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    Sleep sets up to hit Helmsley with a superkick, but Helmsley is ready and side steps it. Sleep instead hits the ref, that was standing there ready to call the match if somebody went through the table, knocking him out instantly. Helmsley grabs Sleep and throws him over the announce table as the announcers get out of the way. Helmsley walks around the table, picks Sleep up and throws him into the time keeper knocking him off his chair and the ring bell to the ground.

    Helmsley picks up the chair and tries to hit Sleeps on the ground but Sleep rolls out of the way and pops right up. Helmsley takes another swing at Sleeps and he ducks it and picks up the ring bell. Sleep hits him once in the head with the ring bell, but Helmsley only takes a couple steps back and is barely phased by the hit. Helmsley then looks at Sleep, smiles, drops his chair and then motions for Sleeps to bring it on. Sleep rushes at Helmsley with the ring bell in his hands, but again Helmsley side steps him and pushes him into the ring post and Sleep again is laid out on the ground. Helmsley steps up onto the apron to jump onto Sleeps with a massive leg drop. Sleep grabs the ring bell and jumps up before Helmsley has a chance to jump on him. Sleep hits Helmsley in the shin with the ring bell and knocks him down to one knee on the apron. Sleep then pulls back and hits Helmsley as hard as he can with the ring bell in the side of his head busting him open immediately. Sleep then pulls Helmsley off the apron and on to his shoulders into the fireman's carry. Sleep struggles to keep the almost 400 lb beast up as he walks over to the steel ring barrier. As Sleep stands next to the barrier he hits Helmsley with a SLEEPYTIME with his mid section landing on the steel rail.

    Sleep gets up and sees Helmsley hanging on the steel barrier, looks around at the crowed like this pleases him and then he hits him with a superkick to the head knocking him over the barrier.

    Sleep walks back over to where BI is laying and tries to set back up the table, but he notices that Helmsley broke one of the legs on it when he kicked it out of the way. Out of frustration Sleep picks the table up over his head and throws it into the ring. But when he turns around BI is up standing right behind him. The 2 men start trading punches but then BI takes the short cut and pokes Sleep in the eyes. BI lays into Sleep with some hard punches backing him up with every hit, then when Sleep's back is against the steel barrier BI takes a couple steps back and rushes at Sleep with a knee to the chin knocking over the barrier into the crowed.

    BI then goes and grabs another table and throws it over the barrier onto Sleeps. BI then goes and grabs the ladder and sets it up next to the barrier, but he is not done he starts looking under the ring for something else. Finally he finds what he is looking for and pulls some rope out from beneath the ring. BI jumps over the barrier and clears the chairs from the first 3 rows to set up the table. He picks up a chair and hits Sleeps while he is on the ground then picks him up, puts him on table and hits him a couple more times with the chair busting him open. BI pulls out the rope and ties Sleep's bloody body to the table, jumps the barrier and climbs up the ladder.

    Dudley: Be carefull up there, BI!!!

    Sleep comes to before BI gets to the top of the ladder and starts rocking the table trying to tip it over. BI stands on top of the ladder and when he sees Sleeps has already awaken and is trying to tip the table he hurries to jump onto him with a cross body splash. While BI is in the air Sleep gets the table to tip over and BI lands with his ribs onto the side of the table. Sleep wiggles himself out of the ropes and grabs a chair and hits BI while he's on the ground. Sleep then gets on the ladder and jumps off with a Sabu style leg drop holding the chair underneath him. But Sleeps also hurts himself with the chair and is again unable to get up and end the match. After a few minutes both men finally slowly start to get up, but Sleep still looks out of it with his back to BI. BI sees this and goes to attack, but when he grabs Sleeps by the shoulder and tries to turn him around he notices Sleep is holding a chair. Sleep takes a big swing with the chair and Hits BI in the head knocking him back to the ground. Sleep then sets back up the table and puts BI onto it.

    Pat: This match is Epic, Duds!!

    Sleep grabs a chair and goes wild hitting BI in the head with it until BI is also a bloody mess. Sleep jumps over the barrier starts to climb up the ladder but stops. Sleep looks at the ladder. then at BI, then at the crowed. Sleep kicks over the ladder and runs into the ring. Sleep sets up the table he threw in the ring earlier like a ramp to the top rope in the corner closest to where BI is. Sleep runs to the far corner and starts clapping and stomping his feet to get himself hyped up to do what he has planned. The crowed starts clapping and stomping in sync with Sleeps to show he has their support. Finally when Sleeps is hyped up enough he throws his hands in the air throwing up the L and the V, lets out a loud yell and runs to the opposite corner. Sleep runs up the table and launches himself off of the top rope with a super flying 450 splash into the crowed and comes crashing down onto BI smashing him through the table.

    Pat: Sleeper wins!!!! Sleeper wins!!!

    As Sleep was in the ring, Helmsley has came to but was too late to stop him from putting BI through the table. Helmsley notices that the ref is still out so runs over to where Sleeps and BI are laying in a mess of bodies, blood, chairs, and destroyed table pieces. Helmsley pulls BI's body out from under The Sleeper and puts him on top of Sleeps. He jumps over the barrier and sets the ladder back up. Helmsley runs over to the ref, wakes him up and leads him over to BI and Sleeps.

    The ref looks over the barrier at the 2 knocked out men in the crowed and then looks back at Helmsley with a confused look on his face. Helmsley points up at the ladder then back at Sleeps and BI.

    Pat: Wait a minute... I don't like where this is going...

    The ref jumps the barrier and raises BI's arm signaling that he has won the match.

    Dudley: Yes!!! What a well earned win for BodomInvader!!

    Pat: You make me sick, Duds, that was a crock of shit from day one!

    Every last person in the crowed start to boo at the ref's wrong decision. The ref notices that the 2 are knocked out from exhaustion and pain and will not be able to walk out on their own so he calls for the medical staff to come out with stretchers for them.

    Pat: OK... Now those two men just gave you their all, people.. Epic indeed... We're now gonna go backstage and catch up with WARFare World Heavyweight Champion JMan, just before he defends the belt in a match that is next!

    Todd: Thanks guys, I’m here with the WARfare World Heavyweight Champion and the man who will defend his title in a fatal 4 way tonight; Jman.

    big pop from the crowd as Jman walks into frame

    First question champ, what is your physical condition after the brutal beating you received from The Legion?

    Jman: I’m good. A little sore but no worse for wear. If Proph’ wanted to keep me from going out there tonight he and his cronies needed to do a fuckton more damage than that.

    Todd: Good to hear… What about mentally? This is your first title defense, are you nervous?

    Jman: Not at all. I’m enjoying the show and I’m relaxed as hell.

    Todd: What about the idea of Expect the Unexpected? Are you worried about something messing with your match?

    Jman: Can I shoot for a second?

    Todd: Uhhhh….I guess so…

    Todd hands Jman the mic and walks off camera

    Jman: Guys, you wanna hear a little shoot?

    crowd pops hard

    Alright…. A few weeks back, Kash called me into his office and asked me how much I wanted to know about this show. I told him I didn’t want to know anything. Whatever happens tonight, whether somebody returns to, invades, or fucks up this company, I need to say focused on the task at hand. From the second the first chords of Back in Black hit tonight, my focus needs to be on Serra, Zeus, and Proph’. I didn’t want to know what surprises were in store tonight because, quite frankly, I don’t care. All’s I care about is leaving with the championship.

    Jman flips the mic to Todd and walks off camera to a huge pop

    Todd: Well there you have it folks, an extremely focused Jman. Back to ringside.
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    Peter: OK, folks... This one’s for all the marbles. JMan is in trouble in my retarded opinion.

    Joe: JMan's in trouble in anyone’s opinion

    WARFare World Heavyweight Championship Fatal Fourway: JMan (c) vs Zeus Apollo vs Ryusuke "The Shuriken" Serra vs The Prophecy

    It's Proph!... And RAGNAROK?

    The Prophecy makes his way out to the ring with his vast looking body guard. The crowd are booing him intently.

    But, from out of nowhere they are both attacked by Zeus Apollo who strikes RAGNAROK in the ribs with his hammer. He swings the hammer backwards towards Proph, but misses as Proph telegraphed and ducked the wild swing. Proph then spears Zeus and the hammer goes flying.

    Zeus and Proph continue brawling towards the ring, as Shuri' music hits.

    Its about to get serious.

    Shuriken's theme plays loudly throughout the arena, and he steps through the curtains, as the crowd goes wild.. But then someone steps out from over the rail way and then stands on the ramp.. The figure looks up and its the Korean Slaughterhouse Lee Gun Kim, with the Seven Branched Sword in hand

    Kim: American Trash!! Japanese filth!! We have unfinished business, and this dominance shall be what rings the dirt from the cloth of North Korea's kingdom.. Tonight you shall pay for your insolence and you will bow to your knee and declare my superiority..

    Shuriken: Very well then, *slides out the hidden katana* to arms again..

    (ignore past 9:50)

    They fight all amongst the stage and ramp areas, up and down, with blades clashing and martial arts combinations being traded between both of them.. Shuriken has Kim in a clinch and then hits him with the knee to the face.. Kim falls back but then does a kick up back to his feet.. He then swings the sword as the Shuriken deflects it, Kim rolls around and as Shuriken looks his direction, Kim blows fire into the face of Shuriken.. He goes down for a minute to fight the flames, as Lee Gun Kim jumps back into the audience to escape..

    Back in Black? Well, i guess we're "gonna go eat" real soon.

    Peter: Here he comes, guys... The *bleeping* man to beat on WARFare. But as much as I love JMan, I'm rooting for Zeus here tonight! To have a god as champ would be amazing!

    Joe: For the last time, Peter, he's not really a g-

    Peter: You said you believed in him already at New Horizons, Joe. You can't go back on your word now.

    Security and medics and referee's are in the ring, tending to Serra, and trying to keep Proph and Zeus apart as JMan walks out on to the stage with a mic in his hand.

    He begins talking as the ring begins to clear.

    Jman: Now that all the extras are out of the ring, I've just got this to say! Whoever is back there concocting some “Expect the Unexpected” Russo swerve for the end of this thing needs to listen up. If you even think about fucking with me or any of the three sumbitches in that ring, I will personally kick your ass up and down the state of Mississippi. I don’t care if it’s TDA, Tommy Thunder, or Kashfuckingdinero himself. Don’t fucking try me.

    With that, Jman turns around, slides under the ropes, and stares down the other three men in the ring. Just before the bell rings, we see Jman mouth “This is about the four of us, nobody else.”

    JMan rushes towards the ring and the match begins.

    Serra is laying into JMan with some sick looking kicks to the ribs as Zeus is laying some stomps of his own into The Prophecy's chest as he is laying on the bottom turnbuckle on the opposite side of the ring.

    After inflicting enough damage to assure that their respective opponents won't be going anywhere for a moment, Zeus and Serra both swing around and catch sight of each other.

    Serra runs towards Zeus and nails him square in the chest with a flying kick. Sending him flying through the ropes and onto the outside.

    Serra then grabs The Prophecy by the hair, and drags him up into a front facelock. He lifts his left arm over his head and dead lifts him so he is upside-down.

    He holds him there for long enough for the blood to rush to his face, before bringing him down on the top of his head


    Peter: One...


    JMan breaks up the count with a lightning fast leg drop to the back of Serra's head. He picks him up and nails him with a brainbuster of his own.



    Serra kicks out, just as Zeus gets in the ring and locks The Prophecy in a sick looking triangle hold.

    JMan notices over Serra's that The Prophecy is about to tap, and his mind begins to race.

    He points into the crowd and says to Serra.

    "Look, Shuri', it's Tommy Thunder!!"

    Shuriken turns around and see's no one.

    The look on his face gives away that he knows he's been had.

    He spins back around and walks into "Great match! Lets go eat"

    JMan makes the cover as The Prophecy raises his hand to tap.

    Peter: Come on Zeus! Make Proph TAP!!

    Joe: Come on ref! Count!

    Quagmire: One...


    The referee counts to three, and half a second later The Prophecy begins tapping.

    Peter: No! Man, Zeus was so close to winning this thing, but JMan got the win here tonight by showing us a side of him that we've never seen before. He actually tricked Serra into thinking that the EWNCW guys were gonna make good on the rumour that was started after their little low drawing PPV a few days ago

    Joe: What a match! JMan did what he felt he had to do, but, man, how close was Zeus to winning this thing? Man, we nearly did have a god as a champion! I'm telling you, Peter, this guy is destined to hold onto that belt, but tonight just wasn't meant to be... Lets go over to Pat and Dudley, for out main event of the evening.
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    Mayhem World Heavyweight Championship: St George (c) vs K-Jammin

    Pat: Well, folks. Its about time for the rematch to the match that shocked the world. It's time for K-Jammin to answer for hitting George with that glass bottle at the press conference.

    Dudley: It's time for George to find out that he's not worthy of holding that belt... Lets get the challenger out here!

    Dudley: Oh wow!! What's Roman doing out here? Its like all my prayers have been answered!

    (Romes comes struting out with a microphone in one hand and a chair in the other. He makes a beeline for the ring. He slides in, walks to the center of the ring, and places the chair there. He sits down and folds one leg up, half-indian style)

    Rome: Shut your pie-holes and open your ears for a minute. This is directed at all you wannabes in the crowd, the fatasses watching at home, and even the buffoons in the back. The time of Rome is near. This isn't the "Rise of Rome"--I'm already here. But soon--very soon--I will take my rightful place on the throne as the greatest wrestler in JBW. This is not an era of change. I have ALWAYS been the best wrestler in this filthy place. But I will be recognized and held as such, sooner rather than later.

    Over the past few months a dramatic change has occurred. I went from laughing stock to the cream of the crop! I wrestled a psychotic freak in the main event of Rampage of the Titans--and then again at Horrorcore! But both times I walked away the loser. No more. Never again will I fail to live up to my talent against two-bit opponents. I will seize my next opportunity and never let it go. I'm not going to be another champion who coughs up his title just a few weeks into his reign--Once I take the Mayhem World Title, I won't be losing it for a very, very long time. And even then it will only be when I retire.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, you are looking at the next king of the hill. The next wrestling Royalty! And when my day comes, you will all line up before my throne and BOW TO THE EMPEROR!

    But enough about me... Lets get that K-Jammin out here shall we.

    Romes gets out of the ring as Lucy walks out onto the stage. She has a mic in her hand and she begins to sing the lyrics to K-Jammin's theme tune.

    He's a sexy boy.

    K-Jammin walks onto the stage accompanied by four supermodel type women, all dressed up like they are about to hit the town.

    Lucy stops singing and throws the mic at one of the supermodels head, knocking her out

    She then grabs a second by the hair and drags her across the stage and hurls her off of it.

    She turns back towards K-Jam and the two remaining women.

    She begins running towards them as fast as her stilettos will allow, while reaching into her Louis Vuitton hand bag. She pulls out a can of mace and sprays it into one of their faces.

    The women screams and goes down holding her face.

    Lucy turns towards the final supermodel and wails like a banshee as she gives her a double leg take down and the pair begin cat fighting.

    Roman and K-Jam begin hooting and hollering as they throw twenty dollar bills as the two women roll around. Showing off their asses.

    After 10 seconds or so, Lucy gets the better of the fourth and final supermodel.

    She stands up and straightens out her skirt, before picking the mic up and picking up where she left off in the song.

    Romes high fives K-Jam and shouts.

    "GO K-JAM GO!"

    Romes heads through the curtains, and K-Jam makes his way to the ring, and once he gets there he flips the fans the bird, and waits for his opponent.

    Here. Comes. The. Champ

    George walks out onto the stage, and raises the Mayhem World Heavyweight Championship high above his head and the twenty plus fans in attendance go crazy.

    Suddenly, about twenty thugs run on the stage and attack him. George begins swinging, and takes down a few of them with some sick looking body shots.

    Another twenty thugs run on the stage and George is beginning to get overwhelmed, but he is still holding his own. He is kicking and punching thugs and they are going down fast, but for every time he knocks one down, another two takes their place.

    Another forty thugs run on the stage, then another twenty almost immediately afterwards.

    Its one hundred to one.

    George is overwhelmed, but....

    Suddenly the new Mayhem World Heavyweight Tag Team Champions burst through the curtain and begin striking everything in their sight.

    With the numbers "evened out" George, Ma$$ and Siaki clearly have the upper hand, and one hundred on three soon becomes fifty on three, and then twenty on three.

    After a minute of three men dishing out extreme punishment, the final twenty thugs are laying unconscious on the stage.

    Surrounded by one hundred unconscious thugs, Mayhem World Heavyweight Champion St George, and the Mayhem World Heavyweight Tag Team Champions Ma$$Dinero and Psycho Siaki look at each other, raise their respective titles and stand side by side while the fans are going crazy.

    Pat: Wow, this is one of the greatest nights in the history of JBW! All three original members of Veni Vidi Vici have a championship! I hope this means that the band is getting back together, I really do!

    St George man hugs Ma$$ and Siaki, then makes his way towards the ring with intent.

    Dudley: I don't care if this means V3 are back together or not, George hasn't got a chance in this thing. He's not worthy, and he never was.

    Pat: Worthy or not, this World Heavyweight Title Bout is underway!

    Pat: This one has been amazing, but surely both men must be running on fumes right now... This last St Georges Cross has to be the final move of the night.

    From the piledriver position, St George lifts up and over his head.

    Once he has him up for St Georges Cross, the crowd pop like crazy!

    But George hesitates -- something in the crowd has caught his attention.

    Pat: Wait a minute!

    The fans see what George see's and they begin chanting..


    Dudley: No!! It can't be!?!


    Pat: It is, Duds, i-it-its-its T-T-Tommy fucking Thunder, Ryan Wells, Billy McCoy, Rich Cranium, Mark Dimension, an-


    Dudley: Its Seraphim! Holy shit! An-And theres Damien Bloodstone with The Blue Flash and is that The Forc-


    Pat: Yes, Duds, that's The Forces Of Greatness, and The Upstarts, and Conquest, that's three tough tag teams right there!! But what are they doing here? Just what are EWNCW DOING HERE!?!?!


    Dudley: This is all Sandmans fault!!


    Pat: No fucking way... Tommy started this a few months back, and then got his lawyers to set up a restraining order so we couldn't fucking retaliate, and now it's lifted, they decided to pop their brave pills and enter a JBW arena!

    Back in the ring, K-Jam wriggles out of the distracted Georges grip, and lands on his feet.

    George spins around.


    Dudley! Yes! That's it K-Jammin, take advantage of this situation.

    K-Jam makes the cover.

    Dudley: One...

    Come one ref count faster!!


    Yes yes yes... COME ON!!!

    Threeeee!!!! Yeeeesssss!! K-Jam has done it!!!

    Tommy Thunder laughs and gives the rest of his team a look that says "Wow, I can't believe K-Jam just did that.", but then turns serious and points towards the ring.

    As a unit, they begin their advance on the ring.

    George gets to his feet, and looks at K-Jam.

    Then looks at the EWNCW guys.

    Then back to K-Jam.

    He slaps K-Jam hard, then turns back to the EWNCW guys, and says.

    "Come an 'ave a go if you think you're 'ard enough!!"

    K-Jammin spreads his arms and shouts.


    The cockney and the wigger stand side by side as the invaders reach the ringside barrier.

    The crowd are going mental, and at least twenty eight of them have passed out from the excitement of it all.

    Then the lights go out, and the sound of The Sandman's laughter rings through the arena.

    "Ha Ha HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa Ha Ha...

    Lambs to the slaughter... Trapped like rats... In the lions den.. A plan came together tonight.. Welcome to your own personal hell.."
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    The lights come back on and The Sandman is in the ring -- his six foot seven frame looming over K-Jammin and St George, who are now laughing, and pointing behind the audacious invaders.

    They turn around, and are greeted by Ma$$Dinero, Psycho Siaki, RomanFlare, HolyJose, Samson, Chainsaw, NightWolf, Silva, Anomander Rake, Demonic, Angry Samoan, The Sleeper, BodomInvader, Rob Rage, NVON, Steve Austin, Steve Orton, Primus Sucks, God of War, Lenny Lightning, Tom George, and...

    Pat: Is that The Dag!?!

    Dudley: Wow!!

    The invaders jump over the barrier and run straight past the announce table and begin climbing over the opposite barrier, when they are met by The Alpha Dog, Malcolm Cage, Lenny Ray Beauregard, Connor Chaos, Tad Locust, The Ice Cream Man, RamJam, Black Tear, Two Of A Kind, Manabu, Snair, The Nasty Crew, Roberto Pamich, The Silver Brothers, The Jackasses, Helmsley, Brandon Smithston, Jay and Silent Bob, Pauley Cadillacs and Vinnie Bumbatz -- in other words, an impenetrable wall of JBW wrestlers.

    The invaders back up, and then make a beeline for the ramp. They get half way up when the lights flicker, and this image flashes on the JabeTron.

    Pat: It's TDA!! And he's not alone, Duds.

    TDA walks out onto the stage with JMan, Ryusuke "The Shuriken" Serra, Zeus Apollo, The Prophecy, VKM, RAGNAROK, Brick "The Bastard" Godslayer, Damian Icarus, The_Underscores, Daniel Truth, Cap'n Edu, Macrabre, The Butcher, Avidco, Negro Fuerte, Andy Amazing, Felix Guerrero, Artemis Eclipse, Dylan Cross, Infernio, Uliose, La Mafia Mejicana, Harry Richards, PandaMassacre, Sasha, Al Qaeda Rashida, Selina, Belladonna, Ayako, Tracey, Marie, Katie, Lucy and Suzi X!

    The invaders called EWNCW are trapped.

    JBW has them trapped.


    Tommy Thunder looks around at his team and begins to laugh...


    He takes a breath and then shouts.


    From the left, TBOZ leads a team comprised of more EWNCW wrestlers -- Solla, Gillz, King Strem, Bill Richards, TJ Rage, Domination, The Sky High Bastards, Hawkins and Charisma, Arthur Lansdale, The Great Cobra, Alex Kidd, Anno Doom, Captain Amazing, Flying Dutchman, Harley McCartney The Collective, The Psycho Circus, and Splattered Dreams!

    From the right, Silver Cena also leads a team comprised of EWNCW wrestlers -- Bam, Ric Flair, Wiliam Carlin, MBC, Krystian Krysys, Seth Ferrell, Markus Beerstein, Ivan Gretsky, Grind_Bastard, Shaz, and Ronaldo.

    The cavalry have arrived.

    There are wrestlers from both promotions everywhere.

    Twenty eight more fans pass out from excitement, then immediately afterwards, another twenty eight follow suit.

    The electricity is unfathomable unless you were there. Many fans can be seen looking at the hairs on their forearm's rising from anticipation.



    Psycho Siaki and Ma$$Dinero are the first to start swinging, Ma$$ slaps Tommy, Siaki slaps Grind_Bastard, and then Ma$$ knocks out "Red Hot" Istvan Gretzky with "MFWTLAAIGWTBTS!"

    The biggest brawl in wrestling history is on!

    Tommy Thunder boots Ma$$ in the back of the head, and Will Carlin starts to put the boots in. Siaki rushes in and they are scattered for a second.

    Zeus and TBOZ begin laying into each other, while The Prophecy and Ryan Wells do the same.

    K-Jammin and St George stand side by side as they take on Silver Cena and Rich Cranium.

    Tommy and The Sandman find each other and the intensity of their brawling makes even a few of the other wrestlers take a step back.

    Chief Long Schlong joins the chaos, and Lucy and Sasha approach him with smiles on their faces. They are then joined by Marie and Belladonna. Thinking he just got lucky, he lets his guard down, and Belladonna boots him in the balls. They pull his trousers down, and Kim Gun Lee enters the fray wielding his sword. Tracey grabs the chiefs long schlong, and just as "The Korean Slaughterhouse" is about to swing his sword to chop it off, The Forces Of Greatness intervene and the ladies scatter.

    Jose and Gillz collide.

    King Strem collides with TDA.

    Solla and Bam collide with The Sleeper and BodomInvader.

    Brick "The Bastard" Collides with EVERYBODY!

    Silver Cena knocks out both of his brothers SilverLace and SilverDust with a silver plated steel chair.

    Shuriken and JMan put their differences aside and face off against Seth Ferrell and Markus Beerstein. HolyJose jumps Markus from behind and takes him down.

    Ma$$Dinero sees his old team mate Silver Cena.

    Silver Cena sees his old team mate, Ma$$Dinero.

    They rush towards each other and...

    The screen fades to black.

    JBW(vs EWNCW)
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    Ma$$Dinero... We're shootin' now, bruv!

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    Tiger woods yall (Chris Rock reference)


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    In The Mouth of Madness is around the corner


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    What a world we live in


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    You know who won't win a blog contest?? Rick Starr..


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    The war is coming, time to be prepared..


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    I know ive been late with the show, but I dont like to give excuses, lets just say shit has been krazy lolol


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