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    Sleep sets up to hit Helmsley with a superkick, but Helmsley is ready and side steps it. Sleep instead hits the ref, that was standing there ready to call the match if somebody went through the table, knocking him out instantly. Helmsley grabs Sleep and throws him over the announce table as the announcers get out of the way. Helmsley walks around the table, picks Sleep up and throws him into the time keeper knocking him off his chair and the ring bell to the ground.

    Helmsley picks up the chair and tries to hit Sleeps on the ground but Sleep rolls out of the way and pops right up. Helmsley takes another swing at Sleeps and he ducks it and picks up the ring bell. Sleep hits him once in the head with the ring bell, but Helmsley only takes a couple steps back and is barely phased by the hit. Helmsley then looks at Sleep, smiles, drops his chair and then motions for Sleeps to bring it on. Sleep rushes at Helmsley with the ring bell in his hands, but again Helmsley side steps him and pushes him into the ring post and Sleep again is laid out on the ground. Helmsley steps up onto the apron to jump