- wait, Kash is talking to me through my earpiece..... OK... Uhuh... Oh my god! Guys, we're out here calling this for the DVD of this match.

    Peter: Wow, that thing will make Kash a lot'a'lot'a dough! But I don't give a shit about all of that, I just wanna see these two put a hurting on one another.

    Pat: Just look at the former two time World Heavyweight champion. He truly means business here tonight, folks.

    Siaki walks down the ramp -cracking his knuckles- and makes his way towards the ring steps. He lets out a primal scream and walks up them with purpose.

    Joe: Looks like Siaki has a lot of built up aggression!

    Sly: Surely that has a lot to do with the way Ma$$ walked out on him in their tag team title defence. I would not like to be that man when Siaki finds him.

    Dudley: That was the smartest thing he's ever done in his life.

    Peter: No way, this is the hugest match ever. Siaki isn't thinking about that asshole Ma$$ right now.. Siaki is ready to get down to some serious bone breaking.

    Pat: Well, either way, it looks like he's going to let that aggression out in a few seconds.

    Siaki enters the ring and stands in the opposite corner to Ryusuke, who looks more than ready to go in this ultimate dream match. Both men are staring daggers at each other as the buzz from the crowd begins to morph into a constant roar.

    The duel chants begin.



    Ring announcer Greggory Samuels gets into the ring and the crowd are ready to burst with excitement.

    Greggory Samuels: Ladieees aaannnd Gentlemen, I give you THE... DREEEEAAAMMMM! Match of theeee... CEEENNNTUUUURRRYYYYY.

    #%*Crowd go BALLISTIC!*%#

    In the corner to my right is a man who was the first wrestler to ever win the JBW and EWNCW World Championships, and is a former WARFare World Heavyweight Tag Team Champion. He entered JBW amid controversy, but has won us all over with his intensity and character, he is from Los Angeles, California, he stands five feet nine inches, and weighs in at twooo huuunndred and twenty pounds, I give you.... Ryuuuusuuuukeeee "Shhuuurrriiiikeeennnn Bllllaaaaade" Seeeerrrraaaaa!!!!!!!


    Aaaannnndd hiis opponent... From San Diego, California.. He is a former twooo tiiiimme Maaayyyheem World Heavyweight Champion, and a former Mayhem World Heavyweight Tag Team Champion... He is a man that has embodied the spirit of JBW like no other, and is a champion through and through; he stands an impressive six feet fiiive inches; he weighs in at a rock solid twooo hhuuunnndreeed and eeeiigghty fiivee pounds... I give you, Psssyyyyyochooooo Sssiiiiaaaaakiiiiii


    The referee calls both men into the middle of the ring and goes over the rules of this career ending contest. He asks them to shake hands, and after a few seconds pause, they concede and give into respect.

    Pat: Here we go, folks, this one is underway.

    The referee rings the bell.

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    Both men begin circling -almost stalking- one another. Serra unleashes a lightning fast kick that catches Siaki on the calf, and instantly swings another in the same spot causing the Samoan to take a step back.

    Siaki smiles, then advances on Shuriken. They lock up in a collar and elbow tie up and vie for position. Using his superior strength, Siaki pushes the smaller Serra into the corner of the ring and holds him in the ropes. The referee begins to count, and Siaki releases him at the three count but stays in Serra's face and smiles. Serra pushes him away and the crowd pop at his intensity. They pop louder when Siaki returns fire with a thunderous chop that echoes throughout the arena. He backs off, and Shuriken follows him back into the middle of the ring where they lock up again. Siaki begins to get the upper hand again, but Serra catches his left arm, and throws Siaki with an arm drag. Siaki rises to his feet with lighting fast speed but is floored again with another arm drag, this time a Japanese variation. When Siaki rises, he is met with the sight of Shuriken jumping feet first at him with a dropkick.

    Siaki evades it and Serra falls face first on the mat.

    Siaki swiftly picks him up and unleashes a devastating elbow to his jaw.


    He hits him with another, grabbing onto his hair, preventing him from falling.

    The crowd count along as he nails him with another razor sharp elbow.






    The seventh elbow catches Shuriken Blade just above the eyebrow and busts him wide open. An eighth vicious strike puts the bloodied Serra on the mat. Siaki stomps on his chest and ribs four times before referee Willie Willie bravely steps in and exerts his authority, backing the pissed off Samoan away from the fallen Japanese-Mexican Superstar.

    Pat: Holy crap! Siaki just unleashed his fury on poor old Shuri'

    Larry: Ouch! That reminds me o-

    Joe: Shut up, Larry, no one cares right now, we just wanna see these two fight!!

    Ryusuke Serra slowly rises to his feet. Psycho Siaki meets him and lifts him high into the air with an impressive gorilla press before dropping him and catching him, bringing him down hard onto his knee with a devastating back breaker.

    Dudley: Wow, that was one painful looking move. Siaki goes for the cover, trying to end this one early.



    Serra kicks out to a nice pop from the crowd and rolls onto his stomach.

    But Siaki isn't finished and as he stands up he grabs ahold of Serra's waist and deadlifts him into a crushing german suplex. Serra rolls onto his front again, and begins to crawl towards the ropes. Siaki stops him by placing his foot on the back of his head, before reaching down and grabbing both of his wrists and raises Serra off of the mat.

    Sly: Curb stomp!!


    Siaki brings Serra down to the mat face first in a display of barbarism. The impact causes Serra's nose to break and leave a small pool of blood on the canvas. Siaki reaches down and tries to pull the wounded Serra off of the mat, but Serra wisely shakes him off and rolls out of the ring.

    Sly: Smart move by the former WARFare World Heavyweight Champion. He needs to get his head straight out there--
    he's getting annihilated so far.

    Quagmire: You can say that again. Just look at his face!

    The referee begins to count, and Shuriken takes advantage of the break from action and rolls back into the ring at the nine and three quaters count. Some fans in attendance boo Shurikens stalling tactics, but it is clear he is nursing some injured ribs after the earlier gorilla press-back breaker combo from earlier. Siaki muscles him into the corner and unleashes a combo known as Athletic Aggression.

    Left hook to the cheek.


    Right hook to jaw.


    Left knee to face.


    Right knee to the already broken nose of Ryusuke.


    Again Ryusuke Serra falls to the mat and bails to the outside of the ring, but instead of allowing his opponent the chance to catch his breath, Siaki bounces off the opposing ropes before running and springboarding towards Serra with a majestic looking cross body block. Despite his shaken state Serra still has the sense of mind to move out of the way and Siaki shockingly hits the ringside mat with a sickening splat. The crowd gasp in unision and Serra rolls back into the ring. The referee begins to count. Serra breaks his count at nine by once again leaving the ring and lifting the severely hurt Siaki up off of the ground. He strikes him with a serious looking knee, and rolls him back in the ring. He follows him in and for the first time in this match he is in control.

    Siaki shakily gets to his feet, but Serra sweeps him off them and brings him back down onto his back. He drops an uber fast elbow drop on him almost as soon as he lands. He then jumps high into the air and lands hard with his knee across his chest. He makes the cover.




    Pat: Whoa! That was a close count! Siaki must really be feeling it after that tumble to the outside.

    Serra -like Siaki earlier, only a tad slower due to his injured ribs- is relentless as he lifts Siaki off the floor and drives his knee into his chest three times before irish whipping him into the corner. The bigger man reverses it and it is Serra that ends up in the corner. Siaki runs in and dives onto Serra with a bone jarring Samoan splash. As Serra stumbles out of the corner Siaki grabs him in a bearhug and squeezes--adding further punishment to his ribs.

    After about ten seconds, Siaki suddenly pops his hips and sends Serra flying over his head with a sick looking belly to belly suplex. Serra pulls himself up by the ropes in the corner near to where he just landed, and as soon as he is vertical, Siaki crushes him with another Samoan splash.

    Again Serra stumbles out of the corner, and, again, Siaki wraps his massive arms around him and traps him in another bearhug. Serra lets loose with a pair of elbows, but Siaki shakes them off. Serra swings another then grabs him by the sides of the head and headbutts him.


    Serra instantly regrets his choice of striking method and winces in pain.


    Siaki laughs out loud before suddenly spinning around so his back is facing the ropes, and then sends Serra over the top rope with another belly to belly suplex. Without hesitation the former two time world heavyweight champion follows him to the outside and begins to put the boots to him.

    The crowd begin chanting...



    Siaki pulls the man who's name has cast a shadow upon him for a year to his feet. He is now finally able to step out from under and prove to the world who is the better man, and he shows it as he walks Serra over to the remaining announce desk -The WARFare one- and drags him on top of it.

    Peter: Oh boy, I am out of here. Quick, Quagmire, wheel Joe out of the way!

    Quagmire: I'm trying, I'm trying! His wheels caught and I can't get him free.

    Peter runs over to try and help but arrives at the wrong time as Siaki who had lifted Serra high into the air ready to power bomb him had just brought him down hard onto the table causing all three announcers to get crushed in the fallout.





    Pat: Oh my god, that was chaos! Even if it wasn't their last night here in JBW, I bet the WARFare announce team wouldn't want to come back after that.

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    Dudley: Fuck the Family Guy guys, Shuriken Blade must be broken in half!!

    Siaki rolls back into the ring, then rolls back out breaking the referees count, and pulls Serra to his feet, and drags him towards the ring apron. Siaki slams Serra's head hard on the side of the ring, and again for good measure, before rolling him back in the ring, and following him in and making the cover.




    Serra kicks out to a huge pop from the crowd. They are clearly loving the action as much as Siaki is loving dishing out the punishment on Serra. He is still smiling as he pulls his opponent to his feet and hoists him up into the torture rack device position. He is about to drive Shuriken down on his head, but the move is reversed, and he lands perfectly on his feet.

    A microsecond later and two powerful and precise kicks have met their intended target of Siakis head. A third causes him to reel back in considerable pain.

    Noticing the change of momentum, Shuriken follows up with a flurry of punches to Siaki's midsection and follows up by screaming..


    ..and nailing Psycho Siaki with a picture perfect Dragon Punch
    that sends him flying through the ropes.

    Siaki finds himself on the outside again as he looks up to see Serra hurtling over the top rope and hitting him with a corkscrew bodypress to a huge pop from the crowd.

    Serra rolls back into the ring and fires up the crowd as a replay of his Dragon Punch is shown on the JabeTron. Running on adrenaline, Serra hits the ropes, bounces off, and picks up steam as he goes running across the ring, and diving between the middle and tope ropes.

    Sly: Tope Carhillo!

    Siaki hits the ringside barrier with brutal force, and the impact nearly snaps him in two!

    "HOLY SHIT !


    Turns into..





    As Ryusuke Serra throws Psycho Siaki back into the ring and makes the cover.




    Siaki kicks out. Barely.

    Pat: That last move really put a hurting on the big Samoan.

    Larry: Oh for sure, Pat, he was nearly snapped in half by that Tope Carhillimajig thing Shuri just did. He bent him in half like I did my penis that one time in that Korean Torture House behind that Vietnamese dog buffet in Sapporo.

    Sly: And that's why I wish it was you that got crushed and not the Family Guy guys.

    Pat: OK, lets focus back on the action here, folks. Serra now with a dragon sleeper on the big man, slowing this one down.

    Dudley: Well, at the way these two have been laying it in, I'm not surprised he wants to slow things down. These two have been killing each other!

    Serra begins to crank in the Dragon sleeper, but Siaki manages to edge close enough to the ropes so he can touch them and break the hold. Serra holds on until the referee is about to count to five.

    Dudley: Man, Shuri should never have let go of that. Theres not a referee on the planet brave enough to stop this match, so what's the worst that could happen?

    Pat: I don't think Serra cares about all that, Dudley; he has always been a man of honour, and relaxed rules or not, he doesn't want to compromise that.

    Siaki pulls himself up by the ring ropes, and Serra strikes him with a destructive crescent kick that knocks him through the ropes and onto the ring apron. He gets to his feet and Serra grabs him by the back of the neck and runs him down the apron and smashes his face into the turnbuckle. Siaki holds onto the top rope--preventing him from falling to the floor outside. Serra grabs him by the back of the head again, but this time powers him into a front facelock, before draping Siakis left arm over the back of his neck. Serra lets out a huge roar as he tries to suplex Siaki back into the ring, but the bigger man locks his leg around the bottom rope and blocks the move. Siaki then tries to return the favour and lifts Serra up into a vertical suplex position, but before Serra passes the point of no return, he nails Siaki on the top of the head with a wicked looking knee, causing Siaki to drop Serra back into the ring. With momentum on his side, Serra puts both of his feet on the bottom rope, and then uses hidden strength reserves to spectacularly suplex the savage Samoan Superstar back into the ring with a bang.

    Sly: Wow, now that was unexpected, I thought for sure that Shuriken Blade was gonna go splat on the outside of the ring right there!

    Pat: Siaki is sure feeling that one, Sly. This match has been one high impact move after the next, and Shuri looks to be setting Siaki up for another!

    Serra lifts Siaki onto his shoulders in a firemans carry position, and holds him there for a second, before pushing the larger man as high into the air as he can while simultaneously falling onto his back and raising both of his knees. Siaki comes crashing down onto Serra's knees gut-first, and lets out a howl of pain.

    Pat: SEPPUKU!!!

    Larry: Or, for us normal kids, a gut buster.

    Sly: Define normal.

    Pat: And while your there I'd really like to hear you define kids.

    Larry slaps both Sly and Pat as Serra goes for the cover, hooking both legs and pushing down as hard as he can.


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    Pat: Oh god, Siaki just kicked out at one!!! And now look at him standing up already! Now that's true fighting spirit!

    Once Siaki is on his feet, Shuriken hits him with a braincell destroying elbow to the temple.

    Siaki absorbs the blow, and fires back with his own elbow to Shuriken's left cheekbone, then another sudden blow to the right.

    Shuriken winces and takes a step back. His retaliation comes swift and arrives in the form of an unforgiving kick to Siaki's left shoulder. He follows up by holding the back of Siaki's head and jumping up, bringing his knee full force into his face. Siaki crumples to the mat and Shuriken makes another cover.



    Siaki kicks out with authority!

    Siaki slowly begins to rise, but as he is on his knees, Shuriken swings his right foot at catches him with a sickening buzzsaw kick.

    Larry: By the Backstreet Boys collection of HolyJose, I think he just knocked him out!!




    A shocked Ryusuke Serra slowly gets to his feet, and is up around about the same time as Siaki, and in an amazing display of speed, he runs towards him and gives him
    a flying ninja kick to the solar plexus sending him flying into the turnbuckles.

    Siaki stumbles out of the corner, and Shuriken gives him an evil kick to the midsection, and puts his head between his legs, before grabbing him around the waist and lifting with all of his might.

    Siaki blocks the attempted powerbomb.

    Shuriken tries again.

    Again, Siaki blocks the move.

    Shuriken tries a different tactic, and releases Siaki, and while he's still hunched over
    he kicks him repeatedly in the face, before attempting to powerbomb him again.

    In a show of strength that laughs in the face of his size, Shuriken muscles up Siaki, runs forward and powerbombs him into the turnbuckles.

    Siaki hits with incredible force, and slumps down--his back resting on the bottom turnbuckle.

    Shuriken takes a few steps back, and the crowd begin to get excited. He lets out a roar of aggression and sprints for a few steps then jumps high into the air before landing feet first into Siakis chest.

    The crowd let out a collective cheer for the brutality of the move.

    Shuriken doesn't waste any time in pressing forward with his attack, and he pulls Siaki to his weary feet. In another show of strength, Shuriken lifts Siaki up, and places him so he is now sitting on the top rope. After moving Siakis legs over to the other side the ropes,
    Shuriken draws his thumb across his own throat--signifying "the end"

    Peter: Boy, this could be curtains for Siaki. Shuri has got some bad bad thoughts running through his mind, and he's about to unleash a whole heap of serious pain on him.

    Shuriken swiftly climbs to the rope, and then, while pulling Siaki with him, continues to ascend to the top rope where he attempts to suplex the Samoan giant.

    Without the proper leverage behind him, Shuriken fails in his attempt.

    Siaki frees his head and headbutts Shuriken right between the eyes. Shuriken is about to fall, but Siaki stops him by holding onto his hair.

    Quagmire: Would you look at the way the ropes are shaking!! These two are gonna get hurt here if just one of them slip.

    Siaki positions Shuriken for a powerbomb off of the top rope,

    Pat: Not off of the top rope! Shuriken will be killed!

    Siaki shakily powers Shuriken up as high as he can before jumping with him as high as gravity would allow, and bringing him down.

    Shuriken counters the potentiality match ending move with a mid-air hurricanrana, and Siaki hurtles to the mat and lands with a crash.

    Siaki makes the cover.




    Sly: Close. Call.

    Shuriken slaps the mat with frustration, and traps Siaki in an armbar, to rest a little, and rethink his strategy.

    Siaki is having none of the "rest hold" and doesn't hesitate to force his way to his feet as soon as he has slightly recovered from the crazy move he just took. Shuriken still has the armbar on as they rise to their feet, but Siaki just throws him off into the ropes.

    Shuriken hits the ropes and comes back at Siaki.

    Siaki swings a lariat.

    Shuriken Blade ducks under and continues running.

    Siaki runs forwards and hits the ropes.

    Shuriken hits the ropes.

    Siaki and Shuriken rebound off of the ropes sharing the same thought.


    Both men swing at the same time.


    Pat: Oh my lord! They nearly just took each others heads off!!

    Sly: Both men are down and out, Pat, I don't think that this match is gonna be able to continue!

    The referee begins the ten count.






    Peter: Come one guys, don't let it happen this way!



    Siaki begins to stir. Shuriken turns onto his front and begins to crawl towards the ropes.


    Shuriken gets to the ropes and begins to pull himself up.

    Siaki lifts his head, but drops it backwards after his energy seems to fail him.


    Shuriken gets to his feet.

    Siaki is still laying prone pn the mat.


    Siaki shockingly nips up at the last split second
    and the fans pop like it was the fourth of July.
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    The two warriors stare at each other, both quite short of breath, and both certainly feeling the effects of the punishment they have received.

    A second later they both make a dash for one another. They clash in the middle of the ring, both unleashing lariats that would level most men. Both men stay standing and begin trading elbows. After six or seven from each men, Siaki changes his attack, and unloads with a knife edge chop to to Shuriken Blades chest, leaving a huge red welt.

    Shuriken responds in kind, and immediately follows up with a kick to the chest and a straight hook to the face. Siaki seems to have been shocked by the last punch, and a look of anger spreads across his face. He goes low and swings a punch to Shuriken's ribs, and then another two before rising with an uppercut that splits Shuriken's chin, and causes his legs to wobble. Siaki catches him and headbutts him in the face, before letting loose with a Samoan Hook!

    Shuriken goes down, and Siaki falls on top of him and makes the cover.


    Larry: HolyJose's HoleyUnderpants! Now its Shuri's time to show some fighting spirit!

    Siaki looks shocked as he stands up and takes in the sight of Shuriken Blade shaking his fists a rising to his feet.

    Siaki swings with a haymaker.

    Shuriken ducks!

    Siaki swings a kick, but, again, Shuriken ducks; this time firing back with a jumping knee to the forehead; rocking the Samoan. A knee to the midsection brings Siaki to his knees.

    Ryusuke "Shuriken Blade" Serra takes a step back and sizes up Psycho Siaki for a second.


    He lets out a primal roar of pent up aggression and runs towards Siaki and smashes him full on in his face with his finishing knee.

    Pat: BOMA YE!!

    Sly: He makes the cover!!

    Larry: One!!

    Dudley: TWO!!

    All: THRE-

    Pat: I don't believe it, Siaki got his shoulder up at the last split second! How in the hell are these two still battling one another!?!

    Shuriken Blade shows a little frustration, but composes himself and pulls Siaki to his feet. Siaki pushes him off, but Shuriken swings with a punch.

    Siaki ducks and catches Serra's arm. One savage headbutt later and Shuriken is primed for The Psycho One's finishing move.

    Pat: There it is, folks!

    Sly: "The Road To Plastic Surgery!"

    Pat: Nobody hits that exploder suplex like Psycho Siaki.

    Psycho Siaki makes the cover.




    Pat: Shuriken Blade KICKS OUT!!

    Siaki doesn't hesitate to roll Serra onto his stomach and trap him in a full nelson. He then steps over and sits down on the small of his back and pulls backwards as hard as he can.

    Pat: Oh my god! He has Shuri trapped in "The Siaki Clutch"!!!

    Referee Willie Willie gets in Shuriken's face, but gets caught with his elbow -when Siaki begins to shake Shuriken- and goes down hard.

    Larry: What is it with these refs? I mean, they are so freaking fragile its not true. Where do they make these guys; China?

    Dudley: I like the fact that Siaki still hasn't let go, and that Shurikens face is getting redder by the second.

    Suddenly, there is a slight roar from the crowd, as they can make out someone coming through the crowd.

    The roar gets louder and louder as they begin to recognise who it is.

    The person jumps over the ringside barrier, and hops up onto the apron.

    Pat: No! It's Ma$$Dinero!! What does he think he's playing at!??

    Dudley: Oh boy, this should be good!

    Siaki sees the man that threw their friendship away earlier in the evening. He instantly releases Shuriken and makes a beeline for Ma$$, swinging a wild haymaker as he reaches him. Ma$$ ducks and slams his knuckle Duster covered fist into his former friends temple.

    Pat: No! Ma$$ has just hit Siaki with "My Friend Went To London And All I Got Was This Blood Stained T-Shirt"

    Dudley: Who would have ever thought it possible! Yes!! I am so happy right now!!

    Siaki hits the mat hard. He doesn't move.

    Ma$$Dinero jumps down off of the apron, climbs back over the ringside barrier and makes his way through the crowd. One overzealous fan overcome with a sense of betrayal tries to grapple with Ma$$, but Ma$$ headbutts him -splattering his nose- and puts the fan on the floor. He spits on him then continues to make his way through his former Masses, threatening them as he does so.

    Pat: What a degeneration of character we've just witnessed!

    Back in the ring Shuriken begins to stir, and rolls onto his back.

    A few seconds later, Siaki also begins to stir--blood pouring from the side of his head.

    He makes his way towards Shuriken.

    He grabs ahold of his foot, and begins to pull Shuriken closer.

    Suddenly Ryusuke "Shuriken Blade" Serra traps Psycho Siaki in a gogoplata.

    Pat: Oh dear, he has that locked in tight!

    Sly: I don't believe it, Pat, Siaki is fading fast!!

    Larry: No way Siaki, is gonna tap to this.

    Dudley: I don't think he's gonna get a chance to tap, Larry, he's going red in the face, and he's eyes are beginning to roll into the back of his head.

    Pat: I don't think he's got anything left, guys.

    Referee Willie Willie comes to and crawls over to check on the situation.

    He checks Siaki's wrist, and lifts it.

    It falls.

    He checks it again.

    It falls.

    Referee Willie Willie lifts Psycho Siaki's wrist for a third time and lets go.

    The fans groan as it falls, but pop as Siaki's hand stops and hovers over the mat.

    He holds it for a second, before his strength fails him and his hand falls for the third and final time.
    The referee calls for the bell to end this historic encounter.

    Pat: Holy shit, what a match! But I can't believe we've seen the last of Psycho Siaki in JBW. How could Ma$$ betray his friend like that way, Dudley?

    Dudley: It was great.

    Sly: Well, however the outcome, we just witnessed one hell of a dream match, and it has been my pleasure to call it here tonight.

    Sly takes off his headset, and gets up on the ring apron, and begins to clap for the two men who just gave it their all.

    Pat takes off his headset, and then proceeds to take off an argumentative Dudleys headset, and he drags him up on the apron and forces him to join Sly -and the entire audience- in the round of applause for the two battle weary warriors.

    Even Larry gives in and joins his fellow announcers on the apron and shows respect to the match he has just seen.

    The fans begin chanting





    Hearing the adulation from the entire arena, Ryusuke "Shuriken Blade" Serra and Psycho Siaki stagger to their feet. They stare at each other and the magnitude of what has just happened sinks in.




    Shuriken extends his hand, and Siaki -being a man of honour- shakes it, before raising the hand of the man who had just defeated him. Siaki goes to leave the ring, but Shuriken stops him. He then points at the JBW legend and leaves the ring himself.

    Psycho Siaki stands in the middle of the ring and the crowd begin chanting again...
    This time breaking down the walls of kayfabe.




    The former two time Mayhem World Heavyweight Champion raises his fist in appreciation and the screen fades out on what may possibly be the last appearance of Psycho Siaki in..
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    Ma$$Dinero... We're shootin' now, bruv!

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    Okay guys, Wow....I'm not sure I can follow the epicness that was Shuriken/Siaki but I'll try my best. After reading that masterpiece, please be gentle with my show

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    Last filler. Wow. It's harder and harder to follow up on Ka$h's awesome work. Between all the hard work on the draft show, GRR, then Shuri/Siaki, I feel humbled at best to be allowed to work here for JBW. I hope you all enjoy it.

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